i did this a while ago but i was busy~

I was doing you a favor by playing the long game...

I too was playing yet another long game by holding on to this for so long.

SO I had read earlier today the owner of a previous job of mine passed away. This was a place that tried to screw me pretty hard and I took some pro revenge on. It drug up some angry old feelings, so why not take an equal dose of catharsis?

WARNING: This is a doozy so strap in if you dare, no TL;DR it wouldn’t do justice.

So this takes place almost a decade ago. I was working as a department manager for a fairly large privately owned pest control company. Their color scheme was black and yellow, much like the taxi’s the owner’s dad used to drive. Since the taxi industry would be around for ever(hello Uber/Lyft) so would this pest control company, (this is important later) or so the owner used to parrot constantly. My job was to over see the techs doing treatments and set their stops and generally manage assorted insect control services, inventory, payroll for that dept, etc etc. I had taken the job from the owners son who took it from the previous manager who they demoted and yet stayed in the dept…this is important later. The owners son was a late 30’s early 40’s man child. I mean if he had dialed it back a few degrees he would have been an awesome guy, but anytime booze was involved he was a mess. If it was weed, he turned into the stereo typical obnoxious stoner making nothing but bad Jamaican accented jokes. He also hit on anything younger than him that moved…while being married w a pregnant wife. But I digress, the owner was a piece of work too, old Jewish guy who was as racist as he was old, not with any kind of seething hatred. Just a “this is the way it is” type attitude. My fave line of his, “The sky is blue, Ch#@ks know math, N@&ers are lazy, Jews know gold. What else is new” Like it was the most clever thing of all time. Finally now on to the revenge and need for such.

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also hey y’all. haven’t really talked on here in a while. i think its funny that i have 197k followers but like, all from 2013-2015 so i have no clue who is even around anymore haha. my name is Anthony Amorim, but y’all call me jerkidiot.

i guess to update anyone who is still here listening or might scroll past this. i’m doing well! i was just on tour for my album 2004 which dropped about a year ago. i just hit a million total streams on Spotify which is neat. i do music full time now and i go to Belmont University in Nashville to study music business/songwriting. i’ve got real life fans now who support me and come out to my shows and buy merch and shit and it’s all really surreal but i’m so fucking happy. i did vine for a while but that died and now i’m doing youtube and instagram and all that stuff. things are good. 

i don’t know why i felt like writing this out but i’m glad i did. it feels like writing to an old friend. tumblr used to be my whole life and i seriously thought that what happened on here impacted the rest of the world. now i’m almost 20 and i  kinda realized that this is just a little corner of the internet. still special though. 

thanks for the support while i was a stupid little memer with a traffic light. 

i love u.

“Did You Miss Me Baby?” (Harry Styles Smut)

Summary: Due to stress and missing Harry, Y/N is sexually frustrated. She tries to deal with it herself, but Harry surprises her by coming home early, and helps her out.

Requested: yes

Warnings: masturbation, blow job

A/N: Sorry for the long wait! This past week and last week have been EXTREMELY busy! I apologize to the person who requested this a while ago. At the time I got this request I was so focused on finishing up the “Come Home Harry, Come Home” series. So, to whoever requested this, thank you! And I hope you enjoy!

*Gif probably doesn’t match but like look at him, how I could I not love and use it?*

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“Did You Miss Me Baby?” (Harry Styles Smut)

For the past few weeks, you have been home alone since you needed to finish exams, and Harry has been traveling around from NYC to LA for his album promo.  In between study breaks, you would turn on either the Today Show or the Late Late Show.  Being away from Harry for a while, you were starting to get horny. You didn’t know it yet, but it wasn’t until you saw Harry in the pink suit on the Today Show, then the patterned and the black velvet suit on the Late Late Show.

With the mix of the stress, and missing Harry, you were frustrated.  Sexually frustrated. You were horny and Harry wasn’t there.  So, you had to deal with yourself.

You push your books off your bed and begin to take off your big t-shirt and sweatpants. After you take off your bra, you lie down of your back. You first move your hands up to your breasts. You close your eyes, and think of how Harry would move his hands over your body. You squeeze each of your breasts, and then pulling at your nipples.

You moan when you feel your nipples start too harden. Next you slowly move your hands down to your underwear, and pull them down to around your ankles. You bend your knees up, and open your legs. You take one of your fingers, and slide it down your slit feeling how wet you are. And then your slowly move your finger back up to your clit making circle shapes. You moan at the feeling. You think of when Harry taught you how to masturbate. Some morning, Harry laid behind you, and you laid your back on his chest, and opened your legs. He first played with your breasts, then moved his fingers down to your core. And you repeated exactly what he did. You first started slow circles, then faster circles on your clit as you got closer. But, Harry always told you to hold off on your orgasm, so when you do, it will be more intense.

So, you slipped one finger into your core, pumping it in and out slowly. Then you added another finger, pumping them faster. As you curl your fingers hitting your sweet spot, you take your thumb and rub it against your clit. Right when you are about to cum, you hear a thump noise and you jump up in fear. Because you were so into what you were doing, you did not even hear Harry come into your apartment calling your name to surprise you. The loud noise you heard, was Harry dropping his bags at the sight of you masturbating.

“Ah baby, that was a lovely sight to see when I first get home.” He says smirking, pulling off his shirt.

“Lay back down princess. Just relax.” He says kneeling down on the bed, putting his head down to your core.

He takes one lick, then looks up at you and raises his eye brows and goes, “Did you miss my baby?”

You just moan back in response.  Looking down you can see him smirking. And then he goes to work. He first licks your whole core with a flat tongue, but then focuses on your clit. He flicks it, moves his tongue side to side on it, and sucks on it.

As you feel yourself getting close, you beg Harry, “Fingers, please. I need your fingers.”

Harry does not remove his mouth from your clit, and adds one finger slowly. After feeling that you have adjusted to his finger, he adds another finger. This time, he removes his mouth from clit, to look at his fingers moving in and out of your core. He is mesmerized watching his fingers disappear, and then when he pulls them out to be covered in your wetness. Then Harry pumps his fingers in and out, faster and faster, curling them. He curls them until he knows that he hit your sweet spot.

Your breath hitches, and your toes start to curl in excitement.

“You wanna cum princess?” He asks not stopping pumping his fingers.

“Yes.” You breathe out.

“Cum.” He orders.

Harry then puts his mouth back on your clit, and continues to push his fingers in and out faster, curling them, helping to bring you to your orgasm. As you cum, you grab his hair, and toes curl.

“Yes, Harry. Yes, yes, yes!” You yell out cumming.  Your orgasm was so strong because you hadn’t cum in a while, and because you prolonged.
When you come down from your high, you pull Harry up and flip you two over so that you are on top. You kiss him, then kiss down his neck, chest, down to his v-line. Down to the hem of his pants.

“I need you cock baby.” You say, unbuttoning his pants, pulling them down.
Harry folds his arms under his head, and looks so at peace. When you pull his pants down, you pulled his boxers down with them. After throwing his clothes on the floor, you see his hard cock spring up onto his chest.

Without any teasing, you start blowing him off. You first swirl your tongue along the head of his cock. When you look up at him, his mouth is slightly open as he groans, and his eyes close with furrowed eyebrows.

Wanting to make him feel good, and to hear him moan, you take him all into your mouth. You starts bobbing your head down, and what you cannot fit you use your hands.

“Take my cock baby.” Harry moans, looking down at the beautiful sight of his girlfriend going down on him.  “Show me how good your mouth is.”

You begin to tease him, by bobbing your head slower, but when you pull your head back, you hold his cock, and with a flat tongue you lick his head, and then go back down on him.

“Babe, if you keep going I’m gonna cum, and I wanna cum in you.” Harry begs.
Reluctantly you pull back with a pout.

“Don’t pout baby.” Harry says flipping you over, so that he is on top. “I am going to make you feel good.” He says giving you a kiss.

He then open your legs, and pushes himself in. You both groan at the feeling. You are groaning at the feeling of being filled up, and he is groaning at the feeling of how you squeeze around him perfectly.

“Babe, I’m not gonna last long, you feel so good.” Harry moans, thrusting into you fast.

“Ugh, yes Harry. I missed you.” You say kissing him.

