i didn't actually intend for him to be so pretty

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sorry tHIS IS A SPOILER FOR ANYONE ELSE // but what do you think of the theory that the "deku" he saw die in his foresight was actually Toga? as in she transformed into him using the minimal blood she had and then for whatever reason didn't make it? or that twice clones her after she's transformed so that its... a clone of deku not deku?? idk,, some neat-o theories and I wanted your opinion! ☆

That’s certainly plausible! But I feel like Horikoshi means to establish Deku as the one who can Bend The Future and overcome this fatalistic mindset that Nighteye is stuck in thanks to his quirk, thereby proving himself worthy to All-Might’s former sidekick.

Also I’m pretty sure Horikoshi intends to get a little more mileage out of Toga before she kicks it or gets arrested or however she ends up making her exit.

So far what I’m getting from this arc is that it has the following goals (besides the development of popular supporting characters like Kirishima and Mirio): letting Deku level up and establish himself as a budding symbol of insert-inspiring-buzzword-here, and letting the League of Villains assert themselves over villainous up-and-comers like Chisaki and maintain their status as biggest baddest threat to the peace.