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New Year’s Celebration(MATURE)

“I am so sorry Justin, but I really can’t make it.” Y/N spoke into her phone, trying to keep herself from laughing.

“But you promised.” Justin whined.

“I know I did and I am very sorry for cancelling the last minute, but I will try to catch a next flight tomorrow or day after.”

Justin sighed, she pictured him frowning and messing his quiet long hair. “All right, okay, fine. But try to come as soon as possible.”

“I promise I will. Love you. I wish you all the best tonight.”

“Thanks babe, love you, bye.”

Y/N couldn’t wait to hung up so she could burst out of laughter. “You know you’re a real bitch, right?” Alfredo asked joining Y/N.

Y/N shrugged her shoulders and laughed some more. “This way is better. Paparazzi won’t expect me, neither will the fans. I can walk freely.”

“But don’t you feel bad, like, don’t know, he will be bummed because you’re not there to support him?”

“I thought about it, yeah, trust me this way is better. He will be happier to see me.”

Alfredo shrugged his shoulders “What do I know.”

Y/N took her phone and scrolled through instagram a little bit. Just as she was scrolling through one fans Bieber page, she got a text from Justin.

Bout to go on stage, really wish you were here.”

She decided not to respond, making it more convenient that she was busy doing, god knows what.

Few minutes later, they landed in Miami. The car was already waiting for Alfredo and Y/N. it was already 11.35 p.m. She was hoping that by the time, they arrive to Fontainebleau, it won’t be past midnight.

She wanted to celebrate new year with him, but considering the traffic, she might be late.

They arrived at 11.56 p.m. Y/N took her hills off and sprinted as fast as she could. In the distance, she could hear Justin’s voice getting louder and louder.

She bumped few people on the way, but thankfully, nobody stopped her to ask who she is. Once she reached the back stage, she gave herself a few seconds to catch a breath and put her hills back on.

That’s when she heard the countdown. “Eight, seven, six.” She fixed her hair and rushed on stage. She was hopping she looks okay. “Happy New Year.” Justin screamed into microphone.

He was about to say something when Y/N hugged him from behind, whispering into his ear. “Happy new year, babe.”

Quicker than a lighting, Justin turned around, enormous smile shining over his face. He placed his hands on her checks, pulling her into kiss.

The crowd behind them was going wild. Seemed like everybody had a great time.

“Happy new year.” He mumbled into kiss.

Once they separated from the kiss, he pulled her into a hug, placing his lips right next to her left ear. “You’re gonna wish you didn’t pull this little prank on me, baby girl. Just wait till we get to the dressing room. If we even make it to there.”

He kissed her ear and moved away, facing her with the most innocence smile. Y/N’s heart started pounding faster than ever, and she felt heat spreading all over her body. She wasn’t sure if she will be able to wait so long.  

She bit her lip, she was speechless. She wanted him, now, and not a moment later.

“Oh don’t give me those sex eyes, honey.” Justin said and turned to face the crowd.

“Give it up from my incredibly hot girlfriend everybody.” Y/N smiled and waved at the crowd.

She turned around and walked backstage, finding a good position to watch the rest of Justin’s performance.

He looked so good while he performed, and also very happy. Her eyes observed every single one of his moves. Soon she got distracted with the thoughts of Justin’s hot and wet mouth, tracing all the way from he swallowed lips to her clit.

She pushed her thighs together ease the urge she felt, just a little bit.

She was so distracted with her own dirty thoughts, that she didn’t even notice Justin’s performance being over, and him now walking towards her.

Once he was standing right in front of her, she lifted her head and bit her lip. He placed his finger under her chin and pushed her up. His eyes focused on her lips, but he didn’t make a move.

When she tried to make one, he simply backed away, meeting her gaze with a smirk playing over his lips.

“You see, you’ve been a very, very bad girl today. Teasing me with “I can’t make it” and your little outfit.” Justin got closer to Y/N, lowering his voice so only she could hear him.

“I know you want my tongue around your little tight pussy, my fingers playing with your hard nipples, my dick in your mouth. I know you want all of that baby girl, but daddy, you see, he wants to teach his little girl a lesson, yeah. Which is, never tease daddy.” Justin licked his lips, once again letting a smirk play over his lips.

Y/N sighed loudly, at that point she just wanted to push him onto the nearest wall and fuck the shit out of him, but that wasn’t possible, considering people in the room and his strength.

She simply nodded, focusing her eyes on the wall behind him with a picture that was supposed to be artwork, but all she saw was one stick and a circle. She really didn’t understand why people called that art.

“Now baby girl, I have to shower, but then we will hit the party.” Justin took her hand and the walked the same way she ran not twenty minutes ago.

As soon as they walked out of the door, she had to put her hand over her eyes, otherwise she would fall from all those flashlights.

Somehow they managed to get to the car without separating and they soon took off. Justin sat as close to Y/N as he physically could, placing his right hand on her thigh, slowly running tips of his fingers over her inner thigh.

The tension was way too much to handle, so she placed her hand on his leg moving it to his dick. She hoped he would change his mind and they would stay in his hotel room.

Justin suddenly grabbed Y/N’s hand, as it was just inches away from his dick and placed it on her leg. To punish her, he moved his hand away and moved in his seat so they weren’t touching anymore.

At that point, Y/N wanted to scream out in frustration, in the corner of her eye she could see Justin smirking before speaking.

“So how did you like my performance?” he turned his head to look at her.

She was pissed and not really in the mood to talk, she only shrugged her shoulders and simply added. “It was okay.” Turning her head towards the window.

By his voice, she could tell he wasn’t pleased with the answer. “It was okay?” He asked under the breath. “That’s all?” she didn’t respond.

If he could tease her, she could give him a silent treatment.

“So that’s how’s going to be, huh darling? All right, I’ll take it.”

From that moment on, neither of them spoke a word to each other. Even though they arrived to the hotel in less than three minutes, to Y/N it seemed like it was half an hour.

She quickly opened her door, which usually Justin does for her, but she wanted to piss him off as much as she could. Two can play this game.

She heard him mumble something under the breath but she didn’t bother to wait for him. She quickly walked towards the elevator, waiting for it to open.

Justin immediately caught up with her, placing his hand on her lower back, but just for brief five seconds. The door opened and they walked in, each standing on their side of the elevator.

They quickly walked out, reaching the room number 265. Justin unlocked it and she followed him in. she threw herself onto the bed and closed her eyes.

She could feel Justin’s look all over her body and when she hoped that he would change his mind, he walked into the bathroom.

She groaned and took her phone out. She opened snapchat and tried out which new idiotic filters where there. After she posted few selfies, she saw she had a missed call from her mother, so she rang her.

“Happy new year, honey.” Her mother yelled into phone. Y/N could tell she was a bit tipsy.

