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I was doing you a favor by playing the long game...

I too was playing yet another long game by holding on to this for so long.

SO I had read earlier today the owner of a previous job of mine passed away. This was a place that tried to screw me pretty hard and I took some pro revenge on. It drug up some angry old feelings, so why not take an equal dose of catharsis?

WARNING: This is a doozy so strap in if you dare, no TL;DR it wouldn’t do justice.

So this takes place almost a decade ago. I was working as a department manager for a fairly large privately owned pest control company. Their color scheme was black and yellow, much like the taxi’s the owner’s dad used to drive. Since the taxi industry would be around for ever(hello Uber/Lyft) so would this pest control company, (this is important later) or so the owner used to parrot constantly. My job was to over see the techs doing treatments and set their stops and generally manage assorted insect control services, inventory, payroll for that dept, etc etc. I had taken the job from the owners son who took it from the previous manager who they demoted and yet stayed in the dept…this is important later. The owners son was a late 30’s early 40’s man child. I mean if he had dialed it back a few degrees he would have been an awesome guy, but anytime booze was involved he was a mess. If it was weed, he turned into the stereo typical obnoxious stoner making nothing but bad Jamaican accented jokes. He also hit on anything younger than him that moved…while being married w a pregnant wife. But I digress, the owner was a piece of work too, old Jewish guy who was as racist as he was old, not with any kind of seething hatred. Just a “this is the way it is” type attitude. My fave line of his, “The sky is blue, Ch#@ks know math, N@&ers are lazy, Jews know gold. What else is new” Like it was the most clever thing of all time. Finally now on to the revenge and need for such.

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For those who had gifted me something but I didn’t respond...

Btw guys it has been a very tough couple of months (not to mention busy), so if you guys have tagged me or sent me things or made me things and I did not reply, I am SORRY, I am really bad at multitasking online.

Recently I have been focusing my time on heavy political work (still comics/art) supporting a governor candidate that I thought were more fair and just and progressive (while the other supports radical religious activities and racism against minorities) but we lost the election 3 days ago, so I have been reeling back from the pain really. But I gotta move on and work harder from the possible bullshit that will happen in the next presidential election (which is in 2019).

Coupled with the loss of few family members due to illness and old age, it’s been a year filled with overworking (with my original comic ongoing production) to prevent me from being too down XD;

I have seen some voicework happening on some of my gaster!sans comics with @nyublackneko, I think it was by @fuzzyredpants and @sugariris ?? thank you so much, I saw some of them on youtube and it was very interesting to see my comics animated and voiced… i think great job with the voiceworks! sorry if I never commented x_X 

Thanks everyone who cared and created artworks for me or my stories like @stone-faced-asshole even if he’s probably the least interesting gaster!sans out there :3 thanks for your support, it really helps in the time of when I was kind of not well. So thanks again for sticking around, I really appreciate it even if I don’t deserve it ;3;

I hope u have a good day ! 

here are some chibi/gnome stone (and other creatures) doodles i did in my spare time recently.

❝ We can always change this little particular ❞

Plot: When you and Jaebum are childhood friends but secretly love each other, until the day you two stuck into the elevator and confess your feelings. 

Pairing: JaebumxReader 

Words count: 3,3k+

Genre: RealLife!Au / Fluff 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M.

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥


You hated that kid. Now it was clear, but the more you were forced to spend time together and the more hatred towards him grew.  

“Take Me Y/N” Jaebum yelled by continuing to wave your book, what you were quietly reading, threatening to throw it in your pool.  

“How old are you? Five?? ”  

“Ten for accuracy! You’re boring Y/N; Stop reading and come play with me. ” He threatened you, pretending to drop the book into the water. At that sight you began to run towards him and threw you on him, dropping both in the pool.

You had never been a quiet little girl and Jaebum should have learned it at his expense after all those years. Returning to the surface, you would take your breath, rest your hands on his shoulders and push him down as you could. You had three copies of that book, he simply had to pay for his behavior.  

“Now I’m going to drown you so I’ll stay at peace for my entire life!” You screamed by continuing to keep him underwater, while he clasped his arms around your legs starting to pull you down.  


Your father’s personal assistant voice made you almost scared, so you left the grip on Jaebum’s shoulders and he was finally able to go back to the surface. He coughed spitting water and you threw him a deadly glance, swimming then to the ladder and coming out of the pool shuddering a little.  

“Never joke with me, Im Jaebum.” You murmured, turning to look at him, still in the middle of the pool that stared at you upset.  

~ ~

“So the perimeter of a triangle is the sum of its sides?”  

“Jaebum is the twentieth time I tell you….”  

“I don’t like Algebra.” He objected, flapping his head on his algebra book, letting himself escape a whipped groan.  

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castiel-left-his-mark-on-me  asked:

Hi there! I hope you're having a wonderful day. So, someone recommended my fic "Twenty Miles Out" to you a little while ago, and I was just wondering if you have had a chance to read it yet? It'd just be awesome to know what you think. I've loved your art for a long time, so... yeah. I fangirld a bit when I saw that you might be reading my stuff. Anyway. I ❤ you.

i haven’T YET ;AAA;; MY ASS HAS BEEN BUSY I HAVen’T haD the TIME AAA it’s sitting in my rec list and temPTING ME

HOHO i only just realised I did read some of your other stuff before!! I think the most recent one was High Rise / Hard Fall :DD



I Want To Write You A Song - Harry Styles Imagine (Part 19)

Part 18

You and Harry were now in London and Harry was super busy. He had interviews and rehearsals the last few days. You had been staying at his house pretty much all day, which wasn’t completely a bad thing because you had been working on some songs, but you were getting a little annoyed at being alone. 

Ever since your time in Chesire, you two had been sort of a distant. You were messing around with some arrangments on the piano, when your phone rang. It was Ed Sheeran, you smiled and quickly answered it. 

“Hello, who this?” You smirked. 

“Don’t be such a smart ass,” he laughed. 

“Well, I mean it’s not my fault that one of my best friends hasn’t called me in like forever,” you said. 

“I’ve been busy,” he said. 

“Yeah, you and everyone else,” you mumbled. 

“So, I know that you’re in London and I have a few days off from the tour and I was wondering if you wanted to get in the studio for a bit,” he said. “I’ve been working on this song and I really think it needs your touch on it and maybe… once we’re done with it, we can record it for your album.” 

“Uh, sure, when do you want to do that?” You asked. 

“Tomorrow, okay?” He asked. 

“Yeah, that’ll work,” you smiled. 

“Great, see you then, “ he said. 

“Okay, bye,” you said. 

Right when you ended the call, the front door opened up and Harry walked in. Usually, when Harry came home, he would yell out for you to find out where you were, but this time he was slient and walked right into the kitchen to grab a water. 

You walked out of the Music Room and into the kitchen and stood in the doorway. 

“Hey,” you said softly. 

“Oh, hey,” he said leaning up against the counter. 

“How was your day?” You asked. 

“Good, but I’m exhuasted,” he said. 

“Are you hungry? I could order us some dinner and maybe put on a movie?” you smiled. 

“Actually, I already ate dinner with the band. We went out after rehearsals and now I’m probably just going to go to bed, but you can order whatever you like,” he said. 

“Oh, okay,” you nodded. “Um, I’m not sure what you have going on tomorrow, but I’m going to working on a new song with Ed at the studio, and if you have a few spare minutes, I’d loved for you to be there.” 

“Oh, yeah, what time?” He asked. 

“I’m meeting him around 9 and we’ll just be in the studio however long it takes us to write the song and record it,” you said. 

“Okay, sounds great,” he smiled finishing his water. “Well, I’m going to bed.” 

You nodded as he kissed your forehead and went upstairs to the room. 

You sighed as you went over to the take out menus, yet again and ordered yourself some dinner. 


The next day, Harry was already up and gone by the time you had gotten up to get ready and head to the studio. You got some breakfast at a coffee shop nearby and went into the studio. 

Ed was already there when you walked in. “Hey,” you smiled. “I brought breakfast.” 

“You know the way to my heart,” he joked. 

You laughed and sat down at the table. 

“So, how’s everything been?” He asked grabbing a coffee from you. 

“It’s been… good,” you said. 

“That doesn’t sound very convincing,” he said. 

“I wasn’t trying to be,” you sighed. 

“What’s up?” He asked. 

“A lot,” you sighed. “Harry and I… well, we’ve been a little on edge with each other lately.” 

