i didn't draw these oh my gosh


≡(*′▽`)っit’s been over a year since wear a necklace of hope by @setter-kun, and I still think about this fic sometimes; I guess hunger games aus and stellar writing skills will always be my weakness


I wanted a new sidebar + I’ve been rewatching Bleach, so ba-da-bing!
Drawn from memory because I didn’t have internet at the time.

and of course I couldn’t decide which color I liked best



OH MAN, I really wanted to draw one of my favorite scenes in the fic ‘Never Looked Better’ by Por_queeee (seriously, if you like rhack, go read it –> http://archiveofourown.org/works/3953485). The effort I put into this thing is insane, alright, that’s how much I love that fic.