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A knock sounded on the door. Wade Wilson was on his feet and pirouetted his way to the door in a matter of seconds, flinging it wide open.

“Thank Thor (or Loki)! I was about to starve!

The kid at the door looked on, vaguely unimpressed at Wade’s antics. “Are you the mister Pool comma Dead who ordered a large, uh… pineapple olive, large anchovy mushroom, and large special order of four cheese with… mozzarella sticks as the topping?” he recited the order in a bored drawl, but there was a hint of judgement in his tone. So Wade liked his pizzas with a bit of zest and creativity. Was it a crime? Part of Wade hoped it was, how thrilling would it be to live on the run from the cops for daring to order a pizza outside the conventional system? It would make a great movie! He should write it, he could make millions-

“I’m taking that as a yes,” Pizza kid said, clearing his throat loudly. “If you could maybe pay for these, I gotta get going.” He shifted the pizzas in his grip with a peeved look on his face.

Okay, rude. It’s not like Wade had made him stand there for… Wade checked his watch. Oh. Nearly five minutes. Okay, maybe he’d been dissociating a bit longer than he realized. “My bad,” Wade said, reaching for his wallet, “what do I owe ya for, pretty boy?”

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can someone explain why ppl say sm hates sj? isn't leeteuk like lee soo mans prodigal son and didn't kyu say he's the only thing that makes sm ceo smile these days? why do elf think that did I miss something?

I seriously don’t know what make you think that ‘leeteuk’s like lee soo man’s prodigal son’ but anyway, from the start super junior was neglected by the company, as lsm said: “after tvxq formation, the members that weren’t chosen to be a part of the team were on the verge of disintegration. But because we had already contracted with them, we had to take responsibility. One of the teams was Super Junior, a group we raised to excel in music and variety shows. In order to survive, they had to cry tears of bleed through their efforts. We felt sorry for them, which is why we helped.”  Basically they debuted suju because they had to and after that the company was like ‘survive if you can otherwise we gonna replace you with someone new anyway’ and suju survived even when they had to work 100 times harder than others.

SM never really put much efforts in promoting them and super junior/elf have often been mistreated by SM [you can read about it here (1,2,3,4,5,6)] also, as heechul said: “I sometimes mention how we’ve been ranking first in Taiwan for 38 weeks and how Bonamana has been topping for 18 weeks and stuff like that when talking to people in our company and ask why they don’t make articles for us. I asked them to put out a few headlines like other companies do so that people just don’t think we’re doing nothing. When I say things like that, however, they’ll say back, ‘It’s because we think that it’s definite that Super Junior achieves those things. I don’t think it’s necessary to make a big deal out of things like that.’ So I’ll always just say back, ‘Yeah, you’re all talk.’” This just shows that SM don’t promote suju and they don’t care about them at all. That’s prolly the reason why, in Korea, many people don’t even know about super junior’s success and achievements. SM know that ELF will still support super junior even when they won’t put any efforts in promoting them, so they aren’t doing anything at all for them, which is just sad.

and to summarize the statement ‘sm hates super junior’ i’ll just leave this comment from an article here:

“So they made a group that they didn’t even think would do well out of pure sympathy. They made them sleep only 2-3 hours a day and travel to Malaysia, China, and Korea in just a day. They made someone who lost their father three weeks ago stand on stage and sing bright songs. They made an injured person that couldn’t even walk properly drag their legs on stage to sing. They made someone that had just come out of a car accident to go on TV. In such a tragic setting, you forced these kids to go on variety shows, perform at events, made them the talk of misunderstanding and criticism just so you could touch a bit of money. Even if they created laughter on variety shows, worked so hard to the point of fainting, they were only given several hundreds for their work – all members included.”

if sm don’t hate super junior then why would they treat super junior like this despite of them doing so well and making most of sm’s money and all of that from a group that they debuted out of pity and with no expectations at all? If anything SM should be grateful to have super junior in their company and should really stop treating them so bad. Let’s just hope SM will finally get their shit together and better not mess their upcoming comeback as well :/

everything Solas says about the subject of the Blight in DA:I
everything Solas says about the subject of the Blight in DA:I

(For reference, here is what Solas has to say about the Blight, darkspawn and the Grey Wardens, all together.)

  • Solas: Your Order… the Grey Wardens…
  • Blackwall: What about them?
  • Solas: The Wardens see themselves as the world’s defense against the Blight, do they not?
  • Blackwall: Yes… why do you sound so skeptical? Doesn’t everyone know this?
  • Solas: When an Archdemon rises, they slay it. What will they do when all the Archdemons are slain?
  • Blackwall: Retire?
  • Solas: Without Archdemons, there can be no Blights. Is that the reasoning?
  • Blackwall: Right. Where are you going with this?
  • Solas: Nowhere. I hope they are correct.

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Why didn't sangwoo die from the rat poison?

This is a question I have pondered countless times myself after Chapter 5. In order to answer this ask I thought it best to do some research on rat poison and the effects of it after ingestion.

From the first panel we can see that Bum put quite a few pills in the pot of stew (approx. 14). From this we can only assume that his initial intent was to kill Sangwoo before he had time to realize that he had been poisoned. So naturally Bum would have needed to administer a very high dosage of the lethal substance in order to effectively incapacitate Sangwoo and escape. But the plan appeared to have failed when Sangwoo began speculate Bum’s abnormal behavior and non-verbal queues. However this is not at all why the plan failed, and the reason why is imperative to answering this question.

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Chapter 92 Thoughts

What I’ve really gathered from these past two chapters is that…it sucks being an Eldian. The whole world is against them, constantly reminding them of their perceived evil nature and the crimes of their ancestors. The Marleyan-born Eldians may be taught that the Eldians on Paradis are the bad ones, but at the end of the day, they all share the same fate.

They are loathed for their ability to turn into titans, which only can happen under specific circumstances, while simultaneously wanted as military power for that same reason. They aren’t valued as people at all.

And now, the one thing they’re even wanted for is established as a dwindling power at best by the end of the chapter. 

Yet Marley is hellbent on capturing the Progenitor titan, all in hopes of securing the title of the most powerful nation in the known world. They’ve been busy with a war for the past 4 years, and now they’ve just won it.

They made a peace treaty with a nation that invented a scarily efficient anti-titan weapon that can even slice through the material on the appropriately named Armored Titan. This, being the same material that had been considered impenetrable from the perspective we’ve seen the majority of the series. The Survey Corps only recently developed a weapon to damage that armor, and it’s remarkably less efficient than the ones the Middle Eastern Alliance created here.

What Marley lacks in naval power they make up for in air power. They don’t even need actual bombs – a mass of mindless titans dropping from the sky is just as destructive.

On top of being technologically advanced, they have 4 adept shifters on their side.

The focus is finally back on Paradis Island, home of our protagonists. 

I think it’s fair to say, things are looking absurdly grim for the Survey Corps and co. right now. 

In other words, it’s business as usual. 

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The first foray back into canon AU for ages and it’s not mega long but long enough to put some under the cut.  Ziam in New York.



Days pass by in a blur.  

Liam’s lost count of how many people he’s hugged, how being on a private plane once upon a time was an exciting novelty but at the risk of being a complete pop star about it, it’s like getting on the 63 back home in Wolverhampton these days.

He’s so excited, even with all that’s along with it and that he doesn’t like to dwell on, Paddy sometimes tries to draw him out on it, sees the signs and sometimes he’ll try to draw it out with humour, other times with an arm flung around Liam’s shoulder.

Liam plays along like it works sometimes, and he and Paddy both know the truth but Paddy will ruffle his hair or give him that grin that conflicts with the concern in his eyes but he leaves it be.

Liam steals time, private time, where he can even if it’s five minutes, even if it’s two, even if he can only just say, “Hi, I miss you,” and even if there’s only enough time before the wheels go up for the response to be “Never as much as I miss you, babe”

They send each other selfies when they first wake up, and just before, in Liam’s case at least and he suspects it’s the same for Zayn, half-hearted attempts to sleep.

And he counts down the days.  Each morning, he gets a text from Zayn with just a number on it, has done, every day since they last saw each other.

“I take it he sent you a zero this time,” Liam looks up and takes off his sunglasses and he can feel himself blushing, except he’s not embarrassed, not really and he shrugs at Paddy’s words, can’t stop the grin and Paddy returns it and this time there isn’t concern.

Liam’s vaguely aware of Charlie and Paddy ribbing him, but he doesn’t care, he just looks down at the phone screen and there’s never been a better sight. 


Liam shuts the door behind him, it’s late, and his head’s spinning with praise and plans for his future. 

He doesn’t care, he takes one more step, then another till he rounds a corner and there, right there, that’s what’s better than any zero. 

Zayn’s holding onto the remote control, kind of.  He’s got a pair of jogging bottoms on, and a hoodie, his hair’s still got the traces of green he promised he wouldn’t get rid of till he saw Liam again and the beard is growing again, his eyes are shut so just like all the times before, Liam’s distracted by the way each time he sees him, it’s like he’s grown a hundred more eyelashes, and his lips are slightly parted as he gently snores.

He almost doesn’t want to wake him, except that’s a total lie.

He strides across to the bed, and gently taps at Zayn’s feet and then folds his arms as Zayn murmurs and then shifts and then blinks his eyes open and looks up.

“Told you, you wouldn’t be able to stay awake,” Liam smiles as he says it and sits down on the bed, next to where Zayn shifts and spreads his arms out as he yawns then sleepily smiles and places his hands on Liam’s arm gently tugging him closer.

“No one likes a know it all you knob.” 

Liam grins, responds with his middle finger before he allows himself to relax and he falls into Zayn’s side, it’s not ideal because he can’t fully see Zayn’s face and the reason it’s not ideal? Well, he’s spent too long imagining not taking his eyes off Zayn

He can make out the rise and fall of Zayn’s chest instead though and the way he keeps attempting to stifle his yawns, his eyes crinkling before Zayn makes a tutting sound.

