i didn't do much this summer

“I ain’t leaving this island without you, understand?”

Memories of and after La Huerta [honestly who cares about when it was since we all know time was crazy out there] (photo album made by Michelle on Quinn’s idea, copies printed by Grace and sent to everyone with Aleister’s help)

A moody Aleister taken by a curious Grace in the Celestial’s lobby

Grace enjoying the sun, taken by a dazzled and slightly flushed Aleister

Jake on MC’s lap, taken by MC, in MC’s room

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So who is best girl?

An annoying,

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and just over all obnoxious girl.

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Who knows how to feel lonely,

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and gets frustrated,

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doesn’t know how to feel about things,

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cares too much for the boy she likes,

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gets annoyed with her friends,

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doesn’t know how to express her feelings, 

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and doesn’t know her meaning in the world. 

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She loves the sky, 

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and aliens,

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and time travelers, 

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and ESPers, 

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and summer break,

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showing off,

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and helping out. 

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And man does she get excited, 

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I mean really excited, 

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about pretty much everything,

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and she gives you a smile

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that says you’re about to have a hard time

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about to order you to do something

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for some convoluted plan she’s totally pumped for. 

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So I guess she’s just like me. 

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That’s probably why I like her so much. 

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Because she’s just like me. 

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So to answer your question, 

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Haruhi Suzumiya is best girl. 

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so i decided to draw my MC’s welcoming my new MC in HSS to the little universe! Lol I hope you like it! 


The girls squad took a purikura together!  They used a booth which Sadamomo had modeled for in the past (Salon Air).  Ami writes that she used to do purikura all the time with her friends back in high school but not so much in college.  So now that the three of them have done this together, she feels like a high schooler again!

(x) (x) (x

Y’ALL….. I’m utterly and completely astounded by the reception I’ve received since revamping last year. I joined the RPC five years ago around this time with a skeleton of a muse and no idea what I was doing. I’ve made some incredible friends along the way, friends that have shaped me as a person. You guys have kept me sane, made me smile, and been with me through some of the toughest moments in my life thus far. I adore each and every one of you. You are all so amazing and I can’t put into words how much you mean to me.

                                 ˜”*°•.  GIVEAWAY .°*˜

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                                                                   You must be following me yo!  
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                                    GIVEAWAY ENDS JULY 20TH 2017

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based on a prompt @capseycartwright​ received from an anon, which was subsequently passed on to me by another anon:

Hello! Would you be interested in writing something angsty for Father’s Day? Maybe Aaron has Paddy over, and events being what they are, Paddy enjoys dropping several snide comments aimed at Robert over the evening, until he makes a remark about Jack or Robert not having anyone to celebrate with or something, and Rob has to leave. Aaron tells Paddy that’s too far, and Paddy doesn’t understand why THAT was the comment that pushed them over the edge, as several comments were much more hurtful. 

It’s the hottest day of the year so far. The air tastes like dust and feels like a winter coat. Sweat slicks Robert’s shirt to his back as he rocks back and forth on the swing, his hands curled so tightly around the mental chains that they’re carving out canyons in his palms. The sun has long since sunk below the horizon but its absence has done nothing to lift the humidity, the rain that the weatherman had promised never having arrived. Clouds hang heavy overhead, an unwelcome blanket trapping in the rising heat.

‘There you are.’

Robert turns at the sound of the familiar voice. Aaron stands at the edge of the playground, hands in the pockets of his jeans. The heat has been so unbearable that he actually chose to ditch the long-sleeves today, instead wearing a grey t-shirt that shows skin which he usually keeps hidden. He’s not ashamed of his scars; he just prefers to avoid the stares, because he doesn’t owe an explanation to prying eyes. He hasn’t really been anywhere today, and the only people that have seen him know him well enough to ignore them.

‘I’ve been wondering where you got to,’ Aaron says, making his way across the woodchip floor. Robert’s always wondered why they bothered with it. Surely it only makes the fall worse? Maybe it softens the impact but it leaves splinters that are far harder to deal with than a scraped knee.

