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I Only Go Shopping at Night

By reddit user resistance1984

The cashier swipes my items across the scanner as I stare at the floor. I find it easiest to get through my anxiety by avoiding eye contact with other people. That’s why I only go shopping at night: fewer people to avoid.

“Did you find everything okay?” she asks casually.

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Hey, Zelda fans, wanna see something that’ll mess up your head?

This here is the official model for Fi from Hyrule Warriors (program is XNALara, it’s free to download):

Seems normal, right? But wait, there’s more! Lemme just roll the mouse over here and…

… What. ‘Head ears left’?


So yeah, Fi has ears. They’re not shrunken down or anything, all I did was move the ear out a bit. It’s just pressed right up beneath her hair and completely invisible in-game.

And for the record, I already looked and NO, she does not have arms tucked beneath her cloak. Her cape flaps ARE her arms!!!

Tell me about something that makes your skin crawl, that makes you shiver and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Tell me about something that broke you, that completely changed who you are, that made your walls crumble down. Tell me what you did to fix your heart, to knit your bones back together, to heal your wounds and bruises. Tell me about your favourite colour, book, film, food, anything. Tell me about your last heartbreak, the last time you fell in love, the last time you felt like you couldn’t move on. Tell me something about loss, about grief, about the last time you cried so bad you could hardly breathe. Tell me. Just tell me. I’m all ears. I want you and I want all of you, the good times and the bad times and all the times inbetween.
—  What makes you who you are? I’m dying to know
You’re Stuck With Me, Darling

Prompt: Digger gives the reader some much needed reassurance about where they are in the relationship

Prompt Request # 49: Anon - “I love you so much.”

Pairing: Digger Harkness X Reader

Warnings: Some cursing and a few sexual innuendos (Fluff galore)

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“Well aren’t you one satisfied pussy cat~?”

Digger chimed with a slight chuckle. He wrapped his big arms around you and pulled you close to him, allowing for your tired head to fall onto his chest. The big lug of a man was always in the mood to cuddle after a good romp in the bedroom. You could feel his body relax as you snuggled close to him. Smiling ever so lightly you completely melted too his touch.

“Pussy cat?”  You giggled lightly, amused by his choice of words.

“Yea, you’re my lil’ pussy cat,” Kissing the top of your head you could feel him grinning ear to ear. “You’re purring like one anyways, did I fuck ya that good then, sweetheart?”

Placing your hand in the middle of his bare chest you began to fiddle with his chest hair.  “You could say that.”  It was true, the man was very good at what he did under the covers, he never left you unsatisfied. So, ‘purring like a pussycat’ was an appropriate comparison. 

For a small moment there was a comfortable silence, the two of you laid together beneath the cozy covers, entwined in each others arms.  The only sound you could hear was the steady rhythm of the Captain’s heart and the gentle breath that escaped his lips as he began drifting to sleep. But alas, the blissful feeling of this romantic embrace dispersed when you remembered that when you would wake up in the morning, Digger would already be gone.

“Today went by so fast..”  You whispered, resting your hand flat on Digger’s chest, right over his heart.  

“That it has.”  He agreed, by the relaxed tone of his voice it was easy to tell he was fighting sleep. “I have to get up early for me flight tomorrow..”  You could tell that he was ready to go to sleep but there was a feeling of discomfort stirring inside of you. He was taking a flight first thing in the morning to begin, what he described to be, ‘a heist to top all heist’ and he didn’t know exactly when he would return. 

“I’m gonna miss you, ya know..”  You whispered, feeling a little silly for wanting to talk about feelings but you were craving reassurance that all of this was not for nothing.  “A lot, actually.”

You could hear as Digger took in a deep breath.  

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to pry, but…”  You buried your face into his neck, feeling a little more emotional than you normally liked to show.  “It’s just been really special, having you around lately. I hate not knowing when I’ll see you again, Digg.. You d-”

“Darlin’, comon now-” Slowly Digger unwrapped his arm from around your side and sat up. Following his lead you did the same so you could look him in the face.

“I know I’m not exactly a stable man, but you must know me intentions by now.”

A little confused by exactly what he meant you shook your head, wanting him to elaborate more. Digger burrowed his brows and was silent for a moment, taking time to process what he should say next. You crossed your legs and looked at him, waiting for him to continue.  