“Happy new year, mom. Having fun in LA?”

“Oh it’s great here. There’s a lot of young hot boys here.” Y/N could hear her father in the distance yelling something at her. “Whatever Y/F/N” She simply yelled.

At that point Justin walked out of bathroom, his hair messy and a towel wrapped around his waist. Y/N sat up and ran her eyes all over his body, scanning him, from his head to his tiptoes.

“So are you two having fun?” Y/M/N voice shook her from her daydream. “Mhm” Y/N mumbled into the phone.

“We’re just about to head to the party.”

“Well tell Justin hi and have a good time. P.S. it’s time for me to become grandma.”

“Y/M/N” Y/n’s father yelled and Y/N just chuckled.

“All right mom, have fun. Love you.”

Y/N hung up and look in Justin’s direction. He was now fully dressed, wearing a hat, black shirt, same colour jacket and white shorts.

“Ready?” he simply asked.

“Mom said hi.” He nod and started walking out.

He let Y/N go first and placed his hand on her lower back. This time the ride down wasn’t so unpleasant and soon they were at the party.

They separated very quickly, Y/N headed to the bar, ordering herself a strong Martini, while Justin went somewhere, only god know where.

“What is a girl like you doing alone on New Year?” a deep voice asked Y/n and she slowly rotated herself to face a very good looking guy.

He was tall, bit taller than Justin, black hair with bluest eyes Y/N has ever seen. She shyly smiled at him.

“Well I lost my boyfriend somewhere.” Y/N simply answered, hoping that will send him away.

But he didn’t seem to recognise what she said, rather he showed at the chair next to her, and she just nodded. A little company won’t hurt, she was getting bored anyway.

“I am Tony”

“Y/N. Nice to meet ya.”

“Oh trust me pleasure is all mine.” She smiled at his flirtatious comment and carried on. They talked for solid fifteen minutes, he made he laugh so much, her stomach actually started to hurt.

She felt familiar hand on her back. “Hi I am Justin. The boyfriend.” Justin offered his hand to Tony. His face was cold as ice, and Y/n knew he was beyond pissed and jealous.

“So you’re the one that leave this fine lady, all alone. Damn bro, you should keep a close eye on that masterpiece.” Tony said shaking his hand.

Y/n felt Justin’s grip getting tighter after Tony’s comment. She could tell his ego was hurt, and she was hoping he would just bit his tongue and let go. But she knew Justin.

“You might wanna watch your mouth, this is my girlfriend you’re talking to.”

“Hey man, I’ve said nothing bad about your girlfriend.” Tony lifted his hands up, clearly showing he wants no trouble.

“Tony it was nice meeting you, but I think you should leave now. Thanks for the company, I appreciate it.” Y/N said.

Tony nodded and smiled, then walked away. Y/N exactly knew what was following, and honestly she wasn’t in the mood for it.

“So I let you off for five minutes and you already find a new guy?”

She turned her head to face him, with the most annoyed facial expression she could make. “Don’t you even dare to start anything. He was at least making me company, unlike someone here.”

“So you wanna fuck him?” Justin asked arrogantly.  

“Fuck off Justin, go back to those bitches that you were with all this time. You ain’t gonna ruin this night for me.” Y/N said and walked away.

“Where you going?” Justin asked walking behind her.

“Somewhere where no one is going to bother me.”

“Y/N where the fuck are you going? Answer me.” Justin raised his voice. She turned on her tiptoes, lifting her hand to slap him, but she stopped herself just in time.

“Go on, slap me. Go on, do it.” he provoked her, stepping closer to her. Y/N rolled her eyes, groaned and started walking towards his room.

“So you’re just gonna walk away?”

“What do you want Justin? There is no more that needs to be said or discussed.”

“Oh yes there is.”

She picked her pace and walked even faster. Soon she was in front of his room door, waiting for him to unlock them, but he didn’t seem to hurry anywhere.

“And what would we need to discuss anymore?”

“You giving that guy sex eyes.” Y/N couldn’t believe her ears. All night he keeps teasing her, she is about to explode and now he gives her his jealous attitude.

It was kinda sexy, but all she wanted was to cum, not fight. So she pulled him closer, grabbing his jacked and connecting their lips.

He pushed her against the doors, one hand placing on her side, while unlocking the door with other. He pushed her inside, closing the door with his leg.

He moved away from kiss and took his jacket off. Y/N placed her hand around the hem of his shirt and pulled it up. He observed her while her hands traced up and how his chest.

He moved his hands on her back, unzipping her dress, letting it hit the floor and revealing her naked body. “You are so beautiful.”  Y/N felt her cheeks burning up.

Justin pushed Y/N onto bed and climbed over here. He connected their lips once again, while placing his hand over her clit, making little circles around it.

Y/N moaned into the kiss. “So wet.” Justin mumbled into kiss, pushing his tree finger into her. She groaned from sudden pleasure.

Justin moved his lips to her hard nipples, nibbling on each. She pushed her head deeper into the pillow, digging her nails into silky sheets.

He stick his tongue out and slowly traced it all the way to her pussy. He placed few kisses around her entrance, before connecting his lips with her clit.

Y/N screamed out in pleasure, shutting her eyes and enjoying the moment. She pushed her hips higher, but he placed his strong hand on her sides and held her down.

He hummed into her entrance, which only send shiver all over her body.

Suddenly he got up and she whined at the feeling of emptiness. He took his shorts off, exposing his grown length.

He took his dick in his hand and simply demanded. “Suck.”

Y/N got up and quickly took his dick into her mouth, never leaving his gaze. His mouth fell open, little ‘fuck’ leaving his lips.

She sucked slowly, swirling her tongue around the tip, but Justin grabbed her hair and moved her head faster and rougher.

She knew he was close, so he pulled her away, pulling her up for a rough kiss.

Y/N pushed Justin onto bed, she placed her legs on each side and took his dick into her hands and placed it in front of her entrance. She slowly pushed herself down, adjusting his length inside her.

She placed her hands onto his chest and started moving her hips in a circle. He griped her sides, groaning.

“Keep doing that, baby girl.”

Y/N slowly started to bounce her hips up and down, eventually picking up the pace. Their moans were getting lost in hot, steamy air that their bodies produced.

Justin’s eyes focused on her bouncing boobs, moving his hands to cup them, giving them a good squeeze. Y/N moaned loudly.

“You are so fucking hot, you know that, right?”

Justin got up, placing his hands on her back, taking her breast in her mouth, nibbling on her sensitive nipples. Sucking around her nipples, making sure to leave deep, purple marks, only visible to him.

Y/N felt her stomach clenching, her thighs started shaking. She was so close.

“Mhm, s-so cl-o-o-se. Please le-t me c-u-um.” Y/N said quietly, in between thrusts.

