i didn't even clean up the lines

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hi! if you dont mind me asking, what is ur process in making backgrounds? (such as your drawing of oikawa with a flower shop background)

I didn’t really think too much when I made that background I’m afraid! As you can see it doesn’t have a very complex perspective or anything like that, so it was a really a very simple background. I can show you the stages I went through though.

First a rough sketch of what I want to do

Clean it up and do the important stuff (like the tables/floor and pots in this case. If the perspective is messed up with those the drawing will look off)

Clean up even more, and make proper lines, then add details (like the flowers in this case).

Fill the window with a random environment and it’s done!

(and oops I forgot to turn of Oikawas shadow lol ;s But yeah, as you can see I just did the line art and colours like I normally do, so no difference there)

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Hey sunny,do you have any tips of how not make the sketch really messy?,my sketches are just a bunch of scribbles...your sketches always look really good,even when you didn't cleaned them up...

without seeing it I’m not sure what you mean ;v; my sketches are usually my outlines just less cleaned up so when I sketch there won’t be too many “unnecessary” lines, what I sketch is already meant to be something I can color in eventually so maybe that’s why they look less scribbly :?

if I’m just trying to get something down really quick and it’s too messy I might just draw over it on a new layer later tho haha

Anon: Where did you learn to draw clothes so great omg 

lots of practice and learning some things by looking at other people’s drawings  8′)

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Hi! So in TEH, the part when John comes to visit Sherlock after almost being torched, Sherlock remarks that John ended up shaving his mustache and says he's glad. John then asks "what, you didn't like it?" which i always thought was weird because John KNOWS he didn't, Sherlock said as much before, yet he still asks. It all looks kinda...flirtatious lol idk what other word to use. And then Sherlock responding with "I prefer my doctors clean shaven" doesn't help! What do you think of that moment?

WAIT. What a great point!! I’ve always been so distracted by the “clean shaven” line that this never even occurred to me. Sherlock goads John incessantly about the mustache at the beginning of TEH. Like, way more than once. So why the hell did John say that here?

I guess he’s just sticking to his “I don’t shave for Sherlock Holmes” mantra and pretending he didn’t realize/forgot Sherlock hated it. Like oh, hey, I decided completely out of nowhere to shave, why, you didn’t like it? well, that clearly had no bearing on my actions because I wasn’t even aware you felt that way.

John, sweetie, you’re so transparent.