i did these eight months ago

“This family. What can I say. What an honor to have photographed them for eight years. A couple of months ago, the Social Office came to me and said they were thinking of using a family photo for this year’s White House holiday card. So I thought of Justin Trudeau. I know you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about. Earlier this year we hosted the Canadian Prime Minister for a formal State Dinner. Malia and Sasha attended as guests. Before the dinner, I did a family photo in the White House residence. But later, when the Trudeaus arrived, the two families spent some time on the Truman Balcony with their respective delegations. At one point, the Prime Minister asked if we could do a photo of he and his wife with the Obama family. Click, click, click. Then, he said I should do a photo of just the Obamas. I could have said, ‘Sir, we already did one before you arrived.’ But instead, I clicked off a few quick frames. And lo and behold, it was this picture that Justin Trudeau asked me to take which everyone loved as the choice for the 2016 White House holiday card.” —Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza

honestly,,, i’m so tired of seeing ppl reblog my gif sets and just shit talking kate for reasons that are stupid af and imma tell you why

  • “kate mckinnon is transphobic” – kate did a shitty ass sketch show EIGHT-TEN YEARS AGO that was transphobic as hell, yes. i recognize that, we all get that. HOWEVER, don’t act like there wasn’t a huge difference between the conversations about trans now than there was then, don’t act like you can’t grow and become educated in months let alone ten fucking years. she hasn’t done that show in years??? she’s literally NEVER wanted to hurt people with her comedy??? she stated in an interview that she never wants anyone to take something she says and be offended by it when she never means to offend which is why she doesn’t have social media. she genuinely cares about people, so fuck you for holding something she did a decade ago over her when y’all sure as hell werent the same person you were ten years ago. 
  • “kate mckinnon believes in gold star lesbians” – kate was asked in an interview if she was gay. she stated “i am 100% les. i have never seen a human penis in my life.” two separate statements. quit reaching so far to act like she was stating you can’t be a lesbian if you’ve seen a dick. even if she HAD meant that, which i HIGHLY doubt she did, it was almost a decade ago again. quit acting like you can’t change in a decade. 
  • kate mckinnon didn’t defend leslie during all the twitter shit” – kate doesn’t have social media, which is where all that shit happened. what was she supposed to do? tweet about it on the twitter she didn’t have? yanno what she did since they are BEST FRIENDS? texted her. called her. yanno, visited her to make sure she’s alright. but yeah fuck her for not tweeting about it??? when she don’t have a twitter?? k.
  • “kate mckinnon had trump host snl” – kate is under a contract as an actress, she doesn’t choose who hosts. the producers do lmao. do you have a brain at all? 

y’all fucking stupid bc y’all try to find small reasons to hate every fucking one when y’all 100x more problematic than a lot of ppl. i honestly, 100% hope to god at some point someone finds something you said 10+ years ago and holds you accountable for it today like y’all do to kate and every other celebrity. it’s a form of dehumanization and it needs to stop bc it’s fucking tiring. 


Alright so I made this post like eight months ago or something and everyone loved them but I found that i didn’t love them as much anymore so I rEMADE THE SECOND GENERATION TA-DA

Honestly I would love for you all to tag with who your fav character is because it makes me really happy seeing what people like in my art?

I’m a psychology student and about eight months ago we had finals. My teacher told us it didn’t matter if we were sick or kidnapped we would get an auto ‘F’ if we didn’t show up. I got super sick from stress or something and passed out. Apparently Riddler found me?? He handcuffed me to my bed. Got a text from my friend saying that RIddler legit showed up to class, threatened my teacher not to fail me. He came back to my apartment and said he only did it because I bake him cookies (secret base abouve my apartment) #onlyingotham #riddlerisactullyreallycool #rougehandcuffedmetomybed #thisisnormalforme

We all have old versions of ourselves. Do you see yourself the same way as last year, last month, or even last week? I do not. I talk to people so easily these days, I stand where I once crumbled just at a touch last year. I do not cry when my father raises his voice like I did a few months ago. I compliment a girl I could not talk to last week. Constantly, we are changing, growing, fluctuating.