“Oh you wanna cum, baby girl? I don’t think so.” Justin picked her up and turned around, hovering her. He pulled his dick out, only to slam into her with his full rage.

Y/N screamed his name, almost cumming, but somehow managing to hold it back. With each thrust it became harder and harder for her to hold back. Because with every thrust he managed to hit her g-spot.

“Please, Justin” Y/N cried out.

“What? What do you want?” Justin demanded.

“Please let me cum.”

“I don’t know Y/N, only good girls get to cum, but you were a very, very bad girl today.”

Y/N moaned loudly, she knew that if she won’t cum in next thirty seconds, she will explode.

“But I think you have learned your lesson. Cum baby girl, cum hard.”

Her orgasm hit the climax, Y/N’s eyes rolled, her back arched, and she digged her nails into his muscles. She screamed his name as loud as she could, feeling like her lounges will leave her body.

“Fuck, you’re so hot when you come.”

He rid of her orgasm as his was close, his thrust became sloppier, harder and deeper. He groaned her name loudly, emptying himself into her.

Justin collapsed next to Y/N, both trying to calm down their breathing.

What we got was 4 minutes of Mark talking about s4 in a very Mark way. I’m sure you can guess. He says ‘125 year old spoiler’ when referring to the end of TST. He then talks about TLD being an 'emotional wringer’ and an 'emotional punch in the gut.’ He did not officially announce the title of TFP, still trying to keep it on the down-low (even though it isn’t). HE TALKS ABOUT TFP BEING 'THE BREAKING POINT OF EVERYTHING THATS BEEN BUILT UP OVER THE LAST SIX YEARS’ (!!!!) AND THAT 'THINGS WILL N E V E R B E T H E S A M E. SHERLOCK COMES TO A SHATTERING CLIMAX LIKE A GREAT PIECE OF MUSIC.’

So yeah. That’s what we got. Don’t know if they’ll be dropping it tonight or tomorrow or ever but there it is. TJLC is real. This is Ollie Asa Elric, signing off. (Also there was some het shit with the baby in the beginning but it’s still fake. I don’t know her.)

So, I had a dream last night that has been haunting me all day. Maybe if I share it I can let it go a little :D

I’ve been re-reading (in some cases, reading for the first time) the Nero Wolfe books, by Rex Stout, which are classic golden-age murder mysteries. Usually I read for 15-20 minutes before going to bed. Last night I fell asleep while reading, and I had crazy-ass Nero Wolfe dreams. 

I dreamed that Nero and Archie were on a case, and somehow Archie ran afoul of the baddie, whose name very improbably was “Vic”. Archie ends up almost-dead in the hospital, which understandably ENRAGES Wolfe.

Vic, who figures out what he’s done, sends Wolfe a letter saying he’s very sorry, he know what he did was a dire mistake, and he’s leaving town. Wolfe is not placated, and says so.

Archie finally wakes up and finds that his hospital room is full of orchids, but no Wolfe; Saul Panzer tells him that Wolfe has gone to seek his revenge

At which point my dream did an epic smash-cut to Nero Wolfe, hot on Vic’s trail, out on the open road, blowing through the empty midwestern plains on a motorcycle. 

I am so sad I woke up before I got to hear his monologue on the horrors of riding a motorcycle. 


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summary: the de-aged, smol!Shiro fic no one asked for.
in this chapter: Shiro and the Actual Adult. …ish.

Who lost Shiro doesn’t matter: Shiro’s gone, again. Keith can’t listen to this. “Twenty minutes is too long. We shouldn’t have let him go off without being sure he knew where he was going!”

“But - you agreed!” Lance sputters, incredulous and defensive. “I mean, fine, yes, we should have gone with him, but - I didn’t realize he didn’t know - ”

“How could he?” Hunk groans. He scrubs his hands down his face, distraught. “Why didn’t we think? Aw man, Shiro could be anywhere!”

“Well, it’s done now, isn’t it?” Allura snaps, concern badly hidden in her harsh tone. “Arguing about it is not going to help.”

“Easy for you to say,” Lance says, glaring. “It’s your fault Shiro’s lost, princess.”

Allura’s eyes narrow. “Excuse me?”

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anonymous asked:

I love your writing! Could you write one about betty and jughead goofing around after school during newspaper committee?

Thanks my love! Here you go!

“Juggie, have you finished that article?” Betty called out from her computer. Jughead was sitting cross-leg on a desk a little ways away from her. He was on his own laptop, after spending ten minutes straight insulting the school’s old computers.

“Actually, since you last asked me one minute ago, I have” Jughead spun his computer around. Betty leaned forward to read:

Reasons why not to let Betty rope you into helping her revive the school newspaper:
1-She’s bossy
2-She leaves no room for fun
3-Very bossy
4-She keeps you at school until 11 at night
5-Did I mention bossy?

“Jughead!” Betty yelled as he collapsed into laughter. She reached up and snagged his hat while he was distracted. Jughead sat straight up, his laughter stilled. His hair was sticking up in all directions and now Betty found herself laughing.

“Give it back Cooper” Jughead’s voice was stern but his eyes glinted with amusement. Betty reached up and placed his hat on her head. She grinned at him mischievously.

“Come and get it Jones” Before Jughead was even off the desk, Betty was out the door, sprinting as fast as she could down the hallway. She knew Jughead would never catch her. She’d been able to outrun him all of her life.

“Betty you get back here with my hat. You know how I feel about it!” Jughead’s voice echoed around the empty hallway

“I don’t know” Betty called over her shoulder “It’s pretty comfy. I might never give it back.”  She ran down a few more corridors until she could no longer hear Jughead’s footsteps behind her. Satisfied that he had given up and that she had won, Betty leisurely made her way back to the newsroom.

“Betttyyyy” She screamed out loud when Jughead’s voice came over the PA system. She laughed and yelled back,

“I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules to break into the principle’s office Juggie!” She was rewarded with a low chuckle coming throught the speakers.

“What Principle Weatherbee doesn’t know can’t hurt me” He said in a singsong voice. Betty rolled her eyes.

“Whatever, you have fun Jug, I’m going back to get some work done. And I’m taking your hat with me!” Betty resumed her walk back to the newsroom, sticking he tongue out at every camera, just in case Jughead was watching the monitor

She walked back inside the room, not surprised to find it empty. She had resigned herself to the fact that no more work would be done tonight. She simply enjoyed teasing Jughead as much as he enjoyed teasing her.

“BOO!” Jughead jumped out from behind the computer desk, causing Betty to once again scream. 

“Damn you Jughead” She said with a breathy laugh, holding her hand over her heart, which was beating very quickly. Before she had recovered, Jughead was in front of her. With one hand he grabbed her wrist and pulled her against her. The other wrapped around her waist, holding her close.

“I’m sorry. Did I scare you?” He said with a devilish grin.

