i did this without realising

Makeup Voiceover;Mark

Request: could you please do a mark scenario where his girlfriend is a beauty youtuber and they do the “boyfriend does my voiceover” challenge?

  • okay before i start i want to apologise in advance because i don’t use make up at all so i’m not familiar with the termologies or brands skmdnd
  • and im just really bad with anything that’s got to do with make up so!!
  • and this was shorter than expected :-(
  • without further a do,
  • let’s start

  • so you had always wanted him to do it

  • and all your subscribers know how cute you both are and they’ve been requesting non stop
  • but shy mark was so afraid and scared he couldn’t do it until you agreed to spend the whole day cuddling with him
  • and he agreed almost immediately
  • “if i knew you’d agree that quickly, i should’ve said that earlier”
  • “hehe don’t break your promise!!”
  • so you lock him out of your room so you can film your makeup tutorial video
  • and you decided to just go for a simple and casual look
  • and outside you can hear mark calling haechan
  • on speaker
  • “why am i nervous for this”
  • “it’s only a voiceover?? it’s not like you’re showing your face”
  • “yeah i know, but my heart’s beating so quickly im-”
  • “shut up and just do it, you can rap in front of so many people but you can’t do a single voiceover? surely absolutely fully capable!”
  • “i called you to give me encouragement but i guess you’re right”
  • and thanks to your professional and talented™ skills,
  • you finish in 15 minutes
  • and after checking the clip one last time,
  • you call mark in to sit beside you,
  • a mic in front if him
  • “just say whatever that appears on the screen, i showed it to you bright and clear!!”
  • you see him nervously smiling and giggling,
  • before clearing his throat and pressing the record button
  • “uhm… hi everyone, it’s mark, y/n’s boyfriend and as you can tell i’ll be doing her makeup voiceover for today, i heard you guys have been requesting this for quite some time now, so here it is”
  • and you smile brightly at him, giving him a small thumbs up to nudge him to continue
  • “as you can tell she’s barefaced right now- still as beautiful as ever and i can never ever see a difference- but oh my goodness what is with that pout, how cute”
  • “she’s holding up a small little stick right now, oh wait- it’s the nyx foundation stick”
  • “ahh, apply it in small streaks around your face and make sure to find the correct shade for yout skin tone!”
  • “spread it out evenly, you don’t want any patches”
  • “she looks so beautiful-”
  • whispers mark, focus”
  • “haha oh- next you want to take this eyebrow pencil”
  • “i can’t see the brand and words it’s too small”
  • “i’m serious oh my god, stop giggling at me”
  • “it’s okay- anyways, you want to start shading your eyebrows”
  • “make sure they’re symmetrical”
  • “how did she do it in one go, that’s my talented girlfriend right here”
  • “oh no her smile is so cute”
  • “mark stop it i’m blushing like mad right now- okay guys i’m sorry if you hear small conversations like these, he’s just sitting beside me recording right now”
  • “i can’t help it”
  • “you want to do your eyes next”
  • “she’s using the naked2 eyeshadow palette- i’ve seen this somewhere before- and she’s going to use the lightest shade of brown”
  • “oh it’s shiny”
  • “apply it gently on your eyelids”
  • “she did it again guys, in one try, that’s my girl”
  • “oh she’s moving on to the blush already?”
  • and he whispers to you
  • “you’re not applying highlight?”
  • “i was too lazy, but anyways continue babe”
  • “you still look good anyways”
  • “why is she giggling to herself”
  • “huh- wait isn’t that my voice”
    • the background plays his conversation with hyuck *
  • “i didn’t know i was that loud- oh my god”
  • “she can’t stop laughing, look at her face HAHAHA”
  • “im so embarrassed but she looks so cute giggling to herself wow”
  • “on a side note, haechan if you’re seeing this we both got exposed”
  • “okay she’s calmed down now”
  • “she’s using a very light shade of pink, just perfect for her natural rosy cheeks”
  • “her side view is wow…”
  • “she’s smiling again aw how cute”
  • “her cheeks are all pink now”
  • “i want to pinch those cheeks so badly haha”
  • “ow omg don’t do that”
  • “guys he literally just pinched my cheeks”
  • “hehe”
  • “on to the lipstick-”
  • “aw babe”
  • “story time: i actually got this for her last week because she was having bad day and i thought this might make her feel better”
  • “yes thank you so much mark, i love it and i love you”
  • “i love you too”
  • “it’s actually the moonshot lipstick”
  • “ahh.. it’s the peach and cream shade!! i remembered it hehe”
  • “i thought that she’d look gorgeous in it so i decided to get that shade”
  • “look at the way she pouts her lips again- how adorable”
  • “oh my goodness, i just realised she actually did all of that without using any mirrors, how wonderful can she be???”
  • you’re blushing like mad again at this point of time
  • and you see him frown and pout a little
  • “it’s come to an end already?? that’s fast”
  • “anyways look at my princess posing for the camera- you look great”
  • “look!! at!! her!! smile!!”
  • and he starts giggling
  • “anyways i hope all of you enjoyed watching this!”
  • “thank you for subscribing and supporting my baby and watching all her videos”
  • “continue doing that and give her all the love she deserves!!”
  • “it’s been mark here, hope to see you again hehe”
  • and he giggles again
  • he lets out a breath of relief and you give him the warmest hug ever
  • his words never fail to make you feel better about yourself
  • and he gives you a small peck on your lips,
  • “can i do that again someday? i actually liked that hehe”
  • “of course mark, anytime”
  • “and you did great, like always”
Lucy, the bear -- snowbaz