“I’ll be back, ya know I always come back.”

“But you’ve never really given me a reason to think you will, you just show up every few months and stay for a few weeks and then you’re on your jolly way..” 

“How have I not given you anything to have faith in, then? I always come back here, right back into your bed!”

Rolling your eyes a bit you laid down and turned your back to him, showing exactly how thrilled you were with that comment. Coming back to your bed, wow, how romantic.

Once he had realized how his wording came off as insensitive the tone in Digger’s voice melted into a more sweet and loving one. “Hey, sweetheart, listen-” He took a hold of your arm and gently pulled, trying to get you to turn back around to face him. “-You know why I’ll always be back?”

You were expecting a sexual comment, something along the lines of, “You’re ass is unbelievable” or “Who else will make me breakfast then fuck me on the kitchen table” so you refused to face his way.  Instead you stared daggers off into the other direction.

“I’ll always be back because I fucking love you.”

Taken incredibly off guard by these words you looked at him, half expecting the man to laugh his confession of love off as a cruel joke. 

“I really do love you, sweetheart..”  Putting his arms around you he pulled you into his lap and snuggled his face into the crook of your neck.  “You’re stuck with me, that I swear..”

She is so completely tiny.

“…And look at your nose,” Castiel murmurs, his index finger gently outlining the bridge. “Your perfect little nose. Your ears. Your lips. And your fingers.” Cas touches the mini appendages. His heart is so full, he isn’t sure there’s enough space for all the love filling up his every nook and cranny. “You’re a miracle, Marie—I barely know you and I’d already move Heaven and Earth to see you safe. How did you do that?”

Fast asleep, Marie lays on her Papa’s chest, breathing deeply. She’s a marvel.

“You’re so loved,” he breathes. “Not even a week into this world and you are the most loved person I have ever met. I don’t even—I don’t even know how it’s possible to love you so much; I never thought I’d feel this way about anyone other that your Daddy, but here we are. Heaven, you’re beautiful.”

“Hey. You sweet-talkin’ her?”

Though Cas is startled at first, his expression quickly melts into a gooey smile. Fresh from the shower, Dean stands near the left bedside table, towel wrapped around his waist and hair spiked and damp. He’s lovely. “Something like that… she’s perfect, isn’t she? She’s the most perfect little human being to ever exist.”

Dean hums with a grin of his own. “Sounds like you’re in love, Cas.”

“Aren’t you?”

Dean crawls up on the bed, holding the cloth around his waist as he bites his lip. “With the most gorgeous thing in the universe? Yeah, I’d say I’m pretty smitten.” He punctuates the thought with a soft kiss to Marie’s bare back before moving towards Cas. “Kinda crazy about her Papa, too.”

They share a soft kiss, Dean sliding off the mattress to put on a pair of boxers and quickly dry himself off. He then slips back under the covers and cuddles his little family to his side. “I love you,” he mumbles, placing his palm over Marie’s diapered backside.

Cas leans in for another kiss and Dean is happy to oblige. “I love you, too.”

You know what I can’t get over? The first thing Andrew did when he saw Akko. He didn’t go up and talk to her. The first thing he did

was grab her ears. Then, when she complained about it, he gave a half hearted apology, and then,

he grabbed them again.

Andrew was interested by the ears. So much so he was completely ignoring Akko. I mean, giant rabbit ears on a random girl, who wouldn’t be intrigued? I’m sure they looked real, he probably wanted to see if the felt real, too. After all, the next thing he does is ask her if they are real, after another half-hearted apology.

Look at his eyes here. He’s staring at her ears, not her face, even though he’s talking to her. I mean, it makes sense. This is something wild and curious. He’s never seen anything like it before. But then, he learns it’s magic, and he seems disappointed.

Andrew is someone who is interested in weird, cool, unusual things. It seems like he would adore magic. But he seems to hate for the very fact that is its “magic”. Also worth noting is the fact that he saw a girl with real bunny ears in a witch academy and his mind didn’t immediately go to magic implies that he’s had very little exposure to magic in his life.

I think Andrew has spent his life being told magic is antiquated and worthless by his father. But I deep down, he’s a lot like Akko, the way that magic amazes him. You can see it even clearer in his face when the enter the Fountain of Polaris.

