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*slams hand down on table* hey I like ur voltron head canons can u plz post some more thank u

ur welc

  • [anyone does anything] “nice power rangers reference”
  • lance is actually a really good listener
    • he doesn’t really look like it?? but even when he seems like he’s zoning out, he’s at least half-listening
    • and since he’s surrounded by geniuses who usually talk through complicated problems out loud, he sometimes picks up bits and pieces that come in handy
    • so sometimes someone’ll be complaining to lance about a problem and he’ll be like “well have you tried (x)?” and it’s like. what. how did you know how to do that
    • *lance voice* “i have an approximate knowledge of many things”
  • hunk is a steely-eyed missile man
  • several weeks into her altean education pidge can identify a bunch of obscure (and terrifying) altean animals but still doesn’t know how to say “hello my name is pidge”
  • shiro doesn’t care or anything but lowkey whenever coran calls him “number one” he’s like- he’s not smug about it but–
  • keith tries to figure out how to bond with red by watching hunk with yellow
    • rumor has it that if you wander the castle at 3am you’ll hear keith going “uh… who’s a good kitty?? you are!!… am i doing this right are we bonding red”
    • but that’s just a rumor of course shut up lance you have no proof
  • someone: [wiggles their ears] allura: “……what the fresh hell”

I doubt anyone wanted this, but I made a Fire Emblem version of You Reposted in the Wrong Neighbourhood.

Besides the fact that Mary is an abysmal wife (I could go on for years about that point), John’s not the best husband, and their relationship was doomed from the start. Obviously we didn’t get to see every single aspect of their dating life, but in regards to the show, their entire relationship pretty much revolved around Sherlock.

John was deep in grief over Sherlock when they met, and it was heavily implied that working through that grief is what triggered them to start dating. John even semi-referenced his grief when he was proposing (usually people focus on the happy excitement not dead best friends).

Much of their engagement was spent with Sherlock, mostly John and Sherlock on cases because John wanted to escape the wedding planning. Not to mention Sherlock planned their wedding.

One month post wedding, when they should still be in full blown honeymoon phase, and getting ready for stupid accident baby (I still really hate that stupid baby, worst plot decision ever!), John is beyond grump and literally dreaming about running off on an adventure with Sherlock.

Immediately Mary’s lies start to be revealed, and John presumably moves in with Sherlock for MONTHS! He sure as hell doesn’t talk to his wife for months. And again, they should be prepping for the stupid baby.

John “forgives” Mary, moves back in with her, yet still seems to spend all of his free time with Sherlock, to the point that he ignores his phone and almost misses the birth of his stupid child. Even after the stupid baby comes, he’s at Baker Street. Remember when he made balloon John to keep Sherlock company when he was downstairs helping Mrs. Hudson with Sudoku? He’s not helping Sherlock with a case, you think he’d be at home with his beloved wife and spawn, but no, he’s doing number puzzles with his former landlady.

More of Mary’s lies are revealed and she ditches her husband and child (who those after her should be fully aware of), and even in her goodbye letter, she references Sherlock. Let’s not forget that John anticipated that she’d ditch them before Sherlock even confronted her (Sherlock and John always trusting each other), and he and Sherlock worked out a plan together.

Then we have her “tragic” death complete with a guilt trip, and she leaves the ridiculous DVDs telling Sherlock to nearly kill himself, and that since she’s gone they can become “what they’ve always been and were meant to be” (I’m paraphrasing)

And I didn’t even talk about how John conducted an emotional affair with Sherlock’s sister (perhaps because she subconsciously reminded him of someone?) when anyone else would have been in full on happy family, “we have a beautiful new child” mode.

TL;DR: If we were meant to root for John and Mary, why the fuck did they make their relationship such shit, and have John running to Sherlock at every possible opportunity?

one more time (m)

genre: fuckboy au + smut

words: 5.5k

member: jimin 

you can’t resist jimin, even if he is a fuckboy.

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You woke up to the sound of your ringtone blaring into your ear. You huffed, screwing your eyes shut and hoping it would stop; it didn’t. Reaching out, you grabbed your phone and squinted at the bright screen, your eyes needing time to adjust.


You sighed through your nostrils, closing your eyes and ignoring the impending headache that you could already feel starting in your temples. You debated not answering, and the call ended. You nearly let a smile form on your lips, but your phone began to vibrate in your hand again, Jimin’s name popping up once again as the sound of your ringtone kept you from sleeping.

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Being A Ravenclaw Would Include...