Ok so I found one of my old stuffed bears and this rly cute idea came to me so that’s the story of this fic enjoy
[ @snowbaz-feda ]
Word Count: 816
Simon Snow has a stuffed bear.
He doesn’t think I know– the dork tries to hide it under his blanket. But I see him, clutching it in the middle of the night or whenever he has his nightmares.
Of course, I’ve bugged him about it.
“What, Snow? Off to hug your teddy bear?”
“I don’t have a teddy bear.”
I have no idea where he got it, he acts like it doesn’t exist.
I even went to ask Bunce, but she didn’t believe me.
“Seriously? Baz, you do realise that Simon is too old for stuffed animals, right? Honestly.”
It’s adorable, come to think of it. How he tries to hide the obvious.
In the day time, he stuffs it under his bed along with his food stash, (He thinks I don’t know about that, either.) a leg or an ear is almost always sticking out.
I’ve actually been curious about the bear, especially recently.
I’m sitting at my desk, doing work for one of my classes. Snow’s off studying with Bunce. He won’t be back for a while.
I glance over at his bed, before making up my mind.
I walk over, crouching down and grabbing the bears leg. I pull it out from under the bed to examine it.
It’s old and worn, but in a way that’s endearing. There’s a red bow tied around its neck that’s made of red velvet.
I haven’t seen many stuffed bears in my life, but this one seems like it was expensive.
It smells faintly like rose, as if someone stuffed one inside. Imagine that, stuffing an entire flower into a stuffed toy.
I don’t have time to react when the door slams open, my roommate soon entering.
“Baz, what are you doing?!” He yells at me, rushing over to pull the bear out of my hands.
“I was curious, Snow. Don’t go into a fit over me looking at your stupid bear.”
He holds it close to his chest with a gasp, covering its ears as if I had offended it. I roll my eyes, and he glares at me.
“My bear is not stupid, if anything, the stupid one here is you.”
“Are you admitting that you do, in fact, own a stuffed bear?” I smirk, watching his eyes widen.
“Fuck off, Baz.”
I know by this point that ‘fuck off’ is his way to say that he lost an argument.
“Calm down, Snow. It was a simple question.”
“Fine, yes, I have a stuffed bear. You happy now?”
“Does it have a name?”
“I’m asking if you’ve named it, Snow.”
“You’re going to use this against me, aren’t you?”
“If I say no, will you tell me?”
He blinks in confusion, before visibly growing suspicious. “Why do you even care?”
I sigh. “Curiosity killed the cat, I suppose.”
The room goes silent, so I just shrug and go back to my desk. I really need to finish this research paper on healing potions.
Confused, I turn to look at him. “What?”
“Lucy. Her name is Lucy. My bear.”
I blink, before suddenly recalling our previous conversation. “That’s a pretty name, Snow. Wherever did you get the inspiration?” It was a sarcastic question, but he answers it anyway.
“It’s what her foot says.”
I snicker. “So, you named it after it’s previous owner.”
“Her. What?”
“You can’t be that idiotic. People write their names on things so they don’t lose them.”
He nods in understanding, like that’s the first time he’s heard that in his life.
I roll my eyes. “I stand corrected.”
He shrugs, sitting on his bed and caressing the bear thoughtfully.
It’s adorable, and I have to turn away.
Crowley, I can’t focus on my work now.
“Where did you get it?” I say without realising.
“The bear? It’s been with me forever. I think I was hugging it when I was dropped at the first children’s home…”
I tap my chin with the edge of my pencil. “You think Lucy was your mother?”
I hear him chuckle behind me. “Don’t be ridiculous, Baz. Why would I be left with my mothers bear?”
“As a hand me down? Crowley, Snow, I don’t know. Ask the bear.”
“That’s even more ridiculous.”
“I’m serious,” I turn my body so that I’m facing him, but I don’t move out of my chair. “There are animating spells, you know.”
“There are?”
I roll my eyes. “You’re as dumb as a rock.” That’s a spell, but I’m not saying it with magic, and I don’t have my wand on me. “Ask your Bunce, she probably knows some.”
He looks at me confused again. “Are you trying to help me? Why are you so interested in this?”
Because I’m interested in you, Snow.
“Like I said, I’m simply curious.”
He nods, obviously not convinced, but drops the subject anyway as I go back to my work.

