i did thing on photoshop and it looked good


“I left you my tears.”


Here is something I did for @meabhd colouring contest 

Your art is simply amazing and when I saw that we are free to colour your lines I thought to myself ‘’ listen Beta, even if you don’t have drawing tablet, even if you don’t have printer and are to lazy to go to the neighbour, you have a damn photoshop and a mouse, for Christ sake go utilize this opportunity to colour meabhd’s lines.’’ And so here I am ^-^. I am not good at many things, drawing being one of them, but with that said I had to do this and I hope it looks… decent. I wish you all the luck with uni and stay awesome. <3

Lines made by Méabh , coloured by me in photoshop using my damn slow mouse. 

Pixel Art Tree Tutorial

When I first started out doing pixel art I couldn’t find a good tutorial on how to make trees. So now that I’m a bit better, I’ve decided to make my own! 

For this tutorial, you’ll need some sort of digital art program. You probably shouldn’t be looking at digital art tutorials if you don’t have a digital art program. I use Pro Motion, but I’m pretty sure that Gimp and Photoshop work too. 

For space-saving reasons, I’ll put the rest beneath the read more

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elainapoststhings  asked:

How do you do the texturing on t-shirts/dresses? They always look so amazingly realistic! Is it just good lighting practice or Photoshop or? Either way, I like what you're doing c:

oh thanks! ;w; i’m sorry in advance if this isn’t helpful at all i’m terrible at explaining things! i’m not sure if you mean texturing as in pattern overlay, or line texture, so i’ll explain both! i try to give the illusion of fabric through the linework and lighting! in digital painting, we observed and did some 30 second studies on fabric laying on things, and it was very helpful for getting important folds and tension points! 

 For texture/ pattern overlay, i usually use layer modes in photoshop like multiply to blend a pattern with a color layer or you can take two images and blend them together there’s alot of cool modes! i use a texture for hanzo’s tattoo occasionally and set the layer mode to “multiply” under a skin color layer!

the layer modes is the drop down box and layer order

Here is the texture without and with multiply on!

anonymous asked:

hey hiya howdy!! could i request headcanons for the RFA finding out that MC was a plus sized model for some famous fashion company?

Oh hell yeah girl rock your stuff!! chubby girls unite!!

Also I put in some general chubby MC headcanons in there because I love them okay 


  • HE’S!!!!! SO!!!!! HYPE
  • You’re so beautiful, so it makes sense that you would be a model.
  • Honestly, you two would probably work on projects together! Like, he’d be photoshoots with you and your relationship would be all over the magazines.
  • 10/10 hottest couple
  • People flirt with you all the time and he just swoops in and twirls you around and flips the flirter off as you two fucking strut your stuff.
  • He gets even more angry, however, when people flirt with him while you’re out together. It’s super fucking frustrating when people assume you’re just friends?? Like what the fuck???
  • He’d kiss you all the time and just?? He loves you so much and thinks it’s super cool that you’re a model.


  • He would do anything for a pin-up calendar with you for every month tbh
  • He has pictures of you all over his house because you’re just??? So beautiful??
  • He keeps your magazines in his office to look at on breaks.
  • Kind of jealous that anyone can see you like that.
  • ESPECIALLY the swimsuit pictures.
  • He keeps some of them next to the tissue box if you know what I mean ;) ;) ;)
  • But like everyone can see them :(
  • He’s not going to complain to you about it though because this is something you love!
  • Honestly?? Your companies are 100% going to do some sort of thing together. What? Did you expect him to not?
  • He’s not going to fuck you guys over like he does to most other companies, though.
  • He loves you a lot and is glad to know that others appreciate you, too.


  • When he saw you on the cover of a magazine, he was in awe!
  • You look so fucking good! Like, he knows that they photoshop the shit out of pictures, but still. You look amazing in real life, so they must not have had to do a lot of photoshop.
  • He’d put his head on your belly all the time because chubby bellies are great and soft and he loves!
  • He knows you look fine as fuck too and he’s this short, scrawny little guy so he’s like??? Why are you attracted to him???
  • He talks about you to his LOLOL friends a lot. Like… A Lot.
  • He loves you so much and he wants everyone to know it!!


