i did this like in 15 mins and its actually pretty


“What did you do at circus today, Ida?”
“Drew Handers sleeping in a pile of limbs.”

… but only because I had a half an hour with nothing to do because of how today’s plan went (15 min + 15 min with the other teachers, and then 15 min with me AFTER). :D I’m glad nobody wandered over to me and asked what I was doing because they like to go “ewwww” at things that are completely normal and idk. Maybe drawing handers in circus WOULD be pretty weird. xD

Mostly wanted to share because this was actually done IN circus. xD That’s probably about it for my art energy today anyway. Sundays are murderrrrr. x__X

ETA: anders has more than one left leg in this or my eyes are doing something weird. OH WELL. i DID draw it in circus. :D

ETA2. Apparently there was enough energy to do stuff with this and give Anders a right leg, and stuff. :DDD