You Again Part 9

Originally posted by jjeonguk

pairing: jungkook x reader x jimin

genre: fluff/angst + college au

word count: 1295

part one two three four five six seven eight nine ten 

For the entirety of the following week, you buried yourself under piles and piles of books as you focused all your time and energy on the finals. This was such that you wouldn’t have so much free time because free time only meant that your brain would be left to wander about Jeon Jungkook and after what happened previously, that was the last thing that you needed.

You barely let yourself out of your room, only going out when it was absolutely necessary. You didn’t want to risk the chance of having to face Jungkook at this point in time. You knew you were too close to your breaking point, such that if you saw him now, you wold completely break down. It was stupid but a part of you knew that you just couldn’t face him.

“Okay everyone, stop writing. The paper’s over.” your professor exclaimed as you let out a sigh of relief having just finished your final sentence seconds before the exam ended. The gruelling week of finals had finally ended, leaving you physically and mentally drained.

What with the whole Jungkook incident and all the torturous studying you did recently, your brain was ready to combust at any second and you needed to get some alcohol into your body; to feel the buzzing thrill of a high.

“Y/N, wanna go to a party later?” Jaeeun asked. 

“Sure” you replied nonchalantly.

“Oh come on, give yourself a bre-“

“-wait a minute, did you just say yes?”

“Yeah I said okay, why not?”

“Damn Y/N, where is my best friend and what have you done with her. Are you sure you haven’t been possessed or something?”

“No, I haven’t” you laughed, looking at the priceless look on your best friend’s face. “Everything’s just been super stressful lately, so I just wanted to get a little booze in my system.”

“Well, okay. Whatever you say.” Jaeeun broke out in a grin and you couldn’t help but replicate her expression.

This time around, it didn’t even take Jaeeun’s extra prompting for you to readily agree to hit up a party with her. At this point, you were basically down for any kind of party as long as it promised a jaw-dropping amount of intoxicating liquids and a night of regrets - a lethal combination which you craved oh so badly.

And so, without a mutter of complaint you slipped into the nearest body con dress you could find - a red number that would have all the guys dropping their pants - and met Jaeeun outside your residential hall to go to the party together.

On the entire walk to the party, you fiddled with the end of your dress which ended snugly below your ass. It was way too promiscuous compared to what you usually wore but tonight you just craved to feel wanted; to see others’ eyes on you. You were going to forget about all the discomfort of the dress after a few drinks anyway. Without so much as a second thought, you headed into the source of the deafening music.

It wasn’t long after you stepped into the house when you spot a familiar head of chestnut brown hair. Please don’t let it be him. Please don’t let it be him. Your prayers, however, were left apparently unanswered as Jungkook turned around, a look of recognition lighting in his eyes.

Thankfully for you, Jaeeun immediately pulled you away to get some drinks and he had lost you in the crowd of mangled bodies. To reasons unbeknownst to you, you drank every cup of alcohol that was given to you that night - something the usual you, a more sensible version of your current state, would never do.

In your drunken stupor, you soon found yourself at a table downing shots with Jin. You vaguely remember the two of you catching up after not seeing each other for so long but that’s all that you can recall. You whole memory is hazy anyways and now that finals were over, you just wanted to forget everything that happened in the past week. Ah screw it. It’s just one night. What’s the worst that can happen anyway? And that was how you ended up downing shot after shot, giggling stupidly at Jin’s completely lame jokes.

