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The Old College Try (Lin/Reader roommate AU)

Summary: You spent the summer before your freshman year of college thinking your roommate was going to be a girl named Lin. When you get to campus, that’s not what you find.

Part One: In which there are rooming assignment mishaps, salsa dancing, and Lunchables.  

You can find Part Two here!

You can find Part Three here!

Note: Write-a-thon Day 1! This can probably stand alone, but I’m tentatively calling it Part 1 out of 3. College!Lin is hard to walk away from, and I have plans for him.

Rating: T

Words: 2803

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Dear Connor Murphy (Connor Murphy x reader imagine)

A/N: Hello! Thank you all for reading and for the amazing support! I was going to start on requests, but this idea jumped into my head and wouldn’t leave me alone. This is darker than my first two so let me know what you think! I will admit that I cried a little writing this, so be warned.

Requested: nope
Words: 1367
Warnings: One or two swear words. Suicide! If this subject is triggering for you please skip this! I’ll have some fluff tomorrow!

Dear Connor Murphy,

I don’t want to be writing this to you. I never wanted to write this, but you’ve given me no choice.
When we met I thought I knew who I was, and then you arrived like a freaking tornado and changed everything. We had all just come back from winter break, and we’d never really talked, but we’d been in the same math class since freshman year. We only started talking because I loved highlighting notes in class and the teacher took away my highlighters. You commented to me how that was bullshit and let me borrow a few of your own. It’s funny how something so simple could change our lives.
We started talking after that, mostly on preferred methods of organizing our school notes. You hated a messy binder, and we loved talking about how we should run a class on how to take perfect notes. Somehow we found stupid jokes about highlighters and binders hilarious, and when it was just us we lived in our own world.
The outside world found our friendship weird. The freak and the girl next door, sounds cliché right? Not for us, and if it was we didn’t give a shit. With you I didn’t have to hide how messed up life could be, and with me, you could just be a boy, not the crazy kid at school. When we had our anti-Valentine’s Day movie marathon and you kissed me the pieces seemed to fall into place.

Nobody was surprised when we started holding hands and I showed up to school in your hoodies. Even though nobody was surprised there were still glares, snide remarks, and mean comments. Ignoring them was hard, but together we managed because we were a team. Our nights were spent entangled in each other’s arms laughing and sharing secrets while splattering kisses upon each other. Saying it was perfect would be a lie, nothing is perfect, but we were damn close. No matter what was happening we were constants for each other. After fights with your parents you climbed into my window, and after fights with mine I would call you and you would rush over to hold me. Our relationships with other people could be falling apart, but at least we still had each other, even when we fought.
You would get mad when you were insecure, and I would get upset when I felt alone. Sometimes you would scream, or sometimes you would go silent. I would hold you no matter the emotion and you did the same for me. While in holding each other calm settled over us and all the big emotions we felt seemed distant. The only thing we could feel was security.

Before we knew it summer had rolled around and we spent each and every day together. We knew senior year would be hard so we treasured every moment together. I would wake up to you and fall asleep with my head on your chest, legs overlapping, and bare bodies together. Our most private moments switched between those where we divulged hidden pain and ones where we held our naked bodies close.
You told me about the pain you felt, how lonely you would get, how sometimes everything seemed useless. I never shied away from talking about it, and you even said it was getting better, that the thoughts weren’t there as often and life had more meaning. You had never lied to me before that.

When you didn’t show up the first day of senior year a part of me knew. I decided to go to your house after school, denying what I knew deep down. I pulled up to your house and saw ambulances and your parents standing on the porch with blank faces. I don’t even remember getting out of the car, but I remember the feeling of shattering inside me. Your mom and I sat on the couch together, for who knows how long while police asked her questions and I held her hand. Your dad just stared out the window, while your sister stared into space while at the dining room table. I’m supposed to stand in front of people and tell stories about you, but all I can do is feel anger.

You left me. Maybe that sounds selfish, but I get to be since you killed yourself. It doesn’t even feel real to acknowledge that. I keep expecting you to show up in my bedroom and tell me this was just one mean prank, and I would yell, but you would hold me and everything would be okay. Instead, I hold your hoodies as I try to fall asleep, but I can’t sleep. I just rethink everything I did, and everything I didn’t do.
Now I’m just always tired because when I close my eyes I see you and everything that could have been and would have been, and that hurts too much. With my eyes closed I catch glimpses of the sideways smile you would give me when we were driving, I catch glimpses of your favorite jeans that have a hole in the cuffs. I catch glimpses of you in my bed. I catch glimpses of what would have been our first apartment, the tux you would’ve worn to prom. I see you and me carrying groceries and fighting over wedding invitations and baby names. But then I see you dying alone, and your eyes lifeless. I see you being announced dead in your room which you won’t ever walk in again, so I get to be angry. I get to be angry because you left me and took our future away with it. We were going to be that annoying couple that everybody looks up to. We were going to move Oregon after school, eventually buy a house, and have kids that would have your eyes and laugh. It all would have been so beautiful.