“Didn’t your mum tell you it’s rude to stare?”  As Zayn says it though, his eyes crinkle again, except this time it’s with a smile and Liam wants to see him fully now so he shifts once more, turns on his side, and rests his cheek on his palm and his elbow on the pillow and he does stare now.

Quietly he replies, “I think she’d get it, why I need to that is,”  it hits him then, the weight of how long they’ve been apart, all he’s had to face and his shoulders sag and his gaze drops away from Zayn, till he’s staring at nothing but then fingertips gently scratch at his chin.

“Eh Li, what did we say?” 

Liam could respond with what they’ve talked about, tried to talk about more like, he could talk about the times that conversations ended up with one of them hanging up, they could talk about planning what they’d do beyond all this, if there ever is a beyond all this because sometimes it’s hard to remember that there will be. 

It’s late though, and he’s done with that, this time is too fleeting to be wasted on what’s around them, rather than what they have that can never be shifted so he lifts his eyes till they meet Zayn’s and he chews at his bottom lip and Zayn nods.

“Oh yeah, we talked about that too, take off the chains first and you’ve got a deal.”

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Komahina Fanfiction Masterpost

I thought I’d make this masterpost for AO3 Komahina fics because I love all of these fanfictions, and they need more recognition! I’ve also included summaries and overviews so you’ll know what to expect. If there’s a fanfiction that isn’t included on here, it’s probably left out because this masterpost is really for fics that center on komahina - so there were a couple really really good fics in the komahina tag on AO3, but I left them out because komahina wasn’t the main or secondary idea of the story. Also, I’m including fics that have multiple chapters, so there won’t be any one-shots or super short fics. I really hope you’ll reblog this and check these fics out. If you read them, be sure to leave kudos and a comment letting the author know what you think! Also, if there is an author whose tumblr is not listed below, and you know what their tumblr is, please message me! I’ll edit this and put them in.

Takes place in canon/close to canon

  • Transversal It was always Hinata and Komaeda, Komaeda and Hinata, and it was pretty much strange to see one without the other. Among their circle of friends, there was no one who could have threatened the chance that Hinata had. This takes place during Hinata and Komaeda’s time at Hope’s Peak. It’s a very ingenious story, and creative (not to mention obviously well-written); it keeps you on your toes, desperate to find out what happens next! The characterization is very accurate (except for the characters that are SUPPOSED to be ooc, of course), and it’s very desriptive, attentive writing! Plus, there are certainly many surprising moments in the story. You won’t regret reading this! (It’s one of my all-time favorites and the author is a gem.)
  • Many Hinakoma Opportunities - “And, no offense, but I keep waiting for you to come to your senses and slam the door in my face!“ Komaeda kept smiling as he tapped his fingers on the mattress, watching the faint light from the window catch on his nails. "You’ve put up with my presence for so many nights, I’m starting to wonder about your state of mind, Hinata-kun.” Hinata stared at the ceiling, unsure how to respond. He’d had similar thoughts, truthfully, but it didn’t seem appropriate to agree. Komaeda didn’t let the silence sit for long.“Even for me, I’m probably pushing my luck,” He laughed a little at his own personal joke, “But may I ask for a special favor tonight, Hinata-kun?” (The summary from the third part.) This is a collection that includes a lot of smut - and some really good plot, too! It’s cool if you don’t enjoy reading smut, but if you do - this is some HIGH QUALITY shit right here. And it’s not repetitive at all! Anyway, the characterization is on. point. Plus, there’s fluff - so, overall, this is some really enjoyable writing. The author has made some fanart to go with it as well, be sure to check that out! It’s super cool! (I may be a huge fan… what can I say?)
  • Finally In LoveHe hates the way Chiaki always nods off when he talks to her. He hates Komaeda’s infatuation with hope even more.So, when he begins to find himself slowly falling in love with both of them, he figures he must be crazy. This is so, so, so adorable. Yes, it’s technically komahinami, but it’s just so adorable I had to add it to this list. The dialogue is really interesting… plus the characterization is pretty nice! Overall, it’s believable, which is really important to me personally - if you’re reading something that takes place in canon/close to canon, you want it to be believable, right? Because of that, it’s really easy to appreciate the work!


  • Equivalence Hinata watches him sometimes when he visits, the monitors beeping softly. Still, alive, and breathing. It gives him hope.Everyone wakes from the game, older, guilt-ridden, and determined to save the friends that died in the game. Wow, wow, wow. This is seriously some incredible writing! (This is actually the fanfiction that inspired me to start writing my own, so I can’t stress enough how much I love this!) First of all, it’s believable. Reading it makes you think ‘oh, this could DEFINITELY be what happens after the sdr2 kids wake up.’ Second of all, it’s beautiful - the writing is descriptive and there aren’t any glaring mistakes. Lastly, the characterization. Oh, man, you’d think the author was these kids’ psychiatrist or something. ….I’ll stop now before I get too rambly and make this already long post even longer.
  • Elevation Just thinking his name awakens so many memories and feelings within you that you can barely begin to make sense of them all. Bits and pieces begin to fall into place; but the more you remember, the less sense you can make of it all. This is actually my fic so I can’t really give you an objective perspective. I will say, however, that I have big plans for it, and I absolutely will not update it unless I am completely satisfied with the quality; so, I work hard on it. There’s going to be a slow build because I want to be true to how I really think things would go down after sdr2, but I can promise that komahina will be happening. And there will most likely be a ton of it (because it is my life and at this point I honestly cannot imagine a future after sdr2 where Hinata and Komaeda DON’T end up together).
  • The Mortal CityWaking up is never the hardest part. This is one of those “HOLY CRAP” stories. Basically, I can’t find a single thing that’s wrong with this entire work. Characterization, story, descriptiveness, mystery - all of it is on point. It can get a little gruesome, so check out the warnings in the tags. Also, it’s a darker interpretation of what happens after SDR2, but that doesn’t mean it’s without fluff or happy moments. Definitely, definitely, definitely worth checking out!