Your energy level only rose as the sky outside gradually turned into a pitch black. Soon enough, you were completely drunk, it wasn’t as though you alcohol tolerance was high in the first place but tonight you had really outdone yourself. You were basically headed on a straight path to hangover city and the trip would be anything but smooth come tomorrow morning.

“Cheers!” you shouted to no one particular as you continued to force more shots down your throat. You usually found the taste of alcohol to be bitter and unpleasant but the more you drank, the more you wanted.

“Y/N?” Jesus, put that shot down.” You were shocked to see Jungkook and your brain told you to walk away but the drunk you always went against your will and your hands naturally engulfed him in a hug.

“Kookie, I missed you. Did you miss me?” you blurted out without even realising what you had just said.

“I did.” and he wasn’t lying. He missed you so much in the past 36 days that you two had stopped talking, and yes he had been keeping track. He had never seen you so drunk before and as he watched the way you relentlessly gulped down any alcohol you could find, he wondered what happened to you in the past month and why you were in this state - with cheeks stained red and tear marks still clearly evident on your face.

“Come on Y/N. Let’s get you home.” Without another word, he carried you onto his back.

“Jeon Jungkook put me down!”

“I want to drink moreee” you whined, thrashing around on his back as Jungkook simply waited until you calmed down a bit before trudging back to the dorms

“Ah Y/N, have you gained weight? Why are you so heavy?” Jungkook exclaimed with you still on his back.

“Rude ass, I have not!” You head drooped down on his shoulder as your weight pressed down on his back more, but in all honesty, Jungkook didn’t mind. Not one bit. Not when he could finally talk to you and finally be in such close proximity to you, even if you were drunk out of your mind at least he was the one carrying you back and the whole way back, a crooked smile remained plastered on his face.

“Y/N, room key.” Jungkook finally arrived outside your dorm room. Surprisingly, you were an easy drunk and other than a little slight fidgeting, you barely moved or even talked as he was piggybacking you back.

“Purse, front pocket” you mumbled under your breath, words barely comprehensible. If you hadn’t whispered just beside his ear, Jungkook wouldn’t even have been able to decipher what you just said.

Jungkook had rummaged through your entire purse and even went to the extent of taking each item out one by one just to find your key but lady luck hadn’t been on his side as his efforts came futile. This idiot must have forgotten to take her room key again. Jungkook let out a long exhale, pondering what he should do now that there was no way he could bring you into your own room.

Thinking about it though, maybe lady luck had been on his side because this meant that he had an excuse to bring you to his room first and maybe when you sobered up, the two of you would be able to properly talk for the first time after a long while…

author’s note: I hope u liked this chapter! I know it was kinda short but I think it’s one of my fav chapters so far cos it’s more fluffy-ish and less angsty. thank u for readingg & ur comments/asks/msgs are alw appreciated and welcome <3

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I came to the conclusion the active remaining members of Queen unapologetic have put fans against each other maybe without even realising they did it, I will add. Just look at the comment section on Youtube and Queen’s fan page. But to me, the problem is deeper than that: The problem is not having a new singer, the problem is allowing someone to wear a crown as if he is saying “look I am the king now” while at the same time he is saying “I’m not trying to be Freddie”. The problem is saying “he has a wider range” (you mean he can screams higher?) and that Freddie “would be jealous” of him because of it. The problem is calling him “part of the family” when he hasn’t even written a masterpiece. The problem is saying the new singer is “one in a billion”. And above all, the problem is using Freddie’s legacy to sell and at the same time act like he wasn’t that important to the maintenance and success of the band. Freddie was a peace maker. And look what is happening. Of course the fans that can look deeper into it will get angry and frustrated. I mean are they really that desperate to tell themselves otherwise? The world knows Freddie’s voice, talent, charisma, magnitude is one in a MILLENNIUM and inside, you guys also know that too. You guys pretend you remember what Freddie represented and represents to the millions of loyal fans who have been with him since day one but the way you act, the message that comes across is, “as long as we are making money” we just don’t care how some of you feel. You guys still have so much to learn from the human being Freddie Mercury.. no wonder he was The Star. The King of Queen. Think about your friend, not the stardom. He wouldn’t compare new guys to you. You know, there are ways to keep his memory alive without subtle trying to make less of him.