This is how I know we have many soulmates. Maybe you met yours when you were as young as eight or as old as seventy-eight. Either way, we have a soulmate of every version of ourselves. You loved an old version of me. You can keep her. I do not want that version of myself back ever again.

—  We are growing and changing constantly, we all have different versions of ourselves that different versions of people love.

12.01 “Keep Calm and Carry On” Coda. 

“The concept of counting in months was foreign to me at the time… I did learn later that it was September… September 18th, eight years ago.”

Mary smiles. “I get the feeling that it wasn’t a coffee date.”

Cas tilts his head then lowers his eyes. Pink dusting his cheeks. “No. It wasn’t.”

“Tell me about it?” Mary asks, Castiel’s coat draped over her lap. It’s too chilly in the bunker for her, so he offered his coat while Dean checks the thermostat.

“Well,” he clears his throat, fondness and nostalgia lining his words. “I was, ah, unfamiliar with how to approach people so as to not alarm them.”

Mary laughs, leaning back in her chair and propping her feet up on another. “Go on.”

Cas describes the dilapidated barn, the bullets and sparks and showers of light. “I told him I was the one who gripped him tight and raised him from perdition.” Cas quirks his lips at Mary’s bemused expression. “And then he stabbed me,” he says with a huff. “I pulled out the knife and said, ‘We need to talk.’”

“Oh.” Mary bites her lip, though out of speechlessness or her effort to stifle a laugh Castiel isn’t sure. Perhaps it’s both. “I taught him better than that,” she clicks her tongue, her blue eyes soft. “He had such good manners when he was four… He’s gotten better since, I hope?” she smiles.

“Certainly,” Castiel laughs. “Much better. He can be very sweet.”

“Good,” she says contentedly. “That sounds more like my boy.” She smooths a hand over rumpled, tan fabric then looks back up, her eyes meeting Cas’. “So, that’s how you met then, huh?”

“That was the night I met your son.”

She regards him thoughtfully, a bit assessing but mostly trusting. “You know… I used to tell Dean that angels were watching over him.”

“I was,” Castiel assures her, then add like a promise. “I still am.”

A while back I read something about how ADHD messes with how you process time (you don’t) which explains so much about why I can never remember when things happened, like when an illness started or when I last heard from someone. Because every event in my brain gets classified into one of five time frames:

Earlier today: Literally today in the last waking period
The other day: Sometime between yesterday and three weeks ago
A while back: Anything between one month and a year ago 
A few years ago: At least eight months ago and probably not more than five years
When I was a kid: Either when I was an actual child OR when I did something embarrassing and was old enough to know better

So for example, I know I read that little factoid about ADHD more than a month ago because it was a while back, but I couldn’t begin to tell you whether that was in July or January.

What Did I Get Myself Into? - Epilogue

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“Oh my god,” you said, waking up to the sound of something hitting the floor.

Spencer’s head popped up from underneath the covers. “What was that? What happened?” he sputtered.

You rubbed the sleep from your eyes, wondering if you’d ever know a good night’s sleep ever again. “I think Junior is up,” you said, throwing the covers off your body, “and it sounds like something fell off of the refrigerator.” Just over four years ago, about eight months after your wedding, you’d had Spencer Morgan Reid and just six months earlier, you’d had your baby girl, Elia Brooke. Your nights were filled with late night and early morning feedings, story time with Junior and generally just running around like chickens with their heads cut off, never truly resting. Despite the chaotic nature of your marriage, you made sure to make time as a family and with each other. 

Your parents moved to DC shortly after Junior was born, so at least once a week, they took the kids, so you and Spencer could spend some quality time together. Many times, it would just involve a quiet dinner and some slow lovemaking, but on occasion, you allotted your time to some kinky endeavors. As parents, you didn’t have as much time as you used to, but you never let that side of you disappear. After all, it’s how you met your Kinky Prince Charming.

“Junior!” you yelled on your way out of the bedroom. “What did daddy and I tell you about going into the refrigerator by yourself?”

Spencer had headed to the kitchen before, so when you turned the corner, you saw your husband, looking down in a mix of love and exasperation at your son. “What happened here?” you asked him, before turning to see Junior.

You wanted to be mad, but he was so damn cute. Chocolate cake had been had the night before and there were a couple of slices leftover in the refrigerator - well, now there was one less. Your four-year-old son had cake and frosting all over his face. “Little man…really?”

