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Red Velvet reaction » Kiss series

» reaction: Red Velvet reaction to shut up kiss (done), good morning/night kiss, french kiss and biting their lip during a make out

» genre: Fluff, angst

» author note: First part of the Red Velvet version is here! I really hope you enjoy it, dear.

» requested by: @yuryboy79

» gifs not mine, credit belongs to the owners

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I think she would be very neutral when it came to you kissing her to shut her up. She would get slightly irritated when you did it during a serious conversation, but other than that, she wouldn´t care.

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She would be confused more than anything. It would take her a while to figure out why you silenced her with a kiss, and her final reaction would depend on the situation the two of you were in. 

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I can see Seung Wan becoming very flustered. She would start stuttering and try to hide her reddening cheeks from you. She´d hit your arm lightly, playfully scolding you.

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Much like Joo Hyun, she wouldn´t really mind. Unless it happened during a heated argument, Soo Young would simply brush it off with a laugh and continue in her rambling just to tease you. 

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With Ye Rim, it would mostly depend on her mood. As a teenager, mood swings are not an unusual thing in her day. If she was already agitated, the kiss would only make things worse. 

It’s been a year and half and I still have not seen anyone at all talk about the fact that Luke sewed his cloak onto his robes

like?? do you see this???

what’s the point of that??

was he afraid of losing it like Obi-Wan lost all of his?/

why did the costume department find this necessary??

I have so many questions

  • Dooku: You did not seriously think that a former Tatooine slave could contend with the will of Sidious? There are none who can. Against the power of the dark side there can be no victory. We must join with him, Obi-Wan. We must join with Sidious. It would be wise, my friend.
  • Obi-Wan: Tell me, "friend", when did Count Dooku abandon reason for madness?
  • Dooku: I gave you the chance of aiding me willingly. But you have elected the way of pain! Friendship with Dooku is not lightly thrown aside. One ill turn deserves another. It is over! Embrace the power of the dark side… or embrace your own destruction!
  • Obi-Wan: There is only one Lord of the Sith! Only one who can bend the Force to his will. And he does not share power!
  • Dooku: So you have chosen death.

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Hi I've been scrolling for 28 years and I still can't find what everyone is talking about. Bangladesh? What happened I was off Tumblr today. Help Obi-Wan your my only hope

your bangladesh thing in there is cracking me up, i’m sorry.  i’m guessing that was autocorreect lolll anyway, i wasn’t really on today either, but i did see louis made some comments on a kappa IG post earlier (i think it was kappa?) and that’s all i knew of other than some social media posts by niall and liam, but then….

and everyone was like what the fuck.  and then…

so then we were like, a: DO YOU SEE THE SCREENNAME HE REPLIED TO??? and b: okay what kind of industry shit, why is this being taken to twitter, what’s gonna go down, lemme get my popcorn popped so i’m ready to watch, yeah?  and then…

OKAY I’VE GOT MY BOXING GLOVES WHO WE GOING AFTER? and then he liked this tweet…

which, yeah, i’m still riled!  tell me where i’ve gotta go!  but then he did a 180 and…

really?  liam gallagher?  what the fuck?  AND THEN


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anyway.  that’s what you’ve missed on glee.  so far.  fucker.


I’M CRYING RIGHT NOW.  We all know that Pablo Hidalgo tweet about how George said Anakin had “help from the other side” to become a Force Ghost without training, which was obviously referring to Obi-Wan.  Because Obi-Wan loved Anakin always, no matter what he did, Obi-Wan loved him.  Even after the death of the Jedi and the children, even after all the monstrous things Vader did, OBI-WAN KENOBI LOVED ANAKIN SKYWALKER.  LOVED HIM ENOUGH TO BRING HIM HOME.


Yoda’s reaction to seeing Anakin Skywalker again:

He actually smiles wider, he’s happy to see Anakin returned from the dark!

Then Obi-Wan puts a hand on Yoda’s shoulder and he turns to look at Obi-Wan and gives him THIS LOOK:




We know Leia was able to remember some very strong aspects of her mother despite only seeing her for a few seconds as a newborn (which I am 100% going to attribute to Force-sensitivity). She was able to recognize that Padme was both sad and kind, and retain that memory growing up.

And I think this explains perfectly why Luke is so willing to trust the “strange old hermit” of the desert so quickly and so fully.