  • Impossibly (Un)LuckyIt shouldn’t be possible. And yet, here he is.But then, Komaeda had always been impossibly lucky. Or was it I who was impossibly unlucky? This was the first komahina fanfic I got really into - I ended up printing out the whole thing just so I could read it on the go! You’ll end up wanting to read it over and over again; It’s really, really nice writing, and it’s easy to get into the story. There are moments where it’s a little OOC, but it’s never bad as far as that aspect goes. Plus, it’s an interesting concept and AU. All in all, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself while reading! There are so many cute moments!
  • Long Road To NorthThere’s nothing as hopeless as a life being a regular salesman at a regular office. And after waiting for years for his life to change, he can’t contain his excitement as he finds himself threatened by a knife, held by a brown-haired stranger on the run. Where Hope’s Peak Doesn’t exist. Komaeda’s past and luck is the same as in the game, but Hinata’s past has been altered with canon. It’s pretty well-written and you can tell it’s been thoroughly planned out. Great characterization! …Also… I love works where you get to experience Komaeda slowly realizing how in love with Hinata he is…. 
    • Author: @urponators-gayo
  • The Bridge Of StarsIt’s funny how much things have changed over the years but I hope those feelings of yours are still the same Hinata-kun. I wish I could cheer you on from here but the way things are now, the only thing I can say is: best of luck. This takes place in the 1920′s, and there will be 33 chapters in all once it’s completed. There’s a lot of angst (but it’s not without fluff, don’t worry!) and reading it makes you reeeeeeally want to give Komaeda and Hinata giant hugs. It’s super super well-written! I haven’t noticed a single grammar or spelling issue throughout the whole thing. In all, the characterization is superb, it’s easy to become invested in the story, and utmost respect goes out to the author for writing a believable story that goes with the time period! 
  • The Weeping WisteriaEleven year old Hinata Hajime starts working at the castle not knowing what his true purpose is. He befriends the Crown Prince, Komaeda Nagito and vows to stay by his side. But as time goes on and Hinata realizes the painful truth about his ‘job’ and his friend’s true nature, things start to change. Amidst growing chaos and despair, the Kingdom is falling to ruin and Hinata struggles with being unable to do anything to make things better and not knowing what to do about the loyalty he had sworn to a boy he no longer knows. Mai is a goddess, I swear. This fanfiction should go down in history. It’s a very intricate story, and, as with The Bridge Of Stars, there doesn’t seem to be a single mistake in the whole 34-chapter fic. It’s heartwarming, saddening… It keeps you on your toes… The characterization is beautiful… Just please read this. I promise you’ll love it.
  • Love’s ScriptHajime Hinata and his classmate, Ibuki Mioda, are big fans of the Danganronpa series. When the audition for the live action adaptation of the second game is announced, Ibuki is determined to play her favorite character… and she expects the same from Hinata. At first reluctant, he agrees to go with her… But did he make the right choice? Is he even going to survive?! A non-despair AU where nobody dies and the nerds have fun playing in a TV show. I LOVE this AU. It’s just so much fun and so perfect for the cast. Plus this is very well written and has amazing characterization, I just can’t get enough of this! You’ll have a hard time putting this fic down, that’s for sure!
  • Words Will Be All That I KeepHe’s talking about me. Up there, clearly, to all of these people. He’s talking about me. Would he be as blunt if he knew that I was here? Probably. It’s Komaeda. If he knew where I was standing, he’d probably wink at me, and then blush profusely when he saw me later on. *** AU where Komaeda is a writer and Hinata is a trainee therapist. They dated in college and now Komaeda’s written a book. This is so good?? I feel like the plot really suits the both of them. The characterizations are great, the plot draws you in, and there aren’t any glaring errors! What more could you ask for from a fanfic, really?
  • Hajime’s Adventures A collection of stories of Hajime’s adventures throughout college centered on Komahina. All of the stories are in the same cohesive timeline and are in order (unless specified otherwise). Just fun exciting stories that the group goes through in college. No mental illnesses. This is SUCH a fun fic to read. Not only does the whole sdr2 gang get into some insane (and hilarious) adventures, but there is so much komahina content it’s crazy! And it’s certainly unique; I mean, in one chapter Komaeda comes home early from a school dance to slow dance with Hinata, and in another the two of them end up checking out a sex shop, where Komaeda persuades Hinata to try on some cuffs. Also the relationships Hinata has with everyone is so precious!! He’s close with everyone in some way and you can feel the whole gang looking out for him… And, of course, he and Komaeda are close. Anyway, it has cute moments, sad moments, infuriating moments, sensual moments… Personally, I couldn’t get enough; when I first started reading this I ended up pulling an all-nighter, it’s THAT kind of fic. A must-read! 
  • Fragile Hope - "Hinata-kun,“ Komaeda glanced up, struggling to keep his eyes open. "I’m happy you’re here with me,” he mumbled before falling into a much needed sleep. Hinata smiled and wrapped a blanket around Komaeda. “You’re welcome,” he whispered. Uh oh. This fic includes sick Komaeda! I know, I know; you want to forget about Komaeda’s dementia/cancer as much as I do. Even so, this fic is really, really good, and you shouldn’t let Komaeda’s sickness stop you from reading it! It’s adorable, really. Hinata and Komaeda are so close in this… And you can feel how worried Hinata is for him… Plus there’s some really adorable, heart-warming fluff…. Reading it kind of makes me want to cry… but in the best way. 
  • Lattes and Fluffy CloudsHinata Hajime isn’t really quite sure what draws him into Hope’s Coffee Shop every day. He tells himself it’s just the amazing drinks, but the other half of him insists it’s the barista with the fluffy, white hair that takes his order. This is SO CUTE you guys. Finally a coffee shop AU to add to this list lol. The plot, characterization, and style is all on point! Overall its just too goshdarn cute.
  • Detectives/Detectives: Rip Your Heart OutCrouching down behind large boxes of… well Hinata doesn’t know what’s inside them and, frankly, doesn’t want to find out, is himself and his new partner, Komaeda.“This is by far your worst idea yet!” Hinata whispers aggressively, clenching his teeth and glaring daggers towards the slightly taller albino, “'Let’s go in unarmed, we’ll be in and out, they won’t even know we were there’” Hinata murmurs, trying to do an impression of Komaeda’s voice, making large hand gestures as he does. This fic gives you the feeeeeeels. Seriously, the two of them are so cute, and you can really feel how much they care about each other! There are some sad/angsty moments, especially in the sequel; but that just makes the story better!
  • Love Is DangerousIt happens so quick my brain can’t even register it. But a car comes in the opposite direction, bibbing at the other driver. The guy in the large car panics and swerves to his left, hurtling at an unbelievable speed towards me.“HAJIME!” I hear Makoto yell on the top of his voice, almost screeching.I push myself off of Makoto’s car, but before I can even move, I’m pushed to the floor. I land on my back, hitting my head on the pavement. I slowly raise myself up on my elbows and look up to see Komaeda looming over me, his hand against the large car; a giant dent is encased on the metal. Yes, it is a Twilight Au, but listen - the author stated they were changing it to fit their idea, and it’s SO MUCH BETTER THAN TWILIGHT ANYWAY. (I mean, if you like twilight that’s fine, but in my oh-so-humble opinion, this is MUCH BETTER.) I especially like the different relationships included in this story; Hinata and Naegi’s close sibling bond, HInata and Kuwata’s friendship, and, OF COURSE, everything between Hinata and Komaeda. They’re just so cuuuuute. Can’t wait to see how this fic goes! 
  • For Your Entertainment It’s theatre season once again, and Hope’s Peak Academy has just announced their spring musical; The Drowsy Chaperone. And when the new kid, Hajime Hinata, wins a main role in the cast, he’s thrown together with a strange cast of characters, including Nidai, the overenthusiastic boy whom you might not expect to be as good as he is at directing, Kirigiri, the silent but skillful stage manager, Sayaka, the flirty girl who’s perfectly suited to the spotlight, Sonia, the student who arrived from Europe last summer and captured everyone’s hearts with her charm, Tanaka, the animal trainer and lover of the occult who displays an unexpected talent for the stage, Chiaki, the quiet and sleepy but dedicated gamer who runs the sound and lighting booth, Junko, the bubbly choreographer who scares the living hell out of everyone, and Ishimaru, the loud, uptight prefect who seems out of place onstage but has a neverending supply of enthusiasm to make up for it. Will the drama club of Hope’s Peak be able to pull together a completely student-run musical in just two months? (Probably.) Will everyone retain their sanity? (Probably not.) That was a long summary so I’ll keep this brief! This story is cute, funny, and it’s a unique AU. The characterization is nice, the writing is strong, and pretty much the whole gang is involved. It’s super fun!
  • You’re Live on Monomi Radio! - Hosting a late night radio show was the least of Hinata’s problems. In which two punks become local celebrities, Nanami plays the cupid and Hinata’s favorite caller hits on him. It’s awesome. This was so. Funny. OOC, but they’re supposed to be. The banter between Nanami and Hinata is hilarious! You’ll actually laugh out loud. Plus, the whole thing about how Hinata and Komaeda start talking to each other, and listeners start shipping them? Perfect. I can’t get enough of this!


  • KomaHina Drabbles - You make me fall deeper into your spell. And then I’ll end up making a mistake. I’ll end up telling you how I really feel. That would only drive you away. That would make me predictable wouldn’t it? You would have calculated that our physical relationship is something that would nurture the fondness that I have for you. Then would you leave me? I would probably fall deeper into despair if you were to leave me. I would fall into a puddle of tears and grief. (Unfortunately, there wasn’t really a summary of this fic, so I picked out a bit of writing from the 1st chapter. I hope that’s okay.) A lot could be said about this fic, but I’ll keep it simple; it’s well-written, it’s entertaining; it can be serious AND extremely cute and fluffy. A lot of the chapters can be considered part of the same verse. Also, the chapters include very interesting interpretations of the character’s lives and relationships! It’s really enjoyable. It can also be considered kamukoma; both pairings are included. Oh, and it also contains a lot of smut.
  • All Manner Of Sins[30 Day OTP Challenge (NSFW version), chapters have individual summaries and content warnings.] This is HIGH. QUALITY. NSFW. There’s a bunch of different scenarios and ALL of it is super well-written and intricate! Honestly, it’s a must-read! 
  • unabashed debauchery - The scent of Komaeda’s soap clinging to his skin and the green jacket hanging off his shoulders might as well be an advertisement to the world: “I’m banging Nagito Komaeda”. What can I say? It’s super high-quality komahina smut. And you’ll love every word.

EDIT: Fics that have been crossed out are no longer on AO3. A few more fics have been added as well.

The Proposal



Originally posted by esteeanime

OTOYA would propose at the orphanage. It would be a little on the unexpected side but he would only say so if he’s really sure of it. He would blush. A lot. Stutter too. He’d manage to fully say the proposal. Loudly though. The little children would cheer when you say yes and that’s how it’d be.

“________, w-wi-will you mar-ma-marr-marry me?!!?!”

MASATO would propose probably when you’re on a date near a traditional Japanese landmark like a shrine or so. He isn’t the kind to stutter, he’d be very direct and sincere about it. He’d hold his s/o’s hands and get on one knee.

“_________, I have always loved you and wanted you by my side. Now, I want to be beside you till death do us part. Will you marry me?”

NATSUKI would propose when his s/o and him are cuddled up in a blanket, watching the stars. He would kiss his s/o and smile softly at them.

“Isn’t Sirius really bright, ______-chan? It’s shine baffles me sometimes *chuckles* But honestly speaking the shine that baffles me the most is yours, ______-chan. I want you and your light to be beside me all the time. Please do me the honor of being my spouse.”

TOKIYA would propose at the gazebo by the lake in Saotome Academy underneath the starry sky. Bonus points if he met his s/o here but otherwise also, he would’ve brought them here sometime because this is where it all started for him as Ichinose Tokiya.

*gets down on one knee and holds his s/o’s hand tightly* _______, you have been with me through all my life struggles and now, I can’t imagine anyone except you as the one who should spend their life with…me. I know I sound selfish but will you please do me the honor of being my spouse?”

REN would propose at the beach. Just imagine the sound of the strong tidal waves and Ren and you holding a lantern to leave free in the sky as he turns and asks you.

“______. *blushes a little* I love you. I sincerely do and can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone except you..you make me a happy man. It’ll make me happier if you will marry me so will you please marry this hopeless guy beside you?”

SYO would propose at one of those traditional festivals where he and his s/o are in kimonos and are sitting possibly somewhere isolated.

“*takes his s/o’s hand and clenches tightly* I..I am a weak guy, ______. *blushes red* But you..you make me a stronger person and I always want you next to me. For the rest of my life. Will you please marry me? *fireworks explode*

I see him to want to propose at the place where he first met his s/o as well. Except maybe this time he might have the place surrounded with flowers (like jasmines) and lights all around.

“_________, my sweet _______, all this time you have been the one who has affected me so badly I can’t live without you. Now I want to give myself and my heart to you alone. Will you please be the ruler of my heart..?”


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REIJI would pull his s/o into his car and probably drive them somewhere far off (possibly to a hill where one can see the sun rising on the horizon) and propose there.

“*stops car and looks at his s/o* Haha you must be wondering why I dragged you all the way here right? Well it’s for a request, ______. As you can already see Rei-chan is an idiot. *raises palm and shushes his about-to-protest s/o* But you make this idiot even more idiotic and he can’t imagine spending his life with anyone else now. Will you please marry this idiot and make him a happy man?”

