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I got into TAZ with @defenestratin​ and @sorrydeer​ recently and have this headcanon where during lunar interludes, Magnus leaves Steven with the Voidfish and they chill while he goes out to shop and stuff!! :D 

Signs based on people I know
  • Aries: Really loud, Extroverted, Doesn't care what others think of them, Knows how to compliment you, Cowardly, Loves to brag, Self-centred, Tries to learn from past mistakes, Wants to be everyones bestie, Kind of like a overly excited dog with huge eyes, Hyper af
  • Taurus: Know-it-all, Kind, Grumpy, Their doors are always open if you're in need, Family oriented, Likes to buy clothes, Has a very interesting fashion style, A bit cold sometimes, Loves sleeping, Can never agree with you, Will lecture you for 4 hours if you did something stupid
  • Gemini: Witty, Flirty, Strange sense of humour, Dismissive, Is always changing their hair, Loves kissing, If mad ignores you, Kind of pretty but I'm mad at them so no not really, Haven't like seen them for almost 3 years
  • Cancer: Loves to draw, But when drawing curses and gets mad, Grumpy, Doesn't talk much, But does get these random times that they talk non-stop, Forgetful, A bit of an airhead, Takes things very personally, Angry eyebrows on fleek, Loves buying random things, Specially for people, Changes their hairstyle and hair colour like all of the time and then regrets it
  • Leo: Talks for hours about something they find interesting, Manages to make people interested in that certain thing, Always got something to say, Smart, Humorous, Loves Spain, Probably wants to live in Spain, Really good at hiding their flaws, Sure of themself
  • Virgo: Manages to impress a art teacher with a dead bird, Takes bath with their friends, Whiny, Creative, Hypocrite, Lazy, Only has crushes on guys who are muscular, Thinks everyone has a crush on them, Funny, Knows how to do everything
  • Libra: Gossiper, Says that they hate something but never do anything about it, Loves cats, Is super scared of ghost movies but watches them anyways, Has been on a diet since 2003, Binge eater, Really artistic but doesn't pursue that talent, Likes being alone, Only reads crime stories
  • Scorpio: Is always the victim, Thinks they did nothing wrong, Cries a lot, Uses fancy words to sound smarter, Loves dragons, That binge eater who cries while binge eating, Plays too many video games, Wants to get revenge on someone all the time
  • Sagittarius: Almost always in a good mood, When angry takes it out on everybody, Always traveling, Loves to talk about history, Generous, Cuddly, Thinks amusement parks are the best but doesn't like to go to something the includes horror, Only watches action films, A bit insecure, Is actually just a huge dog that wants to play
  • Capricorn: Always wearing a cosplay, Everyone loves them for some reason, Doesn't take any responsibility, Only thing they do is make cosplays, Talks in memes, Dyes their hair colour like every week, Is really popular but still says that they don't have any friends, Is single for maybe a day
  • Aquarius: Really chill, Quite, Soft spoken, Secretive, Somehow knows what you like even though you've never told them, Awkward, You sometimes forget that they're in the room, You never know what they are going to do, Mysterious
  • Pisces: Only hobby is basketball, Cries when they don't get something, Favourite child, Strong willed, Has really strong opinion on things, Emotional, Has tons of stuff that they never use, Always seems to have money, Eats candy in secret for some reason, Has definitely started drinking but their parents try really hard to deny it

also i have this theory that i’m not sure i can totally explain yet but, i think maybe ‘the most devoted guardian of us all’ was a lot bigger deal than either of the guardians let on?

i feel like maybe in a post-Padme world where everyone is disenchanted with the Jedi and looking for new ways to connect with the Force, and Baze was this incredibly talented Guardian with incredible faith and i just wonder…did people think maybe he could bring balance to the Force? were people trying to shoehorn Baze Malbus into all the legends they didn’t want to discard?

did people talk about how he’d ‘gone Darth Vader’ when he left to become a freelance assassin? was everyone disappointed so bitterly they couldn’t even put it into words, that they stopped using his name, started referring to him only in past tense as ‘once was the most devoted’, like he was dead? (was that why Cassian had never heard of him?)

but not Chirrut, of course. but then, Chirrut knew Baze. he could see how his friend tempered rage with kindness, strayed but never far, took life and nurtured it, hated Saw, hated the empire. balance, balance, balance.

could Chirrut see that Baze was not just important to the Force, not just a component of it, but carrying the key to something new, his entire desperate character arc cutting close to the heart of something the universe needed, but didn’t yet understand?

