i didn't believe that there people were real

Concept: Keith during his first night with the Marmora after saying goodbye to the team, staring up at the ceiling and just. feeling lonely. He doesn’t really get why– he’s been alone for years, he should be used to this by now. And he’s laying there trying to convince himself of that when suddenly the room lights up and he glances over to find his communicator (”space cellphone,” Lance had said helpfully behind Coran’s back) blinking with incoming messages. "I’m proud of you,” says Shiro. "Be safe,” says Allura. "Good luck,” says Pidge. "I miss you!!” says Hunk. "Come back soon,” says Lance. And it just really hits Keith that. Wow. For the first time in a long time, he has a home to go back to and people who miss having him there.

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Ok, so here's the thing with hamilton and lauren's sexuality- back then, men were known to be much, much more friendly with each other to the point that we today would think they had something between them. I have a professer that has studied Hamilton for many years and has told me that he does not believe that Hamilton and Laurens were more than friends. And I know for a fact he's not homophobic because I can assure you he is gay. So Lin didn't ignore anything, he was historically accurate.

i highly doubt that Hamilton was NOT bisexual?
why is it so fucking hard to believe that hamilton was bisexual? why are we constantly fucking erasing bisexuality?? guess what. bisexuality is real and people are bisexual and alexander hamilton
was bisexual you can take this right the fuck out of my ask box im sorry im not dealing with this blatant biphobia. get the fuck out of here my guy. alexander hamilton was bisexual and thats it thats all good bye

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I actually didn't mean that the ackermans were ordinary I meant the lieges whom they have chosen are. If it's a real king you pledge yourself to a solid ideology but as I said "ordinary people" like who Eren was at 9 and Erwin can change. And by temporary I meant that unlike a knight and a king the ackermans are going to follow the liege up to a certain destination and then their paths split if they don't see eye to eye anymore. Levi still believed that there was more road to go together so he

- fought but Would he have stayed if Erwin didn’t want to fight for humanity after finding the truth? and from what I read about Mikasa I think he said he’s going to draw them apart but he’s afraid he wouldn’t depict it satisfyingly enough or something like that? Not sure exactly

Thanks for the clarification. 

Isayama has said that while it is instinctive for Ackermans to make these bonds, they are still a choice. Ackermans have autonomy. So if a Liege goes in a direction totally contrary to what the Ackerman believes, I assume they could choose to severe the bond. 

It’s important to remember that it’s not the cause or destination that the Ackerman bonds with–it’s the person. Mikasa has openly disagreed with Eren’s decisions numerous times. She never wanted to follow the path he’s chosen, but it’s never been a bond deal breaker. She continues to follow him.

It’s true that Levi bonded with Erwin over Erwin’s cause to save humanity, but when Levi realized Erwin had a selfish side gig, Levi’s attitude was “Ok. I can help with this too”. Levi was willing to accept that Erwin was an ordinary man with personal desires. It wasn’t a bond deal breaker.

I suppose if Erwin had turned to a life of super villainy after learning the truth, and Levi was faced with remaining a super hero in the cause of humanity or becoming Erwin’s partner in crime, “hero” would ultimately win. But even with that I don’t see it being a fast or easy choice. Without writing a full fan fiction here, I expect Levi would first put huge effort in trying to save Erwin from himself.

I just can’t see Levi turning away from Erwin for anything less. If Erwin had decided to retire from the military to take up knitting, for instance, I feel like Levi would’ve used part of the income from his heroic day job to help pay for the yarn. His bond with Erwin would remain.

(Uhhh I am not actively trying to channel Xavier and Magneto vibes here but they creep in unexpectedly at times. Sorry) 

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About that JK joke being taken out of context by us, I only wanted to say that I understand why "we killed it", but please know we didn't do it on purpose lol. I mean the source was korean so we believed it, we didn't know we were taking it out of context cause we thought that was the context.

Of course people didn’t do it on purpose - they legitimately believed it because there were Korean KM fans who were doing it. They saw posts of what were ultimately small snapshots of fanfics and thinking they were referencing real material. Just be careful is all I’m saying.

