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Sexting (Jimin smut)

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Summary: On a lonely night, you decide to sign up for an anonymous sexting site. Of course you are matched with the notorious fuckboy you’re constantly trying to avoid. Park fucking Jimin.

Themes: Sexting, Fuckboy Jimin, College AU.

Pairing: You x Jimin

Word Count: 4k

This fic contains: Explicit and graphic depictions of smut, sex over the phone, swearing. 






I’d rather not say/enter here:


Decent conversation/making friends/finding a language buddy/other





THOR562: 21 years old- Seoul, South Korea- also interested in ‘other’.




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omg Dre, your 'plus pumpkin' response made my entire day--can I get a hug? (If not, its fine, I just wanted to say thanks!)

* Tch! D’awe, dat’s… dat’s real sweet. I’m real phuckin’ glad it did.

* mm but ‘m outta commission fo’ tonight, sorry sweetheart.

* …………………………………………………………………

* ahhh…. OKAY okay– Quick hug befo’ those kink decoders come back.

* hurry hurry.

Dre gives you a mighty hug, and quickly retreats.

BTS REACTION : seeing you for the first time.

You are very close friends with EXO and you decide to join them backstage at an award show. The BTS members are also backstage and they notice you for the first time.


You and EXO enter the room where he was with all of BTS and other idols. You make eye contact for a couple seconds. He keeps smiling and looks pretty calm but it’s the total opposite in his mind : WHO IS SHE? why did she look at me? should I go speak to her? she is so pretty !


As soon as he enters the room full of idols, you are the first person he notices. The members are talking to him but he doesn’t listen to them and focuses on you. You’re busy talking with Kyungsoo. He looks at you straight in the eyes and smirk but as soon as you make eye contact with him, he turns his head, ignores you and acts cool, but he still keeps thinking about you : fuck, she’s so hot. who is she ? fuck she caught me staring at her. I just need to act cool.


Keeps staring at you from across the room. You are laughing and talking with Baekhyun. *She is so pretty, especially when she laughs*. You notice him and smile shyly, he smiles back proudly. He talks about you to the other members and brags about how you smiled at him : Do you guys know who that girl is ? She just smiled at me ! Should I go speak to her ?


You are sitting alone on a chair. Namjoon is on the opposite side of the room and keeps staring at you while licking his lips. He then whispers to Yoongi : You see that hottie over there ? Should I go flirt with her ? Come with me, I’m too shy to go alone. But don’t flirt with her, she’s MINE !


Once Jimin sees you and gets the fact that you’re friends with EXO, he decides to go see Chanyeol and asks questions about you : What’s the name of that cute friend of yours ? Is she single ? Can you introduce me to her ? She’s really pretty!

You then see Chanyeol and Jimin coming to you, he’s staring at you while he licks his lips. Jimin tries to act cool and sexy and goes from cute mochi to sexy jimin in seconds.


He keeps his eyes on you and tries to act sexy while he’s thinking : she’s so hot! Ugh come on, LOOK AT ME ! I need to look hot when she’ll look at me! He asks questions to the members : Do I look hot while licking my lips ? I’m trying to impress that girl over there! She’s pretty hot uh? I need to know what her name is before the show ends!


Notices you as soon as you enter the room. He’s too shy to make eye contact with you so he just quickly stares at you from time to time. You also noticed him and you shyly smile at him. He looks pretty calm and has a sweet look on his face but his mind goes crazy : OMG DID SHE JUST SMILE AT ME?! She so beautiful! omg what do I do, what do I do? I should ask the hyungs for help, but they’re going to make fun of me…

omg sorry guys, this is my first “BTS reaction” so it’s not really good ahah. I’ll do better next time !

The Wish Spell

Summary:  You use a spell to make a wish come true with unexpected results.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Castiel, OFC Sal

Word Count: 5772

Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex, language, fluff, wee bit of angst, mention of past abuse

A/N:  This one is close to my heart.  I hope you like it and I’d love to hear your feedback.  MAJOR shout out to the wonderful, lovely and helpful @wheresthekillswitch for being my beta on this.  There’s no way I would have achieved what I wanted without your help.  And thank you to the fantastic @arryn-nyxx for the beautiful aesthetic!​ Thank you!


You didn’t mean for it to happen, not really.  You’d hoped sure, but that didn’t mean you were actually expecting it to work.  You’d been out with your friends celebrating the long weekend but the pit of loneliness grew to a crater the moment you were home.  Since you’d had a few too many beers you started researching wishes.  That led you to spells and then before you knew it you were rummaging through your house for a candle and printing out a picture.  You wrote your name, birthday and wish on the picture then you folded it three times.  You lit a candle and held the paper over it till it caught fire and burned out.  You were tired of being alone, but you were also terrified to make a connection.  After the flame went out you curled up into bed and you dreamt of him, but that wasn’t out of the ordinary; you dreamt of him often.

The next morning you wake up and as you stretch your arms out you bump into something.  You shoot up and look over and there he is sitting on your bed his green eyes looking back at you.  Dean Winchester.  He’s leaning back on his hands with his long legs out in front of him.  He’s wearing a flannel shirt and jeans and he even has his boots on.  You sit staring at him unable to think or to speak.  He purses his full lips then smirks at you.

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Makeup Voiceover;Johnny

Request: Hiii I loved your Jaehyun voiceover scenario, can you please make one for Johnny if you haven’t already? Thanks! :) ♡

  • i actually love writing this series oh my
  • but in reality i dont know a single thing about makeup
  • so sorry if it gets really boring and repetitive for each member ;-;
  • google’s my best friend, if not i wouldn’t even know a single brand yes
  • okay let’s start with chicago monster let’s go