“I missed you too love. You make me feel so good.” He moans.

“Faster Harry, faster.” You moan.

Harry then grabs your hips and begins thrusting faster. You moan as you hear the wet sounds of him entering you, and your skin smacking together.

Overwhelmed with pressure, you scratch down his back, which causes him to groan in pressure.

“You fill me up so good, so deep.” You moan in his ear.

“You close?” He breathes out. Before you could answer, he takes his thumb and starts making circles on your clit, and you start tightening around his cock.

“Yes” You moan.

“Cum for me.” He says, thrusting faster into you, circling his finger quicker. With his words, you let go. You scream out his name with your legs wrapping around his waist.

After you relax, you begin moaning in Harry’s ear, “Cum for me baby. Fill me up. I want to feel you inside of me. Cum.”

With your dirty words, and seeing you a moment ago cum, Harry releases inside of you, groaning out your name, thrusting hard and fast into you. When he comes down, he rolls over next to you, and puts his arm around you, pulling you close to him, kissing your forehead.

“I miss you baby.” He said, running his fingers through your hair.

“I missed you too baby.” You say, kissing his chest.

“Thank you for my welcome home present.” He says smirking.

A/N: Sorry this took so long to post! I wrote it last night, then got so distracted by the Stanley Cup that I forgot to post it! Tell me what you guys think!

Petty & Jealous

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(gif cr; respectful owner)

Christian gets jealous and becomes petty as always

(Requested) // Word Count; 1,422

Christian Yu x Reader ft big brother Kiseok - F

Christian was ignoring you and being distant, he had been doing this for the last two days; it all started when Kiseok began coming over to yours.

You and Kiseok were close, he was like an older brother. When you first moved to Korea you were at a loss until you met Kiseok; he took you in and took care of you until you were comfortable and ready to live on your own and ever since then he treated you like family and never left your side.

Christian didn’t know about this, mainly because you hadn’t told him. Yet…

Your boyfriend continued to edit his videos while you made Kiseok keep you company “Is he always like this?” He asked breaking the comfortable silence. You glanced away from the tv and shook your head “He’s only ever like this when he’s jealous,,,” You answered with a sigh.

Kiseok nodded his head and glimpsed towards Christian’s studio door “If he ever makes you cry, I’m going to break his neck!” He threatened, staring back at you. You chuckled at the scowl he held “Thank you, my lovely big brother” You responded with a smile.

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For those who had gifted me something but I didn’t respond...

Btw guys it has been a very tough couple of months (not to mention busy), so if you guys have tagged me or sent me things or made me things and I did not reply, I am SORRY, I am really bad at multitasking online.

Recently I have been focusing my time on heavy political work (still comics/art) supporting a governor candidate that I thought were more fair and just and progressive (while the other supports radical religious activities and racism against minorities) but we lost the election 3 days ago, so I have been reeling back from the pain really. But I gotta move on and work harder from the possible bullshit that will happen in the next presidential election (which is in 2019).

Coupled with the loss of few family members due to illness and old age, it’s been a year filled with overworking (with my original comic ongoing production) to prevent me from being too down XD;

I have seen some voicework happening on some of my gaster!sans comics with @nyublackneko, I think it was by @fuzzyredpants and @sugariris ?? thank you so much, I saw some of them on youtube and it was very interesting to see my comics animated and voiced… i think great job with the voiceworks! sorry if I never commented x_X 

Thanks everyone who cared and created artworks for me or my stories like @stone-faced-asshole even if he’s probably the least interesting gaster!sans out there :3 thanks for your support, it really helps in the time of when I was kind of not well. So thanks again for sticking around, I really appreciate it even if I don’t deserve it ;3;

I hope u have a good day ! 

here are some chibi/gnome stone (and other creatures) doodles i did in my spare time recently.


au where jimin is a model and jeongguk is a singer. they dated for two years before breaking up because they were both too busy with their careers. however, as hard as they might try to deny any remaining feelings, it’s easy to see that they are still a little bit in love. (inspired by this post!)

interviewer: so jeongguk, there was a scene where you had to knit in your latest music video. was that all pretend?
jeongguk: laughs. no, not really? i did pick up knitting a while ago but honestly i’m still an amateur. the hardest thing i’d successfully knit was a scarf.

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate Stellaworth Tokuten Drama CD "In the Demon World’s style?! Who can you call a “bad” guy?!"


Today I have something different for you~ :D I translated a special drama CD from Dark Fate. It’s pretty funny, so enjoy! ^^

Special thanks to @violet-sin for providing me with this drama CD! <3 :D

If you spot any mistakes, please let me know, so I can correct them. Thanks! ;D

And please don’t repost!

Title: Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate Stellaworth Tokuten Drama CD In the Demon World’s style?! Who can you call a “bad” guy?!

Japanese title: DIABOLIK LOVERS DARK FATE ステラワース特典ドラマCD「魔界的!? 『ワル』ってどんなヤツ!?」

Cast: Sakamaki Laito (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke), Sakamaki Shū (CV: Toriumi Kōsuke), Tsukinami Shin (CV: Morikubo Shōtarō)

Duration: 14:26

Track: [ X ]

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❝ We can always change this little particular ❞

Plot: When you and Jaebum are childhood friends but secretly love each other, until the day you two stuck into the elevator and confess your feelings. 

Pairing: JaebumxReader 

Words count: 3,3k+

Genre: RealLife!Au / Fluff 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M.

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥


You hated that kid. Now it was clear, but the more you were forced to spend time together and the more hatred towards him grew.  

“Take Me Y/N” Jaebum yelled by continuing to wave your book, what you were quietly reading, threatening to throw it in your pool.  

“How old are you? Five?? ”  

“Ten for accuracy! You’re boring Y/N; Stop reading and come play with me. ” He threatened you, pretending to drop the book into the water. At that sight you began to run towards him and threw you on him, dropping both in the pool.

You had never been a quiet little girl and Jaebum should have learned it at his expense after all those years. Returning to the surface, you would take your breath, rest your hands on his shoulders and push him down as you could. You had three copies of that book, he simply had to pay for his behavior.  

“Now I’m going to drown you so I’ll stay at peace for my entire life!” You screamed by continuing to keep him underwater, while he clasped his arms around your legs starting to pull you down.  


Your father’s personal assistant voice made you almost scared, so you left the grip on Jaebum’s shoulders and he was finally able to go back to the surface. He coughed spitting water and you threw him a deadly glance, swimming then to the ladder and coming out of the pool shuddering a little.  

“Never joke with me, Im Jaebum.” You murmured, turning to look at him, still in the middle of the pool that stared at you upset.  

~ ~

“So the perimeter of a triangle is the sum of its sides?”  

“Jaebum is the twentieth time I tell you….”  

“I don’t like Algebra.” He objected, flapping his head on his algebra book, letting himself escape a whipped groan.  

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You Trust Me, Right? pt. 5

Prompt: You’re a friend of Jacob’s–you’re basically his PA, like Harrison is with Tom. You’ve been able to hang out with them a lot and after a while, Tom started to develop feelings for you.

Warnings: tattoos/piercing (if you’re offended by those), Tom being a wuss

Tags: @yourgayonlinemom, @bubblyanarocks3, @broken-pieces, @yessy2012

YTMR?      YTMR?2       YTMR?3        YTMR?4

After her trip to England, (Y/N) returned home and Tom had scheduled a visit to the US for personal reasons rather than professional for once. Seven months later, he was finally going to see (Y/N) again in a way other than FaceTime or video chat. Excited, he flew to the airport closest to her hometown where she would be waiting to pick him up, however the surprise would be on her. Secretly, he had contacted (Y/N)’s mom who had snuck into her daughter’s apartment, packed a week’s worth of clothes, and remained hidden at the airport terminal Tom’s plane was arriving at. 

As soon as he stepped off the plane and through the gates, just as when they met up in England, (Y/N) rushed towards him and threw her arms around his neck, her hands twisting lightly around the curls at the base of his neck.

“Hello love,” he smiled as his arms draped around her hips. Over her shoulder he could see her mom and quickly waved her over. “I missed you so much,” he sighed before pulling away and placing his lips lightly against hers. 

“(Y/N),” her mother quickly cooed in the most embarrassing tone across the terminal.