“It’s probably just because he’s busy with the single release,” he said. 

“It was before that,” you said. “The entire time we were in Chesire, we practically fought every day. And ever since he mentioned about moving back to London, it’s been different between us.” 

“He didn’t ask you?” He asked. 

“No, that’s the thing, he did ask me to move here with him, but I don’t know…” you sighed. 

“I get it, it’s a huge move,” he said. “But I’m sure you two will figure it all out.” 

“I hope so,” you said. “I asked him to stop by today, but I don’t know if he’ll have time.” 

“He’ll make time,” Ed said. “He really wants you to make this album and he’s your number one supporter, next to me, so he’ll be here.” 

“We’ll see,” you said. 

You two then started working on a song and a few hours later, the lyrics were written and the song was finished. You were just about to start recording it after running through some practice takes, but you took a quick break to call Harry. 

You stepped outside the studio and called his number. The phone rang and rang before going to voicemail. 

“Uh, hey, Harry, it’s me. Um Ed and I are still at the studio. We’ve finished the song and now we’re I’m gonna work on the recording for the album. I’d uh.. I’d really like it if you’d stop by, even if it’s just for like five minutes, but uh… I guess if I don’t see you here, I’ll see you at home,” you said before hanging up. 

You went back into the studio and put on the headphones. You look up at Ed and he gives you a nod. The slow piano music starts and you wait for the cue to come. 

“I can’t call you a stranger, but I can’t call you. I know you think that I erased you. You hate me, but I can’t hate you. And I won’t replace you,” you sang softly into the micrphone. 

“Tell me how to feel about you now. Tell how to feel about you now. Oooh, let me know. Do I suffocate or let gooo?” 

You got to the bridge of the song and closed your eyes as you sang. “You keep me up with your slience. Take me down with your quiet. Of all the weapons you fight with. Your slience is the most violent.” 

You finished the rest of the song and once you hear the music cut off, you looked at Ed and the producer. “So, how was it?” You asked nervously. 

“Fucking amazing,” Ed said. “I’ve got chills, Y/N. Bloody chills.” 

You blushed. “Was it really that good?” 

“Yes, when are you going to realize that you’re better than good?” He asked. 

“Good question,” you laughed. “So, do you think that take is good enough, or should we go again?” 

“I think it’s perfect,” Ed said. “You can listen back to it if you want and then decide.” 

“Sounds good,” you said walking out of the booth. 

The producer messes with a few of the switches before the song starts playing. You couldn’t help but smile as you listened and realized that it was you and you sounded damn good. By the end of the song, you actually had teared up a bit. 

“Wow,” you smiled. “It is perfect.” 

“So, do we officially have the first song of your album recorded?” Ed asked. 

“Yeah, I think we do,” you smiled. 

Ed smiled and hugged you. “I’m so fucking proud of you. You’re like my baby sister,” 

“We’re the same age,” you laughed. 

“Details,” he joked. 

“Here, I burned you a copy and sent you a copy of the file to your email,” the producer said handing you a cd. 

“Thanks,” you said taking it. 

“Look, I know you’re upset that Harry wasn’t here, but I’m sure he just got caught up,” Ed said. 

“Yeah,” you nodded. 

“But hey, play that for him tonight and tell him to text me what he thinks,” Ed smiled. 

“Sure thing,” you said. “Thanks for this, it means a lot that you were able to do this today.” 

“Of course, I’m glad we were able to be in the same place at the same time,” he said. 

You nodded and gave him another hug before heading back to Harry’s house. On the way there, you tried calling Harry, but it went straight to voicemail. You sighed walking back to his house and when you got there, his car wasn’t in the driveway. 

You unlocked the door and went inside. You placed your bag on table and went upstairs to the bedroom. You noticed that Harry’s gym bag was out and there were dirty clothes in the hamper. You were confused because those weren’t there when you left. You shrugged it off and went downstairs. 

You decided that you were going to cook a nice dinner for you and Harry that night. You went down to the kitchen and grabbed some things to cook. You turned on the stove and started chopping up some vegetables to make a quick little stir fry. 

Once everything was pretty much done, you changed into something a little nicer and grabbed some flowers and candles that were in the house and set them around the table. You grabbed the copy of the cd with your song on it and put it in the stereo to play once Harry got home. 

You brought the plates over to the table and poured some wine and sat down waiting for him to come home. 

Three hours. Three hours passed until Harry finally came home. The food was completey ruined now. The candles had burned out and both glasses of wine were gone thanks to you. 

Harry walked into the dining room and saw you sitting there finishing off the rest of the bottle of wine. 

“Did you have someone over?” He asked. 

“No,” you shook your head. “But I was expecting someone.” 

“Oh, who?” He asked. 

“You,” you said. 

“We had dinner plans?” He asked. 

“No, we didn’t. I just decided to make dinner for the two of us since you were super busy today,” you said. “So, how was your day?” 

“It was good,” he said. “I had some time off, so I went to the gym and then I met some of the London crew for dinner. If I had known you were making dinner, I would have stayed home.” 

“You went to the gym? And out for dinner?” You asked. 

“Yeah, after rehearsals, I felt like getting in a good workout, so I stopped by the gym,” he said. “I came back home to change and you weren’t here, so I figured you didn’t want to come to dinner.” 

You got up from your chair and grabbed the dishes off the table and practically threw them into the sink. 

“Woah, Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asked. 

“What’s wrong? The fact that you have to ask that is what’s fucking wrong!” You said. 

“Look, I’m sorry about the dinner,” he sighed. “I hadn’t seen this group of friends for a while, so when they asked to meet up, I went.” 

You shook your head. “This isn’t about the dinner,” you said. “Did you check any of your messages today?” 

“No, not really,” he said. 

“Wow,” you said. 

Angry tears were starting to form in your eyes. 

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asked. 

“I stood here twenty four hours ago telling you about what I would be doing today and you said that you would come and you didn’t. When you didn’t show up, I just assumed that you were busy with work, but no, you went to the fucking gym! The Gym, god, I’m so glad that you getting a workout in, is more important to you, than I am,” you shouted. 

“What are you talking about?” He asked. “And why are you getting so upset? Yes, I went to the gym because I wanted to have some time for myself.” 

You walked over and grabbed the cd case and shoved it against his chest. “Why don’t you listen to that and figure it the fuck out,” you said before walking up to the bedroom and slamming the door shut. 

Amends (part three)

Carter Baizen x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, angst, mentions of past alcohol and drug abuse, swearing.

A/N: Newest part! I hope you enjoy! Next part is the last one :) xx

There was a slight feeling of panic when you woke up the following morning (afternoon), without Carter by your side. This’d happened many times before, though back then, you woke up in a different state than this morning.

“Mmh, Carter?” you tried to blink away the sleep still clouding your vision to look around the lavish hotelroom. No sign of Carter. Well, goddamn it.

“Carter?” you called out louder, and your heart made a little jump when you heard him respond to you.

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Queen of Gotham 👑

Prompt: So umm Damian and the reader are secretly dating and the batfam doesn’t know until they sneak up on him. And they all are like “You are dating her? Dude!” And the reader is like famous too. And rich.

Pairing: Reader x Damian Wayne/Robin

Warning: None.

Author’s note: This fic features a slightly older Damian.

Tagging: @crazyfangirl1810


You heard the loud roaring sound of engines traveling at high speed echoing through the batcave. Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian had just returned from patrol. The boys parked their respective vehicles on the parking pad and headed towards the main area.

Suddenly, you leaped out of the shadows attacking Damian from behind. Startled, Damian abruptly turned around defensively ready to neutralize the threat. Just as he was about to throw a batarang, is jaw dropped followed by his weapon.

“[Y/N]!” Exclaimed your boyfriend, “What are you doing here?” the boy continued with his eyebrows frowned in confusion.

“DUDE, ARE YOU DATING HER?” Shouted Dick, while approaching his youngest brother, “Damian, we literally just spent three hours sitting on a roof top watching birds. How did mentioning that you’re currently dating [Y/N] Queen not occur to you?”

“Shut up, Grayson.” Spat your embarrassed boyfriend crossing his arms, “TT, who I choose to spend my spare time with is none of your business.” Then pulling you in for a hug he added, “For your information, [Y/N] Queen and I have been seeing each other ever since Bruce and I helped Oliver in Star City with a mission a few months ago.”