  • She loves it! She’s so happy you can do what you love and she’s even more happy that you’re super confident in your body! Not many people are and she’s happy that you are!
  • You’re so beautiful!! 
  • She’s really impressed by you being a part of such a big company! Like that’s awesome! You deserve to get to work at a big company like that and have them promote your pictures!
  • If you try to get her to do some modeling with her she gets so flustered and she’s kind of awkward, but you two look so good together! And because you’re a couple, you work well together and can have a really great time doing something you love.


  • When he found out you were a model, he immediately looked up pictures of you and oh boy he was NOT disappointed.
  • Damn girl!
  • He loves that you like to dress up! You guys dress up together and take a bunch of kind of blurry pictures together.
  • You post a lot of the blurry photos on Instagram and people can see that, even though the pictures aren’t good, your relationship is.
  • He calls you “hot stuff” all the time and smacks your ass when he walks by you.
  • He thinks your pictures are the BOMB (get it? cause there was…a … bomb… in the apartment… I’ll see myself out)


  • The perfect couple tbh, a model and a photographer.
  • He’s going to want to take a lot of pictures of you, too!
  • They come out better than the company’s pictures.
  • Psst… get him a job there… it would be great
  • He loves you so much. And you’re so much kinder to him and much more gentle than Rika was. He doesn’t really know what to do.
  • He’s just soft and gentle back to you!
  • He really likes it when you wear pretty, flowy sundresses! You look so perfect and he can’t stand it. He might have a stroke. 
creating SQSN art!

hi friendos! so i never post on tumblr, but i was asked by the @sqsupernova folks to write up a little bit of something about how i created my art for last year’s first ever supernova challenge. 

i’m pretty much a traditional artist (although i want to learn more about drawing digitally), so i created an old school pencil and paper drawing for my companion piece to @lextenou‘s fabulous fic, how to choose

so what was this process like? it was a lot of back and forth discussion with lex, and bouncing ideas off as i thought of them. as i first read the draft of the fic, the moment that stood out to me the most was the breakfast scene early on, and it felt in a lot of ways like the heart of the fic. so i decided to create a still life based off of that. i spent a lot of time talking to lex about what should be included in the still life, as i wanted to make sure it represented emma, regina, and henry in something close to equal parts.

the first thing i did, once we’d decided on which objects important to/representative of the characters would be in the still life, i staged it using objects in my own home to create a stock image to work from. i’m not good at simply creating art from my mind’s eye; i need something to look at and recreate. so i took a photo, and then deleted the background as best i could in photoshop to make just the objects i wanted to draw stand out without a distracting background of random stuff in my apartment.

the next thing i did (on the advice of my then-rooommate), was instead of sketching things out exactly perfectly, i did vague shapes that represented how much space each thing might fill up. however, i decided to do that once some things had already been drawn, oops!

after that, i started to add in details (my poor eraser barely survived tbh). also a sidenote, i distinctly remember sketching out the lettering while watching a terrible lifetime christmas movie starring bailee madison, because of course! when it came to the lettering, i tried to make it as close to the font used for vanity fair’s magazine’s cover as possible, since the article in the story was one of the central things that happened. i am SUCH a geek for hand lettering, and i love trying to recreate fonts by hand!

as you can see, it’s coming along bit by bit at this point, and actually starting to look like something! also, here’s a closeup of henry’s handprint mug, which was one of my fave additions to the drawing.

next step was to start adding color! i used lyra pencils for this, because they’ve been my trusted pencils since grade school, and i love them.

it’s starting to look like real objects now! here’s a glance of my very high tech workspace, aka a comfy couch. 

and here we have the almost final product, after a LOT of coloring and erasing and recoloring and going over everything with a white pencil to blend everything and make it all look smoother.

and now … dun dun dun … the final product that you all saw on AO3! the background was made so blindingly white by doing a tiny bit of digital filtering/photo lightening once the original drawing was done. all in all, it was a pretty lengthy process, but one i loved doing.

