i didn't do any homework for over 3 hours for this

hopping on the 'omgcp characters as things ive done' bandwagon
  • bitty: power walked to the corner store at 10pm to buy marshmallows so i could try out the recipe idea i'd just had in the shower
  • jack: forgot the english word for baking soda and called it bicarbonate de soude throughout a conversation about baking, with increasing anger as people laughed at me
  • shitty: prevented a dispute over costume changing areas in my theatre group by putting on a pretty dress and distracting everyone mid- half-naked yelling with the power of crossdressing
  • ransom: was so infamously gay for a particular fictional character that people (mostly online friends but also a couple strangers) actually wrote fanfic/rpf about me with him, still easily findable through the tag system if you know what the ship name was
  • holster: was forced into choir for a year and hated the teacher so much, i did the "call them by the wrong name to show them you don't care" thing, but i used "treble cleff" which was similar to her name and pretended it was a cute music nickname, became her favourite student for it
  • lardo: bought 3 sets of mannequin legs, 1 torso, and a singular arm from a clothing store that was going out of business, made them installation pieces in my house
  • chowder: bought an entire teddy bear because it was wearing canucks (my home team) gear, no other reason, and snapchatted it staged in various situations for days
  • nursey: decided i didn't like the slam poem i was meant to perform on the day of the competition, wrote an entirely new poem from the POV of mickey mouse and memorised it in 2 hours, proceeded to almost blow out my voice practicing my falsetto
  • dex: found out i fit in a rubbermaid box in my classroom, climbed in during break & shut the lid, stayed in it for so long the teachers thought i was missing, was required to do a psych eval because of it
  • tango: doodled instead of paying attention in math class and i was trying and failing to draw a spider web so when the teach asked "any questions" i said "how do you draw a spider web" and she immediately turned around and drew one on the board for me like "are you getting this" and i was like "thanks" and went back to drawing as she slowly realised that was not a math question
  • whiskey: participated in a day of silence event but i was never given the official mask for it so i just duct taped my mouth shut instead
  • kent: got engaged at 17 after proposing to my best friend over text message because we both have a 'live fast die young' mentality and believe that we'll never get married any other way, now we're planning the wedding in earnest
You Scared Me!

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Request// Hi I love your imagines they are AMAZING I was wondering if you could make me a Liam Dunbar one my name’s Michelle brown hair brown eyes reading and punk pop music Thank you (Fluff) 

A/N// Thank you that means so much to us, Sorry it took a while we have been really busy, but here it is we hope you like it, are request box is still open.

It had been a long week at school and I was blessed that it was finally the weekend so I could just chill out, reading and listening to music, well after your homework. So I decided to get that done so I had the weekend to myself. I dragged myself off my bed and headed downstairs to grab my bag. As I sat down at my desk I put away all your distractions, mostly my phone because if my boyfriend Liam started to text me, I would never get any homework done. He would understand. I hoped.

Before starting I decided to put some punk pop music on, just on low so I could still concentrate.I took a seat at my desk for the second time and grabbed some homework. It was maths. I had to work out the missing angles and give geometrical reasoning for my answers. Luckily for me, angles were your strong point, so you got them done quick. Before I knew it all my homework was done and it only took me 2 hours. 

I packed everything away and leaped onto my bed and pulled out my reading book, The Maze Runner, I were so into it, I only had 6 chapters left and I had to finish it that night. As you were reading you couldn’t stop yourself from gasping at the shocking twist they added in near the end. As I finished the book, I wanted to pick up The Scorch Trials, and carry on reading, but I couldn’t, because I wouldn’t be able to stop reading. So instead I turned my Punk pop music up and started to dance around my room.

When I was dancing, I saw something in the corner of myr eye, it was my phone flashing, I totally forgot that I put your phone on silent, I grabbed my phone to see who it was. It was Liam. I had 7 missed messages and 5 missed call from him. I suddenly felt really bad, I knew how worried he gets because he would always think that I had been taken by something. Ever since I found out he was a werewolf, he would always want me to be safe, he couldn’t stand the the thought of me getting hurt, or even worse. Being killed. I opened up the messages.

Message 1: Hey baby, what are you doing I miss you Xxxx

Message 2: Baby? Xxxxx

Message 3: Michelle! Why aren't you answering me? Xxxx

Message 4: Michelle, Please answer me your starting to worry me Xxxxx 

Message 5: Please baby, I'm really scared, please say you okay? Xxxxx

Message 6: I have rang you and your answer me please  Michelle Xxxx

Message 7:  Michelle! if you don’t answer me I'm coming over! Xxxxx

I felt really bad about this, I texted him straight back.

To Liam

I'm sorry Li, I was doing my homework, so I put my phone on silent so I could get it done quicker, but then I finished The Maze Runner then I started to listen to music, and totally forgot about my phone, i’m really sorry that I scared you, and you can still come round. Xxxxxx

I didn’t have to long, to get a text back from Liam.

From Liam

Thank god your okay! You really scared me, i thought you had been taken, i’m on my way, DON’T PUT YOUR PHONE ON SILENT AGAIN BABY!

To Liam

I will be waiting and I promise babe i won’t do it again. Xxxxx

When I were waiting for Liam to get to my house, I decided to start The Scorch Trials, I couldn’t wait any longer. After reading two chapters, I heard something. It was from my window. I opened it up.

“Really Dunbar, throwing stones at my window to get my attention, there is this thing called a front door you know, you maybe new to that” I laughed

“I thought it would be romantic, and really, please stop hanging out with Stiles, your starting to become him” he answered as he started to claim up to my window.

“Oh just hush it you, and get you booty in” I spoke.

“Okay okay, i’m here know, I'm…” Liam was saying before he fell through the window.

I helped him get up and he pulled me into a warm embrace.

“Oh Michelle, please never do that to me again,I was so scared, I thought you might of been taken and been hurt or killed” Liam said as his head rested on my shoulder.

“Listen Li i’m fine, i’m sorry I scared you, I will never put my phone on silent again, even when i’m going sleep.” I said still hugging him.

We both didn’t want to pull away, but I had to. We both went and sat on my bed, we both cuddled up together. Liam kissed the top of my head and pulled me in closer. I loved having Liam around because we would just cuddle and talk about whatever we wanted. School, Lacrosse, the supernatural, you name it we would talk about it. I turned on a film and we enjoyed each others presents, while he played with my soft brown hair.

Sadly it was getting late.

“I will have to get going soon, it’s getting really late” Liam tells you. I looked up at him, with the sad look in you brown eyes.

“Can’t you stay the night Li, we don’t have school tomorrow so we can cuddle all day, and you know I will be safe, please” I begged, but I didn’t have to ask Liam twice.

We both got under the covers and cuddled up to keep warm.

“I love you Michelle” Liam whispered in my ear.

“I love you too Liam” I smiled back planting a soft kiss on his lips.

All of a sudden Liam pulled away.

“What’s wrong Li?” I asked

“Wait I have just realized something” he answered

“What, what did you realized babe?” I asked again, he looked straight at me.

“You finished The Maze Runner without me, we were reading that together” He finally said, I playfully slapped him on the chest.

“Stupid, you really worried me then, I thought there was something really up, and I couldn’t wait I had to read it, sorry Baby I will carry on with you still though, and oh my god the twist” I was beginning to say but Liam interrupted me.

“Say no more, I will read it, but at least you have to wait to read The Scorch Trials with me” He said laughing

“Yeah, I will wait” You said with a grin on your face

“You didn't” 

“I did only 2 chapters”

He pulled me into him and started to tickle you.

“That’s what you get for leaving me behind”