“Hahaha. As usual, it’s nice to see you too, Grayson.” You intervene, with a smile on your face. “I’m in Gotham attempting to persuade the minds of some stubborn stallholders for my father.” you said before turning around to address Bruce, “Oliver sends his regards.”

After kindly saying hello, the boys went upstairs leaving you two alone.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming to Gotham, Beloved? I could’ve picked you up from the airport.” Interjected Damian.

“Dami, I’m here for a business assignment. The reporters would have been swarming the both of us had you been there.”

“How long are you here for?”

“If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be in town one more night.”

“Then what do you say you come kick some ass after work, [Y/S/N]?”

“Thought you’d never ask, Robin.” You replied, with a grin.

You decided to spend the night with Damian at the manor. However, when Damian woke up the next day Alfred informed him that you had already left for work. You wanted to leave as early as possible to avoid getting caught by nosey journalists.

You successfully snuck back in the mansion after work.

“How was your day, Beloved?” asked Damian eagerly picking you up, twirling you around and giving you a gentle kiss before placing you back down.

“Hahaha, excellent!” you giggled.

After having dinner at the mansion with Bruce, Damian and his brothers you suited up and drove out into the night.

A Study in You (Sherlock Holmes x Reader)

A/N: Why aren’t there more pieces set in the time of The Abominable Bride?? I absolutely loved it, probably due to my love for the Sherlock Holmes books and stories themselves. Anyway, I wanted to write one with 19th century Sherlock and John! I hope you all enjoy it! xx 

Warnings: mentions of drug use

Originally posted by sherlockspeare

The cobbled streets of London were crowded with busy people and lazy buggies. Horses clomped along the broken Baker Street, dirty boys shouted about the latest Dr. Watson story, and women under brightly colored parasols gossiped about the reclusive and handsome detective, Sherlock Holmes. 

You quickly made your way down the cracked pavement, your own parasol hanging from your arm. The sun was out but it was hidden by a dense layer of smog. The buildings lining Baker Street were covered in a veil of soot that eventually stuck to everyone and everything. When you reached the recently polished door of 221 Baker Street, the hem of your lilac colored dress was black with soot. You grumbled to yourself as you banged the knocker three times against the black door. 

Quick footsteps could be heard, a crash of what sounded like dinner plates, and a muffled yell before the door swung open with such force that the knocker banged against the door. A rather disheveled man with an obnoxious mustache was standing in the doorway. His breathing was heavy as he attempted to smooth down his hair and fix his beige vest. It took a moment but you recognized the mustache.

“Dr. Watson,” you said with a grin, extending a gloved hand, “I’m (Y/N) and I’m here to get Mr. Holmes’ help.”

Dr. Watson took your hand and shook it cautiously. “Women don’t usually shake hands,” he said innocently, clearly in shock by your out-of-place gesture.

“A curtsy dirties the dress and a kiss wrinkles the glove. A shake is quicker and easier,” you replied curtly.

“I meant no offense, Madam, I apologize.”

“No offense taken, Doctor. May I consult Mr. Holmes?”

Dr. Watson swallowed hard at this question and ran a hand through his hair. “Now is not the best time. The detective is in one of his.. erm.. moods. Shall I send you a telegram once he’s straightened out?”

As if he had been called to dinner, Mr. Holmes in a royal purple smoking jacket and no shoes or stockings came flying down the stairs. He towered behind Dr. Watson who now looked simply perplexed. “John, I knew it was a client at the door so why haven’t you brought her up yet?”

Mr. Holmes was wild eyed and a strand of his oiled hair fell across his face. “I don’t believe you are fit to be taking clients at the moment. Your feet aren’t quite on the ground,” Dr. Watson said tight lipped.

To this, Mr. Holmes pushed his hair out of his face, buttoned his smoking jacket, and bent forward into a deep bow, extending his hand to you. “How may I be of assistance, Miss?”

You took Mr. Holmes’ hand and gave it a strong shake, to the surprise of the detective as well. “I may have a case for you, Mr. Holmes,” you say assuredly. 

“My, you’re a case in yourself. A woman who shakes and does not curtsy.” Mr. Holmes’ ice blue gaze examined you from head to foot. You could almost hear the wheels turning in his head as he learned everything about you. Gripping your parasol tightly, you began to grow nervous under his stare. In Dr. Watson’s stories you had read about him doing this but it was a completely different experience actually having it happen. 

“Sherlock, could you not make the woman uncomfortable, for God’s sake?” John said, looking at you apologetically.

You quickly shook your head and took a step towards the door. “It’s quite alright, Dr. Watson,” you said, failing to sound convincing. 

Mr. Holmes took one more look of you, up and down, before clenching his strong jaw and turning on his heel. “Follow,” he said monotonously. John stepped out of the doorway and gestured with a hand up the stairs. You cautiously stepped over the threshold and began to climb the narrow wooden stairs.   

“Oh, Sherlock, look at the mess you’ve made,” you hear an older woman shrill from the top of the stairs. You step into the dimly lit sitting area of 221B and find a small woman picking up the pieces of what used to be a tea cup. You were close. 

“Mrs. Hudson, you were in need of a new set anyhow. And please don’t fuss while I have a client,” Mr. Holmes said rather harshly. You were taken aback by how he treated the kind looking woman. 

“Don’t talk to me like that, Mister. I’d have the right mind to send a telegram your brother,” she snapped back before turning to you with a warm smile. “Good morning deary, shall I get you a spot of tea?” 

You grinned back at her and said, “No, thank you, ma’am. I don’t imagine I’ll be here long. I must say, I expected you to answer the door.”

The smile instantly disappeared from Mrs. Hudson’s face and she turned to Dr. Watson with a glare that could kill. All color drained from the army doctor’s face as Mrs. Hudson stomped past him, slamming the door behind her. “She’s not a fan of the stories,” he laughed nervously. 

“Please, sit,” Mr. Holmes piped up, dragging a chair in front of two cushioned chairs. Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes took their respective seats and left you at the center of attention. You slowly took your seat, trying to figure out what to say first. 

Ringing your parasol in your gloved hands, you began, “It’s my brother, he’s gone missing.” You paused, looking between the two men. Dr. Watson sat with legs crossed, hands folded in his lap, and a kind expression on his kind face. Mr. Holmes also sat with legs crossed but his elbows were propped on the arms of his chair, finger tips together and touching his lips. He wore an unreadable expression but gave you a slight nod, prompting you to continue. “He left for America about 3 months ago, expecting to return 2 months ago. My father insisted I not worry about it but it has been 2 months with not so much as a whisper of his whereabouts.”

“Why did your brother leave for America?” Dr. Watson asked formally.

Before you could open your mouth, Mr. Holmes interjected with an outrageous accusation, “He was running from someone.”

“While I live and breath, of course not. My brother was loved by everyone he met. He went to America on business.”

“What business then?” Mr. Holmes smirked at you as if he knew something you did not. 

“Well, I don’t know. Father only said it was business. He claimed a lady had no use knowing,” you say through gritted teeth. 

“You’re brother was running from someone. He hasn’t returned or made contact, to your knowledge, because it is still unsafe. Your family just recently came into a lot of money, am I right?”

Your jaw dropped but you quickly shut your mouth and gained your bearings. “Y..Yes.”

“And what did your father tell you the reason was?”

“An aunt died and left the family everything she had.”

“An aunt you’ve never heard of no doubt. No, that is not what happened. You’re quite worried about the soot about your dress, clearly new, and you don’t use the parasol. Clearly, you weren’t raised to use one. Also, you shake rather than curtsy or accept a kiss, startling signs that you grew up in a poor home of men. You’re uncomfortable with this new lifestyle and are angered by the change in manner your father has toward you. I’m sure your brother is fine in America, but if you so desire, I can look into it.”

You were stunned. It was one thing to read the unbelievable stories of Dr. Watson’s but it was surreal to be living it. Mr. Holmes spoke with such swiftness, his deep, smooth voice sounding so matter-of-fact yet reassuring. You couldn’t help but believe him. “No,” you said, your voice sounding distant, “I believe you. Thank you, Mr. Holmes.”

Both Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes stared at you in bewilderment. “You’re the only client that has accepted my word as gospel so quickly,” Mr. Holmes breathed. “John, close your mouth.” Dr. Watson quickly closed his mouth and looked away in embarrassment. 

