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You know, I'm just glad Nemo is drawn with a visible sheath. For some reason that makes me happy.

Mod: What? Really? This is my first time getting something like this. Honestly, I started drawing him with a sheath I believe a year or 2 ago. It was because he was often mistook for a girl. So I wanted to make it clear that he was male. But I did it in a way that was appropriate. Sadly, even with his sheath, he does still get mistook for a girl. Whomp

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  • Nickname: Andy or Andie, sometimes Moon and Tumblr Mom. lol
  • Gender: Female 
  • Star sign: Taurus 
  • Height: 5'7" 
  • Time: 1:10 PM
  • Birthday: May 12th
  • Favorite bands: Relient K, MS MR, P!ATD, Arctic Monkeys, Boston, Steve Miller Band, there are so many. lol
  • Favorite solo artists: Lorde, Ruelle, Sam Sparro, Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey, Bishop Briggs, Woodkid, 
  • Song stuck in my head: Swallow me down by Chris Brown (I’ve been watching hip-hop dance videos and one I’ve been watching a lot features this song. lol)
  • Last movie I watched: Shrek 2
  • Last show I watched: The Get Down
  • When did I create my blog: Two years ago, I think 
  • What do I post: it’s a grab bag of fandoms + wizardess heart fanfiction
  • Last thing I googled: ughhh i honestly don’t remember and I’m on mobile
  • Do I have another blog: I have 6 other blogs (yikes)
  • Do you get asks: I get quite a few and I am thankful for each of them.
  • Why did I choose this blog’s name: because Klaus is bae.
  • Blogs I’m following: 181
  • Followers: 730 (I should really do a giveaway, holy crap)
  • Favorite colors: Dark blues, greens, and purples
  • Average hours of sleep: 4 if I’m lucky, I never sleep y’all. 
  • Lucky number: I have no idea
  • Instruments: Euphonium, trombone, tuba, bassoon
  • What I’m wearing: t-shirt and jeans
  • How many blankets I sleep with: 1, maybe 2 if I’m cold
  • Dream job: I don’t know lmao. I’m still figuring it out
  • Dream trip: ITALY TO VISIT @persephonesdarkness
  • Favorite food: that’s so hard. I don’t really have a favorite. I do love red bull but that’s a drink.
  • Nationality: I live in the Us
  • Favorite song now: Bones by MS MR

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1. Nickname: Ambae or squid
2. Gender: Female
3. Star sign: Pisces
4. Height: 5'5"
5. Time: 5:30pm
6. Birthday: 4th of March 2000
7. Favorite bands: Queen, fall out boy, I can’t really think of any others off the top of my head lol
8. Favorite solo artist: Ed Sheeran, Anne Marie, will.i.am, Eminem, Bruno Mars
9. Song stuck in my head: Bohemian rhapsody
10. Last movie I watched: The last full movie I watched was kingsman but after that I watched about half of Moana
11. Last show I watched: Naruto
12. When did I created my blog: About 2 and a half years ago
13. What do I post: Pretty much anything but it’s mainly shitty memes, wizardess heart or Tom Holland related
14. Last thing I googled: What did Robert Downey Jr do 😂
15. Do I have another blog: No I was thinking about making an art blog though
16. Do you get asks: Occasionally
17. Why did I choose this blog’s name: I originally made this blog to look at Harry Potter stuff so it used to be the-dark-lord-amba3 then I changed dark to dank because I thought it was funny lmfao
18. Blogs I’m following: I follow a lot of inactive blogs and I never unfollow them because I’m too lazy so I’m following 1451 blogs I need to sort it out ahah
19. Followers: 298 IT WAS 299 YESTERDAY BUT SOMEONE UNFOLLOWED!! I’m guessing it was just a bot though lol
20. Favorite colors: violet, black, white, blue and silver
21. Average hours of sleep: I either don’t sleep, get about 3 hours of sleep or sleep for about 12+ hours I’m awful
22. Lucky number: 14
23. Instruments: I used to play the flute when I was younger but I hated it, I played the drums for a bit too
24. What I’m wearing: Horse riding attire
25. How many blankets I sleep with: One
26. Dream job: something to do with animals maybe a dog groomer so I could spend all my days with dogs omg
27. Dream trip: Japan is my number 1 place I definitely wanna go to, I don’t often think that much about travelling since I hate flying and I don’t do very well in a lot of heat cry
28. Favorite food: i don’t really have a sweet tooth so I quite like hearty savoury food with lots of meat and carbs lol but the one sweet thing I could eat all day is ice cream
29. Nationality: British
30. Favorite song now: I don’t really have one at the moment

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1. Nickname: TJ

2. Gender: Female

3. Star Sign: Scorpio

4. Height: 148cm

5. Time: 9:37AM

6. Birthday: 7 November1994

7. Favourite Bands: AOA, TWICE, 

8. Favourite Solo Artists: Hayley Kiyoko, Beyonce

9. Song stuck in my head: Dua Lipa’s New Rules

10. Last movie I watched: its been a while since i watched an actual movie, i’ve just been watching tv series…but i think the last movie i watched was the edge of seventeen.

