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The land of the samurai. There was a time, long ago, when our country was called by that name. Those dream-filled blue skies upon which the samurai once gazed, are now filled with ships from strange worlds. The towns where the samurai once proundly walked are now filled with swaggering, arrogant aliens.

Around the World in 8 Days Challenge

Day 8: Canada

Makes my pulse react….

Jake and Amy have a housewarming party, Rosa is stressed, and Ben Wyatt is quoted.

It was the second time in less than three months that Rosa Diaz has found herself in the waiting room of a hospital, and frankly, she was getting quite tired of it.

(Granted, this time she wasn’t there because one of her best friends and possibly the love of her life was just hit by a goddamn bus and was barely holding on, but that didn’t make this trip any more pleasant.)

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Okay, personally I don’t have a set headcanon on whether Will is straight, gay, bi, ace, demi, pan etc. and I’d be chill if Duffer brothers made any of those sexualities canon for Will.  If I had to pick, I’d say he’s probably gay but really I don’t see the need to call it.

But a lot of people that I’ve seen (not necessarily on here, I’ve actually seen it more in other places) are pretty adamant about Will’s sexuality being one thing.  I’ve seen people insisting that he’s straight and arguing that he was only called gay because it could be used as an insult.  I’ve seen people insisting that he’s gay and arguing that it’s never denied by any of his close friends/family.  

Because people feel so strongly about this and because there is so much homophobia in the world today I know this is kind of a sensitive topic, but can I suggest something?  Can we appreciate the character of sweet, artistic and resilient Will Byers before we get into arguments over his sexuality?  Can we love his character because he’s a peace-maker that tells the truth before he love him because he’s gay or because he’s straight or because he identifies with any other sexuality?

[Photo: Me wearing a blue hat with a purple arrow knit in.]

First time trying out colorwork and it went okay! This is using a kinda Fair Isle technique that I bullshitted the pattern for. The hat as a whole is a weird size because I used the wrong gauge needle and ran out of yarn.

Got a good plan for the Doomtree pattern Imma try to do for my brother’s birthday though!

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Name: Ari

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Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5′8″ (~173cm)

Ethnicity: Half Taiwanese, quarter Serbian, quarter Norwegian

Favorite Fruit: White peaches/nectarines, tangerines, watermelon

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Book: Maggie Stiefvater owns my soul (The Scorpio Races)

Favorite Flower: Roses? I don’t know much about flowers

Favorite Scent: Citrus scents

Favorite Animal: Foxes and wolves

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Hot Chocolate and coffee

Cat or Dog person: D O G S

Dream Trip:  Oh man, I don’t know… I’d love to go back to see more of France and Japan (hopefully with less of a language barrier lol)

Blog Created: Late 2014 I think

Number of Followers: Almost 500 (trying to think up another milestone special to do when I hit it \o/)

What Do I Post About: Miraculous Ladybug primarily ;v; I’m into a lot of anime and manga, and a handful of cartoons too, most of which I plan to list in the About Page that I’m still working on

Do I Get Asks On Regular Basis: No ;~; plz ask me things I love talking

Aesthetic: Cool pastels, art, the occasional meme; a lot of things, really

Favorite Band/Artist: Ingrid Michaelson and Priscilla Ahn right now

Fictional Characters I’d Date: None bc that’s fuckin’ weird lmao

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

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Log Day 98 (Thursday, October 1, 1925)

The Christophers are arguing, and I’ve been strictly warned by Shader to stay out of it. Joshua is angry that Chrono failed to protect Rosette, and that she made the contract with Chrono. Rosette is angry because Joshua is angry about Chrono. She’s also angry because Joshua appeared to defend my actions.

(He hadn’t, really. He attempted to mediate between myself and Rosette while we were arguing. She took the attempt badly, and they started arguing. When I attempted to intervene Joshua took it badly, and Rosette took it even worse because Joshua said, “Master, go away, let me handle this.” So I left to Rosette screaming at Joshua about not needing to be handled and that Joshua wasn’t my slave.)

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