“Well, it only makes sense, Mr. Holmes. Everything you said makes sense. You’re right, I am rather uncomfortable with the sudden shift. And no, Mr. Holmes, I don’t wish to take up anymore of your time.” Mr. Holmes swallowed nervously. He didn’t say anything, he just stared. He stared at your face, studied it. All you could do was blink at him, frozen under his intense gaze. “You’re extraordinary,” you whispered, enamored by his blue eyes and sharp features. 

Mr. Holmes quickly looked away and what you could only assume was a blush rose to his cheeks. You too looked down, embarrassed you had said that aloud. “How much do I owe you for your time?” you asked in a hushed voice.

“Nothing,” Mr. Holmes said quickly, standing up in a rush. 

“Oh, well… Thank you, Mr. Holmes, for your…”

“Sherlock, please,” he interrupted, extending a hand to you to help you to your feet. 

You took it, in a daze. “Thank you, Sherlock.” His name slid like honey from your tongue. Your chest tightened as he bent forward and placed a ginger kiss to the back of your hand. His eyes locked on your’s the entire time. You didn’t even stop him. You couldn’t. You had been so adamant on rebelling against being “lady-like” but Sherlock Holmes made you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Your brain seemed to be on the fritz. 

“I hope I don’t wrinkle the glove,” his smooth voice said with a smirk. 

You felt your cheeks grow hot and you couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. “To hell with the glove.”

Sherlock smiled down at you, a deep laugh rising in his throat. His eyes crinkled as he smiled and his smile lit up his face. It was contagious. “Shall I take you to the door, (Y/N)?”

“I can find my way out, Sherlock, but thank you,” you said before turning to Dr. Watson. He was still sat in his chair, looking at the pair of you with an expression as if he had witnessed a murder. “Dr. Watson?”

He shook the expression from his face and stood up, straightening his vest. “Apologies, I was.. uh… lost in thought,” he stammered, extending his hand. You took it in a firm shake and beamed at him. “I hope your brother is alright.”

“Thank you, Dr. Watson,” you replied. “Goodbye, gentlemen.” You turned on your heel and opened the door to the stairs. 

“I wish to see you again,” Sherlock said in a nervous manner. You paused in the doorway and turned slowly to see the detective, his face a deep crimson, standing with a hand slightly outstretched towards you. “Um, to follow up on your brother, of course,” he concluded, clasping his hands behind his back and setting his face with a nonchalant expression. 

You grinned at him before saying, “I wish to see you again, as well, Sherlock.” His face softened and you nodded at Dr. Watson. “Until next time.” You turned and descended the stairs, your heart threatening to fly from your chest. 

John turned to Sherlock as soon as he heard the door shut behind you. He let out a belly laugh and clasped a hand on Sherlock’s shoulder. “What a story this case would make! Emotionless Detective Can’t Stop Staring! Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Girl That Stole His Heart!” 

Sherlock simply cocked his head toward his giggling companion and said, “I thought you were good at titles.” Leaving John to bask in the euphoria of seeing Sherlock loose control of his feelings, the detective walked towards the chair that you had occupied only moments before. He dragged his fingertips along the back of the chair and smiled to himself. “Until next time,” he whispered. 

A/N: I’m sorry for how long it is! I’m thinking of a part two for this one as I’m working on a part two for “What Do You Know About Babies?”!! Let me know what you think and send in your requests!! xx

jemmassunrise  asked:

Hi!! If you aren't too busy (no rush :D) could you please write either 'things you said after it was over' or 'things you said when you thought I was asleep'? Your writing is fantastic and I hope you enjoyed the episode!!

Hello! Thank you so much, and I did enjoy the episode! Now I’m just dying while waiting for the rest of the season.

I did ‘things you said after it was over’ as I wrote a ‘things you said when you thought I was asleep’ awhile ago. (But I’ll write another version for you when I get through the other prompts people have sent!)


“So what now?” she asks, a single tear dropping from her face, but Fitz offers no answers. His brain has fizzled out; he can’t comprehend the blinking from existence of his friend, without fanfare, like it meant nothing. Lincoln sacrificed himself for a world that will never know his name and Fitz just doesn’t know why they hadn’t been faster, smarter, better.

He’ll never be able to unstick Daisy’s aching sobs from his mind, and he’ll never forgive himself for reaching for Jemma and thinking only, thank god it wasn’t you.

They choke their way through a stunned debrief that is less debrief and more an awkward attempt to provide comfort Daisy refuses to accept. After, Jemma drags Fitz back into her bunk and kisses him so hard it bruises. Mine, she is saying against his lips, his throat, his chest, and he gives her everything she’s ever needed because it’s all he knows how to do.

She cries out in pleasure and then she just cries. The only time Fitz feels whole is when he’s buried inside of her, so he holds her against his sweaty skin and lets her tears scrub at his sins.

“I just wanted a vacation with you,” Jemma whispers, breath tickling against his chest. “I thought we’d sorted Hive and I just wanted to leave and I thought I’d never been happier in my whole life.”

Her words break something loose within his lungs. “I’ve never been happier either,” he admits, but happy isn’t quite the right word for it. Relieved, maybe. Grateful. He had seen in Daisy’s breakdown what everyone else must have seen as he fought against a monolith he had no hope of beating.

But he had emerged from hell with sunlight in his arms, and the universe hadn’t even allowed Daisy a body to bury.

“What can we do?” she asks, and he’s not sure if she’s asking about the team or Daisy or their own future.

“I don’t know,” he answers, when he realizes this is the only answer he can give her for anything. The conflicting desires and fears are churning in his stomach until he feels nauseated with them, but Jemma is safe and for now that’s all he will allow himself to need.

“So what now?” she asks, a single tear running down her face as they stare at the security footage, as Mack holds up the barely-legible note from Daisy.

Now, there is a dizzying flood of paperwork that goes along with legitimacy. There are lie detections, whispered rumors about a new chain of command. There are decisions to be made about their new place within an organization for which they’ve killed. For which they’ve died. There is a form to complete requesting joint accommodations, and as he signs his name next to Jemma’s it all seems surreal. Over a decade of friendship and a love that tore his heart out, and all he has to do is sign his name to make it bureaucratically acceptable.

He had bought a bottle of champagne for the occasion. The Seychelles had been indefinitely postponed and at the rate work was going, it would be awhile before they had time to celebrate anything more momentous than being approved for a coveted couple’s room.

But now, with concerning news reports coming in about their best friend who hadn’t even said goodbye, he thinks to the champagne chilling in the refrigerator and wonders if it will ever be appropriate. If Jemma’s drunken giggle will ever be unweighted again.

He doesn’t have answers for Jemma and he knows that, really, she doesn’t expect any.

In the end, she finds the champagne and brings it to him. He’s right—her laugh isn’t as carefree as it had been, underage at the Academy and more drunk off their successes than the alcohol. But when she kisses him and he sloshes his drink on their new bed, when she scolds him and then pulls his shirt off anyway, he thinks this is what healing must feel like.

Daisy downs her glass of champagne and jumps into Fitz’s arms, stealing him away from Jemma for a dance. “I’m so happy for you both,” she says, and he feels the truth of her statement in the way her arms tighten around his waist. Tension he hadn’t known he’d been holding drifts out of him and he places a kiss to her hairline in gratitude. For being his friend, for throwing him an outrageous bachelor party, for coming back to them all those years ago.

They sway together for one whole song before Jemma can’t take his absence any longer and swirls back into his orbit. Daisy kisses Jemma on the cheek delightedly, leaving a bright red imprint of her lips like a brand. She whispers something scandalous in Fitz’s ear that makes him blush and Jemma pulls him towards her for a kiss borderline inappropriate for the relatives and friends scattered around. As if anyone in attendance could ever begrudge them their moments of happiness.

“So… what now?” she asks, tears of laughter streaming down her face as she drags him away from the crowd and onto the quiet balcony. He knows she’s laughing at him—his outfit askew all these hours later, sweat glistening, his curls sticking in every direction—but he’ll never mind looking ridiculous if he can just hear her laugh like this forever. It’s a beautiful night, but the chill in the air has kept most of the guests inside on the dance floor. Above him, the stars light up their little corner of the planet and he sends a grateful thought to Lincoln, for saving the world and allowing him this moment of perfection.

