i didn't actually have milk but it would have been a horrible choice

I'm A Slave For You

Based off of this prompt sent in to phanfic

I love Phil. I love everything about him. I love his smile and the way he looks at me when I’m the cause of it. I love his laugh and when he leans into me because he doesn’t have enough strength to stay sitting up. I love when he sticks his hands in the cereal box and walks around in mismatched socks leaving a sugary trail behind him as he moves and I love his morning hair when he sleeps in and his good morning kisses he gives me and the way his hands gently travel down my sides when we fully give ourselves to each other. There’s only one thing I don’t like and that’s when Phil is upset.

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Rika Furude had braved many hardships.

She had been orphaned at an early age, her father murdered in his own shrine and her mother vanishing, leaving only a note as proof she had ever been. She had watched her best friend suffer day in and day out, helped her to overcome the loss of her beloved brother, coaxed her back from a vegetative state – and that was before she had spent centuries watching the people she loved most gut one another over and over, leaving a trail of blood and broken bodies burned into her mind. With the help of her friends she had torn down fate itself and thrown it back in the face of the twisted trash who forged it. And that had only been the beginning. She had quit drinking, learned to tolerate Hanyuu, conquered the nightmares that had plagued her night after night, digging into her brain and tearing her apart – as far as anybody else knew, she no longer had them. There was nothing in the world Rika Furude couldn’t do.

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