‘I just needed some air,’ Robert says. The lie is so obvious it’s laughable even to him. Aaron sits down on the other swing, pressing his toes to the ground and kicking himself forward. His attempt to relive childhood play falls short, because his legs are too long and keep knocking against the floor. Any other day, Robert would joke about this being the only thing that he’s ever been too tall for, but he just doesn’t have the energy right now.

‘You said you were going to give Paddy a chance,’ he says when he comes to a halt.

‘I did.’

‘No, you ignored him all afternoon, made sarcastic comments and the stormed out when he asked you a simple question.’

Robert tilts his head back, looking up at the blank canvas where the stars should be. He wishes the night was clear, because this village is claustrophobic enough without the skies closing him in too. Its times like this that help him remember just why he stayed away from this place for so long. Despite the rolling hills and endless stretch of countryside, he feels trapped.

‘It wasn’t a simple question,’ he says. ‘“It’s father’s day, don’t you have somewhere else to be?” He bloody well knows I don’t.’

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Ok, so this isn't perfect and there’s some stuff I want to change but I’m pretty happy with out it turned out. I woke up this morning and decided I really wanted the train in the drawing but I couldn’t find anything that showed the train in front of Hogwarts (I probably didn’t look hard enough) so I just put it where I thought it looked best. So although it doesn’t match the real Hogwarts perfectly it’s close enough for me.

I have been on a little bullet journal hiatus this summer which is mostly why I haven't been posting much. I still love bullet journaling but I just had no reason to make spreads and to plan out time that didn't need planning if that makes sense (In better words I didn’t do anything this summer that required me to plan it out as ~intensely~ as I would in a bullet journal). But since I start school tomorrow I decided it was time to start again and what better way to start off a new school year than with a Harry Potter Spread! I haven’t done the monthly overview or the weekly spreads yet since I spent 3 hours on this page but I should have time tomorrow to do them and I am very excited.

I know lots of people have started school already but I hope everyone has a successful year and I look forward to seeing all of your posts and being able to interact with you all in the future! So feel free to message me at any time (If I haven’t answered your message I’m sorry I haven’t been on Tumblr but I will after I post this) and happy studying!

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Imagine Nursey & Dex finding out they're both apart of the same online fandom

“Well that’s just stupid,” Nursey muttered to himself as he hurried across campus.  He was late to work on Astronomy with Dex.  He was supposed to meet Dex twenty minutes ago on the second floor of the library in the back right hand corner room, Dex was going to be furious.  Not that Nursey did it on purpose or even forgot about their meeting! He was just working on a particularly recalcitrant piece of plot creation with his co-author.  The silly boy was convinced that their plot would work if they used a PHYSICAL injury! As if some bumps and bruises could possibly be the catalyst for some sort of watershed moment wherein Dean realizes his feelings for Seamus!  As if teenage boys don’t get into all sorts of scrapes just being HUMAN let alone mucking about with magic.  If it was that easy they would have gotten together during first year, second at the latest. SoccerWizard was just…ugh infuriating to try to write with sometimes, if he wasn’t so stupidly talented Nursey would never speak to him again. Anyway that’s not how H/C even works.  Nursey didn’t bother to check his twitter again as he jogged up the front steps of the library, he’d just have to answer more tweets from Soc when he sat down with Dex anyway.

“Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for half an hour!” Dex was already feeling cranky enough having to convince his coauthor that maybe going for the melodramatic over the top plot device wasn’t always the best plan…sometimes subtlety, a fine art in Dex’s opinion, had it’s place in Hurt/Comfort fics.  Even though he knew it was a lost cause to try to convince IrishWitchery of that.  Dex thought she was a lovely girl but….a little given to theatrics.

“Yes but I was only supposed to be here twenty minutes ago, I can’t be held accountable for your neurotic need to be at least ten minutes early to everything, so you only get to charge me for 20 of that.”  Nursey tossed Dex a winning smile and swung the strap of his messenger bag over his head, throwing himself back into a chair.  Dex glowered at Nursey over the top of their Astronomy text but didn’t say anything, he wasn’t actually wrong after all.