Anon: Hi! can u explain why and how did that turn into a meme? :O am genuinely curious            

Jungkook was fiddling with the necklace that Jimin bought for him and asked him to help while the others were talking over him. Korean fans thought it would be cute if he said “yeobo-yah, help me with this” and it just kind of spread from there onto other scenarios.

Anon: So what did he say to Jimin?            

You absolutely can’t make out what he’s saying at all. Even native Koreans can’t figure it out.

So first things first, here is my general overall non-spoilery-details take on “Wonder Woman” the movie: (eta: edited this post to correct my initial incorrect belief that the movie was set in WWII and not WWI)

I love this movie.

It profoundly affected me in a deep, emotional way. Many times I found myself with tears suddenly rolling down my face; I lost count of how many times.

So here’s the thing: we should absolutely discuss and analyze the crap out of this movie. Like all things, it is not perfect. It has flaws. It has things about it that are certainly capital-P Problematic. But I won’t be here for the double standard that tends to happen often in such situations (like is the use of the WWI setting really ethical?? No, not really. But if you’re going to take that route then you’d better be willing to eviscerate the majority of Hollywood’s output for the last 90 years, which has committed far greater sins in terms of crimes against history for the sake of American jingoism than this. Like certain other superhero movies, honestly).

This is what ultimately mattered to me, personally for this movie: that the screenplay, that Patty Jenkins, and that the acting all respect Diana. And all of those things did so in spades.

Diana is a hero and it is her story and nobody else’s. She is strong. She is respected. She is powerful. What she believes in drives the story. She is kind. She is principled. She believes in justice. Her actions and example inspire others to be better, to do better. She has an arc and a story, but she is never made into a fool. She is never objectified, fetishized, or sexualized for the male gaze. She is at times naive and overly idealistic, but she is also not played as an idiot or a fool for being so. She is able to keep believing in what she knows is right while learning nuance. She quickly overcomes the expectations of the sexist men in The World of Man, but the movie is not About “woman constantly overcomes sexism” it is About Diana being a hero. She is never COMPROMISED.

And it is a movie that has a message and stands by it. We can pick the nits all day, but it is a movie that absolutely advocates true heroism and true do-good-ness without falling into a simplistic black-and-white worldview. Saying that yes, oftentimes we as a people are fucking disappointing and that as much as we would like it, in the real world there just isn’t one Big Bad Guy that you can do away with and fix the world (an idea that is truly Far Too Relevant given where we are in history).

But you still do good ANYWAY.

It isn’t about deserving. It’s about what you believe.

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Would ya'll just shut up about Hide already? he's not coming back and even if he is, have some patience! Have ya'll ever heard of that? serously all you do is whine! You didn't see Touka fans reacting like this when we hadn't seen her for a long time! I'm so done with your hide and hidekane fandom. All you do is cry and bitch about how much you miss him and it's so annoying. you only hate Touka because she's more important to Kaneki than your precious hide. Kaneki just doesn't need him anymore

To answer your first question: NO. I WILL NOT SHUT UP ABOUT HIDEYOSHI NAGACHIKA. EVER. :)

Anon, if your fave is not Arata or Itori or Hide (or any other that I’ve forgot that has been missing for so long), then do not come into my inbox thinking that you can lecture me on freaking patience! Like are you for real? You saw her at the end of TG, and many times throughout RE. WE JUST SAW HER LAST CHAPTER and it wasn’t that long after we saw her again. You haven’t been waiting 3 FREAKING YEARS AND STILL COUNTING so why would you whine and cry now? At least you’re not always wondering if your fave is safe, alive and well. 

Why don’t you blacklist those tags if you’re so done with us then! I’m so done with anons thinking that they know everything and that it’s okay to hate in people’s inboxes.

I will cry and be as bitter and salty as I please, so feel free to block me :)

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t actually hate her….yet but if her hateful fans don’t gtfo of my inbox that might happen very very soon 

Anon…..why is it that you can’t seem to understand that there are genuine reasons that people don’t like her? True, there might be people like that, but don’t just assume that about everyone. You say that like we’re just mindless fangirls and not actual people with real opinions. 