RANMARU would propose after one of his most successful lives, adrenaline pumping through him but he was still on the serious tone because he knew what he was going to say. In the greenroom, his s/o would be surprised to see him kneeling on one knee and gazing at them seriously.

“_________, I didn’t know what I had gained when I met you until today. *clicks his tongue and mumbles* more like a week back but I can’t just go on without you now. So please…*blushes* marry me..”

AI would propose at a ferris wheel during winter when the first snow starts. He would smile at his s/o softly as they watch the snow and try a silly pick up line which is VERY RARE but he wants his s/o in a relaxed state before he proposes.

“I seem to have become a snowflake.”
“Why Ai?”
“Because I’m falling for you, _____”
“Where’s the lie though? I only seem to love you deeper every day and fall for you all over again. I don’t think there’s anyone else for me. You make my heart beat in such ways I can’t explain and I like that. I like you. I love you, in fact. Will you please do me the honor and be my spouse?”

CAMUS would take his s/o to Silk Palace and while ice skating on a rink as the Aurora borealis continue to glow, he would kneel and ask them.

“You…are someone I can’t just let go of now, _____. You’ve taken over my heart and mind and it only increases as the days pass. You have brought me to my knees. Now I want you beside me forever. This isn’t an order, its a request. Please, I beg you, marry me and make me the happiest man alive.”

ISG : Chapter 1

Welcome to the Internet Support Group. Please Enter your name and patient number to login.

Name : Luke Alvez

Login # : 765009

The lights flickered in the room, lamp swinging side to side as the boat rocked. He took one step forward, testing the floorboards and making sure they wouldn’t creak and alert the target of his presence. He stepped lightly making his way in despite the ringing in his earpiece telling him to wait for backup. Advice he might have heeded in any other situation except this one. He felt his unit chief words bind him in place for a second, pulling him back but he swore under his breath and pulled the ear piece out and ran in. He kicked the door open, nearly smashing into pieces.

“Federal agents! Put the weapon down!” he yelled on instinct. But as soon as the fell off his lips he froze. The perp stood over Mel, blood dripping off the knife in his hands. The metal plate walls stained with it as well. The smell of rotting flesh and smoke filled the air.

The man turned, face him. Pale white skin gleaming under the dirty dull lamp light, yellow teeth shining through a thin lipped grin.

“Should have waited Agent” he sneered. As if on instinct Luke’s hands fell on the trigger, pulling it and shooting furiously at the man. The light bulbs burst from a stray bullet. Luke put his gun down, grabbing the flashlight on his waist and turning it on. The man had gone, only leaving his victim bleeding profusely.

Luke looked around trying to figure out how the killer had escaped but it didn’t matter now. He ran to his partner , his friend who was attempting to sit up despite the fact that he was cut open. Stomach slit with medical precision almost reaching the spot between his lungs.

“Mel, hey Mel look at me buddy. You alright?” Luke called, hands cupping his friends face flicking the flecks of blood of the sides of his mouth.

“Bomb” he coughed, choking. He gripped Luke’s hand and pushed him. “Go” he coughed.

“No I’m not leaving ya Mel, come on “ Luke said, panic evident in his voice. He shook the chain that were locked around Mel’s wrist and ankles. A ticking time bomb on his half open chest.

Mel grabbed Luke’s hand with all the strength left in his body, shoving his  badge and wedding ring in the palm of Luke’s hand.

“Go” he croaked.

Luke gasped sitting up in his bed, sweating and panting. His hands clutched the bedsheets around him. Roxy whimpered beside him, lifting her head up from the doggy bed in the corner.

Just a dream, just a goddamn dream.

Dreams are figments of imagination Alvez, you didn’t imagine that.

“Luke? You okay?” Irene asked, rolling onto her side. At least, he thought that was her name. He’d picked her up at the bar merely a few hours ago and they really spoken that much.

“Yeah, yeah just hold on a second” he mumbled hopping out of the bed. The dull moonlight glistened against his bare and sweaty body as he made his way to the living room, Roxy trotting at his heels. He picked up his phone and scrolled through the contact list ,quickly tapping at the number that sent him straight to voicemail.

“Hey Hotchner, this is Luke. I’ve reconsidered. Is that spot on your team still open?”

Welcome to the Internet Support Group, courtesy of the U.S government for struggling veterans.

Sign Up

Name :Mayavati K Pillai

Condition : PTSD (relapsed); Anxiety

Current profession : NCIS Special Agent

military affiliation :Ex Navy Doctor

Maya stormed into the office, flinging the door open so that she startled the PA whose name she’d forgotten.

“Is Vance in?” she growled, glaring at the girl with wild eyes.

“Y.yes but you can’t..”

Ignoring her Maya pushed through the door straight into Vance’s office, interrupting his phone call.

“I will call you back Eli” he sighed, cutting the phone.

“You’re benching me?” she yelled, slamming the form that  Gibbs had placed methodically on her desk.  

“I had no choice” Vance snapped, face clear with annoyance.

“Yeah you did. You could have not benched me. Come on Director it was one breakdown, one. It didn’t even cost us the goddamn mission “ she pointed out, pacing about the room. Stalking him like a hungry lioness.

“A breakdown is still a breakdown. What if your teammates hadn’t been there?” he replied.

“I would have shot the guy and the victims would have gotten justice” she retorted.

“You don’t believe that” Vance sighed.

“No I don’t, which means I am thinking rationally and am aware my actions could have had consequences. But they didn’t and won’t because we are a team and are always there for each other. I was in the Navy for God’s sake, I know how to fight through fear” she sighed, voice tinged with desperation.

“Put me back on the field Vance”

He looked up at her and simply sighed, spitting his toothpick out into the trash.

“Until you prove you are mentally stable I can’t, it’s protocol”. His response cause Maya to snap yet again.

“Where was protocol when we were in Somalia?” she yelled. The tensed silence that filled the air was broken when Gibbs walked in.

“You will attend that support group every day until you show to me that you can handle the field. Besides it will give you time to figure out how to do paperwork” Vance ordered, the edge in his voice clear that his decision was final. Maya stood up straight and stormed out, glancing at Gibbs who merely shrugged his shoulders.

Her mind was blank with rage she stomped on each step with all the strength in her body as she walked down to the bullpen, hoping to at least slightly damage the infrastructure. She pushed passed her co-workers who had been crowding around her desk, staring at the Director’s office.

“I take it that didn’t go well” Tony asked, wincing as Maya slammed her desk drawer shut, pulling the days files out.

“No it didn't” she sighed, still fuming.

“So are you going to do it? Attend the support group?” McGee finally asked, after Tony nudged him for the billionth time.

“Do I have a choice?” she sighed looking up at the three of them .

“You could attend a real support group and physically talk to people” McGee pointed out.

Maya scrunched her nose at the very thought.

She pictured a white and cream colored room with too clean wooden floors and people sitting in a circle crying their eyes out over other people’s problems. The awkward ice breakers, the touchy feely mentors.

Maybe Vance had caught her a break.  

“Well it is better than not being able to work here” Ziva suggested, nudging her arm.

“Easy for you to say, you already passed your psych eval” Maya grumbled, logging onto her computer to begin running down the location of their most recent victims mother.

“With great difficulty. Trust me Maya , it’s better that you actually talk to someone about your feelings before you take it. Otherwise you just end up saying the wrong thing” Ziva consoled, squeezing her shoulder before she walked off to her desk.

As her co workers settled back into their daily routine, Maya began her new one. One filled with aimless info searching, data entry and filing.

Oh joy.

Thank you for choosing the United States Support Group for your needs. We have analyzed your application and paired you up with your partner for this 6 month period. Your partner is chosen based on the similarity of your conditions and experiences.Everything you type is protected so you are free to talk about your professional lives within reason. Please email us at isgsupport@woohoo.com

User ; Maya.K

Check in time : 6:47pm

Maya.K : So what are you in here for?

Luke.A : What no hi, hello, hey how’s it going…

Maya.K : Hi I’m Maya, what are you in here for

Luke.A : Hi Maya I’m Luke. I’m here for PTSD, what about you.

Maya.K : Pretty much the same thing, among other things.

Luke. A : Wanna talk about it?

Maya. K : So direct, we’ve only known each other for 2 minutes

Luke . A : 3 minutes actually. And this is coming from the girl who’s words to me were what are you in for?

Maya.K : Technically it was so, what are you in here for. And how do you know I’m a girl.

Luke. A : I don’t know many men called Maya.

Maya.K: I could be a 40 year old obese man who chops up people to get off for all you know.

Luke.A: Why is that scenario so specific?

Maya.K : My last case revolved around a dude like that. It was creepy.

Luke.A : What is it you do exactly?

Maya.K : I’m an NCIS agent

Luke.A: Navy? Ex-Military?

Maya.K: Navy doctor.I would say ex but then again dies ex military really mean anything?

Luke.A: If it did we wouldn’t be here.

Maya.K: Who said anything about breakdowns? I am a completely fictional human being. Now, what’s a seemingly normal guy like yourself need therapy for?

Luke.A: I am attempting to join the FBI,which is why I need to prove to them I am not crazy.

Maya.K: Fair point, but if you are working with crazy people you have the license to be insane within reason

Luke.A : Insane within reason,what does that even mean?

Maya.K : I guess we’ll find out together now won’t we.

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P.S Thanks to @teatimewithtiya for going over the first to chapters and answering my questions <3

pjo hogwarts!au for my wife’s birthday<3 featuring: post-battle grief, quidditch, leo being a little shit, slytherin captain/big brother!percy and last, but not least, jasiper.