  • so many of your subscribers wanted him to do the makeup voiceover challenge

  • firstly because he has his own youtube channel too, and both of you are like the power youtube couple
  • and he’s always mentioning about you, so are you
  • but mainly because
  • in your vlog once you caught him on tape once using your eyeliner as a pen
  • “oh my god johnny what are you doing”
  • “i’ve never seen a pen like this before?? omg it’s so watery”
  • “are you serious omg HAHAHA GUYS look at my boyfriend”
  • “what????”
  • “it’s an eyeliner johnny”
  • “a what- OH NO WONDER HAHAHA”
  • “this is what i have to deal with everyday guys- a clueless giant, unlike on his channel where you all only see his cool side”
  • which is why tons of comments started to come in after that vlog
  • saying that it’d be hilarious to see johnny doing it
  • so after talking to johnny about it he agreed
  • because he was confident in himself
  • so one day you push him out of your room so you can film the video
  • and every 5 minutes you’d hear him screaming
  • after 45 minutes you let him in
  • and he has this cheeky smile on his face
  • and you can tell he’s very excited
  • “okay start now!!”
  • so he plays the video and starts recording
  • “hello everyone, it’s johnny seo here and im finally here to do the makeup voiceover”
  • “apparently because you guys are excited to laugh at me over that eyeliner incident”
  • “okay enough talking let’s start”
  • “just look at bare faced Y/N, so pretty”
  • “so first off, foundation”
  • “she’s using the l'oreal paris brand one”
  • “oh she’s taking her beauty blender- SEE GUYS I KNOW WHAT IT IS’
  • “yeah it’s because i told you after you endlessly referred it to an egg months ago”
  • “you all didn’t hear that-”
  • “squeeze a little out on the blender and dab it on your face”
  • “blend and make sure there aren’t any patches”
  • “i honestly dont see any difference?? but oh well you look good nonetheless”
  • “okay moving on”
  • “she’s doing her eyes”
  • “she always talks about this- her favourite palette, the Lorac Pro? is that the name- eyeshadow palette!!”
  • “today she’s using the light pink shade”
  • “with a little bit of nude”
  • “she looks like she’d winking- at me of course HAHA”
  • “oh she’s done!”
  • hears his own shout in the background of the video
  • “wait was that me?”
  • “yes it was”
  • “sorry guys, i was too excited”
  • “over with that,”
  • “oh it’s that pen! oh wait eyeliner-”
  • “why is she laughing”
  • “wait babe why aren’t you putting it on”
  • “just wanted to bring it in for some laughs, didn’t use it for this look hehe”
  • “justice for johnny guys, save me from this evil girlfriend”
  • “but damn she looks so cute laughing though”
  • “okay she’s cooled down- her face’s still red though aw”
  • pinches your cheek
  • “she taking out another stick”
  • “the uh nyc wonder stick that is”
  • “woah wait what it has two ends to it HOW COOL”
  • “baby’s using the lighter end”
  • “drawing lines on her upper cheek”
  • “oh she’s turning to the darker end”
  • “and drawing lines again?”
  • “what is this for- oh she’s blending it”
  • “oH i think it’s called contouring and highlighting?”
  • “you’re right babe”
  • “h a h”
  • “oh look her shining”
  • “god so gorgeous”
  • “my heart’s beating too quickly i can’t do this anymore do we still have a long way to go?”
  • “stop it omg. almost there, babe”
  • “why is she laughing again-”
  • “i think i just heard another shout from outside….”
  • “sorry guys”
  • “okay she’s done again, and applying blush right now”
  • “just look at her rosy cheeks!!!”
  • “did i mention the brand?”
  • “i didn’t catch it oh no i got distracted im so sorry”
  • “but it’s er-”
  • “i’ll just insert a caption don’t worry about it”
  • “my babe’s the best”
  • “oh i think this is the last one- lipstick!!!”
  • “look at those plump lips-”
  • “she’s using the Neutrogena one-”
  • “it looks like a crayon?? IS THIS A CRAYON?”
  • “wow i learn new things everyday”
  • “okay but just look at this cutie pouting her lips”
  • “and…. she’s done!!!”
  • “wow, im in love with a goddess”
  • “this is my talented girlfriend right here”
  • “this video ended too quickly???”
  • “aw anyways thank you for watching and please do continue supporting Y/N!!”
  • “and if you didn’t know, we come in a package so do check my channel out too- kidding”
  • “do subscribe, like and comment, this has been Y/N’s wonderful boyfriend, johnny!”
  • after he’s done he has the most satisfied smile on his face
  • and he attacks you with a hug for no reason
  • and your heart just melts because, he’s the funniest yet sweetest person ever??
  • “babe i think i should delete my own channel and join yours instead”
BTS Reaction to their girlfriend leaving a blood stain on the bed

Anonymous said: Hello~Can you do Bts react to their girlfriend have a period and blood stain on bed please??Thanks~

Seokjin: sweetheart !!! a major sweetheart !!! he wouldn’t want to embarrass you at all, so he’d pretend nothing happened. he’d clean it up if you wanted him to, and he’d buy you treats and snacks afterward.

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Yoongi: honestly he’d have like 3 opinions. at first he’d laugh, then he’d feel bad, then he’d want to help you. he’d clean the sheets for you and tell you not to worry about it.

Originally posted by meanyoongis

Hoseok: he has a sister so i’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be super confused, i think he would just try to make you happy before he even thought to clean up the sheets. hoseok has never leaked blood through his bedsheets i hope, so he would be lowkey confused on what to do. 

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Namjoon: he would be on that shit so quickly omg,,,,,

he woke up and felt dampness on his left side. he would wake you up so fast that he wouldn’t even give you a chance to feel embarrassed. he started cleaning the sheets & you sat there thinking like

“wow,,,,, my man is so good to me what did i do to deserve this”

Originally posted by jjeonguk


“please tell your vagina to calm down, i’m scared”

lmao but honestly he’d be sweet about it because he’s park ! jimin ! he didn’t want to touch the sheets so instead, he bought you candy and shit and he let you clean the sheets himself. 

good enough.

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“oh…cute…blood…nO don’t be embarrassed about it i’ll clean it up…go relax over there and bleed don’t worry about me babe”

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“bitch the fuck ??? who gave you permission to bleed on my- fuCK IT’S STILL WET HELP I’M SCARED IS THIS CONTAGIOUS”

but like really jungkook isn’t that dumb lmao all you have to do is yell at him and he’ll be doing things all day for you. 

“haha, don’t you wish you were a boy?”

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reaction requests are open for; seventeen, 2ne1, exo(o12), bts, blackpink, twice, pristin, and nct (all units)

🐰🐐: headcanons of dorky kaneki slowly falling in love with touka

okay, i think i’ve talked about this before. I basically said that Kaneki’s behavior towards Touka was definitely going to change from now on, and that maybe he would start seeing her with different eyes, appreciating her in different ways and starting to consider his options.. after a love confession, you usually start to see things differently. So these are a few headcanons that i have in mind of Kaneki basically starting to feel a little butterfly fluttering inside his tummy thanks to Touka-chan.