From the comics, we know that Owen made sure Obi-Wan kept his distance over the years, and the times Obi-Wan was around to put his neck on the line for the boy, he did it out of Luke’s sight. As far as we know, Luke never knew how much he owed old Ben Kenobi.

But if Leia was able to know that her mother was sad and kind from only one look as a newborn, then surely Luke was able to know something about Obi-Wan in the time it took the Jedi to deliver him to his family.

Surely he was able to know that old Ben was someone worth trusting.

And I wonder if, whenever he thought of what his father might have looked like, he held an image of a sad, but kind, ginger-haired man in a worn, hooded robe.

ngl I am low-key worried about Rogue One, but only because my boy Darth Vader is in it, and idk what incarnation of Vader they are going to use.

Filoni!Vader: yEAHHHHHHH!!! i am PUMPED to be on the DARK SIDE man I LOVE KILLING REBELS! *flies a tie-fighter with the Force so his cape can billow while he stands menacingly under a spotlight* I’m angry all of the time and I’m like OBSESSED with killing Obi-Wan! *chugs a Red Bull through his vents* WHO WANTS TO GO NEXT?

Lucas!Vader: high-key wanna die if any of you rebels could do that for me i’d appreciate it. *slaughters thousands of rebels effortlessly* come on man did you even try. damn this self-preservation instinct of mine. *sees obi-wan* HELL YEAH I’M GONNA DIE I CAN’T WAIT! *kills obi-wan in one swing* what.

Comics!Vader: *doesn’t say anything, but if he does it’s going to be one badass line like “ALL I’M SURROUNDED BY IS FEAR AND DEAD MEN”* *has a lot of flashbacks to the time when he had hair* *is sad a lot* *surrounded by quirky fun characters because this is anakin skywalker we are talking about*

These New Jedi Don’t Know Anything

Force Ghost Anakin: [sprawled out across Obi-Wan’s lap, half asleep, watching a blaringly-loud soap opera] Oh man, those two are so hooking up this week.
Force Ghost Obi-Wan: [sitting on Luke’s sofa, petting Anakin’s hair, wearing reading glasses and not looking up from reading a book called Betrayal: True Stories of Fallen Apprentices] Uh huh. 
Force Ghost Yoda: [floating on a nearby throw pillow, knitting] Liked the second season better, I did. 
Anakin: Yeah, it’s kind of jumped the shark, but I still have to see what happens with my OTP. 
Luke: [meditating, cracking one eye open] Guys, can you keep it down? I’m trying to commune with the Force. 
Anakin: We are the Force. 
Luke: No, dad, I mean the – [stops, looks around] 
[everyone snaps to attention] 
Obi-Wan: [removing his glasses] What was that?
Luke: [closing his eyes again] I…I think someone’s coming. A girl! 
Yoda: A new Jedi, you think?
Luke: Yeah…whoever it is, they definitely have the Force with them. 
Anakin: Well…go out there! Introduce yourself!
Luke: Should I…should I do something?
Obi-Wan: Are there any cliffs with good lighting you could stand on?
Anakin: [peering out the window] What’s the wind situation like out there?
Yoda: A robe, he needs, for drama. 
Obi-Wan: [putting one on Luke] Yes, it would never do to go out there without one…
Anakin: So what’s your plan, son?
Luke: Uh…say “hello, my name is Luke”?
[Anakin, Obi-Wan and Yoda look at each other uneasily] 
Obi-Wan: [dismayed] …”hello, my name is Luke”?
Luke: Well, I should greet her, right? I mean, what are you guys suggesting? I just put a hooded cape on and stand outside silently in the wind like a weirdo? And then, what? Dramatically un-hood myself while my hair blows around while remaining totally wordless? Heh…that…that would be…
[The Force Ghosts side-eye him]
Luke: O-OK, you guys know best. [puts his hood on] Well, wish me luck. [he goes outside to meet Rey] 
Obi-Wan: [annoyed] You see what happens when I’m not allowed to train someone until they’re an adult? Those are basic Jedi presentation skills! 
Yoda: A shame, it is. 
Anakin: [nodding solemnly] Really. I love the kid, but that is disappointing. 

The Friendly Wager (Part 6)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,608 (went really overboard)

Warnings: language, lots of bad language, fluff, sarcasm, drinking, implied drunkenness, angst, regret, hangover, confrontation, stupid feelings are stupid yeah?

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?