“Twice in fact” Betty turned her chin up and attempted to look defiant, but she couldn’t help but crack a smile. Her arms reached up to loop around his neck.

“Well, you stole my hat” Jughead said as if that excused all of his wrong doings.

“I noticed you haven’t tried to take it back yet.” Betty said quirking an eyebrow at him.

“That’s because it looks good on you.” Jughead said as he leaned down to kiss her. “Of course” He said pulling back, “I’m going to need it back before we go out in public. It’s my good luck charm you know.”

“Shut up” Betty whispered, tangling her fingers in his hair and pulling his lips back down to hers.

Thanks for reading! Send me a Bughead prompt and I’ll write a drabble!   I might not get to it until later today, but I’ll definitely write every one that I get!

Batman as that parent that won’t stop talking about their kids.

He alerts the entire Justice League every time Nightwing brings in another criminal, ostensibly so they all know said criminal is no longer at large, but really he’s just bragging.

Never misses an opportunity to namedrop the prestigious colleges Red Robin has been accepted into.

“Did I tell you that Black Bat took on five of Ra’s al Ghul’s men last week? She defeated them in less than three minutes. New record.”

“Robin’s taken up painting. You should see some of his landscapes. He’s very talented.”

Even sends everyone video of Red Hood’s latest antics, advising them to study up on the timing and precision of his attacks.

Definitely has a “Proud Parent of an Honor Roll Student” bumpersticker on the batmobile. And the batplane.

Just…Batman will not shut up about his kids.

playtime - (c.h)

In which Y/N and Calum share a very underwhelming reunion at the airport after a months of separation. Y/N decides to make it a little more interesting.

a/n: it’s been a hot minute since i last wrote my last one shot ayy? i was thinking to do a part 2, if you guys are interested? also i did not proof read this because i’m a piece of shit!! I WOULD APPRECIATE AND LOVE FEEDBACK AND REQUESTS AND PROMPTS!!! :-) 

click here for all my writing!

word count: 2,200 +
warnings: swearing, mentions of suggestive things AYYY 
smut: nah, but it’s very suggestive LOL

The fans, his friends, and family are all very aware of Calum’s lacking ability to express his feelings. I love you’s are saved for special occasions, and pictures of his public display of affections for his girlfriend are considered to be breaking news. What the two shared should always be hidden behind closed doors, and though he knows that Y/N would love to be showered with attention in public, to enjoy being shown off like most other girls would, the bassist can only be appreciative that she understand his discomfort with turning his relationship into a mere showcase for journalists and paparazzi’s with a hankering for a bonus salary.

But it had been a long three months since the couple has had enjoyed the physical presence of one another, and Calum’s itching to have a taste of her luscious petal like lips, ones he’d been craving and dreaming to have his own pressed against for months now. It’s the airport, though, and there’s already a line of fans and paparazzi’s with their cameras and phones out ready to snap pictures and videos of the two. There was something about being filmed that irked him, especially if he wasn’t with the rest of the band. He knew that it came with the job, but any decent person would realise how perturbing it could cause one to be.

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Hanyu 4CC

Eurosport didn’t do the free skate live transmission (wtf?), so I had to rush to find a livestream. I got a pretty good one, and just as Hanyu started the second half of his program the stream froze. Arghh…

Probably right along with most people watching, including Brian, who were trying to figure out what the hell was happening on that ice. lol

I only got it back for the Kiss&Cry, and I was happy Yuzuru and Brian were both very happy and chatty. He got over 200 and 300 combined, so I think he was very pleased.

I can’t believe he got that, while making changes in a highly complex, intensive, technical program, on the fly. And just because he was feeling good, he did a triple axel as his last jump. On the free skate. Four minutes in. Of a complex, intensive, technical program. Ah. Chill has left the building and dropped off a cliff. LOL

Even Brian was thanking him. XD It’s so great to see them hug. Hanyu is a hugging machine with Brian (and Javi), and you can really tell how fantastic their relationship still is, after 5 long years.

So basically Hope and Legacy was also a completely different program. Yuzu skipped/changed a lot of choreo elements and spins to catch up with the music and fit in the jumps. Kind of an all around mess. BUT YOU COULDN’T EVEN TELL IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW. And that’s how you recognize a champion. When they can make it beautiful and effortless, even when things don’t go right.

It keeps bothering me that they decided to show that galra shield in Sendak’s ship to the audience through Keith, when they could very well have used Shiro or Allura, people we know has a past with the Galra empire, or even Sendak himself.

Okay, that sounded confusing, so let me try to elaborate. English is not my first language, so it will be a bit hard.

On the first episode, after Shiro and Pidge casually ditched Keith to his own luck on finding Red, we see him running around until he find himself in a… A…

He has two paths to go and doesn’t know which one to take.

You know, this

Now, the composition on this scene is interesting. You have the galra symbol hovering above Keith, who is right in the middle. It’s almost like it is pointing at him. 

Scratch that, the whole scene seems to be pointing at Keith in this one. No matter where you look, the lines take you back to our favorite Red Paladin. 

And then, this happens.

His whole body language changes when he sees it. He straightens his back, his arm falls to his side and I do wish I had HQ screencaps of this moment, but I don’t, so bear with my rushed kisscartoon misery.

And then he actually stares at it.

He stares at it for sometime, and only stops when he hears the galra soldier coming. His whole expression is… I don’t know how to put it. fucking language barriers, dude. If I were to name it anything, it’s almost of somewhat familiarity. 

As if he’s seen it before.

And then we see his expression changes yet again as he hears the soldier approaching and remembers why he’s there.

And not once the galra symbol leaves the screen in this brief moment. It’s always there, pointing at Keith, above Keith, on Keith’s visor…

Now, after three years hearing my teachers saying over and over again that nothing in animation is there just because, that everything was throughout planned to be there and be the way it is, I can’t help but wonder what were dreamworks and studio mir’s intentions with this one.

I mean, there’s the obvious one: to show the viewers one of the shields of the Galra Empire. To know that, whenever this symbol and others similar to this appear, it means that it’s related to the Galra in one way or another.

The thing is… Why do it through Keith, out of all the characters?

They could have done it earlier with Shiro’s flashback, as he remembered that he was in that ship before, at one point of his time as a slave from the galra empire. 

They could have done it with Sendak, since, you know, it’s his fucking ship.

They could have done it even with Allura, when Sendak first contacted the castle, and she could have recognized the symbol from the time Altea was being attacked.

But they made the deliberate choice to do it through Keith’s eyes.

They sat down in a room, discussed over this scene, made the storyboard, and decided that showing a Galra symbol through Keith, going even as far as keeping the reflection on his helmet’s visor when there were very few other times they used reflection to show anything in this show.

And here’s my guess on their not-so-obvious reason on to why they made this choice:

They want us to associate the galra with Keith, even if in the back of our minds.