11. Last show i watched: Marvel’s The Defenders

12. When did i create my blog: a while ago now…maybe three years ago?

13. What do i post: mainly otome game stuff

14. Last thing i googled: ‘teen romance movies’. it was late and i wanted something to watch to put me to sleep but i didnt end up finding anything i wanted to watch lol.

 15. Do i have another blog: Yep, several. i have four other blogs, five altogether. its getting ridiculous lol.

16. Do i get asks: sometimes

17. Why did i choose this blog’s name: well it was a long time ago but i dont think i thought too hard on what i wanted this blog to be called and just picked the first thing that came into my head. at the time i had another blog called fortheloveofshoujomanga, so i was following that trend (tho i cant remember which blog came first). i ended up deleting that blog tho bc it was too much work.

18. Blogs im following: 1,155

19. Followers: 2067

20. Favourite colours: blue, green

21. Average hours of sleep: a lot. idk. its all over the place

22. Lucky number: 3

23. Instruments: i can literally play one song on the piano and thats it. i’ve forgotten how to read music *cries*

24. What i’m wearing: mismatched pjs still

25. How many blankets i sleep with: 1 or 2

26. Dream job: idk i dont really have a dream job anymore

27. Dream trip: Japan!!! 

28. Favourite food: avocado on toast with goats cheese (its amazing!!!)

29. Nationality: Australian

30: Favourite song now: Dua Lipa’s New Rules (mainly bc its been stuck in my head since yesterday)

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1. Nicknames? - Yana Picnic

2. Gender? - Female

3. Star Sign? - Taurus

4. Height? - 160 cm probably

5. Time? - 10:34 am

6. Birthday? - May 14th

7. Favorite bands? - Shakespears Sister,Sigue Sigue Sputnik & Bananarama atm

8. Favorite solo artists? - Sandra,George Michael

9. Song stuck in my head? - 7 And 7 Is by Love

10. Last movie watched? - idk

11. Last show watched? - The Amazing World Of Gumball

12. When did I create this blog? - About 2 years ago

13. What do I post? - 80’s - 90’s music

14. Last thing I googled? - The Ringling Sisters

15. Do you have other blogs? - No

16. Do you get asks? - No

17. Why did you chose your url? - It’s my 2 favorite DoA’s songs “Turn Around And Count 2 Ten” & “Rebel Rebel”

18. Following? - 121

19. Followers? - 453

20. Favorite colours? - Red and black

21. Average hours of sleep? - 6-8

22. Lucky number? - Don’t have one

23. Instruments? - No

24. What am I wearing? - T-shirt & skirt

25. How many blankets I sleep with? - 1

26. Dream job? - Copywriter atm

27. Dream trip? - No

28. Favorite food? - Pizza

29. Nationality? - Russian

30. Favorite song now? - It’s Tricky by Run D.M.C.

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Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  • Headphones and phone
  • Binder and school text books
  • 2 pencil cases (one for my markers and one for pens, pencils, etc)
  • Phone charger
  • Peppermint oil

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • My desk
  • Some paper flowers that my senpai gave me (because he had a crush to me but he’s over it now… hopefully
  • My bed and pillows
  • A photo of me with mymiddle school classmates at 9th grade (2 years ago)
  • A painting I did 2 years ago

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • Write my own original story
  • Travel the world
  • Experience actual snow (yeah I know, the first 3 things are the same as yours, Brandon XD)
  • Meet my internet friends irl
  • To own every single video gaming console (yeah, I’m crazy)

Five things/people that make me happy:

  • Art
  • My genuine friends and internet friends
  • My doggos
  • Mint and/or chocolate flavoured or scented food and things
  • Rain

Five things I’m currently into:

  • Kingdom Hearts and Boku no Hero Academia (and others but I’m lazy)
  • Art and music
  • Minty things
  • Making friends on Tumblr (because I’ve met many genuine and nice people here, even more than irl)
  • Green

Five things on my to do list:

  • Get into college and graduate
  • Find a job as an illustrator
  • Owning my own house so I can move out from my parents
  • Become a great artist on Tumblr
  • To meet @thefandombytes someday (I am determined >:<)

I’ll tag @lazerpuppys @dotoyersvsky and @thefandombytes (mrow :3)

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i would love to play ts2 but i can't find it on origin? do you know how much it cost n stuff?