I’m angry so I don’t have to be sad because if I were sad I wouldn’t ever stop. The sad keeps creeping in though. I want more time with you. I want more time to memorize the way you wrap your arms around me and the way you kissed me. I want more time to remember the exact sound of your heart beating and the way you said my name. I’m trying to hold onto how you smelled and the way you laughed. I wish I could’ve frozen every moment with you so I could have memorized every detail. I want to go back and count the colors in your eyes and the freckles on your back. It all went by so fast, I wish I could have slowed everything down and relived every moment with you and savor every breath you took. I’m so angry and sad and lonely all at once with you gone. Maybe it was naïve to think that I could love you back to happiness, but I tried; I tried so hard. Now you’re gone and I can’t wish you back, no matter how much I try. I can’t give you my heartbeat so you can live, no matter how much I want and I can’t join you no matter how much I want to. All I can do is try to live, but when you left I died with you. So I’m angry Connor, and I’m sad, but I’ll try to stay upright. I promise you that I won’t move on even if that’s what you want. You were my future; you still are my future even if you’re gone. Before I knew you my future seemed average, go to school, find a man who treats me okay and turn into the person I never wanted to be. Now I refuse to be that, to turn into that. I’ll try my hardest to live a life that I want, one where I break the expectations ahead of me, just like you taught me. So even though you won’t walk next to me, you’ll live in me. Every breath I take and step I make will be because of you, and together our future will be as bright as your smile.



I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 4

My brain is going a million thoughts a second as I swipe the screen, “Y/N! I’ve called you three times! What’s wrong? Are you okay?” she bombards. “Relax, I’m fine. Actually I’m not fine, I just ran into Ashton and Calum,” I breathe out and rub my temples. “Oh my goodness. I’m heading over to your apartment now,” she says and I can hear her jiggling keys. “I’ll buy the beer,” I say. “And I’ll get the Ben & Jerry’s” she replies and we both hang up; this is gonna be a long night.

You can find pt. 3 right here –> I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 3

“So…what happened again?,” y/b/f/n asks as she swallows two big spoonfuls of ice cream and finishes her third beer. “I’ve already told you twice,“ I say as I roll my eyes; I love her to death but she can be a real pain sometimes. “Yeah but I learn something different after each time you tell me,” she says, but she really means, “I’m not paying attention.” “Please, y/n last time,” she begs and her words are starting to slur as she reaches for another beer. “No. You’re done,” I snap and take the cold bottle from her hand. This is what I mean, she’s a pain. I’m the one who just went through what felt like life’s worse case scenario, I should be getting drunk, not her. “Awww y/n but I’m not even tipsy,” she says. “I thought you were coming over here to help me figure out what to do with Calum and Ashton, not get drunk,” I say looking down as she ignores me and goes on babbling about some nonsense. This has been a crappy day and all I wanted was my best friend to make me feel better by talking about what happened, her saying a funny joke, or consoling by saying, “I’m out of their league” or “They don’t deserve you” hell, suggest we go out, anything besides what she’s doing now. I open my phone to block out her noise and I notice my Twitter has a million notifications, I open the app to see #Calum&Y/NOfficiallyOverParty trending. My heart beats faster as I read the first tweets: (g/n = girl’s name)

“I’m so happy for Calum. He deserved much more than y/n. #Calum&g/n”

“Calum & g/n are so cute together. I ship them.”

“Calum’s new girlfriend is so much prettier than y/n.”

I throw my phone across the room as tears roll down my face. I literally just seen him 3 hours ago and he didn’t bother to tell me he moved on. No, of course Calum wanted to frick with my emotions and make me believe there was still something there when he already had a new girlfriend. “Y/n what’s wrong?” y/b/f/n asks suddenly sobered up. “He has a girlfriend,” I say looking at her. “Oh sweetie,” she says, immediately knowing who I was referring to, as she pulls me into a tight hug. I cry into her shoulder for a few more minutes before she says, “Sweetie, he is not worth your tears, you already wasted so much on him, don’t waste anymore. Save them for when you’re watching Les Miserables or Lion King,” she jokes making me chuckle. I stop crying and wipe my face on the sleeve of my pajama shirt, “I just wish he had told me. I’d rather hear it from him than Twitter,” I add. “Forget him! There are so many other guys out there, which reminds me why I was calling you,” she says wiping some smeared mascara off my face. “Yes, please tell me why you kept calling,” I say while taking a heaping spoon of cold cream into my hot mouth.

