i did this on the back of a spanish worksheet

So my High School Spanish teacher always used the same worksheets/tests every year, and she gave everything back to us. No variation or anything. Obviously, we did what any self respecting group of high school students would do…took an upperclassmen’s old Spanish binder and copied at least all the class work word for word. Fast forward 5 years, I’ve graduated and am a junior in college, when I suddenly receive a Facebook message from the teacher. It goes something like “I caught so and so in my Spanish 1 class with your old binder. Did you give it to them? How many of these binders have been passed around?” I could honestly say I hadn’t passed my binder on to that specific kid. As for how many of those binders were passed around, the one I used was already 8 years old.

Hi everyone!! Today I will be sharing with you how I organize all of my school stuff in my binder.

This is the first thing you see when you open up my binder. It’s a simple dashboard, like I usually do.

It’s inside a sheet protector, in which I put any handouts I am given in class that are not hole punched. I also keep a few post its attached to the back of it, just in case (see below).

When I get home, I will take the class handouts, hole punch them and put them in the correct divider. 

Speaking of dividers, here is how I organize my binder’s contents:

- one divider for each class

- inside each divider, I keep the class syllabus in the front (see picture above)

Since I’m showing you my Pre-Classical History tab, I will explain exactly how I organize for this class.

So after the syllabus, I have the very first thing our professor gave us, which is the map of the Ancient Near East. I organize everything chronologically, as you will see.

It also has a map of Egypt on the back, because that was the first civilization we studied. 

After the map, I have my notes from the first class, which were typed. I decided to handwrite instead of typing my notes right after the first class, because I felt like I wasn’t retaining much information. So below is a picture of my first handwritten notes for this class, right after the notes from the first class.

I always put the date before I start my notes, and I write the date on every handout, so that I know where to put it when I hole punch it at home. 

Below is a quick video to help you see how my notes are organized:

As you can see, I write the date first, then I take my notes, put the handouts from the class next to the notes, and then in the next class I’ll write the date and do the same thing.

After we were done with the history of Egypt, we took the test and started another unit: Mesopotamia. So the teacher gave us a map of Mesopotamia, which I put right next to the notes I took when we started learning about this civilization (see below).

So this is basically how I organize my papers inside the dividers. 

Also, about the dividers, you might have noticed I don’t have all the tabs in this binder:

I only have 4/6 tabs, and one of them is for loose leaf paper. This is because I have another binder at home, in which I keep the dividers of the classes I don’t have on that day. This means on the binder I take with me I will only carry the classes I have on that day. Why would you carry stuff you don’t need, am I right?

This is the binder I keep at home. It’s way larger because this will hold everything from this semester when it ends.
I have a big binder for each of my semesters in college because you never know when past notes or tests will come in handy.

There are also days in which I need to take my laptop with me to school, and I don’t have a backpack, I just carry a normal purse with me, so the laptop AND the binder would fill up my bag. In days like these, I will take a folder with me (see below).

The mint one only has one compartment. I use it for days when I only have one class, but you can definitely use it for more than one class and use page flags to separate them.

The pink one has two little pockets, so I use each one for a different class.

What I take with me is:

  • the last 2-3 pages of notes from the class, to look back on if needed
  • any worksheets you might be asked to solve in class (my Spanish teacher gave us like 30 of these at the beginning of the year, and we solve one pretty much in every class, so I know to take them with me)
  • maps, texts, Powerpoint slides, and any other materials related to what you’re learning about
  • loose leaf paper

This is what the pink folder looked like when I took it with me on Friday. I didn’t have any classes, but I did have to work on a presentation. I took my laptop with me, and in the folder I put a document I needed to analyse, some loose leaf paper and my page flags to bookmark the book I’m basing the presentation on.

So yeah, that’s basically it!! I hope you guys liked this post, and that it helps you get organized for school. Let me know if you have any questions. Love you!! 💕

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inehj  asked:

I would love to hear the other two stories about you punching men in the face you're an Icon

I’m honored tbh

So the first one is from eighth grade. There’s this boy that I’ve been “dating” since sixth grade, and by “dating” I mean we were friends and occasionally held hands, and literally nothing has happened beyond that. On my end it’s platonic as fuck but I don’t realize that because I don’t realize that I’m a raging lesbian, so… I was a bit confused.