The last time I saw a show giving this sort of hint was in the really fucking good anime Erased. In the op, for a very brief moment, you see the reflection of the killer in the shattered glass.

It’s not a really obvious reflection, for you still have a hard time associating the face with any named characters before the great and majestically composed reveal. And it lasts not even a second, so, unless you’re an obsessed theorist who lives in a shack in the desert and went through the op frame by frame, you barely notice it.

But is enough for you to make out a black suit, and now it’s imprinted in your mind that you cannot trust the man in the black suit.

SPOILER: And, as it turned out, the only character who used a black suit in a regular basis was the killer.

And just like in Erased they wanted you to associate black suit with the antagonist through the reflection, I feel like Voltron is trying to do something similar in here with Keith.

They aren’t straight out telling us, but they aren’t exactly keeping it from us. At a first glance, it’s just another in between scene before Keith gets to his lion.

But when you put it together with all the other slightly more obvious pieces of evidence…

… I dare to say it’s a quite brilliant hint.

TL;DR: Either Keith is a galra and they want us to associate one of the galra symbols directly to him as a hint, or I’m going completely crazy here.


As all things animation, things have to get cut or rearranged for story/time purposes. This ended was re-done because it seemed weird to randomly just have 4 other JLA'ers show up at the very last minute. But here’s the original take I did for the ending of Justice League Action episode Playdate

Fandom: Haikyuu!! 

Pairing: Kyouhaba

A/N: For @kyouhabaweek Day 6 - long distance // travel (combo of both, I guess?)

(NOTE: this entire fic is in text message format. Bold is Yahaba and Normal is Kyoutani.) 

(10:31): dis is so stupid

(10:33): what?

(10:34): i miss u already

(10:36): ………

(10:37): you left 48 minutes ago

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We interviewed Jeremy Clarkson and James May about Top Gear, The Grand Tour, Tesla, and autonomous cars
This wide-ranging chat includes what cars are in their garages, and why dehydration meant Hammond couldn't join.

I just spent 30 minutes with Jeremy Clarkson and I’m very pleased to say he did not punch me in the face. James May was there, too. Maybe that’s why I got out with all my teeth. Or maybe it was the continuous presence of a British PR woman/babysitter.

The taller two of the former Top Gear trio were locked in room 224 of The London Hotel, a swank place just off swank Sunset Boulevard in swank West Hollywood. One by one, interviewers swooped in and out in half-hour blocks for Qs and As. It was all very casual despite the ticking clock in the corner. Jeremy’s pack of Marlboros sat open on the coffee table along with his Nicorette gum, which he chewed throughout our conversation.

Holed up in Southern California to shoot and promote their new show The Grand Tour , which will debut on Amazon Prime on November 18, the two global superstars were gracious, funny, authentic, and even charming. Reports have The Grand Tour taking the Top Gear way - and its hosts - to the next level. Bigger budgets, reported up to $5.5 million per episode, certainly won’t hurt, and the early clips released to get the buzz going look very promising.

In the flesh, the 6-foot-5-inch Clarkson could be pegged a bit older than his 56 years, but his boyish blue eyes, though not piercing, were immediately disarming as is his mischievous grin. His handshake was warm and genuine, not too firm.

May’s infamous likability translates to the real world. Captain Slow, 53, is the one you want living next door, maybe even renting that spare bedroom. Dressed in jeans and untucked button-downs seemingly plucked from the hamper, these guys were relaxed, comfortable in their skins and their lives.

Also unafraid. Both jumped at the chance to throw their third mouseketeer under the bus, saying Richard Hammond couldn’t make the call today because of dehydration caused by the previous day out shooting in the California desert, but they quickly share the real reason.

Autoblog: Gentlemen, we were just joking about Richard’s absence. You guys have been in the California desert for a few days?

Jeremy Clarkson: We have, yes, and he’s become dehydrated after drinking a lot of gin.

James May: Yeah, there’s a hell of a lot of gin in the desert – we thought it was just dust and wind.

Jeremy Clarkson: The official line from the PR people is that he’s unable to join us because he is dehydrated. And he is dehydrated, but it’s alcohol-related.

Autoblog: Well I hope his stomach is feeling better.

Jeremy Clarkson: We don’t care. It makes my life better that he’s not here.

“We were creatively fueled by our mutual loathing of each other.” – James May

Autoblog: If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you a few easy questions first. Then maybe I can surprise you with something.

Jeremy Clarkson: We’re used to it. Works our mental agility.

Autoblog: The first question is: What do you think made Top Gear so special? That made Top Gear, Top Gear?

James May: Oh I know the answer to that one.

Autoblog: Cause you’ve answered it a hundred times.

James May: Yes and I’ve thought about it very carefully because people ask me all the time.

Autoblog: I want to know.

James May: I think it’s that we were creatively fueled by our mutual loathing of each other.

Jeremy Clarkson: Yeah, it was probably one of the things. I genuinely don’t know. I just don’t know. I’ve thought about it so much and I have no idea why so many people around the world watched it. It’s impossible to say. People say it’s the chemistry between us and even that’s just loathing as James rightly points out.

James May: It’s a particularly volatile sort of chemistry.

Jeremy Clarkson: Cars. Yeah, people like cars but not so much these days. Travel, there’s loads of travel shows, I just don’t know.

James May: What I do know, though, because I’ve thought about it a lot as well – it was something very complicated and actually quite fragile which is why attempts for people to do other things in the Top Gear style – I even have people saying to me “will you come and present an award ceremony or something corporate? We’ve put together something and it’s very Top Gear,” and I immediately say no ‘cause I know it won’t be. It’s a very difficult thing to understand. We don’t understand it but we were in it, so…

Autoblog: Well, I’m glad to hear that you don’t know. You know, years ago, I was one of about five thousand US auto journalists that auditioned for US Top Gear, to host, and they asked me that very question before I went in for some sort of screen test. Honestly, besides the chemistry I remember talking about the editing of the show, how the assembly of the show was so beautiful.

Jeremy Clarkson: Beautifully shot. Beautifully shot.

Autoblog: But also, the way you cut in and out of the car and the conversational way about it seemed to be unique in the space before. Now of course people try to copy that style, but at the time it was quite unique.

Jeremy Clarkson: The amazing thing is what do we keep winning awards for, or used to keep winning awards for.

James May: Unscripted

Jeremy Clarkson: Unscripted, it was scripted.

Autoblog: It was scripted, but it didn’t feel scripted.

Jeremy Clarkson: It was scripted in as much as we knew what we were going to be talking about roughly, but it wasn’t actually scripted, like you say that and you say that. But when you get to know James and Richard so well I could say something to James or Richard and I know what the answer will be. I just know what they are going to say, which…

Autoblog: It couldn’t have started out that way.