“So guess who asked Niall, who asked Luke, who asked me if you were seeing anyone…” she perks up and jumps to sit on her knees, her eyes all big and excited, now that’s the y/b/f/n I know. “You and Luke?” I question as I raise my eyebrow at her, suddenly their relationship taking my interest. “Don’t change the subject,” she warns and I wiggle my eyebrows at her. “We’ll talk about that later. Now come on, y/n, guess!” she squeals as she gently shoves my shoulder. Oh no, another boy I can’t even deal with the two frickers right now, how can I add another to the pot? I stutter, “I-I’m n-not really interested in–

“Come on, y/n. Honestly, you need to move on. It’s obvious that Calum acted that way in the store because he was jealous seeing you and Ashton that close. Remember how adamant he was about you and Ash and how you could never be alone together; it just brought back memories. And yes Ashton is a good candidate but you already dated Calum. Y/n you can’t mess up their bromance. Both I and the fandom will murder you,” she says seriously. She’s right, it’s been six weeks and I should move on, Calum already has and I can’t break up Cashton. “Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to go on one date,” I breathe out, finally giving in after weeks of her begging. “Yay!” she squeals, “So, who asked about me?” I ask curiously, “Shawn,” she sings as she grabs my shoulders in a death grip while giving me the biggest smile. “Mendes? He’s like 2 years younger than me,” I groan as I rub my temples. “So?” she asks. “So? Y/b/f/n he’s a child,” I exclaim, how am I supposed to get over two daddies (lol) with a boy. “Y/n, you’re 21 and he’s 19, what’s wrong with that? Plus he’s fine as hell and I know you like him! I saw you eye-fucking him when he was at the 1D release party,” she says as she reaches for the ice cream again. “I wasn’t eye-fricking him!” I gasp as I snatch the ice cream from her. “Okay, so what was this?” she asks as she looks at me with sexy eyes and starts biting and licking her lips. I burst out laughing at my best friend “eye-fricking” me, “Okay, I did not look like that!” I say. “Oh honey, you were worse. But he was doing it too,” she says taking the ice cream back. “He was?” I ask, not believing the girl. “Totally babe,” she says winking at me. “He is cute,” I admit. “He’s having a party tomorrow night and you’re going,” she says as gets off the couch pulling me with her. “Where are we going?” I ask, “To pick out your outfit. We gotta make you desirable,” she says as she turns around to face me. “Oh I don’t know. A simple outfit will be fine,” I tell her as I turn around to sit back on the couch. “Luke told me that he and the guys were gonna go, meaning Calum and Ashton are bound to make an appearance,” she smirks at me. “We better figure out how I’ll do my hair too,” I say popping off the couch and leading the way to the bedroom as she follows me laughing. “And you better be ready to spill the deets on you and Lukey,” I tell her as she stops laughing making me laugh at her.

A/N: Hello beautifuls, I know this is well overdue but so much has been happening right now. I have been offered new jobs and positions at my school and that’s been taking up all of my time. I’m sorry that this is so late but please still tell me what y’all think. I feel like the more I write the more the plot will change, is that bad? Talk to me! Part 5 is coming soon!!!!!!!!

Part 5 —> /i-dont-love-you-anymore-pt-5

His Words

pairing: philip hamilton x reader angst

word count: 2400

warnings: swearing, arguing, implications of self harm/suicide attempt

prompt/request: “I was wondering if you could do a Phillip Hamilton imagine? Like him and the reader fight and she stops coming to school so he gets worried and then her mom says she tried to do something bad to herself and fluff end? 💚💛💜💙” from @cheyenne-dunn-universe

a/n: i love this request so much oh gosh. (also i only indirectly mention self harm because i didn’t want it to be too heavy of a topic within the story and i didn’t want to make it triggering for anyone to read). as always, enjoy! <3

“Philip, you need to study!”

“I’m writing, Y/N,” Philip told you.

His father, Alexander (or, as you called him, Mr. Hamilton), was a writer himself. Philip had inherited a love for the art form – or, perhaps it had been thrust upon him at a young age, thus sticking with him for the next sixteen years. Either way, writing was one of the most important things in the world to Philip. Now, it didn’t seem like it; he was a sports guy; he was popular and good-looking and partied every week. But, as Eliza had told you one day when Philip was late getting ready and you were baking with her instead, he was just like his father. Liked to be in the thick of things and be able to write an account about it later. Although his writing wasn’t quite up to his father’s level, it was still… amazing. You were constantly blown away with his words – they continued to blow you away every day. However, there was a downside to his passion. Sometimes he would focus too much on his writing and forget to do chores or forget to eat or even to talk to his family. Or, in this case, study for his exams.