His mouth is open the entire time they ascend that stare case. You can even see him close it as they reach the top. I think that if he saw that Shiny Chariot show that Akko did, he would’ve had a very similar reaction to her. He would’ve grown up loving magic.

When he visited Luna Nova, I think he thought everyone would be like his father probably described them to him: antiquated, stuck in the past, with their their heads up their asses. He probably thought all of them would be like Diana, and his visit to Luna Nova probably was convincing him he was right. But then he met Akko. And what he said still sticks with me.

He said that while smiling. We know he dismisses witches and thinks they are ‘strange’, but here he sees someone who he thinks is the most unique witch of all. And he says it while smiling, as a compliment. He’s not saying she’s ‘strange’ like the other witches, he’s appreciative of how she’s different from them. He appreciates how Akko is nothing like the stuck up, worthless witches he met before and likely grew up hearing about from his father.

A long time ago, Shiny Chariot made Akko believe that magic was a wonderful thing. She was considered little more than a gaudy stage performer by the magic community and was dismissed by them, much like Akko is being dismissed now. But she changed Akko’s life with that show; she showed Akko magic can be something amazing. I think if Akko is going down the path of Shiny Chariot, then a major milestone is going to be the first time she truly inspires someone with her magic.

And I think that someone will be Andrew. I think Akko might just become Andrew’s Shiny Chariot. 

What would make it all the sweeter is seeing the looks on everyone’s faces when they see Andrew Motherfucking Hanbridge cheering on Akko, the class dunce, as the president of her one-man fanclub. Oh god, I hope this happens.

I decided I wasn’t satisfied with the “deaf students at Hogwarts” post, so I’m making my own.
Deaf Students at Hogwarts 2.0

Muggle born deaf children being worried when their hearing aids stop working at Hogwarts (since magic interferes with electrical devices), but then the Charms professor gives them a spell that will protect the aids from the interference. But better yet, magical hearing aids that automatically adjust to your hearing level so you don’t have to have them reprogrammed at an audiologist, and with a magically enhanced battery that lasts for months instead of days.

More deaf muggle born first years going up to their professors with their FM systems and having to explain how the sound could possibly go from that little box into their ears.

HoH students mishearing the spells their friends or teachers are using, and completely freaking out. “DID YOU JUST TRY TO IMPERIUS ME??” “Dude no, I said “engorgio” not “imperio”. “Oh”
HoH students in classes mishearing teaching instructions, with varying results. “Look everyone at how vibrant Brown’s potion is already, it’s the best I’ve ever seen! Have you added the five porcupine quills yet, Brown?” “Oh, you said to add five? I thought you said nine.. Guess it worked out alright anyway.”

Signing students being assigned special spell books that go in detail over the proper wand movements to cast a spell without any verbal additions because spell casting should not be strictly confined to having to say a word.

Winky the house elf is eventually enlisted to the House Elf Interpreting Group and she and the other house elves in the group act as interpreters for the deaf students. The house elves know and teach sign language because they require a method of silent communication in order to be silent while serving the assholes who enslave them. Anyway, the house elves bond strongly with their deaf students as they are with them for the majority of their school careers, and many of the students send their interpreters gifts every Christmas to show their continued appreciation for them. Of the 10 members of SPEW, 5 are Deaf. Also, when bullies try to jinx the deaf kids and they don’t hear the spell coming, the house elf will use their own magic to protect their student, and then let the elves down in the kitchen know which kids are jerks, so they “forget” to send dessert up to their table for a week.

I Only Go Shopping at Night.

The cashier swipes my items across the scanner as I stare at the floor. I find it easiest to get through my anxiety by avoiding eye contact with other people. That’s why I only go shopping at night: fewer people to avoid.

“Did you find everything okay?” she asks casually.

“Mm-hmm,” I mumble to the floor. Her voice sounds nice. Pleasant. Curiosity wins over and I glance up.

The cashier’s head is completely caved in on the left side, blood streaming out her eye and ear on the right. Probably a car accident. I snap my gaze back down towards the floor and feel vomit at the back of my throat.

After I pay she gives back my change in a hand so mangled I’m surprised it can hold anything at all.