  • karaoke time. Yes, again. Nishiki is bored and wants some party time *insert Furuta’s party mask* and of course, he needs to drag his friends with him. So Tsukiyama, Touka, Kaneki, Hinami and Ayato decide to join him. They’re all singing and showing their talents. Nishiki brings blood wine with him and Touka gets a little dizzy. It’s her turn to sing, a very hardcore rock-pop song & not feminine at all, but she looks badass as fuck so she sings and shakes her head and nobody is really paying attention to her? 😂  everyone is discussing goat stuff except for Tsukiyama, who looks at Touka and says “you’re doing it wrong, that’s not how you’re supposed to sing it” so he walks towards her trying to teach her, Touka complains and both fight for the mic, and while Nishiki and the others are talking about goat, Kaneki is not taking part in the conversation. He’s looking at Touka with dorky eyes like… not very sure of why he’s looking at her like that, she’s just yelling at Tsukiyama and having fun, but he’s just staring at her like an idiot. Then Tsukiyama gets angry and he looks at Kaneki like “Kaneki-kun! tell her something!! she won’t let me sing!” and Kaneki is like… “u-uhh.. she’s just, uhm… drunk, let her sing a bit more” and Touka is like heya and keeps singing and that’s the perfect excuse for Kaneki to keep looking at her in silence.

  • she falls asleep against the counter and it’s actually a pretty chilly day. Kaneki arrives at :re for whatever reason and he finds her resting her head on her arms on the counter and she’s snorting a bit, Kaneki is not sure if he should wake her up or let her sleep there, so after thinking about it for almost ten minutes lol, he takes off his jacket and places it on her back to keep her warm and leaves the shop. When Touka wakes up, she finds his jacket on her and his smell is like all over the place and Touka is like ;-; omg… did he…? 

  • hands touching accidentally. Whenever Touka makes him a coffee and hands him the mug (or Kaneki gives back the empty mug) their fingers briefly touch and Kaneki feels like his chest is a mess everytime it happens. Touka doesn’t seem to notice, she keeps acting like nothing happened, but Kaneki’s eyes quickly travel to the place in where she touched him, or stares at her like ……. why do i feel this way?

  • every time he has to go somewhere, or do something and needs someone’s help, he asks Touka-chan. His heart is completely embarrassed about it but he tries to keep it cool on the outside. “Okay, i’ll go… Touka-chan, you come too?” or “good, Nishiki let’s go… -deep silence- ……… you too, Touka-chan” and Touka just follows him with a nod, not trying to look extremely excited (because she is).

  • THE BOOK TRICK. His inner Haise comes back to life again when, without noticing, he keeps doing what he did before. Read a book, or some papers from the organization, and peering at Touka while she’s not looking. Especially when she’s being sweet to Hinami or grumpy with the garden kids because they’re criticizing her food, Kaneki smiles a bit and Touka turns around and when she sees him, Kaneki quickly lowers his gaze to his lecture, blushing and pretending that it didn’t happen, but Touka knows. She smiles too. 

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Best friends to Lovers!Kang Daniel AU

Note: for the times where you experienced 썸 (some) with your good/best friend and wished that when you do convey your feelings it would somewhat end up this way

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what joshua is really like in person…


so since my last concert story time blew up, I’ll share my interactions with joshua;

so when healing started, Joshua was on my side of the stage, I was first row right in front of him. he walks over, looking at me, waves as he crouched down in front of me, and smiles. if y'all know joshua, he can’t really wink lol, he just closes both eyes quickly with a smirk, AND THATS WHAT HE DID TO ME while throwing up a peace sign im crying as I explain this omg BUT yes you can watch the video I posted here !

THEN before hi touch, I had a curler in my hair for my bangs, (YES I BROUGHT a curler to the concert I was not about to meet joshua looking like a mess) and I saw him from afar and he was the first one behind the barricades. He looked so angelic and as I started at him, it felt so peaceful.

Anyways! I almost forgot to pull the hair curler out from my bangs but luckily my friend quickly snatched it out and fixed me up LOL and I walked up to joshua, and this is where I felt something special:

we locked eyes and I held his hand (YES HELD NOT TOUCH) and I said these very words, “Joshua, I love you!”

and he said “thank you!” and SQUEEZED MY HAND

keep in mind that we were making eye contact the whole time and it felt like to me as if we were the only ones in the room, I forgot about everything for that 10 seconds.

I’m so thankful to have finally met joshua and seventeen. you all know how much I love joshua, and they fact that I finally met him means so much to me!!

If you read this far, thank you for reading my experience ❤️

Older Brother Mark

Requests: Heyyoo!! Can you do an older brother! Mark sometime :3

i dont feel bad lmao how about twin mark or twin chenle or twin renjun or twin jaemin - shinyeol-ie

  • guess who’s back with writing again after a month’s/or less of hiatus!!
  • okay not officially back yet but
  • i’ll be slowly getting back! so the ‘hiatus from writing’ will still be there in my bio/askbox but feel free to request still,, i’ll remove it once i post regularly again!
  • i wanted to write today because so many things have been on my mind lately and im a mess so i had to let it all go so im here writing!
  • so why not start it off with the person i love most in the world, margarie!!!
  • with an older brother! au
  • i did one with jeno & jaemin
  • enough of my nonsense, let’s start