“Philip,” you said sternly, “these are your exams. They’re important. I-“

“Y/N!” Philip exclaimed, turning around. “I will study tomorrow!”

“Philip, the exam is tomorrow!”

You could see the gears in his mind begin to turn as realization dawned on him, and you almost scoffed out loud. How could he forget about something so important? You had been thinking about it for weeks. You weren’t even sure he had touched his textbook in that time – he was too busy writing a blog post or a story or… something. To be honest, you weren’t even sure what he had been writing. He was keeping it suspiciously quiet.

“Oh.” He stood up from his desk chair, ran his fingers through his curly dark hair. “Right.”

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anonymous asked:

What did Nick and Charlie say to each other on the second night at the psychiatric hospital? Asking because i am trash for Nick giving Charlie his jumper because he was lonely at night

oh nooooo i’m gonna have to write a sad thing now

damn it you guys i can’t do things by halves i’m sorry this is long ;_;

strong trigger warnings for self-harm, suicide attempt mention, psychiatric hospital, depression, OCD, anorexia


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Fic Rec Friday

Today’s fic rec is a roundup of all the fics that I had on my to-read list that I finally got to. Listed by increasing word count.

All You Ever Needed to Know About Knotting by KuriKuri  | 4.7K | E | Derek/Stiles

Derek had started reading the column by accident. Really, reading strangers’ questions about knotting and heat had never really appealed to him. However, at that point in time, he was a little desperate.

And he was right: most of the questions submitted by anonymous readers didn’t appeal to him. The answers, though, did.

(Or: In which Stiles writes an advice column about knotting and Derek is smitten. Also they’re neighbors.)

Polyamory for Dummies by KuriKuri  | 6K | E | Derek/Scott/Stiles

“What?” Stiles replies, blinking at Erica. She indicates his make-up and shirt. “I – no, that’s – Scott’s Derek’s boyfriend. I’m just moral support. Or something.” He flails in Scott’s general direction, but unfortunately Scott’s too focused on the game to save him.

“I’m not going to judge,” Erica says, smirking slightly. “The only reason Isaac isn’t here too is because he has an exam tomorrow morning.”

“Isaac?” Stiles asks, his brow furrowing in confusion.

“My other boyfriend,” Erica answers easily.

i’m on tonight (my nips don’t lie) by elegantwings  | 7K | E | Derek/Stiles

The thing is, Stiles has always had sensitive nipples. When a friend in college suggests nipple piercings, he totally goes for it. Somehow this is what pushes him and Derek together, despite what happened between them the summer before he went away to school. The thing no one talks about, the thing that matters really a lot despite how much they pretend it doesn’t.

Or, the fic that was supposed to be a pwp about Stiles getting nipple piercings and accidentally grew an angsty plot.

the lovers [murderers] in 9B by ofherlionheart  | 8K | T | Derek/Stiles

There is a new resident in apartment 9B, and he and his boyfriend are either serial killers … or just really loud in bed.

Derek Hale moves into a new apartment building, and his new neighbors try to figure out what to make of him and his frequent visitor, Stiles Stilinski.

Give Me Shelter by WonderWolf  | 8.2K | T | Derek/Stiles

“I don’t make a good impression, I know,” Derek grumbles. “It’s fine. I get it.”

“Noooo,” Stiles groans in frustration, “but it isn’t fair because you’re not that guy, you’re not an asshole and you give cats punny names so they have a better chance at being adopted.”

“Who told you I named the cats?” Derek asks, his brows scrunching together in confusion.

“Scott,” Stiles smirks. “My favorite so far was Purrsephone.”

(Or the one in which Derek and Stiles both volunteer at an animal shelter, Derek works with cats and gives them punny names, Stiles works with the dogs, and misunderstandings ensue).

For My Flesh Had Turned to Fur, and My Thoughts Had Turned to You by literaryoblivion  | 9K | T | Derek/Stiles

They’ve known about the other pack for quite some time now. They know the pack is young and small, formed together more by accident and necessity than anything else. But, they haven’t done anything about them because they’ve been fairly quiet, kept to themselves, and haven’t caused any trouble.

That is until the Hales start hearing rumors about the McCall pack acquiring a very young and inexperienced but powerful witch.

So Alpha Hale sends her eldest son, Derek, for all intents and purposes, to spy on the McCall pack and their so-called witch, to see what the truth of the situation is.

The Way to My Heart (French Insults) by KuriKuri  | 10.4K | T | Derek/Stiles

Letting out a long sigh, Derek turns away and braces himself for the next hellish filming segment. After all, apparently he’s going to have to smile while greeting twenty-five contestants. Shit, what if they try to hug him? Or, god forbid, kiss –

He doesn’t get any further with that thought, because a limo pulls into the driveway. He braces himself for the worst. The worst, who… actually doesn’t look that horrifying.

