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Zvezda means “star” in Russian 🌟

arrives 2 and half years later with more papercuts

i just.. . can’t get over sign of the times. there is so much feeling in it - hope, desperation, strength, vulnerability, pain, love, bravery - and all of it is so palpable, i feel like i can taste it in the air while the song’s playing. he pulls you in at the very first note and tangles you into his soul with every note after that. the energy in his voice just. it washes over you, wave after wave, like an ocean of electricity and emotion. 

Tumblr’s “never forgive, never forget” mentality is so unbelievably damaging and disgusting. 

There is this one actor (that I refuse to mention by name because I’m not perpetuating this nonsense) who black-faced while pretending to be a black celebrity, and dropped the n-word a few times. This actor later apologized, acknowledging how wrong it was for him to do that. Now you might be thinking, “I don’t remember hearing about this? Did this happen recently?”

No, it did not happen recently. In fact, it happened a decade ago.

But despite this actor apologizing and changing his ways over the course of ten years, people on Tumblr has deemed his apology “not good enough”. They want people to message him and his colleagues and demand another apology. They’re acting as though he did this racist thing yesterday.

Tumblr loves to perpetuate the idea that once you’ve done something bad, you’re tainted forever. The only way you can be forgiven is if you grovel and beg for forgiveness, and even then it still won’t be enough because you shouldn’t have done The Bad Thing in the first place. It’s your fault you weren’t born a perfect beacon of social justice, it’s your fault you had to grow and learn to become a better person, now you have to suffer as The Bigot forever. Who the hell is this mentality supposed to help? 

It doesn’t help people who’ve done bad things in their past but are actively trying to change, but feel like they’ll always be judged for their past wrongdoing. 

It doesn’t help people who haven’t done anything wrong but feel like they’ll be crucified for the smallest misstep, never mind the big ones. 

It doesn’t help content creators who want to get recognition for their work, but are afraid that the moment their creations become popular people are going to dig into their past to find dirt on them, and use their old shame as fuel for witch hunts.

All this mentality does is make bullies feel vindicated about digging up dirt and sending mobs after people who don’t deserve it. All it does is make bullies feel justified and morally superior when they hold a magnifying glass to things that people have already apologized for.

This is sickening and it needs to stop.

You jump, I jump, right?

It’s the Titanic AU that no one asked for but I couldn’t stop thinking about this week (for obvious reasons). 


hungrykook vs eatjin

untealeafable1224  asked:

Do you ever look back on where you started and where you are now and see how much you've changed between the two points?

I do! I did yesterday actually. I was watching an old vlog. It’s funny though cause yes, I’ve grown a lot as a person, but I’m not that different haha. I’m very similar to when I started my channel, I think. In a good way, hopefully!

i was talking to my mom about how harry is ~rumored to potentially play james bond (it was on the dailymail obv it’s true) and she literally looked so upset. she was like “he’s too skinny. no one wants a scrawny mick jack-me-off bond.” i then told her that he wouldn’t be playing him until he’s older, like 28, and she said “good maybe his pubes will be grown in by then” i- …….. it’s too early for this


#FamilyReunion (✿◠‿◠)

bye i received a ☎️ from my work and i was terrified that i somehow did s/t wrong (even though i was not there since.. yesterday) and/or i was going to get called in on a day i requested off whilst on painkillers/after dental surgery but it was just one of my coworkers calling to tell me that she missed me… and to apologize for erasing s/t i drew on the daily schedule/break board.. and another coworker grabbed the 📞 from her to tell me that she missed me as well even though i saw her.. yesterday.. it’s almost as if they consider me an actual part of their lives and like, like me, to some degree. that’s so wild

I am home from the new condo! I’m feeling so much better about EVERYTHING today. I feel like I broke some kind of curse overnight. Since grad school I have occasionally made offerings to Lord Ganesha when I really needed a hand, and I set out a package of M&Ms last night (not very traditional, but it seems to have worked in the past) and asked him if he’d help a guy out, so maybe that’s it, or maybe it’s just an attitude shift. 