-“lofty, he’s a friendly guy” “yeah, the friendliest” YOUNG👏STALIN👏WE👏ALL👏KNOW👏YOU👏CAN👏DO👏BETTER👏THAN👏THAT👏






-bitch i spoke too soon








everyone at holby bein sneaky as fuck today, like is this a hospital or a snake conservation bc honestly i can’t see the difference anymore

A Spilled Secret

@rockingwithr5 :)

Description: You’ve just had your wisdom teeth out and have been put under some strong anaesthesia that is making you slightly loopy. Bucky takes you home and puts off a mission to take care of you. He wasn’t expecting you to mistake him for someone else and spill a long held secret to him.

Part 2

I am in love with this gif omg \/


Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

“Woah. ok, watch your step.” Bucky said, holding your waist tightly.

He was helping you out of the dentists after having your wisdom teeth out. You’d been been given some pretty strong anaesthesia to knock you out, and as a consequence, you were acting pretty strange.

You giggled as he steadied you and helped you down the steps towards the car where Nat and Steve were waiting. “You’re so helpful Bucky, I could have fallen.” You slurred, smiling up at him.

He cracked a smile, “Yeah, we wouldn’t want that would we.” He said, taking it slowly for you as managed to find your footing.

“Where are we going?” You asked, your brain feeling all fuzzy.

“Home.” He said softly, catching you as you momentarily lost your balance, “You need some rest.”

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Spider Lily: The other shore

You'll Never Walk Alone: A Football Hymn
External image

Singing and English football seem to be a marriage made in heaven. They are sung in almost every match to create an atmosphere that supplements the actions on the pitch. One song, in particular, stood out the most. Whether you are a fan of Liverpool Football Club or not, you have probably heard of the song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. It has been the club anthem since the 60s and has been sung at the beginning of every match in Anfield until this date. It decorates the spectacular environment of the Anfield stadium, making the fan experience a magical feeling. The song also goes as far as other parts of Europe and the world when the Kop hits the stadiums with their scarves raising proudly.

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The fact that people are telling Calum to just leave the band make me laugh. Without Calum 5sos would be fucked. He writes 70% of their songs, without bass you have basically no rhythm, he sings just as much as Luke and you think they’d work without him? You are dreaming, he is a fucking major factor in that band, if he left 5sos would be nothing. 

  • Diego: *shoots Julian with poisoned arrows*
  • Diego: I didn't know you were Shadowhunters!
  • Everyone: Ah, yeah, makes sense!
  • Kieran: *follows orders and reports Mark's reveal of sensitive secrets to the Hunt which unfortunately results in a whipping that he repeatedly tries to stop and goes out of his way to help the Shadowhunters in the end*
  • Everyone: You're evil and our enemy and you scarred Emma for life you monster!
  • Mark: You are my enemy for life!
  • Me: WTF how is this fair?!

Q. Which member matured the most this past year?



“I think Mino. I think he matured when he started appearing in ‘Show Me The Money 4’. At our dorm, my room and Mino’s room face each other so I know well. The Mino who appears on TV [for ‘Show Me The Money 4’] is very different from when he’s at the dorm that he seems like a totally different person. He has this great aura on TV. At our dorm, he seems like a comedian and he overflows with warmheartedness. (Laughs) But, in terms of singing ability or performing, I think Jinwoo also improved a lot. Both of them are amazing.



“(Thinking for awhile) Me… (Embarrassed laughter). Rather than saying I improved in one specific thing, I think I matured in a variety of things. Other than singing, I became slightly better in speaking Japanese compared to last year so I can sing in Japanese and talk in Japanese during concerts perfectly now. We made our fans wait for around one year since our last tour but I would be happy if they recognised that our performances improved for our current tour. And I guess my “beauty” improved compared to last year!? (Laughs)”



“I think everyone matured. All of us have come to be more relaxed performing onstage, our skills in composing song have improved, and we are preparing for our next album as well. …But if I really had to choose, I would choose myself (laughs). Because I am the leader, I have more to do compared to my members, I need to be more responsible, I have more to worry about, and I need to be the arbitrator whenever opinions become divided. But because of this I think I matured the most. I still wish to show a more cool side to everyone as the leader too.”