  • how do we describe him

  • he can be the sweetest, most caring & most protective brother one could ever ask for
  • but at moments you feel like punching yourself because he’s like clueless 24/7 and he asks for you help with everything
  • back then when both of yall were 12, your parents had to leave the country for a business trip for a few days
  • and for some reason they trusted the both of you to stay at home and not cause any trouble
  • “mark, take good care of your sister we’ll be back soon”
  • “yes of course, dont worry!!”
  • two hours after they leave, he disappears into the kitchen for fifteen minutes
  • you hear a slight shout from him
  • then you see him going into your room with an embarrassed smile and giggle
  • “uhh, i may or may not have burnt our noodles-”
  • “god mark they’re INSTANT noodles, who in the world burns their instant noodles-”
  • “you cant blame me, i tried-”
  • “yeah sure, let’s just call in”
  • but he’s always there to help you out in school?
  • would lend you his notes even if you didnt ask
  • and would also specially find you at your classroom so he could pass you the lunch he packed for you
  • “mom asked me to give you this”
  • “mom? her sandwiches arent that-”
  • “shush fine it’s from me, tell mom i’ll be coming back late today, hanging out with the boys”
  • and like always, mr absolutely capable has tons of people around that admire him
  • your friends fangirl to you and often tell you how lucky you are he’s your brother
  • and they would always find ways to talk to him
  • or make you introduce him to them
  • your guy friends would try to hit you up so they could make friends with him
  • and you’re so used to it you dont even bother doing anything anymore
  • “he’s busy, he’s always busy, dont ask me”
  • would probably barge into your room in the middle of the night
  • to ask you for ideas for lyrics
  • or to tell you random and weird facts that he probably read online
  • or even just suggesting to watch a movie together because he was bored
  • never gets pissed & mad at you
  • in your whole life, probably only once or twice??
  • because he’s an angel
  • and they were over matters where he was concerned for you, so you couldn’t blame him for getting mad
  • like that one time he found out you skipped school just because you werent feeling your best and he got all worried after he heard from his classmate
  • he left school early just to find you
  • and thank goodness he found you at your favourite park just staring blankly
  • then he shouted at you for not telling him and making him worry, saying how he’s upset and scared that you had gotten in trouble
  • but as soon as he saw you cry
  • he’d soften and apologise for shouting
  • and become the sweetest brother ever!! he’d let you cry on his shoulders and listen to your problems
  • he even offered to treat you to your favourite ice cream?? aw
  • always complaining about the boys to you
  • mainly the dreamies
  • especially hyuck & chenle
  • on how they always tease him and make fun of him
  • and when you finally met them, you joined their squad™
  • hyuck & you would always plan pranks together and enjoy laughing at mark’s reactions
  • while the other members take care of you
  • “MARGARIE’S SISTER AYE” -jaehyoons
  • “Y/N ah, did you eat well today? do you want to stay for dinner?” -taeyong mom
  • “omg Y/N’s as cute as our mark!!” -mark’s number 1 fan, doyoung
  • very overprotective
  • like that one day he found out you were dating jaemin
  • (you couldn’t help it this boy was making your heart pump so quickly as if it was popping out of your chest)
  • “HYUNG CALM DOWN, we’ve been dating for 2 months already-”
  • “TWO? TWO??? oh my god i cant believe this, i feel so… betrayed”
  • “mark you’re overreacting”
  • “as if you’re against jaemin” “or are you omg”
  • “YOU COULD’VE PICKED JENO OR RENJUN BUT- jaemin? Y/N i dont know what to say”
  • “hyung am i that bad”
  • “no you’re not, it’s okay this is too much for me, i’ll talk to you all tomorrow”
  • 2 hours later you receive a text from him
  • “got to be honest here,, i fully support you and jaemin, this kid will take good care of you. i trust that and i trust him. i’m happy for you all”
  • and you get another text from jaemin
  • “babe!! hyung just came into my room and gave me a long talk, on all the things you like, your habits and all wow. he looks really happy about this matter though-much different to his reaction just now, is this a good sign?”
  • eventually he often brings you two out for lunch
  • and is always interested to hear stories or interesting things that happen between you two
  • aside from all that
  • he’s really supportive!
  • everything you do he’d give you positive feedback and give you encouraging words if you need it
  • because after all you both are siblings/twins, you have the same personality and he understands how you feel deeply so he tries his best to motivate you while he can
  • makes really bad jokes all the time
  • but you still laugh because hey, at least he’s trying
  • and he gets all giggly and confident after that
  • hypes you up A LOT
  • which is why hyuck always teases him about
  • “hyung you never do that to me”
  • “you’re not my sister”
  • “oh”
  • “kidding dont be mad”
  • “sorry cant talk right now”
  • all in all
  • he’s always bringing you happiness
  • and he’s also there to be your pillar of support
  • dotes on you a lot!!
  • even though you cant see it because he doesnt express himself well
  • but you know he cares and loves you
  • so you love and cherish him as a brother too!!
NCT (Hyung Line) Reaction to: You Confessing That You Have A Crush on a Dream Member

Anon: NCT hyung line reaction to you confessing to them that you have a crush on one of Dream members :v Thank you for your amazing work!

a/n: >///< thank you for reading my work!! and I hope you enjoy ~

Taeil: Half of him is upset, that the Dream kids are growing so quickly and that you are too. He almost misses the days when Jisung was smol and Mark had sperm eyebrows. But he’s happy too, that the boys are growing wonderfully and are charming, able to earn your affection.

Originally posted by jihansol

Johnny: “A crush? Like, romantically? Like, you wanna hold his hand?” He can’t believe that the “babies” are growing up and feels that a day will come too soon when they’re no longer “babies.” The thought of you having a crush, of you possibly dating a Dreamie and them k i s s i n g you omg where did the time go???

Originally posted by exoticnctlife

Taeyong: Surprises you by being very accepting. He’s the “protective” type so you thought that he would be angry but instead, he’s encouraging. He adores the Dreamies and if there’s anyone he’d trust their hearts with, it’s you.

“Okay, cool. Want me to set you guys up?”

Originally posted by bb-marklee

Yuta: Causes mischief but with good intention. With the knowledge of your crush on Donghyuck, he can’t help but want to hook his buddy up. He promises to you that his lips are sealed but immediately runs to Donghyuck like;

“Dude, guess what!!!” And spills everything. However, he helps his dongsaeng plan your first date so that’s where the mischief but with good intention part comes in.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Doyoung: He’s also a “motherly” type and is very protective of the Dreamies, especially Donghyuck. The boy is often considered second best to Mark so he feels the need to annoy the shit out of him but also show him lots of love. When you reveal your crush on Donghyuck, he immediately sets out ground rules.

“No “adult” activity, he’s a minor, after all!” “No alcohol or cursing around him!” “No blah blah blah” etc. His list goes on and on. But ultimately, he is happy and supportive. But he just can’t keep the secret anymore so he ends up telling, not to Donghyuck, at least.