“I like cake,” he said, looking slightly ashamed, but mostly excited he got to have cake for breakfast.

Spencer bent down to meet his son’s gaze. “I know mommy makes delicious chocolate cake, but you can’t eat it for breakfast. If you want some more, you have to have it after dinner, okay?” He took a warm, damp rag to Junior’s face, wiping the remnants of chocolate crumbs off his face. “How did you cake on your eyelid, Junior?” he laughed.

A low, steady cry drew your attention to the nursery, Elia was awake and needed food. God, you were tired.

“Do you want me to grab this feeding?” your husband asked, reaching toward the refrigerator for some of breast milk you’d pumped the day before. Your boobs hurt just thinking about it.

“No, that’s okay, love,” you said, kissing him on the lips and then your son on the forehead. “Why don’t you grab bath time for messy man and I’ll grab Elia. Mommy’s boobies are coming, baby girl!” you screamed as your daughter’s cries intensified.

It was a Saturday, so you both had off from work. The BAU had a rare day off and you had hired another employee to work some shifts at the shop after you’d had Spencer Jr. 

The day went by in a blur, as it normally did now that you had two children, but tonight was date night. Your parents were driving in from their house 30 minutes away that they’d moved into after Junior was born. Spencer was taking you to a restaurant you’d never been to before - an Indian restaurant about 20 minutes away that was basically in the middle of nowhere. You both loved Indian food and never really had the chance to have it, so you figured why not go a little out of the way. The grandparents wanted all the time they could get with Spencer and Elia, so you always took an extra-long date night when they agreed to babysit.

“Hey, Mom. Dad,” you said, opening the door in your tea length white dress decorated with a navy blue lace overlay. You never got the chance to wear heels anymore. Heels with a pre-schooler and a six-month old? Not likely, so you decided to wear your nude colored heels along with your dress. “Thank you for coming over. We need date night.”

“I’m just sorry we couldn’t come over last week,” your mother said, taking Elia from your arms.

“How’s my favorite granddaughter?” your mother said, rubbing her nose against your little girl’s.

“Hey mom,” Spencer said to your mother as he turned the corner. “Dad. Thank you for coming over.”

“Not a problem, honey,” your mother said, kissing your husband on the cheek. “More time with the grandbabies for us. Never a bad thing.”

“Ready?” Spencer asked, turning toward you and grabbing your hand. You shook your head and turned back to your parents. “Thank you again, guys. And Junior,” you said, giving your best stern mom-look, “no stealing cake from the refrigerator. Be good for Nanny and Pop Pop.”

“Ok,” he said, looking as cute as a button, “Love you mommy and daddy.”

“We love you too, little man,” Spencer said, blowing him a kiss.

As you walked down the stairs, it immediately felt like when you were dating. You both felt it was the key to a lasting relationship. Continue dating and you’ll never lose the other. His mother was right; a long time ago, when you’d only recently started dating, she’d said that routine was the marriage killer - and it very easily could be, so you made it a priority to date each other, even now.

Once at the restaurant, Spencer hopped out of the car, walking around to your side to open the door. “Always My Kinky Prince Charming,” you said, extending your hand. “You really weren’t kidding about this place being in the middle of nowhere.” It was on a city block, but it was one that next to no one ever frequented, except for the occasional businessman early in the morning.

Minutes later, you were seated at your table and quickly decided on your meals. Spencer ordered the Murg Shahi Korma, a chicken breast in a cream sauce with bell peppers, almond and raisins. You hadn’t had super spicy food in ages, so you went with the Masala Macchhli, which was mahi mahi in a hot curry sauce topped with roasted red chiles. Spencer loved spicy food too, but his stomach couldn’t tolerate the stuff anymore.

Although on a date, the conversation quickly fell back into kids, feedings, changing, story times and school days. Junior had just started preschool and was already showing signs of taking after his father’s genius. You had a meeting with the school principal the next week to discuss his status. Your meals arrived about fifteen minutes later and you both dug in, making all kinds of yummy noises. “Oh my god,” you exclaimed, fanning the fire in your mouth, “holy fuck this is hot.”

