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Hi! I attend the top school in my state, and teachers take that very seriously. We get mountains of homework, and it makes it so hard to find time to write. How do you work on schoolwork when all you can think about is the story you're writing?

First of all your goals in life are up to you not your teachers. If you value this education and believe it will do your future good stay on top of your schoolwork.

In my opinion, secular education at any level should not get in the way of one’s personal development. I got good grades in public school, but at some point realized my health and sanity were more important than meeting my teachers’ expectations. My grades didn’t suffer much from this change in philosophy and I got more sleep.

Here are some ways I managed to write and get decent grades at the same time:

1. Kept a spare notebook handy or wrote in the backs of my school notebooks.

2. Wrote stories instead of taking notes. Notes rarely did me any good, especially in classes where I already knew or loved the subject. If you’re a heavy note taker this advice is not for you

3. I wrote on the bus while listening to playlists related to my writing. If a parent drove me or I carpooled I took that time to edit, or to write down interesting details of my commute.

4. If I had the time between classes, specifically in college when my breaks were upwards of two hours, I’d write or do research for my story.

5. Did not have a distracting device with WiFi access or even games. Unless I had a book, writing was my main diversion while waiting for anything.

6. Depending on how I prioritized homework, I could get a couple pages to a whole chapter written in a weekend.

Honestly, you couldn’t get me to stop writing while I was in school. Plus, the better I got at writing stories the better I got at writing essays. Writing for fun made writing for school easier and more interesting. I also got the most writing done in classes that bored me which made me happy to go to them. So you see, writing fiction actually benefited my education. I’ve never had to regret the time I took from schoolwork to improve my writing skills.

“Things I’ve yelled while playing Splatoon” Starter Sentences
  • “Why won’t you die!?”
  • “Get down here and help me shoot them!”
  • “Cover me goddammit!”
  • “You all suck!”
  • “Go the other way you idiot!”
  • “I am going to murder you all!”
  • “Fuck!”
  • “No I’ve got this!”
  • “Cover the area in the ink of your enemies!”
  • “Take that, squid!”
  • “There’s a clear path, why don’t you take it!?”
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  • “No!”
  • “Don’t follow me! Spread out!”
  • “How the hell did they pull that off!?”
  • “GO!”
  • “Did your wifi disconnect or are you stupid!?”
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