“I’ve been dying to meet you!” she exclaims as she catches sight of him.

Then, she flings herself at him and ensnares him in a bone-crushing hug.

Scratch that – she’s completely horrifying. And Derek’s pretty sure he can hear errand boy what’s-his-face laughing in the distance.

(Or: In which Derek gets roped into being the ‘eligible bachelor’ on a dating show and instead falls for one of the show’s interns.)

Putting the F-U-N in Funeral by apocryphal  | 10.8K | T | Derek/Stiles

“Hale & Daughters Funeral Home,” Derek says dully.

“Oh ho! And which daughter are you?

Derek casts his eyes up to the ceiling. It’s going to be one of those calls.

(In which Derek is a bored secretary, Stiles is a baker who may or may not have ulterior motives, and there are entirely too many macaroons.)

reason to stay by bleep0bleep  | 12.5K | T | Derek/Stiles

Life is cruel. Derek Hale is only going to be here in Beacon Hills for a week. Sundays Fun Days is a lie. It was not fun, getting a bit of hope and having it torn away.

How much wooing can Stiles do in a week, anyway?

It’s the last week of October, and a small town baker has run into his first crush again. Fate might have other ideas. Stiles tries for romance with a little help from what Beacon Hills does best— Halloween.

Rare Books and Special Collections by KuriKuri  | 15K | E | Derek/Stiles

Derek Hale hates libraries.

Unfortunately, not all books can be ordered on Amazon.

(Or: in which Derek is a grumpy omega writer, and Stiles is an annoyingly attractive alpha special collections librarian.)

Mail Order Stiles by Green  | 17.4K | E | Derek/Stiles

Stiles laughs. “The day I become a mail-order bride is the day I eat my hat.”

“You don’t even wear a hat.“

“I’ll buy a hat for the occasion,” Stiles says. “A white one with a veil.”

(Stiles doesn’t eat a hat, but that’s just because he’s too busy with his new husband, his five children, his new husband’s ex, and a deadly feud with the neighboring ranch)

Quit Dragon Me Around by WonderWolf  | 17.9K | Works: 3 | T, E, M | Derek/Stiles

Stiles makes the mistake of taking Derek’s sword and now the grumpy werewolf seems determined to stop him from stealing and landing himself in jail.

Stiles is not pleased. He’s also starving.

(Or the one in which Derek has good intentions, but little understanding of how Dragon biology works. He just wants the cute mole-speckled kid to be safe).

Dance For Me by words_reign_here  | 18K | M | Derek/Stiles

Laura and Derek Hale own an architecture firm and they are looking for a new construction crew. Stiles and Scott are the newbies in town, but it’s either them or Deucalion. Everyone gets off on the wrong foot but don’t worry, things have a way of working themselves out.

Instructions for Dancing by calrissian18, cybersuzy  | 19.2K | T | Scott + Stiles, Derek/Stiles

If Scott was asked to start from the beginning, his mind would place him right at the center of Beacon Hills, looking up at the black and white Hale house, clamped down on his mom’s hand and trying not to feel fear.

If Stiles was asked to start from the beginning, he would talk about a boy named Scott who walked into his kindergarten classroom, stuck to him like a barnacle and became the most important thing Stiles would ever do with his life.

Cutback by WonderWolf  | 19.3K | T | Derek/Stiles

“You’re the only person that can help us and we need a place to crash. Can we stay at yours? Just for the week? I promise we’ll be quiet and—”

The feeling of dread quickly turns to panic and Derek forces out through a tense jaw, “Who’s ‘we’, Scott?”

Scott’s face morphs into a look of sadness and pity before he responds with a defeated, “Me and Stiles.” He tenses, as if to brace for the rejection Derek is sure to give him, because there’s no way that Derek would agree to house his ex-boyfriend for a week, even as a favor to his brother. Not after everything that happened, after the devastating heartbreak he still hasn’t fully recovered from.

He takes a deep breath and sighs, “Okay,” despite every intelligent part of his brain yelling at him that it isn’t a good idea.
- - - - - -
Scott and Stiles are pro surfers in need of a place to stay for their upcoming competition. Out of all the things Derek expected this summer, being asked to house his brother and ex-boyfriend for one week wasn’t on the list.

All It Takes Is a Spark by impalagirl, wilddragonflying  | 22k | M | Derek/Stiles

AKA That one where Derek is a hippie and more like Tyler Hoechlin than the sourwolf we all know and love, and Stiles is a badass emissary.

