i didn't draw these obviously


Super old BnHa fanart I drew last summer. I decided to clean some up because I caught up with the manga today. It’s one of my favorite series!

***the other day I was watching anime in the living room & my mom walks in***

Mom : which one is this?

Me : Durarara!!

Mom : I thought Durarara was the volleyball one?


Super messy doodle of Leo and some Kirans because I’m desparate to summon my kid ;-;

It’s a bit sad that Team Leo lost but he still managed to get a lot of points so I guess it’s not that bad! >: D



@bloodied-lace what kind of rival/mom/friend business going on with these two lmao 

I’ve been reading @decembercamiecherries ‘s “Words That Water Flowers“ fanfic and i just love it so much (Q__Q (yeah, like every other of her fanfic that i read//cries). Her writing is so good I can feel the character’s feelings. I know there’s quite a number of fanarts already, but i’ve gotten this far at drawing it, I might as well just post it (TvT. 

ilysm for writing! 


i thought of a frozen au, but with fire

i was gonna draw taako in pants, but lets be real, he’d wear the dress


Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 126

I always liked the idea of Geoff being very protective of his little AH family. Happy Halloween, my friends!

I’ve got a bunch of umimaki art that I’ve drawn over the last few months but idk if I should post them because they’re all more or less rough sketches that I’ve coloured because I’m too lazy to line them and I’m not that happy with them anyway?


A new screenshot draw-over, this time of the DS9 episode “Move Along Home”. Original screenshot provided for comparison.

Wadi are garishly dressed aliens, with webbed hands and feet, and awful fashion sense. Culturally they place high importance on games and fun, and struggle to grasp that “compulsory fun” ceases to actually be fun for many other species. Their speech and language is exactly as a Terran might expect: akin to a flock of excited and loud geese. This “child” is actually fully grown. Wadi don’t make a distinction between “mature” and “immature” in terms of how one acts, so after they’ve finished growing it becomes almost impossible to gauge their age.

Having drawn Kira between Sisko and Bashir makes me want to draw her carrying around humans all the more. She could just reach her arms out to the sides right now and pick them up.