the best advice i can give you for photoshop as it applies to tumblr graphics.
  • DO sharpen gifs. DON’T sharpen caps for picspam.
  • when making picspam, cap choice is just as important as coloring. 
  • when you color, enhance what is already there. don’t take a yellow cap and try to turn it purple. it’s going to look ridiculous. 
  • it’s better to under saturate that over saturate.
  • that tumblr trend with the chopped words lazy minimalism scratched out face etc that you think looks neat and everyone is doing seems like a good idea now, but its not. its not a good idea.
  • start an inspiration folder and use it when you want to start something new. that doesn’t mean  ”copy other people work” but break other graphics down and do your best to try to mimic the effect for your own knowledge. everybody learns by imitation. you can make it your own. i’ve had mine for 5-6 years now and its the best thing i ever did..
  • if the typography looks questionable, it probably is. that goes for most things. trust your instincts.
  • don’t stress about the fact that you “don’t have your own style”. some people take years to develop a recognizable look to their work. its okay. you will.
  • ANYBODY can be good at photoshop. ANYBODY. theres no creative gene that makes you pre disposed to photoshop superpowers, and its insulting to assume that some people are naturally better because it invalidates the years of suffering they went through to be as good as they are. Your favorite graphic makers didn’t get out of bed and master PS. YOU DON’T NEED ANY ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE TO START PHOTOSHOP. photoshop is something that takes practice, but you aren’t broken. you aren’t hopeless. 
  • arial bold italic with a +1 or 2 stroke for dialogue text.
  • when applying textures, soft light and screen are your best friends, and (probably) lower the opacity.
  • if you use a popular texture, always try to make it unrecognizable.
  • put your textures under your color layers always. 
  • even if you screw up a lot, never stop experimenting. you don’t have to post every failure, but screwing up is part of learning. 
  • idk or just ignore me

anonymous asked:

Hi, may I ask you how do you make your last moodboard, please? do you have a tutorial or something like that? it's just really flawless god.

Sure thing! Just a warning, this really won’t be a tutorial per say, because really it just depends on the layouting and color scheme you choose. Asheathes answered a similar question HERE and sums it up pretty well, but I’ll point you in the direction of the resources I used for mine!


This part is mostly just playing around with the shape tool on Photoshop until you find a layout you like. The best advice I can give you is look at examples, that’s what I did. There are some good ones HERE: X ) ( X ) ( X ). 

I drew up some mini templates to reference if making your own is too hard to start off with!


Asheathes explains how she picks her color schemes pretty well in her ask, so I’ll just point you in the direction of some good color schemes for inspiration! HERE: X ) ( X ) ( X ).

After that it’s just a matter of finding patterns and photos that match well! (Or editing them to match, the color balance and selective color adjustments were my best friend when I made my moodboard!)

I made some transparent shapes for you to use for your colors section if the shape tool is too tricky at first:


  • Make sure to line up your pixels precisely, it’ll make a world of difference!
  • To make straight dividing lines between sections use the rectangle tool instead of the line tool, just set the width/height (whichever way you want the line to face) to 1px and make the opposite input the length you want your line to be.
  • WeHeartIt, & Flickr are good for ‘mood’ pictures and I use google to find decorative text vectors! Here are some good photoblogs X ) ( X ) ( X ) & ( X ). 
  • Typography is not my strongpoint, so I’ll just direct you HERE for that section.
  • For the Selfie section I put on my moodboard I used THIS template.
Some Skelly Replies

@acquiresimoleons replied to your photoset “Wip - Picnic Basket Redo Testing……. more testing below with…”

The finally got a chance to look at these pics on my computer instead of the tiny dark phone screen and 1. the wine bottle texture is AMAZING 2. the kitten joining the picnic is fucking adorable, I am going to take my cat for a picnic now and 3. the apple looks really nice, did you edit the texture on it?

Thank you and the wine bottle, watermelon and apple have all new textures. Here are a few new pics. I like Simlish stuff so the wine bottle text is in Simlish but the whole thing can be retextured to be whatever anyone wants. I’ll probably throw in a blank preset and include a PSD for the Overlay when I get done. Although, I’m not that good at giving Photoshop instructions so it will be for the user to figure out how to use it if they want to change it.

The whole thing has a new multiplier layer. But with that the plates would be really cute recolored in several patterns on the overlay layer I was just a bit lazy and put it on its on recolorable channel. Again, the user can change that if they want.

It’s all totally customizable.

@ktarsims replied to your photoset “Wip - Picnic Basket Redo Testing……. more testing below with…”

Skellingtons!! Also! Pokemon! Which pokemon game are you playing currently? xD

I bought Pokemon Moon Sun last year and never played it. Just made it past Route 1 and evolved my Litten to Torracat. :)


“It’s over. For real this time”.

anonymous asked:

Hi Sophie. You and your Work are just amazing! What kind of Brush set do you use? It´s so soft&sexy!