“Myself (laughs). Since I experienced so many things, I think I matured a lot. Currently, I’m learning how to play the guitar. I’m not as good as a guitarist in a band but I’m trying my best. I’m also composing songs with this guitar. Regarding how I perform, I had a tendency to rush last year but I’ve learned how to be more composed and more relaxed and I don’t mess up my notes as often. (When asked the question, “How about your manly charms becoming more evident?” He answered) I don’t know myself but I always try to be as natural as possible (Laughs)”



“Everyone matured but I think Jinwoo matured the most. He has always been cool but he has become cooler. Jinwoo’s eyes that are innocent and twinkle are so cool. He’s so cool that I habitually tell him, ‘Hyung, you’re so cool’ (laughs). He’s really good in performing in ways that make fans scream really loudly and he’s a hyung I really hanker for/love. Regarding how I matured, I think my musical range widened as I listened to a lot of music.”

Q. The DVD that documents your Japan tour last year which you traveled 5 cities and held 11 concerts for has been released. What was the event that was most memorable from that tour?

MINO: Naturally, our last concert at Zepp Tokyo was the most memorable. Our fans prepared a surprise event at the end of the concert for us. We were really touched.

SEUNGYOON: All of the members cried when that happened.

SEUNGHOON: It was a moment when we could connect with our fans. Remembering the good memories of the 11 concerts make me really happy.

TAEHYUN: Jinwoo was crying from the beginning when we were greeting our fans.

JINWOO: Oh, that was because my family was in the audience (Embarrassed). My hometown is in a very far countryside but the fact that my family came all the way to Japan for our last concert made me feel so many things that I shed a few tears.

Q. Is there something that happened during that tour that you can share now that it’s over?

MINO: Nothing big happened, nor did any huge problems take place but during our last rehearsal, all five of us had to sing but Jinwoo made a mistake and he wasn’t there. The four of us were a little flustered as we sang without him.

SEUNGYOON: We would’ve been in big trouble if it had been a live broadcast (laughs).

JINWOO: My head was filled with worries about having to dress up as Bom-senpai (of 2NE1) that time. While that was happening, I was getting my make-up and outfit fixed in the waiting room and I was wondering, ‘Why aren’t my members coming?’ (Laughs)

Q. Who suggested that one of you would dress up as Bom?

SEUNGHOON: When the topic of crossdressing came up, all of us thought it would be best if Jinwoo were to do it. Because he’s the prettiest (laughs). Jinwoo didn’t really like it but we all persuaded him.

SEUNGYOON: But you have to admit you thought you turned out pretty, right (laughs)?

JINWOO: A little (laughs)

SEUNGHOON: He was shy in the beginning but he said that when he crossdresses he feels like he really is a woman and that his actions become feminine.

JINWOO: Yeah. I think I would give myself 100 points out of 100 (laughs).

SEUNGHOON: I would like to see Jinwoo crossdress again (laughs).

Q: Jinwoo’s face is really pretty too but his legs are also as pretty as Bom.

SEUNGYOON: Eh~ That’s a lie. Are you being serious (laughs)?

MINO: When it comes to legs, Seunghoon’s are the best.

JINWOO: (To Seunghoon) Show us!

SEUNGHOON: It’s because I don’t have much body hair.

SEUNGYOON: If you just look at Seunghoon from the back, his legs can perfectly rival those of female models!

SEUNGHOON: Only if you look at me from the back (laughs)

Q. What did you find difficult during your tour?

SEUNGYOON: Honestly, there was nothing that we found difficult. It was really enjoyable!

SEUNGHOON: It was refreshing to travel to different places in Japan and I was really inspired. I only have good memories… Oh, I remember I found something difficult! After our last song during the encore, our fans didn’t want to say goodbye so it was really difficult for me to step down the stage (laughs).

JINWOO: Yeah, that’s right (laughs)

SEUNGHOON: Japanese food is delicious too!

Q. Since you mentioned Japanese food, you talked about misokatsu (bean paste cutlet) a lot at the Nagoya concert but in the video that was shown during the concert, it showed you eating hitsumabushi (grilled eel on rice).

SEUNGYOON: Hitsumabushi is delicious

TAEHYUN: But I love Pepper Lunch! (“fast-steak” restaurant franchise)

MINO: I like Coco Ichibanya too! (Japanese curry house franchise)

SEUNGYOON: Above everything, bentos from convenience stores are the best!

TAEHYUN: That reminds me, I ate tempura for the first time yesterday and it was so good I had a second serving.

JINWOO: We eat well even if it’s not expensive.

Q. It’s alright for you to eat better food (laughs) (T/N: All the foods WINNER mentioned are pretty cheap and not very high-class foods)

TAEHYUN: Pepper Lunch is the best (serious tone)

Q. (Laughs) Then what did you gain through this tour?

MINO: For me, I think I found out how I can appeal to our fans more.

