i didn't buy it on amazon

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Could you draw my new OC? He's like Shadow the Hedgehog, but in Overwatch. He's part of the same super soldier program that Jack Morrison was, and he was in charge of a program just like Overwatch but its theme colors are red and black and they do black ops. And then he got upset that Jack Morrison was so famous and tried to fight him, but ended up being killed. Fortunately he was resurrected, but unfortunately, he came back flawed, which is why he's angsty and wears a trench coat always. Thank

okay now please buy me all the nail polish on my amazon wishlist as payment

Conversations with my husband...
  • Husband: Don't think I didn't notice you were recording The Watchmen on the dvr.
  • Me: I have no idea what you are talking about. And I also didn't buy Texas Rising in the discount bin at Walmart.
  • Husband: You have issues.
  • Me: What? We liked The Losers, and I got that for like 4 bucks on Amazon.
  • Husband: We own that too?
  • Me: Um....no?
  • He doesn't need to know I own The Resident on Itunes.

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Omg I just wanted to thank you because I didn't know amazon is selling Hidoku Shinaide and I was able to buy the Akira story 😊😆 and it arrived so fast to my hands ♥ ♥ ♥

Yay! I’m happy to hear that you bought it and supported Nekota Yonezou 

I prefer Amazon too. Ugh I’m waiting for a few manga right now. Can’t wait to hold them in my hands, rub them against my face, sniff them… that smell….

Um… yesss okay…. *ehemmm*



The Man in the High Castle 1x01 “The New World“ | Joe & Juliana

can I buy you a drink?

I got locked outta my Amazon account and I had to call customer service to reset my password. The agent asked me a bunch of questions to confirm my identity and then she was like “lastly we need you to confirm all your recent purchases, be as specific as possible”

and I just had to sit there and list off all the transformers comics I’ve bought in the past year and when I got done there was silence and she’s like “…. yeah, okay, I believe you. I’ll reset it.”

