i did this last year and it was soooo fun

excuse the edit lmao i tried

anyway hello!!!! i did one of these last year and it’s soooo fun so i thought i would bring it back! 

what is it?

secret santa!! essentially you will be given a blog and you will message them *on anon* everyday in december then reveal yourself on the 25th

what do i have to do?

reblog this post!! the cut off date is november 27th and you’ll get a url on november 30th

what do i send them?

anything!! check up on them, have a conversation, send them memes etc. (last year i sent my person christmas jokes everyday and it made them really happy omg) also make sure to create some kind of signature so they know it’s you everyday


I did another Tinkerbell event today!!!!!!!! :D This time it was for a three year old’s birthday ~ I had soooo much fun, and I was more prepared this time since I rewatched her movie last night so I had all the TINKERKNOWLEDGE! \o/ Tbh I think the kid’s friends cared about me being there more than the birthday girl did, but she was really cute and was at least having fun. xD; The kids really believed me and what I was saying to them and it was so so special! ;o; I loved itttt!!!