i did this in 30 minutes

When I signed up for Crooked Road 24, I didn’t have a goal. I didn’t have one Saturday morning at the starting line either, since I hadn’t ran more than 14 miles since April.

But I surpassed everything I thought I could do, finally calling it quits as the weather turned nasty at 84 miles.

I’ve never felt so completely shattered finishing a run. Nothing has challenged me like this did. Every step of my last mile was a conscious effort (paired with a grimace). It took me about 30 minutes just to get into different clothes and into my sleeping bag.

But here’s a picture around 36 miles, when the rain was nowhere to be found and the 50 mph gusts weren’t trying to flatten our tents and I could still run easily. What a race. What. A. Race. That’s all I have in me right now.

You can think of me as a bore, but I was not at all funny when Loki said that he fell in the dark 30 minutes. I did not see anything amusing about this scene. Immediately there were thoughts of Loki falling at the end of the first film. How much did he fall in the darkness then? How much pain and horror survived during the fall and after? Neither Thor nor anyone else, never asked “What happened when you released your hand?” All such judges who judge by results, but do not know the reasons.

Here’s my first weekly update for you all! I’ve also included a ~get to know me~ at the bottom of this post since this is the first time I’ve posted about myself ✨
Weight: 125lbs
Height: 5’7”
Exercise levels: this week I worked out every day for at least 30 minutes! Whether it be cardio, weight training, yoga, or simply cheerleading/dance practice, I’ve managed to set time aside for exercise 💪🏼
Diet: I’ve ate fairly well this week! Yes, I did eat out a few times, but I went with a healthy option 🥗
Get to know me!
- I turn 16 next month !!!
- I am a dancer & a cheerleader for my school
- I’m super flexible 🤸🏼‍♀️
- I have scoliosis; I’m pretty insecure about it but I’m learning to embrace it ✨
- After I graduate from high school, I want to study to become either a psychiatrist or nutritionist
- I started getting interested in health and fitness over the past year
- I live in a super small town in Virginia. I want to move to a large city when I get out of college

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Hello Everyone!

hello my lovely dearies! I come with news! :)

firstly, I want to apologize for being sooooo absent in soooo long, but the reason is because I was finishing my FINAL ASSIGNMENT FOR SCHOOL WHICH I DID JUST LITERALLY LIKE 30 MINUTES AGO! xD xD I am sooo excited! so, with that and work I literally used whatever free time I had to like not die hahaha sleep, eat and all so, my apologies for that but

I AM BAAAAAACK! I don’t promise updates every day, cause I still have like 2 jobs ahahaha but I promise to do my best cause now this has my whole focus! after work, I don’t have to do anything! xD 

another thing I wanted to address… I know that I take forever to update most of my stories and that you guys get impatient for reading more and you have no idea how happy it makes me to read an inbox where you tell me all this, but I feel like I need to say this… some of you leave messages literally just sort of demanding for the next chapter to be up and I would just want to kindly ask of you to be a little nicer next time… most of you are lovely as always and, trust me I don’t mind you asking as long as you’re polite about it, which, again, the majority of you are… but to the few of you that aren’t so nice, I understand you’re impatient and waited forever but really, it wouldn’t kill you to at least try and understand why I am taking so long, or being as understandive as the rest of every and each one of my followers have been… so please, just ask nicely and I will answer gladly

sorry about that, but I really feel preassured and upset whenever that happens, so I wanted to just put it out there and now that I did let’s get back to business! xD I will be posting again another Voting post so you can decide what you’d like to read first :D


Rumple out….

woconutty replied to your photo :  Made dinner tonight. Old Bay chicken with cinnamon… 

   Can I ask for the recipe?    


For the chicken, brush the strips with olive oil on both sides and place on a baking sheet with parchment paper. Add Old Bay seasoning liberally to the tops and some salt to taste (you won’t need much). Bake on 350 F for 25 minutes (or more, depending on how thick the chicken is). You’ll want to cut open one of the strips to see if it’s done.

For the squash, either break down a full butternut squash (which I have done, but it takes awhile) or buy pre-cut cubes, which is what I did this time. Place the cubes into a large pan along with two-thirds to three-fourths of a stick of butter. Heat on the stove top on medium for about 25-30 minutes. Constantly flip and stir so that the cubes get heated evenly. Towards the middle of cooking, add a couple handfuls worth of brown sugar. Towards the end, sprinkle liberally with cinnamon. 

You can use the same cooking method for the squash for other foods like sweet potatoes and plantains. Just adjust the time. You’ll know the food is ready when the cubes/slices are soft and fully coated in brown sugar. For plantains, add a little salt and lime juice after cooking.