Thanking her, I grab my bags and turn towards the exit. Immediately I see a man looking through magazines at the storefront. The skin on his face and hands is the consistency of a hot dog that fell into a campfire. Burn victim.

I turn the other way and see a woman with a purple bruise surrounding her neck, her eyes bugged out and bloodshot. Death by hanging.

I rush out the door as fast as I can. In my car I finally catch my breath as I lean my forehead on the steering wheel. Eventually I look up and see my familiar reflection in the rear-view mirror: my head is blown open in the back. Gunshot victim.

Why did I ever wish for the power to see how people die?

hey guys I was working on filling a request when I wrote the following bit and honestly it just doesn’t jive with the rest of the fic so unfortunately it had to be cut but I’m too proud of it to scrap it completely so have some out of context rambling about how Kylo feels about lying

“Stop it!” Rey had the most childish urge to cover her ears. “I know you’re lying, so just stop it.”

Kylo was quiet for a precious second or two.

Then he asked, low, dangerous, “What did you say?”

Despite the tension that Rey could feel beginning to snap through the air, she said with more assurance, “You’re a liar.”

A red haze spread across his neck and cheeks. “Take that back.”

Kylo wrested his shoulders from side to side in an attempt to free himself and gnashed his teeth. Rey fought the urge to step back and instead glared down at him writhing at her feet, prepared to hit him over the head with her staff if he managed to destroy any of his bindings. She had attacked people over less.

“Take it back, you mouthy little bitch!” Kylo shouted, his face turning an even darker red.

Rey sneered. He was pathetic. In a position where he couldn’t properly vent his anger with violence, he ceased to be frightening the moment he lost his cool.

As such, Rey felt confident enough to say, “I don’t take orders from spastic, lying manchildren.”

Kylo stopped struggling, quite abruptly. He continued to shake, not with rage, but with something heavier. He sucked in a breath through his mouth, exhaled, and then repeated it once more.

“Ben Solo came from a family of liars. They told him they would never be gone for long. They told him that he wasn’t dangerous, just different. They told him that they loved him. He wished any of it was true, but it wasn’t.“ He took another shuddery breath. “And what they didn’t tell him… was the truth about his family line. I am not Ben Solo. He’s dead. He’s kriffing dead. He’s never coming back. I am Kylo Ren. I do not lie and I won’t let myself be lied to. Take it back.”

pretty thoughts // warren worthington iii x reader

title: pretty thoughts

pairing: warren worthington iii x reader

summary: based off of the song pretty thoughts because its so pre tty

tagging: @quiskcilver, @kurtwxgners

You were pressed against his bare chest, your arms wrapped around his torso, and his securely around your waist.

You felt as his chest went up and down as he took slow breaths, burying his face in the crook of your neck.

He whispered things softly in your ear, such as:

“I love you so much.”

“This is what heaven is like, isn’t it?” 

“You’re the love of my life.”

“Think pretty thoughts.” 

“What did I do to deserve you?”

“I’ve been through so much madness, you’re the one thing in my life that isn’t completely horrible.” 

You played with his blond curls, pressing a light kiss to his shoulder, making his body be more relaxed than it was before.

His fingers slowly ran through your hair, his free hand pulling you closer into his chest with a light tug.

This, to him, the simple times you have together, are the best things in his life. Because for once, he’s happy.


I tweaked Willa like wth I never thought I would and like, she might look weird to you know but she looks lots more like herself to me and ;3;

Just last month I went to my aunts house for a family gathering and we’ll a bout 10 minutes in to dinner my beautiful cousin came into the room and straight away I had a boner, ( she was wearing a lovely perfectly fired blue dress ) and we’ll she sat next to me as that was the only spare seat, and we’ll see seen my boner and wished in my ear follow me so I did we told the family that we where goingto leave to talk about the school ball as my best friend her boyfriend had gave me a pic of his suit so she could buy her dress and her friend was taking me and she could help me with my suit,

Any way she snuck us into my untys room her Nans room and we made out for a solid 15 minutes then she dead she was wet/very moist so with in 40 seconds we where both completely naked in a room with our family’s just around the corner having unprotected sex it was great then I came in her virgin pussy,

We then had a shower together then walked out other room paid for our ball things ( as evidence we looked for them, really we picked them out the day before at homework club at school just haven’t paid for them yet) 