Voices in the Dark by atsuyuri_sama  | 23.7K | M | Derek/Stiles

Stiles would do anything to protect his Pack. He would even lie, though it means slowly falling apart at the seams.

this dance of days by imprintofadream (imprint_of_a_doe)  | 27.9K | M | Derek/Stiles

He feels like the world stuttered to a halt and started rotating the other direction within the past few days, like the fire burned brighter only to push him into his proper place. Three days ago, he had no idea werewolves existed, had no idea Derek could be anyone other than Hale, and now he knows how it feels to be pressed up against him, knows how awkward Erica’s sideburns are, knows with absolute certainty that being taken off fire relief duty won’t tear him away from this group.

But fires have always been dangerous and unpredictable.

Bicycle Flavored Ice Cream by words_reign_here  | 29K | T | Derek/Stiles

Derek finally has everything where it should be. His pack is good, strong, back from college and they are a cohesive team. Other than the occasional witch, hunters and blip in the road, this is what it should have always been like. A pack in the Hale house, watching out for Beacon Hills.

The Girl They Thought She Was by words_reign_here  | 31K | Works: 2 | T | Allison-centric

Another three sentence fic that I fell in love with:
Maybe supernatural teen wolf where Allison is a Winchester and she meets Scott, or Isaac. The pack. Sterek.

You Only Live Once…or Twice by WonderWolf  | 32.9K | E | Derek/Stiles

“Anything,” Derek’s eyes are determined, boring into Stiles’.

Stiles huffs a laugh, “Careful there, big guy. Don’t want to be promising anything to every necromancer you meet. Some might ask for your soul or someth—”

“I’ll give you my soul to bring her back,” Derek says, his voice steady and strong with resolve, “if that’s what you want.”

Stiles’ mouth gapes open for a moment before his brain kicks into gear and he stutters out, “N-no, I don’t ask for that. I only ask for money.”

(Or the one in which Stiles is a necromancer who needs help stopping a rogue alpha and Derek is the solution, but at what cost?)

This Started As Only Make Believe by thepsychicclam  | 44.1K | E | Derek/Stiles

Derek is trying (and failing) to juggle his career, coach lacrosse, and raise his 5 year old werewolf daughter. When he adds his bitter ex-wife and his daughter’s slight attachment to him, Derek knows he doesn’t have any time for a life of his own - and definitely no time for the super cute daycare teacher.

Coming Home by herlovewasajoke  | 44.7K | Works: 2 | M, E | Derek/Stiles

An AU in which Derek works for the sheriff’s department, Stiles is a single father, and Laura lives to drive her brother up the wall.

Everything that is Holding You Back by herlovewasajoke  | 49.1K | Works: 2 | T, E | Derek/Stiles

“I’m here because my son needs to come home, Mr. Hale,” the sheriff said, brushing aside any need for pleasantries.

Derek would be grateful for that if he had any idea what the hell was going on.

lost in your sleeve (1/?)

“For a kid with so damn much family these days, he’s still somehow been dealt a shitty hand.” No magic AU where Henry’s just a sad, angry with with a fucked up family tree.

Captain Cobra. (Eventual) Captain Swan.

Notes: The first official chapter! Sorry it took a while. Moving is a pain. But here’s chapter 1, and the next chapter is partly written and it’s all basically sketched out in my head so hopefully the next update won’t take quite so long. Recommended listening is still: Eugene by Sufjan Stevens.

(Shout out to swallowedsong, again, for always responding ‘sure!’ when I ask if she wants to look over something for me, and for generally being encouraging and enthusiastic.) 


Wanna catch up? prologue

chapter 1.



            Regina used to walk him to school everyday. She’d hold his hand as they went, her grip tightening when people would pass by, fake smiles on their faces as they greeted her, an equally forced smile on her own. She was a very powerful woman, his adoptive mother. Important. The kind of important that never forgets itself—that demands that no one else forget it, either. The kind that doesn’t make many friends. She’d hold onto his hand as they walked and as he got older he wondered if she did it for his sake or her own. Who really needed that anchor?

            Maybe it was both of them.

            Emma walked him to school, too, but she kept her distance a bit, only reaching for him to cross the street.

            “I guess you’re probably too old for this, huh?” she’d said once as they walked, her hand soft and unsure around his.

            “I don’t mind,” he’d said, squeezing her hand and smiling.

            She’d smiled back, ruffled his hair before he ran off and into the building, and when he glanced back as he reached the door she was still there, still smiling, still watching him.

            Truthfully, he didn’t need either of them to walk him to school.  He just—

            He just liked it when they did.

            His first Monday at Barrie he walks alone to the dining hall. Sits alone for breakfast, and makes his way by himself to his first class.

