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Was just going through your recent posts and wanted to ask some things, What colour did Rachel dye her hair for the play and did she have that same colour when she was killed.Were her parents and other parents allowed to go into the crime scene and see the bodies and retrieve anything (in this case the silver wedding band she was wearing) Thank You!

Rachel’s hair had a red tint when she died. I found two quotes regarding her hair color. One says her hair had a purple tint, one said one had a red tint. But based off the picture of her getting ready for prom, only a few days before her death, you can very easily tell it was red. (I enhanced it a bit so you can really see the tint).

“I have kinda short, very straight brown hair that’s tinted red. My mom thinks I tinted it this color for a part in the school play, but I just used the play as an excuse—I really just wanted to do something funky, and tinting my hair red seemed a lot less painful and less permanent than piercing my bellybutton.”          -  Journals of Rachel Scott.

“Playing the part of Valerie also demanded a radical change in Rachel’s appearance, some thing she embraced with open arms. Her family may have been surprised to see her cut off her beautiful brunette hair and dye what was left purple. But for Rachel, it was all part of what it took to convincingly portray a character who looked as if she was a part of the grungestyle alternative-rock subculture.”   - Rachel’s Tears

For your second question, yes. Parents were allowed to visit the crime scene. However the parents did not visit the crime scene while their children’s dead bodies were still laying there. (I know it took Kelly’s parents a while before they could even drive past the school). The bodies remained (mostly) untouched until they were sent to the morgue. Most autopsies were performed April 22 so they weren’t laying there for too many days. The first tour of the crime scene was 6/15/1999.

I’m sure the parents were able to have the option to take home any belongings they wished for from the morgue before the bodies were buried. You really can’t disturb a crime scene. Taking anything from the scene is kind of like stealing evidence. And also I don’t think parents could even visit between the 20th-22nd (when the bodies were still there). Only agents and detectives were allowed in until they were sure everything was safe. The parents did however visit during the renovations:

I woke up at 1 am and realized something.

So uh I had a long thought.
One was about who I based my depiction of Frisk off of.
It all started with me remembering it’s Eurovision season (shoutout to Portugal for that win by the way!) and I remember seeing a post a few days ago about the classics/best performances hands down. You know, like Ukraine in 2007, that death metal band representing Finland (don’t quote me on this, I might be wrong), and of course, Alexander Rybak in 2009. Of course, I go to bed and go through my regular life (I just got back home from college so I was too exhausted to think about it).
Okay, hear me out. All you gotta do is watch this video right here (https://youtu.be/uiH4BFTELME). I hope that’s the right link because it’s now 2 am and I am still judging myself for this.
Do you just happen to get instantly drawn in to the performance? Rybak is this charming, subtlety handsome man who wove this story of a fantastical love which ended in tragedy like he’s the goddamn Fiddler on the Roof. He draws you in through the first note on his violin. The rest of the instrumental comes in and you are suddenly pudding in his hands. You can’t take your eyes off of him as he tells his tale. You feel for him. You soar for him when he does. You mourn with him when he does. Rybak gave one of the best Eurovision performances to date in my humble opinion and millions of people agree with me.
Isn’t this exactly how I depict Frisk? Eh? Eh? See?
(Also go listen to his music. It’s gorgeous. I am actually going to start listening to it when I write Above now. It seriously gets me in this mood that reminds me of the Monsters and how I depict them in the story.)
Also, along with that, I realized that I had to write Above the way it is. Gonna be honest here, it gets harsh when talking about race and religion and gender and politics. I write it so because I guess I subconsciously needed an outlet to express the issues I have experienced and witness with all of these topics. I didn’t mean for this to happen. Many creators do the same thing. I have read interviews of comic creators speaking about how they wished they could do the things their protagonists did. I just accepted it upon realizing what I was doing
I think what really sparked it was the fact that I first posted it was the day of or after the Paris terrorist attacks (2 am here, don’t quote me on this being absolutely correct). I was genuinely disturbed as I translated the news on CNN to my mother (I know its and bits of Latin so that came to my aid when I translated the stuff from French!) in my gloomy living room that night. Then the weeks afterwards, I saw social media accounts of pure racism, Islamophobia, misogyny all sparked by the fear the attacks caused. It reminded me of the times my mother has spoke to me about when 9/11 occurred. It is supposed to be a time when people are supposed to come together but, well, it doesn’t turn out that way. I mean, look what happened here in America. Fucking Trump.
That’s when I started aiding these issues into the story. The assistant’s almost helplessness and familial-taught indifference in the beginning of the story are feelings many like myself feel when we see these things occur. We tune it out, we scroll past the article, we ignore it. But the problem is that there are times when we need to have a real opinion on it and if we need to make a stand we have to fucking do it. It can be in a classroom. It can be in the office. It can be in the street. When we see these things happen, what will you do? Run away more than likely due to our self perseverance instincts. But there are times when we need the fucking determination to put our foot down and make our point across. God, even now I wish I had that fearlessness. I wish I could stand up for myself when I’m a victim of it or defend someone when I see them be attacked for just being alive. But I can’t right now because I am still fearful, like many people are.
That’s why I keep it real in Above. Because I want to be able to see the world be a better place. But there’s a long ass struggle to get there. And Above is about that struggle.
Okay end of 2 am thoughts because it’s now going on 3 and I need sleep.