“Ten, come here. Do you wanna hear a secret?”

Originally posted by dovounq

Ten: “AAAH THAT’S SO CUTE!” He tries his best to keep it a secret but he can’t. He blabs to Johnny then the other older boys. And they formulate a plan to get you and Chenle together.

Originally posted by visualjaehyun

Jaehyun: He’s so proud and honoured to watch the Dreamies grow up and see them experience crushes and all that typical teenage stuff. It reminds him that outside of being idols, they’re young and growing boys. So he’s happy for them that you have a crush (if that makes sense lol).

“Okay, so this is how you ask Jeno out. Pretend you’re the bear and he’s the .. “ Gets lost in an animated plan to get you two together.

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Winwin: “And you chose to tell me?”

He’s really happy that you trust him in this way. Despite his sometimes witty attitude or quiet moments, he really wishes you and the Dreamies the best in life. He’s happy (and sometimes teasing) to talk to you about your crush and offer any advice he can.

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Roxanne’s feelings?

@setepenre-set​ So, question–what are your thoughts on Roxanne being in love with Megamind pre-movie (or at least having feelings for him) but then falling in love with “Bernard”?

I don’t think she’s the type to fall in love easily and while I can see where she wouldn’t consciously know, perhaps, that she is in love with Megamind/has feelings for him… But, that flirting during the kidnapping scene! The way she looks at him when he leans over her chair at the end of it, when she looks like she really wants to kiss him

But then she is clearly crushing so hard on “Bernard” here:

(AAHhhhhhHHHH oh my god they’re cute)

((…I wonder if she would have happened if she hadn’t brought stupid Hal along to the Lair. The infuser gun would have hit no one, but there would still be this escape scene, only no stupid gross Hal to interrupt whatever it is she’s thinking about there))

((pffff oh lord, this one makes it look like Hal is horrified because Roxanne’s about to kiss Megs))

Stunned by her smile Megs is a bit behind events lol, not that I blame him with the look she’s just given him, I mean wow, Roxanne–

Look at her, omg. Smitten, just utterly smitten–

And then she gets all shy and excited–because she wants to hug him–

Hal is horrified lol

So is poor Megs at first (oh god what is happening??what–)

(oh? oh!)

I wish this was his own face, oh my god do I wish.

She likes him so much, she’s so obvious about it:

She doesn’t even stop looking at him while she shoves Hal away, and that over the shoulder look at the end !!! 

(Hal’s face is is a journey through these omg XD )

Did she give up on her feelings for Megamind that quickly? I mean, I know the city thinks he killed Metro Man–was that enough to change things for her?

Even though Megs was clearly shocked that his plan worked, and she’s so smart I feel like she would have known it was an accident… (and he clearly has no plan for the city afterwards, poor thing) 

I really, really like the headcanon that they’ve both been in love with the other for years, and can’t quite figure out Roxanne’s thoughts/emotional process in that headcanon, to fall in love with “Bernard” and forget her feelings for Megamind so quickly… 

A Lovely Situation ( Chapter 1 )

Lin x Reader Summary: So this is the beginning of a little Lin x Reader that no one requested. (Y/N) is seriously crushing on Daveed, and when she finally tells him, he rejects her. Lin ends up comforting (Y/N) and getting a bit closer to her. Daveed ends up fighting for her and she gets confused with her feelings and wonders if she had liked Lin all along….

Word count: 2,449  

Warnings: tiny bit of angst? Rejection.


Today is the day. The day when you finally tell Daveed, your best friend of 2 years, that you like him. You were wishing. Hoping, that it wouldn’t ruin everything between you guys. You remembered the day you guys became best friends.


You were walking home from the theatre after your first day of playing Eliza. A wide grin on your face. It was raining that evening, and you had forgotten to bring your umbrella. There were many days where you would have been pissed that you had forgotten your umbrella. Today was one of those days. It was the only thing that ruined your perfect day. You felt the rain abruptly stop. Looking up you saw a big red umbrella covering you. You spun around, to see a tall muscly man towering above you. Your eyes wondered up to his eyes. You then realised who this was. Daveed. The sexiest man on Broadway. “Hey,” you whispered. “Hi! You looked like you needed a bit of cover from the rain. How could you forget your umbrella? It’s raining cats and dogs” Daveed chuckled. “I normally don’t bring one with me. I forget that New York weather is extremely unpredictable sometimes” You said, pulling a strand of your hair behind your ear. “You were amazing as Eliza tonight. It was amazing seeing you perform. You’re so amazing and wow I’ve said amazing a million times.” He started to rub his neck. You looked down and giggled. “Thank you.”

—End Flashback—

You walked into the living room of your shared apartment with your bestie Jasmine. Realising that Daveed was already there, his eyes glued to his phone. You didn’t even hear a knock on the door or even hear him coming in.

“Hey Daveed when did you get here?” 

You swiftly made your way across the room to hug him. He looked up and hugged you before looking down at his phone again.

“Around 5 minutes ago.”

You stood there glaring at him. He didn’t even make eye contact with you. He was texting someone. You noticed as his fingers moved quickly, typing something and his eyes were stuck to his phone like a hot tongue and cool ice. It must be someone. Special

Should I tell him or not you asked yourself. You took in a deep breath and opened your mouth. 

“Uhm. Daveed can I talk to you for a minute or two?” You asked him.

“Sure!” He replies without raising his eyes from his phone.

A-Alone.” You said quietly as you looked over to Jasmine staring wide eyed at the both of you. Daveed’s eyes shot up as soon as you stuttered the word alone. You never stuttered. Not even when you were nervous as heck.

“Ooooh!” Jasmine screamed as she heard what she said. Of course she would do that. Your roommate, your best friend knew exactly why you wanted to speak to Daveed alone. Daveed chuckled under his breath. Damnit he’s so cute you thought. 

“What are you ooooohing at Jasmine?” Your other friend Pippa questions as she walked out of the kitchen holding a bag of salty popcorn. You notice Daveed looking down at his phone again. He was probably texting the same person. Completely unaware of the world.

“Y/N wants to talk to Daveed alone.” Jasmine retorts in a childish voice.

“Haha Jasmine. Stop ooohing and leave them alone. Oh and Y/N remember, it’s my break day today, you’re on as Eliza today.” 

