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When Your Sister and Your Dad Both Ship Wolfstar
  • (Aftermath of https: //walkingshippinghell.tumblr.com/post/156387935031/introducing-my-dad-to-wolfstar and https://walkingshippinghell.tumblr.com/post/159506308826/that-one-moment )
  • Dad: (Holding my copy of Order of the Phoenix) He fucking stares at him for FORTY FUCKING LINES
  • Sister: Wow omg dad don't swear but ya
  • Me: Can I have my book back please
  • Dad: And in Prisoner of Azkaban Lupin just transfers the blame for the death of Harry's parents from Sirius to Pettigrew in like five seconds like honestly
  • Sister: True dat
  • Me: Guys I'm glad you found something to ship but stahp please
  • Sister: (Pointing at the page) And it specifically says Lupin is staying "with Sirius"
  • Dad: Oh I didn't even notice that you're right
  • Me: (Gives up) And did you notice in-

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What's the point in all the hostility... I lost all respect for you after seeing how you chose to handle this.You encourage shares & reblgs but then report & heckle those who do. I'm not sure why your so concerned anyway, your work is plastered with your tags. notice how i didn't swear once in all this, its because im speaking calmly no hate.

“What’s the point in all the hostility” 

Because I am frustrated with the sheer disregard for my hard work and all the time and effort i put into things. 

I’ve had numerous copys of my work blatantly redrawn to the point that it drives me up the Wall. I am very angry and understandably so. 

16,975 SHARES, 4,900 likes, 519 comments. Meanwhile compared to my own posts on my facebook account: 

I average only 50 likes per image, and 

only 382 likes on my whole entire gallery. I fail to see how you don’t think this is an issue. Notice they did not even credit me for my work. I am angry. I am emotional. I should have handled the anon’s asks better. But at this point, it should be understood by people who merely TAKE the art they want and don’t reproduce any THAT ARTISTS LIKE TO BE CREDITED FOR THE WORK THEY DO. This is my passion. This is my life. I wanted to share these images with fandom friends and strangers to show them what I did. I want to make art my career. All of these things are like bits and pieces that go into a Portfolio. Do not take someone else’s things from their portfolio and put it onto your wall just to show someone else without crediting me. It should be made apparent that I deserve a little credit. After all, if my art is that good to be stolen and replicated over and over, shouldn’t I at least get credit for the originals???

“I lost all respect for you after seeing how you chose to handle this. “

I don’t care. I should have done a better job, sure. Does my anger and emotional response excuse my hostility? No. But does it make the anon’s ask less rude? He/She was being extremely rude and I have no time for it. As do I now have no time for a person like you who lost all respect for me. Honey, you didn’t respect me from the beginning. 

“ you encourage shares & reblgs but then report & heckle those who do “

-There is a difference between shares and reblogs and reposting. If you cannot learn the difference, then I feel bad for you. I encourage sharing and reblogging. NOT REPOSTING. The key difference is when I post on my own site, my own page and people sharing the post via the reblog button. That is not reposting. Reposting is when they download the image and save it to their own galleries or edit the image into their own way. It happens on a daily basis. As shown before, They often get more likes and reblogs and shares promoting Their galleries as opposed to mine. Maybe I’m an attention whore, fine. But the art itself that I Made is getting attention anyways. Might as well give the correct person the right amount of attention for making something so eye-grabbing. 

“I’m not sure why your so concerned anyway, your work is plastered with your tags. “

Do you know why those tags are there? It’s because people take and take and take my art and never give me the credit I should get. I put watermarks and my signature on EVERYTHING so if people do see the art, they can realize that the reposter is not the original content creator. HOWEVER, Most people ignore the watermarks and are even keen to DELETING the tags altogether. Just because my art is watermarked doesn’t make the reposting any less horrendous for me. Again, stated previously, their gallery continues to grow whilst mine doesn’t. 

You sound like a person who watches reaction videos on youtube. It’s the same principle at use. A content creator creates a video that goes viral or is eye-catching and awesome to watch. Then comes a REACTION CHANNEL who posts the whole entire video into theirs and just reacts to it. Stealing the views, the likes and comments from the original content creator. Do you honestly think people who post reaction videos leave the original link in the description every single time when they upload 10 videos a day? No they do not. And how much more do you want to bet people click on that original link after already watching the content in the reaction video? Not. very. many. 

It is a one and the same example of what happens when others post my art. They are the reaction channels of the art world. My watermark embedded does nothing to hinder them, and I would also like to mention it hasn’t given me extra attention. I don’t know many people who have found my channel or my galleries because of a reposter. It is not promotion. It is not flattering. It is blatant theft. 

“ notice how i didn’t swear once in all this, its because im speaking calmly no hate. “

Irrelevant. I could care less if you swore up and down my page. My points are still valid and they’re still going to be heard and spread. I may have a potty mouth, but at least I am in the right when you are in the wrong. 

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Heyy I'm that other caracal that sometimes comments on your stuff. I just wanted to let you know that people have been saying I'm copying your fursona? Like, I swear I'm not, my sona has been a caracal since before I ever saw your art. But I've decided to change my sona species anyways because of the constant harassment. I just didn't want you to hear about it and think I copied you or something

when will people realize I didn’t invent caracals omg

Its cool man there’s no need to change


This was it. This was the moment Magnus realized Alec is making his choice. Magnus could not walk one step further away from Maryse because it wasn’t his place. He had already dealt his cards. It was Alec’s turn to play his, and that AU episode foreshadowed this.

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AU Magnus was not foretelling Clary’s future, because she is in a setting in AU Clary where AU Clary’s relationship has already been defined – which makes AU Magnus’ prediction of AU Clary (and current Clary) cancelled. 

So who does he end up flipping his cards for? Magnus and AU Magnus.

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Because this night defined AU-MALEC’s relationship, parallel to current MALEC.

You ever stop to think about the possibility that, while running to the court to support Adam against his father, Gansey notices that Ronan’s tie is as crooked as it usually is and tries to stop him to readjust it (“If we lose this case because one of the witnesses looked like a damn hobo, I swear to god I’m never going to let you copy my english literature homework ever again!” – “Jesus Gansey, no one cares.”) and Ronan just shoves him out of his way and ties it perfectly himself (it surprised Gansey that he even knew how to) while running because he’s not going to miss this chance to save Adam’s ass and make one hell of an impression on him