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Hi can I ask the s/o trying to learn their native language but with the allies? Thank you so much for the great posts you guys make!

Aww, no problem!! We’re glad you guys enjoy our blog <3~! ~Admin Sarah and Jay

America: *chuckles nervously and rubs the back of his neck* “Do you want North, South, East or West? Every region has almost their own language…”
Alfred would be confused by their request at first…his native language? Did they mean Native like the tribes? Or native like English? Either way there were too many dialects or actual languages to pick from. Southerners sound very different from Northerners and the East Coast has an entirely different speech pattern from the West Coast.

England: “Alright…I guess I could teach you proper English.”
Arthur would do his best to teach his s/o his language…though he would always make little jabs at America, since he would always refer to his way of speaking as proper English. He would take it slow and make sure they understand some of the pitfalls of the language, like the verbs or homonyms (ex. their, there, they’re). Arthur would always ask if they had questions or needed him to clarify since he would know that English isn’t an easy language to learn.

France: “Oui..! I’d would love to teach you.”
Francis would love to teach his s/o how to speak proper French. He’d tease them playfully if they ever had a little slip-up, but he would think it’s adorable. He’d often speak French around the house so they learn his little phrases and what they mean.

Canada: “Huh..? I can try to help..but that depends..”
Matthew would be a little nervous for a few reasons…one of which being that Canada itself is a bilingual country..so he’d want to know whether they wanted to learn French or English..but also, French Canadian is different than the French you would hear in France…he’d hate to teach them what’s “improper”, but if they insisted, he wouldn’t mind.

Russia: “You are cute while trying!”
Ivan knows that Russian is an extremely hard language to learn, yet alone be fluent in. He would try and help his s/o out as much as he could, but would also give them a lot of credit for trying. He wouldn’t expect them to pick it up quickly, but would be proud every time they spoke back to him.

China: “I can teach you!”
Yao would love to teach his s/o his language, though he would want them to pick a dialect before starting his teaching. He would try to balance learning the spoken words with the characters and would devote as much time as they needed to each part. Yao would take it slow and make sure to explain everything, though he would be very pleased with any and all progress they make as they learn.  


I see people get upset about fictional characters and ships every day on this website and honestly I’ve been noticing something that hits way too close to home.

You remember that there’s a mindset that caused “neurotypical Karen” to translate to “It’s cool to refuse care for mental illnesses” right?

Well a common symptom of so many mental illnesses out there is the inability to differentiate what’s real and what’s not. I actually experienced this symptom myself when I was a teenager, and I tell you it’s not something you want to feed for too long. You become easier to take advantage of. You begin to get angrier at everything to the point where it becomes violent even! Along with that, you begin to disconnect from everything else in your life and develop an unhealthy addiction to whatever fandom you escape to. It’s AWFUL. And this is EXACTLY what I witness on Tumblr daily. Keep in mind that we’ve already had a full scale riot over a cartoon character’s love for a McDonald’s condiment.

I don’t want this trend to continue to the point where someone could be stabbed for playing a video game or watching a cartoon. If you feel like fiction has a lasting impact on the real world at all and feel yourself getting unreasonably angry over it, get professional help. Use your ability to control what you yourself consume if something in fictional media upsets you. I’ve been down this road and nearly ran off a cliff because of it; it’s not a road I wanna see others take as well. 💖

Skool Luv Affair Part 13

Pairings: Jikook, Yoonseok, Namjin

Words: 1212

Genre: Hogwarts!au, enemies to lovers

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11  Part 12 Read it on AO3

“– And then he asks me for my thoughts on the goblin revolution of 1689!” Jin exclaimed, throwing his hands into the air in exasperation. “All my efforts for nothing! He’s completely oblivious, Yoongi, I swear, I could kiss him and he’d probably still think I was just trying to be friendly,”

“Sounds very trying,” Yoongi said dryly. He’d already had almost thirty minutes of this and he had lost patience with it after the first five. Unfortunately, despite his many pointed remarks, Jin was too caught up in his dramatic retelling of the many ways in which Namjoon had apparently wronged him to take any notice and probably wouldn’t care if he did.

On better days, he didn’t much mind the elder, who just about fell into the category of people he could tolerate for reasonable amounts of time. He had so far managed to avoid having to spend extended periods of time in his company as he felt that their friendship would be all the better for it, seeing as there had to be a limit to his tolerance.