“So, this project…”


Nursey had started counting ceiling tiles.  Dex was beyond distracted.  It was driving Nursey NUTS.  Normally it was the reverse, normally Nursey didn’t mind if Dex was distracted but Soc would NOT let it go and had been arguing with him ALL AFTERNOON.  Nursey just wanted to get this project outlined and the tasks divied up so he could go back to his room and write a truly scathing essay on all of the reasons that Soc was TOTALLY WRONG about him being overly attached to the “hit them over the head with it” theory of fic, HE WASN’T it’s just that big emotions didn’t always need big stories sometimes regular old everyday average stories had big emotions and that was ok, that’s what made this whole ride worth it, right? Right. And he was going to explain that in great detail as soon as he was allowed to leave this heinous library nook.  And there was Soc now, responding to his latest sally.

Dex was really having trouble dividing his attention this afternoon. Anyone would forgive him if they knew what he was dealing with, I mean it was trying to a man’s very SOUL.  IshWich was just being so stubborn!  She couldn’t accept that small things could still be small tragedies, could still evoke important feelings and meaningful connections, might even work especially well here so as not to take away from the depth and intensity of the feelings being revealed.  IshWich just kept fighting with him.  She was one of the sweetest girls he’d ever met and he loved working with her normally but she had the hardest head he knew of outside of Nursey for Pete’s sake!  Speaking of which he mentioned just that to her and smiled smugly.

Nursey’s phone buzzed.  He glanced at it.  And made the sound of an enraged teakettle.Hardheaded was he!  And he didn’t care about Soc’s friend, HE wasn’t hardheaded!  

IrishWitchery:  Your soul lacks poetry Soc.


IrishWitchery: Poetry and love.


Nursey wished Dex would turn the vibration off on his phone, it was maddening when he was trying to think.

SoccerWizard:  Poetry is not actually necessary for my body to continue functioning, contrary to popular belief.


SoccerWizard:  But you know what IS necessary?


SoccerWizard:  Good health!

SocceWizard:  Lack of injuries!

SoccerWizard:  Time spent OUTSIDE of the infirmary!




Huh.  That’s strange.  Dex could swear that Nursey’s phone was vibrating to the same rhythm that he’d been sending IshWich his very well thought arguments.  What a weird coincidence.

Dex noticed it again after IshWich answered him and to be honest he was bored with this argument at this point.  Dex figured he might as well amuse himself.

SoccerWizard:  You’re taking forever to answer, is your roommate bothering you again?


IrishWitchery: No thank god, I’m actually at the library working on this deadly boring project with a friend.


SoccerWizard:  Ugh projects!  What class?

SoccerWizard:  Are they at least helping you with it??



IrishWitchery: Yeah he’s actually doing most of it but I think mostly through dint of sheer bloodyminded hatred for the subject?  He’s very analytical and rules based.  It’s astronomy so that’s sure to push his buttons on a good day and someone seems to be bugging him, texting him or tweeting him or something.  Every time he looks at his phone he gets this horrible grimace of frustration on his face.  But I think it must be a girl because it wears right off and he’s got this fond rueful smile that follows it.


Dex nearly swallowed his tongue.  Yup, that was pretty much him to a T. And what GRIMACE?? Also, hey, IshWich wasn’t a girl.

Oh shit. He’d written really REALLY graphic FILTHY Seamus/Dean PORN with NURSEY. REPEATEDLY.


Maybe it was just a coincidence. Maybe IshWich was just very doggedly working on a project in some other library with some other numbers nerd.

Dex had to know.

Craftiness wasn’t really in Dex’s normal skill set.  He really needed to get this right.  How could he make sure that Nursey was DEFINITELY IrishWitchery without looking like an absolute lunatic if he WASN’T.  Yeah, that shouldn’t be difficult at all.  Great.  Ok ok get it together Dex, you can do this.  


“I still say there’s no need for a parade through Central Park if there are real, well written feelings supporting the whole scene,” Dex shot off without looking up from his notebook.

Nursey didn’t even bother looking up, “Well no but this isn’t some bathhouse film festival artistic representation of post modern whatever!  This is fic man and moreover it’s Hurt/Comfort and people want certain things going into it!”

And then Nursey froze.

Oh shit. Oh shit.

Oh shit oh shit oh SHIT.

Dex was Soc. Dex was Soc? DEX was SOC.