Any way that was my story and by the way the next day she got her period and we’ll today we took a pregnancy test in Perth at a hospital after we got her on birth control ( her mums idea as she is now 16 ) and the rest was negative

And by the way I am 17


Guys!! I just noticed something remember when jhope was about to kiss jungkook and how we didn’t get to see a complete reaction from jimin well when I when back to the video I noticed that jimin did the same thing jungkook did when they kiss him he clench his fist tighter as jhope got closer to jungkook. And then something weird happen when it was actually jungkook turn to kiss jhope he completely turn away like he couldn’t stand the sight. There something so weird about all this like when jhope was coming his direction from the pull he seem so completely out of it. I mean if somebody is coming your direction in a fast pace shouldn’t u look up? Then things get even more suspicious when tae stares at jimin direction as soon as he sees jimin grabbing his ear like jimin is uncomfortable.

Winter Break: Part Two

Summary: You’re saying goodbye to your friends before boarding the plane to Germany with Sebastian, where filming is taking place.

Characters: Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Tom Holland(more to be added)

Word Count: 1467 words

Warnings: Swearing?

Originally posted by colinodoneghue

   At the same time you recognize your brother, at least twenty girls around you scream in complete excitement.

“Sebastian!” You make your way towards your brother, pushing through girls that had gotten up and threw yourself into his arms, grinning ear to ear into his sweater.

“I missed you so much!” Sebastian says into your ear, happiness in his voice.

“I missed you too!” you grin, holding onto his sweater sleeves as he pulls back, “but how did you get in here?”

“I ran,” Sebastian smirks, and you don’t know if you want to smack him or yourself. “I wanted to surprise you.”

“I think you surprised the staff more than me,” you laugh, and he joins you.

“Miss Stan,” one of the faculty members that had been chasing Sebastian, Mr. Flint, the school’s only male Assistant Principle, pants like an overworked dog. “You…know this…man?”

“He’s my brother,” you inform him, smiling more in amusement now than happiness of seeing Sebastian. Mr. Flint had been giving you a lifetime’s worth of shit in the nearly four years you’d known him, and it satisfied you that it had been your brother to make your least favorite adult look so displeased.

“Well,” Mr. Flint wheezes, “your brother needs to learn that this is a closed campus, and adults must remain at the front of the school.”

“Well,” you mock the AP. “He is standing right here.”

Mr. Flint glares at you, and you smile innocently back.

“Oh yeah,” Sebastian suddenly says, pointing at you. “I’m signing her out.”


“I loved you in Political Animals,” Chris goes on, and you rest your head against the seat in the airport terminal, trying desperately not to ask the luggage woman standing at the counter closest to you for her roll of duct tape.

“Thanks,” Sebastian smiles awkwardly, turning his phone over in his hands. His hat was pulled low on his head, and with his sweater pulled up to his chin, it was hard for even you to recognize him.

“I hope you know you just outed yourself to Sebastian Stan,” Max says to Chris, and your blond haired friend blushes a crimson color and retreats back to Damon’s side, where the football running back was playing some game on his phone.

Sebastian gives your best friend a questioning look, and glances at you, his eyebrow raised, but you shrug your shoulders and ignore your brother’s mouth beginning to form a question.

“(Y/N),” Max drawls out your name, and you look over at her. Forest was leaning against her, playing games on his phone with his legs thrown up over Jamie’s lap. She didn’t look like it bothered her though, since she was zoned out, staring at the ground.

“Max,” you reply with the same length, and smile at her.

“When does your plan leave? I want to go home and sleep,” she complains, and you put a hand on your chest, pretending to feel hurt.

“Gee, Maxie,” you say sarcastically. “If I had known you didn’t care about me getting safely onto my flight, I would never have asked you to come with me to the airport.”

Max gives you a smile the Cheshire Cat would be proud of and goes back to commenting on Forest’s game strategy.

“Your friends are weird,” Sebastian says to you.

“Says the one that dresses up as a ninety something year old assassin and makes sound effects for his guns,” you reply dryly.

“He’s not an assassin,” Sebastian mumbles defensively.

“He’s an assassin,” you say, and your brother sticks his tongue out at you.

“Hey (Y/N),” Jamie speaks up. “What time does your flight leave?”