“He’s supposed to be a Ravenclaw for heaven’s sake! I mean of course he’s intelligent, absurdly so – did you know he’s teaching the alchemy N.E.W.T to himself? – but he totally lacks sense. I despair of him, I really do,”

“You don’t say?”

“Yoongi-yah, I sense a certain hint of annoyance in your tone,” He narrowed his eyes at the younger.

“My sincerest apologies, hyung,” He replied sounding about as sincere as a fox claiming it knew nothing about the suspicious destruction of a chicken coop. Perhaps he could bring himself to care more if he didn’t have his own friend zone problems with a certain Hufflepuff. Though he was nowhere near as oblivious as Namjoon, Yoongi was nowhere near as obvious as Jin. It was a problem.

“Do you care nothing for my woes?” Jin cried, addressing this angst ridden exclamation to the whole classroom in an overly loud voice.

It could sometimes really hard to tell if he was being ironic or just… Jin.

“Will you keep it down?” Ken hissed, “Some of us are trying to work! Nobody cares about your fucking woes, Kim,”

“Shut the fuck up, Ken,” Yoongi snapped at him, suddenly feeling protective of his friend, “The potion’s just brewing at the moment, it’s not like you even have to concentrate – hard as that is for you, I know. And if you haven’t got to that part then I’d focus a little more on your work and a little less on shit that doesn’t concern you, cool?”

The Gryffindor flipped him the finger but turned back to fussing over their cauldron, clearly worried he had messed up.

The little interruption had put a significant dent in Jin’s previously buoyant mood and he had gone from being dramatic and whiny to withdrawn and sullen, poking his wand at the flames under their cauldron despondently. For Yoongi, this was even worse than his usual tiring exuberance.

To most, the elder came across as confident (bordering on arrogant sometimes), outgoing and charming (basically flirtatious). His “haters” as he flippantly called them, considered him a little too self-obsessed, but as he put it if everyone thinks he’s gorgeous, why can’t he? Indeed, in terms of his appearance that confidence was very much genuine.

“Maybe he’s just pretending, he probably totally knows how obvious I’m being and isn’t interested,” Jin sighed, “Maybe he actually finds me annoying and he’s just too nice to say so,”

“With all respect, when it comes to emotional intelligence Namjoon’s as thick as a plank,” Yoongi said bluntly, earning himself a disapproving frown, “Well known fact,”

“Yeah, but he could still find me annoying,” He muttered, leaning his pretty face in the crook of his elbow, taking up even more room on their shared desk. His bloody shoulders – that he secretly envied, tell anyone and he’ll kill you – were the biggest problem in their customary partnership in potions classes, they always got in the way. Admittedly he made up for it by being able to reach all the ingredients stored on higher shelves, but still.

“Look, will you stop doing that? It’s at the perfect temperature, don’t meddle with it,” He grabbed his wrist to stop him poking at the fire yet again, “You’re gonna burn yourself, idiot,”

The elder complied with another morose sigh. This was why he hated a melancholy Seokjin – he was just so shit at trying to be nice to him. He reached out to awkwardly pat him on the vast expanse of shoulder and struggled to think of some comforting words.

“Honestly, if he really didn’t like you he wouldn’t make time for you at the expense of his work, you know how he is. Better than I do in fact,”

“You think so?” He looked a little hopeful.


“I guess you’re right,” He sat up straight, face shifting back to a happy smile. “I’ll just have to try harder!”

“That’s the spirit,” Yoongi rolled his eyes at the elder’s excitement when he was sure he wasn’t looking.

Just mother him to death, we all had to give into that eventually.

He had only really started being friends with Jin in fourth year, before which their paths had rarely crossed apart from the odd lesson that they shared. Of course, he had been aware of him, it was kind of hard not to be when he was so loud and outgoing and seemingly friends with everyone. He had been struggling a lot at the time, suffering from the sudden increase in the workload since they were beginning to learn for O.W.L.s and from the added burden of shitty sleep. Oh the joys of insomnia.

Jin could pick up bad coping mechanisms like a blood hound on a trail and having found out that he was extremely sleep deprived and subsisting almost entirely on a fun mixture of caffeine and self-loathing, made it his mission to intervene.

To say that his rather forceful involvement in his life didn’t go down well with Yoongi would be a massive understatement. After exhausting his (exhaustive) collection of curses, insults and rejections to no effect, he took to running away whenever the Gryffindor appeared, which was a weirdly frequent occasion. Eventually his legs went on strike and he gave in and endured the hard core mothering that ensued.

