i didn't clean it first though

So I made a short Kagehina comic based on this post that I found earlier today. It’s really rough because I’m lazy and it’s late here but I wanted to do it before bed. I hope you guys can read my crap handwritting though…

I just thought it was really funny. Maybe I’ll clean it up and color it when I have time lol. Until then enjoy!

Talking to each other on the trip to earth.

I doodled a short comic on a series of Post-Its at work Friday, kind of loosely based around a scene from StS, and decided today to try and clean it up. This was the first panel and it’s all I got done. :D

The(not so)great adventures of my ships in my mind
  • Me: *is anxious about Tv shows and doesn't care about personal life*
  • Jack Frost: She is doing it again,this girl needs to stop watching TV
  • Queen Elsa: *groans*Look at this!She is stressed!This wouldn't have happened if were still number one in her heart.But she just had to like damage characters and ships
  • Rachel Berry: Excuse you
  • Quinn Fabray: Our ship is fine and one look between us two equals the entire Titanic.Plus it's not my fault I'm damaged but RIB.You think I wanted to be pregnant at sixteen,get raped,get kicked out of the house,my boyfriends constantly breaking up with me,having nobody to love AND get hit by a car?!
  • Jack and Elsa: She does have a point here
  • Thomas: Keep dreaming
  • Newt: Bloody hell,there we go again*sighs*let me handle this.Listen here blondie,you think this is damaged?I was depressed and tried to commit suicide.Tommy bloody shot me!This is heartbreaking
  • Thomas: If you don't tear up with page 250,I don't know what the shuck is wrong with you
  • Draco: You do realize she has a type,right?
  • Elsa: What are you talking about?
  • Draco: The characters she likes.All are blonde,misfits who started as bullies-minus Newt-and though they developed feelings for a certain brunette they never came clean about it.In the end they didn't seem to get redemption but a short ending.Plus,most of them had daddy issues and a very good relationship with their mother.
  • Newt: This is not tr--
  • Draco: And they were accompanied by two more people who seemed to be their best friends
  • Jack: Um guys?
  • Quinn: *ignores Jack*I can't believe we hadn't seen it.She's replacing us!First it was Jack and Elsa,then Rachel and I and now Newt and Thomas.
  • Thomas: Question is who is next?
  • Jack: GUYS!
  • All: WHAT?!
  • Jack: There goes the commercial again*points at me who is throwing pillows at the television*.Why is she so upset about this?
  • Newt: I don't think I've ever seen her like this.Have you?
  • Rachel: Not even with Glee-and that says a lot
  • Quinn: *shouts*Oh my gosh!She is opening a fanfiction site!WHY IS SHE OPENING A FANFIC SITE?!
  • Thomas: Why is opening a fanfic site bad?She does this all the time with us
  • Rachel: Only last time she had an angry look similar to this,you two popped here.It's also known as the I-am-disappointed-at-this-so-I-will-read-fanfiction-and-pretend-it-did-not-happen-as-you-slowly-will-take-over-my-life
  • Daisy Johnson: Well you were right about this.
  • Rachel: Who are you two supposed to be?
  • Grant Ward: Oh we?We're the new ship