Anyway, we’ve been at this stage for literally two years at this point, so I’m like used to it and comfortable with it and he’s a decent guy, so it was all going pretty well.* And then we’re hanging out at this park and he decides to switch things up and leans in and kisses me and I am literally so surprised that my reaction is to punch him. In the face. To his credit he’s basically just like “what… the fuck” and not like angry or anything and we laughed about it later but like. Signs I was a lesbian? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

* One time we were with another “couple” and the girl said she was cold and the boy was like “awh, oh no” and gave her his jacket - so like, normal if cliché couple behavior - and I’m like “huh” so I turn to my boyfriend and I’m like “hey, I’m cold” and he looks at me and, I swear to god, says “you probably should have brought a jacket.” Lmao.


And the second story is from sophomore year of high school. The background to this story is that there was a “popular” group at my school but there was also the “semi-popular” group, and I was friends with a decent number of those kids even if I wasn’t really in the group itself. One of these girls, let’s call her H, is this really sweet kid who is super non-confrontational and hates fighting with people and is just generally a kinda quiet, nice person. And one of those people was a boy, we’ll call him B, and he’s a dick. Just. A jerk, but in an insidious way, so no one ever called him out on it. 

The important information about B is that he’s gay and he thinks that this like excuses all of his shitty attitudes and behavior toward women because it’s not harassment because he’s gay. Or some equally stupid bullshit. I hate him with every fiber in my being. (I’m also out at this point so it’s aggravated by my basically being like “please don’t associate yourself with me.”) 

So, all three of us are in this Spanish class together. B sits directly behind me and H sits next to him. For weeks, B has been repeatedly touching H (usually just like poking her in the arm and shit like that), and she’s asked him to stop and very clearly doesn’t like it and he’s a piece of shit and just. Doesn’t stop. (Our teacher has tried to intervene but it hasn’t really worked, and she was just going to physically separate the two of them but H asked her not to because she didn’t want to create drama in their friend group, the poor girl.)

It escalates to the point where he’s touching her borderline inappropriately and she is so clearly uncomfortable that I’m physically uncomfortable for her, not just ticked off. So I turn around in my seat (we’re doing worksheets right now in our table groups, so the classroom has a decent buzz going on, and our teacher is just chilling at the front of the room) and say “B, if you touch her one more time, I’m going to punch you in the face.” And he laughs at me because  I’m pretty quiet at least in social settings and a teacher’s pet and straight-laced as hell, so he just assumes that I would never actually punch him. Which, clearly, was the wrong assumption to make.

I turn my seat so I can keep an eye on the situation while I’m doing this group work stuff, which means the only thing between B and I is a pretty small desk (i.e., I’m not restricted by the back of my chair because I’m practically sitting sideways). And he, being a dumbass and also a repulsive human being, basically grabs her boob. And I am so fucking sick of his shit, and I literally warned him, so I lean out of my seat, say “Hey, B,” and punch him in the face. 

He shrieks and the class comes to a fucking standstill. H is looking at me like I’m fucking Wonder Woman, which was great for my gay-ass ego, the class is just silent because only a couple people saw what happened (since everyone was gathered in groups doing these worksheets, and none of them are the type to side with B), and B is clutching his jaw and yelling to the teacher. “Señora! She fucking punched me! That bitch punched me!” all of this shit. And I’ve just turned back around in my chair and am calmly and quietly doing my worksheet.

So my Spanish teacher, who very clearly saw the entire thing happen because we were right in front of her desk, quietly gets up, walks over to my desk, and says, “Did you hit him?” and I look up at her and say “No, Señora” (because… well, I didn’t hit him, I punched him…) and she looks at him, shrugs, and says, “I believe you, but I can’t do anything about it since I didn’t see it happen.”and walks away. He’s gaping after her like she just told him she could sprout wings and fly, and then he starts looking around the room for sympathy, but all he’s getting are people trying not to crack up because, honestly, the image of me punching someone must have been pretty amusing.

One of the better moments of my life, ngl. Didn’t get in trouble at all, even though he went to the principal about it, because I did a ton of volunteer shit for the school so I knew the principal personally and she knew that I never ever would have hit someone without a good reason. (Also, the entire administration knew about him harassing people, they could just never get evidence of it from someone he was actually harassing (rather than just eyewitnesses) because of the whole friend group situation.) I also became about 20 times more popular after this incident, while a good amount of the school stopped even pretending to like B. It was a deeply satisfying experience. 10/10, would punch him again.