Dex cleared his throat, “I wasn’t sure it was you.  I mean I wasn’t sure until right now that it was.  I didn’t even suspect until this afternoon.”

Nursey looked around wildly.  Thank god they were alone.  He was totally freaking out.

“I thought you were a girl man,  How crazy is that?”

Nursey coughed lightly. “Well, sometimes I am.”

Dex nodded. “That makes sense.”

“You’re ok with that?”

“With you being gender fluid? Yeah I’m fine with it, why wouldn’t I be?”

“I didn’t think you even knew what that meant.”

“I listen when you talk Derek,”

“Well I mean I’m sure you do but-”

“And I’d be a pretty big jackass if I wasn’t ok with you being genderfluid when it’s part of what makes you so scintillating and such a ‘total 10’.”

Happy birthday, 707!!

To be honest, I wanted to draw a big and fancy print for his birthday, but… then I got the date mixed up and ran out of time. ; ; So all I have is this quick thing. Hope you like it anyways!!

Artwork © 2017 Siobhan || 707, MC, and Mystic Messenger © Cheritz Corporation
Please don’t use, edit, or repost without permission; thanks!
Want to commission me? Check my blog’s description for a link to my commission page, since Tumblr is ridiculous!

greenmarkut  asked:

Hi! In the movie, is there a conversation between Oliver and Elio where Oliver says something to the effect like: "that he'll have to pay for this somehow"? Because I believe that Oliver really does have to pay for his love for Elio. In the way lives his life after that summer. it's as if summer was Oliver's big holiday from his life in the States. After his stay in Italy is over- now it's time to get back to reality. Hope I didn't say too much- don't want to do spoilers. Thoughts ?

I loved this question. Movie and book spoilers ahead!

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anonymous asked:

So I want a lot in life but what I REALLY want is a duet/collab of Ziam and I want it soon. Like. I dunno but have you HEARD their angelic voices combined on a live version of Summer Love??? HAVE YOU. I didn't know how much I ADORED that song until someone gently suggested I listen to it (them) and then curl up in the dark and weep and weep and weep some more


The majestic range display at 2:15 and the falsetto at 2:30 OH GOD 

Listen, I’m equally parts the most ready anyone could ever be for a Ziam collab, but also worried that I would go into cardiac arrest before I could finish making the iTunes transaction.

anonymous asked:

I tried to comment on ur Ko-Fi page but id didn't work out; so I'd like to say that not only do I admire your art style, I also admire your work ethic and the way you treat your followers with such kindness ~ ❤️ As someone who really wants a creative job that is kind of artsy - you are everything I aspire to be. Keep working hard Jay - you're doing great!

;___; OH!! MY HEART IS BLOOMING INTO A SUMMER FLOWER!! thank you so so much, dearest anon!! please know that i’m cheering you on 100% and believe in you!! thank YOU for your kindness! youre wonderful!! :”)

anonymous asked:

hey! sooooo........ sterek and summer camp! wow, i didn't know that was a thing- but now that i do can you rec me some fics? thank you so much!

Hey :)


Derek Hale’s Very Bad, No Good (Nice) Summer by  stilinskisparkles | 37.6K

“I’m going to kill you,” Derek says to his brother sourly.

“Darling, please, no death threats when you’re off to camp.”

wanna wanna wolf by  bleep0bleep | 3.8K

The boy looks like a dream, the way the sunlight streams through the open door, lighting up his silhouette as he strides into the cabin.
If Stiles didn’t already know he was bisexual he definitely would know now.
He closes his mouth. “Okay, dad, I changed my mind, I’ll stay for the summer,” he says hastily, and hangs up the phone.

What a Darling Summertime by  skoosiepants | 4.2K

“So I think the Hales are werewolves,” Stiles says to Scott, walking their woodchucks and honey bears to the lake for morning swim. Camp Moonbeam? It’s almost too easy.

