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Gif imagine for any tattoos/piercings they'd get when they're older? Welcome back xx

Okay not actually a gif response here we just have pictures and little explanations, so this is more of a headcannon post i guess haha! this was so much fun to think about though! This is long AF tho so half of its going under a cut. We hope it’s what you wanted anon!


Tamaki was at first, completely opposed to the entire idea of tattoos - in his mind he could only see the skulls and obscenities typically associated with big hardcore metal fans. So on his own, we could never see him getting one. But if his partner suggested couple tattoos, well… he can’t help but be slightly curious. And when he sees how beautiful and elegant and so fucking hipster meaningful they can be, he relents.

He picks the tattoo design, though, and it’s not big or as ostentatious as you’ve come to expect from his love declarations. Instead, it feels like a small, private assurance that both he and his partner keep close to their hearts.


Haruhi is much too practical to get a couples tattoo. She knows that there’s no guarantee a relationship will last forever and doesn’t want to mark her body with something that she may someday not want to remember. If she does get a tattoo, she makes sure that it’s something she never regrets, and the result is then clear.

She honours her mother. 

She thinks on how for a while. A rosemary for remembrance? A lily? Perhaps one of the kanji of her name? But eventually, she realises. She is planning on following in her mother’s footsteps in law, after all. She does not remember much of her as a person, but she knows what Kotoko stood for, and so her tattoo is on her collarbone, small and close to her heart as a secret to the world, and her own personal reminder to persevere.


After Hikaru dyes his hair and the visual differences between the twins become more obvious as they both find individual tastes, you can see that Hikaru begins to opt for a more bolder style, whilst Kaoru sticks to a more classic aesthetic. Hikaru doesn’t seem the type for big loud tattoos, but I can certainly see him with some piercings. Nothing huge, but quite a few on his ear - usually studs - and a  T O N G U E  P I E R C I N G. A simple silver one.

Remember how we keep going on about Hikaru probably being a terrible kisser and not realising it when he first starts out? Yeah. But then someone tells him, and he gets the tongue piercing because he heard that it can make things v ER Y INTERESTING. But then he spends LOADS of time researching HOW and what to do and what NOT to do because he isn’t gonna screw this up by accidentally injuring himself or someone else. If confronted, he will deny it to his grave and insist it is all natural talent. So when he gets back in the game and actually knows what he’s doing…. ohohoho.

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(showers u with love and kittens) ilu! can we see momo having a fight with his s/o and in the end they just storm away like 'i refuse to put up with this for another second' and momo spends the next few days freaking out because 'oh god did they just break up they did didnt they they probably never want to see him again oh my god' and he begs his s/o to take him back and they're just like '????? ? um dude we just had a fight im not breaking up with you chill. calm your swimmer tits.'

momo you panicky otter

He was absolutely insufferable sometimes. Sure, he was lovely at other times, but the reality is that, despite his long-term relationship with you, he refused to stop calling out to cute girls. I mean, you’d think that your boyfriend of nearly two years would recognise that you weren’t comfortable with that, right? You had tried to accept it as a simple flaw in his character at first, your new, blossoming love veiling the blossom of jealousy that you felt every time he pointed out yet another ‘cutie’ to you. You knew he didn’t mean it like that, and he was just appreciating the aesthetics of another human - which was fine, of course; you did it yourself! But he took it too far this time.

“I’ve just had enough of it Momotarou!”

You loved Gou, you really did. She was such a sweetheart, and probably not interested in Momo in the slightest, but the fact that he repeatedly complimented her (and sometimes even made a move on her!) whenever he saw her was unacceptable.

“____-chan, I don’t–”

“I don’t really care, Momotarou.” you had tried for so long to ignore it, to push down the overwhelming jealous and bitterness you felt every time he paid a compliment to her that he’d never even thought to pass your way. The differences between you and Gou were huge, and you honestly found youself insecure about whether or not Momo actually wanted to be with you.

“I just… I need some space.” Grabbing the small bag of your stuff that you’d gathered from his house, you headed towards the door, brushing him off when he tried to make amends. 

“Maybe you should go find Gou to comfort you!”

Maybe that last part was unnecessary.

Momotarou was in shambles. He never thought his relationship would end like this. He never meant to upset you that much… He loved you. He adored you. He didn’t think that anyone else meant as much to him as you did, and he had managed to completely and utterly screw up your relationship. He hated himself for it, and locked the door to his room for nearly twenty-four hours straight.

“Hey, bro, you coming out yet?”

“No. Go away.”