Our Short-Short Films are out! This is the one I worked on with a lot of great peoples. I did the design of the main character Brian.

“Created by teams of 1st year Character Animators and CG Artists at The Animation Workshop in 4 weeks. Each team is assigned a quote, mood/emotion, random element and style guides to base the film on as well as a target audience: Children aged 4-6.”

That Photo Of Me Online...

So, I’m putting it all on the table today. There is a photo of me online.

I didn’t put it there. I don’t generally post or even share photos of myself on the internet, but recently I allowed a friend to take a picture of me and shortly after, that picture ended up in the center of a rather unpleasant meme.

You probably already guessed which meme that is, so let me admit, yes that is me, Ari Bach, author of the Valhalla Trilogy and this blog, and that really is me without any Photoshop. BUT- I never condoned the meme now based on that photo and I absolutely never said or did what it quotes me as having said and done.

I believe that crocodiles are one of the coolest animals in the world and I would never, ever harm one as the meme suggests. Wild animals, in my experience, just want to be left alone and that’s what I do, I leave them alone. So the claims of the meme are completely false, even if the photo is real. Secondly, I want to clarify that the sword was fake, a plastic prop sword from a movie I worked on some years ago. And thirdly, I am fully aware that crocodiles don’t eat bike tires and I would never try to feed one to a crocodile. I never even touched the bike tire, it was just there in the background and was never used as the meme suggests, it was never coated in Vaseline, and it was never “given to an orphanage” after the picture was taken.

Also problematic is the obvious controversy surrounding the inappropriate viewpoints the meme suggests I hold. I want to make it very clear that although I was wearing “corpse paint” like the metal band mentioned, I do not share their views on Donald Trump and I will be voting for Bernie Sanders myself.

Finally, please let me say that I feel very wronged by the posting of and misuse of this photograph. That was meant to be a private and solemn moment between me, the crocodile, the photographer, the clown, the man in the zebra stockings and of course, Robert Downey Jr. It was wrong to post, it was wrong to meme counter to my real beliefs, and I will be pursuing legal action against the Yakuza for posting it as they did.

Thank you for your attention and understanding.


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Do you have any of the art/design work you've done outside of rooster teeth posted online? I think it'd be neat to see your talents in other avenues (and definitely am not looking for my own educational benefit no way whats a "graphic design major")

You can find anything that I make either at my website, jonrisinger.com, my dribbble account, or my flickr account.

One of my favorite “Non-RT” pieces I did last year was a poster based off of a Hank Green quote.

I also have a secondary blog, The Jolly Roger, that is mostly devoted to art and inspiration pieces I find.

Getting to know the Steroline Shippers 2.0: Part VIII

Based on the survey posted here

Part of the Getting to know the Steroline Shippers Series 2.0

What’s your favorite Steroquote?? 

Ok. So this question is the one I was most excited about. I just think this couple’s quotes are not only beautiful but so powerful. So this time I’m posting the top 11 from least to most votes.

11 (tie). 6x07 Why did I have a thing for you? I don’t know, Stefan. Maybe it’s because I thought you worth having a thing for, because when I woke up as a vampire you told me that I would get through it and I did, because when I watched Elena move on with your brother I couldn’t imagine why she would let anyone like you go, because you were practically my best friend, because I trusted you.

gif credit to vd-gifs

This is a long quote but it is perfection through and through. I love it when characters express why they really love the other with real reasons and not just feelings. This shows anyone that these two are completely right for each other Plus, Caroline showed her vulnerability but also her strength and her character growth. 