Jemma’s gaze follows his own, up to the stars that had loved her enough to return her to Fitz’s side. It strikes Fitz then, as he looks over at his new wife, that he can truly pinpoint this as the happiest day of his life. When she turns to smirk at him, he grins back and amends his previous thought: this is the happiest day of his life, so far.

Maybe she’s not expecting an answer, but this time he has one. He wraps his arms around her and tucks her head beneath his chin, hands running along her lace dress. “Our part of this party is over. What do you say we sneak off to the honeymoon suite?”

Leopold Fitz!” she gasps, and her smile causes his heart to stutter. He feels like no one’s ever seen a smile like this before, so he kisses her to keep it his secret.

“Yes,” she breathes against his lips. “Yes.” And in this word, she hands him the rest of his life.

a vermilion bird

summary: They represent all the virtues, Kaname thinks he remembers reading. Justice and kindness, loyalty and honesty. They won’t stand to be around a person found wanting. They won’t visit impure or unhappy places.

pairing: tanatsu


Kaname wakes up to a tapping on his bedroom window. When he lifts his head, groggily, and squints through the dark, it’s to find Natsume’s face peering at him from the other side of the glass. For a moment or two, Kaname is suspended uncomprehendingly in something of a liminal space – and then, a heartbeat later, he makes sense of what he’s seeing and shoots upright, scrambling across the room.

“What are you doing here?” Kaname asks, once he’s slid the window open and warm summer night air has had a chance to stretch its languid fingers inside. He’s rubbing sleep from his eyes, more awake with every second, and the massive creature Natsume is riding on becomes less and less defined as he does. Still, Kaname says, “Hello, Ponta.”

Before the yokai can get a word in edgewise, Natsume says, “Come with me. I want to show you something.”

His tawny hair is tousled, and his face is chapped pink from flying too fast against the wind, and his clothes are more ruffled than Kaname’s pajamas probably are – but his eyes are impossibly bright in the moonlight, and the curve of his smile is wide and infectious, and when he puts out his hand, Kaname takes it.

(When he puts out his hand, there’s nothing else in the world Kaname can think of to do but take it.)

“Just let me get my shoes,” he says.

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Come What May

Originally posted by theconnorfanta

Isak is a smart, objective boy. He can identify and name different cloud clusters. He knows how to solve quadratic equations, even though they’re not supposed to learn it until next year. And he knows that Even loves him. But. Still. He can’t help that little thought, that insecurity from niggling in the back of his mind. That face that he’s seen before. Seeing again. The previous man of my life. And now he’s back. Sana knows him, and he’s wondering what that means. For them. For him.

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! Can I ask you a bit of a random question? I was going through your tumblr checking out your awesome art and I noticed that you had ordered stuff from Fangamer. Being a fellow Australian wanting to buy all of the things from their store, I was wondering which shipping option you picked and if it was the cheaper one, did you have any dramas? I realise it was a while ago, so sorry if I'm bugging you. Have a good one!

I’ve ordered from Fangamer abooout… 5 times…. and each time i picked the cheapest option :)) No dramas, can’t remember EXACTLY but took around 3 weeks, you know, the average time it takes for anything internatonal to arrive at our doorsteps. i would never pay $70 for shipping that takes 2-5 business days, thats crazy. please dont do that. wait for your order, it’s fun when you forget about it then when it arrives and youre like OM Y GAAWWD ゚(ʘoʘ’) ノノ

Out Of Nothing At All - Twenty Four

… Five months later…

“Guys that was a beautiful ceremony but I need to get that little guy off to bed.” JJ nodded over to the garden chair where Henry was currently slumped over, fast asleep.

“It’s long past Jack’s bedtime too, so I think we’ll head off as well.” Aaron ruffled his sons hair, looking down to where Jack was sat holding Saoirse, still utterly transfixed by her.

Five months had passed since the birth of your daughter. Five…. you were meant to say glorious months, but you’d be lying.

You’d been exhausted for the first three months and how Spencer had not upped and left, you didn’t know.

Saoirse had been a colicky baby and for two months immediately after she’d been born you’d barely had any sleep. You’d yelled at Reid so many times and then broken down crying afterwards, scared he’d leave.
He hadn’t though. And he’d been patient and kind, and loving with both you and her. She was, almost annoyingly, a complete Daddy’s girl. Her face lit up when he entered the room and nights when she wouldn’t settle for you, she’d settle for him. But then there were also nights she’d cry and cry for you and only your lullaby would soothe her, so that made you feel needed again.

Once the colic had passed and you’d gotten into a routine, life had become much more enjoyable. She was generally a happy baby. But gosh, she liked to be talked to though. Reid’s fault, you always thought. Those damn books on tape he’d made you play to her whilst she was inside.

Whenever you were pottering around the house cleaning, you had to give her a running commentary of what you were doing. Or else she’d cry. So anyone walking past your kitchen window when it was open would hear something along the lines of:

“Mommy’s cleaning Little S…. Cleaning up Daddy’s freaking coffee and sugar mess…. Oh look, Daddy has actually emptied the dishwasher… Well done Daddy, first time all week. If only we could teach him to… Why is there a book in the fridge? Little S, did you put the book there? I know I didn’t. What shall we do with it? Hide it from Daddy? Yes let’s hide it……”

Your’s and Spencer’s relationship had surprised no one else but yourselves. Everyone in the team admitted that they’d thought you two were perfect for each other for a long while, long before you were even pregnant. You’d settled into a partnership nicely, the feelings you had for him only growing stronger with each day. He’d moved into your bedroom once you were home from the hospital, although up until a month ago there’d been no…. funny business. You’d been far too sore at first and then, just scared.

But it had happened, and he’d reassured you afterwards that it felt exactly the same and it definitely was NOT baggy. And now Saoirse was settled into a routine and you had more energy, you were starting to get to know each other again in the bedroom. Condoms were definitely not being forgotten this time though and at your doctor’s urging, you’d had the coil fitted.

You were still off work on maternity leave and would remain off for another month. You were returning to the BAU but only part time and only in an office based position for now. You’d help Garcia with the technical side of things and keep the filing up to date. Kate was staying on as your replacement, and having you in the office as well meant that in theory, filing wouldn’t build up as much. 

Spencer and you had found a nanny that was coming to spend three days a week with Saiorse, a middle aged woman named Julie. You’d interviewed for weeks before finally coming across her. It was the bag of books that she’d bought with her that had sold her to Reid, and her no nonsense attitude that had sold her to you.

Today had been the naming ceremony. Penelope had planned the whole thing, completely taking over your house when you’d given her permission to do so. Neither you or Spencer were religious so Penelope had performed the ceremony herself, giving each of the team things to say and do throughout.

When it had come to appointing legal guardians in case of emergency, you’d selected Aaron and Spencer had selected JJ. They’d both been elated and the choices made total sense for both of you. Aaron had been there throughout and him and Jack were a continued presence, coming over at least once a week if they could. Jack was smitten with Saoirse, the little girl that had kicked him when she was inside you. It was adorable to see him sitting and reading to her and you and Aaron couldn’t help but make eyes over the top of his head wondering if perhaps your prediction from the hospital room all those months ago, would come true. JJ had been a great help to you as well, on hand to offer motherly advice which you knew you wouldn’t get from your own mother.

Your own mother hadn’t been to see her new grandchild, and you hadn’t expected her to. She’d sent a Tiffany rattle and some cashmere baby blankets along with a bottle of champagne but that had been it. You’d invited her to today’s ceremony out of courtesy, not surprised to receive a note with her apologies. Liam however had made an effort. Since reaching out to you that night she’d call at least once a week and both her and George, along with their children had come down for the day, checking into a hotel nearby. It was strange, embarking on a relationship with a sibling you’d grown up hating, but you were taking baby steps and were actually coming to realise that you had more in common with each other than you’d initially thought.

Diana had been able to make the trip as well, with the assistance of an aid. You and Spencer had visited Vegas when Little S was two months old and the look on the woman’s face as she’d held the granddaughter she thought she’d never get was enough turn the water works on for both you and the nurses in the room. When she’d heard that you and Reid were now a couple, her grin had become even wider and as she’d embraced you when it was time to leave, all she could do was whisper “thank you”  to you, over and over.

Once Aaron and JJ announced their intentions to leave, it seemed to signal leaving time for the other guests too. The team were coming over tomorrow to help tidy up so you sent Spencer off to put Saoirse to bed as you saw the last of the guests out and locked up.

You were exhausted, happy but exhausted. As you climbed the stairs to bed you could hear the sound of Spencer singing quietly to her.