“Eleven fifteen, why?” you answer, and Jamie nods in the direction of the flight tracker above the escalators. Your flight number and the Germany destination draw your attention instantly, and you realize that there’s only twenty minutes before the plane lands.

“Hey Seb,” you say, nudging your brother. “We’ve got to get through security if we want to make this flight.”

Sebastian looks up at the flight schedule and sighs, then stands up and stretches. “Alright kiddos, (Y/N) and I have to go if we want to get to Germany on time.”

Max, Forest, and Chris collectively whine, while Damon stands up quietly, and throws his arms around you.

“Text me when you land,” he tells you before kisses your cheek before pulling away.

“Awh,” Max crows. “Old flames go out slowly.”

Damon ignores her and hands you his letterman jacket, smiling. “Take care of it, alright? I’m going to need it when you get back.”

You smile and nod your head as Chris hugs you.

“Be safe, scheißkopf,” Chris tells you as he steps back, and you roll your eyes.

“Real mature, tu connard,” you curse him in French. He winks at you.

Jamie’s embrace is minimal, and you only smile at the girl as she moves away to stand next to Damon and Christ.

Forest hugs you like it’s the last time he’ll see you, and squeezes you hard enough that black dots dance across your eyes until he lets Damon pull him off and stands beside him, teary eyed.

Max yanks you into her arms, holding you bone crushingly tight and ordering you to be safe and text her every moment you’re in Germany.

“I will, I will,” you promise her.

“And get me some autographs,” she adds on, and you laugh, but hug her quickly again.

“We’ll see,” you promise, and look at your friends. “I’ll see you all soon.”

“Be safe,” they call after you as Sebastian pulls you through the crowd, towards the escalators that would take you up to security.

“I will!” you shout over your shoulder, and hold tightly onto Damon’s letterman jacket with your free hand.

“You’re not going to cry on me, are you?” Sebastian asks when you reach the top of the lift.

You wave at your friends as you answer.

“I’ll be okay,” you tell him, smiling thinly.

“Good,” Sebastian nods, ruffling your hair and checking his phone at the same time. “Chris is picking us up from the airport.”



“Welcome to Leipzig-Halle Airport,” one of the pilots in the cabin say as your plane begins to touch the ground. You hold onto the seat’s arm rest, gritting your teeth at the most nerve wracking part of flying for you. “The current time is five twenty-three am. We hope you enjoyed your flight and have a safe time in Schkeuditz, Germany. Thank you for flying with us.”

You nudge Sebastian, who has been out like a light since the plane got into the air, and he stirs, grunting and yawning.

“Are we here?” he asks, hands reaching for the roof of the plane as he stretches.

“Yeah,” you nod. “Do we have to get ready with our passports?”

“Yes,” Sebastian nods. “I got us fast track checking, so we should get through quickly as long as we can get off of the plane early.”

“Okay,” you nod, pulling your carry on backpack out from under the seat in front of you and pulling Damon’s jacket tighter around you.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” one of the flight attendants speaks over the intercom. “Please remain seated until the plane has come to a complete stop at the gateway.”

You unclick your seat belt and stretch as much as you can without your bag falling out of your lap.

“Chris is waiting for us,” Seb tells you, and you nod, yawning yourself.

It takes another ten minutes until you’re completely off of the plane, and moving into Immigration Check, but even that goes by surprisingly fast. You were still chuckling from the passport checker’s expression when they realized whose passport they were holding when your brother went after you. The man’s reaction to being told you both were here for the Civil War filming was ever better.

“That bag’s yours,” you nod towards the incoming navy blue suitcase with a few braided bracelets you had made for Sebastian when you were eight. It warmed your heart to see them there.

Your brother had only left your side for a moment before a large arm threw itself over your shoulder. You jumped, and yelped, scaring a few people in the immediate proximity, and then shouted, “Chris!”

You throw your arms around the much taller man, grinning ear to ear as your brother’s best friend laughed, patting your back.

“I haven’t seen you in almost seven months!” you exclaim, holding onto Chris’ jacket as you pull away. He didn’t really look much different other than the scruff growing on his face from lack of shaving, but someone would probably make him shave it soon.

“Ah, I know!” Chris chuckles, pulling on a piece of your hair. “You look taller.”

“And you look like shit,” Sebastian says as he walks up to you both, smiling.