Second to last part! Tags are closed. I loved all your messages so much!

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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Life Without You

Part Two


It was odd, really. He pretended that you meant nothing to him, like he’s never met you before. He gave you that warm smile, introducing himself, saying it was a pleasure to meet you. You would think that he would at least show some kind of emotion. Sadness, hurt, joy, anything. His lack of emotion was getting on your nerves.

Maybe he forgot who you were. No, no that couldn’t be it. He knew exactly who you were and what he was doing to you. The question is, why? Why is he torturing you? Did it give him some kind of sick pleasure?

Then it happened.

You didn’t expect it, at all. Your heart breaking into smaller pieces. This is my girlfriend, Megan. Megan, this is (Y/N), an old friend. An old friend? Is that all you were to him? You looked over at her, instantly regretting it. She was perfect, much skinnier than you, taller, prettier, absolutely stunning. Of course Harry would fall for someone as amazing as her and not you. You were boring, nothing unique. It hurt much more than you’d ever admit.

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A New Strategy

Anakin’s Force Ghost: [appearing in front of Kylo Ren] 
Kylo: Wh – grandfa– it’s – 
Anakin: WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?! HMM? Do you know what this has done to me? And your uncle? [getting in his face] AND YOUR MOTHER?! And then there’s what you did to – 
Kylo: …what? [sizes Anakin up] Oh, I see. So you’ve become a traitor in your afterlife. How…disappointing. I guess I really will have to finish what you started. 
Anakin: [stammering, furious] Tra-TRAITOR?! ME? [rolls up sleeves] OK, that’s it, I know I SAID I was done kicking people’s asses but this is – 
Obi-Wan: [holding up a hand] Perhaps I can be of assistance here. [to Kylo] May we talk? Ben to, uh, Ben?
Anakin: Obi-Wan please, we’ve been through this, you’re not going to be able to convince him to – 
Kylo: [smirking] Well well well, look who’s here. Grandpa brought his Jedi boyfriend.
Obi-Wan: I just wanted to say that I think…I think you should stay on the Dark Side, really.
Anakin: WHAT?!
Obi-Wan: Now hear me out, Anakin: it’s not like the young man has many people who even especially want him back on the light side, really, save for his mother perhaps. His uncle’s mostly given up on the Jedi…
Kylo: Pfft
Obi-Wan: …and I’m sure he has plenty of close friends here in the First Order who’d fight to keep him here, making our job that much harder. 
[Hux walks by, smacks Kylo in the head with a notebook]
Hux: [over his shoulder] Fuck you, Ren! 
Kylo: [rolls eyes] Whatever
Obi-Wan: …and it’s not like you or I want to talk to him, Anakin, so really, we may as well just give up – this is the best path for all concerned. [speaking deliberately] Really, if he showed up on the light side again I’d be furious at this point, given all he’s done. It would be far too much work for me. 
Kylo: [warily] Oh, really? You’d be furious. 
Obi-Wan: Yes. It would be awful to have to deal with rehabilitating yet another Skywalker. I, Obi-Wan Kenobi, absolutely do not think you should turn back to the Light Side. In fact, as a Jedi Master I…forbid you from turning back to the Light Side. 
Anakin: [pulling Obi-Wan aside, whispering harshly] Obi-Wan what in the absolute Sith hells are you do – 
Kylo: [sarcastic laugh] You think…you think YOU can tell ME what to do, old man? I don’t have to listen to you! If I wanna wear this cool black cape, I will! If I wanna give myself a badass Darksider name, then I will! And if I wanna go back to the light side, well, then you’ll just have to live with that too, Kenobi. 
Anakin: [jaw drops]
Obi-Wan: [mildly] Well I am only a ghost now, so I suppose I would have to accept it, even though it would be terribly insubordinate of you and I would be very upset indeed. 
Kylo: [grabbing his stuff] I’ll show you, Kenobi. I’ll SHOW YOU. You’re not in charge of me! [to Anakin] Let’s go find my mom. 
Anakin: [agape] I…
Obi-Wan: [cracks knuckles] Very well then. [sotto voce] Should have tried that one sooner. 