Hi, I don’t believe it’s on origin. You have to go on amazon/ebay to order the discs. EA a few years ago was giving away everything for free as “the sims 2 ultimate collection”, but that’s stopped.   You can call and ask to talk to a rep and if you have the products or product keys for the game, they might be willing to give you a copy!  Some reps are nicer than others, or you can go on one of those websites like I did and download it. They don’t make money anymore from ts2, so if you order discs you’re just throwing money away. 

me: remembers season two was actually written & planned years ago so the writers didn’t know klance would even be so popular which means the whole elevator episode was planned from the start


I had someone ask me via message on where to start in regards to adopting an “unadoptable” dog, and we had a rather pleasant conversation, but I feel like something needs to be said in public on this blog due to my history of having owned such a creature.

Ethical shelters and rescues do not label dogs unadoptable for no reason, in nearly all cases. There is something about the dog that will determine it being an extremely poor fit for 99% of homes that would be interested, and typically that 1% would need to make tremendous amounts of sacrifice in order to successfully own them. As nice as it sounds- wanting to give a dog everyone else has given up on a home- ethical rescues and shelters have a responsibility to take care of ALL of the dogs in their care and to not endanger those they adopt to or the general public with their adoptions. Taking in unadoptable dogs and keeping them until that 1% person shows up takes vast amounts of money away from perfectly adoptable dogs and ends up killing the friendly, healthy, young dogs that are deemed “more likely to be adopted”. Don’t believe me?

Someone I know from dobermantalk stopped fostering for her rescue when they took in 2 heartworm positive senior beagles to foster from a high kill shelter and left the young healthy beagle that had been surrendered with the older pair. The “adoptable” dog never got a foster. He also never got adopted. When his time was up, he was euthanized. The older pair did not survive their heartworm treatment. Three dogs died because of a focus on unadoptable dogs. Who does that help?

About five years ago, a woman took in two seriously dog aggressive presa canarios to foster. What was left of her body was found several days after the fact- she had been torn to pieces. It was hard for the authorities to determine if the presas had done the deed or if her personal dogs, one “pit bull” bbm and one frenchie, had contributed, but they guessed that the presas, two intact males known for engaging in serious fights with other dogs, had begun to fight and redirected on her when she tried to break them up. Due to their size, they would have overwhelmed her quickly, especially if the other two dogs joined in the frenzy. From there it’s hard to tell what bites were inflicted post-mortum, when the dogs ran out of food and turned to the only available source of meat, and what bites caused her death. Reports from those who found her described the scene as a bloodbath. All four dogs were euthanized. Who does that help?

A small breed puppy mill rescue dog I personally knew, deemed unadoptable for her extreme fear issues, was taken in by a well meaning family member. In a very short amount of time, this family member had been bitten multiple times for offenses as minor as walking by the dog while she was sleeping. Eventually, the dog slipped her harness after spooking due to a loud noise, ran into the road, and was killed instantly by a car. Obliterated. In front of her owner. Who does that help?

Skoll was a dog that had been failed by everyone in his short life. He’d come from known abuse and had clear abandonment issues. He had terrible health and his fear of people and his learned behavior of biting to make the scary things go away were ingrained into him long before he came to me. I gave him a chance anyway, I couldn’t sit by and watch a young dog be killed for something that wasn’t his fault. He mauled me without provocation and I euthanized him two months into our time together. He should have been euthanized on take in- he had a long, long list of documented bites well before he ever came to me, though I didn’t know it at the time. Who does that help?

Instead of focusing on these unadoptable dogs, there is a better solution. If you want to feel like you’re making a difference, find an ethical rescue or shelter and foster! Transport! Volunteer your photography skills! Learn their temperament and health testing process and volunteer there too! Make goods to sell at fundraisers and auctions! Organize a community donation pool! There are so many things you can do for dogs in need that aren’t things that, more often than not, end up with the dog dying anyway. But wanting to adopt a dog labeled, for good reason, unadoptable? Especially if you are not experienced in intense or extreme issues, temperament or health wise, in dogs? You are asking for a lot of heartbreak.

Adopt the adoptable dogs. Accept that we cannot save every unwanted dog. Accept that not every unwanted dog SHOULD be saved. It’s not the dogs’ faults, but neither is it the public’s for not being able to deal with these sorts of issues.

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!


Shadowhunters 2x13 ‘Those of Demon Blood’: favorite & iconic lines

bonus (because they’re cute and we can all relate to dot tbh):


finally colored these proto!Katsuki and Yamikumo portraits from a couple months ago for practice! Under the cut: a one year improvement comparison with my first proto reference sheet.

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