“Mom? What are you doing here?” she gasped and quickly jumped out of Tom’s arms causing him to laugh and wrap his arms around her as her arms pressed against her sides. His chest pressed into her back and he rested his chin on her shoulder.

“You forgot your bags at home, honey,” her mother smiled as she rolled a suitcase toward her daughter and handed her a backpack as a carry-on. 

“Forgot my what? Tom, what’s going on?” she asked, turning around and looking at her boyfriend.

“Tom called a month ago explaining his plan.”

“Plan? What plan?” she asked as she turned around in Tom’s arms to face him.

“Have fun,” (Y/N)’s mom called with a wink. “Be careful.” With those last words, she left her grown daughter with the Englishman both had come to love as family. Confused, (Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows at Tom only to have her bags whisked away by two men whom Tom began to follow.

“Thomas Stanley,” she called with a giggle in her voice. “What is going on?” Slowly, a private jet came into view and Tom’s arms slithered around her waist. “Tom? Are you going to answer me?” she asked as he tugged her toward the plane and followed her up the steps and into the cabin, unable to keep his eyes from the sway of her hips. She stopped short of entering the cabin and stared at the inside of the jet in awe.

“Come sit with me, love, and let a secret remain a secret,” he called while patting his lap with a smirk on his lips. (Y/N) smiled as she lowered herself onto his lap and placed her lips against his.

“You do realize that we’re together because you told the one person who is worse at keeping secrets than you your feelings for me, right?” A smile formed on Tom’s face as he gazed at her. 

“I can’t wait to spend the next few weeks with you,” he muttered against her skin. The plane started to move and Tom could feel her body tense in her arms as she tried to slip away from him, only to have his arms tighten around her. “You still hate planes, don’t you,” he sighed, “even with me here?” His large brown eyes flashed up at her like a puppy’s and his lips fell slightly into a pout.

“You make it better,” she smiled and nestled her head against his shoulder as the plane began to soar through the clouds.

Tom couldn’t keep his secret for much longer and, as their plane lowered from the sky to reveal the New York skyline and (Y/N) brought her hands to her head in excitement, he saw the ink on her arm. He managed to keep his mouth shut about it until they reached their hotel room and she pulled her thin jacket off her shoulders, revealing her arm.

“When did you get that?” he asked.

“When did I get what?” she asked, turning away from the panoramic window in their hotel room.

“Your tattoo,” Tom finished as he ran his fingers along her skin, hardly able to feel any of the bumps from where the ink was put in her skin. She smiled as he stared at her arm with an adorable grin on his face.

“I got that one half a year ago, I think,” she said while tucking her hair behind her ear.

“This one, what do you mean this one?” Tom questioned her while raising his eyebrows.

“I’ve been busy since you haven’t been around,” she smirked.

“Did it hurt?” he asked rather hesitantly. She shook her head and offered a light laugh. 

“If anything it tickled,” she stated. “Why, have you been thinking about getting one?” Tom shrugged and walked toward the bed then laid back and stared at the ceiling.

“I dunno. I have thought about it a lot but I’ve never considered going through with it,” he said. (Y/N) slowly made her way toward the bed and laid down beside him.

“You know, my cousin went to school around here and she got her first tattoo at a pretty neat shop on Broome.” She could see interest spark in his eyes but then become masked by apprehension. “Let’s go check it out,” she smiled while pulling herself from the bed and feeling Tom sit up behind her.

“On one condition,” he said while pulling her back to him and positioning her between his legs. “I’ll go if you promise to show me where the rest of your tattoos are.”

“I didn’t know you had an ink kink, Tom,” she smirked and slipped away from his grasp to slide her shoes on. Excited and hesitant, he followed her lead.

“I do not have an ink kink,” he sneered as they neared the elevator causing an elderly woman rounding the corner to slowly approach the couple with her eyes narrowing at them accusingly. (Y/N) laughed lightly into Tom’s chest as they entered the elevator.

Upon entering the tattoo shop, the cleanly scent and continual buzzing of tattoo guns echoed through Tom and (Y/N)’s ears. As the shop experienced a lull in appointments, the owner came over and started to talk to Tom as (Y/N) hovered over the case of piercings. “Have you finally been talked into getting that tattoo?” (Y/N) asked Tom while walking back over toward her boyfriend and the tattoo artist.

“Not yet,” the owner said with a small chuckle. “What about you? Ready for that piercing?” (Y/N) nodded, followed the man through the shop, and sat down on the chair. Tom watched as she sat boldly and prepared to have a 16 gauge needle shoved through the center of her ear. The piercer was positioned behind (Y/N) and Tom stood in from of her. His face contorted into disgust and concern as he watched the tip of the needle slide through her skin, be pulled completely through her conch, and then have the barbell inserted.

“Did that not hurt?” he asked with a tinge of shock in his voice.

“No, not really” she said with confidence, hoping to convince him to get the tattoo he’s been wanting. (Y/N) could see the anticipation and excitement in Tom’s eyes as they flickered from the ink on her skin to the tattoo gun nearby.

“And you said your tattoos didn’t hurt either?”

“I got mine in places that wouldn’t be very painful, I don’t know where you’re planning on getting yours but I think they are worth it.” Hesitantly, he swallowed hard as he glanced over at the shops owner who was cleaning up his work station. “What?” she said with a snickering laugh. “You trust me, right?”

“Okay, let’s do this,” he said and the owner motioned for him to jump in the chair (Y/N) had just been in and took off his shoe.

She’s MINE (I.M x reader requested)

Originally posted by chiqkihyun

A/N: All words in this story are 100% work of fiction none of it is real. This was a request I hope that you enjoy it and that it was okay. I enjoyed writing it request are still open if you want to request something please don’t be shy. He is so adorkable I can’t lol okay the gif isn’t mine credit to the owner. I am sorry for any grammar or spelling errors.~Zero

Pairing: I.M x reader with mentions of Monsta x, Ikon, and Sechskies

Type: Fluff, and a tiny bit of jealous I.M

Word count:1605 um..Oops (give or take)

Reading time: 15 to 20 minutes it all depends


Today I was invited by the host of weekly idol and starship to join Monsta X on this week’s episode. I am nervous but very excited, I remember what my brother told me about his group’s experience on weekly idol, I just hope that I don’t get hit by Hyeong-don because that just sounds painful.

*Time skip to actual filming*

I guess that Monsta x wasn’t the only group that was invited today, Ikon is also here as well, I guess that is cool I mean I did a collab with Bobby but that was a few years ago before I even got signed to Starship. I met Ikon through my older brother, Ikon was looking for a female backup vocalist for one of their albums, and he put them into contact with me, however, after the collab we didn’t really keep in contact because we were both too busy working on our own things.  

We are now ready to start filming Ikon was introduced first and they have been talking with the host for a while now. Ikon doesn’t know that we are here but Hyeong-don and Defconn are introducing us now.

“Jinhwan I hate to interrupt you but I was just informed that our other guests are here so now the real fun and games are about to start please welcome Monsta X.” After Monsta X did their introduction I get introduced to the show.

“Alright we have one more special guest, please introduce the wonderful, talented, rapper Y/N to the show.” I walk out into the camera’s view when my new song plays as I walk out. I first encountered Defconn and shook his hand then followed Hyeong-don’s hand I am instructed to set in one of the open seats. There is an open seat by Bobby and there is one next to my boyfriend that public doesn’t know about I.M. Me being how I am I take the seat next I.M, once I am seated I feel all eyes on me.

“Okay Y/N, we are going to be doing something a little different, what we are doing is we are going to let the other Idols here in the room ask you questions and you are going to answer then once this is over then we are going to more activities that I’m sure you brother told you about, Now does anyone have any questions?” Defconn asks.

As soon as he was finished talking Chanwoo raised his hand, “Yes, Chanwoo what is your question?” I asked looking at him.

“Um, I don’t want to seem rude so what year you born so I can greet you accordingly?”

“ I was born in 1997,” I reply slightly nodding.

Then next question is asked by Junhoe “Defconn said something about you having an older brother do we by any chance know him?”

“Yes you guys do, you are in the same company and my brother is Kang Sung-hoon of Sechskies,” I reply making eye contact with the slightly older male.

“Really?!!?” This seems to shock the other band.