Waow thanks! I have way too many brushes (scrolling through the list takes forEVER) but I pretty much only use a couple of them. If Photoshop brushes were shoes in Carrie Bradshaw’s closet, these would be her Manolo Blahniks. (I’ve been watching SATC…)

- My staple is an awesome ink brush that I believe Patrick Leger made. (EDIT: Patrick just told me that Kevin Dart actually made this brush!!) Acquired it while doing freelance for Steven Universe. I use it for sketching and inking alike, it’s so versatile. 

- This is a dry brush with good texture that I got from Katy Wu. Aside from being great for painting, it’s also good to use as an eraser on hard-edged shapes, to soften them up and make them feel more organic. Good all-around brush.

- Originally this was a default brush that comes in Photoshop CS6 that I edited the preferences for. It’s called “Square Charcoal.” I liked the way it looked but didn’t like how hard the edge on it was, so I just went in and changed the tip shape to “Round,” futzed around with some other stuff, and voila. This drawing is the first thing I ever did with it, just to mess around. You can see it very clearly there. I think I’ve gotten better at using it though :P

- This is a Kyle T. Webster brush called “Deliciously Dry Brush.” I don’t use it very often since it’s a very specific look, but it more than rises to the occasion whenever I want to play around with dry media! So fun!

Hope this helps! Play around with brush settings! I used to make my own brushes but other people are much better at it than me :P 

dinowulf  asked:

I love your anniversary picture. I do have a very serious question i need to ask. Please tell me how did you create the "Dramatic wind" (That's what i call it) did you use a guide? Frame by Frame? I'm trying to learn it for animation.

thank you!

and um. i did it frame by frame on photoshop, without reference because goddamn those four years of animation school need to be good for something. (im kidding it was good for a lot of things)

it was 7 frames on a loop at 0.1 (which is like 1/10 of a second so its p fast WHICH IS WHY IT LOOKS SO COOL)

here they are frame by frame

galacticfairy18  asked:

Hi o/, May I ask how did you do the dominator? looks pretty nice~

Yes, of course!

I heavily referenced this awesome tutorial. I did a few things differently, but that’s a really good reference that’ll go more in depth than I will.

Basically, first you’re going to want to take this image, and use it as your base reference. I looked up a lot of other images on google, and used images from the anime, mostly for color reference.

Next, I took the image in the top left, and blew it up, then photoshopped the hell out of it so I could print it out and use it as a blueprint. I ended up with this image. 

After that, I printed out the image, cut it out, and pinned it to a piece of styrofoam. The reference above estimated the Dominator as being 13 inches across. Looking at references on the size of the gun vs the size of the characters, that sounded about right so I printed the blueprint at that size.

I used an exacto knife to cut out the styrofoam, and used that as my base. Don’t forget the hole for the trigger! I cut out the trigger as a separate piece, and then glued it back in.

Next, I pinned the blueprint to thin black craft foam, and cut out two silhouettes for either side. I cut out more pieces to give the gun a more 3-dimensional look. The tutorial I referenced at the top does a better job of explaining that.

After that, I used hot glue to glue all the craft foam pieces to my main styrofoam piece. I went up to three layers of black craft foam. In the end, I had something that looked like this (sorry for the blurry picture, it’s all I have)

Next, I painted the gun with acrylic paints. It’s important to use a dark grey for your base coat, so you can use other colors for contouring later. Paint as many coats as you need for a clean, even coat of paint.

After that, I painted on all of the contouring. I added in a few shadows, and outlined everything with black. Next, I used black puffy paint for all the rivets, again to get a three dimensional look.

Finally, I painted in all the details, like the brown parts, the lettering, and the glowing spots. For the glowing spots, I started with dark blue on the outside, and slowly faded to a bright, pale silver on the middle to get the glowing impression. The end result was this.

It’s not as tricky as it looks. I’m pretty happy with it, for a prop that didn’t take me so long and cost less than $20 (I also have enough leftover materials that I can use them to make another prop for another cosplay). In the future, I’d like the make a Dominator with wiring and LED lighting, but we’ll see.

I know this was pretty brief, but if you want me to clarify on anything, let me know! Again, the tutorial I linked at the top is really really awesome and I based a lot of what I did off of it. Good luck!

YouTuber Love

Characters: Suga/Yoongi, and Reader (you)

Genre: Fluff

A/N: My blog deleted because I am just ??? So I am re-uploading my scenario. I will be making YouTuber AU’s for the rest of the members too. I’m just kinda slow at writing.. Enjoy!

