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What would you say to people who think that Stelena was a rushed relationship, they didn't see build-up, or the process of them falling in love, that they just kissed in the matter of "two episodes". I follow a confession page and this is what a lot of DErs like to throw in our faces, saying that they had seasons worth of development with their ship.

I’ve encountered that argument many times and it’s a weak one, it’s in the same vein as the argument that Stefan and Elena had an immature relationship because they were in high school for its duration. Like jfc, nuance people.

It is true that Stefan and Elena have a short build-up. It is also true that the build-up is dense. A lot happens in a short amount of time, which means they get to know each other very quickly. In the first episode alone, Elena tells Stefan everything about her life. There’s initial intrigue because he’s the hot new guy:

There’s wordless flirtation:

Then they actually meet and there’s an energy, a feeling, a connection (which actually happens between people where there’s an immediate click)

So there’s already a lot of intensity and connection in action, in the way they operate around each other and navigate one another. 

That’s already a type of build-up, which gives way to the next phase of build-up wherein Stefan and Elena talk. As I already said, Elena pretty much tells Stefan everything about herself. I mean, Stefan sits with Bonnie and Caroline at The Grill, he meets Matt, and this is before they’re officially dating:

And at the party, Stefan and Elena separate from the crowd to talk and he silently prods Elena to open up about what she no longer talks about:

And it should be noted that he sees through her charade:

And then they talk about Bonnie and Matt, they even briefly albeit vaguely condescendingly discuss Caroline; they indirectly talk about what Elena wants out of life (passion):

So by this point, Stefan has met all of Elena’s closest friends, met the ex-boyfriend, already sees in Elena what she hides from others, she’s spoken about her parents’ death, he has encountered the nuances of her interpersonal relationships and this is all in real time, this isn’t because he had watched her months previously, this is because he lived it with her. And then when that is done, he shows up at her house:

And then she invites him so they can do what? Talk.

And then when 1x02 airs, it picks up with Stefan and Elena in their respective beds, dreamy over what occurred the night before:

This morning is different. There’s change. I can sense it. Feel it. I’m awake. For the first time in a long time I feel completely and undeniably wide awake.

For once I don’t regret the day before it begins. I welcome the day because I know, I will see her again. I will see him again. For the first time in a long time, I feel good.

Essentially, they had a conversation that fundamentally shifted how they view themselves and the world around them and it makes them feel good, like actually good about everything inside them and around them. And that happens. I can say from experience that you can have a conversation with someone, whether it’s a romantic interest or a potential friend, that has a transcending effect on you. And that’s what Stefan and Elena shared the night before.

And when they see each other at school, after some silent flirting:

They talk about literature and he gives her a book on their walk to another class, which once again establishes that they’re getting to know each other, sharing interests, revealing passions and hobbies:

And then it’s reiterated that Stefan and Elena spent hours talking when Elena tells Bonnie and Caroline that when Stefan came over they didn’t have sex or make out, they didn’t even kiss and Caroline is scandalized.

And in this episode, Stefan and Elena reach their first roadblock and this is before their relationship even begins and that’s Stefan’s secrecy coupled with Damon’s manipulation and the semi-revelation of Katherine and Stefan tries to get back in her good graces:

And Elena is ready to give up: “We met and we talked and it was epic but the sun came up and reality set in.”

But after talking to Bonnie about it who tells her that shes giving up, after seeing what’s happening with Jeremy and his drug addiction and his struggle to navigate a world without their parents, after talking to Jenna and seeing her struggle to be a guardian, Elena decides that she’s going to risk feeling and goes over to Stefan’s house. And what do they do at Stefan’s house? They talk.

Elena tells Stefan what she’s afraid of, which is happiness, which is him and Stefan responds by using Elena’s own words, “I met a girl, we talked and it was epic, then the sun came up and reality set in. Well this is reality. Right here” essentially telling her that to live in the moment, to risk feeling because feeling is reality and then they kiss:

There has already been a ton of emotional groundwork and they’re still in the process of getting to know each other, like just because they kissed doesn’t mean that the get-to-know-you courtship stops. And it doesn’t stop.

In 1x03, Elena finds out Stefan can play football and pushes him to join the team so he can be more social

while Stefan assuages Elena’s guilt over quitting the cheerleading team, letting her know that it’s OK to not be the person she was before and to figure out life for herself.