“That must be where her good looks come from,” Yunhyeong states smiling at me. I feel Changkyun tense at this, slightly looking over I give him a reassuring smile.

Brushing off his comment I wait for the next question, to my dismay, it came from Yunhyeong

“Y/N did your dating ban get lifted and if so are there any lucky bachelors in mind that you can tell us about,” he asks giving me heart eyes. Slightly unconformable I shift and look at Changkyun in the corner of my eye and to say that he looked livid was an understatement.

“Um,  yes my dating ban did get lifted recently and there is this one rapper but I can’t tell who,” I say looking up at I.M slightly before looking at Yunhyeong to see if he got the message.

Questions went by smoothly and now it is the 2x dance challenge and because Hyungwon got hurt and can’t participate the host asked me to instead. Nodding I look at Hyungwon when I am about to ask for his jacket because the dance is for beautiful before I could even get the words out I get Changkyun gently placing his jacket in my arms with him sending me a wink he puts on Hyungwon’s jacket. I slip on his jacket and I am instantly engulfed in his all too familiar scent.

The song is about to start so I get into Hyungwon’s spot and let’s just say I am glad that I decided to wear pants instead of a skirt today, this shouldn’t be too hard because I have watched and participated in the choreography with them before in the dance studio. By the end I think that Ikon was blown away, some even said that I could be apart of Monsta X, I took that as a huge compliment.

After Ikon’s turn of doing the 2x dance challenge, it was time for the random dance play. This time is going to be a little different they are going to play a song and we all are going to be seated and if we know the choreography then we are going to go up and dance to the song to the best of our abilities. 

Sitting down I wait for the first song to play through the speakers. When the first song comes on I realize that it is 아주 NICE by Seventeen when the chorus starts I look at the boys and run out starting to dance I soon realize I am not alone and that B.I is out here as well. When I just start to get into the song it changed pausing I hear Twice’s ‘Like Ohh ahh’ play instead, quickly getting into the position I see Jooheon run out here with me and we continue. B.I wasn’t ready for the change so he was asked to set back down. 

By the end of the challenge it was Changkyun, Wonho and I still up. “Okay we are going to do a tie breaker it is going to be a random song and the first one to get the moves right with the beat wins.”

“Loser’s buy dinner.” Wonho states

“Deal!!” Changkyun and I exclaim.

Changkyun, Wonho and I quickly bow to each other to show good sportsmanship. When we raise we stand side by side and wait for the song to start. When the song starts I am very surprised none of the less to hear “HERE WE COME IT”S SECHSKIES.” I laugh out loud at the dance I know all too well I start dancing and singing Chivalry (the 2016 re-album) looks like I am not buying dinner tonight.  When I look over I see I.M trying to keep up and Wonho looks so lost already.

Once it is over it is time for the host to determine the winner. “Okay so it looks like the only one who really knew the dance was Y/N so there for Kang Y/N is the winner!!”

With this new information, I get really excited. “Y/N I am so shocked, how did you know the song so well?”

“Oh, Um it is a thing that Sunghoon and I always did together, whenever there was a new song that the guys were working on they would invite me to their practices and teach me, that is actually how I learn to sing by Sunghoon working with me one on one whenever we had time. As for my rapping skills, I got those from Jaeduck, Jaejin, and Jiwon when I asked them to teach me how to rap.” I reply getting shy.

“Alright, there you have it, This was another successful episode of weekly idol with Ikon, Monsta X, and the lovely Y/N. Good bye everyone.” Once the camera got cut off we said our thanks to the host as I was about to walk off set I am stopped by none other than Yunhyeong I guess he still didn’t get the message.

“Hey, Y/n you did a really good job out there today, I was wondering if you wanted to go out on a date with me sometime?” He asked with a hopeful glint in his eyes.

Slightly sighing I look around for anyone in Monsta X when all of a sudden I feel a heavy arm on my shoulder. “Sorry Yunhyeong but I guess you didn’t get the message earlier, she’s not into you, she already has a love interest and that happens to be me so with all due respect please go and find your own girl, it’s rude to ask out taken woman. “ I.M says with a smirk in his voice looking down at me he quickly adds “Come on princess I believe I owe you dinner for losing the dance battle.” With nothing else to say we turn around and walk off.

“Did you really have to say all that?” I ask hugging I.M side tighter

“Of course I did, that guy was staring at you like you were a piece of meat the whole time we were filming that is also why I gave you my jacket.” He states proudly.

Looking down I realize that I still have on his jacket. “ Do you want your jacket back babe?” I ask looking up at him.

“No, keep it to show everyone that you are mine, and plus you look better in my clothes anyway princess.”

“I love you Changkyun,” I say as I lean up and kiss his cheek.

“I love you too babe, so much you don’t even know.”

Queen of Gotham 👑

Prompt: So umm Damian and the reader are secretly dating and the batfam doesn’t know until they sneak up on him. And they all are like “You are dating her? Dude!” And the reader is like famous too. And rich.

Pairing: Reader x Damian Wayne/Robin

Warning: None.

Author’s note: This fic features a slightly older Damian.

Tagging: @crazyfangirl1810


You heard the loud roaring sound of engines traveling at high speed echoing through the batcave. Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian had just returned from patrol. The boys parked their respective vehicles on the parking pad and headed towards the main area.

Suddenly, you leaped out of the shadows attacking Damian from behind. Startled, Damian abruptly turned around defensively ready to neutralize the threat. Just as he was about to throw a batarang, is jaw dropped followed by his weapon.

“[Y/N]!” Exclaimed your boyfriend, “What are you doing here?” the boy continued with his eyebrows frowned in confusion.

“DUDE, ARE YOU DATING HER?” Shouted Dick, while approaching his youngest brother, “Damian, we literally just spent three hours sitting on a roof top watching birds. How did mentioning that you’re currently dating [Y/N] Queen not occur to you?”

“Shut up, Grayson.” Spat your embarrassed boyfriend crossing his arms, “TT, who I choose to spend my spare time with is none of your business.” Then pulling you in for a hug he added, “For your information, [Y/N] Queen and I have been seeing each other ever since Bruce and I helped Oliver in Star City with a mission a few months ago.”

“Hahaha. As usual, it’s nice to see you too, Grayson.” You intervene, with a smile on your face. “I’m in Gotham attempting to persuade the minds of some stubborn stallholders for my father.” you said before turning around to address Bruce, “Oliver sends his regards.”

After kindly saying hello, the boys went upstairs leaving you two alone.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming to Gotham, Beloved? I could’ve picked you up from the airport.” Interjected Damian.

“Dami, I’m here for a business assignment. The reporters would have been swarming the both of us had you been there.”

“How long are you here for?”

“If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be in town one more night.”

“Then what do you say you come kick some ass after work, [Y/S/N]?”

“Thought you’d never ask, Robin.” You replied, with a grin.

You decided to spend the night with Damian at the manor. However, when Damian woke up the next day Alfred informed him that you had already left for work. You wanted to leave as early as possible to avoid getting caught by nosey journalists.

You successfully snuck back in the mansion after work.

“How was your day, Beloved?” asked Damian eagerly picking you up, twirling you around and giving you a gentle kiss before placing you back down.

“Hahaha, excellent!” you giggled.

After having dinner at the mansion with Bruce, Damian and his brothers you suited up and drove out into the night.

castiel-left-his-mark-on-me  asked:

Hi there! I hope you're having a wonderful day. So, someone recommended my fic "Twenty Miles Out" to you a little while ago, and I was just wondering if you have had a chance to read it yet? It'd just be awesome to know what you think. I've loved your art for a long time, so... yeah. I fangirld a bit when I saw that you might be reading my stuff. Anyway. I ❤ you.

i haven’T YET ;AAA;; MY ASS HAS BEEN BUSY I HAVen’T haD the TIME AAA it’s sitting in my rec list and temPTING ME

HOHO i only just realised I did read some of your other stuff before!! I think the most recent one was High Rise / Hard Fall :DD



Amends (part three)

Carter Baizen x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, angst, mentions of past alcohol and drug abuse, swearing.

A/N: Newest part! I hope you enjoy! Next part is the last one :) xx

There was a slight feeling of panic when you woke up the following morning (afternoon), without Carter by your side. This’d happened many times before, though back then, you woke up in a different state than this morning.

