i did this with my mousepad


I got my Eureka seveN storyboards for episodes 27 and 42!! 42’s is huge, so much to flip through! And the seller literally did the nicest thing and added in a piece of official merchandise (mousepad) signed by Eureka’s and Renton’s seiyuus, Kaori Nazuka and Yuuko Sanpei!! ;3; There is good in the world!

ive already showed this to like one other blog and im sorry if this isnt something you do but

what do you think of my first edit

i dont even know if you can see it but im trying anyways cause i did this in ms paint with a fucking mousepad and i am fucking proud of it i dont give a shit if i just changed horn color and (tried to) add freckles.

TG: hey!! hey guess what
TG: i do my shit in mspaint and i started off with a mousepad too
TG: everyones gotta start somewhere
TG: my first sprite was actually a recolor of vriska too how funny is that
TG: i got rid of her horns colored her eyes white and gave her tan skin and there it go that was human vriska
TG: i think your first edit is good! if you want pointers though is if you want to make lines smoother? you use the little squiggly line tool in the shapes box to do that
TG: i did that when i still used my mousepad and it worked like you wouldnt believe and i still use it to this day
TG: but keep at it my friend and pal youre doing great B)
TG: (if you want any more pointers i got a tutorial on how i make my sprites! just a heads up)

Okay so this needs a quick explanation:
So I really love art but I’ve been waiting to start posting fanart regularly until I get a proper tablet for digital art. But I really wanted to turn this drawing I did into a digital piece. So basically I drew this with a shitty art program and a fucking MOUSEPAD on my laptop. It took ages but I’m fairly happy with it.
This is also my fanart entry for @drarry_otp_same ’s contest on Instagram.

My Hiveswap mousepad arrived!

Hmm if this is to scale this is actually smaller than I thoughtOH WAIT

THAT WAS MY GIANT NOVELTY DIE HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT, the mousepad is actually much larger than I realized!! I clearly didn’t check the dimensions when I ordered!!  This is incredibly silly!!

…and also really comfortable and so much better than the piece of cork board I was using. 10/10 would highly recommend


My new job

So, I haven’t updated you guys on this at all since I moved out to Cali, and I am so sorry, but things have been so hectic at home! Anyway, this is my new office! If you can’t tell, I now work for Makeup Forever as their sales representative! It’s been really exciting this far, and a nice change from what I did before. If you didn’t follow me back then, I used to work at a company who sold computer add-ons, like mousepads, headphones, all that stuff. It was really not my thing, since I’m not very technical at all. Makeup has always fascinated me, and it is more of a challenge to work for a makeup company, for sure! But so far, I’m really loving it! 😊

Anyway, this preggo monster is about to eat some lunch, because I’m starving! Who thinks those chocolates will be gone by the end of the workday…? 🙋

Love, Raegan


Look at my eyes
Look at my lips
Look at my neck
Just look, don’t touch
Look at the way I
Wa-walk it out
From side to side
…Just look, don’t touch.

[ I always have a huge desire to draw Carm in her beautiful-ass ballgown because hot damn that slit goes up higher than the hEAVENS. Also have a huge obsession with having that crazy hair down and free like omg. P.S. if you need someone to draw way-too-long limbs pls find me lmao. Agh I got tired of working on this, and said ‘fuck feet’ so fuck feet I did >:|||| ]

Laptop Concentration Spell

I have a laptop that I use for Uni most of the time. I have a bad habit of getting distracted while doing work so I came up with a little spell to aid in concentration. 

- Decal paper 
- Pen/Permanent Marker 
- Scissors
- Electronic wipes (2)

Take the decal paper and draw a symbol for concentration on it. It can be anything: and owl for wisdom, a C for concentration, whatever. I used the rune Mannaz, the rune for increasing intelligence and bringing success to study and mental power. I drew this rune on the decal paper with permanent marker and carefully cut it out.  Next, I held it in my hands and focused my energy into it on what I wanted it to do. I then took the first electronic wipe and cleaned the place I was going to stick it to. You can really put it anywhere, on the bottom of your laptop, the cover, by the keyboard, wherever. Mines right next to the mousepad. As you stick the decal down, invision yourself sticking to your goals that you want it to bring. 
Lastly, I did a full cleanse of the keyboard by taking the other electronic wipe and pushing intellectual and focused energy into the wipe. I then cleaned my keyboard to help me keep my fingers doing what they’re supposed to do (like writing a paper and not typing in facebook). 

And voila! Done! 

Wind Waker Link in his pajamas <3

Felt like doing something I don’t normally do! This one’s part of a palette challenge, which can be found here. Got palette #34 from a random generator, and thought it was fitting for him. It was a bit difficult at first, but it was fun!