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Miss Ostrich ward

Okay this is my second (and last) ward for Miss Ostrich’s loop. 

-His name is Tomas (someone help with a last name), and he can multiply himself. 

-He can’t create more than four copies of himself, and using all of them at once drains his energy big time (he’s passed out a few times because of this). 

-He’s American and trash. 

-He has chestnut brown hair, freckles, and an undercut. 

-He had just turned 16 when he found the loop. 

-He’s a prankster and a jokester, he loves messing with the other peculiars and freaking them out by literally talking to himself. 

-”Are there five people in this room, or is it just me?” *cue angry peculiar noises*  

-He acts like he’s really tough and badass (he kind of is) but in reality he’s just a kid who’ll do anything Miss Ostrich says because he loves his mom. 

-”You wanna fucking go, punk?” “Tomas, sit down.” “Okay mom, love you mom.” 

-This boy is gay and he’s in love with Dilong.  

Feel free to add any head canons or stuff you guys have, @homicidallight, @yeoldemphfpcheadcanons, @mphfpc

zapponinja  asked:

Why do your pages always look like they haven't loaded yet when they are loaded? I don't mean a spinning loading wheel thing, I mean like... the colors are waaaaaaaaaaay lighter compared to everyone else's drawing.

It’s just my color pallete of choice. I don’t use bright colors well, and I prefer them to be toned down, sometimes waaaay waaaay down.

And lately i stopped using black (unless it’s something black n white, or HomeSick comic), experimenting with more gray outlines. I have fun ^^

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you do this on purpose or not but I love how your bullet pointed headcanons' narrative tend to match the person they're describing. Like when you do one of Akechi your writing automatically becomes more sophisticated-sounding and pleasant like him or how Akira's will have a slightly teasing undertone to it (that's a little more subtle though). What I'm trying to say is you're an awesome writer thank you for existing :))))

GFKSDHGK I actually noticed this a few weeks ago and I didn’t even realize that I did it. I mean I do try to put myself in their shoes, and I guess it influences my writing style as a result?? Maybe it’s my subconscious drama kid habit of getting into character. LMAO Thank you for pointing this out and for your sweet compliments!! I’m grateful for your incredible existence as well, dear! <3333

what should I do to celebrate 2.5k guys? all out Q&A?

Thankful to all of you who hit the follow button, either because you liked what I did or just wanted something on your dash. Whatever it was, I’m grateful towards you and never thought the blog could ever get this big hahaha
this might not even be considered big but I’m still happy

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Headcanon that Lightning actually told sally about his real name being Monty pretty early on in their relationship. She was actually very cool about it and agreed to keep it secret as long as he wanted. However, she won't hesitate to bring out an occasional "MONTGOMERY MCQUEEN!" If he's just simply not listening to her and she's tried everything else. (But only if they're alone!)

And when suddenly they’re not alone, she does her best to cover. Her best, in this regard, is, uh…

(bonus stalker!Storm)

Operation Kuron

Alright, so this guy-

-isn’t Shiro.

For one thing, there’s just too many shady circumstances surrounding his escape from the Galra ship: it was too easy, the Galra scientist seemed to treat him escaping as a part of his evil plan, and we get no explanation as to how he got there in the first place. I really, sincerely don’t think that Black would have teleported him straight into the hands of the Galra– despite Keith’s theory, Shiro had freed Black by the end of the fight, so Zarkon wouldn’t have been able to force Black to send Shiro into captivity again. Also, no one else in the Galra empire seems to know that they have the Black Paladin in captivity. Lotor spends the whole season guessing at why Voltron is sucking so hard, and if the Galra really had Shiro, he would have known why immediately.

Another problem is this weirdo’s hair was too long at the beginning of his episode– much too long give the amount of time that passed between the fight with Zarkon and his waking up on the ship (which was likely like. two weeks at most). The timeline doesn’t match up. And where’s the Black Paladin suit Shiro had been wearing when he disappeared? This new guy is in the exact same outfit Shiro was in when he escaped the Galra for the first time.

There’s just something… off about this guy’s behavior. He looks like Shiro and talks like Shiro, but he doesn’t feel like Shiro.

So, Real Shiro’s probably off somewhere else (my money’s on somewhere close to the resistance / Matt). But, then, who the hell is Mr. Fashion Disaster?

A few smart people have managed to work out that “kuron” translates to “clone” in Japanese. So, what this is getting at is that it’s very likely that the Galra had a plan to make Shiro clones. Which definitely explains:

Was the plan to make an army? Was it to make a team of elite Shiro fighters (maybe… a bunch of Shiros to fly the Voltron lions……?)? I have no idea lmao. But what I’m thinking is that whatever the original plan was, it fell through, because Ulaz managed to get Real Shiro out before the cloning technique could be perfected. So, the Galra were left with a bunch of clones that were either too weak to survive or just wouldn’t wake up or were otherwise “unusable.” 