“When you get to know each other so well, it makes it seem and feel natural, which well, it actually is.” – Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson: No it didn’t but by the time anybody was watching the show, which started when Hammond had his big accident, and everybody tuning in to see if he’d come back. And that’s what made it so popular. When you get to know each other so well, it makes it seem and feel natural, which well, it actually is. I could say something to him and I know what he’s going to say back. I know exactly – we haven’t written it, we haven’t planned it, it’s easy. He can say something to me and he knows what I’m going to say back to him.

James May: It’s terrifying.

Jeremy Clarkson: Isn’t it?

James May: It’s interesting you mention the editing because the other thing people didn’t realize is that we did have, eventually, the finest set of camera and sound people in the world doing a program about cars. We’ve still got quite a few of them, which is great. I often used to think that when it goes to some countries where it was very popular like India, for example, a lot of the things we said – if you’re not a native English speaker living in Britain, it must’ve been lost on them. So maybe they were just looking at the excellent pictures.

Jeremy Clarkson: When we were in Al-Raqqah, back when … actually it was Syria, in Al-Raqqah, which basically doesn’t exist anymore. Not that long ago – four years?

James May: Five years now, yeah.

Jeremy Clarkson: He got out of the car and all, “Welcome to Syria, Captain Slow,” and you look at it now. I went into a shop and they were showing Top Gear as we were in the shop. I thought, “What the hell do they think we’re doing on this show?”

James May: Yeah, right.

Autoblog: They don’t understand a word of it?

Jeremy Clarkson: Well they do, it’s translated, but it was so alien because it was showing them the green and pleasant land of England, and it was raining, and they were in Syria.

Autoblog: Of course.

Jeremy Clarkson: “What the hell is this, and what are they doing?”

James May: Do you remember – you must’ve been there. As we were driving up towards the Turkish border we stopped by the side of the road and there was the local equivalent of like –

Jeremy Clarkson: It was in Iraq.

James May: Yeah, it was still in Iraq. It was a burger van, but obviously not selling burgers. It was selling local stuff. It was a tiny little thing. It was unpowered, it was in the middle of nowhere. There was this one bloke working on it, on his own. We stopped, and I went to buy a bottle of water or something from him. And he said, “Oh, hello James. What are you doing here?” And I thought, That is unthinkable. I’ve got a sort of bond with this bloke.

Autoblog: Amazing. You guys are just more likable than you know.

Jeremy Clarkson: Oh I don’t think so. Our Producer Andy Wilman has a theory, which is quite interesting. He said, that it’s a car show, at heart. It became less so but it was still a car show at heart, which would make an eleven-year-old boy want to watch, because it’s cars. And his dad would go, “I’d quite like to watch that as well.” So now you’ve got, in a nuclear family, you’ve got son and father watching. And the daughter fancied Richard Hammond, before he lost his looks, which was a bit catastrophic when he grew a beard and died his hair. He’s so cute, but then mother would walk in and go, “I’ve got the whole family watching, which is so rare these days. I don’t care what it is, I want to watch it as well.” So, it became family viewing, in the UK. The whole family would sit down and watch Top Gear.

Autoblog: Because of the business practices of the BBC, you guys really cut through the clutter with true honesty. Do you feel that that was a factor at all in the way it appealed across borders?

James May: I think in Britain, there may have been an element of: We were naughty boys at school, and as of now, we’ve got the teacher with us. Even now, with BBC, we have to be proper.

Autoblog: There is a babysitter here.

James May: Yeah.

Jeremy Clarkson: Exactly.

James May: That’s what I think, to the British audience, we would be very sensitive to that. The idea that this is the very respectable, established BBC, and here are these boys on there saying “gentleman’s sausage,” and there you go. Being a bit naughty. But I don’t believe that could’ve worked in the rest of the world, because they wouldn’t have been tuned into that subtlety, wouldn’t they be?

Autoblog: But the opinions on the vehicles themselves being so absolute and so extreme was unique.

“Carmakers started to realize that our show promotes the car as an entity to the world…It just makes cars interesting and exciting, and that’s good for the car industry.” – Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson: That was tricky. When I first started 27 years ago, carmakers were like, “Oh, we can’t lend you cars if you’re going to say that about us,” but we rode through that storm a long time ago. Carmakers started to realize that our show promotes the car as an entity to the world. It doesn’t say, “buy a Chevrolet rather than a Honda.” It just makes cars interesting and exciting, and that’s good for the car industry. Pretty much by and large, the carmakers – I’m banned from Mitsubishis at the moment.

James May: I’ve always been barred from driving a Bristol, not that that’s been much of a hardship.

Jeremy Clarkson: But you were banned because you’re a friend of mine.

James May: Yeah, largely because I’m a friend of yours. Yes, I think we said it with what we were sort of saying. It’s okay to like cars and get excited by them, and everybody involved in that business benefits from that.

Autoblog: Since you can’t really express in specifics what you think absolutely made Top Gear Top Gear, I assume you’re going to try to take that recipe and add something new to it to make The Grand Tour. What is that thing?

James May: Well it’s sort of already there.

Jeremy Clarkson: You don’t want to add.

Autoblog: Not add?

“What we’ve done with the new show is, it’s shepherd’s pie. It’s lamb, not beef. It’s still comfort food. It’s still a very nice pie, but it’s slightly different.” – Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson: Not at all. Not add. For 12 years people have had cottage pie because they’re very familiar with cottage pie, they like it. They like the show. What we’ve done with the new show is, it’s shepherd’s pie. It’s lamb, not beef. It’s still comfort food. It’s still a very nice pie, but it’s slightly different. It has to be, obviously, because the steak is gone. I’m just hoping that people don’t go, “oh, no, I’ve always liked my cottage pie, none of that shepherd,” but within a week or two, I’m hoping people will say, “That’s a really good show. If we had started with this show, I think people would have loved it.” And then, if we’ve changed it after 12 years to what Top Gear was they would have said, “oh no, no don’t don’t…”

James May: I don’t think anybody’s going to watch it and go, “What the hell has happened to them?” Still, a lot of it, because it’s still us three and we haven’t changed, is going to seem familiar.

Jeremy Clarkson: We’re in a tent, not a studio. We do different things in there. It’s still us three.

Autoblog: But the core is still there?

Jeremy Clarkson: Yeah.

James May: Well, the core is us.

Autoblog: Of course.

James May: To go on as cottage pie, changed into shepherd’s pie – there are a certain number of people who wouldn’t notice because they can’t really tell the difference.

Autoblog: It’s about having fun, right?

Jeremy Clarkson: Exactly. That’s what we were talking about just last night. We won’t know what the viewing figures are anymore because they won’t be released. You won’t get social media feedback like we used to – when it went out at eight o'clock and you could see this avalanche of people come on Twitter. And we won’t get the next day in the supermarket, where people say, “I watched that new show last night.” All that will change, now that it’s on Amazon. The only thing we can do is say, “we think it was a good show.” We recorded it yesterday, and the truth is, we do think it’s a good show.