Welcome to Hale by  relenafanel, rlnerdgirl | 20.8K

“This is Laura Hale calling. I have you booked at Lake Hale from September 16th - 18th, party of 6. I can assure you that our groundskeeper is up to the task. Previous visitors have reviewed his performance as being “suitably creepy” and “watch him, I think he really is a murderer.” Scripts have been sent to the email addresses you provided. We recommend that you keep the details of your murder private, to ensure the impact the events have on the rest of your party. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I assure you, your friend won’t know what hit him. Metaphorically, of course. Welcome to Hale.”

a/n: i’ve been corrupted bye

“You’re so beautiful,” Calum whispers as he approaches you, taking in the sight of the pink blush of the lingerie against your skin. He touches your hip and continues to look you up and down, and he pushes a stray hair behind your ear. He murmurs, “so fucking beautiful,” while moving his hands from your hips to your back, bringing you closer to him. 

“Am I?” You ask in a whisper, a smile playing on your lips. 

He nods. “Goddamn baby, you’re killing me.” 

Walking you backwards to the bed, he takes the opportunity to place his lips on yours in a open mouth kiss. As your knees hit the back of the bed, he sucks on your bottom lip, and you let out a whine at the feeling. The both of you hit the back of the bed and giggles leave the both of you. Everything with him was always so light and airy, even in this moment when you knew he was about to fucking wreck you. His hands go up to feel the skin that’s hidden under the soft satin clothing as he moves his lips to your neck. The feeling of his hot breath creates goosebumps of anticipation spread across your body, and you whimper as you grow impatient. 

You wonder what he’s going to do. Calum often leaves you like this, wondering his next move with a racing heart. Maybe he’d give you a treat and put his mouth where you absolutely love him, or maybe he’ll let you ride him so he can see the way he makes you feel clearly. Your heart begins to race faster as he starts to suck on your collarbone, and his fingers make their way to the sides of the panties. He slips them in and tugs teasingly before releasing the material and moving his hands back up to your chest. 

“Please, Cal…” you whisper, your breathing becoming rapid at just the thought of him. He knows he has this affect on you, and he fucking relishes in it. 

“Tell me what you want, princess.” His voice is rough as sits himself up on his elbows, leaning back down to peck your lips. 

“I don’t care,” you whine. “Just you. I jus’ want you, I don’t care where, please please please.”  

He hums. “I think you do care, baby,” he moves his hips against yours, and you let out a small moan. “You’ve been wanting this all day haven’t you?” You nod in a rush as you try to move your hips back against his, but he holds you down. “So tell me what you want, darling. Or I won’t do anything at all.”

You let out a long whine since the words have betrayed you. Your body is a flame of arousal as he moves back to kissing your skin, continuing to hum against your body. “Your mouth,” you finally say after he grinds on you again. “Fuck, I want your mouth. Please. Please just—” 

He’s shimmying his way down the bed in a matter of seconds as the request leaves your lips. This time when he digs his fingers into the clothing, he slips them off with a smirk on his face as he notices you watching him. He kisses the area right above your hip, marking it with a bruise that makes you moan yet again, before moving his lips downward. He moves your legs and places a kiss right on the spot that drives you fucking crazy, and contains his laughter as something of an aggravated whine and his names leaves your lips. He captures your clit in his mouth and sucks harshly, then licks a bold stripe across, moaning at your wetness. 

“Cal, fuck,” your head moves backwards as you squirm on the mattress, and you fist the sheets. Calum chuckles and mouths at your clit again.

“We’re in for a long night, baby.” 

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the Stage The Poisoned Apple Rock Band! Let the Clarines Summer Sound Festival begin!
:D :)
It’s another style, another technique (after painting this mess I’ll draw only sketches for a while I guess :D), since Summer 2017 is almost over, I wanted to celebrate it with this painting.
OF COURSE this picture is FULL of hidden meanings. ;)
I hope you like it :)

So, as a BTVS fan who has watched the show and read the comics, it always bums me out that a lot of others haven’t. Don’t get me wrong, some people just can’t get into comics. Some people don’t even know they exist. And then there are those who just can’t get into the Buffy comics at all, it just isn’t their cup of tea. That’s totally cool and there is no judgement.
But, as a BTVS fan who has watched the show and read the comics, I feel like I got to see so much more character development with EVERY character and it’s just beautiful. The Scoobies have grown so much since we left them in Season 7. They have learned so much more since fans who have seen the show left them, and it honestly makes me so sad that not all of us know that they get better, that things get better. You get so much closure and at the same time see these amazing new beginnings.
The comics have changed my opinion of so many characters. Giles,dealing with the years he spent watching over not only Buffy, but everyone. Dawn, growing up and getting more and more mature, dealing with her problems and really opening up to everyone. XANDER. I HATED him so much, and now after reading the comics he’s one of my favorite characters. He’s not so scared all the time, he’s so much more confident.
I just really encourage you to check out the comics if you haven’t. They strengthened my love for Buffy and the Scoobies a thousand times over, and helped me get over so much that happened in the show. They are worth it!!