“You punched him. Twice. Got yourself banned from playing Quidditch for the rest of the term. Mister. Grace.” If Professor Lupa’s voice dropped any lower, Jason is sure it would have sounded like a growl. But Jason doesn’t intimidate easily–does anyone in his place? One word to his father about this would have her sacked from her position. But that thought doesn’t even cross Jason’s mind, and all thoughts like it, no matter how mild in bitterness or how rage-satisfying they might be, would stay out of this boy’s brain. Jason was not one to abuse his power. Ever.

Maybe punching Octavian and calling it ‘upholding school values’ had been a little…unnecessary. It had made Percy laugh, and had certainly knocked the little wart back on his ass. Piper, however, hadn’t reacted, but she had eyes full of angry tears at the time, and that more than anything, was what had guided his knuckles right into Octavian’s nose.


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The Words of a Stranger - A Citrus Fanfic

So, I had kinda sworn off Citrus the last few chapters due to..well, you all understand - you went through the pain, too! I had no plans of writing any Citrus fics until I happened to read two updates from lordofthelesbians and she convinced me (twisted my arm, I tell ya) to catch up on the chapters.

Anyway, that then inspired me to write this! And, I might have another one planned…maybe…because this isn’t very fluffy, and Citrus fans are always in dire need of fluff.

The train station was crowded at this time in the afternoon, passengers hastily boarding and departing the long train cars that were lining the tracks. Businessmen and women were headed in every direction as everyone set off for their own destinations, intent upon following their own agendas through to completion.

Normally, it wasn’t very difficult to navigate the swarms of people in the station. She’d learned how to quickly and effectively squeeze through the invisible seams in the flow of traffic, making it to her own destination faster than most.

Of course, normally she was alone.

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anonymous asked:

How do you think the "I would not lay with you under false pretenses" can be interpreted? Bc Lavellan seems to say "we slept together" and Solas says "no we didn't" and I am SO confused... Esp since it's supposed to be ambiguous. Does he mean that the Dread Wolf didn't take her bc he was only ever Solas with her (since he was and is Solas first and foremost)? Or if they didn't sleep together, what the hell does Lavellan mean?? I can't see "and so he did" being anything but sexual

My inbox has been peppered with this question all day, so here we go. From this point forward, I’m just going to link people to this post.

First, the dialogue in question:

Solas: And now you know. What is the old Dalish curse? May the Dread Wolf Take You? 
Lavellan: And so he did.
Solas: I did not. I would not lay with you under false pretenses. 

Now, to clarify - when the Dalish say “May the Dread Wolf Take You”, they are not saying “Go Get Fucked By the Dread Wolf”. The curse means that you wish for that person to become Fen’Harel’s target. He is a trickster and a monster in their eyes. He could either attack you or he could toy with you, manipulate you and ultimately betray you. Either way, you will be overpowered and subject to his whims. 

I see two interpretations of this exchange.

1) Lavellan is referring to sex. She’s saying that he took advantage of her, the implication being that he simply used her either for his own pleasure or in order to manipulate her - or both. He denies this, claiming that he never would have slept with her simply for the sake of his deception. In other words, his feelings for her and their relationship were both genuine. His desire for her, sexual and otherwise, was not a tool for controlling her or falsely earning her trust. 

2) Lavellan is using the phrase strictly in the way the Dalish do. He deceived her and toyed with her. Everything about their relationship was a lie in order to use her as a pawn in his plot. He tricked her into thinking that he loved her and took advantage of her trust. He denies this and reinforces it by explaining that he would not cross that line of intimacy with her when she still did not know the truth. 

Headcanon away. It’s meant to be ambiguous. 

Some thoughts about Svetlana:

  • She can’t obtain any legal employment. She can only work illegally. This limits her choices for employment to sex work and/or being illegally employed by someone for other services (commonly domestic servants have been employed in this way, but since the penalties have increased, this is becoming far less common, not to mention that the number of positions for domestic servants is extremely limited).
  • This of course means that she is entirely dependent on Mickey for her survival. As her employer, he decides when she works, how much or when or if she gets paid, etc. Because she is employed in illegal sex work, no labor laws or agencies exist to protect her. She can be denied wages, fired at will, be required to work in unsafe or inhumane conditions, etc. You can argue about whether Mickey would do any of these things (he has threatened to dock her $50 for refusing to shave, and she and the other sex workers are not making much more than they were under Sasha), the point is that he could, giving him all the power and her almost none.
  • She cannot obtain a place to live on her own. Aside from the fact that it’s unlikely her wages would allow her to afford her own residence, she also faces the barrier that many landlords now require credit or background checks and/or proof of employment in order to rent. If she told any potential landlord that she is undocumented and/or a sex worker, she would be risking a) being turned into the authorities for being a sex worker, b) being turned over to immigration for being illegal, or c) being exploited by yet another person because of these first two vulnerabilities. Because of all this, she is also completely dependent on Mickey for shelter, and all the other things he provides (food, clothing, heat, etc.). She cannot simply choose to provide these things for herself. She can’t afford them and there are barriers to her obtaining them as an illegal alien.
  • Legally, Svetlana has almost no recourse. If she is abused or mistreated by anyone, like one of her customers, she can’t report it to the police without risking deportation. For that reason she depends on Mickey to protect her. Again this gives him even more power over her. He can withdraw his protection at any time and there is absolutely nothing she can do about it.
  • All of this is made even more difficult by the fact that she has a child. While I completely agree that Mickey has the right as a rape victim to not want anything to do with that child (Svetlana also enjoys that right, but she feels differently about the child and people should respect that; not every victim reacts to things the same way), it would be unethical for her to just let that child starve or not take care of its basic needs (that would be child abuse). So regardless of her or Mickey’s feelings about the child, the options are she can try and meet those needs as best she can, or she could abandon the child and hope that someone else would meet the child’s needs. She clearly doesn’t want to abandon her child, and the idea that she should be forced to is not actually any better than the idea that Mickey should be forced to take care of the child. So Svetlana is in a position where she has to ensure both her survival and her child’s survival.
  • The only way she can do this for now, is to depend on Mickey, for money, shelter, food, and all other things she needs to survive. Her actual life depends on her ability to get Mickey to support her, by employing her, sheltering her, protecting her. But because she has almost no power over Mickey otherwise, she chose to use the one way that she could exert power or a sense of power over him in order to get what she needed to survive.
  • Does that make it right? No, of course not. It’s never ok to threaten somebody with harm or to use their abuser against them. And she probably would’ve been better served by being patient and trying to appeal to Mickey’s sympathy, because while he certainly wanted nothing to do with the child, I find it unlikely that when it came down to it, that he would allow either Svetlana or the baby to starve to death or not have the things it needed to survive (since he could certainly provide them with food and/or money without having to actually interact much with either of them). While the child bothers him and triggers Mickey, I don’t believe he wishes active harm upon it, or even upon Svetlana.
  • But Svetlana does not know Mickey as well as we, the audience, know him. She actually knows him very little. And given that her own father sold her into prostitution, she’s probably a person who is unlikely to think that simply appealing to people’s empathy will get her good results, no matter what she says about her father having “good qualities too”. In fact, since she apparently believes that someone could have “good qualities” while doing something as horrifying as sell their own child to human traffickers, whatever good things she has observed in Mickey, she would still be able to believe he could just decide to let her and child starve and die in the street at any time. Given that, it makes sense, even if it’s not ethical, that she would use threats to try and get what she needed.
  • Nobody has to love or even like Svetlana, but given her situation, you should at least be able to have some compassion or empathy for her.
Something Far More Valuable
  • Genos and the Minis run into the last person they want to see at HQ.
  • -While on an errand at headquarters, Genos has the Minis with him as they are about ready to leave and head home.-
  • Genos: Roku, Ichii. Don't run too far now.
  • -Calls to the two who decided to race as they made their way to the elevators. Ichii starts to outrun Roku but then...-
  • Ichii: Ah!
  • -nearly falls back to the floor as he runs into something hard. However the impact of the floor to his backside didn't come.-
  • Metal Knight: Oh? Now what do we have here?
  • -Ichii blinks as his gaze rose up, feeling a chill run up his spine as he locks eyes with a bulking android with lavaesque eyes who managed to use the entirety of his hand like a hammock to catch him. Roku, who instantly recognized him froze on the spot. Though he watched out carefully for his brother who (for the first time) was rendered speechless.-
  • Genos: Metal Knight.
  • -Although it seemed like he'd helped him from falling back from the impact, it was evident that there was some sort of eerie pressure in the air that said otherwise; especially since he was practically trapping Ichii from moving at the moment.-
  • Metal Knight: Ah, Genos. It seems he nearly had an accident after running into me. I just happen to catch him.
  • -reluctantly eases his grip to allow the kid to scurry back to his guardian along with his brother. It was rather reminiscent of ducklings taking cover under their mother's wing, which was pretty much what all the Minis were doing as they looked in fear of the mountainous stranger. -
  • Genos: ...Thank you. I apologize if he may have caused you alarm. [-He was always casually polite with the guy since he was a highly decorated hero, however he was still quite wary of him due to the warning that Driver Knight gave him during the battle with the Space Pirates.-]
  • Metal Knight: No need. It was purely an accident after all.
  • -Though it was hard to tell since he barely made any motions with his head or limbs, Genos could somehow feel his gaze lingering on the Minis, and instinctively raised his hands a bit as though to safeguard them.-
  • Metal Knight: I must say, Genos-kun, it's rather curious that you would have so many quality replicas of yourself. What purpose do they serve you?
  • -Just as he thought, he showed some interest in them. That was certainly raising a flag in his head.-
  • Genos: ...They were meant to assist my Teacher in my absence during my repair sessions.
  • Metal Knight: Well considering you are currently present, are they still a necessity for you to have? Especially since it seems like they have features that don't usually associate with simple house chores.
  • -He probably was aiming that remark towards Roku, who attacked him the last time they met. He glared at him, though still clinging on to Genos' leg like a lifesaver.-
  • Metal Knight: Why don't you loan me one of them? I'm sure I could gain some beneficial insight from them that would help further the development of some of my pet projects.
  • -Genos frowned at that, feeling the Minis cower when he asked if he could have one of them for his experiments.-
  • Genos: No, I will have to decline.
  • Metal Knight: Are you sure? Couldn't I make you an offer that might change your mind?
  • -Urges the Minis to move carefully around him as he led them to the elevators to escape this uncomfortable situation.-
  • Genos: I'm afraid there is no offer that you could make that would change my mind. [-Though he said this in pretty much the same manner as he always did, there was definitely a colder edge to his tone that seemed to threaten Metal Knight to drop it.-]
  • Metal Knight: ...Even if it might be some valuable information of a certain individual you've been searching for for years?
  • -This had Genos dead in his tracks as he heard this, like someone had splashed cold acid onto him.-
  • Metal Knight: I've read of your details in the Association about how you had undergone a tragic experience at a young age, which had set you down the path to find the culprit responsible for it. And considering the information I possess may be of great assistance to your quest, wouldn't it be a small price to pay in giving me a single replica that serves little value to you for it?
  • -It was obvious that he was simply baiting him in order to gain possession of one of the Minis, and his answer should have been clear to him...yet why was he not saying it? Why was he lingering on such a cheap ploy that would endanger them? He had to snap out of it and regain his composure.-
  • Genos: ...How did you manage to obtain that information...? [-he asked him cautiously, though there was just the slightest hint of desperation in his voice.-]
  • -If he had an actual face this is probably where he'd be grinning from ear to ear. There was something rather revolting about Metal Knight's air of confidence, like he was assured to win in the end. Though he was never really one who cared much for victory or defeat persay, when it came to honing in on things that he felt would exclusively benefit him in some way, his grip on it was like that of a viper to it's prey.-
  • Metal Knight: That isn't part of the deal that I am offering you, Genos-kun. However, it would be a different story if you're willing to throw in another one of the set.
  • -That caused him to prickle with irritance once again, however he was still caught up in this maelstrom that plagued his conscience. It had been so long since he'd obtained a single piece of information on the Mad Cyborg who caused both him and Doctor Kuseno much grievance in the past. And with how much time had passed since that day he'd made the vow to hunt him down, who knows when he would be able to find such an invaluable clue again.-
  • Gou: ...Mommy..?
  • -He finally snapped out of his contemplation as he felt a tug at his pant leg. Gou, along with his other siblings, were looking up expectantly to Genos like frighten animals seeking shelter. It was after looking at their fearful expressions that he came to realize how foolish he was in being hesitant. Despite them being 'mere' replicas of himself, in the end they were still children who looked to him as their parent for protection.-
  • Genos: My answer is still no. [-he said firmly, holding his ground more assertively.-]
  • -An uncomfortable silence filled the voide between them before one had spoken up to disappate it.-
  • Metal Knight: Well if that is your decision, I cannot do a thing about it. However I will probably venture to ask again if we should ever meet.[-about to turn and leave.-] Know this, Genos-kun. You will never be able to gain anything if you cling to empty vessels like that. All that you have endured and suffered for back then will amount to nothing if you remain stagnant in your journey.
  • -His enormous form disappeared into the shadows of he corridor as if the darkness had swallowed him. Feeling like they'd stayed long enough, Genos ushered the kids to hurry to the elevator so that they could go back home.-
  • -A few hours later-
  • -Genos and the Minis had managed to get home safe, but unfortunately Genos' heart and mind were far from being peacefully sound. He sat at the couch with his head hung shamefully, his foreheard resting against the fold of his hands.-
  • Genos: ...I am so pathetic...How could I have been nearly swayed to do something so despicable...[-he asked himself as he gritted his teeth and tightened his grip, looking so remoarseful.-]
  • -It wasn't until they'd left HQ that he was feeling the weight of guilt from what he had almost done. Even though he knew in his mind that Metal Knight was trying to tempt him with the promise of information on the Mad Cyborg (which still had no guarantee that it was legitimate), his heart weakened at the possibility that it could be the key to ending his mission at long last; yet it would be at the expense of the children's lives, and he was more than certain that would leave a void greater than when he'd lost everything back then. He was absolutely disgusted with himself.-
  • Genos: Perhaps I should talk to Kuseno about-...
  • Roku: Danna?
  • -He blinked as he looked up to find all the kids looking at him with great concern. He must have been spaced out for a while to get their attention, but then again they were still anxious of what happened earlier.-
  • Mini Genos': Are you okay?/ Did that android do something to you?/ He didn't hurt you did he?/ Don't worry, Mommy, we will protect you if he tries to hurt you./W-We'll do our best at the very least, despite his overwhelming statistics.
  • -Seeing them so worried about him somehow gave a sense of ease in his heart as he sighed deeply and gathered them in his arms.-
  • Genos: Thank you. But I feel like I'm alright right now.
  • -He was a fool. An utterly complete fool. Though they had originally been made to serve as his temporary placements for his teacher to look to for companionship and service, they had at some point exceeded those small roles. And though it seemed like he was destroying his odds of finally obtaining revenge on the one who'd destroyed all that he'd cherished, these eight little vessels (along with Saitama) had become something far more valuable to him than anything in this world.-