As it turned out, being constantly supplied with extra (well-cooked) food and assistance did wonders for his health and mental well-being. It was also Jin who fixed his sleep problem by dragging him – literally – to the infirmary and holding him captive there until he acquiesced to a potion to correct his fucked up sleep cycle.

So, yeah, he would say he was secretly quite fond of Jin, even if he did tend to avoid spending long periods of time with him. He probably did that to everyone.

“Ok, I’ve got it! I’m going to pretend I’m failing Transfiguration so that he’ll tutor me in it,” Jin announced with a satisfied grin.

“That’s your best subject,” Yoongi pointed out.

“I know, that way I can say his amazing tutoring made me good at it! Isn’t that a wonderful plan?”

He took it back, Jin was a fucking idiot.


Did they ship you in from Thailand?
Perhaps, aboard a cargo ship stored and housed with a million and one of you.
Did they teach you how to walk and talk and to act and do what others do,
without programming a mind for you?

Am I asking you too much now?
Or could it be that you’re intimidated by my differences,
or the complex mind that I won’t allow you to invade?

Will you try to change me like you’ve done the world?
Will you try to break me as you’ve done so many cultures?

Did you fly in on a cubic space ship with your brothers of cyborgs,
abducting and destroying everything in your way?
Should I abandon my style and join yours,
full of Louis Viton, Coaches, cell phones and other things of uselessness?

Should I try to be popular,
so that everyone can l-o-v-e me?
Or should I be more agreeable and less difficult?
By this you mean I should conform as you.
So, I’ll leave you with your pompous stance and intolerable arrogance,
because I can’t comprehend your acts of assimilation.

L. M. Stephens

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Don't Jews avoid pork? Viktor eats katsudon in canon

Orthodx Jewish people* tend to avoid many things if they keep kosher. In my headcanon is that Viktor is more secular. Many Jewish people feel close to the holidays, mythology and culture - but not so much the faith part of it. I didn’t think too deeply about Viktor’s faith in god. I just know that he has a family now. He has people to spend holidays with. He can finally stop running after gold medals and breathe. In my post-canon verse, he’s going to make use of it.
So about Viktor eating pork and seafood - I’m not bothered at all. Many do that.
*I grew up orthodox and I didn’t want to speak for any other movement. I did not mean to exclude them as valid ways to be properly Jewish.


So I went through all my books this morning and did like, triage where I picked out the ones that are short and I could possibly finish in a sitting or two, verus the longer ones. These two piles are the result, and holy fuck I have way too many books checked out why am I like this??

Date a boy who...
  • Looks at you like you put the moon, sun and the rest of the starts on the sky- 

-even when you are not there

  • Decides to be goofey with you
  • Seems to drift close to you because you make him comfortable
  • Is there to offer you help and at the same time respects your boudaries- 

-and decisions

  • Would fight tooth and nail for you when you are vulnerable
  • Will never give you his back and instead receive you with a hug
  • Trusts your abilities no matter what
  • Will open up to you on his moments of weakness because he trusts you
  • Who will be there to have your back even on the moments you are doubting of yourself
  • Date…. Shiro

Date Takashi Shirogane


abort mission!!

Reasons to watch The Get Down

- Set in the 70’s, we all love vintage aesthetic

- Characters of color that are not only amazing and talented but complex and flawed without being demonized

- Friendships between young characters that are entertaining, supportive and dont rely on putting each other down for the sake of laughs

- Talks about racial and political issues and how they affect poor people (esp poc) really respectfully from many perspectives of many characters

- Music, art, poetry play big parts on this, its all about how these things help the characters (young poc) express themselves and inspire them to become better and reach for bigger things

- Treats abusive relationships (both familiar and romantic) realistically

- LGBT and drag culture represented realistically without being demonized or treated as a joke (also one of the characters may be part of the comunity)

- Young characters are allowed to be young and discover new things and themselves and make mistakes without being portrayed negatively, just as people making mistakes

- Talks about the life poor poc and the struggles they live with as marginalized groups, makes important statements about race and politics, shows the importance of young people and how they express themselves, with beautiful cinematography, aesthetics, soundtrack and an amazing and talented cast and it does it all in only 8 chapters and it could do more if it gets more attention and love

When making your brother an ARMY backfires …

Me: Mom, after the divorce, when you leave Dad, you don’t plan on staying single forever, do you?

Mom: I’ve never thought about it, why?

Me: Well, there’s this guy. A Korean guy.

Mom: A Korean guy?

