i did this and i got an 8.75

Lately I’ve been feeling like the box’s programming is a bit too gen pop geared for my goals and so this week I’ve done a few CompTrain days instead of classes and let me tell you! I love it. I wanna do competition focused programming all the time 😫 I’m a few days behind but this morning’s work was:

Power snatch 3x3@65% 35kg
Snatch pull 3x3@75% 43kg
OHS 3x3@65% 40kg
Grace - 3:20
EMOM 16: odd - 2 C2B, 4 HSPU, 8 KBS 24kg

Then I decided to work on muscle ups with a couple of the boys that just finished class and so I did 1 muscle up attempt EMOM x10 and I got like 6 or 7 across the 10 minutes! I’ve never got more than one in a single day before 🙌

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what's sex like with your freetom and which model did you buy

FreeTom is trash, don’t buy they shit. Its expensive, takes FOREVER to ship, and them shit’s heavy as hell. I initially got the 8" because the picture made it look useable. FALSE. Too heavy, too much material, despite the good length. Then I got the rogue sleek 5.5" to see if I could pack with it at least. Still took ten years to ship. Great for packing but not much else. I’m looking into other brands.

Also, if it says 7" they really mean like 5.75" including the rest of the prosthetic. Anyway. FreeTom is trash.

The one about meeting Tom Hiddleston

Grab a hot tea and settle into a comfy chair because it’s

                                      STORY TIME!

(And btw if you don’t read those two words in Thomas Sanders’ voice, we cannot be friends.)

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As everybody’s read about by now, Wizard World utterly overbooked this event. Hiddles ‘n’ Bits started off signing autographs in the morning, but WW pulled him away after an hour, while there were still 200+ VIP pass holders waiting, Loki figurines clutched in our sweaty little hands, wondering when the hell we were going to get our boobs and/or memorabilia signed.

I asked three different staff members when WW was rescheduling Hiddleston’s autographs for, and I got three different answers. Love you and your sweet customer service, WW.

I’m guessing they took him off the floor so he could have some lunch and a pee break before the Thor panel. And he should get on his knees and thank Smaug if that’s true, because after he got back to the main floor, he didn’t have the time to so much as chug an Earl Grey for the next seven hours.

It was non-stop photo ops for T-Hiddy until dinnertime. My sad little “Tom Hiddleston-Only Pass Holders” line didn’t move at all for about two hours while first the Thor VIP pass holders, then the Avengers VIP pass holders had their photos taken.


It was very cool to see everyone’s photos coming out and hear all the “Oh my God, that is so awesome!” et al. That’s one of my favorite things about the (whopping three) cons I’ve been to - everyone gets *so excited* about everyone else’s experiences. Complete strangers go up to other total randos and squeal together in little nerding-out clusters, and it’s just a beautiful thing.

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When my line finally started moving, it was like a roller coaster taking off. I was all anticipation anticipation anticipation and then BOOM! The machine was in motion and there was no getting off the ride, even if I kind of felt like I might puke from sheer excitement.  

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@tallulah99 was there with me. She did her photo op first, and I remember absolutely nothing about it even though I watched the whole thing. That is because the only thing I could think was,


And then the next thing I knew, an extremely annoying WW employee was fussing at everyone to GO GO GO like we were evacuating an inferno instead of having our pictures taken.

And then lo, it was my turn.

*cackles gleefully*

Now listen, Thor broke my heart, but I am not a Loki fangirl. I came to the Tomdom via The Hollow Crown, and it was so (processing… processing… sorry, brain cannot locate sufficient expletive) epic that I made Tallulah drive me to Richmond, aka the State Anus of Virginia, to watch the National Theater Live broadcast of Coriolanus. And that also made me cry (just ask Tallulah).

I was a lit major. I taught English for almost ten years, most of them at the local community college. I am a ride-or-die Shakespeare nerd.

So I went to my photo op Prince Hal-style.

Aw yiss. Okay, so my cosplay wasn’t totally done, I still kind of smelled like spray paint, and Tallulah had to safety pin me into my “armor,” but I don’t care. Because I got to look Tom Hiddleston right in the baby blues and say,

Hahaha NO.

I said, “Hi there! Will you please wear my crown?”

And he grinned, said, “Sure!”, plucked the crown off my head, and one EH-HE-HE later, I had THIS MAJESTIC MEMENTO:

So that utterly made up for how late the solo photo ops were, and the fact that I had a blister the size of Texas on my heel from my sweet Prince Hal boots.

The photo op was the good part.

Here is the bad part. 

Wizard World (h8 u 5ever) did an UTTERLY TURD-BUNGLING JOB of getting the Hiddleston VIPs into the make-up autograph line. It was a circus. And not the fun kind - the kind with scary clowns and an elephant that gets loose and tramples half the town. So while all the other celebs left and the whole con closed down, Tom got to the business of signing his next round of autographs.

All several hundred of them.

I was one of the last thirty or so people in line. By the time I got to the autograph table, it was 8:30 p.m. Do you think Thomas W. Hiddleston was feeling especially chipper at that point?