But then, Subject Y0XT39 passes their tests.

So, they change the objective of the project (either to ‘infiltrate Voltron’ or something else equally as evil) and get to work on this clone. And then, they release him out into the world. That ‘escape’? Was a test to see if he thought and fought like the real Shiro. They wanted to make sure their experiment was successful.

The main question, then, is: how does Clone Shiro have all of Real Shiro’s recent memories, including the very recent fight against Zarkon?


Okay so I don’t know about you guys but I made so much fun of Shiro’s hair in the first season. Why did the Galra give him an undercut? Do their prisoners have to be pretty? Was Haggar like “I can’t look at this dude every day unless his hair is properly trimmed”? But… uh……

You shave people’s heads when you’re going to do brain surgery on them.

What caught Haggar’s attention when it came to Shiro wasn’t just his fighting prowess– it was his mind. His ability to strategize and bring others together and inspire loyalty. The clones have to have Shiro’s memories, his experience, to be effective.

So, Real Shiro’s brain transplant has been broadcasting Shiro’s memories to Clone Shiro. Clone Shiro has been asleep for a while until he’s ‘caught up’ on everything (which takes a while, hence the long hair), and wakes up on the Galra ship he was made in with all of Real Shiro’s memories, hence the “weird headache.” His brain was just packed with tons of information.

Meanwhile, the fight against Zarkon likely shorted out Real Shiro’s brain transplant, which means that the latest memory Clone Shiro has access to is that fight. This explains why Clone Shiro doesn’t have memories from whatever Real Shiro’s off doing right now (again, I figure he’s probably going to run into the resistance and/or Matt soon). Clone Shiro thinks he just… ended up on a Galra ship somehow after the fight with Zarkon and that he has to get back to his team. So, he does. The Black Lion saves him because he feels like Shiro and, as he’s dying, connects with her through Real Shiro’s memories. But, once they get to him, something’s slightly off about him. Black is able to recognize this and rejects him as a pilot.

Clone Shiro, for his part, doesn’t even seem to know he’s a clone. Because he hasn’t been fully “activated” yet. 

Because the new Stage 3 of Operation Kuron is probably to get him close to Voltron before destroying it from the inside.


Magnus being very much not okay after what happened to him.


It was getting too long, I had to cut it, I’ll make 2 more parts on the Art tips!!

Have a super good day!! Hope it helps~~

*** Flipping your canvas on traditional media:  Look at your painting in the mirror, or turn your paper and put it against a light, to see the reverse image or take a pic of your drawing with your phone, and in the pic editor, just flip it~~

// part 1 // part 2 // part 3 //

mediabell  asked:

What if when Jeremy said that Lance was gonna die, he meant on the inside

You. I like you.

My theory, though, is that Jeremy was once again talking about something that happens later accidentally. I mean, he said that before we knew when/how long season 3 would be.

Maybe the moment Jeremy’s talking about actually takes place in season 4. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Every season we’re seeing more and more of Lance’s insecurities actually mentioned onscreen, and I personally think that it’s leading up to something.

Lance brought up to Keith that he thinks he should step aside, for the good of the team. Keith only tells him to ‘stop worrying’ about it. While this scene is adorable, in character, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it, that’s not going to fix Lance’s problem. I think what will probably happen is that Lance sacrifices himself/gets hurt protecting someone else on the team, and the resulting injury is going to be worse than anything we’ve seen on the show before. This will also be the moment that people realize how much they’ve been neglecting Lance, and just how valuable he is to the team. Especially Keith, who will remember that conversation and wish he had told Lance just how much he mattered then.

But that’s just my theory. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

GIF ^ of How I “recycle” photographs as backgrounds for my art! :)

(a reminder that I do not draw them! I mean you cannot think I am this good who do you think I am I’m just a mortal human)

First of all, I normally use images that are not copyrighted, if that’s the correct word. I look for them by searching some keywords in Google Image search (in this case, I googled “scottish highlands”), then clicking “Tools” below the search bar, going to “Usage rights,” and selecting “Labeled for reuse with modification” so that I know I’m 100% allowed to freely use any of the images that come up!

I usually blur images out, and since I don’t have Photoshop, I do that on GIMP, a basic free editing software. I select the Gaussian Blur filter and adjust how intense I want it to be :) (Also, the further a plane is, the more I blur it. So grass at the bottom of the frame is blurred the least, and the furthest mountains–the most)

The rest is done on Paint Tool SAI. I just play around with different colors, opacity levels, and layer modes to see what’d look nice!

It’s a fun process and it’s my preferred technique to compensate for my lack of enjoyment of and skill in actually drawing backgrounds myself! ^^ With all these filters added, the photograph turns into a completely different piece of art itself!