Me: Yeah, can I set you up with him?

Mom: Uh, how on Earth did you get in contact with a Korean man? We live in South-Asia.

Me: I have my ways.

Mom: I need details.

Me: Well, he’s 45 years old, you’re 40. It could work out.

Mom: Name?

Me: Bang Shi Hyuk.

Mom: Anything else? Has he been married before?

Me: Nope. He has seven sons, though.


Me: No, they’re all older than me. And very well-behaved, too. Like they’ll take care of you. Not the other way around.

My brother *walking into the room*: One of them wrote a song with the lyrics, ‘I’m a master, baby, with your bra.’


My brother: And if you think they’re brothers, it’s anything but that. Incest left and right.

Mom: What kind of nonsense-

My brother: Oh and one wants to be Sex Porn Star.

Me *shoving hand over my asshole of a brother’s mouth* It’s not like that. They’re really nice. They do their homework-

My brother: Their youngest failed his English exam.

Me: They’re modest-

My brother: Their computers get invested with viruses because they watch too much porn.

Me: They go to bed on time-

My brother: Two of them play videogames until five in the morning.

Me: They’re down to earth.

My brother: Their eldest thinks he’s worldwide handsome and once said his own mother cried when he was born because she could never be as beautiful as him.

Me: They’ll help you with the house chores-

My brother: One of them said he wants to be a rock in his next life so he could sleep and not do work.

Me: They’re very quiet and not noisy like-

My brother: They scream on the top of their lungs when they’re excited no matter what the setting.

Me: They’re super smart-

My brother: Once, during this interview, they were asked what their favourite American food was and one of them said Sprite. No joke.

Me: They dress well-

My brother: Did I mention this really short one stripped down at an award show to flash his abs?

Me: Mom, don’t listen to him! You’ll inherit a company-

My brother *snorting*: Yeah, a company that doesn’t equally distribute lines.

Mom: Get out of my room.

Mom: Get out of my room, right now.

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Mavis sitting on zeref's head while hes trying to run away from a puppy?

Not exactly what you meant, but I like the idea of those two just running away from cute creatures before they drop dead


Oakmere Manor: Sandy’s Simblreen Special

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Ground control to Captain Andor, AKA the Rebelcaptain Astronaut AU no one ever asked me to make

The year is 2032. It’s the end of construction to extend the International Space Station with a top-of-the-line rotating habitat, bringing the old station into the new age of space travel. Captain Cassian Andor has been on a solo mission to the ISS to install the Key To Station Operations, an AI more commonly known as K-2SO, whose job it is to manage the newly expanded station, as well as assist the crew when necessary, enabling the entire station to be run by only one crew-member at a time. 

To put the new features to the test, Cassian is to leave the station in the hands of Jyn Erso, a British astronaut send in from the ESA. She arrives two days before Cassian’s planned departure to earth, and the widely different pair take an immediate dislike to each other.

Unfortunately for them both (or perhaps fortunately), due to a critical error in K’s programming, he accidentally ejects Cassian’s return pod five hours too soon. The capsule is sent floating off into space unmanned, and Cassian is stuck on the ISS with Jyn. His only option is to wait out Jyn’s two-month mission and take the planned descend back down with her. Suddenly, they need to somehow find a way to get along for a total of 64 days.

There’s room enough on the station for them to avoid each other most of the time, but for some reason they never do; instead they get in each other’s space, his hand on her elbow when he drifts by her, her eyes always finding his as the first thing when she enters a room. Cassian isn’t sure when the feel of her loose hair tickling his throat as she floats by stopped bothering him. Sometimes he’s not even sure if it ever really bothered him at all. Jyn doesn’t remember when she started thinking of Cassian’s discarded jackets left in her workspace as an annoyance and started seeing them as signs of the kind of life she tried to leave behind on earth, but now longs for.

Without realising it, they’ve both started closely orbiting each other as surely as the station itself is orbiting the earth.

By day 17, they’ve both privately begun to understand that maybe they aren’t as different from the other as they first thought. By day 34 nothing’s been done about it, but even two people as repressed as Jyn and Cassian will have to snap at some point when pushed together in such close quarters…

Thor: Ragnarok Impressions

I really liked Thor: Ragnarok. I’ll put my cards on the table: I am probably going to like movies in this shared Marvel universe more than the average bear. It seems that the more pissed I get at Marvel as a whole (a long story), the better their movies get. 2017 dropped three of my favorites, as well as a non-MCU bonus in the form of Logan. I’m a happy nerd.