The boy couldn’t sing for shit, for it was still the sweetest and cutest thing hearing him trying to soothe her to sleep with the lullaby you’d sang to her when she was snug inside your tummy. You leant against the nursery door for a moment, watching him in the wooden rocking chair, adoration all over his face.

You smiled and let out a happy sigh. Spencer heard you, glancing up and grinning at you. “I’ll put her down in a minute, I just want to make sure she’s fast off.”

“Okay…. Don’t be too long.” You headed into your bedroom, taking your make up off and getting ready for bed.

Sitting there, an idea began to form in your head. There was only one thing that bothered you about this whole situation and that was…… the baby’s surname. You didn’t regret giving her the surname Reid, it meant more to him that it did to you.

But you weren’t lying when you’d said that you wanted your children to have the same surname as you. And you loved Spencer, more than you dared to admit sometimes.

As he walked into the bedroom, looking handsome as hell with his shirt sleeves rolled up and the buttons undone at the collar, it became clear to you what needed to happen.

“Spence…. Come here a second.” You reached out your arm for him, taking his hand as he came closer and pulling him down next to you on the bed.

“Today was good wasn’t it?” you asked him.

“Today was amazing Y/N. What’s wrong… You look, well… Kinda lost in your own thoughts again.”

“Nothing’s wrong. In fact, for the first time in my life everything is actually going right. Spence, you and Saoirse, you’re all that I never knew I wanted. I never imagined I could feel this much love for another human being, let alone two human beings. I love you both so much.”

“Y/N, it still feels so amazingly strange to hear you say those words to me. Strange but so very right. And you know that I love you too. I adore you, not just for giving me Little S, but for giving me you.” He started to kiss your cheek, moving from one to the other, pushing your hair aside as he did.

Stopping him, you slid off the bed onto the floor so that you were kneeling before him.

“What are you doing?” he looked confused.

“Spence….. We’ve done everything else totally backwards so we might as well break tradition here too. I never wanted children. And… I never really wanted marriage either. But now I’ve got one, and I’ve got a partner that I love wholeheartedly….. I kinda want the other.”

You took a deep breath, hearing a soft, “oh my god” leave his lips as he realised where this was going.

“Spencer Reid, will you marry me?”

He burst out laughing.


Not the reaction you expected.

Seeing the hurt expression on your face, he quickly tried to rectify his actions.

“No no no, Y/N, I’m not laughing at you… I promise.” He climbed off the bed, rummaging in his sock drawer before joining you on the floor and kneeling in front of you.

“I was….. erm, I was going to give you this on your birthday in two weeks. I kinda had it all planned out, fancy meal, tickets to see a band I know you like. But seeing as you’ve spoilt the supprise.” He grinned at you before holding out a tiny velvet box.

Opening it you saw the most beautiful white gold engagement ring, purple amethysts and diamonds adorning it.

“So…. My answer, Y/N, is yes… If you’ll marry me.”

You nodded, laughing together as he took your hand and slid the ring onto your finger before pulling you in for a breathtaking kiss.

“Oh the others are going to go mental tomorrow when we tell them,” you giggled.

“Probably not you know, they seemed to have been more sure about us all along than we have.” He stood, reaching down for your hands ready to pull you up. “Now, how tired are you exactly?  Because I think we’ve got some celebrating to do.”

Looking at up at him at laughing again, you reached for his belt.

“Dr Reid, I think I’m in a fairly good position to start the celebrations off, don’t you?”

He looked down at you seeing your eyebrows raised and getting your meaning. Licking his lips he groaned, “Well.. You are down there already right?”

You pushed him lightly into sitting position onto the edge of the bed and started undoing his trousers.


I Am An Alpha Ch 18: The Things We Can’t Avoid

“That was absolutely amazing!” I’m grinning ear to ear as Luhan helps me out of his car. I don’t even care about the massive building behind me at the moment, I just rush up to Kris who had driven in another car and basically beg, “Hyung can I ride with you next time?”

He chuckles, “Of course little wolf but you are offending Luhan hyung.”

I look over my shoulder at Luhan, who is not pouting as he holds the door open for Kyungsoo, Baekhyun and Jongdae to climb out of the back seat.

“Sorry Hyung but Kris hyung drives faster!”

Luhan scoffs, “I would have driven faster if I didn’t have Kyungsoo in the back growling in my ear anytime I went slightly above the speed limit. Kid is such a worry wart, he has her sitting in the front seat with his one arm resting on her shoulders and his other hand holding the door closed even though I already locked the doors.”

“You already poisoned her this morning, I wasn’t going to let her fall out of a moving car too,” Kyungsoo snaps.

“How was your first car ride?” Yixing asks me coming to stand by my side.

“It was so much fun, I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole like with out riding in one.”

“Enough car talk, lets get her inside the building, it’s freezing out here,” Suho decides, taking my hand and leading me past his brothers. I stare at our interlocked hands and realize this is the first time we’ve touched. Warm tingles spread from my fingertips to my toes, I find myself smiling at our connection, gripping his large hand tighter. I take a moment to do a mental checklist of who I’ve at least touched or  I’ve had some kind of moment with, Suho, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun are the only ones who don’t come to mind. With that in my head I pull Suho’s arm a bit so I can wrap our arms together, bringing our whole bodies closer together.


He raises his brows, “Yes?”

“We have never really talked,” I note.

He nods, “You haven’t been with us very long, I don’t want to overwhelm you and scare you away.”

“Don’t you want to be close to me though?” My hold on him loosens a bit, something he quickly notices and brings his free hand up to keep me from letting go completely.

“Of course I do! I just don’t want to be like Jongin and almost attack you.”

“You seem pretty in control of yourself,” I muse, “Maybe you’re just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

That makes him laugh, a beautiful smile spreads across his face and I’m awe struck at such and amazing sight. My cheeks get a pink hue across them, my heart flutters. God they are beautiful.

“How do you feel about being out in public for the first time?” Suho asks, I blink a few times before glancing around. I basically jump into his arms, clinging to him for dear life, where the hell did all of these people come from? Lost in my own thought I didn’t even notice our change in back drop, from a parking garage, Luhan explained to me what they are, to a massive building filled with more people than I’ve ever seen in one place. “Are you okay?” He worries rubbing my back softly.

“So many people!” My eyes are as wide as can be as I try to take in as much a possible. There are so many different smells, human, wolf, something else, my mind is set into overdrive as I try to figure everything out. Someone bumps into us, out of habit I growl at the stranger, earning a confused look from the man.  My heart is beating quickly in my chest making it hard for me to breath. Suho’s hand runs up my neck and tangles in my hair, pushing me towards the crook of his neck. I hesitantly obey, afraid to take my eyes off of the on lookers who are slowly starting to stare.

“What’s wrong?” Kris is quickly standing over us.

“I think there might be too many things going on for her. We need to get her out of here before she lashes out or something.”

“The Executive lounge is on the top floor, should we take her there?” Jongdae suggests.

They must all agree because the next thing I know we are moving. I feel like we are blur, rushing through the corridors or halls or whatever they are called. I wait for more strange smells to find their way to me but all I can smell right now is Suho. It’s much different than from what I was expecting, something more like Minseok’s or Yixing’s, but he smells like a rainy day.

“Insoo,” Suho calls softly, running his fingers up and down my back. I hesitantly release him and realize that we are sitting down, my thighs straddling his hips. Concern is carved into his handsome face.

“I’m sorry Insoo I didn’t think this through,” Kris is kneeling next to us. “I should have known it would be too much, going from the woods to a shopping mall is a massive step. I’m an idiot.”

“Hyung it’s okay, I should have thought about it more. I haven’t been in public before, I should have told you that.”

“This wasn’t our greatest idea,” Luhan admits, “We should have definitely taken baby steps.”

“What should we do now though?” Tao questions.

Kris sighs, “You and Sehun go get her a few pairs of shoes to start out with. Kyungsoo and Jongin, you guys are on pajamas. Chan and Baek you guys are on actual clothes, jeans and shirts should be good to start. Jongdae and Yixing, other necessities like toothbrush, hair ties, and other things girls need. Luhan and Minseok hyung you guys are the most mature so you guys buy her underwear. I’m going to check in on a few things here in the offices, while Suho you stay here and watch over her, okay?”

“Yes Alpha,” Everyone responds together.