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Dating Med Students + my response + male perspective

Hello guys! Last week I posted my response to Cosmopolitan’s article “14 Things You Should Know Before Dating Med Students” and recently I asked a friend whose girlfriend is a med student, but who doesn’t go to medical school for his perspective. I have compiled both of them for your entertainment (?). I’m just going to call this the Med Student Dateability Research Study..  

GuyWithMDgf: Okay, but before I start this I must say I am not complaining.  have dated my girlfriend for 2.5+ years (and counting) and I wouldn’t date any other professional (except a VS angel, but did I mention my gf looks like one?)

1. She’s a listening pro. She spends all day listening to patients, lecturers, residents, attending doctors, so she’s basically a professional listener. So if you spill your deepest, messiest emotions, she’ll accept them and try to understand them. Unless it’s the day after a 24-hour call day, in which case haha, no, she already fell asleep.

CM: Garbage, garbage, garbage. If there is something my bf complains about, is that I am a terrible listener. Not on purpose of course, but after a long day sometimes I can’t help but have a hard time focusing. Or I’m just thinking about the gazillion things I didn’t do/still have to do. It just happens.

GuyWithMDgf: Oh yes she does listen, she really doesn’t pay attention or understand, but she does listen and her answer may be pretty accurate if she makes the effort.  (you may want to drop delicate information, just record for future reference)

Originally posted by rrclash3847

2. Plan every date at least 10 years in advance, if possible. See no. 1. Sister’s 18th birthday? Best friend’s wedding? Casual cup of coffee? She can’t make it. She has a test tomorrow and every day x 1,000 forever.

CM: Not necessarily, but prepare for me to arrive late once in a while. It doesn’t matter if you planned it yesterday or 10 years ago, stuff will come up. Clinic will run late, impromptu research meetings happen, maybe I will panic and decide I REALLY need to stay in and study for that quiz (which is 3 days from today but you still wont understand).

GuyWithMDgf: 10 years in advance?? Really?? It can be 100 years doesn’t make big difference, I wouldn’t bother just go with the flow.

3. You’ll only see her once a year at, like, 2:45 p.m. for 10 minutes. Because even once she finishes finals, there’s always another final. And a final after that. And then a presentation and an oral exam and a 500-page review textbook to read. Basically, “I love you but I’ll see you in five years” is something she’s told you as a joke that was not a joke at all.

CM: A little exaggerated, but I agree with this one. Long weekends don’t work for me, because stuff is usually schedules for right after. We have to wait til Christmas, Spring Break, Summer, Thanksgiving, and so on.

GuyWithMDgf: And lets not mention  RESEARCH or some other med student (or lab rat who has a crush on her) invite her to some I-don’t-know-what event or school or hospital or lab thing where he makes her look important just to try and steal her. Sorry bro not happening.

Originally posted by somewhereonlyyou-know

4. You’ll assume she can fix any medical problems you have and you will almost always be wrong. If your throat hurts or your back is spasming or even if you have a small paper cut, you will automatically assume she can fix it with her med student magic. In reality, she probably has no idea why you’re having leg cramps, but that doesn’t matter because she will pretend to know anyway. Hint: She will just give you aspirin and a lot of the time—it’ll fix everything.

CM: Yeah I know nothing. (maybe the Kreb’s Cycle)

GuyWithMDgf: Totally ! and nope she doesn’t pretend she will just say “Heyy, I am part MD how am I supposed to know?”

5. She gives terrifying new meaning to the term “type A.” Med students and doctors generally have some form of OCD or, at the very least, a seriously regimented routine, and you better get used to it because she is physically and emotionally incapable of altering it in any way. If she gets a muffin at 6 every morning from the same place and you ask her to try a new place, she might have a breakdown, so just accept it and move on.

CM: I am a nice person. But I do have to say, I’ve been told I am Type A and OCDish. I may not have a breakdown, but I do prefer to do somethings my way. “Emotionally incapable” is too much.

I do however, seat on the same exact seat on the test center. If I arrive to the test center and you are in my seat, we may have to take it outside.

GuyWithMDgf: We haven’t got that far.

6. Prepare to hear about nothing but work. Whether it’s a cool patient she saw that day, a surgery she observed, the size and quality of a poop her patient had (no, but seriously, check out the Bristol stool scale), you’ll hear about it. You will then think you had the most boring day ever by comparison and also wonder WTF the Bristol stool scale is. (Don’t worry, she’ll happily tell you.)

CM: You’ll hear about some work, but mostly I’ll be asking you how your day was because it was probably more interesting than me sitting in the library all day.

GuyWithMDgf: Not way! I will just pretend the relationship is over. Stool? really? Is it necessary?