Autoblog: You just recorded it yesterday?

Jeremy Clarkson: We did and we think we did a good show. That is all we can do now, is to say, “We couldn’t have done it better than that.”

Autoblog: A little personal, what’s the new toy in the garages these days? What’s your favorite?

James May: In our own?

Autoblog: In your own.

James May: What I’ve actually ordered a new car, haven’t I? I’ve got an i3, but I ordered a new i3, because it has an improved battery. And I’ve gone for no range extender. I did have that before, but I felt that was a form of cowardice, so I’ve abandoned that.

Autoblog: It is wimping out.

Jeremy Clarkson: I think you can tell him the other cars you have, too. I don’t want people to think you drive an electric car and nothing else.

James May: No no, of course I don’t, I still have a range extender. It’s a Ferrari 458. And I’ve got a Porsche range extender as well. I have a Rolls-Royce range extender.

Autoblog: And the latest is the i3?

James May: Yeah. I haven’t got it yet. It will be in about six weeks, or two months, or something.

Autoblog: What about you Jeremy?

Jeremy Clarkson: I have a gray Volkswagen Golf.

Autoblog: Okay. Which engine?

Jeremy Clarkson: GTI, I just drive a GTI and it does everything I want. I drive lots of very fancy cars all the time. But to have your own car where nobody looks at you is safer on the motorway. When he drives his orange Ferrari, everybody takes photographs. That would bore me to death, so I just drive a gray Golf and nobody sees me.

Autoblog: I completely understand. How do you feel about autonomous cars? Are they the future? How far out is that future?

James May: I think it’s immensely far off, a genuinely robotic car that can behave like a human driving a car can, because people constantly underestimate the wit of humanity. I can’t remember which astronaut said this, that the human being is still the greatest computer in the world and is completely free to produce. It can be produced for nothing by totally unskilled labor. That was it. But I think partial autonomy has a place, and we were arguing about this earlier because, believe it or not, we don’t agree. I think partial autonomy, for boring bits of journeys, would make them quicker, safer, and give you time to do something else. But I still want to be able to drive a car because I like it. I find it amazing.

Jeremy Clarkson: What’s interesting about autonomous cars is, if you’re driving in your autonomous car and a lorry suddenly lunges out in front of it. The car sees the lorry and thinks, “Okay, I must miss that.” So the only option now is to swerve to the left. But there’s a family of four on the sidewalk. And it will then think, “Well, there’s one person in the car, so I’m going to hit the lorry.” Which means that the autonomous car, in that peculiar set of circumstances, is actually programmed to kill its owner. Which I think is a really weird, moral difficulty with autonomous cars. The other thing is, we both agree on this, when the steam engine arrived the horse wasn’t just killed off, it became a hobby for enthusiasts. And that’s what will happen to cars, and I will continue to drive cars because I like driving cars.

“Ford, Chevy, Volkswagen they’re all piloting themselves into a hillside, all the big established carmakers, because they are making such terrible, terrible cars at the moment.” – Jeremy Clarkson

Those who don’t like driving cars will have autonomous cars. By and large they’ll be able to do it. Say 10 or 20 years, the only three carmakers in the world will be Uber, Google, and Apple, pretty much. Ford, Chevy, Volkswagen they’re all piloting themselves into a hillside, all the big established carmakers, because they are making such terrible, terrible cars at the moment. SUVs and Renault Captur, come on guys. People are going to say “Can I have a poster daddy of a Renault Captur on my wall? Will it be at Le Mans this year?” No, it’s just rubbish. And then they go, “Oh well why are people using Uber instead of buying our cars?” Because your cars are rubbish, that’s why.

Autoblog: There’s a lot of talk about the youth of the world falling out of love with cars. Do you think that’s correct?

Jeremy Clarkson: Definitely. Definitely correct.

James May: There are a lot of other things for them to do.

Autoblog: That is true. There are a lot of things for them to do, but is that the largest factor?

James May: I suspect it is. I can remember, it’s still one of my most vivid memories, was the first time I went out in a car by myself. Many years later I learned to fly an airplane and went up in an airplane by myself, which is a much more remarkable thing, but it wasn’t as exciting. Because that step from being contained and limited, repressed in a way by the inability to move around – from there, to getting in a car, any car, and setting off with nobody with you and being able to go wherever you wanted is the greatest leap forward my life has ever taken. But I don’t think it’s comparable these days because communication is so much better.

Jeremy Clarkson: My son, who has actually just passed his driving test – I said, “Why don’t you learn to drive?” He said, “Because right outside the apartment in London a bus stops which takes me to Oxford for three pounds, and it has WiFi in it. Why would I drive? It’s expensive, complicated to find somewhere to park. You can’t drink, I can’t be on my phone while I’m doing it.” He just said, “Why would I drive?”

Autoblog: After all the success and all the fame, what keeps you motivated these days?

James May: Having a good time

Jeremy Clarkson: Every morning we have a better time than almost everyone else in the world.

James May: There’s no other reason. You couldn’t actually be motivated by fame. It’s irrelevant. And not by needing more money to spend, because I don’t spend it all anyway. But actually having a good life is such a privilege.

Autoblog: You’re still having fun?

James May: Oh, yeah.

Jeremy Clarkson: Honestly, we were sitting the other day in a traffic jam in Liverpool, and we looked into a computer shop. There was somebody there with a purple shirt, flogging laptops on a wet, cold, dark November night. We just thought, “God, we’re lucky.” I still think of him every time they make me do something, you just think, “We genuinely have the best jobs in the world. We really, really do.” I just can’t think of anything I’d rather do.

“We genuinely have the best jobs in the world. We really, really do.” – Jeremy Clarkson

James May: Even fighter pilot isn’t as good. You get more sex, but it’s not as much fun.

Jeremy Clarkson: Right.

James May: Hopefully we can sort of have fun on other people’s behalf. That’s part of the objective, so they can have it vicariously. Even though the next day they’ve got to go back to the computer shop, and … with a purple shirt …

Autoblog: I recall years ago, you guys were very hard on the first Tesla. How do you feel about Tesla these days?

Jeremy Clarkson: We weren’t very hard, actually. We were sued over that, interestingly, we went to court in the UK and Elon Musk lost. And he appealed, and lost again. So, the truth is, we weren’t harsh, we were fair. It was a fair road test of that car which wasn’t as good as …

Autoblog: It had its flaws.

Jeremy Clarkson: Yeah.

James May: That’s a way back in the Tesla evolution. I’ve driven a Model S. I’m fascinated by the idea and electric cars, because there’s such a lot of good sense in using an electric motor to drive a car.