“But it’s delicious, right?” he asked, laughing as you chugged a half a glass of ice water.

Nothing was tamping down the fire in your mouth. “Yes,” you said, still fanning the flames, “but I feel like a fire-breathing dragon right now.” You proceeded to blow hot curry air into your husband’s face.

“I have never wanted you more,” he said sarcastically. Although from the look in his eye, he wasn’t being entirely sarcastic.

You hadn’t had sex in about a week and a half; you were getting a little cranky. “Do you think after the kids are down tonight, we might be able to…?” You asked, raising your eyebrow.

“Actually,” he said, after asking the waiter for a take-home box, “that’s kind of why I chose this restaurant.”

“Huh?” you asked, “I don’t see the connection.”

“Well,” he said, looking around to ensure no one was paying attention, “remember when we first started dating, we both said we might enjoy a little exhibition…well, no one comes down this block - ever. So maybe…”

You couldn’t see yourself, but you would bet money on the fact that your eyes had dilated to twice their normal size. “You wanna fuck me up against the wall out back?”

Please say yes. Please say yes. Your mind kept repeating.

“Yes,” he said quickly, “More than anything at the moment.”

“Well, get the damn bill then. Let’s go, man,” you laughed. Immediately, he turned towards the waiter to signal for the check.

About ten minutes later, you had dropped your leftover food in the car and proceeded to walk down the street - making it look like you were just going for a walk. Once Spencer had ensured there was no one around, he guided you between two buildings.

“I’m embarrassingly wet right now,” you said, as your husband backed you up against the brick wall. His lips traveled down the nape of your neck as you climbed on him, wrapping your legs around his waist. 

With your back against the wall, thankfully buffered by the material of your dress, you reached between you, unbuckling his belt just enough to release his length from his pants. Ever so gently, he raked his fingers up the length of your slit, and subsequently placed his slickened fingers into your mouth. “You are very wet already,” he laughed, as you moaned into his mouth.

Neither of you wanted to push getting caught, although it was the allure of what you were doing, so Spencer reached down, pulling your panties to the side. With one slick movement, he pushed his length inside you, thrusting sharply and quickly, grunting with each breath.

Your eyes fluttered closed as he continued his movements, almost not caring if someone caught you - this was so fucking hot, but you were going to come in a matter of seconds. You felt Spencer near his own release and went to your patented move - grazing your fingernails gently over the skin at his waist. It was enough to cause him to lose it almost every time. “Oh, fuck, Y/N,” he moaned, as he pinned you even tighter against the wall. 

“Fuck…me…” you whispered, clasping your legs even tighter as the tremors started to roll through you.

“Holy fuck, Y/N,” Spencer breathed, taking your mouth in his as he rode out his own high. “That was so hot.”

“Right?” you said, through a half-lidded gaze. You put your legs back on the ground, careful to use the wall as leverage; your legs felt like jelly. You and your husband continued your sloppy, open-mouthed kisses as you readjusted his belt. “We should do that again some time.”

He’d just fucked you senseless up against the wall of a building, but you both peeked outside of the alley, checking if anyone was in the vicinity before walking out.

A shiver shot up your spine as you returned to the car, ready to relieve your parents of changing diapers and random feedings. “Good thing we didn’t get caught,” you said, as Spencer pulled out of the parking space.

“Definitely,” he said, the smile on his face betraying exactly what you’d just done. “I don’t really fancy telling our kids one day that the reason I got arrested was because I was fucking their mother senseless in public.”

You snorted. He wasn’t always so vulgar with his language. That was your territory, but when he did, you found it hysterical. “Yea, that would be a bit embarrassing. Speaking of which, you need to wipe that sex-satisfied smirk off of your face by the time we get home. My parents aren’t profilers, but anyone could see through the look on your face right now.”

“Sorry,” he said, wiping his hand over his face, trying to cover the satisfaction he was feeling. Immediately, his face went back to smugly satisfied. “Dammit,” he said, laughing hysterically, “It’s not going to be that easy, Y/N.”


It’s no secret that I am constantly tinkering with the way I eat. At heart I want to eat healthy, but I struggle with lack of interest in cooking, a full time job, two men in my household who enjoy snacks, and the deliciousness that is pizza.