I know that there were many reasons Luke didn’t go down the same path as his father, but i wonder if, well. by the time Luke was discovering the Force, Baze had already been assimilated by it. Baze, who had believed so hard and been believed in so hard and lost it all and clawed it all back at the end. Baze, who had been immortalised in the Force with the object of his attachment, who did amazing things because he loved and was in love, who was everything he should not have been. and i wonder, do you think he changed the Force? just a little bit, like a feather cast upon a lake, a hair’s breadth of new perspective, a tiny human against the onrushing freight train of the Will of Others.

do you think maybe Baze helped Luke, just a little bit?


info for the dialogue:

bold is his friends.

italics is alex.

normal is you.

  • Threatening to rip his septum out if he keeps poking you.
  • Almost doing it a couple of times.
  • Going to his band practices!!
  • Listening to him play for hours in his bedroom.
  • Supporting him through Hannah’s death.
  • He sometimes just grabs you and hugs you for like ten minutes straight. His head in your neck.
  • He cries, but you’re always there. He really appreciates that.
  • Cooking breakfast together on weekends when you get to his house really early.
  • He puts horrible pick up lines in your locker. You laugh. He grins.
  • “Shut up, you bum.”
    “You’re the bum.”
    “Sorry! I don’t speak ‘asshole’.”
  • He always holds your hand/s. He loves them.
  • He wishes he did things differently with Hannah.
  • He tries to paint your nails.
  • And by try I mean he’s boss at it.
  • “Told you I was meant to be a beauty technician.”
  • You roll your eyes.
  • Helping him dye his roots.
  • Getting it fixed at the salon.
  • He blames you.
  • You go to grab his septum and he shrieks before running off.
  • You smirk smugly.
  • “Get lost, blondie.”
    “I’m dead inside because of you.”
  • He gets super!! shy in front of you a lot of the time.
  • It makes you really happy.
  • Oh my he definitely blushes all!! the!! time!!
  • “You’re cute.”
  • *blushes*
  • “Wanna go get dinner?”
  • *red climbs up his neck*
  • He hates when any of the guys (Justin, Bryce, Zach, etc.) talk to you. But boY if Monty even just lOoks!! at you.
  • Monty is a dead man walking.
  • “Fuck off, Montgomery.”
    “Get your own girlfriend.”
    “I think she might like me.”
    “Well, I don’t.” “So that’s good news.”
  • He’s sassy af.
  • But so are you.
  • So you have sass fights every day that aren’t even fights they’re just three minute intervals where you’ll sass each other and everyone else is honestly worried about your relationship.
  • He’s sarcastic af and I mean, so are you, but Alex just has no line.
  • Was there ever a line??
  • You’re thankful he doesn’t die from the gunshot. But he’s still in critical condition.
  • You cry every day.
  • And so you read the birthday card he got you last year where he wrote a damn novel!! on how much you mean to him.

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Hi there! For the 5-sentence prompt thing: "You *shaved*? WHY?"

“You were the one who said it was gettin’ too bushy!” McCree replies indignantly to Hanzo’s outcry.

“I only meant you should trim it so that I could see your face, not rid yourself of it entirely,” Hanzo says as he reaches up and takes McCree’s face between both hands, thumbs stroking down his jaw on either side, seeking out any sign of the facial hair that had been there not three hours ago. Without the wild, untamed beard, McCree looks some ten years younger, less like a dashing outlaw and a little more … something that Hanzo can’t quite place. 

“You don’t like it?” McCree asks, and there’s a hint of hurt or worry in his voice, something that could very well be fake, given that it’s McCree, but which makes Hanzo stop up short nonetheless.

“I did not say that,” he says, and brushes a kiss against the stubble-free corner of McCree’s mouth.

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I read I Walk The Line in one sitting and I didn't even have the time to do it! I couldn't put it down. Twists I didn't see coming. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! -Fic Anon

I pretty much love everything I’ve ever read of Lisa’s so I have no doubt I will:))  I’m so glad you loved it<3

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I hadn't yet read EHAD because I wanted to buy it (support the author), and my friend who did buy it only had an ebook, but I found out two days ago that my new library had a copy! I went in and like magic it was there, and I found the shelf it was on in like a minute, and then I took it home and read it in about an hour. I loved it. I can't wait for the sequels.

And now you can download a copy to keep, totally for free, but only today!  Tor.com is being super generous, but generosity only goes so far (and that’s good, since I enjoy eating).

I need someone to make me a gif of that coy little head-tilt Solas does when the Inquisitor says something he finds amusing or interesting.
You know the one: like right before he shakes his head during the Fade-Kiss scene?