“Mmh, Carter?” you tried to blink away the sleep still clouding your vision to look around the lavish hotelroom. No sign of Carter. Well, goddamn it.

“Carter?” you called out louder, and your heart made a little jump when you heard him respond to you.

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Thursday night freestyling update!

Tonight I went to a DJ set at a lounge/bar by myself. I told me friends to meet me there if they wanted, but none came through so I was solo all night. It was nerve wracking but also really fun to meet people.

I had a lot of funny conversations with people at the bar, and used those convos as practice. In my mind I was trying to do the following with each person:

- REMEMBER THEIR NAME. The first time they say it. Then use it when I speak to them. “So, David, what do you think of the new brewery next door?”

- Learn 3 facts about them. In the first five minutes, try to figure out 1. Their current relationship status 2. What their job is 3. Something fun or personal

I did pretty well, I think.

Anyway - the big news is that I think I nabbed a POT! Without even really trying to…

I was sitting at the table outside by myself and a couple older guys asked if the other chairs were taken – I welcomed them to sit down. We started chatting about the show, random stuff. Turns out they’re both in the restaurant business. One just purchased a restaurant down the street six weeks ago (I still have to confirm this though.)

Anyway, we chatted for a while and eventually I went back inside. A little later when I was leaving, the restaurant owner literally ran after me out of the bar to get my number!

Talk about letting a man chase you.

A Study in You (Sherlock Holmes x Reader)

A/N: Why aren’t there more pieces set in the time of The Abominable Bride?? I absolutely loved it, probably due to my love for the Sherlock Holmes books and stories themselves. Anyway, I wanted to write one with 19th century Sherlock and John! I hope you all enjoy it! xx 

Warnings: mentions of drug use

Originally posted by sherlockspeare

The cobbled streets of London were crowded with busy people and lazy buggies. Horses clomped along the broken Baker Street, dirty boys shouted about the latest Dr. Watson story, and women under brightly colored parasols gossiped about the reclusive and handsome detective, Sherlock Holmes. 

You quickly made your way down the cracked pavement, your own parasol hanging from your arm. The sun was out but it was hidden by a dense layer of smog. The buildings lining Baker Street were covered in a veil of soot that eventually stuck to everyone and everything. When you reached the recently polished door of 221 Baker Street, the hem of your lilac colored dress was black with soot. You grumbled to yourself as you banged the knocker three times against the black door. 

Quick footsteps could be heard, a crash of what sounded like dinner plates, and a muffled yell before the door swung open with such force that the knocker banged against the door. A rather disheveled man with an obnoxious mustache was standing in the doorway. His breathing was heavy as he attempted to smooth down his hair and fix his beige vest. It took a moment but you recognized the mustache.

“Dr. Watson,” you said with a grin, extending a gloved hand, “I’m (Y/N) and I’m here to get Mr. Holmes’ help.”

Dr. Watson took your hand and shook it cautiously. “Women don’t usually shake hands,” he said innocently, clearly in shock by your out-of-place gesture.

“A curtsy dirties the dress and a kiss wrinkles the glove. A shake is quicker and easier,” you replied curtly.

“I meant no offense, Madam, I apologize.”

“No offense taken, Doctor. May I consult Mr. Holmes?”

Dr. Watson swallowed hard at this question and ran a hand through his hair. “Now is not the best time. The detective is in one of his.. erm.. moods. Shall I send you a telegram once he’s straightened out?”

As if he had been called to dinner, Mr. Holmes in a royal purple smoking jacket and no shoes or stockings came flying down the stairs. He towered behind Dr. Watson who now looked simply perplexed. “John, I knew it was a client at the door so why haven’t you brought her up yet?”

Mr. Holmes was wild eyed and a strand of his oiled hair fell across his face. “I don’t believe you are fit to be taking clients at the moment. Your feet aren’t quite on the ground,” Dr. Watson said tight lipped.

To this, Mr. Holmes pushed his hair out of his face, buttoned his smoking jacket, and bent forward into a deep bow, extending his hand to you. “How may I be of assistance, Miss?”

You took Mr. Holmes’ hand and gave it a strong shake, to the surprise of the detective as well. “I may have a case for you, Mr. Holmes,” you say assuredly. 

“My, you’re a case in yourself. A woman who shakes and does not curtsy.” Mr. Holmes’ ice blue gaze examined you from head to foot. You could almost hear the wheels turning in his head as he learned everything about you. Gripping your parasol tightly, you began to grow nervous under his stare. In Dr. Watson’s stories you had read about him doing this but it was a completely different experience actually having it happen. 

“Sherlock, could you not make the woman uncomfortable, for God’s sake?” John said, looking at you apologetically.

You quickly shook your head and took a step towards the door. “It’s quite alright, Dr. Watson,” you said, failing to sound convincing. 

Mr. Holmes took one more look of you, up and down, before clenching his strong jaw and turning on his heel. “Follow,” he said monotonously. John stepped out of the doorway and gestured with a hand up the stairs. You cautiously stepped over the threshold and began to climb the narrow wooden stairs.   

“Oh, Sherlock, look at the mess you’ve made,” you hear an older woman shrill from the top of the stairs. You step into the dimly lit sitting area of 221B and find a small woman picking up the pieces of what used to be a tea cup. You were close. 

“Mrs. Hudson, you were in need of a new set anyhow. And please don’t fuss while I have a client,” Mr. Holmes said rather harshly. You were taken aback by how he treated the kind looking woman. 

“Don’t talk to me like that, Mister. I’d have the right mind to send a telegram your brother,” she snapped back before turning to you with a warm smile. “Good morning deary, shall I get you a spot of tea?” 

You grinned back at her and said, “No, thank you, ma’am. I don’t imagine I’ll be here long. I must say, I expected you to answer the door.”

The smile instantly disappeared from Mrs. Hudson’s face and she turned to Dr. Watson with a glare that could kill. All color drained from the army doctor’s face as Mrs. Hudson stomped past him, slamming the door behind her. “She’s not a fan of the stories,” he laughed nervously. 

“Please, sit,” Mr. Holmes piped up, dragging a chair in front of two cushioned chairs. Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes took their respective seats and left you at the center of attention. You slowly took your seat, trying to figure out what to say first. 

Ringing your parasol in your gloved hands, you began, “It’s my brother, he’s gone missing.” You paused, looking between the two men. Dr. Watson sat with legs crossed, hands folded in his lap, and a kind expression on his kind face. Mr. Holmes also sat with legs crossed but his elbows were propped on the arms of his chair, finger tips together and touching his lips. He wore an unreadable expression but gave you a slight nod, prompting you to continue. “He left for America about 3 months ago, expecting to return 2 months ago. My father insisted I not worry about it but it has been 2 months with not so much as a whisper of his whereabouts.”

“Why did your brother leave for America?” Dr. Watson asked formally.

Before you could open your mouth, Mr. Holmes interjected with an outrageous accusation, “He was running from someone.”

“While I live and breath, of course not. My brother was loved by everyone he met. He went to America on business.”

“What business then?” Mr. Holmes smirked at you as if he knew something you did not. 

“Well, I don’t know. Father only said it was business. He claimed a lady had no use knowing,” you say through gritted teeth. 

“You’re brother was running from someone. He hasn’t returned or made contact, to your knowledge, because it is still unsafe. Your family just recently came into a lot of money, am I right?”

Your jaw dropped but you quickly shut your mouth and gained your bearings. “Y..Yes.”

“And what did your father tell you the reason was?”

“An aunt died and left the family everything she had.”

“An aunt you’ve never heard of no doubt. No, that is not what happened. You’re quite worried about the soot about your dress, clearly new, and you don’t use the parasol. Clearly, you weren’t raised to use one. Also, you shake rather than curtsy or accept a kiss, startling signs that you grew up in a poor home of men. You’re uncomfortable with this new lifestyle and are angered by the change in manner your father has toward you. I’m sure your brother is fine in America, but if you so desire, I can look into it.”

You were stunned. It was one thing to read the unbelievable stories of Dr. Watson’s but it was surreal to be living it. Mr. Holmes spoke with such swiftness, his deep, smooth voice sounding so matter-of-fact yet reassuring. You couldn’t help but believe him. “No,” you said, your voice sounding distant, “I believe you. Thank you, Mr. Holmes.”