“It’s almost six in the fucking morning, Seb,” Chris rolls his eyes. “You’re lucky I’m not the one driving or else I would have left you here.”

“Steve Rogers wouldn’t treat me this way,” Sebastian huffs playfully.

“Well then it’s a good thing you aren’t Bucky Barnes,” Chris chuckles.

“Hey wait,” you speak up. “If you’re not driving, who is?”

Chris winks. “You’ll see.”


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“You did great, baby. You did great” Grant whispered in your ear, kissing your wet forehead.

“We did great, Grant. They’re both our kids” you said with a tired smile, having gotten completely exhausted from the birth.

“Our kids” he repeated almost in disbelief, his eyes welling with tears.

“Hey, now. Don’t start going all mushy on me, ‘k? I’m really tired to deal with you crying like a baby” you tried to lighten the mood and managed to do so.

“Hey, sorry. I just- It was hard and I got scared that something was going to go wrong. Sorry” he mumbled, looking down at your locked fingers.

“It’s ok, Grant. I know. At some point I got scared too but- we made it, right? That’s the important. We’re all fine now” you said rubbing your thumb over his palm.

“Yeah…” he breathed out with a smile.

“And they both look so much like you. So so beautiful” he whispered in awe mostly to himself as he looked at the twins.

“Thank you but they do look a lot like you too, baby. Especially (y/s/n). Just look at his eyes, so much like you” you said looking at your newborn baby son in… Jared’s arms.

Yeah, as soon as you had given birth to them you hadn’t had the chance to hold them for long before the nurses had taken them. But when they returned with the babies Jensen and Jared had not given you almost no chance to touch them; taking them immediately from the nurses’ arms and not letting go of them. Jared having taken hold of (y/s/n) and Jensen of (y/d/n).

Neither you nor Grant were going to complain, though, at the face you saw Jensen and Jared have. They were family to you, even thought there was no blood relation but you never cared about that in the first place.

“I guess you’re right” he mumbled taking in a shaky breath that indicated that he was fighting and failing to keep the tears in.

Silence followed for a while before you spoke.

“Hey, Jensen. Are you… crying?” you raised an eyebrow at him.

“No it’s raining on my face! Of course I am crying, what do you think? My little girl just had a little girl and a little boy but- just look at this beauty here. She’s just like you” he said and look at your daughter in his arms.

“Well you surely haven’t really seen (y/s/n). He looks just like (Y/n) when she’s sleeping. Can’t wait for this one to grow” Jared ended up mumbling.

“We have so much to teach them” Jensen said and you felt your eyes widen.

“Oh dear Castiel help us”

scent marked

Request: Okay (: this might be a short request but yeah can you do an imagine where Scott scent marks the reader?

scott mccall x reader

word count: 315

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lemon & ginger | luke coffee shop au

a/n: yay! next ‘part!’ i’ve had people asking me to write more parts, and i am pleased to remind you all that it will be 10 parts + in total! my favorite parts are around the 5 mark, so make sure to stick around and reblog if you’re enjoying it! 


A few days had passed, you completing the same routine every counting day that had been done for the past year. Opening and closing the coffee shop, that’s what you did. Today, however, things didn’t go as planned.

You woke up rudely to the sound of your phone’s vibration on the nightstand beside your bed. Picking it up and raising it to your ear angrily, you answered the call.

“Uh, (y/n), are you okay? I thought you were opening today,” the voice of your coworker rang on the other end of the call.

“Wha- shit! I’m so sorry! I overslept! I will be there in fifteen minutes,” you replied frantically, realizing that you had missed your alarm clock.

For the first time in your career at this coffee shop, you were late. You sprung out of bed, thankful that you had decided to shower last night after your quick gym session. You messily threw on some clothes and put your hair in a messy bun. As soon as you grabbed the keys, phone and wallet from the nightstand, you were out the door.

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anonymous asked:

Where did you get your headphones? I live the style (since it looks like they cover your ears completely) and I want to buy a pair like that for myself. Thank you! (Love your blog btw ^^)

So it sounds like you are mainly interested in over ear headphones (instead of the smaller in ear headphones). I love mine cause they are also noise canceling and wireless (I literally always get caught in things with wires). And I got mine at Best Buy, but you can also get them on Amazon