 You smiled and gave her a thumbs up.

“Daveed? Earth to Diggs!” You shout as he isn’t paying attention at all

“Hmm? Oh yes! What did you wan-” 

You quickly pulled him away to your bedroom so you can finally say what you wanted to say.

“Why are we in your bedroom?” He says as he winks at you. God he’s so lovable you think to yourself. 

“Omg stop. That doesn’t matter. Ok, I. Look I don’t really. Uhm. How should I say thi- Ok. I like you Daveed! I’m sick of pretending to be just friends I’m tired of you talking about all your new girlfriends. I. I just. Really really like you!” You blurted out.

Daveed put his phone in his pocket and sighed and stared at you. Hand scratching his head. You knew that that wasn’t a good sign.

“I-I’m so sorry Y/N, but I don’t feel the same. I hate that you’ve said this to me. I don’t really know where to go from here.”If only you told me this 2 years ago when I had feelings for you. He shouted in his head.

You stared at each other for a minute. Tears brewing in your eyes. Regret in his eyes. You did it. You never thought you would ever do it. But you did it. You told him. You told Daveed you liked him. After a year of being just best friends you threw a live grenade into your platonic relationship. And broke it apart. Ruined everything between you. You had been so cocky. You had always thought he liked you back because of the way he acted. Dammit Daveed why did you have to give you mixed signals! He turned around.

“I gotta get to the theatre. Uhm I’ll see you later.” He says with his back to you. He twisted the handle of your bedroom door and showed himself his way out of your apartment.

You broke down. You fell to the ground onto your knees. Tears running away from your eyes and down your cheeks. You started to cry and sob louder. Jasmine and Pippa ran into your bedroom both falling onto the floor to hug you as tight as they could.

“Wh-What happened Y/N?!” Pippa asks.

“Yeah what happened? We saw Daveed run out of the apartment! He didn’t even say goodbye to us.” Jazzy questions.

“He doesn’t like me back. I’ve destroyed our friendship. I’m a moron.. Pippa I’m really sorry. I know it’s your break day. But I can’t go in and see Daveed.” You whisper as you try to hold back your tears.

Pippa gives an understanding nod and Jazzy hugs you tighter. They didn’t want to say anything. They didn’t know what to say.

“You guys should head to the theatre…I’ll be fine. Just don’t say or do anything stupid to Daveed.” You say as you make your way to your bed.

“Okay..” They both say in unison as they kiss your cheeks and say goodbye.


 You spent the next few days in your bedroom and you only got up from your bed to use the bathroom or for food. Jazzy knew that whenever you’re upset you just want to be left alone so she only came into your room if it was really important. But she always came in every morning to give you a tight, long and understanding hug.

During those long days you were staring at your phone. Hoping that Daveed would text you. You guys would text and talk every single day so it was strange when you didn’t get his texts.


You gasp and quickly grab your phone hoping it was Daveed only revealing it wasn’t. Instead, it was Pippa.

From Pippa: Hey (Y/N)!! I know that you’re probably still upset about the whole Daveed thing but I’m suffering from a sore throat and I’m in desperate need of a break! Could you play Eliza tomorrow?? Xx

You sigh loudly. You didn’t really want to stand on the Richard Rodgers stage to sing and dance your heart out. You didn’t want to face…Daveed. But you felt extremely bad for Pippa and a bit selfish as you didn’t let her have a break the other day.

To Pippa: Aw..Sorry to hear about that! Of course I’ll play Eliza I’m sorry I didn’t let you have your break the other day… x

From Pippa: Great!! And it’s okay! Love you x

You began to doze off into your dreams…


You woke up in the morning all groggy. Looking over to your clock to see what time time was. 10:00am. You yawned pretty loud and got up to face the rest of the day. 

From Pippa: Hey good luck tonight!! You haven’t been on as Eliza in ages! Don’t get the words wrong missy 

 You smiled at the text. Pippa was the only friend sending you cute texts messages to cheer you up. Well Jazzy is a different story, everyday she would shower you with hugs. 

 To Pippa: Thanks Pip! You deserve this break<3 

 You turned off your phone and made your way to the theatre.


The 10 minutes till places call was being made. Quickly you put on your costume and headed to Anthony’s dressing room to find Jazzy. Daveed walked past you. You didn’t even realise. You didn’t even want to realise. You just continued walking and looked to your left. Where you couldn’t be able to see him at all.

 “5 minutes till places”

You sighed. You weren’t gonna find Jazzy on time so you rushed to the left wing, preparing for your entrance. Behind you was Daveed. It wasn’t really a surprise. It’s not like he was going to apologise. It’s not like he was going to confess his undying love for you. No he was just there because he needed to be Thomas Jefferson in the first song. Not your boyfriend. Not your best friend. Just Thomas. Jefferson.

Lin noticed you being a bit fidgety so being one of the greatest friends he is. He put his hand on your shoulder for reassurance and whispered in your ear.

 “You’ll do great, I’m sure if it.”

You looked back at him and forced a weak smile. Nobody knew about the “Daveed Incident” but Pippa and Jazzy. And you were planning to keep it that way. You didn’t really want everyone up in your business anyway.


That night as Act 1 Eliza didn’t feel normal. You tried so hard to plaster a smile on your face for the whole show. It didn’t work. Your voice wasn’t as powerful as normal and you had to always wipe away a tear pretending it was a tear of joy because *Eliza was so happy.*

Act 2 was a different story. Eliza was horribly mortified throughout the whole act. You could finally stop forcing your smiles and blame your voice cracks on *Eliza being sad.*

You kept glancing over to the entrances and you always saw Daveed there. He never stood there when he wasn’t supposed to be on the next song. Every time you looked over. He was already staring at you. You made sure to look at him with tears in your eyes. Show him what he’s done to you. How much he’s hurt you.

You faced Daveed and sang the “How they perceive you. You, you, you..” With much more power than the other lines you sang. All you wanted is for him to say sorry. He didn’t have to confess his undying love for you. All you wanted to hear was an “I’m sorry” I guess he’s too proud to say it you thought


After the performance all you wanted to do was go home to eat ice cream and just cry in your bed. It was a great way to end a day of seeing Daveed’s face everywhere. Everyone congratulated you and made sure you were ok, they must have noticed that you weren’t your usual perky - almost bursting out in laughter and not tears in act 2 - self. You went into your dressing room and quickly changed into your street clothes. Noticing the tiniest things. Like how Daveed’s things weren’t scattered around your room like before. Things have changed. So much. Just in a few days.