Slytherin | Hufflepuff | Gryffindor

* * *

  • Getting extremely excited when people start to talk about space
  • “DiD yOu SaY sPaCe?!” 
  • Having the best ever conversations with other Ravenclaws at 3am 
  • Getting frustrated at the eagle knocker when you cant figure out the riddle.
  • “Why is a raven like a writing desk”
  • “I don’t know! Can’t you just let me in it’s been like an hour!”
  • Listening to 90′s muggle music in the common room
  • Decorating the common room with art and poems etc that house mates have made 
  • the common room being so beautifully original and obscure that everyone just smiles when they enter it 
  • Having play readings in the common room where someone chooses and play and you all just sit and read for different characters
  • secret drinking games on Saturday nights 
  • Laughing whenever someone mentions how ravenclaw are the “goodie two shoes” of all the houses because you haven’t handed homework in for at least a month
  • Being able to get away with a lot and using that to your advantage
  • Going up to the tower after a long night and finding a group of first years who can’t get into the common room
  • “Don’t even tell me the fucking riddle, I have been in the library for four hours and I am so fucking tired so just open the fucking door” 
  • *Door slowly sings open the eagle knocker staying silent*
  • Being the second loudest table after Gryffindor
  • Not even caring about house points
  • Karaoke in the common room 
  • Watching old disney movies in the common room while pure-bloods gather round in awe at how cute Bambi is 
  • Using pens because if you are going to experience running out of goddamned quill ink again you are going to scream
  • Ravenclaw PRIDE

ᴅᴇᴍᴏɴɪᴄ ᴠɪᴄᴇ-ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴀɴᴅᴇʀ ʜɪᴊɪᴋᴀᴛᴀ ᴛᴏᴜsʜɪʀᴏᴜ // 1ʀsᴛ ᴜɴɪᴛ ᴄᴀᴘᴛᴀɪɴ ᴏᴋɪᴛᴀ sᴏᴜɢᴏ

I wish someone would’ve told me that falling in love with the boy who had brown eyes and a smile so pure you could get lost in would be a mistake. I wish someone would’ve told me how bad it would hurt when he would leave, because it’s been over awhile now and I still can’t stop my hands from shaking. I wish someone would’ve told me that falling asleep with them would be hard in the long run, because when they are gone, you never sleep the same again. I wish someone would’ve told me to be careful when it came down to loving someone who made waking up in the mornings worth it, because when you’re alone and your body is shaking, you think about dying. I wish someone would’ve told me to not get attached to the way he called me beautiful because now when I look at myself, I wonder if I was ever really beautiful because if I was, surely he would still be here. I wish someone would’ve told me the right things to say to someone who breaks your heart when they leave you like you never really mattered because all I keep saying is “You promised you wouldn’t leave and you did, why would you promise me that when you knew you didn’t mean it.” or perhaps “You broke my heart, I still love you, but you broke my heart.” because the second latter is always better than the first. I wish someone would’ve told me that when he stopped wanting you, it wouldn’t be the end of the world because when it’s 3am and it gets hard to breathe, I feel like the universe around me is collapsing. And I wish someone would’ve told me how bad it would hurt when you see them talking to someone else who isn’t you, because the minute you watch them move on right in front of your eyes, your heart clenches in such a painful way and the only thing that comes out of your mouth is it that it hurts, it hurts, it hurts. And fuck, I wish someone would’ve warned me about the pain that came with loving you, because while you don’t care, I do and my heart never does stop breaking.
—  A.M// you left pt 1
  • Sirius at 11pm: hey lol don't you think sloths are like, super weird?
  • Sirius at 11.30pm: I SAID DON'T WAKE ME UP PRONGS GOD
  • Sirius at 12am: why is there read, red and read and tear and tear and see and sea but hose and José?
  • Sirius at 3am: hey guys did you know butterflies taste with their feet?

Would it be strange that I woke up from a dream about a Keith post and know I’m seeing posts about Jeremy Shada at it again with low-key hinting about Klance?


kiss meme based on this 
the first two are kinda angsty but the rest are happy stuff!

  • @fearfrost1211 Haha I’m sorry fhgsdhfdfs I did my best and drew both poses for you tho /thumbs up U 3 U <3
  • @benaya-trash​ haha I tried made two versions for you /winks ;^) love ya man and your awesome possum art <3
  • @idoobeg@gonardo I wasn’t sure which C pose and no 3 you guys wanted so I just did most of the 3′s and C’s :-)) 
  • @marauders-mess thank you T v T <3 hope A4 looks ok haha
  • @blizgori @theincarnatefireofhell @raisesomehale and to all the anons—Thank you so much and hope you guys like it :’D