He makes it an effort to get to know Bonnie since she doesn’t trust him.

There isn’t any heavy kissing/making out until 1x04

and even with that they say they’ll go slow

and that’s when they go on their first official date

and have their first dance

which turns into their first fight about his secrecy because Elena wants to know about Stefan, everything so far has been about her emotional baggage as opposed to his, her interests etc.

1x05 Stefan tells Elena details about himself, it’s revealed that he knows how to cook, he tells her about Katherine, that he loves Martin Scorsese, and even listens to Miley Cyrus.

In 1x06 she knows about his vampirism

and so he truly gets into his past and is upfront about the fact that he did things he wasn’t proud of when it came to Katherine and when it came to Damon, he tells her about the vervain in her necklace and let’s her know how much he cares about her because Damon will try to hurt her, which is the only way he can hurt Stefan

and then they break up.

In 1x07 Stefan actually kills someone (Vicki) for Elena

after spending the episode trying to help her and they share the angst over how terrible her life has become since finding out about his secret but how better it’s become since meeting him as a man but how that doesn’t change that she’s too scared to be with him.

In 1x08, Elena learns even more information about Stefan, which is that it’s his birthday and that Lexi is his best friend and Lexi calls Elena out on her feelings: “I’m scared.” “But you’re here. Because you’re crazy about him” and they hit yet another roadblock when Damon kills Lexi and Elena has to talk him down from the edge so he won’t kill his brother.

In 1x09 Stefan saves Bonnie’s life and Elena realizes how fundamentally good Stefan is and how much he cares about her so she says she can be with him but Stefan wants to protect her so they remain broken up.

In 1x10 they have sex and it’s after they talk about what  they wanted their futures to be before life got in the way of their optimism, after Stefan rescues yet another one of Elena’s friends, after Elena tells him she loves him, which is absolutely valid considering everything they’ve been through since meeting each other.

Stefan and Elena don’t need build-up because they’re constantly evolving in their dynamic, it’s not like the other couples on the show where it’s BUILD-UP and then a lackluster relationship, they’re not binary; they continuously get to know each other and grow together while building on a foundation that was established and re-established in the pilot. So honestly, those DErs can miss me.

I’ll Move Heaven & Earth, To Keep You Safe In My Arms

A/N: A one shot Steroline Drabble as requested by Twin, AKA femmewriterish . No Summary. Too Lazy. Enjoy ______________________________________________________________

The rain fell steadily and heavily, drenching him as he stared at the hard concrete that held her name. Caroline Forbes. It was noon, but the sun remained hidden by dark clouds. Appropriate, he thought. This should have been the happiest day of his life, instead, it was the worst day of his nearly 200 year old existence. It seemed the only way the universe knew to balance 20 years of pure unbridled bliss was through death. 

“I thought I’d find you here” Came a familiar voice. He didn't turn back to greet her. She can come back another time. He took a sip out of his flask.

“Stefan…” The brown eyed witch beckoned, slightly tugging at his arm.

He turned back, “Did you find a way?”

It was exactly two years to the day since he held her ashen grey body in his arms. And for two years the only thing he did was search for a way to bring her back. Impossible, he was told. Nothing can bring the dead back. The other side was gone, death just became permanent. He didn’t care. It was the only thing keeping him breathing. The thought that one day, he might be able to find a way to hold her in his arms again.

“Maybe..its a long shot.. but its all we got..” She said holding up a crystal.

“What’s that?”

“You wanna get out of here…go some place…dry first?”

He turned back to look at the tombstone once more. This will not be our fate, he thought to himself. I won’t let it. He placed the flowers he had brought with him on her grave. “I’ll see you soon..” He whispered and left with Bonnie.

They were back at the Salvatore mansion. Stefan had his drink in hand, ready to listen to yet another theory, hoping that this time, it might actually lead to something.

“Okay, tell me what the crystal does”

“It can hold your memory..”

He frowned at the thought.. “My memory? You want me to give up my memories of her? Is that your plan? My grief too much for you guys to take in on a daily basis?”  He was furious.

“No no.. that’s not it.. it will not take away your memory, it will… replicate it..and hold it for someone else to see..experience..”