  • Summer: *Summer sat under a tree in Beacons courtyard, letting out a sigh when she heard a noise above her and looked up.* Uh? Aw.~ What a cute birdy! Come here birdy. I have a cookie for you. *Summer smiled as the black bird flew down in front of her and began to peck at the cookie.* What A good birdy... *Summer smiled before letting out a sigh.*
  • Birdy: *The bird looked up at Summer, tilting it's head and cawed.*
  • Summer: Huh? Oh I you wondering why I'm sighing?
  • Birdy: *The bird cawed again.*
  • Summer: Well it's kinda a surprise and I don't thing I should tell you. *Summer said as the bird tilted it's head the other way. She then looked around before looking back at the bird and leaned down to it.* Well if you promise not to tell anyone I'll tell you okay? Pinky promise. *Summer then held out her pinky to which the bird tapped with it's foot.* Hehehe, Good birdy. Anyway, You sees my partner really likes our teammate named Raven and asks me how he should ask her out. Now I am trying my best to help him but... you see...
  • Birdy: *Birdy tilts its head and caws.*
  • Summer: *Summer begins to blush and pull her hood over her head.* Oooooh it's too embarrassing. *Then the bird hops onto Summer's knee and uses its head to lift her hood, making her smile.* Hehehe. Thanks... I guess you want to know the secret huh?... The truth is... I don't want him to win her over. *Summer sees the bird tilt its head.* I know. I know. It's horrible of me but the thing is... I'm in love with her too. *The bird's beek drops open.* But I know Raven, Oh this her name by the way, won't feel the same way and I don't want her to hate me so I am truing to-
  • Tai: Yo Summer! Where are you!? We are going to be late for lunch!
  • Summer: Huh? Oh. Coming!. *Summer called out as she took the shocked bird and set it on the ground.* Thank you for listening to me, birdy. Just remember. This is our little secret. Bye-bye. *Summer then got up and run off to meet Tai as after a few moments the bird quickly flew away.*
  • ~~~
  • Qrow: I wonder if I could pull off a real kilt. *THUNK!* Huh? *Qrow turned to the window to find a bird smoothed against it. He then got up, walked over and then opened the bird fell in.* You okay sis?
  • Raven: *Raven transformed back t her normal self rubbing her face as she got up and quickly grabs her brother's shoulder and shakes him WITH A BURNING BLUSH.* SUMMER JUST CONFESSED HER LOVE TO ME WHEN I WAS A BIRD! SHE LOVES ME LIKE I LOVE HER!
  • Qrow: Uh... Congrats? Are you sure you didn't hit your head to hard there sis?
  • ~~~Present day~~~
  • Qrow: And that is why my Raven can't look you in the eye Rubes.
  • Raven: God damn it Qrow. I hate you so much right now.
  • Ruby: I, uh, I think I need an adult. *Qrow and Raven look at her with a raised eyebrow.* A responsible adult.

anonymous asked:

I went back to school today in my final year. I'm mtf, but refuse to come out since I go to an all boys school, and the sexism and homophobia is institutionalised not just among the students but some of the staff. I didn't realise how much the dysphoria would hit me after I went back in my suit I hate after a summer of escaping with friends to express myself how I want, and I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas to help me affirm myself while at school so I can escape the dysphoria?

Harper says:

Hi anon!

At school you can do a number of discreet things, although i appreciate there’s the whole locker room situation so some of these might not be applicable on certain days (like wearing underwear you like or wearing bras and stuff), but have a dig through in these transfem specific links and see if you find anything:

General tips

Closeted tips