“Great, go.”

The ten men rush to the door dogs rushing for food, barely able to squeeze through the doorway. I finally look around our new setting, it’s a decent sized room with two couches and a TV. One wall I realize is completely made of glass looking over the very busy area I’m assuming we were moments ago, how in the world did they get up here so fast.

“Little wolf,” Kris is standing next to me, stroking my head.

I look back at him, “Hm?”

“I’m going to do some work, you will be fine here with Suho right? Cause if not I can stay and let him go.”

Suho nods, though I can tell he doesn’t want to, “I won’t take offense, you are much more comfortable with Kris and this is a very stressful situation for you, I’ll understand.”

Without hesitation I say, “I want Suho to stay, you can do your work.”

“Are you sure?” Kris asks once more.

Suho glares at him, “She said it’s fine, now go.”

I can see how hesitant the older is to just leave but I give him one last smile and wave as he closes the door. A chuckle escapes my lips at his sad child like face.

“You two are so close already,” Suho notes as he places his hands on my hips. “I’m so jealous.”

“Well Hyung what could I do to make you feel closer to me?”

He hums for a minute, “Well there is one thing.”

I cock my head.

“Call me Oppa,” He requests quietly.

“Oppa?” The word sounds foreign on my lips but I notice Suho perking up.

“I just want you to call me it once, please?”

“Suho oppa!” I smile at him, enjoying the way his eyes light up.

“It’s just so cute when you do it,” He is grinning ear to ear.

“Do you not like that I call you hyung?”

He shakes his head quickly, “I’m happy with whatever you call me as long as I can hear your voice. But it was nice to hear at least once from you…”

“I’m sorry, I would do it but in all honesty I never consider it because the only people I’ve ever called oppa are my brothers. They were murdered the night of the raid and ever sense it just doesn’t sound right,” I admit quietly.

Any kind of happy emotion falls from his face, “I am so sorry! If I had known I would have never asked for such a thing, I’m such an idiot! I’m so sorry.”

I wrap my arms around him and pull him into a tight hug, “How could you have known? It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“There is so much about you that we don’t know, so many painful stories.”

“Lots of them aren’t painful anymore, because I wouldn’t be where I am now with the family I have.”

He nods.

Our nice moment is ruined by my stomach gurgling and a sudden pain spreading through my midsection. I clutch my stomach for a minute, waiting for the pain to pass but it only dulls slightly.

“Are you okay?” Suho worries.

I shake my head, “It must be Luhan’s breakfast settling in.”

“Ah fuck, they told me about that, here you sit here,” He scoots me off his lap and on to the couch as he rushes to the door. “I’ll be back with something to calm your stomach, don’t move!” Just like that he is gone. I try to sit there patiently but the groaning in my stomach is telling me to find someplace to empty the contents of my stomach. It slowly makes its way up my throat and suddenly I’m on my feet rushing out of the room for a way outside or to anywhere that they can’t see me. I rush out of nice area they had taken me into, ending up in a pretty empty hall. I see a sign for restrooms cross some kind of bridge or arch or something and run to it. A bad vibe hangs over my shoulder for a moment  as I run down the hall but stops when I reach the restroom door that I bust into. Inside I find the first toilet and throw up everything I’ve eaten the last three days. It only takes a few heaves to actually empty my stomach, I just dry heave for a few more minutes because my body gives me no other option.

“Are you okay?” A soft voice wonders from behind me.

I spit one last time before wiping my mouth off with a piece of toilet paper, “Do I sound like I’m okay?” It comes out more aggressive than I meant to but I’m upset by my now empty stomach.

“I guess not, sorry,” The small voice apologizes.

I close my eyes for a minute with a sigh, “No, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap. I’m okay, thank you for asking.” Namjoon’s manners lesson finally becomes useful.

“I think you ran into the wrong bathroom,” Another voice pipes in. I turn around confused, two little omega girls are staring at me with wide eyes. We are about the same height but that is the only thing we have in common. They have long flowing hair that is blonde and some kind of red. Both are wearing pastel colored dresses and cute little heeled shoes, cute outfits that match their baby faces. Their hands are intertwined, a little fear in their eyes, like I would attack them but looking down I understand why. Under Minseok’s clothes my small figure is covered, my hood is up and I’m wearing shoes much to big for me, I do look a bit boyish.

I’m about to correct them when the taller of the two takes a step closer to me, “Oppa, can you help us?” I blink at her for a moment, me, Oppa?

The other nods, “There is this scary alpha creeping in the hall and we can’t leave.”

“I know you are an omega too but maybe you can scare him off since you are a boy. Oppa please!”

“That must have been the bad vibe I got when I rushed in,” I realize.

“He hasn’t come in because he likes toying with us,” The shorter sniffles.

“It’s okay don’t cry, I’ll see what I can do and pray that my mates don’t see me,” I cringe at the thought of what they would do if they saw me fighting again. “Speaking of which,” I pause, “You both smell of other alphas, where are your mates?”

“We told them we could at least go to the bathroom on our own but of course we can’t even do that,” The taller looks down at her shoes ashamed.

“Don’t worry,” I pat her head, “I’ll protect you from the big bag alpha.” Even though I’m smiling at these sweet little omega my heart pings as I think of my past. “You guys wait here, I’ll see if I can get rid of him, okay?”

They nod before giving a quiet fighting.

With a sigh I walk to the exit and down the hall from where I came I see the alpha that they were talking about. The hallway reeks of his pheromones, letting those girls inside know that he’s out here and he’s waiting for them. A snarl rumbles in my chest at the old tricks he’s playing. Soldiers used to do this to omegas that were trying to hide in the villages we were raiding. The alpha pushes away from the wall he was leaning on and swaggers my way, his head cocked to the side in amusement.

“Was that a growl I heard from you, Omega?” He muses.

“It was,” I snap, “What the hell are you doing slinking around mated omegas?”

“I don’t think that is any of your business. I’m not looking for any little boys to fuck so scram,” He gestures for me to pass.

“I’m not going anywhere without those little omegas so fuck off.”

He laughs, “I’d watch that mouth of yours, unless you want me to find it something else to do.”

“Don’t you have something better you could be doing?”

“Not anymore,” He wraps his arm around my shoulders, “I found exactly what I want to be doing. I’ve never knotted a male omega, I guess there is a first time for everything.” I cringe at his words, placing my hand over his, I lift it over my head and twist it behind his back, sending him to his knees. He cries out as the bones in his arms crack, “You are breaking my arm!”

“I am.”

“Stop! Stop! Please!”

I sigh, “You act so tough but can’t even handle some broken bones. If you going to pretend to be the big bad wolf at least know how to act like one, you whiny bitch. Are you done harassing girls?”

“Yes!” He seethes as he tries to pull away form me with no luck.

“I swear to go if I see you doing this again I’ll rip your knot right off, got it?”

He nods frantically.

“Good,” I push him to the ground, expecting him to run away but flips on to his feet and crouches down ready to attack.

I sigh, ready for him to jump at me but when two more alphas join us in the hall the man freezes. It’s two alphas I don’t know but their scents are familiar enough for me to assume that they are the two omegas mates.

“Shit,” The alpha snarls as he pushes past the other two and escapes down the hall. I look to the new comers with an awkward smile, not really sure how to interact with people. They just look confused about whatever could have happened in front of them.

“Oppa!” The two girls rush out of the restroom and I assume they are running to their mates but they basically tackle me to the ground. “Thank you!”

“Rose, Lisa, what the hell is going on?” One of the alphas asks.

“Mino oppa!” The blonde pops up and beams at her mate.

“Who is this? Get off of him, you shouldn’t jump on strange wolves,” The other scolds, pulling the red head off me. Blondie is pulled up next, I sit up leaning back on my hands, not really expecting the jealous looking alphas to let their mates touch me again.

“This is the Oppa that saved us from the scary alpha,” Red responds, pouting at her mate.

“We are the ones that scared him away,” Mino clarifies.

I roll my eyes but Blondie defends me, “He had him screaming before you showed up.”

Mino is going to snap back before a horrifying growl echoes through the hall. We all sink down as the pheromones of twelve pissed alphas surrounds us. The four wolves near me are on their knees with their heads down. I scan the four before looking to my mates, trying to figure out who they are mad at.

Kris is in the front, looking like he is about ready to murder someone. I smile at him awkwardly, “Hey Kris hyung.”