There was no EH-HE-HE left in him. He looked like he would have traded his own Luke for a hot shower, a cold drink, and a warm bed. I mean, things were not “Loki at the beginning of Avengers” bad. But he was running on fumes and working his way through a tube of Hobnobs like they were stim packs.

Tallulah did not get much out of him because he was balancing a Hobnob between his teeth for 75% of their interaction. He was perfectly pleasant, but not at all his usual effusive self.

Meanwhile, the guy manning the autograph table had given me a miniature (miniature!) Post-It note, and I was furiously trying to get down the end of the St. Crispin’s Day speech in the amount of time that WW gives you to write YOUR NAME.

Which is why I muffed it up. Big time.

When I got to Tom, he looked down at what I wanted him to autograph on my shield, and then he blinked. A lot.

“I have to write ‘God’ in there,” he finally said, “because … ”

Whut? I thought to my tired self. God?

I looked down at my sticky note. I had left the “God” part off my Henry V quote. My EXTREMELY FAMOUS Henry V quote. You know, the one in which the SECOND WORD IS GOD.

My defense is that I was just as burnt out as Tom, but unlike him, I had no life-giving Hobnobs.

“Oh, right, right, right,” I said, internally dying. “I forgot that part.”

“That’s alright,” he said. “I didn’t want to… if you wanted to exclude it just because you didn’t believe in…”

“No, no,” I rushed to say. Because can you imagine making that precious snowflake write one word of Shakespeare incorrectly? He would have to spend the rest of his life in therapy, if he didn’t explode into a puff of Armani Prive-scented glitter on the spot.

Crisis averted, he managed a sleepy grin, then waved a hand toward the markers. “Black? Gold? Or, err…”

The poor unicorn was so done in he’d lost the word “silver.” Bless.

“Black. Black is perfect,” I said.

He started working his way through the quote. Way too much concentration went into writing out a line that he probably mumbles in his sleep.

You know how to tell when Tom Hiddleston wants to go home and just moan “Nnnnnn, never again!” at the ceiling? When he stops writing after the A in “Saint” like, WTF letter comes next again? Damn it, man, you went to Eton!

Look, we were all ready to go back to our respective hotels and ask room service to hand-feed us pizza and cheesecakes. I get it, I really do. So I just smiled and said, “Be happy! You’re almost done. And you have Hobnobs.”

“I do! I do, mmm, and I have … yeah.”

I can only assume that by “yeah,” he meant, “And I’m Tom Hiddleston, so I’ve got that working for me, and it’s amazing.”

He signed his name with a flourish, giving me that all-important W. in the middle to remind me that I have spent so much time on Tumblr that I know what his stupid middle name is.

I grinned.

“Have a great night,” the vertically obese bastard said as I limped my way from the autograph table with Tallulah (because I’m not kidding about the blister - I donated enough Type A Positive that day to restock an entire Red Cross outpost).

And I did have a great night. I had a perfectly lovely night. And I got my damn pizza. And it was marvelous.

Fuck you and your shitty children too - Part 1

I hate people. Especially people raising their children to be little assholes.

I got two groups to despise tonight.

The first was a family of 8 - two adults, six children - who were such a throbbing pain in my ass I debated jumping on the table, kicking all the food off, and then jumping the patio fence and running off like a madman never to be seen again.

It started with a seating change. We got them all set up in the dining room when suddenly one of the adults got the bright idea that they wanted to sit on the patio. Our patio sucks. It’s seriously the worst possible space to eat a meal in the history of ever. No matter what time of day it is the sun is beating down on it and the shitty umbrellas we have barely stay open. Add the refreshing breeze that comes across the dumpster on its way to the patio and it’s a delightful mix of heat and stench that is only rivaled by drinking a quart of nearly expired milk and then going for a jog on a hot day and bathing in the resulting puke puddle.

They all meander out to the patio, and attempt to take up all 12 tables, which is quite the feat with 8 people but attempt it they did. After corralling them to just 4 tables, I got their order and they got to eat their food. I got them their check, and then they wanted to order take out. Fine.

I told them it would be 10-12 minutes, and gave them an updated check. 3 minutes later they were demanding a manager because their takeout was taking too long. 

So I sent the manager out. He gave them a 10% discount just to shut them up. $75 bill, $3 tip for me. Once I’d received my 4% tip, I took my sweet time getting to the kitchen to get their take out. 

And then promptly - and accidentally - dropped it (I’m not one for wasting food, so yeah, wasn’t deliberate although I kind of wish it were) and of course the container busted open and spilled it out all over the floor before I could get it in a bag. So they got to wait another 10 minutes for their order since we had to remake it.

They took their $3 back because everything took forever.

Fuck everything about those people.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a father. Teaching my child how to do fun stuff like fishing, hiking, tormenting the wife…it all sounds great sometimes. Then a table like this comes in and it’s right back to FUCK NO I WON’T GO -J