TAEHYUN: I’ve gotten more used to the stage so I’m more relaxed.

JINWOO: I’ve gained confidence. For example, even if I make a mistake, I think I’ve learned the method in overcoming that quickly and knowing how to cover it.

SEUNGHOON: The first stage we stood in Japan was the stages of BIGBANG-senpais’ Dome Tour. The sight of fans holding lightsticks was really breathtaking and overwhelming for me. During our Zepp Tour, our fans held our WINNER lightsticks and I could see our fans’ facial expressions and emotions so clearly that I was so happy. So the more precious thing I gained was how I felt our fans’ energy. I was so happy at the time.

SEUNGYOON: It’s the same for me. The most abundant harvest is how we made memories with our fans.

Q. So you were able to see all the faces of your fans even in the back.

ALL: Yes! We saw everyone!

SEUNGHOON: I think that being able to see every single person’s face is the charm of Zepp.

SEUNGHOON: That reminds me, I was really surprised that there was a grandma in the very front row. It was really nice to see how she was vigorously shaking her lightstick and looking very healthy and how she seemed to be enjoying herself.

TAEHYUN: It was fun seeing people who cosplayed as us come too.

SEUNGYOON: Cosplaying is so cute.

TAEHYUN: Whenever I see people who cosplays as me, I stare at them without realising (laughs).

Q. What did you feel you had to improve after completing your first tour?

MINO: We want to present better songs, show our matured sides, and improve our Japanese. I guess we want to improve everything.

Q. You don’t have an interpreter onstage and I think you all speak Japanese very well…

SEUNGYOON: But we become greedy to become better and even better.

SEUNGHOON: BIGBANG-senpais are really good at speaking Japanese so we think we need to be like that too.

MINO: That’s right. Seungri-senpai is amazing.

SEUNGHOON: As of now, we don’t have many songs. I want us to create a really successful song to make us known to people who are not fans and I hope for them to come to our concerts too.

TAEHYUN: I want us to make an original song that Japanese people can feel familiar with. Something like BIGBANG-senpais’ “Koe Wo Kikasete”.

Q. You guys are in the middle of your second Japan tour. What do you want fans to know?

SEUNGYOON: We showed our natural side during our last tour but this time, our concept has changed greatly that our feeling is totally different from the opening. We’ve become more cool and showy. We prepared a lot so we hope fans who we have yet to meet look forward to it.

JINWOO: Really? (Laughs)

SEUNGYOON: Oh, but would they end up getting disappointed if we have them look forward to it too much? (Laughs)

Scans by @WINNERfamilySH 

Translated by @chrissy96_ 

Please take out with full credit♡


Well, I Guess Everybody Needs A Bedtime Story Sometimes

Vidcon Confessions ( Jack Request).

Jacks POV

Standing with all of the boys, at vidcon, whilst waiting for my girlfriend to come on stage was not a good combination. I was stood there trying to find out as much information as i could about when y/n was going to perform and I had Joe, Conor, Oli, Josh, Caspar and Mikey all talking to me at the same time, when the only thing I was focused on was y/n.

Y/n, my girlfriend, is a singer (and a really good one too). She had done a few covers with Conor and plenty of videos with each of the boys so we are all very close and they all care for y/n as if she was their sister.

I see y/n walk on stage and my heart skipped a beat. She is so beautiful. I am so in love with girl. We haven’t actually told each other that we love each other yet, but I know that I love her. I just hope that she loves me too. 

Y/n’s background music starts playing and y/n gets ready to start singing. She was so nervous before going onto stage as this was her first time at vidcon, but I know that she is going to absolutely smash it.

As soon as she starts singing the biggest smile makes its way onto my face and everything around me becomes non-existent, all I can hear is the muffled sound of my mates taking the piss out of me.

Once the song was finish I ran backstage to greet y/n. When i saw her I ran up to her, picked her up and spun her around, embracing her in a tight hug.

“Oh my god y/n you did amazing ! I love you so much” I said without realising what I had said. I realise what I had said and placed y/n back on the floor, not even daring to look her in the eyes, so I just looked down at the floor. i felt y/n’s hand place itself on my cheek and pull my face up to look at her. When my eyes met hers I saw a beautiful smile on y/n’s face.

“I love you too Jack” Y/n said as she pulled my face in to kiss her.

