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Papyrus, of course, is a very fashionable skeleton who also seems to be quite proud of the fact he is a skeleton, so finding there are all kinds of clothes and styles on the surface that incorporate skeletal motifs is pretty exciting to him. It’s possibly what gets him to change out of his battle body, tbh…

This is Papyrus’ outfit in the current chapter of Unexpected Guests! I couldn’t figure out how to make a glittery skull decal work easily in the comic’s format, so you’ll just have to imagine it’s there. =u=;

The verdict: I did not want PINOF to end. Give me the bloops or give me death

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man i really want to text my ex because last time we saw eachother he kissed me (or i kissed him idk it was grabby) and he said to call if i ever needed anyone to talk to but like the reason i broke up with him was so he wouldnt have to deal with my never ending storm of bullshit (does that make sense? like hes the only person i want to talk to)

im not sure what you mean by bullshit but uhhh, i guess you can contact him?? to talk things out??? buddy are you sure you wanted to let him go in the first place??


Everything I do I’ll do next to you

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So, would it be possible to hold long complicated legal cases while nude in the sauna? Cause that sounds like a pretty sweet weekend.

well apperntly to swedish politicans the answer to this is yes.

like here, in 1977, while having a offical state visit from Mozambique’s President between 1975 -1986, Samora Machel.

[screenshot from “Sweden and National Liberation in Southern Africa, Volume 2″ by Tor Sellström]

talking about options to stay out of the cold war with the leader of a recently Independent nation? Have that discussion in the Sauna!

(they are most likely discussing the topic of option to keep out of the cold war during that state visit. swedish politicans back then had the idea that forging alliances with the states that were getting free from colonial rule, would protect both sweden and the countries we allied with against the influence of both Soviet and USA in the cold war. the idea were with hindsight, mostly a failure. but that were the idea anyway. so that why the are using a sauna togheter up there).

this was the easist example I could find on the web, but like, do swedish politican ever sauna ALOT through history, and make important agreements while doing so. and they are mostly, like in the example, in someones summer house.

this custom has btw been critized as a way to hold the female parliementarians outside important political descisions, because the male politicans can then always say: “but we just did not invite you, because we did not believe you wanted to be nude with us! Not because we wanted to exlude you!”

i have vague memories of this being such a topic back in like… the early 2000s.

furthermore! sometimes, they actually do not make the REAL decision in the sauna itself, but saying so to swedish journalists makes a good story, which the journalists LOVE and i really mean LOVE to repeat non-stop.

so! too answer your question

yes you can hold complicated legal cases while nude in sauna. swedish politicans appear to do just that all the time. perhaps though, i would not rec to have it has the very foundation of the parliementarian work. this can lead to complaints.

Sauna just the right amount while doing politics!

a little something for my fav thirsty adc~ @claw-queen-of-trash

Prettier When You’re Broken: Part 3 [Darkiplier x Reader]

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A/N: Welp. This chapter turned into a mess. I mean, it was always gonna be a hot mess from the start, but it went unexpected directions. I think it turned out better for it, though. At first I wasn’t even going to have this as part of the main ‘storyline’ (implying I ever had a story or plan in mind to start with, hah), since it was just an excuse for make-outs. But I like that through this thoroughly ridiculous incident Dark actually ended up kind of  coming to respect the reader character a little more. That’s good progression. Right? >>

Content warnings: surprisingly, not many in this chapter. Alcohol use, but that’s about it. This chapter was more my self-indulgent excuse to throw a few kisses in there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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My kid is taking his driver’s test today.

They stopped at Taco Bell for lunch in the city.  

I’m a horrible mother with a Caramel Apple Empanada Problem. lol.

I was fine and then I started imagining the last scene in the series as a scene where Bellamy and Clarke are on a hill staring off at the sunset watching their kids and their friends play a game of tag down below, wrapped in each others arms and him asking ‘what now, princess?’ and her answering 'whatever the hell we want’ as she snuggles into his side and he kisses her forehead and it pans off and they’re both smiling and hapPY AND NOW I AM NOT FINE. I’M NOT FINE AT ALL DAMN IT

Daddy - Castiel x Candy NSFW

Today’s selected request is:

I wish I knew what emoji that little box was. According to google (i copied and pasted the box) it’s a wilted flower. Whether or not that’s true: I do not know.

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the little SHADOW NECKS!!!! this was the first drawing i ever did with them after seeing someone [i cannot for the LIFE of me remember who it was but shoutout to them] draw lil shadow necks

i STILL do the fine black diagonal shadow necks to this day!! and it started w/ this totally uncompleted doodle of the signature gays

and i was SUPER proud of this like. unbelievably overjoyed about the shadow necks i was like ‘wow! this is…….what i need to do from now on’ and i did!

+ vvv recent doodle examples w/ shadow necks

Honestly one thing Papa Tyler must’ve genetically passed down to me is the habit of making encouraging posts for other people who have problems similar to my own instead of like… actually addressing said problems