Buster and Nancy stop to chat while Mike is left to suffer and Eddie just enjoys his time @owivizzle

My Extra Life 2017 Highlights/ RECAP
  • Jeremy dressed as Rimmy Tim
  • Him then giving his mask to Matt who couldn’t even see out of it because of his hair
  • Everyone putting their name on the wheel to see who kissed Larry
  • Alfredo just go straight for the smooch
  • Michael and Jeremy just wanting to do shots
  • Millie being so cool about giving up her Xbox one X
  • How the RT Games didn’t actually test any of the stuff they brought to do
  • FunHaus!
  • The southern accents
  • Elyse breaking the wheel
  • How in costume, Miles looks exactly like Burnie
  • The Know trying to do the chip challenge and all falling apart 
  • Except Kdin who took it like such a champ
  • Becca’s pregnant!
  • Tbh the whole of Whose Spot is it Anyway
  • But especially the interpretive dance, Captain Hook vs Peter Pan, Jeremy as Trevors hands and of course
  • The Hoe down
  • Cole literally having a meltdown at the one chip challenge
  • Jacks third nipple paintball shot
  • Barbara skyping in for Always Open
  • Her unable to insult people except for:
  • “Mariel, you’re a cunt”
  • Miles spanking everyone and literally makes Mica fall over
  • Werewolves!
  • Kyle not telling anyone about the paintball rules and them all immediately plotting against him secretly
  • Yssa and Trevor constantly accusing each other while Jeremy gets away with it
  • The second game being over so quickly just to fuck Kyle
  • IRIS!!
  • She’s so cute!
  • “Iris dances across the stage”
  • The Mavin “kiss” 
  • Iris crying at the Mavin “kiss”
  • Alfreyco purposefully sabotaging Mavin in the piggy back race
  • Headgimite!
  • Gavin, of all people, being willing to lick it off
  • The McChip challenge
  • Gavin’s reaction to the McChip challenge
  • Andy and Gavin taking 28 paint balls and Gavin being so angry he storms off at it
  • Bob Ross! 
  • I was too busy trying to paint to Bob Ross to actually pay attention to what was going on
  • Blaine doing to milk challenge and all the puke that followed
  • Chris trying to cook 
  • “Is this even on?” “No”
  • Jon’s reaction to Patrick eating the fish
  • This whole segment also
  • The first game :
  • Murial and Yssa taking it like bosses
  • But Sam, oh Sam, poor Sam
  • Honestly, go Chad, Twice in the balls
  • Then I was distracted by all the kissed:
    • Jack and Chad
    • Ryan and Chad
    • Ryan and Chad
    • Jack and Chad
    • Go Chad!
  • The Blue Team failing at all the games
  • Chad’s vengeance! 
  • 2Sp00ky!!!
  • Then getting like 10 elite donations straight away
  • The shaving of Miles
  • The story that I actually got really into
  • Didn’t really pay attention to the next segment due to tiredness
  • The animation team and Chris!
  • The amount of determination that Chris was going to eat a bug was amazing
  • And boy did he eat that bug
  • And then promptly pass out afterwards
  • The Fanfiction of Camp Camp
  • How in the last 30 minutes we raised over $40,000!
  • Burnie: “After this you’re all fired”
  • The final total of $1,209,970.73!!!!
  • Jack getting all emotional which got me emotional
  • Matt once again singing us out!
  • And finally that little dance party

Honestly was amazing!! 



Going on a Road Trip with Peter Parker would include..

- aunt may driving both of y’all headasses

- you thought one of you was driving?

- please

- last time peter had control of a car tony ended up paying 20 thousand in repairs

- he snuck you into headquarters at like 2 am because that seemed like the greatest idea

- ended up having peter back into a wall after stepping on it when he wasn’t supposed to

- story of his life amirite

- aunt may taking both you and peter down to coney island for the weekend

- despite the 40 minute ride its the closest you two get to a road trip

- leaving at the crack of dawn to get to the rides early

- peter having the cutest lil hoodie on with the brightest smile on his face

- but also being unreasonably energetic at 7 in the morning

- ‘(y/n)imsohappythatyou’rehereohmygodarentyouexcited’

- ‘peter i haven’t seen you for five minutes and i already want you to shut up’

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Easy DIY Cough Syrup

A natural easy cough syrup you can make at home! Original recipe found in Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs, a beginners guide

Take once daily during cold season to stave off the sniffles and cough. 3x daily if you’ve caught sniffles and woke up icky! 

I used most of the honey pictured, a good table spoon of garlic, half the onion and the branch off the ginger. 

(Do not feed honey to infants under 12 months. Melt brown sugar and water instead for infants.)

Peel ginger by rubbing it with a spoon! Peel then Cut the onion in big sickle moons. Compost the peels and ends, save the unused portions in the fridge! 

Slice ginger in large pieces, place everything into a cold pan!

Cover everything in as much honey as you can! Oops! The pan is too small! Switched pans in the next photo! (Do not feed honey to infants under 12 months. Melt brown sugar and water instead for infants.)

Much better! Cover with MORE honey! Until the onions are fully covered/or floating!

Heat on LOW for 20-30 minutes, until the onions are soft.

A little frothy = a little too long, but its ok! Just remember for next time to heat for 5 minutes less, still totally usable but I might have cooked some of the delicate nutrients out of the raw honey. (I did 35 minutes here! DX )

Strain warm honey syrup into a bowl or measuring cup. Compost the bits!

Pour into reusable clean containers you saved from previous condiments! Wide mouth is best for dipping little spoons in for kiddo! Let cool on counter for an hour or so, then place in fridge and take daily until gone! 

I’d recommend tossing any leftovers after 4 weeks, but honey IS a preservative, so technically it could last longer than that, but better to be on the safe side. 

It has a very strong onion-garlic taste.

I am not a trained professional in botany, herbalism, or medicine, I am not a physician or doctor.