Lmao are we even reading the same manga? You seriously believe that she’s more important than Hide and that Kaneki doesn’t need him anymore? o.O Sigh, I already kinda answered another anon a while ago about this here

I hope you’re quite done anon. Have a good day :)

The Church for You
  • Mom: "If the youth group does [x] while I'm a chaperone, I am definitely going to have to present an alternative perspective. And they might kick us out."
  • Me: "Yeah, well, it wouldn't be the first time."
  • Luke: [age 12] "Wait. You've been kicked out of a church?!"
  • Me: "Well, sort of."
  • Mom: "More than 'sort of'. They told us, 'We don't think this is the church for you anymore.'"
  • Beth: [age 8] "What did you do?!"
  • Mom: "We disagreed with one specific point on their doctrine."
  • Me: "Just one point."
  • Luke: "What was it?"
  • Mom: "In the Bible, in the book of Acts, there's something called 'speaking in tongues'. After Jesus comes back from the dead, the Holy Spirit shows up to fill all the believers in one place. And they all start speaking languages they don't know. People around town started hearing the gospel in their own languages, even though the Christians didn't themselves know the languages."
  • Me: "'Tongues' here just means 'other real languages'."
  • Mom: "Right, not made-up languages. So, in this church we were attending, one of their beliefs was that speaking in tongues was proof that a Christian had really received the Holy Spirit. And to be specific, they believed speaking in tongues was the /only/ proof of it."
  • Me: "Now, the church had an extra classroom, and I had gotten a local bank to donate some old computers so we could set up a computer lab. We were going to offer free classes on computers to the community. But the church leaders decided that we had to become members of the church first, and that we had to sign a piece of paper saying we believed exactly the same things they did, or we couldn't run the classes."
  • Mom: "It really came down to one single word. We were willing to agree with everything on the paper except the statement that 'Speaking in tongues is the sign of the Holy Spirit.' We said, if we cross out 'the' and replace it with 'a' -- then we'd sign it. They said that wasn't good enough. So we didn't sign it."
  • Me: "And that's when they asked us to leave. We never finished setting up the computer lab or did those classes. It all went to waste."
  • Luke: "Why would you go to a church where you didn't agree with what they believed?"
  • Mom: "A lot of the people there were really good people, and we agreed with most of it. But there is never a church where everybody believes the same things, or to the same degree. There aren't even any two Christians who totally agree on the same beliefs."
  • Me: "Hey, sometimes I don't even agree with myself."
  • Beth: "It's really weird that they asked you to leave just over one word."
  • Mom: [shrugging] "It was very important to them."
  • Me: "That church denomination was Assemblies of God. But check this out: the Southern Baptist denomination believes that you should /never/ speak in tongues. In fact, you should never even be friends with people who speak in tongues. They could ask you to leave the church over this. So you have one group of Christians who say you must speak in tongues, and another who says you must never speak in tongues."
  • Mom: "It's a great example of how the beliefs of people have caused division among Christians."
  • Me: "And the Bible actually says that speaking in tongues is just one of many signs of the Holy Spirit, and that you should never forbid it."
  • Luke: "Wait a second. Both groups are ignoring the Bible?"
  • Me: "On this point, yes."
  • Luke: "It's like they are both missing a page from their Bibles and pretending that they don't realize it."
  • Me: [making scissor motions in the air] "Or they've just cut out those verses, leaving a hole in their Bible."
  • Mom: "So don't ever believe something about religion just because somebody says it. Study it yourself."
  • Me: "And if they get mad at you for studying it, then maybe they've got something to hide. It might not be the church for you!"