Both Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes stared at you in bewilderment. “You’re the only client that has accepted my word as gospel so quickly,” Mr. Holmes breathed. “John, close your mouth.” Dr. Watson quickly closed his mouth and looked away in embarrassment. 

“Well, it only makes sense, Mr. Holmes. Everything you said makes sense. You’re right, I am rather uncomfortable with the sudden shift. And no, Mr. Holmes, I don’t wish to take up anymore of your time.” Mr. Holmes swallowed nervously. He didn’t say anything, he just stared. He stared at your face, studied it. All you could do was blink at him, frozen under his intense gaze. “You’re extraordinary,” you whispered, enamored by his blue eyes and sharp features. 

Mr. Holmes quickly looked away and what you could only assume was a blush rose to his cheeks. You too looked down, embarrassed you had said that aloud. “How much do I owe you for your time?” you asked in a hushed voice.

“Nothing,” Mr. Holmes said quickly, standing up in a rush. 

“Oh, well… Thank you, Mr. Holmes, for your…”

“Sherlock, please,” he interrupted, extending a hand to you to help you to your feet. 

You took it, in a daze. “Thank you, Sherlock.” His name slid like honey from your tongue. Your chest tightened as he bent forward and placed a ginger kiss to the back of your hand. His eyes locked on your’s the entire time. You didn’t even stop him. You couldn’t. You had been so adamant on rebelling against being “lady-like” but Sherlock Holmes made you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Your brain seemed to be on the fritz. 

“I hope I don’t wrinkle the glove,” his smooth voice said with a smirk. 

You felt your cheeks grow hot and you couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. “To hell with the glove.”

Sherlock smiled down at you, a deep laugh rising in his throat. His eyes crinkled as he smiled and his smile lit up his face. It was contagious. “Shall I take you to the door, (Y/N)?”

“I can find my way out, Sherlock, but thank you,” you said before turning to Dr. Watson. He was still sat in his chair, looking at the pair of you with an expression as if he had witnessed a murder. “Dr. Watson?”

He shook the expression from his face and stood up, straightening his vest. “Apologies, I was.. uh… lost in thought,” he stammered, extending his hand. You took it in a firm shake and beamed at him. “I hope your brother is alright.”

“Thank you, Dr. Watson,” you replied. “Goodbye, gentlemen.” You turned on your heel and opened the door to the stairs. 

“I wish to see you again,” Sherlock said in a nervous manner. You paused in the doorway and turned slowly to see the detective, his face a deep crimson, standing with a hand slightly outstretched towards you. “Um, to follow up on your brother, of course,” he concluded, clasping his hands behind his back and setting his face with a nonchalant expression. 

You grinned at him before saying, “I wish to see you again, as well, Sherlock.” His face softened and you nodded at Dr. Watson. “Until next time.” You turned and descended the stairs, your heart threatening to fly from your chest. 

John turned to Sherlock as soon as he heard the door shut behind you. He let out a belly laugh and clasped a hand on Sherlock’s shoulder. “What a story this case would make! Emotionless Detective Can’t Stop Staring! Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Girl That Stole His Heart!” 

Sherlock simply cocked his head toward his giggling companion and said, “I thought you were good at titles.” Leaving John to bask in the euphoria of seeing Sherlock loose control of his feelings, the detective walked towards the chair that you had occupied only moments before. He dragged his fingertips along the back of the chair and smiled to himself. “Until next time,” he whispered. 

A/N: I’m sorry for how long it is! I’m thinking of a part two for this one as I’m working on a part two for “What Do You Know About Babies?”!! Let me know what you think and send in your requests!! xx

I Don’t Think We Can Do This Anymore// Grayson Dolan Imagine


A/N: Let me know if you guys want a part 2 on this one (: 

WARNINGS: Talks about depression and body image issues. 

You felt like the whole world around you was against you. Everywhere you turned around everyone was whispering and pointing at you. You felt vulnerable and hated by so many people. You kept telling yourself that what they said didn’t matter. That you weren’t fat, ugly, or making him unhappy. You told yourself everything was going to be okay. 

Yet you struggled to get past each and every day. You get on social media without someone criticizing what you say or what you are wearing. You slowly started wearing baggier clothes to hide that you didn’t have a flat tummy because they told you that you were fat. You went from wearing little-to-no-makeup to full on glam everyday because they told you that you were ugly without it. You went from smiling in every picture to looking sad in every picture because they said your smile was ugly. You began to distance yourself from Grayson because they said you were clingy. 

Yet after a whole year of being with him you just couldn’t take the hate anymore. You tried to get off social media but they still found a way to get to you. They would find you out and about and begin to insult you behind your back. You slowly lost the little confidence you had in yourself and grew back to being the insecure person you hated. 

Everyday it got worse. Grayson would tell you not to listen to them and that you were perfect for him. He would tell you to only care about what your family and friends thought of you and not what people who didn’t even know you thought about. You listened to him but it’s easier said that done. 

You tried to do what he said but you just struggled with it more. Everything around you was slowly breaking at your feet. You felt like you were going insane and you hated it. 

“Y/N, what do you want for dinner?’ Grayson asked you as he poked his head inside your shared bedroom. “I don’t think we can do this anymore,” You softly whispered while keeping your eyes on your knees that were pulled up to your chest. 

“What?” He asked you with pure confusion hoping that what he heard was wrong. 

“I don’t think we can do this anymore Grayson,” you repeated louder than the first time. 

“What can’t we do anymore? What’s wrong?” He asked you as he rushed over next to you. “I can’t deal with this anymore Grayson. They keep saying such mean things to me. They won’t stop and when I think it’s getting better it just gets worse.” As you said this you didn’t once glance up at Grayson because you feared you would break down in front of him. 

“Who are they, y/n? Tell me and I’ll make sure that they will leave you alone,” he pleaded while reaching over to grab your hand. In response to his touch you closed your eyes and gently pulled away from him. You knew he was hurt from the way you saw his shoulder’s slouch down and his hands go limp in his lap. You knew you were breaking him but in that moment all you cared about was your own mental health. You wanted to get better before you went in to deep and did something to yourself you would later on regret. 

“Grayson,” You paused as you squeezed your eyes from letting the tears escape down your face. “I love you so much but I really want some time apart. I ne-need some space for myself. I need to clear my mind before I go insane. I’m not in a good mental state right now and I haven’t for a while now. Please just let me go,” you cried out while finally looking up at Grayson. 

Your heart broke even more as you saw his tear filled face and the sad, betrayed look he had on. 

“Why didn’t you tell me? Wh-why didn’t you trust me enough to tell me that you were going through a hard time? I would have helped you! I would have helped you get the help you needed,” He cried out while looking everywhere but you. 

“Trust me, I really really wanted to tell you but whenever I gained enough courage to do so you would leave and go out to hang out with your friends. Gosh Grayson you knew how bad the hate was getting yet did nothing about it! Have you not noticed that I stopped eating dinner? All those times I’ve told you that I wasn’t hungry and I’ll eat later? You never once batted an eyelash when I told you I felt like shit. Grayson don’t come at me with me not trusting you because I did. Do you think if I didn’t trust you I would still be with you after a year? No, I would have left you ages ago if you gave me any type of trust issues,” you sobbed out while getting up from the bed. Running your fingers through your messy hair you let out an agitated yell. 

“I’m so stupid. Oh my gosh how did I not notice?” He whispered to himself trying to figure out how he didn’t notice you breaking apart. 

“Because you were always so busy with your job or with your friends. Now I’m not saying it’s something bad. I’m so happy you love your job so much and that you finally started talking to your old friends again. I just wished you would pay a little attention to me. The only times I would see you were at night or in the morning when you would come back from Ethan’s place.” You explained as you walked over to Grayson who looked unbelievably broken. 

Kneeling down you grasped his hands and pulled them up to your chest. 

“I love you so much Grayson Dolan but I need my space to heal,” You sniffled as you looked up at him. His eyes bore into yours making your heart rate speed up even more than it already was. His eyes were now a green telling you that he was sad. 

“Promise me you’ll come back to me,” he whispered out sounding almost child-like. 