Seijuro had been bothering him for the past few hours now, asking if he wanted food (he really did, but refused to give up his bravado), or if he wanted him to speak to you for him or not. Of course he didn’t! That would only make him seem weaker, and well… What was even the point? You’d already broken up with him, right? You probably never wanted to see his face again…

What was he going to do without you?

“So what’re you going to do? Mope about in there all day, not even bother to call ____?”

“Don’t wanna.”

A long pause came from the other side of the door, before a thumping sound was heard. Probably Seijuro sitting outside the door.

“Maybe that’s why ____ broke up with you then. You know, you’ll never see their face again if you don’t try to make amends… Or maybe you don’t want to? Maybe you really do want to just find a cute girl to date, and forget about ____-”

Seijuro didn’t even manage to finish his sentence before  a very riled up, very puffy-eyed Momotarou came barging out the door, kicking him out of the way in the process. Momo was instantly next to him, despair written all across his face as he considered what his brother had just implied.

“Are you saying that you think I don’t want to be with ____?” He was confused - he really hadn’t thought about it that way, but from how he’d been acting during the time since the fight, it really had make it seem as though he didn’t care for you. “That’s not what I want!”

Seijuro sat up, rubbing his head from where it had collided with the floor, and turned to his brother with a doubtful look on his face.

“Really? Because I’m pretty sure that ____ thinks by now that they never want to see you again…” He had an eyebrow raised, and was giving Momo the look he always gave him when he had done something wrong. And of course, Momo believed him.

“Oh no.” Now he was on the verge of tearing out his hair - what if you never wanted to see him again?! He hadn’t even made any attempt to apologise, let alone try to stop you when you left yesterday… “I’m such a useless boyfriend!”
Honestly, he could cry. How had he let this happen? You meant the world to him, and now you had probably told all your friends what a shitty boyfriend he was, and how he was only interested in cute girls, and how he accidentally forgot your birthday one year and–

“Well? Go get ‘em back, bro!” Seijuro’s mood had changed pretty much instantly, but Momotarou was too far gone into grief to notice the abnormal change, rather taking his elder brother’s advice, and, without even getting a jacket, grabbed his phone and left as swiftly as he could.

When Momotarou called you, he was only really calling because it was a stupidly long journey from his house to yours, and he wanted to fill the time, but when you didn’t pick up the call at all, it only made him more worried. What if you were ignoring his calls because you were angry at him? What if you weren’t even at home? That thought made him stop dead in his tracks - what would he do then? Sit outside your house and wait until you got home? What if you just threw him out… Or didn’t let him come in?

All these questions were making Momotarou’s head hurt, and so he kept running, as fast as he could, desperate to reach you as quickly as he could. He didn’t quite know how he kept up the pace for so long, but when he eventually reached your house, he was panting so hard he could barely knock on the door. But then, yet again, the thought that you would reject him completely filled his head and heart, and his persistent knocking began.

It was only when you finally answered the door, looking a little irritated at the racket he’d been causing that he realised he had no idea exactly what it was he wanted to say.

“Yes, Momo?”

“I…” He wanted to say that it was because he was so out of breath that he had to pause, but in reality, the gears were grinding in his mind, trying to come up with something, anything, that he could say to convince you to take him back.

 "… I just–“

“Do you want to… Come in?“ 

Momotarou had been expecting anger, rejection, withdrawal, and an end… Not for you to welcome you into your house.

“Um…” Now he was even more at a loss. He thought you hated him! Why would you welcome him into your home?!


“… I thought you didn’t want to see me again…”

He was panicked, frantic, and desperate to get you back from what had - thankfully - proven to be something that wasn’t as big as he (or his brother, damn him) made it out to be.

“What on earth are you talking about, Momo…?” The look of confusion on your face was, admittedly, adorable, and Momotarou found himself returning to his usual upbeat self, knowing that you hadn’t rejected him completely.

“I just thought that like… You broke up with me? After the fight? And that you hated me, and wouldn’t want to be seen with me, and that you’d already told everyone–”

Before he could continue rambling, you threw yourself at him, arms squeezing tightly around his body, face pressed against his chest as he stumbled under your sudden weight.

“You are such a stupid guy, sometimes.”


Your laughter was like music to his ears, even if it was at his own benefit.
“Relax, Momo! I was just upset, that’s all… It’s not like I broke up with you or anything!” Momo let out a breath he wasn’t even aware he was holding when you said this. “We can talk about it more, if you want…?”

“No!! No… I mean, I was being stupid and made a stupid mistake and–”

Once more, his words were cut short as your mouth covered his momentarily, your swift kiss bringing a red flush to the redhead’s cheeks.

“Then let’s not talk about it and go inside, huh?”


Maybe he was being a little overdramatic…