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ANOTHER THING! Lena says the L-word after this long speech "The Luthors, we never said I love you to each other. We never went to the park and had family picnics. We never were all at the dinner table at the same time. I didn't really believe love was real, I thought it was something people just said to get things out of others. Like a bargaining chip. But you, Kara, you aren't a bargaining chip. You are dinner together every night, picnic on the weekends, you're home. I love you Kara Danvers."

im stealing this when i profess my love to my future wife, tnx, i’ll give u the creds, dont worry askjsahfksdfs

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Nothing is leaked in the industry its always planned ahead. Exposinglaucy was the only account that did know about Camren and the girls they proved it multiple times. Also the hacker said that laucy was real which is why I'm not believing any of this. In Lauren not talking about it or ranting it well I see it as its not true because she would get mad if it were real like she does with camren but since all this tyren crap is fake she doesnt . Same with laucy she didn't rant of people leaking it

The exposinglaucy account was legit, to me theres no denying that.

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I really have to hand it to you guys. I've been seeing idiotic/tryhard/corporate silliness all day, and I knew when I saw those posts they were real lines, and I DIDN'T REALISE that was the joke. You are the only people to have actually pranked me, I can't believe I didn't see why. Kudos!

Our favorite part has been all the people who have said, “How is this incorrect?” ;)

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"If I’m wrong, I’ll hate Louis more than he could ever hate me. :) :) :)" --- wtf, Emma...?!!! wow... i honestly didn't expect that.

Not sure why this is surprising. IF this were real (which I do not believe it is), that means that: Louis allowed the pregnancy to go public at 11 weeks, he allowed other people (Simon & Liam) to confirm it before him, he failed to speak out against fans and the media mocking the pregnancy, the mother, and the child, he looked like he wanted to die when he was asked about it both times during the pregnancy, he ignored the mother publicly for 7 months, he went home with a van full of women while his baby mama was in town, he was very public about his new relationship within three months of Briana giving birth, he didn’t bother getting a place in LA until a week after the birth, he didn’t bother to actually buy a house (he only rents) even though LA should be his permanent residence for the next 18 years, he was setting up baby stuff like the carseat a couple of days after the birth even though he had like 8 months to prepare, he has allowed his child to be papped repeatedly during the first 2.5 months of his life, and he has continued to stay silent about the media and fans suggesting that the baby doesn’t exist and now suggesting that the baby is a doll.

If I am wrong about everything and Louis is a father, then uh, yeah, I have no positive feelings toward Louis. I don’t think I am wrong. I think Louis is the wonderful person I’ve always believed him to be. I don’t think he’s a father. I don’t think he would have ever acted this way if this child was his. But in that hypothetical scenario presented by that anti, I stand by what I said. I don’t really appreciate the tone of this ask at all, by the way.

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part 1- Hi, so I wouldn't really consider myself a fan of 1D, mostly because I just didn't pay attention to them, but this baby news has sort of brought me in to this a little. I've always been somebody who likes theories and likes to read up on why things happen so when I saw this baby story being handled in the completely wrong way, I decided to investigate. At first I didn't really mind nor care, but it wasn't something you saw just once, I saw it on the cover of people when entering Walmart,

part 2- I saw people talking about it on Facebook, and even people at work were talking about it. This was so widespread for a pregnancy that is in the early stages so I was curious as to why that could be. I went online and I researched both probaby theories on why this happened, and theories for why the baby is not real. And all I can say is, I really just can’t bring myself to believe it’s real. I’ve seen many baby scandals, and none of them are so early on in the pregnancy. It simply doesn’t

Part 3- make sense to release this news so early, because wouldn’t the mom to be want some privacy? When my sister was pregnant, she didn’t even tell me until she was almost 5 months so I can’t imagine why somebody would to release their pregnancy to such a wide platform so early on. Then, there’s the fact that so many people who are pretty irrelevant from what I’ve read to the band commenting on this, but not the father or the mom, somebody from their team. Then, I’ve noticed how carefully the

Part 4- majority of these articles have been written. It seems to me that these were written so that it’ll be easy to escape and say “this was never confirmed. we weren’t allowed to speak on this.” Or something like that. I also don’t understand why if this was true, why everybody and their mother would be relating it back to a bromance that was written off as couldn’t possibly be true in the media for years from what I can tell. I also can’t deny that seeing the footage of two of the band

Part 5- members throwing around a baby doll and saying it wasn’t real and calling it a baby was a bit suspicious. Everything I’ve seen on this just shouts publicity stunt and makes me think “these people obviously want his name known.” For me, I can’t see any reason for them treating this the way it is being treated if the baby is real. I understand why the would do this too, because it’s really hard to get people to really take notice of you unless you have something interesting. A pregnancy?