I need it for…science. Definitely not to just watch it for hour on end and crying occasionally. That would be weird reason to need it. 


I recorded videos for like a few hours today. I recorded 7 or 8 10-15 minutes long videos. 

I just finished editing and am currently exporting my first video. I did all of it on my own. I figured out literally everything out all by myself. I used tutorials and stuff but I did it all on my own. Like i sat down and fgured out everything by myself. It’s not perfect…I’m not completely happy with it…but I know my video editing and recording skills will improve with each one I make!!! I’ll probably upload it tomorrow, super in to editing right now. 

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Hey, darlin', just wanted to pop in and say hi, I heard you had a long day today. I brought you a cupcake that Chekov baked himself in the kitchen, and some weird green smoothie that Sulu gave me, said it was choc full of greens that he grew himself. Looks kinda like sludge, if you ask me. Anyway I am not on-call tonight so I am all yours, do you want to watch a movie? Or grab something for dinner? I'm up for whatever. I'm sorry you're feeling down. I'm here for you. - Len.


I am so, so sorry about the call schedule, my love. Babies just never wait until a decent hour to make their arrival. I swear, they’re all little devils from day one, every single one of ‘em.

Seems like we’re always missing each other, here lately.

Please tell Pav and Hikaru thank you for thinking me - I did snag the sludge smoothie for a late night snack and it wasn’t too bad… just, you know, green.

Someone should really fix that old vitamix of his. Wonder if I can talk Scotty into installing some upgrades?

I can just imagine the scowl on your face, Len. Don’t worry, I’ll drink yours. Sulu will be none the wiser. 

I’m all free tonight, though, if you’ve still got some time for us. Dinner and a movie sounds wonderful. Things have been rough, you know, at home and at work, and I just need a night to unwind. I’ve carrying a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders; you know how I do when I’m stressed. I’d like to avoid a hypo of muscle relaxers, if I can, so I’m willing to do a little barter - your legendary hands, my legendary rum and coke. ;)

All joking aside, Len, thank you for the note. It made all the difference to me, reading it today. 

You know I never ask this, but.. just, hold me, tonight?

Much love and weary hugs

 - Slick

So. I was just taking a nap trying to get my 7 hours of sleep in, and my roommate bursts into the room and turns on the super bright overhead lights waking me up. So I wordlessly get up and turn them off and go back to bed.
This bitch-
Turns them on again.
And I’m like “I’m sleeping”
And she was like “um I don’t care I have work to do” “I need this light on I don’t want to use my 2 desk lamps cuz what I’m doing is more important than ur sleep” etc etc
Yeah, that “work” was brushing her hair and admiring her reflection for 20 mins and then leaving.
I’m going to punch her I swear to god.
But I settled for brushing her toothbrush on the bathroom floor instead.

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WAIT I just reread chapter sixteen of 'A Little Change' for the nineteenth time and a though occurred to me; If Poppy was planning to be single by the time of 'the talk' and WASN'T so she cancelled it... DID SHE WANT TO 'TALK' TO BRANCH IN HOPES OF BECOMEING HIS GIRLFRIEND?!?!?!?!

Becoming his girlfriend is a bit of a stretch, I think. I mean if they were to go through with the talk, Poppy would have broken up with Creek just hours prior and that’s a liiiiiiittle bit soon. To her, it would have felt like a shallow replacement on her part and Poppy wouldn’t want to do something like that.

Ever since Poppy talked Branch through his breakdown several chapters ago, they’ve had sort of an agreement to be honest with each other. While Branch has his share of secrets, Poppy has always been an open book so dealing with that crush on him and having to keep it to herself was quite unfamiliar to her and really did want to tell him. The very awkward and uneasy point after they had slept together was hell for her and she felt like both of them were holding back a lot of things they wanted to say and she hated it.

Poppy’s intention for the talk was to openly discuss their cuddling and to at least acknowledge that it happened so it wouldn’t be such a touchy subject anymore. That was the main idea of what the talk was to be about. Buuuuut tbh Poppy did plan on MAYBE implying that she had feelings for him, just because she really wanted to know how he felt about that. Like the curiosity was eating her up inside. Poppy wasn’t expecting an “I love you too” but her Dad always taught her to be honest about things. She probably thought that telling him how she felt would at least prove that their friendship was an honest one and there really were no secrets between them.