Originally posted by baba-saaein

7. You could fart and have diarrhea at the same time, and she wouldn’t flinch. She feels totally comfortable talking about pee, poop, UTIs, periods, and anything else you find gross. To her, it is her job, and an everyday occurrence that she talks to people about. This is actually great since you are a human with a normal body and honestly, everyone should feel this OK about these things.

CM: I love you, but please don’t fart or talk about your poop with me and I wont talk about anatomy lab with you.

GuyWithMDgf: I have tried the fart, but it hasn’t worked as planned.. it still a taboo.

Originally posted by robert-carr

8. Be prepared to move because surprise! She has to move now. If you happen to stay in a committed relationship during “the match,” aka when med students find out what specialty and residency they will be working, be prepared to move with her. The field is damn competitive, and every spot for residency is coveted. It’s a sacrifice, but hey, you may end up marrying a doctor/someone you really love.

CM: ^^^^ This one guys ^^^^^

GuyWithMDgf: As long as we move to some cool place where I can have fun while she is under a 80-hour week, I may be ok.

9. Med students can be diiiiicks. High stress + competitive people = bad attitude. Find one who is more laid-back (aka, not any type of aspiring surgeon. Seriously. Do not date an aspiring surgeon. I’ve talked to aspiring surgeons who told me not to date aspiring surgeons, so I know what I’m talking about) and you’ll be fine.

CM: I am not the nicest person when I’m stressed, but mostly because of stress and not competition. Also, I don’t want to be a surgeon. Do however, take everything I say during exam week with a grain of salt sugar.

GuyWithMDgf: Ohhh yes they can be! you may just want to close the door and make a trip to your nearest bar.

10. Medical residents work 24-hour shifts that may turn into 28 or 30 hours. She has a great ability to stay up beyond what is humanly possible. This also means she needs to sleep, and often at weird hours. If she has Saturday off after working a 24-hour day Friday, yeah, she’s not going to wake up and go to brunch Saturday because she will be in bed all day.

CM: I barely went through first year, but this also means there will be days were despite the time difference, your SO will go to sleep first.

GuyWithMDgf: Thank God she doesn’t fall at sleep in a restaurant or while she drives.

Originally posted by dope-gif

11. Her drive and motivation are contagious. This will push you to work your hardest and to be your best, which is second nature for her. Go for that promotion or that job you never thought you’d get! She will stand behind you and respect you for it, you know, once she looks up from studying.

GuyWithMDgf: That’s a perk I agree with.

12. She still parties like a college freshman who’s never had booze before. After all the tests and group projects, she will still inevitably go out and get wasted like she’s a freshman in college. Few people drink as hard and fast as med students after exams, god bless ‘em. They are so sleepy and psyched to get hammered.

CM: Well, I went out only about 5 times during the whole school year, but that week after the last final…….

13. She won’t freak out if it doesn’t work out between you two. She’s been through years of rejection from med schools around the country so you not being ready for a relationship right now is unlikely to send her in a tailspin.

CM: Welp. I wouldn’t say med students are immune to rejection.

GuyWithMDgf: I don’t understand is this a trick question?

14. She works so hard at what she does, so she’ll work hard on your relationship. Most med students are generally perfectionists, so as hard as they’re working on changing the world and helping other people, they’re going to work just as hard at being the best girlfriend they can possibly be. You know, unless you date a surgeon, which I already specifically warned you about.

CM: haha what’s with the surgeons in this article??! I think there’s something to say about this one, because in my case, as much as I work super hard I now I can’t give my absolute best 100% of the time, because there’s generally alot of things going on. But I will give the 100% I can give that day. This means sometimes we’ll talk on the phone for hours, other times we’ll exchange a couple of texts, and other times we’ll just text each other “goodnight”.

GuyWithMDgf: Check answer 13. ( but she doesn’t work hard on it ;) )

PS- I would love to hear your thoughts and perspective in the comments! What do you think?

Kiss Me A Little Harder: One

So I am really excited about this story and I decided to post the first part. The reason why I think this will be a good one is because a lot of parts I am basing off different scenarios that happened to me or my friends when I was abroad, so I hope that will give it sort of a realistic feel to it. Enjoy and let me know what you think! 


‘Just because you’re clean doesn’t mean you don’t miss it' 

January 9th 2014

“Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner cozying up at skii trip" 

I sighed and turned my head to find Katie watching E! News videos on her computer. It was 4:30pm and I was tired and I just really didn’t want to listen to another story about ‘Harry Styles’.

“Can you turn that down please?” I asked politely looking over at Katie.
“Do you not like that he is dating Kendall? Cause I don’t either he could do so much better.”

"No, I really don’t care who he dates or what he does." 

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