(didn’t get Pt 6. bummer)

Part 7?- That’s interesting. But, I think the thing that really gets me is if this was real, nobody would be making him out to be this partier who knocked up some private girl on a one night stand. NOBODY would want that out. They’d at least say they had been dating on the down low for a few months or something like that, but they wouldn’t just drop to a fan base with mostly teenage girls that this was a drunken hook up mistake but hey they’re happy about it. But, I would like to thank you for

Part 8- Your theory because it was well worded and really helped me to develop my full opinion on this. Also, sorry this was so long I tend to ramble. 


you have said it so much better than I ever could. your asks (and I am so bummed I didn’t get Pt 6, because EVERYTHING you said was so on point), are basically a complete thought on why babygate is fake. Nothing about it makes sense if she is actually pregnant with Louis’ child. NOTHING. You said it so much better than I could. i’ve been addressing it here and there in asks, but you have really summed up the points so well. THANK YOU.

seriously, guys, read this. just read it.

(btw I have a friend at work who is older (50 plus) who is NOT a 1d fan at all. she is completely convinced the pregnancy is fake–”who would announce it so early?” and “why on earth wouldn’t they just hide it? she’s not famous!”–and mentioned to me today that she noticed his little side story on the cover of People when she was at the grocery store. and pointed out that she had never seen him there before. BINGO)

  • People: I like your story about your personal, real-life friend mentioning Harry and Louis are together, but I don't believe it because I didn't hear it from my own friend.
  • People: Someone I know once told me Harry and Louis are together but I didn't see them with my own eyes, so I don't believe it.
  • People: I saw People published a special issue with a full page spread of Harry and Louis' wedding but I do not personally believe it because I was not invited.
  • People: I saw Harry and Louis got papped in LA picking their children up from school but I do not personally believe it because paps get called to places so I don't know if it's real or not.
  • People: I saw Harry and Louis were laid to rest next to each other in a cemetery with matching headstones shaped like hearts that said 'Louis, lifelong husband of Harry' and 'Harry, lifelong husband of Louis,' but I just think that's a little extra so still don't think they're together.
  • Me: Please stop.

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something that's still crazy to me is that briana didn't have a baby shower. she's proven herself to be one of the most narcissistic and self-centered people, so i can't believe she would skip out on a day dedicated to her. they didn't even throw a fake on with tammi, cousin ashley, and cyber granny as the only attendees. just nothing.

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all summer long: yeah this is nice but ugh too hot! and I wish it was christmas, I wish I could wear layers… I’m looking forwards to the end of the year! I want to eat pies and drink nothing but hot drinks. I want to snuggle up inside with my cats, it’s too warm for snuggles, this is awful, go away sun. I want rainy autumn, I want frosty winter!

autumn equinox: wtf? where has the sun gone?

all winter long: omg it’s so dark, it’s so damp, have to wear so many layers, just want to be naked in my house. Water freezes in my oesophagus, fresh vegetables are a distant memory. Was fruit real? Were flowers?

spring equinox: oh thank god, the sun is back… finally the days are normal length. My bones are warming up again. Do I love the spring more or the summer? Doesn’t matter, both are here, finally!! Can’t believe I used to say I hated the sun!

and repeat

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Sasha we need you online. Zayn was pictured with some random groupie walking around phucket. Funny because a girl who said she has connections to groupie had already said this was gonna happen like maybe 7 hours ago. I didn't believe her. But Their arms are interlinked in the pics.

Anonymous said:
Sasha, Zayn holding hands with a girl in Thailand !!! the cheating scandall we were waiting is close then ? 


Anonymous said:
Looks like they’re taking the cheating narrative :/ 


LOL I guess it’s game on for real now. I dunno who gets all up on their sidepiece in public. Even non-famous people don’t do that. But this is the 1D fandom and none of us are supposed to understand that. Ok. Do what you gotta do. #freezayn2k15

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Hey, so I saw that gif of Miyazaki and I actually didn't think it was real, but I thought it was funny. Do you thing OP did it just to be dumb? I didn't really take it serious. But I can get how some people did.