Also, this isn’t exactly related to my curse-breaking but I wanted to say, I’ve had a couple of people give me really generous donations through Ko-Fi and Paypal, and I wanted to say thanks. One of them, which I am calling The Arts Grant, is totally covering the paint job on the new place plus some to spare (probably for snacks), and two more will eventually cover a new fake fireplace and the one-burner gas stove I’m planning to buy. I am so grateful for your generosity and I just wanted to be sure I said thank you here as well. I would be doing less, and with much more anxiety, without your gifts. 

So here is what I got done today with BONUS LUCKY SHIT THAT HAPPENED: 

  • This morning while packing I dropped something very breakable, but I managed to drop it into the leg of a boot I wasn’t wearing and it didn’t break. I got two boxes packed and cleaned off my craft table completely except for the sewing machine (I need it to repair a hole in my jacket). 
  • I got over to the new place and managed NOT to drop a closet door on my head while taking it out of its track. 
  • I didn’t have as much trouble masking stuff today as I did yesterday, though I did run out of tape. 
  • Found the Foreboding Storage Unit and put a lock on it; I’ve now identified all but two of the keys that came with the condo. 
  • I took the doors off most of my kitchen cabinets and they actually look quite nice without doors, though I may end up painting them (eventually they’ll be ripped out and replaced, but that’s a “save up for a bit” project).
  • Although I expected the hardware store to be closed, not only was it open (at least eventually) but the two people staffing it were the young, super cheerful staffers who loaded me up with paint and patch kits for the wall and more masking tape.  
  • I carried six gallons of paint from the hardware store to my condo and did not drop or spill them at all. 
  • I patched the two holes and the rip in the paint, so that’s curing overnight, and I identified about 3-4 more problem areas that I didn’t know what to do with, but which I now feel confident I can fix with the patching material. 
  • I got one full wall primed with two coats of Kilz. 
  • I cooked lunch on my stove! …and made a note to bring a sponge and dish soap over to the new place because I have neither there.
  • I stopped at the corner store on the way home and GUYS. THEY HAD CADBURY EGGS, AKA ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHOCOLATES. 

Now I am back at the old place, resting and getting ready to eat a Cadbury egg. I hope you guys have had as satisfying or productive a day as I have! 

So yesterday, one of my wife’s neighbors caught me as I was coming home, stopped me in the parking lot and was super chatty. She was friendly, so I chatted with her for a few minutes, she was asking about something or the other with the parking lot, but eventually I was ready to head inside, so I told her that my wife was waiting for me. Not a lie, since my wife was waiting for me. XD

Today, my husband brought some stuff over for me from our house, since I’m staying a day or two with my wife. We’re standing out in the parking lot, saying our ‘hi’s and ‘here’s your stuff’s and ‘bye’s, and the thought occurs to me…

What is that neighbor going to think if she looks out her window and sees me kissing my husband, when yesterday I told her my wife was waiting for me? XD

/polyamory problems/

Hey everyone~ sorry for the lack of updates, real life has been kicking me in the ass all week (it’s a bad week, lemme tell ya), and because of that I haven’t had as much time to draw or work on comic pages as I would have liked. I did manage to get a lot done yesterday though, so here is another sneak peak. :’ ) I’m gonna do my best to get these finished for you guys within a reasonable time frame, just bear with me as I try to, well, bear with Life™ rn.

