i didn't clean it first though

So I made a short Kagehina comic based on this post that I found earlier today. It’s really rough because I’m lazy and it’s late here but I wanted to do it before bed. I hope you guys can read my crap handwritting though…

I just thought it was really funny. Maybe I’ll clean it up and color it when I have time lol. Until then enjoy!


Well, I wanted to thank people for their support somehow and decided to upload a bunch of scraps just because. The first one is just a sketch from a completed image, though. Pretty lousy, but I figured “maybe there’s at least one person that’ll get a smirk off of something in this pile of never minds.”

If not then I did myself a favor by not going through with them. Lol.

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“Uh, no? Not really. I…lemme clean up a bit and then I’ll show you where everything is. Grand tour and all that.” Though there wasn’t much to show off. What else could go wrong here with this already terrible first impression? “Um, maybe take her out to potty while I make the bed?” He didn’t know what else to have the guy do; he’d probably pester him for something to do until Alex gave in anyway.


Got some clothing from a family friend who was cleaning out her closet! I forgot to put my glasses back on after the first photo though :(

The fifth one is a crop top & skirt combo! I think my favourites are the 1st one and the 3rd one. i got another skirt that I just LOVE as well, but then I would’ve had seven photos instead of six, and that won’t do.

Talking to each other on the trip to earth.

I doodled a short comic on a series of Post-Its at work Friday, kind of loosely based around a scene from StS, and decided today to try and clean it up. This was the first panel and it’s all I got done. :D

The(not so)great adventures of my ships in my mind
  • Me: *is anxious about Tv shows and doesn't care about personal life*
  • Jack Frost: She is doing it again,this girl needs to stop watching TV
  • Queen Elsa: *groans*Look at this!She is stressed!This wouldn't have happened if were still number one in her heart.But she just had to like damage characters and ships
  • Rachel Berry: Excuse you
  • Quinn Fabray: Our ship is fine and one look between us two equals the entire Titanic.Plus it's not my fault I'm damaged but RIB.You think I wanted to be pregnant at sixteen,get raped,get kicked out of the house,my boyfriends constantly breaking up with me,having nobody to love AND get hit by a car?!
  • Jack and Elsa: She does have a point here
  • Thomas: Keep dreaming
  • Newt: Bloody hell,there we go again*sighs*let me handle this.Listen here blondie,you think this is damaged?I was depressed and tried to commit suicide.Tommy bloody shot me!This is heartbreaking
  • Thomas: If you don't tear up with page 250,I don't know what the shuck is wrong with you
  • Draco: You do realize she has a type,right?
  • Elsa: What are you talking about?
  • Draco: The characters she likes.All are blonde,misfits who started as bullies-minus Newt-and though they developed feelings for a certain brunette they never came clean about it.In the end they didn't seem to get redemption but a short ending.Plus,most of them had daddy issues and a very good relationship with their mother.
  • Newt: This is not tr--
  • Draco: And they were accompanied by two more people who seemed to be their best friends
  • Jack: Um guys?
  • Quinn: *ignores Jack*I can't believe we hadn't seen it.She's replacing us!First it was Jack and Elsa,then Rachel and I and now Newt and Thomas.
  • Thomas: Question is who is next?
  • Jack: GUYS!
  • All: WHAT?!
  • Jack: There goes the commercial again*points at me who is throwing pillows at the television*.Why is she so upset about this?
  • Newt: I don't think I've ever seen her like this.Have you?
  • Rachel: Not even with Glee-and that says a lot
  • Quinn: *shouts*Oh my gosh!She is opening a fanfiction site!WHY IS SHE OPENING A FANFIC SITE?!
  • Thomas: Why is opening a fanfic site bad?She does this all the time with us
  • Rachel: Only last time she had an angry look similar to this,you two popped here.It's also known as the I-am-disappointed-at-this-so-I-will-read-fanfiction-and-pretend-it-did-not-happen-as-you-slowly-will-take-over-my-life
  • Daisy Johnson: Well you were right about this.
  • Rachel: Who are you two supposed to be?
  • Grant Ward: Oh we?We're the new ship