Autoblog: Obviously. You just ordered one.

Jeremy Clarkson: Hello? Hello?

James May: What?

Jeremy Clarkson: The world cannot produce enough electricity right now for laptops, and phones, and lighting, and what have you. If everybody suddenly buys an electric car, how are we going to charge them up? Seriously, there are already brownouts in New York, London. We can’t have electric cars.

James May: No, but the point I was making was, technically, the use of a motor to drive a car is an excellent idea. The issue has always been electricity, because it’s never liked being stored. It’s never like being generated locally. That’s the obstacle to overcome, and nobody knows how we’re going to do it, but taking part in the experiment is worthwhile, because it’s interesting, I think.

Autoblog: Was there something you guys really wanted to do on Top Gear, but never got to do it?

James May: I once wanted to beat Jeremy to death with a shovel at the North Pole.

Autoblog: Only once?

“I once wanted to beat Jeremy to death with a shovel at the North Pole.” – James May

James May: Yeah. Well, it was only one time when I had a shovel. It was interesting, because I thought, “Well, we’re behind this big block of ice.” We were out of sight of everybody else, and it was an area that would melt later in the year, and I thought, “If I just beat him to death and dig a small hole, I actually, possibly could get away with it.” But I still didn’t do it.

Jeremy Clarkson: To be honest, we were allowed to do everything we wanted on Top Gear, and we’re allowed to do anything we want on The Grand Tour, so it’s –

Autoblog: You never had a list and didn’t get to the next thing?

Jeremy Clarkson: No.

James May: I don’t think we did. We’re not very good at organizing.

Autoblog: How does it make you feel that there’s two, maybe three generations of folks out there that all want to be James May and Jeremy Clarkson?

Jeremy Clarkson: They would love our jobs. It’s the weirdest thing.

Autoblog: They don’t want your jobs, they want to be you. That’s different.

Jeremy Clarkson: They want to live our lives, which is basically having our jobs. But if they did that, they’d have to work with James May, and that’s – you’d have to kill yourself.

“Richard Hammond isn’t such a constant, because he’s often dehydrated.” – James May

James May: The only real disadvantage to being me, because it’s brilliant in many ways – He’s there, he’s a constant. Richard Hammond isn’t such a constant, because he’s often dehydrated. He’s also massively incompetent.

Autoblog: Trump or Hillary?

Jeremy Clarkson: We’ve learned not to say anything on that.

James May: Yeah, we don’t know…

Autoblog: Has anyone else asked you this?

Jeremy Clarkson: Yeah.

Autoblog: Already?

Jeremy Clarkson: Yeah. It’s very embarrassing for America to have that as a choice, because we just look from outside going, “There’s 300 million of them, are they the two best people they could think of?”

James May: Can we have none of the above?

Autoblog: I’ll take it.

Jeremy Clarkson: That’s why I put on Twitter on Independence Day, “Make America Great Britian again”.

Autoblog: McClaren F1 or P1?

Jeremy Clarkson: Oh, P1.

James May: P1.

Autoblog: Don’t even have to think about it?

Jeremy Clarkson: No, no, no.

Autoblog: P1.

James May: Modern cars are better.

Autoblog: Amazing. Why do you hate American cars so much?

James May: Oh I don’t think we do.

Jeremy Clarkson: Hammond likes them a lot.

Autoblog: I know he likes them a lot, but he seems to be alone on that.

Jeremy Clarkson: It’s like the Porsche 911. I don’t really hate the 911, I just hate – I enjoy taking the piss out of Hammond for liking the 911. So when he goes, “I love this Mustang,” I go, “Oh, well it’s terrible.” I don’t really mean that, I just want to annoy Hammond. That’s what it basically boils down to.

Autoblog: Jeremy, if you had to marry James or Richard and kill the other, what are you doing?

Jeremy Clarkson: I’d kill myself, honestly I’d kill myself rather than – The thought of marrying one of them would cause me to kill myself. So that’s the easy way.

Autoblog: James, I have to ask you the same thing. Who are you marrying and who are you killing?

James May: I’ll kill both of them.

Autoblog: You’re going to be single?

James May: Yeah.

Jeremy Clarkson: He wants to do that, anyway.

Autoblog: So you would kill yourself before you have to marry one of them, and James you would just kill both of them.

James May: This is an interesting philosophical question, because Jeremy, having killed himself, when it comes to me, Jeremy’s not in it because he’s already dead so I can only kill or marry Richard Hammond, so I’ll kill him. And then I’d be alone and free.

Autoblog: That’s a perfect way to end this. Thank you, gentlemen.


I’m still alive! Here are some pictures from the workdesk today :) I know I’ve been pretty silent commission-wise. I’ve finished the linework (eyeliner, lashes, eyelids, lip lines) on 10 heads, completed the base additive eye mod for a very special project doll, and did some light carving and a faceup on a Pullip I’ve been holding onto for months. Here’s to last minute productivity before I leave!

As mentioned previously I’m going to be out of the country for 2 weeks starting from the 28th so I won’t be taking any new commissions for February. I’ll be back in the states on the 12th to answer any questions or comments you all might have. Thank you for your continued patience!











Yuri On Ice: The Babysitter (One Shot)

Yuri is very overprotective. 

Viktor wants to spend quality-time with his boyfriend and engaged a babysitter to look after Yuris niece. 

Who will the babysitter be and will Yuri be satisfied with his work? 

(quick One-Shot, hope you like it!) 

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My mini letter to Jacksepticeye,

Hi Jack, my name is Katie, I’m 18 years old, and I’ve been watching your videos since early last year, ever since I found you in one of Mark’s videos back in 2015, although I didn’t start watching you until early last year. Wasn’t able to subscribe to you ( or Mark ) until September of last year. Long story and kinda personal.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, you bring me so much happiness, every single day. It’s like, the minute I started watching your videos, I didn’t find you annoying or anything like that, I found you to be very sweet and energetic and just so full of life and light and positivity, I immediately knew I was gonna become obsessed with your videos. Needless to say, I did.

When October came along, and all the Antisepticeye stuff started, that’s what got me connected to the community. That’s when I actually started making friends here, and started feeling like I belonged somewhere, that I was good enough, and that I was really loved and appreciated! And it’s because of you, I found these people, but also because of you, I’ve found the confidence to be more outgoing, and care less and less about what other people think of me..you taught me how to be happy with me. Thank you for that. I don’t think I could ever come up with a way to thank you, but I guess messages like this, me being here everyday, watching every video the second it’s uploaded everyday, is at least a start.

I could go on forever honestly but I feel like if I don’t stop now, I won’t be able to stop haha!
So, to end my version of a “mini” letter, I’ll just say, thank you for slowly but surely help me a better version of myself, and helping me be all around happier as a person. :)