“Just hear me out Stefan..” Bonnie said.

“The memory you have of how Caroline died.. I’ll place it in this crystal and you…you will place the crystal and the spell to unlock the memory in the past where past you will find it” She paused at that. 

“You want to change history…” Stefan asked Bonnie.

“It’s the only way…If Malcom dies before he gets a chance to kill Caroline…”

“But there’s a catch” Bonnie continued, “you can’t put in any other details of any body else’s life…just the necessary ones of yours and Caroline’s..just the thing you want to change…you understand?”

He frowned at her trying to grasp what she was trying to tell her.

“Stefan, this. .. your not supposed to change history..it’s…not allowed..you can’t…”

“I get it…So what year will you send me back to..which past me is going to get this information..”

“I’m not sure…that’s something I can’t exactly control…let’s just hope it’s not ripper you who gets the crystal..”


Stefan heard someone walking in his room. “Damon, that you?” He yelled from the bathroom. Nobody answered. Odd he thought. He admitted that there was a piece of him that wanted it to be Caroline. Sure, they weren’t together, he wasn’t sure what was holding her back, but the only time he felt whole was when he was with her. He stepped out of the bathroom to find no one there. He changed into a V-neck and jeans, strapped on his boots and proceeded to head out. That was when something caught his eye. That was not there when he went in for a shower. He moved to the desk to find a crystal resting on a piece of old parchment. The parchment looked like it was ripped from an ancient grimoir. It had a Post-It attached to it. — SAVE HER. FIND BONNIE, SHE’LL KNOW WHAT TO DO. It was in his handwriting. 

“Ready?” Bonnie asked.

“Lets do this…” 

He heard chanting. Nothing felt different. Maybe the spell didn’t work. Then suddenly, he felt himself falling to the ground. 

… . . 

THE MEMORIES (20 years into the future)

He instinctively reached to hold her, but found his bed empty. That woke him up. He checked his phone. 5 AM ! He dialled her.

“You’re up early!” Came the voice at the other end

“Caroline..its 5 ! What are you doing out of bed”

“Stefan..we are getting married tomorrow..I think we shouldn't see each other till the wedding ceremony”

“Why ? Come back be bed !” He groaned into the phone! She giggled “Bye !” She said and hung up. He went back to sleep, hand still over her side of the bed. 

… … .                  … … .                      … … .                   … … .

“There he is” Damon called out to Stefan. “Man of the hour ! Nervous?”

Stefan proceeded to grab a mug of coffee.

“What are you doing in my house so early, the wedding isint until later in the evening?”

“Well I wanted to be around, in case you decided to make a run for it” Damon replied.

“Not happening” Stefan reassured him.

“You sure? In another couple of hours, you’ll be stuck with Blondie forever”

Stefan rolled his eyes. He didn't bother answering Damon. He couldn't be happier.

His phone rang. Damon grabbed it before he could, “Getting cold feet Blondie?” He spoke into the phone.

“Damon Salvatore ! How very kind of you to answer your brother’s phone. Could you give him  a message for me”, it wasn't Caroline’s voice on the other end. It sounded like.. “Malcolm !”, Stefan said, grabbing the phone, “Where’s Caroline?” 

“At the docks. I heard of your upcoming nuptials, and it brought to mind a gift that was long overdue”. The line went dead.

… … .                  … … .                      … … .                   … … .

He found her. She was lying face down, still in her pink pyjamas and tank top. She was quiet, not moving. He called out to her, she didn't stir. He flipped her onto his hand, cradling her head close to him. She was grey and desiccated. There was a bloodstain over her chest where the stake was driven through. He went numb. He tried to force himself to snap out of this nightmare. His brother was right beside him, speechless for once in his life. He looked over at him, and all he saw was defeat in his eyes. He felt himself repeating the same word over and over, each time plunging  further and further into blinding despair…..NO….

… … .                  … … .                      … … .                   … … .

Stefan woke up with a jerk. Tears streaming down his face.

“What is it? Bonnie asked.

“Malcolm…we need to kill Malcolm”

“So what you’re saying is…years and years from now.. Malcolm will kill me…” Caroline tells a very agitated Stefan.