You opened the door to your dressing room and saw Daveed. You stared at him. Waiting for the two words. He was startled that you were there. Almost as if he was expecting you to be lying around and not already ready to go home.

 “Uh..I-” he said sheepishly as his hand started to rub his neck.

Just say it Daveed. Sorry. That’s all you have to say. You’re sorry. You thought as you stood there with your arms crossed, glaring at him, waiting for him to finish his sentence.

“I thought you did great out there,” he finally managed to spit it out.But they weren’t the words you wanted to hear. At. All. 

 “Unbelievable.” You mutter underneath your breath as you scoff and push through him. Making your way to the back doors. “(Y/N)!” You heard someone call out. The voice shouted out again “(Y/N)!” Unsure of who it was you slowly turned around. Lin. Lin had always been the friend you could count on. Whenever Daveed was away for anything. Or off sick. Lin would always be by your side. Even when Daveed was here Lin would always. Always be there as well.

“Hey! Why are you in such a rush today?” He says. There’s a tone of worry in his voice. Making you panic a bit. You didn’t want him to see you like this.

“Uhm. I have a date. With my couch and TV!” You said giggling. A wide grin appeared on Lin’s face, making you grin. His smile would cheer up a whole town.

“Mind if I..if I joined you? It’s a bit awkward to be third wheeling but I’m fine with it!”

“Sure! Why not?” you said, forcing a smile.

You really wanted to be alone that night as Jazzy was staying at Anthony’s house today. You wanted to be alone to just cry on the sofa. “Wooooop! Let’s go then!” 


It was 10:47pm and you were both curled up on the sofa and Lin had already fallen asleep. He looked adorably cute in this position. Your head resting on Lin’s shoulder. His head resting on your head. You decided to grab your phone and snap a little picture for Twitter because your fans thought you were dead as you hadn’t posted anything in a while.

You tried to laugh quietly as you posted it on your Twitter with the caption


 I’m not dead guys I’m here!! With the one and only @Lin_Manuel! P.s he snores if you guys wanted to know Pp.s Lin is going to kill me when he sees this. Ppp.s then I truly will be dead.


 Daveed stared at the picture that you tweeted, he reread the caption again and again and again. He noticed that you both looked very close. Maybe too close, he didn’t like it at all. It was at this point. He felt the amorous feelings he had for you come back.


(Translation) Hyouhen Kareshi

豹変彼氏~執事が部屋から出してくれません~  (R18!! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Maeda Takeshi

T/N: this is commissioned and I feel bad for saying this but this CD is so lewd, it’s almost like the level of a doujin cd. I ended up spending almost twice more time, just for contemplating how to translate the dirty talk phrases lmao.

i don’t dig dirty talk but bruh, those who love do-Ses, or desperate MCs, or slightly daddy voices, or dirty talk, are sure gonna love this cd. bonus if you’re into all of those.

as usual, there might be some mistakes so feel free to point it out. (especially the swamp part ok) oops no spoilers so i’ll see you again at the end of the post.

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Congratulations, It’s A Boy!

Requested By Anon.

Pairings: Clint x Reader.

Steve has created a chatroom.

Steve has invited Y/N, Thor, Tony, Nat, Bruce, Clint.

Steve: I am with child

Thor: Congratulations, Steven! I must say I am surprised. I did not think it is possible. I will have to ask Jane about this… Who is the father?

Tony: This explains why you were so cranky today, Cap.

Bruce: Oh my god. Thor, Steve can’t get pregnant.

Thor: But he is with child?

Steve: No, Thor! I’m not pregnant! I am with a child in the training room and I don’t know where he came from* Is what I meant to say. This phone is too small to type properly.

Y/N: Bruce shall we explain where babies come from since Steve is expecting?

Steve: Seriously, which one of you brought a kid to the base? You know it’s not safe!

Tony: Not me.

Nat: Are you sure the baby isn’t yours, Tony?

Tony: What are you implying?

Nat: Oh you know.

Tony: … What does he look like, Spangles?


Steve: Can one of you please watch over him?

Y/N: Why can’t you watch over him?

Steve: I need to find his parents and Bucky and Sam aren’t doing a very good job.

Bucky has joined the chat.




Y/N: Awww does he have a cold?

Tony: Record it!


Bruce: I can’t. I don’t want to risk hulking out. I’ll bring by some stuff for his cold but then I’m leaving.

Bucky has left the chat.

Bruce has left the chat.

Thor: Oh, what’s that?! Loki is back to his villainous ways! I must stop him!

Y/N: No he’s not!


Y/N: Loki is with me right now and he says stop acting like an imbecile.

Thor: OOOOOH! It is all an illusion! AAAAH! Magic! He’s not really there! You have been fooled. A TRICK!

Thor has left the chat.


Tony: I would love to babysit but…

Tony: Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t. Bye!

Tony has left the chat.

Y/N: Unbelievable.

Nat: They’re basically kids themselves. It’s actually good they won’t babysit.

Steve: Nat, Y/N? Please?

Y/N: Yeah, okay. It’s just unfair that the rest won’t help!

Nat: Why’s Clint so quiet?

Y/N: I think this is the longest he’s gone without talking.

Steve: You know what’s weird? This kid looks a lot like Clint.

Y/N: You don’t suppose he is Clint’s spawn?

Nat: I would know if it was.

Y/N: Nat and I are at the training room now but Bucky and Sam don’t want us to look after the kid.

Steve: What?! They wanted to get rid of him 5 minutes ago!

Nat: Seems like they’ve bonded with him.

Sam has joined the chat.

Sam: Steve, we’re handling it. It’s okay. We got this. No need for Y/N and Nat to help.

Nat: Then why is he trying to run away from you two?

Sam has added Bucky.

Bucky: Do you really think we’ll just hand him over?! We looked after him!

Steve: The entire time you spent looking after him you and Sam were freaking out!

Y/N: It’s obvious the kid wants to come with Nat and I so just hand him over!


Bucky: HE IS OURS!