thebigcrunchone9  asked:

How would you describe Rukia and Orihime's friendship on both ends? Also I wish Uryu and Rukia had gotten to be shown interacting more.

Hahaha. I cannot answer this question without turning anti. Sorry.

You see, one of the reasons why I cannot really like Orihime is because of how she treats Rukia and her other friends. I once said that I cannot relate to her “Love” for Ichigo because she centered her whole development around him - and from that, her relationship with others is also strained.

Worse still, is that her fans also goes along with her on this one - and I daresay much worse than her. “Orihime cannot function without Ichigo! She will be sad forever! She has no one else!!!

I mean, dude, have they really forgotten Tatsuki’s existence? What about Ishida? Chad? even Rukia? Do they really think that if IchiRuki becomes together, they will leave everyone else behind? No! That’s not how it will work! They will still be comrades who are there for each other. Ori already noted that in the HM arc. Orihime is also her own person and doesn’t have to center her development to a single guy and end up as a broken person without him.

With that aside, sadly, it seemed that she also forgot her friends due to love. Sure, you can say that she is sweet, kind, innocent, and lovely. She sounds like a great friend, right? In my headcanon and personality-wise, she is a great friend. However, the way she had been portrayed is quite different (thanks to her love for Ichigo).

As for Rukia, she is generally the greatest friend one can ask for. It is no wonder why Ichigo, Renji (and their childhood friends), Byakuya, Hanataro and Kon are all attached to her (and how she easily fit in with Orihime and Tatsuki’s group of friends). Also, I guess, why Ishida is quick to jump and save her when she is in danger despite having great dislike for shinigamis (I also wish they have more canon interaction). Rukia is not the type to discriminate her friends and assess their strength (she’s the first one to stand up if any of her friends is treated like a weakling). She values her nakamas more than her own life.

And all of this can be seen with how she treats Orihime.

Every time I see this, I cannot help but feel pain for Rukia… 

Orihime didn’t come to save “her”. She came to “protect Ichigo”. Granted, I know she also don’t want Rukia to be executed (hence, why she pushed Ichigo for it in the first place despite not wanting him to be in danger). 

Wait a minute, then does this mean that you will stop him if Ichigo is not a “stubborn” sort of guy? I sure hope that is not the case. And for the sake of my impression of her, she is merely stating that he will do what he thinks is right no matter what other people say <- it’s her own version of “man in my heart” speech.

However, in contrast of Rukia’s resolve? She is crawling from the dead in order to save her!

And she wants to live for her sake also!

She actually has more resolve about rescuing her than Ichigo ever does.

Well, at least Orihime cried for her sake (otherwise I’ll really find this unforgivable). But even afterwards, I don’t remember her going to Kurosaki-kun and saying that they should hurry and help Rukia (knowing that she is in danger). Nope. None of those. I guess there is no time to worry for others given their situation. As for SS arc, I guess I understand that they are not close enough for her to sacrifice her life to save her (that was the point with Chad’s convo with Kyoraku - they only know each other for two months. One cannot actually risk their life for that). But at least Chad and Ishida (who hates shinigamis btw) showed great desire and objective to save her. 

Oh, but don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate Orihime. I don’t find her as a bitch, a slut or any of those demeaning things. She’s a nice girl, alright. And I also think that she will be a nice friend. It’s just that when it comes to priorities, there’s only Ichigo for her. It’s like 90% of her thoughts and action is about Ichigo. But she is nice. It’s just that if we compare her friendship with Rukia works, you’ll see that it’s Rukia who showers her with affection while Orihime only looks at Ichigo (heck, even the Rukihime wiki shows nothing of Orihime returning the same feelings). Rukia’s feelings for Orihime is greater than Orihime’s feelings for Rukia. It looks like one-sided relationship to be honest (not in a romantic sense) and I am so annoyed by that.

Lols. It’s to the point that the relationship will look like this:
Orihime > Ichigo <=> Rukia > Orihime

It’s unfair really. But that’s just me. As I said before, Orihime is a nice girl and all. Just because she doesn’t deliver the same affection as Rukia does, will mean that she is not a great friend. No, it’s just that Rukia is a great person and friend (it’s her personality to lay her life even for a complete stranger). If we base on Orihime’s personality, she will be a great friend (it’s just was not portrayed well). Ori just really really love Ichigo and has him as her highest priority, that is all. 

But this is enough reason for me to never like her character. If you are expecting me to be pro-Rukihime brotp, then I’m sorry. I am not meaning to bash that ship, especially as a brotp. I am just stating what I see. I already said that I don’t like Orihime but I don’t hate her either (and my main reason for that is Rukia). 