Cards Against Humanity Banter (Number I Forget)
  • So my laptop decided to be a little bitch while in the middle of the original and completely deleted it...so I've restarted! Enjoy! Feel free to reblog with some of your favorites from the latest Cards Against Humanity video that I might have missed!
  • "VikkStarInMyPussy123" is worse than Adolf Hitler because "stop talking with your gay mouth you fuck."
  • "Getting your dick stuck in a child and not being able to get it out in time. I'm looking at you Vikk." is worse than Adolf Hitler because "*card removed due to copyright from the cunt duo TheFineBros*"
  • Ethan: Josh has got dick on the brain.
  • Josh: You got dick in your mouth.
  • Ethan: No I don't. I got facecam on Josh I don't.
  • Simon: Thanks for clearing that up.
  • Ethan: Where is the behzfinger? Is this something you made up while-
  • Josh: It's on your hand!
  • "Ethan, channeling his anger by making a sexhole in his desk."
  • Ethan: I don't have sexholes in my desk.
  • JJ: Lies! Lies!
  • Simon: They're called girlfriends.
  • Vikk: If you're six and watching this click off.
  • Josh: What? Hey, come to my channel! We don't have pedophiles over here!
  • After Josh rang the 'Ring for sex' bell, Fangirls tried-
  • "British cunt."
  • "Go monkey man!" -FIFAMonstah
  • Why Josh won't release illuminate-
  • "Josh deep throating a fangirl when she has been a bad girl."
  • "Josh has millions of daughters trying to caress his pussy juice beard."
  • JJ: The thing is, you know Josh has had pussy on his beard, and it just lingered. That's why he showers all the time.
  • Simon: No, that's 'cuz he has hygeine. You should try it sometime.
  • The __ are back.
  • Simon: Mine makes sense.
  • JJ: I swear if it's niggers.
  • "Fangirls shouting "YOU DA MAN DADDY" when meeting Josh."
  • Simon woke up to find-
  • Ethan: I'm so sorry Vik.
  • "Vikk, changing his name from Vikkstar123 to Vikk1-9 because he only likes 1-9 year olds."
  • "JJ's big black dick as opposed to Tobi's successful youtube career."
  • JJ: What do you think we do when we're sleeping?
  • Simon: Sleep?
  • JJ: Naw, you gotta put your dick in something.
  • Ethan: You put it in your pillow!
  • JJ: Naw, I'm past that stage man. What you guys never fucked your pillow?
  • Collectively: No!
  • JJ: Fuck you guys you've never lived.
  • "KSI naming his girlfirend Melony coz melon."
  • "Vikk going to a playground and going down a slide hoping to end up in Madeleine McCann's DM's"
  • Hi, my name is-
  • "WroeToNotRecording"
  • "Creepy Uncle Zerkaa"
  • "Calcuntface"
  • "KSI"
  • "JJ's EP - Sweep Up"
  • Bitch you got me "That's not me."
  • "Thquirrel, Roth Royth, and ahh...annn...annthrop....anthrop...thropolo....Fuck it you're not picking this card."
  • "JJ moving out of the house just live next door to Seana."
  • JJ: "Simon likes AJ3Scouser." Who the fuck is that?
  • "JJ thinking his fashion sense is sick, but actually looking like a bed sheet."
  • "Vik naming his child MySon456."
  • How does one become a member of the Sidemen? "You don't do them ting round here rudeboy."
  • "Negasonic Teenage Warhead"
  • "Vikk's pedophilic thoughts"
  • JJ: Why don't you stop mollesting kids?
  • Vik: No, yeah, sure, yeah, sounds great.
  • Ethan: Some things are hard to give up JJ. Bad habits never die.
  • Simon: Ethan, Lent's coming up soon.
  • Ethan: Oh, I've got to give up being gay?
  • Simon: No, not you.
  • Josh let JJ do __ to his beard.
  • "Dhinchak dhin dhinchak dhinchak"
  • "Another one"
  • "The many group chats dedicated to go to an event that the Sidemen are going to just to drag one of them in private and suck their dick."
  • Ethan: People are actually trying to put us in prison this is a problem.
  • JJ: If you're eighteen and up it's cool.
  • Simon: Rah...
  • JJ: What do you mean "rah?"
  • Vikk: It didn't specify a gender there.
  • JJ: I wouldn't like a male...not that I don't like gays...
  • Simon: It's cool he has a gay uncle!
  • JJ: Yeah I have a gay uncle!
  • Simon: Stop talking about your guncle.
  • "__ U smart."
  • The only thing worse than Behz's twitter is "Vikk's amazon buying history of Chloroform and duct tape."
  • Simon: Yo Primark is sick!
  • Ethan: Going there and shopping gives me herpes.
  • "That video of Tobjizzle where he doesn't have a hat on."
  • Josh: Does that even exist?
  • Ethan: Yeah! Vikk's the chloroform man! That sounds like a superhero!
  • Ethan: When I wait for people to put answers in I just look at snapchat stories.
  • Simon: You have the shortest attention span. Actually, no JJ is up there as well.
  • JJ: I'm touching my dick right now so...
  • "Stephen Hawking being a better goalkeeper than Josh."
  • Josh: He has a machine to help him.
  • Collectively: How did that win? "Who's boobs are better CAN YOU KEEP UP?"
  • Ethan: Does anyone still have the GIF of JJ flexing his boob?"
  • Simon: Alright "Vikk Likkes__(NO 12 year olds)"
  • Ethan: Can we keep it as "likkes?"
  • Simon: That's all I'm saying.
  • Ethan: Josh is really enjoying that.
  • Josh: *giggling* What the fuck is that??
  • "Simon once tweeted about trying out Minecraft because he secretly has kids gasping for breath in his car."
  • Ethan: That's why Simon hasn't done a car video!
  • "Tobi dressing as a pink power ranger and fingerng a dogs red rocket til it cums piss."
  • "Whilst Vik is getting down with the 12 year olds, Josh likes to__"
  • Vikk: I almost want to say Josh likkes to.
  • Josh: *giggling* I don't know what I'm laughing at!
  • "Seana sucking off JJ's dad thinking it was him."
  • JJ: I don't know why everyone calls me jeed 'cuz its jide.
  • Jide screaming "__!" into the night, but nobody can tell where it's coming from because they can't see him.
  • "Bronze Beasts"
  • "I'm gonna fuck your fucking fanny off you twat."
  • "Calfuckmehardinmymothafuckingclut"
  • Simon: What the fuck is a clut?
  • Ethan: You can't fuck a clit team!
  • Simon: That's not even a clit!
  • Ethan: Fuck my clut!
  • Simon: My motha fuckin clut!
  • JJ: Fuck my clut yo!
  • Ethan: JJ cam you go red?
  • Simon: No, it's Greta going red.
  • Ethan: OH...
  • Josh: You being racist Ethan?
  • Ethan: NO I was just pondering if he could go red...
  • "Behzinga the minger fingerer"
  • "The semen from Simon's dick slowly enters __s mouth."
  • Ethan: I don't like this.
  • Vikk: This game is getting really weird.
  • Josh: Its taken a weird twist at the end!
  • JJ: I feel like this is too descriptive...I can imagine it as well 'cuz I've seen his dick.
  • Ethan: What?
  • Simon: You're actually imagining my dick right now.
  • Josh: The semen slowly coming out of it...
  • Simon: Now Josh is imagining it.
  • Josh: I'm Dr.Pepper.
  • "Son Zerk"
  • "JJ misreading lyrics and singing 'Jail' by Awolnation."
  • Ethan: *say quietly* Jail. *giggles*
  • "I don't fuck with you, you little stupid ass bitch, I ain't fucking with__"
  • Josh: You need to read this properly!
  • "When Behz claims he's committing to YouTube."
  • "Vikk being a slow fuck and being told to curry up."
  • "Willypoo." (Josh's card)
  • Simon: A for effort.