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Naruto, Sasuke and Shikamaru headcanons on how they would act when their s/o leaves on a particularly dangerous mission and after few months without news, they receive something like confirmation that you died (I'm sorry for such a sad request, but i really want some angst)

So I wrote this last night, and I literally found out my grandmother pasted away this morning – it’s just horribly ironic. She had been having heart complications for eight months before it got the best of her. But now I’m powerless to do anything since I’m four hours away from their home and I start college tomorrow. So I’ve trying to cope with it all day so far, but this whole headcanon really spoke to me on another level when I re-read it and I feel like it’s broken my heart. :(

It was a good ask though anon, and I did enjoy doing it yesterday a lot. Thank you. ~Admin Shadow

How Naruto Would React to His Partner Dying

  • When Naruto first heard the news, he would be consumed by anger. He would be upset that he wasn’t there to save his s/o – in his heart he knows he could have stopped it all from happening. Naruto wouldn’t want to blame anyone for what happened, but he would definitely confront the people who were in his partner’s squad and ask them how they could let this occur. He would probably listen to them, but he just couldn’t fathom how something this tragic could happen to someone he loved so dearly, the first step to grieving for him would be anger and frustration.
  • After a day or two he would probably calm down, but no amount of friendly support would really help him cope in the beginning. Naruto would probably cry privately about it a lot and if his thoughts drifted to them in public he would have a hard time keeping it together. Nothing would look as cheery and joyous as before, even ramen wouldn’t have the same flavor if he wasn’t eating it with his s/o. His happy attitude would probably be stifled for months, and it would take him a year before he could bring himself to actually smile and mean it. 
  • Naruto would be very loyal to the memory of his deceased partner. He wouldn’t try and replace them because Naruto knows he couldn’t. He would just begrudgingly try to accept the fact that they no longer are in his life.

How Shikamaru Would React to His Partner Dying

  • Shikamaru would probably just stand there wide eyed with his jaw open in disbelief. His mind would probably be racing through all these terrible scenarios of how things played out – and how he could have stopped it from happening in the first place. Shikamaru would be in shock for a few minutes, before he would start to cry and try his best to pull himself together.
  • Grieving silently is Shikamaru’s way of trying to cope. He would bottle up all his anguish, anger and frustration for a week before he just couldn’t take it anymore. It would probably just take some tiny incident for him to just snap and start sobbing uncontrollably. He probably would compose himself again in an hour after a good cry. Shikamaru would try his best to accept things – even though moving on would seem impossible, but he would make a sad attempt.
  • He would never be the same person, and for months he would he depressed and carry so much guilt in his heart because he should have been there for his partner. I don’t see Shikamaru as the type of person who would find someone else either, he just wouldn’t want to try a second time for love. For him all that effort to possibly have his heart broken a second time just wouldn’t be worth it.

How Sasuke Would React to His Partner Dying

  • Sasuke would openly deny it at first, to him it would be a bold face lie and he might even get insulted by the accusation. Not until he was presented with some proof would he realize it had some merit. He would definitely be shocked about it and wouldn’t even know what to say.
  • He would probably cry about it privately a few times, but he would quickly accept it as a reality. It wouldn’t be beneath him to hunt down the person who was responsible for his s/o’s death – getting justice is very important to Sasuke. For him any form of retribution would bring him very close to consolation.
  • There would never be another person Sasuke would really love again. He wouldn’t see the point in getting attached to anyone else – the thought of losing another lover just sours his desire for anything romantic and intimate ever again. 
Please Subscribe - Part 8

Genre: AU/Fluff

Pairing: Hanbin x You

By Admin B

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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After a few hours of cuddling and kissing, Hanbin finally made you decide where to go for your date. He had no idea, and he honestly really didn’t care… He just wanted to be with you. So he forced you to pick something - anything.

When you’d brought up the fact you’d seen an arcade on the way to the sushi restaurant yesterday, though, he suddenly did care. Very much.

“Oh, we are going to that arcade, and I am going to beat you at every single game,” he said, suddenly rolling off your bed and moving to get his shoes on.

“Oh, well, excuse me,” you laughed. “You don’t believe in being a gentleman?”

“Of course, I do,” he assured you. “But it doesn’t say anywhere that gentlemen have to lose. Winning is genderless. And I plan to win.”

“We’ll see about that,” you teased, smirking wildly.

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