You know what? More than her owning up to her mistakes, I would have much highly appreciated it if Orihime actually just thought of her friends. Like, when she was seeking strength, the person that comes to mind is Tatsuki (just like in the beginning arc). She doesn’t have to return Rukia’s affections, I’ll understand that. But I think Tatsuki deserves it. As Orihime’s love for Ichigo became deeper, her love for her friends became less focused and that is not alright, at all. Is it so hard to actually say, “At last, I can finally protect Kurosaki-san! Brother … Tatsuki-san… watch over me! Just like how I gained power to protect you… I will protect Ichigo!!!”

^^^ I would have love that scene more if it went like that. Was it so hard for Kubo Tite to just add those? Even jjust a little bit that’ll remind us of her friendship with Tatsuki will be more appreciated by me.

Just as we wished

Note: Fair warning - unnecessary angst… Based on the au in my gifset.

Barry nuzzles further into the back of Iris’ neck and wraps his arms a little more around her waist when her alarm rang.

“Don’t go.” Barry whines when Iris moves to loosen his arms. She sighs and instead of using the opportunity to get out of bed, turns around to face him. Barry’s nose almost touched the bridge of hers.

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anonymous asked:

Since you started writing, have there been any story ideas that you had and really wanted to write but didn't? Like, you just couldn't get into it or the plot/characters didn't end up being what you imagined. I don't mean passing ideas that you throw away the same day, but the stories you start to write and get a few chapters in and just realize, 'Wow. This isn't working out.' If you have, what were they about?

A few, yes. There’s a KnBxKHR crossover that I started, and the first chapter has about 7500 words but then I sort of lost interest.  Here’s a small excerpt:

[Three and a Half Years Ago]

                “Tetsuya, leaving already?  Ryouta and Daiki will be disappointed.”

                “I feel like getting some fresh air.”

                “Oh?  Is the party that stifling?  Well, I suppose that man leading CEDEF can be somewhat vexing.  But you know the Ninth likes to personally thank us for our hard work.  We’ve been taking on quite a few jobs for him recently, though it’s a shame none of them takes much effort to complete.”


                “Hm, always so quiet, Tetsuya, more so lately than usual.  Is something wrong?”

                “…No.  …We are each very strong, aren’t we, Akashi-kun?”

                “Of course.  The underworld wouldn’t call us Vongola’s Miracles division otherwise.  We are feared, and rightly so.”

                “…There was no need to wipe out three orphanages during our last job.  Or the two hospitals in the job before that.  Or the cruise ship in the job before that one just because five of our targets were on it.  I’ve said this before, Akashi-kun, and I’ll say it again – you’ve changed, and because of that, the others have as well.  You used to- We never used to do these things.  Akashi-kun, we are getting out of hand.”

                “…Tetsuya, you aren’t questioning my orders, are you?  You know we are the Ninth’s last expedient, and we always finish our missions using whatever means necessary.  Besides, Daiki gets reckless if he doesn’t get to let loose sometimes, and you know Ryouta likes to play, sometimes a little more destructive than need be.  Even Atsushi gets angry sometimes when his foolish targets destroy his snacks in their attempts to kill him so you can’t blame him for lashing out.  You should have no problems with Shintarou at least; he has enough self-control to only take clean hits from afar.”

                “But Midorima-kun doesn’t care if he has to shoot through a civilian to get to his target!  The only reason he dislikes Aomine-kun and Kise-kun’s methods is because they make a mess and he is the one who has to deal with the repair costs, not because it’s wrong!”

                “Tetsuya, we are Mafioso.  The strong and powerful are always right, and the weak and ill-fated are always wrong – that is the world we live in.”

                “That is not how we started out.”

                “That is what we have become, because we are now much stronger than before.”

                “…I do not like it.”

                “Nevertheless, it is the lives we lead.  Besides, you at least are always careful to leave civilians out of it.  That should be enough, yes?”


                “Well, perhaps you should sleep on what I’ve said.  Go get your fresh air.  I’ll make your excuses to the Ninth since I very much doubt any of us will be seeing you again tonight.  The Vongola shouldn’t have any more jobs for us for at least the next several months or so, so go take a relaxing vacation or something.”

                “Thank you, Akashi-kun.  Goodnight.”

                “Oh, one more thing, Tetsuya, before I forget.  All of us may take freelance missions, free to do what we wish in our spare time, and free to complete our missions for the Vongola in any way we see fit, but first and foremost, my orders are absolute.  I was the one who took you in when you had no place to go.  I was the one who showed you your potential.  You belong to me.  Do you understand, Tetsuya?”


                “Goodnight then.  I’m glad we’ve had this talk.”

                Under the moonlit sky, a single figure packed his bags and melted into the shadows of the night.

[Three Years Ago]

                “He’s late.  Where is he?  Ryouta?”

                “Eh?!  Me?  How would I know?  Kurokocchi never lets me know where he is when we’re off doing our own things.  He’s so mean!”

                “Are we sure he’s not already in the room?  Tetsu likes hiding in the shadows and jumping out at us.”

                “That is actually just you, Aomine, and Kise, I suppose.  If you two didn’t fall for it all the time, Kuroko wouldn’t waste time scaring you.”

                “Hey!  You guys get scared too!”  “What was that, you junk-obsessed bastard?!”

                “My lucky items are not junk.  They assist me in my shots, and as a sniper, I have never missed a single-”

                “Spare me.  I, unlike you, don’t need a pile of junk to make sure someone stays dead once I kill them.”

                “How dare you-”

                “That’s enough, Daiki, Shintarou.  Has anyone heard anything from Tetsuya over the past six months?”


                “Daiki?  Doesn’t Tetsuya usually spend at least a few months with you when we have an extended period of leave?”

                “Well yeah, I guess, but we haven’t really done that for… a few years now.”

                “…I see.  Anyone else?  Shintarou?  Atsushi?”

                “No.  Kuroko doesn’t usually spend free time with me, and we never take freelance missions together.  Cancers and Aquariuses do not get along.”

                “I haven’t seen him either, Aka-chin.  Kuro-chin hasn’t even stopped by my place to drop off some new snacks from other countries like he normally does.”

                “Oh come on, what does it matter?  We’ve all been late a handful of times.  Tetsu’s probably held up in traffic or something.  Besides, it’s not like we absolutely need him for whatever mission you’ve got for us, right?  Hell, I could do the mission all by myself.”

                “Very well, we’ll go ahead with this mission first then.  Tetsuya will just have to catch up later.”

[Two Years Ago]

                “He’s not coming back, is he?”

                “Maybe Kurokocchi just wants to take a break?”

                “For a year?  And without a word to anyone?  Do you actually have a brain in that ditzy head of yours?”

                “Hey, I resent that!  Stupid Aominecchi!  You’re just upset because Kurokocchi didn’t even tell you where he went!  Don’t take it out on me!”

                “Shut the hell up!  At least I haven’t been crying my eyes out and going through Kleenex like no tomorrow!”

                “Well what if he’s de- ow!  Fu- Aominecchi, there was no need to hit me!”

                “Don’t fucking say that then.  Tetsu’s as strong as any of us, stronger than some people here, and definitely smarter.  Besides, you think people would cover up assassinating a Miracle member?  If they had the balls to do it in the first place, their Famiglia would’ve paraded it on the six o’clock news.”


                “What is going on here?”


                “Talking about Tetsuya again?  I have recently met with the Ninth.  Tetsuya has personally talked with the Vongola boss several months ago.  Short of someone from the Vongola harming him or his, Tetsuya will not aid any enemy Famiglia against Vongola or its allies.  In return, he has been let go.”

                “…What?!  Tetsu resigned?!”

                “You can resign from the Vongola?!”

                “Technically, we have never been formally inducted into the Vongola, nor are we an official allied Famiglia.  What Tetsuya did was simply common courtesy, not a necessity.  Now, if we are done here, there are a new stack of missions waiting for us.  Come.”


                “Enough.  If you wish to find him, do so in your own time.  Right now, we have business to contend with.”

                “Bullshit.  This is Tetsu we’re talking about.  Not even you can find him if he doesn’t want to be found, Akashi.”

                “I beg your pardon, Daiki?”

“…Just saying.  They don’t call Tetsu the Phantom for no reason.”

“Hm, be that as it may, it has nothing to do with me.  Perhaps Tetsuya merely feels that he needs some space.  It is lucky for him that I am not looking to find him, isn’t it?”

(Part Two)

And I have a Team Seven time travel fic that never got past 3000 words, though one day, I really want to write a Team Seven-centric fic. Here’s an excerpt of this one though:

                This was… just a bit… unnerving.

                Kakashi could admit that much, even if only in the privacy of his own mind.  He didn’t let any of it show though, words as deliberately light and cheery as always as he wrapped up his usual bullshit self-introduction.

                The unnerving part was the reactions he was receiving for it.  Typically, the Genin hopefuls foisted on him every year at least looked annoyed when they realized that Kakashi had basically told them almost nothing about himself, if not outright irritated.  He’d assumed that at least the orange one or the pink one would rant a little about it but…

                Nothing.  Kakashi wasn’t getting any angry vibes from his newest potential students.  If anything, it was the opposite.

                Haruno Sakura, known for being a fangirl with an aggravating penchant for fawning over a certain Uchiha prodigy, was actually stationed on the far left instead, standing neatly by the railing with a demure smile on her lips and her hands clasped in front of her as she eyed him with a puzzling sort of exasperated fondness.

                Likewise, the aforementioned Uchiha Sasuke was on the far right, leaning casually against the railing with his arms crossed and his gaze focused disinterestedly off to the side but Kakashi had been a shinobi for far too long to miss the fact that the boy’s feet were still perfectly balanced to push off the ground at a moment’s notice.  Sasuke was relaxed but only in the way that seasoned shinobi were relaxed during downtime outside of Konoha.