The international trade in butterflies ( and other insects/arachnids) is so much larger than I initially thought. The international trade in all wildlife is much larger than I initially thought.

The trade in these animals will never end until the last individual is dead and then the trade will go on with no regulation because there’s nothing left to protect. People just do not care about the wildlife they exploit, it’s all about the money.

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hey i just saw someone saying they didn't have enough money to buy the book but (this might be weird) you can use freemyapps to gain gift cards on Amazon and since they don't expire you can get enough to buy the book if you like *in freemyapps you just download free apps use them for 30 seconds and you just accumulate credits and exchange it for gift cards* just an fyi for people that don't have credit cards or money in general (also hi)

Yea! I use feature points and loot (and Connor used to use opinion outpost) and you don’t need to give them credit info or anything, they just email you codes when you get enough points

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I read the FAQ for the giveaway, and you did mention about shipping internationally. I live here in the UK and once on holidays I bought ACNL for my 3DS, though the game didn't work on my 3DS because the cartridge was American and my console was European. Do you have European versions of the games? I'm just worried in case myself or anyone else wins and the games don't work for them

That’s a very good point to bring up! I wouldn’t have thought of that. I’ll be buying all of the games off of Amazon and shipping them straight to the winner. I’ll just make sure that I buy the games from the correct Amazon site for the winner’s country. Amazon.com or amazon.ca or amazon.co.uk  etc…. whatever fits :)

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Something that I see often is someone coming in, trying on an item, and then check Amazon prices for said item right in front of me!! I work at a local business and I find it incredibly rude to use our store to use as a 'fitting room' for those who just want to buy things online! I just had a customer who was going to buy a pair of shoes, went to eBay (of all places smh) and found them for half price and didn't buy. Jokes on him though, that particular brand is known for high numbers of fakes

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You don't go to a restaurant, eat and then decide not to pay for the meal because you didn't enjoy it. You reluctantly pay for it and decide not to go back. It's the same with books. You buy a book, read it, hate it, and you don't read anymore of that author's work. This mentality on piracy in the publishing world sincerely makes some aspiring authors (like myself) not want to publish anything.


I understand that the evolution of media sources like iTunes and Amazon have given you a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY option, and that’s great, but don’t then get to make the argument you should get to try the WHOLE DAMN BOOK and then decide if it was worth the money you no longer have to spend on it. 

I think so often book pirates think “Oh, they SAY we are cheating authors this money, but they don’t REALLY need it” and this is the most toxic and depressing mentality out there because if people don’t find LEGAL WAYS to support authors and their work, the majority of those authors will not be able to sell more work. Publishers don’t look at pirated copies and factor that into sales numbers. They only look at LEGAL SALES. So every time I hear of pirated copies I think, “Oh, thanks for shaving off more of my chance at keeping my job.”