I also don’t really want to go over the high points again. Every nerd and critic has already done that. So instead, I decided to share a handful of entirely personal thoughts I had about the movie during and after. Here goes.

Chris Hemsworth did not just become funny
Inexplicably, I’ve heard a lot of chatter that Thor is finally funny in Ragnarok. I’m wondering where these people have been for the rest of the films, or for Chris Hemsworth’s career. Thor has been the most comedically versatile regular character in the MCU for a while. Yes, more so than Iron Man, who rarely veers from his arrogant-playboy routine, and more so than Cap, who relies on his man-out-of-time shtick for laughs. He’s even funnier than any of the Guardians. All of those characters are entertaining and play off each other well, but Hemsworth can do it all himself. He’s able to simultaneously make Thor a lovable lug and poke fun at his tough guy image. It isn’t that he becomes funny in Ragnarok, it’s that Taika Waititi takes off the cuffs and allows him free rein.

Did they just actually move Loki’s character forward?
Tom Hiddleston has always been a gift to the MCU. For one thing, no two actors in the franchise play off each other as well as Hemsworth and Hiddleston. For another, he somehow makes the “Snake” character work. Most of the time, when someone continually changes sides (Miles Teller in the Divergent series, for instance), you wonder why the other characters don’t just off them and get it over with. By comparison, Marvel has done an excellent job over multiple directors of maintaining Loki’s character and relationship to Thor in ways that let us see why the God of Thunder keeps the God of Mischief around.
In this particular movie, Loki is literally given the task of destroying Asgard to stop Hela, and seems to have mended his relationship with his brother. But…did he take the Cosmic Cube at the end? Of course he did. Not only can I see no other way he could have gotten onto the ship to escape, but it actually makes sense. Otherwise, the Infinity Stone inside would have been left adrift at the site where the world it was known to be on just exploded, for anyone to amble along and pick up. That may not be Loki’s motivation, but Thanos did promise to hunt him down if he didn’t bring him the Cube. And according to descriptions of the unreleased Infinity War trailer shown at Disney’s D23 event, one scene pictures a kneeling Loki…handing Thanos the cube.
If you think Loki’s constant betrayals are getting old, there’s another wrinkle: perhaps he agreed to serve Thanos again in order to spare the survivors of Asgard.

The movie definitely delivered on the title
Going in, I did not expect the film would follow the comics, in which, last I read, Ragnarok really happened and Asgard as we knew it was destroyed. In fact, the movie followed that pretty closely, with the exception of Loki not being the one to initiate the apocalypse. Asgard is gone, and Thor is getting ready to re-home his people on earth, similar to the comics Thor. This seems like a pretty bold move for the movies, but really, the Thor series and character were too tethered to Asgard, in many ways. Ragnarok was obviously meant as a clear break with the dour and serious tone of the previous Thor movies, and severing the character’s ties to Asgard was a necessary step. Also, I know critics aren’t supposed to like final battles, but that one was pretty epic. I don’t recall a giant green monster fighting Fenrir in the original myths.

Throwing the cast together really works
There’s not much to elaborate on here. Tessa Thompson kicks major ass and is mercifully not set up much as a love interest. Loki and Thor work as well as they always do. The Hulk and Banner fit surprisingly well, with Mark Ruffalo playing off the proceeding as himself as well as he does when he’s CGi-ed up. Karl Urban seems to have had a lot of scenes cut behind those meaningful looks, but his role works fairly well. Idris Elba’s Heimdall finally gets more to do than stand there looking serious, and it’s about damn time. Several movies could easily be made out of this group. Even Benedict Cumberbatch’s brief appearance as Doctor Strange is fun. The only letdown is no appearance by Jamie Alexander’s Sif. It would have been great to see her and Valkyrie get into a drunken arm-wrestling match. I also need to mention that Thompson’s inclusion pisses off racists, which is awesome.

Marvel’s villains keep improving
I’ve never been on the all-Marvel’s-villains-suck bandwagon, but there’s no question 2017 has seen their best ones yet. The Vulture from Spider-Man still takes the prize, but Cate Blanchett’s Hela is deliciously dark, and Jeff Goldblum’s deliciously devious Grandmaster is a treat. It’s honestly hard for me to see how Thanos could top any of 2017’s baddies.

Taika Waititi!
He can do no wrong. Everybody run out and see Hunt for the Wilderpeople and What We Do in the Shadows, right now. I wouldn’t whine if they had him back for the next film.