i didn't cry as in tears didn't fall from my eyes but i sobbed in anguish

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Rin knotting deep inside Ai when Ai didn't realize he was in heat. A month goes by and he feels really sick and decides to visit the nurse. She informs him he is pregnant and Ai doesn't know what to do. Rin's father gave up his dream for the olympics when Rins mother got pregnant and Ai didn't want Rin to do the same so he keeps it to himself. He starts growing a baby bump and as a swimmer that's impossible to hide. What is Rin's reaction to finding out Ai is pregnant?

So this took forever to fucking write. 

“You’re pregnant.” Rin breathed. Staring at the small but firm bump of his boyfriend’s stomach, it was obvious that it wasn’t just a little extra chub from skipped swim practice that Nitori had been implying. Nitori shifted his weight nervously from foot to foot. Wringing his hands together anxiously, his eyes darting around looking anywhere but his alpha. He chewed on his plush lower lip hard enough that Nitori wasn’t surprised when he tasted copper on his tongue.

“You’re pregnant.” Rin repeated, louder this time. His eyes trailing upwards to stare at his silver haired lover. Eyes intense and swimming with a number of emotions, so many that Nitori was sure he would drown if he made eye contact. So he didn’t. Instead he shifted away from Rin, turning away as he tried to hide his obvious baby bump.

“Rin….” Nitori started but trailed off. Unsure what he wanted to say or what he could say. He knew it was wrong. Wrong of him to have hidden his pregnancy. Wrong of him to have lied to his alpha. Wrong of him to have kept the baby. But he couldn’t. He just couldn’t get an abortion. Standing in that room, filled with many other anxious omega’s the air almost tasted sour with all the nervous pheromones fogging it, looking through the pamphlet and talking to the sweet beta nurse. Staring at the little gray blob that was his child. He just couldn’t do it. Even though it was wrong. Even though it was selfish.

So Nitori knew he couldn’t stay with Rin. He wouldn’t hold his lover back, he wouldn’t make Rin repeat his father’s mistakes. But he knew he couldn’t just break up with the redhead, the alpha would get suspicious and try to find out why. So instead, Nitori slowly drifted away. With Rin’s new responsibilities as captain, it wasn’t hard to slowly begin slipping out of his life. But then he had to deal with swim practice and it grew harder and harder to hide his pregnancy symptoms. And when the bump was becoming apparent Nitori knew he only had one option left.

So he had quit, he said it was because his grades were suffering and he needed to focus on his studies. He promised Rin that when he felt his grades were acceptable he would return, of course that was a lie. He hadn’t returned and everytime Rin asked him Nitori would make an excuse or avoid the redhead altogether. It was becoming more difficult to do so as the redhead constantly tried to track him down and corner him so they had to talk but Nitori always stayed one step ahead.

Until now. They were standing in Nitori’s shared dorm room. Momo was conveniently gone, Nitori suspected that the younger omega had worked with Rin to pull this off, leaving Rin and Nitori alone. And Rin had walked in just as Nitori had begun to chance (Momotarou had probably lent the redhead his key to their room) allowing the alpha a full view of Nitori’s growing baby bump. It hadn’t taken Rin long to put the pieces together, which led to their current situation.

“Ai, I don’t….I don’t understand.” Rin spoke softly, an almost inaudible waver in his voice. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Silence hung heavily in the air. Nitori bit his lips harder as he tried to fight down the stinging tears in his eyes. His body trembled softly and the silver haired omega wrapped his arms around himself in a mocking pseudo hug.

“Is it…is it not mine?” Rin whispered, words hesitant and unsure. Nitori felt rage burst forth, overwhelming his pain and anguish. He spun around, fire blazing in his eyes.

“How dare you!” Nitori spat. “Do you really think so little of me? That I was such a slutty omega that I got knocked up by someone else?” Hot angry tears burnt red tracks down Nitori’s soft cheeks. “Do you think that little of me?”

“I should be the one asking that!” Rin snarled. The pure unadulterated rage in his voice causing his omega to flinch back in fear. “Since you obviously think so little of me that you wouldn’t tell me that you were fucking pregnant with my goddamn kid!”

Nitori couldn’t stop the broken sob that tore itself from his lips or the violent shudders that wracked his slender frame. The omega couldn’t stop his weak legs from giving out beneath him and falling to the floor. But he never made impact Rin had easily caught him in his arms, scooping his small lover up and carrying him to the bed.

“Oh Ai.” Rin soothed. Cradling the smaller male in his lap and carding his fingers through soft silver locks. He slowly rocked them back and forth and tried his best to emit calming and stabilizing pheromones. Regret was like a heavy stone in the alpha’s stomach. Wishing he could take back his biting words.

“I-I didn’t want t-to force you.” Nitori hiccuped as he continued to cry heavily. Tears streaming down his cheeks freely as the omega’s emotional and mental dam finally broke, allowing everything he had buried to finally burst forth. “I d-didn’t want to trap y-you!” Nitori’s sobs broke his words up and watching as Nitori struggled to even catch his breathe as he cried took a hammer to  Rin’s already shattered heart.

“What are you talking about Ai?” Rin asked gently. Rubbing a large hand in gentle motions against Nitori’s back while the other continued to slowly massage the omega’s scalp. Grateful that Nitori’s sobs seemed to be subsiding. “How would this be trapping me?”

“It’ll be just l-like your dad!” Nitori wailed, a fresh wave of tears bursting forth as Nitori buried his face in his alpha’s neck. Rin was frozen. Stunned into static stillness as his brain tried to process his lover’s words. Then it all clicked and Rin, well Rin almost laughed with relief.

“Ai, oh my Ai.” Rin breathed with a tone that was overflowing with affection. He gently guided his omega’s head away from his throat and he cupped Nitori’s cheeks delicately in his hands. Uselessly wiping away tears with his thumbs. “This isn’t the same.” Nitori blinked in shock and his mouth opened instantly to protest but Rin beat him to it.

“My dad was trapped because he didn’t have any family to help him, my mom’s parents didn’t want them to get married so they refused to help too.” Rin explained patiently, diligently wiping away his lover’s tears. “They didn’t have any way to support themselves and no one to help out or offer advice. They were new parents and had no idea what to do.”

Nitori just gazed up at him with still glassy eyes, bottom lip wobbling ever so slightly. Rin began to press a few soft kisses to his lovers face. “But we’re not like them.” Rin murmured.  A kiss on his nose. “We have family and friends to support us. To help us.” A kiss on his forehead. “We won’t be in this alone. You won’t be alone Ai.”  A kiss on his beauty mark. The alpha pulled away to smile warmly at his boyfriend. “You aren’t trapped me Ai.”

“Really?” Nitori whispered. Voice filled with fearful hope. “You’re not mad?”

“No Ai.” Rin said in exasperation. “How could I be mad? Mad to have an amazing mate who is going to give me an amazing child. Something that will be a part of both of us.” Rin pressed a hand to the small swell of Nitori’s stomach. He leaned forward to capture his lover’s lips for a slow gentle kiss. When they broke apart Rin leaned their foreheads together. His thumb gently rubbing the warm skin of his mates tummy in a slow circular motion.  “A little person that will be absolutely perfect.”

“Thank you,” Nitori whimpered. “thank you Rin.” The omega wrapped his arms around the redhead’s neck his eyes falling closed as he simply enjoyed their closeness. He marveled at how light he felt as if a mountain had been lifted from his aching shoulders.

“You could never trap me Ai,” Rin breathed, warm air puffing against his lover’s lips. “You can never trap me, if I’m only free when I’m with you.”

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