Jack Maynard is in love lads and lasses.

ballerina don’t fit with punk part 3 [luke]

summary: you’re a ballerina, dating the high school punk boy: Luke Hemmings. Everything was fine until his friends show you a picture of him with another girl.   you can find part 1 here & part 2 here

He didn’t say anything, but just stood there, watching you. “Okay, I’ll leave you for now. Just remember that I’m sorry, I truly am” he said while kissing your cheek. He seemed sincere, his hurt expression showed you that he really wanted you back.

You knew how Luke was: determined. If he wants somethings, he’ll do everything to have it. He wanted you, he’ll do everything to have you. And you knew you’ll fall in his arms soon, and you hated this. Were you supposed to trust him again ? 

When you got home, your mother told you that someone brought you flowers. Of course you knew it was Luke, you didn’t even read the letter. You didn’t threw it, you placed it in the box with all his stuff, and you pout the flowers in a glass of water. Even if you were mad, those flowers were beautiful, and just the fact of imagining the punk boy picking them made you smile.


It has been a week since you found the flowers, and every following day, Luke spent his time looking at you. Everyone heard about the break up, the cheating thing so a lot of boys were flirting with you, making Luke extremely jealous. All his plans to win you back failed. You were talking with some friends when Ashton interrupted you

“We need to talk” he lead you outside the batiment “Last time you say something like that, I broke up with Luke. So, what now ? Should I kill him” you groaned “You still love him, right ? Just go back with him” he told you, really seriously “You’re joking ? Why ?! I-I can’t. It’s too complicatde. Of course I still love him, he’s saying he loves me too .. But about about trust ? He cheated once, he still can do it” you almost screamed

“He told us the story, it might be crazy but I trust him. He loves you so much, it’s hurting him. I know since forever, I never saw him like that. Let him his second chance” It was clear that you couldn’t say no, the others boys could come too. “I’m sorry Ashton, I have to go. It’s my dance show .. I’ll think about it .. Maybe”


You were “backstage” at the dance show, watching your friends danicng. You were jealous but the teacher did the good thing “Babe ? Can we talk ?” You turned arount, to be face to face with Luke. “I have things to explain Y/N, just give me 10 minutes” he pleaded “I’ll give you 9 minutes” you muttered. He smiled and took your hands in his.

“That night, when I slept with that girl, it was the 2nd May, remember that day ? We had a big fight about me going to a party when we were supposed to watch a movie. You yelled at me, you told me to leave your house and to not come back for a few days, because you were tired of me, cancelling our plans” he rubbed your hands but you cut him “It’s not a totally excuse Luke. If we’re back together, are you going to fuck a girl everytime we’re fighting ?” you half muttered “N-No ! I’ll never do that again. Will you let me finsih my story, please ?” you nodded “Good, okay. So I went to that party, I drank a lot. I thought you told me to never come back, I thought you broke up with me. And I found that girl, she wasn’t that pretty. And I regretted it as soon as I realised what I did”

You listened to him, without cutting him. “If you break my heart, another time, I’ll cut your balls, I’ll burn your skin. Okay ?” He smiled “Does that mean I get a second chance ?” he got closer to you “It’s your last” he hugged you “I’m not letting you go” he said while you laughed “Well you’ll have too, I want to watch the show”

“Y/N, I’m sorry again for the show. But even if you’re not in it, you’re still my star”

anonymous asked:

How cringey is it to use the internet archive to find a deactivated tumblr account of a girl you used to crush on, then use the links from THAT to find her facebook page so you can see what she's doing? Because I just did that without realising how fucking weird it was.

please drink 8 glasses of water a day you’re too thirsty

A Poke In The Right Direction

Title: A Poke In The Right Direction
Imagine: http://dirtysupernaturalimagines.tumblr.com/post/101637950113/imagine-spooning-cas-because-he-cant-sleep-but
Author: damn82much 
Character: Castiel
Reader: Female
Words: 4234
Warning: Swearing and smut. Little bit of Dom!Cas later on. Okay, maybe more Dom!Cas than I anticipated. Still though, Dom!Cas.


(It’s an extremely long post so I’ve posted it on my AO3 account to save space!)


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I began in 1809. I was born to a mother and a father in the dead of winter. And then what became dead was my mother. And then my father left because he couldn’t stand the sight of a baby with no hair - so I grew hair! And then I was adopted by a family named the Allens - just kidding, the didn’t adopt me they just gave me their name. And to make matters worse, we lived in Virginia. And, also, a bird was there.