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

“What’s up, guys? It’s me, Y/n!” I exclaimed, doing my signature hand motion. Yoongi snickered from his spot out of camera range. “Shut up.” I laughed.

I turned my attention back the the camera in front of me. “I thought that maybe I should do a Tumblr-tag video..but then I got thinking. Why would you guys want to watch me scroll through Tumblr and see what you weirdos do like I usually do?” I asked, raising an eyebrow to the camera, “So I thought, why not bring a Tumblr noob in here and scroll through their tag to see if I break them! So here is the guest I’m gonna corrupt!” I waved Yoongi over and he used his wheeled office chair to roll into the camera range.

“Hey, Lets pour some suga on it, huh?” Yoongi said his intro with his ‘classic’ handguns towards the camera.

“Lame.” I coughed and he shot me a glare, “Yes, guys! It’s Yoongi from ‘Letspoursomesugaonit’!”

“Y/n said she’s going to take me on a tour of…tumble-er?” Yoongi stated, voice raising at the end like a question, “Can you explain what it is to me?” He turned his head towards me.

I smirked. “Tumblr is a blogging website where people go to share feelings, pictures, fandoms and such to each other.” I explained, “It’s a dark and dangerous journey. Once you go in, you don’t come out the same. Lets get started, yeah?”

“Ah..I’ve heard there’s lots of strange stuff on this website. Should I be worried?” He asked, looking between the camera and I.

I only smirked a little bit while typing his channel name into the search bar of Tumblr. “Ready?” I asked, finger ready to press the ‘return’ key.

“As ready as I’ll ever be..”

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billgatesismysugardaddy  asked:

Is there any possible way to get inexpensive photoshop? The student discount is still $200!Thank you,Sophie

I don’t really know any inexpensive ways to get photoshop… I think at some point in time someone asked me for some drawing sites similar to photoshop. 

Except I have no idea what I tagged it as.

I found this thing, but I know there was some other post this blog is a mess

So I can’t find the thing I was originally looking for, BUT I did find this list of art programs (which is longer than what I had)

As per usual I didn’t really give you a good answer, but 

goodbye and good luck

anonymous asked:

What advice would you give to first-time admins? I know your rp has been going on for a long while so I thought you were the right person to ask this

Oh god. There is so much. i mean a bit of it is luck. Yeah, sometimes you have an amazing idea but your timing is off and the rp doesn’t get the attention it deserves. But that’s just 5 percent of it. The other 95 is dedication.
ps: i wrote this at 3 am. I may not have englished right.

Under the cut you will find some more practical help. Here is a few things I want to tell you (and links to a few guides I have done in the past that will help you). After you read this go here.  it’s all the admin help you will ever need. I wrote some of the things I know about, but there is a lot more!!

  • You will make mistakes. And if you do them correct them, and apologize to the person you have wronged (if that happened) and move on. Don’t hide it or whine about it. Act mature!
  • BE PROUD OF YOUR WORK! you created a freaking roleplay! Be proud of yourself and of your roleplay! Show how bloody excited you are about it!
  • Be nice. Be nice to rph’s who have taken their time to promote/review your roleplay, to the people who are applying and to anyone who has helped you along the way. Be nice and respectful!
  • Read this.
  • this for when the rp opens
  • this answer i gave a few months ago is basically this guide but shorter

last but not least for my general tips section:

Though you do have a responsibility to your game and your players don’t let admining become a chore for you. When it becomes something you force yourself to do maybe something is not right. You created a group because you wanted to, so don’t allow people order you around on how they want the group to be.
Remember you have real life responsibilities first. Do your homework, hang out with your friends, don’t let it consume you! And sadly sometimes a roleplay has run it’s course and there is nothing you can do anymore.  If you have lost muse for the roleplay, don’t force yourself to do something you don’t want to do. Close or give it to people you trust!
Sometimes some roleplays don’t take off no matter how much work you put into it. And that’s all right, failure happens. Be proud of the work you put in! You are wonderful!

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Another thing I’ve been doing lately has been messing around making some more Photoshop brushes! I’m still working on this one; it’s a mechanical pencil! I did up a super quick doodle of Mechthild to show you guys what it looks like right now. I like making brushes, though I don’t think my brushes are very good aha; I’m still pretty new to this!