                What caught his attention most of all however was the blond stationed between his two teammates.  Of the three, Uzumaki Naruto was the only one seated, perched on top of the railing with one knee propped up and an arm resting against it.  The orange jumpsuit was hideous, and the whisker marks on his face were indicative of his tenant, but the half-smile on his face coupled with the gleam in his blue eyes made the boy look exactly like his father when Namikaze Minato had been up to something both brilliant and crazy.

                Even as Kakashi thought this, heart clenching wistfully at the reminder, Naruto’s smile curled into the faintest of smirks.

                Huh.  Now the boy looked like his mother when Uzumaki Kushina had been about to dish out indiscriminate chaos and mayhem to a lot of poor unsuspecting people.

                It was a rather scary thought.

                And it was weird because by all accounts, Naruto should be a hyperactive, brash, all-talk-no-skill twelve-year-old, nothing more.

                Well, at least the Academy instructors had gotten the twelve-year-old bit correct, and Kakashi had yet to assess any of them.  Still, every single one of his instincts was currently telling him that the dead-last of the Academy should not be underestimated under any circumstances (hell, he was getting that feeling from all three of them), and Kakashi hadn’t lived to his age by ignoring his instincts.

                “Okay then,” Kakashi eye-smiled at Sakura first, tucking his observations away for later and making a mental note to double-check the files he had received just to make sure that he had picked up the right dossiers.  “You next, Pinky.”

                Sakura arched an eyebrow, and her smile became the kind of saccharine sweet that distinctly reminded Kakashi of his few encounters with Tsunade right before the woman had punted Jiraiya halfway across Konoha with the force of her fists.

                “My name is Haruno Sakura,” The pinkette began delicately.  “I like leopards, dango, and my favourite boys, though admittedly, most days, it’s in that order.”  A cheeky grin flickered across her face when Sasuke grunted and Naruto huffed.  “I dislike snakes, people who endanger my friends, and idiots who won’t listen to me when I tell them to rest.”  This time, she paused to shoot a pointed look at Naruto and Sasuke, the latter glancing briefly at her with a blank I-have-no-idea-what-you’re-talking-about look while the former grinned unrepentantly in the face of the girl’s silent reprimand.  Sakura rolled her eyes before continuing.  “My hobbies include reading, training, and researching medical jutsus, and my dream…” Green eyes darkened, and her next words held a certain intensity to them that spoke of one hundred percent seriousness.  “My dream is to become Naruto’s Head Medic.”

                …What?  Just what?  Honestly, Kakashi had no idea what the hell was going on.  Nowhere in Haruno Sakura’s file did it mention even a passing interest towards the medical field, much less an ambition to actually become Head Medic.  And wait, she’d said Naruto’s Head Medic; why would she say that instead of just Head Medic of Konoha?  And wasn’t Sakura supposed to dislike Naruto?  A lot?

                “Your turn, Chicken Butt,” Kakashi bit back a sigh as he randomly jabbed a finger at the Uchiha.  Naruto sniggered out loud while Sakura giggled behind one hand.  Sasuke finally turned his head back to face them, scowling rather half-heartedly at both his teammates.

                “Uchiha Sasuke,” The boy started abruptly.  “I like hawks, tomatoes, and – on occasion – these two morons.”  Naruto kicked out at Sasuke’s leg, missing when the Uchiha simply shifted out of the way.  Sakura only pouted on the side, green eyes glittering with amusement.  Sasuke smirked back.  “I dislike a lot of people in this world, most of which consist of either fangirls or megalomaniacs.  My hobbies are training and wood carving.  Mostly training.  And my dream…” Again, much like Sakura, onyx eyes hardened with a grim sort of resolve.  “…is more of a guarantee – to become as strong as I have to be to defeat anyone who stands in our way.  Also, if Naruto decides to become Hokage, I’ll be ANBU Commander under him.”

                Kakashi was now seriously contemplating whether or not he was still asleep and this was all just a dream.  Where were the declarations of revenge for the Uchiha Clan and promises of death on Uchiha Itachi?  Sasuke’s report said that the boy was supposed to be moody and antisocial, a loner through and through.  And while this Sasuke was far from outright exuberance, he wasn’t brooding either.  He simply looked like someone who naturally didn’t smile or chatter often but was otherwise pretty damn at peace with himself.  Sasuke had said ‘our’, and he had – like Sakura – specifically pledged his loyalty to Naruto even with his goal of becoming ANBU Commander.  The Uchiha prodigy didn’t seem at all like the standoffish, arrogant, self-proclaimed avenger that the boy’s file had implied.

                “You’re last,” Kakashi sighed, gesturing towards Naruto and inwardly lamenting at the strangeness of this entire situation.  Maybe he was over-thinking things?

                Uzumaki Naruto flashed a smile that briefly showed off his canines, and it framed his expression with a hint of danger.  “I’m Uzumaki Naruto.  I love ramen, I love my friends, and I think foxes are adorable.”  He broke off in a fit of snickers that Kakashi had no clue how to interpret, though judging by the simultaneous eye-rolls from both Sakura and Sasuke, the blond’s teammates certainly did.  “I dislike anyone who thinks they can attack my home or hurt any of the people I care about and get away with it.  My hobbies include cooking, gardening, studying fuuinjutsu, and training.  In no particular order.  And my dream…” Blue eyes blazed, and Kakashi found himself momentarily frozen in place by that fiercely determined gaze.  “My dream is to protect my precious people, and to carve out a future where all of them will be able to live.”

                A deafening silence ensued, and not even Kakashi could think of anything to say while staring dumbly back into that endless ocean blue.

                Kakashi could hear Minato and Kushina in Naruto’s words, and they rang in his ears like the chime of insistent silver bells.

                And then Naruto blinked, and the force of the blond’s passion eased.  A playful grin replaced the earlier solemnity as the boy tacked on, “And if I happen to get the Hokage’s hat along the way, that’ll be real cool too, dattebayo!”

                Sasuke snorted while Sakura sighed and nudged Naruto’s leg with an elbow.  The atmosphere relaxed, and Kakashi mentally shook his head, feeling slightly dazed.  The verbal tick at the end was a little more like it but there was still something off about it; it didn’t sound quite the same as the usual abrasive shouts that the entire village had been hearing for years now.

                “Alright then, that was enlightening,” Kakashi chirped, and yes, he actually meant that.  “Now, tomorrow, we’ll begin with a survival exercise that will determine whether or not you’ll really become Genin or be shuffled back to the Academy for a review year.”

                He paused.  Silence.  How odd.  This was usually the point where the kids would start protesting.  These particular kids just watched him with unsurprised appraisal.

                “Great!”  Kakashi eye-smiled at them again as he pushed off the wall he had been leaning against.  “Then I’ll see you guys tomorrow at five in the morning.  A piece of advice for you – don’t eat breakfast if you don’t want to throw up.  See you later!”

                And with that said, he vanished in a flit of Shunshin, leaving his more-than-likely future students on the roof.  He had a couple files to read through more thoroughly, and – depending on what he read – a few Academy instructors to shake down.

I have a handful of other fics that I’ve started and sort of dwindled off but I won’t bore you with too many details.

anonymous asked:

If simon cared so much about kieran why didn't he intervene when Gary was shoving a tied up kieran into a truck?

Honestly? Because Simon was being a coward.

As shitty as the situation is in Roarton with the PDS sufferers, as shitty a human being as Gary is, Kieren is alive. As Gary tied him up, he’s probably not looking to kill Kieren and there’s no way Simon knew that Kieren or Gary had obtained any blue oblivion. It looks like Kieren is being arrested (or something) forcibly… but remember what Simon is there for.

Simon is there to kill Kieren.

You have to remember that Simon was ordered to kill Kieren by the guy/organization which saved him. The ULA gave him a home when he had nowhere to go. They showed him love when no one else would. They took care of him and they gave him a place in the world, and they taught him to believe things would get better (when he’d spent his entire first life thinking the only better was for it to end).

Then he finds this beautiful soul, this kind, gentle, no-nonsense guy and he trips over himself to get closer, and Kieren lets him in despite the horrible things Kieren has been through. Kieren demands to be separated from this wonderful thing Simon is a part of, and Simon attempts to convince him otherwise but when Kieren doesn’t budge, he separates Kieren and the ULA.

The problem is that when he tells the ULA (the prophet) about Kieren, thinking that Kieren is special, thinking that Kieren will finally accept the ULA once he finds out how special he is and how much he will be able to do to save people (kieren likes saving people, after all)… only to have the prophet order him to kill Kieren.

This order literally sends Simon into an emotional tailspin, an anxiety attack that takes him back to all the awful things he experienced before the ULA. He forces himself to remember all that the ULA saved him from, all that he OWES the ULA. He eventually resolves that he must put the needs of all these other people before his own, and returns to Roarton.

But the thing is… he gets there, he goes to Kieren’s house… and he sees Gary going in, and returning dragging Kieren. Gary may be roughing Kieren up, may have bound him and may be carting him off, but Kieren is safer with Gary than with Simon in that moment.

Because Simon? Simon thinks he has to kill Kieren if he can get close enough. He has to. He owes too much.

But if Gary has Kieren, and Simon can’t get to Kieren in time… well, oops! Too bad. Sorry, I couldn’t kill Kieren because I was unable to get to him. Sorry I went to kill Kieren and he wasn’t home.

As long as Gary has Kieren, Simon can plausibly excuse himself for not killing Kieren. If the First must be killed at a specific time, all Simon has to do is accidentally keep Kieren alive until after that. The ULA might turn their backs on him if he outright refused to follow the order, but if he “did his best” and failed, well, then maybe they won’t. Simon, at this point, still thinks he can keep both Kieren and the ULA, somehow.

The important thing is that when Simon was forced to choose one or the other… he chose Kieren.