Nat: You idiots made him cry now! LET HIM COME TO US!


Sam: Um. Why did he stop crying as soon as Y/N started holding him?

Bucky: … I suppose Y/N and Nat can watch him until you find his parents, Steve.

Nat: He is so adorable! Seems like Y/N is his favorite out of the four of us.

Sam: :(

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky: I will check in every ten minutes!

Bucky has left the chat.

Steve: I’ll let you know when I find his parents.

Y/N: Wait, did he tell you his name? Because he won’t tell us.

Steve: No. I was hoping you could find out.

Steve has left the chat.

Y/N has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Tony has joined the chat.


Tony: Oh

Tony has added Steve.


Steve: Who?


Steve: Go annoy Bruce.

Tony: I’m serious. Seems like Clint was messing around in the lab. Good news: My machine works. Bad news: It’s now broken. It’s going to take me a while to repair it so Clint is going to be stuck like that for a while. Hopefully the effect wears off before I can repair it.

Steve: I really need a vacation after this. I’ll let the others know.

Tony: No! Don’t tell them. We don’t want them freaking out now, do we?

Steve: For the first time, I actually agree with you.

Tony: Shocking.

Steve has cleared the chat.

Steve has added Nat, Y/N.

Steve: How is everything? Is the kid fine?

Nat: Everything is good! He’s with Y/N now and they’re playing with some toys Sam bought him. He adores her so much! He had picked out flowers and gave them to her. I’m dying from all the cuteness.


Tony: I mean, looks like the kid has a crush!

Nat: Steve, did you find his parents yet?

Steve: Not yet. We need to name the kid for now. We can’t keep calling him “the kid.”


Nat: Sam and Bucky have already named him James Jr.



Nat: He is too innocent and pure to be named after you, Tony.

Tony has left the chat.

Steve: good

Thor has joined the chat.

Thor: I wish to hold the tiny human.

Nat: No! You had your chance.

Thor: I was scared! The closest I’ve come to looking after a child is Mjolnir!

Nat: You’re not worthy to hold James Jr, Thor.


Steve: vision. elevator. me. table.

Nat: He only lets Y/N or me hold him!

Thor: And now me!

Nat: I won’t allow it!

Steve: are you guys really fighting over a kid?


Steve: shameful, really


Y/N: Bucky is.


Steve: I really need a break


Steve: is this what Fury feels like when we don’t listen

Thor: Lady Natasha… Why would you say that?


Vision has joined the chat.

Vision: Wanda and I wish to spend some time with James Jr.


Y/N: Sure, Vis!

Nat: He’s in Y/N’s room with Bucky.

Y/N: Don’t let him trick you into giving him coffee!

Vision: I won’t. Thank you.

Vision has left the chat.


Steve: if they start fighting I’m going to go crazy


Steve: please don’t kidnap someone’s child.

Thor has left the chat.

Y/N: Wait Steve did you just imply that you’re worthy?

Steve: NO


Steve has left the chat.

Bucky has joined the chat.




Y/N: what are you talking about


Bucky has left the chat.

Nat: I am… confused.

Clint: … Thanks for looking after me!


Nat: you’re not saying…

Clint: Yes. I’m “James Jr”. Kinda sad the effect wore off so quickly. I was enjoying spending all that time with you, Y/N.






Nat has left the chat.

Sam has joined the chat.




Sam has left the chat.

Clint: So now that I’m no longer a kid.. Would you like to go out later?

Y/N: Your timing is perfect. Really. How many first dates are started like this? None… But yes.

Clint: Oh and can you bring me some clothes, since you know… I am naked. On your bed. Unless you care to join me?

Y/N has left the chat.

Clint: Well, here goes nothing.

Clint has left the chat.

Scott has joined the chat.

Scott has added Bucky.

Scott: Why did Clint just run by with nothing but a blanket wrapped around him?

Bucky: You don’t want to know. The things I’ve seen…

Scott: … I’m going to go now.

Scott has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Nosebleed - Reaction

Request - Could you do bts reaction to there GF had a nosebleed after seeing there and or naked?? 😂😂It actually happened for me when I saw jiminie 😭I’m not kidding 😂” - Anon 


You were sitting on the white silk bed in the middle of your bedroom waiting for your boyfriend to get out of the shower. Looking down at your phone you hear the door open, you look up to see him in only a towel moving to your shared closet. 

 "I’ve decided to change my outfit your gonna have to wait longer whoops"

 But just the sight of him had already made your nose bleed without your knowledge.


"Baby my nose is bleeding" 

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 (I love this gif so much omg)

Rap Monster 

"Oh my god baby are you okay did you hurt yourself??!!?!!?

     … oh”

He looks down at himself quickly giving you a wink before moving back to pick a new outfit. 

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“Wow Y/n I know I’m hot but now you’re just flattering me" 

He strikes a pose and blows a kiss at you before running to get you a tissue. 

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 “How about that, my own little Y/n got a nosebleed just looking at me”

 He leaned in and gave you a kiss, 

"I don’t blame you" 

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 He quickly cottons on to what’s happening and moves over to you, rubbing in between your thighs.

 "Mm, you better clean yourself up”

And he went to get dressed. 

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 "Like what you see huh?“ 

He walks over to you, stroking your hair and grabbing it bringing you forward. 

"Clean up quick enough and I’ll give you a prize" 

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 "Really why? Did you hurt yourself? Are you okay?" 

"No taehyung" 

"You’re not okay! Do you need an ambulance?”

 "NO Tae!“



“Makes sense" 

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*gets his own nosebleed looking at your nosebleed* 

"Oh no”

The walk-in

Pairing: Dan Howell x reader, reader x Phil Lester (platonic)

Genre: Tiny bit of fluff, but def mostly smut

Word count: 2.537

You had always been good friends with Phil Lester, and when he befriended Dan Howell back in 2009, you instantly became his friend to. But not long after you had to move to London for a job in the finance department of a big firm. A few years went by, where you didn’t see Dan and Phil very often. You only saw Phil on holidays, when you went home to your family in Rawtenstall. But when Phil happily announced to you, that himself and Dan would be moving into an apartment together in Manchester, you had to visit them. But that was the only time you saw them in a year, until they – much to your excitement – moved to London in the summer of 2012. From then your friendship picked up from where you left it.

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