However, she couldn’t have that kind of conversation while she still had a boyfriend, who she would be proving her apparent love to, the very next day. Plus, after Creek had practically drained her energy dry, Poppy really wasn’t in the mood to pour all her emotions into another talk. She was mentally exhausted. She didn’t really get her second wind until she tried and failed to prompt something from Branch. Like she wanted him to be his usual self and talk her into NOT proving that she loved Creek because she clearly didn’t. But when she couldn’t get that out of him, she lashed out because of pure frustration. Meanwhile, Branch lashed out because of jealousy. It was a bad situation all around.

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Oh I loved the recent ask about the predacon hiding with there sparklings, I was wondering if you could do another with the DJD and nickle if that's okay.

It’s always okay with me, Anon. Pet not included. Had a little trouble with Tesarus and Helex(Ended up not being able to do Helex sorry) so I hope those turned out okay.


He understands sometimes you would have some alone time but disappearing for cycles is uncalled for. He makes sure to ask you about this when you return. You don’t explain much to his displeasure. Tarn does find out for himself however.

Moving the under the cover of recharging hours seemed like a good idea unless somebot stays up past curfew and wandered the halls. Tarn did just that. Whether to finally find out what your doing past curfew or if he was having problems recharging you don’t know. The sight he saw what unmistakeable his sparkmate carrying a litter of sparklings off to some unknown location. He wanted to call for you but wasn’t sure if he should. Instead he made his presence known but walking after you. Your heightened hearing heard his pede falls trailing behind following you to the makeshift den you made.

Knowing that he had seen the sparklings you didn’t act when he stuck his helm in the den. The sparklings yapped at him the intruder. “So this is what you’ve been up to lately,” he states looking at the sparkling a couple curled up next to you recharging the others attacking Tarn whom they saw an stranger rather an a sire. 


Has a little bit of an eyesight problem and you could probably hide your sparkling under his nose if they were quiet enough. He’ll miss the presence of his sparkmate during their disappearance act. 

Sparklings are sparklings and will make noise even when you don’t want them to. You’re gone presumingly to refuel and the sparklings whine for their creator. Kaon hears one night in his berthroom sounds of distress. He investigated to find a pile of sparkling nipping at his digits both from hunger and playfulness.

They were concealed cleverly by objects to create a little nest for the young ones. Kaon was small enough to fit through the hole to enter the nest. Sparkling moved and adjusted to the larger mech entering. Returning to the spot to find a pleasant surprise of both Kaon and the sparklings sleeping in a pile(on top of Kaon). Guess you get the berth tonight.


The mech doesn’t really put up with nonsense so you suddenly disappearing doesn’t go well with him. He’ll search for you so hiding the sparklings is hard. To get past this flaw in the plan you had to hide the sparklings somewhere near his berthroom so he knows where you are and you are able to watch over the younglings.

Sparklings especially predacon sparklings are curious and protective things. They naturally began to wonder who this Vos mech was that you left them to interact with. A few sparklings were fussy about you leaving the den and taking your warmth with it. The others wanted to check out the purple mech that there creator was fawning over.

One brave sparkling walked after their creator as they went over to visit Vos. The said mech didn’t notice them enter with you. He greeted you with a wave when you settled on the berth. The sparkling wanted on the strange contraption so they whined to get your attention. Scrambling to grab the sparkling and hide them did end successfully. Vos had heard the whine and turned to ask you want it was. Catching you sparkling-handed. You couldn’t tell his reaction with only his optics but you’re guessing it good as Vos takes the sparkling from your servo wide-eyed mumbling something almost excitedly.


Fairly quickly sees something is troubling you and will question you about it. Gets huffy if you don’t tell him but he doesn’t push for answers nor does he look for answers. 

He doesn’t mind the distance either but everything is bland with you around. One day he just asks for you to take him to where you go all the time. Tesarus doesn’t see the appeal of a crevice in the wall. You reached in and pulled out something small. The shredding mech leaned forward now intrigued in what was in your servos. 

He didn’t know what he expected but sparklings certainly wasn’t it. He turned stiff after you set the bunch in his servo. Tiny, fragile, cute were a few words he could use to describe the sparklings. Tesarus didn’t say anything. He just watched the precious being worm their way around his palm.


She notices you are more vigilant and defensive of what she doesn’t know. The medic makes sure to watch you a little more to figure out what’s eating you.

In time Nickel just plain asks what you were hiding. You thought about the outcomes before you lead her over to the small den you had made filled with sparkling. The minicon starts lecturing not for hiding them but not getting them checked, “What if they have a spark problem!?!” She first checks them over before it hits her. These were your sparkling and in turn her sparklings. Now you get chastised for hiding them.

She a proud creator but this doesn’t mean she won’t stick them or you in the corner.