The person making the gifs is just making them as a joke, that is clear from the quotes in his other gifsets, such as Miyazaki using the N word.

The trouble is, from people’s comments to that particular gifset (and even separate posts under the “Hayao Miyazaki” tag), it’s clear that a fair number of people believe those quotes were really made by him.

And I have nothing against the gifs, I’m just receiving a lot of asks about the quotes and thus I am trying to clear it up, especially for those who are attacking Hayao Miyazaki.

Just remember what Abraham Lincoln said: “85% of quotes on the Internet are made up.” xoxox

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the "real" moment that anon is talking about is from GDA 2016. i've watched that loads cuz it's full of kaisoo moments. when i watched the fancam, ji didn't even seem to know krys was going to stand beside him. there were 2 mcs, the male mc passed behind ji without him seeing so the rock paper scissor with sh to stand beside krys doesn't make sense in hindsight cuz he's not even looking. but why r we explaining this to kxk shippers? let them have their moments if they want to believe it.

Good speech, anon. People believe in whatever their want.

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do you ship taoris? what do you think about taoris? I really like your rants about taohun,so can i ask your opinion on taoris/sehun? everyone knows that tao and kris were extremely close, and there were 1000 times when Tao was with Kris,and didn't pay attention to Sehun at all. I'm a taohun shipper and it bothers me so much. even when Kris left Tao sang in SM "kiss you goodbye", uhm.. I'm trying to say that I really want to believe in taohun, but taoris seems more real.. what are your thoughts?

I don’t ship Taoris. Taohun has been my first true ship of EXO and it’s been steady ever since.

That being said, I can see why people ship Taoris. Tao and Kris were extremely close and it was such a cute friendship. Like I loved seeing them interact, because Tao’s cuteness would go into overload and as a Tao stan, I can’t resist cute Tao. :3 However, I believe that Tao looked up to Kris like a little brother looks up to his big brother. That’s the feel I got from Taoris. Which is why my heart broke for Tao when Kris left. His gege left without saying anything to him about it and right before their first solo concert that they were all working so hard towards. 

Let me ask you this. Who visited Tao’s hometown on Chinese New Year? Who met Tao’s closest friends and family? Who did Tao take to his favorite place (you know the place he said he’d rather walk alone at and the place he would take someone on a date at) as soon as they were both in Qingdao? Oh Sehun, that’s who. This was all before Kris left. So many instances where they’ve practically exchanged outfits and were seen out together. I mean look at this gross message Tao left Sehun for his birthday. There are so many moments before that and after that too. Tao and Sehun have been attached to the hip since before Kris left, it’s nothing new. 

So, don’t you fear, my little Taohunnie. Tao loves Sehun very much and vice versa. <3

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what you said hurt my feelings. we call Tyler tilly. there's no problem with that. he said himself his middle name was Tyler. if he didn't want us to know he wouldn't have said it. if a few people call him jay why should anyone get upset??? I'm sorry if this offended you I just had to let it off my chest and this is how I feel. my best friend goes by her middle name but if people call her her real name she doesn't care... I don't think Tyler would

Actually, I believe that at one point Tyler and Troye were a tiny bit offended that people were using Troye’s nickname for him, but that hasn’t been cleared up yet so I’m avoiding the use of that nickname to be diplomatic.

I think that he has stated that he is uncomfortable when being referred to as “Jay” and we should respect that. Just the fact that he chooses to be called Tyler should serve as an indicator that we should respect that in every way shape and form.

He chose that name, and we should acknowledge his decision and make sure that he is as comfortable as possible around us. If we are deliberately using a name that he has never outright approved of to refer to him, that is disrespectful. So don’t do it.

Just don’t.

Your best friend is a different matter. She has made it known that she is not bothered by her first name, but some people are different.

Until I hear Tyler approve of the name “Jay” from his own mouth, I think we should stay away. We are a family and we need to be courteous.