“And you know this because your future self, left you a future memory, in a crystal, informing you of this future you need to change … now.” Caroline continues


“okay…that’s… normal..”

“Caroline, look I saw what I saw, and I need you to trust me on this okay?”

“Okay..What’s the plan?”

“Malcolm is still in Mystic falls even though the rest of the Heretics are dead. We go and put him out of his misery before he leaves town. We won’t be able to track him if he leaves.” Stefan stopped pacing long enough to tell her his plan.

“Fine, lets go”

“NO, you’re not coming”

“Excuse me ! I think I should participate in saving my future self” Caroline said  adamantly 

“Caroline ! Just.. please..” He pleaded. His eyes betrayed his desperation. He not only saw his future, but he felt it. Everything from the joy he felt at the thought of holding Caroline close to him as he slept, the love he felt when she said that they were getting married. His immense contentment and pure unadulterated euphoria at the thought of marrying Caroline Forbes. He felt it all. Including the grief and the despair when he held her dead body. No, he needed this to go well. Malcolm needed to die, so that years and years from now, he would have the perfect life with Caroline. Sure she may not be with him now, but they would be happy in the future, it would be all he dreamed about and more… He needed to preserve it. 

“Sit this one out..please..” He begged. 

She nodded. He pulled her in for a hug before heading out the door. 

     … … .                  … … .                      … … .                   … … .

They had been waiting for Malcolm to show up back at his house for hours now. 

“Maybe he left town” Damon wondered out loud. Stefan prayed that his brother, was wrong. If he was right, killing the guy would be nearly impossible simply because there would be absolutely no way to track him - the Heretics were masters at cloaking themselves. His prayers were answered in the form of a vehicle pulling in. The gang waited for the Heretic to enter his house. Every other Heretic had been killed by the Mystic Falls gang. But this was the only Heretic they sought out to kill, the others came to them.  

They saw him step in and throw the key onto the table. He stumbled towards the kitchen, clearly drunk out of his senses.  Damon carried Bonnie and vamp sped her to the kitchen entrance. She snapped Malcolm’s neck with her magic before his intoxicated mind could register what was happening. Stefan broke the door down and ripped his heart out. It was done. Malcolm was dead. He breathed a sigh of relief. The element of surprise worked. 

They proceeded to walk towards their vehicles after burying Malcolm’s corpse.

“You can’t tell her Stefan” Bonnie said.

“Tell her what?”

“Details of your future lives… this.. this was a big enough risk as it is, changing history. . you need to keep the details to yourself and let things unfold as it should..”

He nodded.

… … .                  … … .                      … … .                   … … .

He was outside her door. He had promised to come see her when it was done.

“Hey” She said as she opened the door to let him in

“Is everything…”

“it’s done..”

“thanks..” She said awkwardly, “Stefan.. in the future..are we..”

“I can’t tell you that…” He said, squeezing her hand with his. He smiled… the dreamy smile she loved so much. They would be okay. He leaned forward and kissed her cheek and said good night. He looked through the glass of the door to Caroline’s house as he switched on the ignition of his car. He watched as she headed back upstairs into her room. Decades from now, she would be his wife. He smiled at the thought. 


It was nearly 5 in the morning. They were getting married the next day. Caroline had decided the previous night that she would sneak out of bed. They should spend the day before the wedding apart she thought, that was tradition wasn’t it ? She began to slowly inch her way out of the bed when she was swiftly pulled back in by her fiancé, who had her pinned under him on the bed.

“And where do you think you’re going?” He said enveloping her lips with his.

“We are getting married tomorrow Stefan” She began only to be interrupted by more kissing.. “mmmhmmm” he replied still kissing her. “I know..” He tickled her neck with his nose “I love you” he said, his breath caressing her neck. “I love you too” She replied giggling.

 … … .                  … … .                      … … .                   … … .

“Damon” he called out before his brother realized that he was up.

“Let me guess, you thought you should be here in case I decided to run.”

Damon looks perplexed. Stefan poured a mug of coffee for himself. He looked at his phone nervously, praying that it wouldn’t ring.. It rang, he grabbed it. Caroline’s name flashed across the screen no no no he thought to himself. He picked up, and placed the phone over his ear in silence. 

“Hellloooo?” Said a cheerful voice. He breathed a sigh of relief. She was okay. History was not going to repeat itself. “Hey” He replied, regaining his composure. 

