i didn't draw a lot today

so, as a creative person, i’ve decided to stop counting all the days I didn’t do something write/draw/play music/etc. 

so i didn’t do something creative today. there’s most likely a reason. i’m tired from school or work. i’m going through some personal issues. maybe i’m just in a rut.

and guess what?

that’s okay.

i’ve decided instead of making my creative hobby a something that I SHOULD DO, it should just be something I want to do. 

It should always just be something I want to do and if I can’t do it, I promise not to beat myself up over it. 

Agents of SHIELD Ladies - Art Nouveau

Here’s my latest work! I’m really excited about it, and proud too. This took a lot of planning and brainstorming (thanks to those of you who helped!) and I’m pleased with the final result. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it too. The men are coming up next!

(note: I’m reposting because Disney did a DCMA takedown on this on Redbubble today, likely due to the inclusion of the SHIELD logo on May’s panel. Whoops, my bad. So this is an edited version with the logo removed and the Bus put in its place. I’ve redone the links in my original post to reflect the new works but thought I’d get a fresh post going since I can’t do anything about the reblogs on the old post. I’d appreciate a signal boost!)

[Combined] [Simmons] [Daisy] [May]


Sketches are all y’all get for now since I don’t have time for anything recently. I’ve been drawing lots of Neds. Angry salads, but mostly happy salads! And one sleepy Chut.

Bottom sketch is The Messiest Of Them All but before I read that sylvaris needed to eat, it was my headcanon that they could but didn’t need to the same way the rest of the species races do. So Ned was just really, really loving the odd taste of human foods.


Some rough but gentlemanly character designs I did for our semester project today! I had a lot of fun with these - it’s not the type of characters I usually draw but it went surprisingly well. The last row is my favorite by far, I’m quite proud of all that attitude.

I’m also a little bit in love with that brush ovo I’m not that used to drawing with Photoshop, but since my SAI crashed yesterday I had no other choice. Welp.