“If you can’t promise me that then you did waste an entire year with me.” He angrily muttered out making your breath stop. You looked up at him in disbelief, not believing he would say something like that to you. Letting go of his hand you reached up and cupped his face with your hands. Leaning up you pressed your lips onto his slightly chapped ones into a kiss. At first your lips were the only ones moving against his and right when you were about to pull away you felt his lips move against yours. Grayson gripped onto your waist as the two of you kissed each other passionately, scared of letting go because you both knew it would be the last time for a while. Pulling away you rested your forehead on his and bit your lip trying to catch your breath. 

Pulling of of his you put your hand on the back of his neck while looking into his eyes. 

“I promise I’ll be back Grayson Bailey Dolan. You know I when I make a promise I always keep it. I love you so much please never forget that,” you said before pulling away and going over to the bag you had pre-packed an hour before he came home. 

“I love you too Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N. I’ll see you later, get better soon.” He spoke behind you making you smile sadly. 

Without turning back to look over at him you walked out your shared apartment and made your way out the building. This was your time to heal and your time to get your shit together. 

You were going to get better and that was a promise you made to yourself. 

I don’t think Viktor is lazy and refuses to do house work. 

I do think Viktor is forgetful as FUCK and Yuuri might need to remind him a few times, especially if he’s busy. But I think Yuuri would be understanding and even if he’s a little frustrated that Viktor said he’d unload the dishwasher like six hours ago and didn’t do it, he’d shout into the apartment like ‘babe? did you get to the dishes?’ and hear muffled Russian swearing and Viktor would come into the kitchen like a fucking freight train and do it in 8.3 seconds while muttering angrily at himself and Yuuri would just love him a whole lot.

A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Fandom: Star Trek AOS.
Leonard McCoy X Reader.
Prompt: Stop talking about love for a minute and help me with this bullet wound.” For @kaitymccoy123‘s Spring has Sprung challenge.
Word Count: 1514.
minor description of a bullet wound, a little bit of blood, mentions of violence.
Rating: Teen+.
Genre: action, fluff.
Summary: An away mission gone awry has reader admitting feelings she wasn’t quite ready to have out in the open yet.
Author’s Note: The title is a play on the old expression of biblical origin for something that’s not as it appears.  This was hastily written and I feel like it felt a lot better in my head than it does on paper, but I hope you enjoy it, loves!  Especially you, Kaity dearest!

A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Everything around you has long since faded away.  Your world is reduced to the immediate bubble of space around your body as you pace nervously back and forth in the wake of a firefight that’s left the guards who’d chased you and Dr. McCoy out of town out of ammo and far behind.

It was supposed to be a peaceful, run-of-the-mill supply drop off for the town’s medical clinic.  Starfleet had never had problems with this planet’s people before, and so you the captain had decided a security detail wasn’t necessary.  A doctor and nurse were plenty for the short trip down, he’d said, and so you’d come along on his orders.

You supposed it wasn’t Jim’s fault that female crew members had always historically come down in dress uniforms and that they didn’t appreciate how short your dress was.  It also wasn’t his fault that they had reacted with violence against your sacrilege.  You were the one feeling personally responsible for the whole situation now.  Ordinarily you would have changed into a more practical uniform, but because you were only supposed to be planetside for a few minutes to makes the exchange, you’d elected not to waste any time getting into different clothes so you could just get the whole mission over and done with.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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I Am An Alpha Ch 18: The Things We Can’t Avoid

“That was absolutely amazing!” I’m grinning ear to ear as Luhan helps me out of his car. I don’t even care about the massive building behind me at the moment, I just rush up to Kris who had driven in another car and basically beg, “Hyung can I ride with you next time?”

He chuckles, “Of course little wolf but you are offending Luhan hyung.”

I look over my shoulder at Luhan, who is not pouting as he holds the door open for Kyungsoo, Baekhyun and Jongdae to climb out of the back seat.

“Sorry Hyung but Kris hyung drives faster!”

Luhan scoffs, “I would have driven faster if I didn’t have Kyungsoo in the back growling in my ear anytime I went slightly above the speed limit. Kid is such a worry wart, he has her sitting in the front seat with his one arm resting on her shoulders and his other hand holding the door closed even though I already locked the doors.”

“You already poisoned her this morning, I wasn’t going to let her fall out of a moving car too,” Kyungsoo snaps.

“How was your first car ride?” Yixing asks me coming to stand by my side.

“It was so much fun, I can’t believe I’ve gone my whole like with out riding in one.”

“Enough car talk, lets get her inside the building, it’s freezing out here,” Suho decides, taking my hand and leading me past his brothers. I stare at our interlocked hands and realize this is the first time we’ve touched. Warm tingles spread from my fingertips to my toes, I find myself smiling at our connection, gripping his large hand tighter. I take a moment to do a mental checklist of who I’ve at least touched or  I’ve had some kind of moment with, Suho, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun are the only ones who don’t come to mind. With that in my head I pull Suho’s arm a bit so I can wrap our arms together, bringing our whole bodies closer together.


He raises his brows, “Yes?”

“We have never really talked,” I note.

He nods, “You haven’t been with us very long, I don’t want to overwhelm you and scare you away.”

“Don’t you want to be close to me though?” My hold on him loosens a bit, something he quickly notices and brings his free hand up to keep me from letting go completely.

“Of course I do! I just don’t want to be like Jongin and almost attack you.”

“You seem pretty in control of yourself,” I muse, “Maybe you’re just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

That makes him laugh, a beautiful smile spreads across his face and I’m awe struck at such and amazing sight. My cheeks get a pink hue across them, my heart flutters. God they are beautiful.

“How do you feel about being out in public for the first time?” Suho asks, I blink a few times before glancing around. I basically jump into his arms, clinging to him for dear life, where the hell did all of these people come from? Lost in my own thought I didn’t even notice our change in back drop, from a parking garage, Luhan explained to me what they are, to a massive building filled with more people than I’ve ever seen in one place. “Are you okay?” He worries rubbing my back softly.

“So many people!” My eyes are as wide as can be as I try to take in as much a possible. There are so many different smells, human, wolf, something else, my mind is set into overdrive as I try to figure everything out. Someone bumps into us, out of habit I growl at the stranger, earning a confused look from the man.  My heart is beating quickly in my chest making it hard for me to breath. Suho’s hand runs up my neck and tangles in my hair, pushing me towards the crook of his neck. I hesitantly obey, afraid to take my eyes off of the on lookers who are slowly starting to stare.

“What’s wrong?” Kris is quickly standing over us.

“I think there might be too many things going on for her. We need to get her out of here before she lashes out or something.”

“The Executive lounge is on the top floor, should we take her there?” Jongdae suggests.

They must all agree because the next thing I know we are moving. I feel like we are blur, rushing through the corridors or halls or whatever they are called. I wait for more strange smells to find their way to me but all I can smell right now is Suho. It’s much different than from what I was expecting, something more like Minseok’s or Yixing’s, but he smells like a rainy day.

“Insoo,” Suho calls softly, running his fingers up and down my back. I hesitantly release him and realize that we are sitting down, my thighs straddling his hips. Concern is carved into his handsome face.

“I’m sorry Insoo I didn’t think this through,” Kris is kneeling next to us. “I should have known it would be too much, going from the woods to a shopping mall is a massive step. I’m an idiot.”

“Hyung it’s okay, I should have thought about it more. I haven’t been in public before, I should have told you that.”

“This wasn’t our greatest idea,” Luhan admits, “We should have definitely taken baby steps.”

“What should we do now though?” Tao questions.

Kris sighs, “You and Sehun go get her a few pairs of shoes to start out with. Kyungsoo and Jongin, you guys are on pajamas. Chan and Baek you guys are on actual clothes, jeans and shirts should be good to start. Jongdae and Yixing, other necessities like toothbrush, hair ties, and other things girls need. Luhan and Minseok hyung you guys are the most mature so you guys buy her underwear. I’m going to check in on a few things here in the offices, while Suho you stay here and watch over her, okay?”

“Yes Alpha,” Everyone responds together.

“Great, go.”

The ten men rush to the door dogs rushing for food, barely able to squeeze through the doorway. I finally look around our new setting, it’s a decent sized room with two couches and a TV. One wall I realize is completely made of glass looking over the very busy area I’m assuming we were moments ago, how in the world did they get up here so fast.