(You know that Kylo probably figures out that he’s been had halfway back to Leia’s place, but they came so close to pulling it off. Kenobi’s just going to have to be slightly more subtle next time.) ;) 

Friends Part 3

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1790

Warnings: Fluffy so much fluffy

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing. 

credits to the gif owner

Part 1 Part 2

You have been waiting in the parking lot in the car for the past 15 minutes, in 5 minutes Dan will arrive for your date and you don’t know if you’re ready for it. Sure, Dan was a great guy, he was nice and funny and polite. But there is a part of you that is hearing Bucky’s words in your brain over and over again and as much as you try you can’t silence it.

You hate how insecure you feel right now, what if Bucky was right and Dan was using you for some ulterior motive? Or if Dan was drunk and regretted asking  you for this date? You try to calm yourself down, thinking about all the possibilities in the worst case scenario “You went to another failed date and you had an overpriced cup of coffee” you think.

You get out of the car when you see Daniel coming down the street “You look beautiful.” He says you can’t help but blush, you are wearing some jeans, with a white shirt and flats. Nothing that deserves such a compliment “You look nice too, black really make your eyes pop.”  He smiles shyly at you, having almost the same reaction as you with the complement.

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Harry Styles - Abusive Ex Imagine

[Hope you like it! ]

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Family Dinner

[Obi-Wan and Anakin’s Force Ghosts, and Old Luke with Rey at Luke’s little hermit dining table. An awkward silence has set in.]

Rey: [nervously darting her eyes back and forth between parties as she eats] So…the Force, huh? It’s…something. I’m a fan. Personally. From what I’ve seen. 
Anakin: [bitterly] Well! At least someone is.
Luke: [rolling his eyes] …just say it, dad. 
Anakin: [irritated] Whatever do you mean, son?
Luke: Look you were never that big of a fan of the Jedi, either! Need I remind you? 
Anakin: I DIED to destroy the Sith! Yes: the Jedi were kind of a bunch of dicks sometimes, but you know what? I really liked some of those dicks! 

[Rey and Obi-Wan’s eyes widen] 

Anakin: [continuing] And I have lived on both sides of the fence, son, and let me tell you: the Dark Side? Is the actual WORST. It’s cold, and you have to go to bunch of boring meetings about mining, and you don’t even get a foosball table in your Vader pod and everything hurts all the time. At least the Jedi tried to stop Ultimate Evil! Also? [pointing at Obi-Wan] How can you do this to your Obi-Wan? HOW
Obi-Wan: [pushing his food around on his plate] Well it’s not the first time one of you has done this…
Luke: [pinching the bridge of his nose] [murmurs to himself] Oh Force, he’s going all-in. Ben, look, you know I love you, but the Jed– 
Obi-Wan: No no, Luke, it’s fine. I’m fine. I’m used to rejection and sadness and watching my life’s work shatter in front of me. In fact, I’d have been shocked if you hadn’t turned on the Jedi by now.
Luke: [pained] Ben
Obi-Wan: I mean what have I ever done for you except live a life of solitude and pain, and save you from all that stuff that tried to kill you over and over again, and teach you how to use the Force? You’re right. I shouldn’t have bothered. [Luke stares at him while Anakin stares daggers at Luke] Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I should go meditate. I have some feelings I need to release into the Force. [chugs his entire remaining whiskey, stalks off] 
Anakin: [scowling at Luke] You see what you did to him?!
Luke: Oh so just because I’m questioning the relevance of the Jedi, I’m the worst person ever? You’re the one who tried to kill him those couple of times!
Rey: [taking a huge gulp of her wine glass, wide-eyed]  

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#Losttoddler was SO CUTE! Can we have some other characters interacting with baby Obi? Maybe Dooku is with Qui-Gon the next time he stumbles upon Obi and they get introduced?

“You’re not meant to be here, are you lost?”

Looking up, Obi-Wan blinked at the tall stranger with wide eyes before nodding as the man knelt down to be proper in view for the young Initiate, the mans thin lips forming a small smile as he offered a dark hand to him. “Uhu, I don’t think I’m suppose to be here.” Obi-Wan confessed before glancing around the big shelves with dusty scrolls all over and accepting the warm hand of the bald man.

Chuckling a bit, the man pulled him away from the shelve and stood, lifting Obi-Wan up on his hip. “No, I agree since you’re usually suppose to get in here via a pass from Madam Nu. Now, who are you? And how in the Force did you get in here.” The man questioned while moving out of the labyrinth of shelves.

“I’m Obi-Wan, I get lost a lot.” The toddler confessed while holding onto the tunics of the knight. “And the door was open when I got here.”