DickDami: Through Glass

Title: Through Glass
Rating: T
Word Count: ~6300
Pairings: DickDami, side TimKon, side JayTim

Quickly reviewing what he had been said during their angry banter, Tim slowly repeated his last sentence.

“You mean your big fat crush on Dick that everyone knows about?”

Damian didn’t sway, but he did fall against the brick wall without his usual put-out grace. “Everyone knows?”

Tim’s eyes widened. That…was practically a confession. He was fairly certain a couple people within the superhero community actually had money weighing on this.

Ao3 or down below. 

(Although, I recommend Ao3 because I lost all my formatting here and I’m not going back in to fix it.)

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let's just cuddle

authors note: i just hit 500 followers! i can’t even believe how quickly i’m gaining followers, i started this blog like two weeks ago lol! so thank u all sm ily. anyway, i feel like lately my imagines aren’t that great and that’s bc i’m rushing while i write them bc i’ve been incredibly busy and i’m sorry. but i hope u guys can bear with me and enjoy this requested imagine :)

requested: “what if you did like a shawn saves the day. y/n is sleepy and just sad so she texts shawn and tells him she is sad, and doesn’t feel good and is going to bed and what if she wakes up and shawn is there.”

It’s been the longest week. Ever. You were incredibly tired emotionally and physically just from living life. Between work, and school, everything was hitting you hard at once and you just weren’t in the best place. You were letting the stress get to you and it was getting worse. Each time you tried to relax, there was always a thought in the back of your mind of something you forgot to do, or an assignment you have to finish. You felt like you couldn’t get a break. To top it all off, you were painfully missing your boyfriend, and you just felt alone. Recently you moved out to LA to be closer to Shawn but it felt like nothing really changed considering how busy you both were. You were having trouble finding roommates too, so you were just alone in your apartment all the time until whenever Shawn had a free moment. You were currently exhausted, cuddled up to your pillows in bed listening to music. You hated bothering Shawn when he was busy, but you needed him now. You texted him, telling him you missed him and that you just weren’t feeling that great and that you knew he was busy, but you wanted to talk to someone. You waited several minutes for him to respond but you knew a response wouldn’t come quick, so you put down your phone and closed your eyes. Soon enough, the warmth of your bed helped you to fall asleep soundly.


There was something odd in the air and it smelled like something was burning. You opened your eyes, worrying. Did you leave a hair straightener on? A candle? You jumped out of bed, pillows falling to the ground as you got up. You ran into the kitchen to see your loving boyfriend fanning away smoke from the stove.

“Shawn???” You yelled confused, but also happy to see him.

“You’re awake!” Shawn turned around and smiled wide, running to hug you. He smelled like smoke but you were thrilled to be touching him at all.

“What are you doing here? And what happened?” You rested your chin on his chest as you looked up at him.

“I got your texts, and I thought I would come over since you weren’t responding. I didn’t want to wake you up and I thought I would make some food, but it didn’t exactly turn out the way I wanted. We can always order pizza. How are you feeling?” Shawn rambled adorably as he always does. You just stared at him, unable to imagine your life without him. He must’ve told the guys in the studio that you needed him, and he stopped work just for you. You have never been more in love with anyone in your entire life.

“I feel better. Much better.” You said and hugged Shawn tighter. He hugged back just as tight, and kissed the top of your head.

“I brought some movies if you wanna watch them. Or we could try and fix the food I attempted to make if you’re feeling better. We could also just cuddle and you could go back to sleep, I don’t know, it’s really up to you.” Shawn continued to ramble and you just laughed.

You cut him off, “I love you Shawn. Thank you. Let’s just, cuddle, is that okay?”

“Absolutely. I love you more Y/N.”

Anna Visits

“But you promised!” Anna whines lightly, following behind Jack as he moves around his flat, gathering his items.

“I know I did,” He replies, half distracted, “But these meetings got rescheduled. And they..AH! There it is!” He grabs his wallet, looking over at Anna, “What was I saying?”

“That you are the worst big brother ever.”

“Fairly sure that’s Conor.” Jack teases, “Look, I’m sorry. These meetings were supposed to be done a few days ago so I’d be free while you were here. But then stuff got shuffled. There’s not much I can do.”

“I know,” She sighs, falling into the couch. “What am I supposed to do while you’re busy though?”

“Hi, babe!” Joe calls out as he walks in to the flat, tossing his keys onto the counter.

“Joe!” Jack says to Anna. “There’s your answer!”

“Huh?” Joe looks confused, as Jack walks over, kissing him quickly in greeting.

“Meetings to go to. I’ll text you later about dinner. Bye, love you. Bye Anna!” The younger man rattles off, coat and bag in hand as he hurries out the door.

“What just happened…” Joe mutters, blinking over at Anna.

“Jack’s proving to be a worse brother than Conor, that’s what.”

“That’s quite the statement.” Joe chuckles, moving to sit beside her on the couch. “Why do you say that?”

“He and I were supposed to hang out today, but now he’s off to meetings. All day. So I’m stuck here. Bored.”

“Ah,” He nods, looking over at the youngest Maynard. “Well, maybe Jack was right about one thing.”

“Like that’s possible,” She scoffs.

“It does happen on a rare occasion.” He smiles, “But if you want, I’m free today. We could go explore London.”

“You don’t want to do that.” Anna mumbles, glancing shyly over at Joe.

“I wouldn’t offer it if I didn’t want to. Besides, we need to get to know each other better. I see too much of the other two Maynards.”

“You’ve been neglected of the best one, then.”

“One way to find out.” He grins, “Want to spend the day with me?”

“I’d love too.”

The two spend the rest of the day exploring different parts of London, chatting easily as they get to know each other.

It doesn’t take long for Anna to forget that she was let down by Jack, too busy laughing at Joe’s corny jokes and impressions.

When they eventually make it back to Jack’s flat, after grabbing dinner since he had to cancel his plan’s with Joe, they’re exhausted but happy.

“Thanks for hanging out with me today.” Anna tells Joe as he puts their left overs in the fridge.

“Thank you for laughing at my shit jokes all day.” He replies, running a hand through his hair. “Nice to have someone laugh at them again.”

They both look towards the front door as it opens, and a tired looking Jack stumbles through. Greeting them with an incoherent noise, he makes his way towards his bedroom, dropping his stuff on the counter along the way.

“Someone looks tired…” Anna shakes her head, “Doesn’t he rest?”

“He does. Just busy. Do you need anything else?”

“No, I’m good. Go tend to your boyfriend.” She waves at Joe, who laughs but bids her goodnight, following the path Jack had just taken.

The next couple days of her visit end up falling in the same pattern.

Jack’s meetings drag out, forcing him to cancel his plans with both her and Joe, so the two end up spending time together instead.

And when the morning comes for her to head back to Brighton, Anna finds her mood much brighter compared to when she first arrived and discovered that she wouldn’t be seeing her brothers.

“Sorry this was a shit visit,” Jack tells her in the car as they head for the train station. “I promise that next time you visit, we’ll spend time together. We can do whatever you like.”

“It wasn’t a shit visit.” Anna says, “I had a good time.”

“Hanging with Joe?”

“He’s nice. And funny.”

“Yeah,” Jack’s smile turns soft, “He is, isn’t he?”

“I like him, Jack. And he clearly likes you. He talked about you a lot.” She watches her brother, smiling as he blushes at her words. “I like that he takes care of you as well, I don’t have to worry, knowing you have Joe. I’m glad you finally found someone like him. He’s good for you.”

“Good to know you approve.” Jack laughs, parking the car at the station. “But you really like him?” He turns in his seat to look at her. “You aren’t just saying that?”

“I mean it,” Anna assures him, “He’s great. I think you need to introduce him to mum and dad, they’ll adore him too.”

“Maybe I will.” Jack says, and that’s when Anna knows how serious he is about Joe. Because she’s never seen her older brother bring anyone home to their parents.

“You’re happy.” She comments, “I like it. I’ll see you soon!” She leans over, pecking him on the cheek before grabbing her back and hopping out of the car. “Bye, Jack! Love you!”

“Love you too!” He calls back, watching as she disappears into the station. When his phone buzzes with a new text, he looks down at him, smiling at the words from Joe.

Did Anna get to her train okay? xx

His sister was right, Joe was good for him. Because none of his past partners had ever worried about his sibling before.

Just dropped her off. Be home soon. xx

Can’t wait :)