“Little wolf,” Kris is standing next to me, stroking my head.

I look back at him, “Hm?”

“I’m going to do some work, you will be fine here with Suho right? Cause if not I can stay and let him go.”

Suho nods, though I can tell he doesn’t want to, “I won’t take offense, you are much more comfortable with Kris and this is a very stressful situation for you, I’ll understand.”

Without hesitation I say, “I want Suho to stay, you can do your work.”

“Are you sure?” Kris asks once more.

Suho glares at him, “She said it’s fine, now go.”

I can see how hesitant the older is to just leave but I give him one last smile and wave as he closes the door. A chuckle escapes my lips at his sad child like face.

“You two are so close already,” Suho notes as he places his hands on my hips. “I’m so jealous.”

“Well Hyung what could I do to make you feel closer to me?”

He hums for a minute, “Well there is one thing.”

I cock my head.

“Call me Oppa,” He requests quietly.

“Oppa?” The word sounds foreign on my lips but I notice Suho perking up.

“I just want you to call me it once, please?”

“Suho oppa!” I smile at him, enjoying the way his eyes light up.

“It’s just so cute when you do it,” He is grinning ear to ear.

“Do you not like that I call you hyung?”

He shakes his head quickly, “I’m happy with whatever you call me as long as I can hear your voice. But it was nice to hear at least once from you…”

“I’m sorry, I would do it but in all honesty I never consider it because the only people I’ve ever called oppa are my brothers. They were murdered the night of the raid and ever sense it just doesn’t sound right,” I admit quietly.

Any kind of happy emotion falls from his face, “I am so sorry! If I had known I would have never asked for such a thing, I’m such an idiot! I’m so sorry.”

I wrap my arms around him and pull him into a tight hug, “How could you have known? It’s okay, it’s okay.”

“There is so much about you that we don’t know, so many painful stories.”

“Lots of them aren’t painful anymore, because I wouldn’t be where I am now with the family I have.”

He nods.

Our nice moment is ruined by my stomach gurgling and a sudden pain spreading through my midsection. I clutch my stomach for a minute, waiting for the pain to pass but it only dulls slightly.

“Are you okay?” Suho worries.

I shake my head, “It must be Luhan’s breakfast settling in.”

“Ah fuck, they told me about that, here you sit here,” He scoots me off his lap and on to the couch as he rushes to the door. “I’ll be back with something to calm your stomach, don’t move!” Just like that he is gone. I try to sit there patiently but the groaning in my stomach is telling me to find someplace to empty the contents of my stomach. It slowly makes its way up my throat and suddenly I’m on my feet rushing out of the room for a way outside or to anywhere that they can’t see me. I rush out of nice area they had taken me into, ending up in a pretty empty hall. I see a sign for restrooms cross some kind of bridge or arch or something and run to it. A bad vibe hangs over my shoulder for a moment  as I run down the hall but stops when I reach the restroom door that I bust into. Inside I find the first toilet and throw up everything I’ve eaten the last three days. It only takes a few heaves to actually empty my stomach, I just dry heave for a few more minutes because my body gives me no other option.

“Are you okay?” A soft voice wonders from behind me.

I spit one last time before wiping my mouth off with a piece of toilet paper, “Do I sound like I’m okay?” It comes out more aggressive than I meant to but I’m upset by my now empty stomach.

“I guess not, sorry,” The small voice apologizes.

I close my eyes for a minute with a sigh, “No, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap. I’m okay, thank you for asking.” Namjoon’s manners lesson finally becomes useful.

“I think you ran into the wrong bathroom,” Another voice pipes in. I turn around confused, two little omega girls are staring at me with wide eyes. We are about the same height but that is the only thing we have in common. They have long flowing hair that is blonde and some kind of red. Both are wearing pastel colored dresses and cute little heeled shoes, cute outfits that match their baby faces. Their hands are intertwined, a little fear in their eyes, like I would attack them but looking down I understand why. Under Minseok’s clothes my small figure is covered, my hood is up and I’m wearing shoes much to big for me, I do look a bit boyish.

I’m about to correct them when the taller of the two takes a step closer to me, “Oppa, can you help us?” I blink at her for a moment, me, Oppa?

The other nods, “There is this scary alpha creeping in the hall and we can’t leave.”

“I know you are an omega too but maybe you can scare him off since you are a boy. Oppa please!”

“That must have been the bad vibe I got when I rushed in,” I realize.

“He hasn’t come in because he likes toying with us,” The shorter sniffles.

“It’s okay don’t cry, I’ll see what I can do and pray that my mates don’t see me,” I cringe at the thought of what they would do if they saw me fighting again. “Speaking of which,” I pause, “You both smell of other alphas, where are your mates?”

“We told them we could at least go to the bathroom on our own but of course we can’t even do that,” The taller looks down at her shoes ashamed.

“Don’t worry,” I pat her head, “I’ll protect you from the big bag alpha.” Even though I’m smiling at these sweet little omega my heart pings as I think of my past. “You guys wait here, I’ll see if I can get rid of him, okay?”

They nod before giving a quiet fighting.

With a sigh I walk to the exit and down the hall from where I came I see the alpha that they were talking about. The hallway reeks of his pheromones, letting those girls inside know that he’s out here and he’s waiting for them. A snarl rumbles in my chest at the old tricks he’s playing. Soldiers used to do this to omegas that were trying to hide in the villages we were raiding. The alpha pushes away from the wall he was leaning on and swaggers my way, his head cocked to the side in amusement.

“Was that a growl I heard from you, Omega?” He muses.

“It was,” I snap, “What the hell are you doing slinking around mated omegas?”

“I don’t think that is any of your business. I’m not looking for any little boys to fuck so scram,” He gestures for me to pass.

“I’m not going anywhere without those little omegas so fuck off.”

He laughs, “I’d watch that mouth of yours, unless you want me to find it something else to do.”

“Don’t you have something better you could be doing?”

“Not anymore,” He wraps his arm around my shoulders, “I found exactly what I want to be doing. I’ve never knotted a male omega, I guess there is a first time for everything.” I cringe at his words, placing my hand over his, I lift it over my head and twist it behind his back, sending him to his knees. He cries out as the bones in his arms crack, “You are breaking my arm!”

“I am.”

“Stop! Stop! Please!”

I sigh, “You act so tough but can’t even handle some broken bones. If you going to pretend to be the big bad wolf at least know how to act like one, you whiny bitch. Are you done harassing girls?”

“Yes!” He seethes as he tries to pull away form me with no luck.

“I swear to go if I see you doing this again I’ll rip your knot right off, got it?”

He nods frantically.

“Good,” I push him to the ground, expecting him to run away but flips on to his feet and crouches down ready to attack.

I sigh, ready for him to jump at me but when two more alphas join us in the hall the man freezes. It’s two alphas I don’t know but their scents are familiar enough for me to assume that they are the two omegas mates.

“Shit,” The alpha snarls as he pushes past the other two and escapes down the hall. I look to the new comers with an awkward smile, not really sure how to interact with people. They just look confused about whatever could have happened in front of them.

“Oppa!” The two girls rush out of the restroom and I assume they are running to their mates but they basically tackle me to the ground. “Thank you!”

“Rose, Lisa, what the hell is going on?” One of the alphas asks.

“Mino oppa!” The blonde pops up and beams at her mate.

“Who is this? Get off of him, you shouldn’t jump on strange wolves,” The other scolds, pulling the red head off me. Blondie is pulled up next, I sit up leaning back on my hands, not really expecting the jealous looking alphas to let their mates touch me again.

“This is the Oppa that saved us from the scary alpha,” Red responds, pouting at her mate.

“We are the ones that scared him away,” Mino clarifies.

I roll my eyes but Blondie defends me, “He had him screaming before you showed up.”

Mino is going to snap back before a horrifying growl echoes through the hall. We all sink down as the pheromones of twelve pissed alphas surrounds us. The four wolves near me are on their knees with their heads down. I scan the four before looking to my mates, trying to figure out who they are mad at.

Kris is in the front, looking like he is about ready to murder someone. I smile at him awkwardly, “Hey Kris hyung.”