Humming a bit, the knight nodded. “I see. I guess I have to tell Madam Nu someone forgot to close after themselves…” The man murmured dryly.

“Someones in trooooouble.” Obi-Wan giggled at the tone, feeling at ease. So far everyone he meet when he got lost had been kind to him and the Force told him that this one was the same.

Smiling down at the Initiate, the man nodded. “Indeed they are. Most likely their privileges will be revoked for a few weeks. I’m Knight Windu.”

Scrunching up his nose, Obi-Wan tried out the name. “Knight Wimble?”

Snorting, the knight glanced about. “I guess you can call me Knight Mace.” He chuckled while moving towards the doors.

“Mace.” Obi-Wan beamed while holding onto the tabards of the man. “…Is your head naturally bald?” He blinked up at the others shiny head.

“No. I shave it, see how shiny my head is?” Mace hummed, smirking a bit when Obi-Wan nodded as he quickly swiped his permission card so they could step through the door. “Well, that’s because I shave my head instead of losing my hair naturally.” He looked about and closed the door firmly behind him. “Now, where is your clan?”

Obi-Wan looked about then shrugged. “Dunno. Master Dolan said we’d be allowed to pick one book to borrow and read, I wanted one on Naboo cats.” He wiggled his feet a bit and peeked down before beaming at Mace. “You’re tall. I feel tall too now.”

Stifling a grin at the missing front toothed smile, Mace raised a brow. “I see…do you want to be taller?” He outright grinned when he received an enthusiastic nod from Obi-Wan. “Alright, hold on…” He shifted Obi-Wan a bit, snorting when the other gave a gleeful squeak when Mace lifted him with the Force up on his shoulders. “Alright, hold on then Obi-Wan.” The other chuckled more as he took a good hold of the others legs and headed for the counters.

He imagined the data console might tell him exactly which shelves master Dolan and the Initiates clan were.

And honestly?

This Initiate wasn’t as bad as most of the kids Mace encountered, arms resting on Mace head while chatting to him about the felines he knew about, useful information too if the knight encountered a Felessian tiger ever.

Niall Horan - “Alone”

Sorry my updates have been so few and far between! I hope you enjoy. Slight trigger warning!

“You gonna tell me what’s wrong, love?” Your boyfriend questioned you one day as the two of you sat in the car, him driving home from hanging out with friends. 

“Why do you think that anything is wrong?” You question him, sending him over a glance, your brows furrowed together. He sighs and just glances over at you quickly before his eyes look back on the road.

“I know you, Y/N, I can tell when you aren’t feeling right. Jus’ talk to me.” He reaches over for your hand but you pull your fingers away from his as you shrug. 

“’m fine.” You weren’t though. You were far from it. You felt like there was this black hole in your chest that you just didn’t know how to fill. You felt tired and just wanted to be alone. So that’s what you did over the course of the next few days. You took to staying in your office, curled up in the corner in a chair. Sometimes napping, sometimes reading, but always ignoring the texts and calls from Niall. Even when he tried to come in the room you would tell him you were working on something and to leave you alone. 

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This week I decided to do something a little different–video recs instead of fic recs! Which will return next week, but today I wanted to cry over STAR WARS videos for awhile and, sure, there’s some absolutely hilarious vids or really exciting, awesome vids, too! But there’s also a bunch of them that totally put tears in my eyes because why are you like this, Star Wars?

Long post under the cut!  (Categories:  Humor, The Sads, Shipper, Meta, Awesome, Serious Fanvids)
(Last updated:  2017.06.28)


Fuck This Shit, sequel trilogy
  I thought, okay, I’m going to rewatch this one to write a quick rec, I’m not going to laugh this time. I STILL BURST OUT LAUGHING, even knowing it was coming.
Firework, sequel trilogy/cast
   I laugh every single time I watch this video, this is it, this is me as a Star Wars fan. It’s one of those that takes a serious moment and puts a fun song over it and the result is magic.
Turn Down For What, prequel trilogy
   I will rewatch Satine’s epic speech with dramatic background music every time.
Palpatine Shooting Stars + Shooting Star, prequel trilogy, original trilogy, sequel trilogy
   I love this song more and more every time I see these videos, they’re hilarious. It’s kind of the epitome of meme culture but goddamn if it doesn’t make me genuinely laugh.
BLOCKED, prequel trilogy
   Never has this been so accurate. 

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