“Damon forgot the rings..” She sounded annoyed.. “Luckily Bonnie found them. She’s going to hold on to them till the wedding..”

“Okay” he said. The rings..that was the emergency. Not Malcolm, not death. Just plain old wedding drama. He smiled to himself. He had waited for this day for little over 20 years - since the day he had dropped off the memories with the ominous note. 

“Caroline” he said, so that she wouldn’t hang up just yet. “I Love You” 

“I love you too”

   … … .                  … … .                      … … .                   … … . 

The dress was perfect, the veil was perfect, her bouquet was perfect. She was perfect. Everything about her was beauty personified. He held her close as they shared their first dance as husband and wife. He leaned over and kissed her, softly yet passionately. It wasn’t a short peck, it was long enough for their guests to hoot and howl. He didn’t care.

“Save some for the honeymoon !!!” He heard Damon yell.

Caroline blushed. She felt his lips brush against hers as he smiled and whispered “I’ll kiss my wife if I want to”. He placed another long kiss on her lips. 

The. End.

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I'd love to get your thoughts on if you think klaus ever loved Caroline. klaroline fans like to say that Stefan doesn't love Caroline as much as klaus and she'd be better off with klaus because he wouldnt make her feel insecure etc. but personally to me, klaus didn't love Caroline. He bit her in 4x13 and was very happy to sit and watch her die until she had to give HIM hope that "he could be saved". There's nothing selfless or loving about that, she would be dead if she hadn't manipulated him

I think that Klaus was in love with the idea of Caroline but not actually in love with her for who she is because honestly he didn’t really spend time getting to know who Caroline is. Most of the things Klaus told Caroline she “wanted” out of life we’re what he desired for her case in point from a previous anon:

Klaus thought Caroline should leave Mystic Falls because that’s what HE desired for her. Caroline had the opportunity to leave Mystic Falls behind when she was cursed from entering the town, and what did she do? She spent then entire summer researching how to enter Mystic Falls again because that’s what she wanted, she wanted to go back home. Mystic Falls is her home and that’s what she wants, eventually she’ll have to leave but she can do that on her own, Klaus is unnecessary.

Here’s another post and you can browse my anti-KC tag as well here.

Oh and as far as my stance on the 4x13 moment this pretty much sums it up:

Oh My Fucking God I’m so sick and tired of this ‘he didn’t want her to die because it’s the first time he realized he cared about someone’ because it’s disgusting. Ship KC all you want but stop romanticizing that scene in 4x13 because it’s nothing more than abusive. Klaus bit Caroline because she talked back to him, he bites her and says “that was worth the calories” and let’s her sit there in AGONY from his bite until TYLER forces him to look at her AS SHE IS DYING. Then Caroline has to use manipulation to SAVE HER OWN LIFE by making it about Klaus and telling him that he’s in love with her. It is not until Caroline tells him he’s capable of being saved that he rescues her from a wound HE INFLICTED.

There is nothing romantic about that moment it’s abusive in the clearest sense. I don’t give a fuck how much Klaus “loved” Caroline you don’t poison someone and watch them suffer in front of you if you truly care about them. And if you think that’s acceptable then whatever but I think ANYONE deserves better than that. You all spew about Caroline “deserving better” well she deserves a hell of a lot better than someone who treated her like that.

As far as Klaus not making Caroline feel insecure we don’t have enough evidence of that because 1) Caroline wasn’t dating Klaus and had no reason to be jealousy over other girls because she wasn’t his girlfriend. 2) Caroline has shown insecurity with Matt and Tyler when they were her boyfriends its a part of who she is and that didn’t magically go away when she became a vampire. 3) If Caroline was dating Klaus and she lived in NOLA with him and had to deal with Hayley as his baby mama, his flirting with Cami AND now one of his past psycho exes in Aurora she’d be insecure too just like she is about Valerie. But Stefan understand her and doesn’t make her feel like she’s being annoying or clingy he reassured her every single time she needed it that he only wants to be with her.