11 (tie). 4x03 Come to me, whenever you want and I won’t let you lose control.

gif credit to bloodygifs

This quote shows the beginning of their “best friendship”. I believe what she said was exactly what he needed to hear. With this quote she is accepting him and offering her unwavering help. This quote made her his sober sponsor, confidant and best friend. 

9. 6x16 I like you, Caroline. I don’t know when it become more than friendship but it did. And it scared me so I pushed it away. 

gif credit to wonderlandgirlforever

This quote is completely amazing. And my only response to it is exactly what Caroline said: You finally spit it out! My stupid baby darling Stefan. 

8. (4-way tie) 4x07/4x16 You’re you

gif credit to vd-gifs

I believe one of the most important things in a relationship is mutual admiration. And this quote exemplifies just how highly Caroline thinks of Stefan. I find it very adorable and just once again proves why Stefan is the right guy for her. (Bonus points for Stefan’s face in the second gif)

8. (4-way tie) 5x17 That’s what makes you, you

gif credit to 500-years-of-solitude

I find it very fitting that the same number of people voted for this quote than for the last one. Again, the mutual admiration is completed with this quote. Personally, this is my favorite out of all their quotes. Mainly because what they’re talking about is something so important and rare in that world: their shared respect for life. 

8. (4-way tie) 2x02 I promise you, i will not let anything happen to you.

gif credit to sterolinedipity

This quote is probably their first meaningful quote ever. (Unless you count 1x01 meaningful, which I do-as foreshadowing) Anyway, what’s so poweful about this quote is that it holds true throughout all the seasons. Even in 5x21 where Stefan gave his life for her. I believe this is a very important basis of their relationship; the fact that they would do anything for each other.

8. (4-way tie) 6x14 When you told me you hated me, that was pretty much the worst thing I had heard in a long time……I think we both know I never really hated you.

gif credit to psychopierce

Well this quote kill me every time. It’s like they both said what the other had wanted to hear for so long! Caroline needed to hear that Stefan felt enough for him to actually care so much. Stefan needed to hear that she didn’t hate him because this is something he had been trying to remedy all seasons. It is the perfect quote to lead up to a kiss because it’s what they both were waiting for to take that last step. 

4. 5x04 You have me

gif credit to lovelifelove2013

Stefan being there for Caroline is all I love in this world. This quote is so incredible because even without his memories, Stefan’s only subconscious instinct was to be there for Caroline. Amidst all the confusion, the only thing that was clear for him was that he needed to be there for this girl. 

3. 2x13 You don’t have to pretend with me.

gif credit to careforbesgifs

You know what’s so amazing about this quote? It’s that, throughout the seasons, Stefan’s been the only person that truly accepts Caroline for everything she is; not just what he likes about her. So it is true: she doesn’t have to pretend with him because he knows and loves every single aspect of her. 

2. 6x15  Maybe all love isn’t true love in the messed up way that you and I have experienced it but, I think this could turn into something even better.

gif credit to missdefan

No wonder this is so high up in the list. This moment, in my humble opinion, basically spells out ENDGAME in big red shiny letters. It is amazing to think that after everything Stefan has gone through with Katherine and Elena he still believes that things with Caroline can be something even better. It just goes to show how legitimate and powerful Steroline is. There is no doubt from this moment on. 

1. 4x19 I think that someday, you’ll meet someone new and you’ll fall madly in love, and you’ll have moved on without even realizing it.

gif credit to sterolineforever

It seems we Steroliners love ourselves some foreshadowing. This quote was so beautiful back then but the fact that it basically came true in season 6 makes it much more special. 

These are my opinions about this quotes. 

Reblog and explain why you chose your quote.

Wakuwaku Gakkou 27-28 June 2015

-Rather than a full report, this is more of a point form summary focused on Yabu and Hikaru

-All based on memory. Do expect some hits and misses.

-Based on what was shown during the live viewing

-I don’t know Arashi well and I don’t recognize their voices so if the camera isn’t focused on them, I’m often not sure who said what, so in this post I shall just refer to them as “one of the Arashi members” sorry.

Please credit if sharing or quoting or retranslating.

Thank you!

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