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Regarding Caroline and Damon- Some people like to pretend that Damon didn't really rape or sexually abuse Caroline (and the show likes to pretend it never happened) which is why S4 was also partly disturbing because people seemed to think Caroline was acting way over-the-top regarding DE's relatonship (even though her reasons were valid). I've seen during that time people wondering "What is Caroline's deal" and to a worse extent "hasn't she gotten over that yet" (part 1)

(part 2) They don’t seem to see that what Caroline went through with Damon isn’t something that she can easily forget and that’s why she was so protective about Elena being with him. Because the show doesn’t address that issue, Caroline looked like she was out to get Damon for no reason other than she was Stefan’s friend (which is a small part yeah but not the big picture). Some DE stans even hated her for it saying things like “She’s not really Elena’s friend if she doesn’t support DE” and also mocked Caroline like “I don’t think Elena’s the one who’s sired, it looks like Caroline is sired to Stefan that’s why she’s so anti-Damon and anti-DE.” Most of them refuse to acknowledge Damon raped Caroline and always have this rebuttal that “Stefan probably raped hundred of girls when he was off his humanity in the 20s but everyone only points out Damon’s abuse (NOT RAPE, they emphasize)”. Also, they put the blame on Caroline because “she wanted to sleep with him in the first place”

Yeah um just everything here times a million, while S5 is probably the worst season because it was just a clusterfuck of nonsense S4 is by far the grossest and the sire-bond is to blame, it’s the worst plot device this show ever used and I have no idea why anyone thought it was a good idea.

*jumps on soapbox*

I want everyone to understand something because it’s extremely disturbing to me that people actually believe Caroline wasn’t raped by Damon because she consented to sleeping with him before she found out he was a vampire. Just because you consent to having sex with someone DOES NOT mean you consent to having sex with them for the rest of your life, consent is based on THAT moment not all future moments. You can indeed be raped by someone you previously wanted to have sex with, you can be raped by your significant other or your spouse, please PLEASE do not think consent is infinite, no means no.

 *jumps off soapbox*

Caroline was raped by Damon because she would not have consented to having sex with him after she found out he was a vampire. Stefan was raped by Katherine because he would not have consented to having sex with her after he found out she was a vampire. I will argue this until I’m blue in the face and it is a TERRIBLE job by the show that they not only ignore this as a fact but they actually turned what Damon did to Caroline into a joke, it’s not a fucking joke.

The show also did a terrible job in showing why Caroline had a problem with the DE relationship and its mind boggling because while the writers are apparently blind Candice Accola isn’t.

“I think Caroline has every not to have any respect for Damon” Candice told IGN in an interview “[Now that] she feels loved and she knows what that means now – she’s like, ‘Oh yeah. That guy? Guess what? I have the balls to say now that he’s an asshole! And I have every right to say that he’s an asshole and he deserves to be called an asshole!’ She does not feel guilty about it, and I love that.”… “She’s going to love Elena,” Candice explained. “but it doesn’t change the way that Damon treated Caroline.” (link)

{sidebar: click on the interview because she goes on to explain more about it AND she talks about her and Stefan and the surprising chemistry between them! Squee!}

The whole thing was just poorly written and Candice did what she could to show why Caroline she had issues with Damon but the writers were silencing her as the victim (yet again) and trying to make use sympathize with Damon. It’s complete horseshit and it’s why I had problems being grouped with DEers who said these things in S4 and then suddenly loved Caroline and Stefan together this season, complete and utter bullshit.

[Fic Series: Head Canon]   # 2 - Hell Is Other People; Heaven Is You

Author’s Note: Welcome to the Drabble Series: Head Canon. 

Shout out to @eternal-steroline-flame for giving me the idea to start a series. What would I do without you?? I realized the last fic i posted was a request to change the ending of 715 (by @amykinz13), so head canon in a way, and this is my idea of how Seaosn 7 should end, i.e. my personal head canon, so decided to club it together and start a drabble series named Head Canon !!  

Head Canon will basically have different scenarios (fics/drabbles) set in/after 715. If you have a head canon you want to see as a fic (set in/after 715), let me know, I will write it. 

You can check out Fic #1 here - I Would For you 

Special shout out to my lil stero-sisters Enisha - @enishaeuphony1996 and Sakshi for asking me to write it and for patiently waiting for it. Enisha thank you so so much for volunteering to make the edits ! You are super talented and super sweet !! You rock !!  

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