Scott and I were vegan for six months about eight years ago. Scott actually only made it three months, but I persevered until Christmas cookies did me in. I was a vegetarian for another year and a half, and then I succumbed to a pepperoni pizza. 

We did the Whole 30 last year. I lost weight, but that way of eating didn’t agree with either of us. I like the idea of no dairy, but it was just way too much meat, and my digestion–normally never an issue–suffered greatly. I’d rather be a few pounds heavier, thank you very much. Plus it just didn’t feel healthier. 

Ultimately, we want to eat a mostly plant based diet. We think it’s better for us and the environment, but we’ve always found it challenging. Either it feels like the food is boring or it takes too long or I get sick of having a giant salad. I’m simply not very inventive in the kitchen. I have always wanted to try veganism again–or at least lean into it–and I think I found a solution. Green Chef.

Scott and I have used other meal delivery systems. We have subscribed to Blue Apron for over a year, and we like it well enough. It’s nice to have four nights a week where you get to eat different meals that you don’t have to plan. Then you can use the other three nights for your go-to meals or maybe even go crazy and eat out in a restaurant.  The issue with Blue Apron, however, is that it’s heavy on meat (fish, in particular, and we’re not big fans of seafood) and dairy.

Enter Green Chef. They have a vegan option, and so far we love it. Yes, Scott even digs it. I’m amazed. I was concerned when I got the first three recipes, because all the pictures looked like, as Finn called it, peasant food. 

It’s a little challenging to get Scott to eat his vegetables. Sometimes I have to blend up broccoli and put it in his spaghetti sauce. Just kidding. Maybe. Scott does not like raw tomatoes or raw onions. He just says no to avocados and dislikes cucumbers and cabbage. Basically if a vegetable isn’t cooked he thinks there is a possibility he is being poisoned.  

So imagine my surprise when he found himself loving these recipes. We had tofu/cauliflower tacos that he devoured. We prepared an orzo and grilled vegetable dish that was amazing. Scott ate cooked cabbage and loved it. It’s really about the sauces and spices. And I know this, but it’s so much easier when you get the recipe and the ingredients. Cooking is easy. Thinking is hard.

The top photo is a roasted red quinoa salad that was wonderful. And the next photo is from the Green Chef page. Those are unstuffed enmolodas with a black bean, corn, avocado salsa. Scott was dreading making it because, you know, raw stuff. But he was a good sport about it as he started chopping up that onion that he knew would never see a frying pan (I should mention here that he also does the majority of our cooking). He ended up cleaning his plate. Clean Plate Club sticker for Scott! We can’t believe what a nice job Green Chef does of providing meals where you don’t miss the meat. 

Green Chef ain’t cheap. I’ll let you do the research, but for us it’s worth it. It’s organic, plant based, tasty, easy, and we don’t waste any food. And now if I make a vegan dish that misses the mark, Scott and Finn can blame Green Chef and not me. It’s been almost eight years, and I have not lived down that lentil loaf.

I still haven’t given up pizza, though. I mentioned leaning in, right? 

livingonedayatatime  asked:

Hi, I saw your post about running. Just looking for some advice and I'm hoping you can help. :) how do I increase my stamina? Like I can barely jog for a minute before I feel like I'm going to throw up and die. Like it's really bad. I've been like this since I was younger/weighed less. I just want to be able to run without feeling terrible. Any tips?

I trained (mix of strength and cardio) for eight months straight VERY intensely in Kickboxing before I was able to run like I do now. I don’t really have much advice other than that’s how I personally did it. Once I could run continuously without stopping, only about two months ago, I started seriously increasing my run lengths to train for a half marathon, which I’m actually doing tomorrow morning. 😁😄❤

She asked, “Do you regret leaving me?”

The air was tense between them. They sat side by side, an arm’s length apart, facing forward, staring at the last wisps of orange fading out of twilight. Eight months ago she would have been snuggled up against his chest, his arm around her shoulder. Today they could hardly meet each other’s eyes without looking away. A thoughtful stillness fell over them, and she didn’t realize she was holding her breath until the silence lasted a moment too long. She was only starting to wonder whether or not he would answer at all when he finally spoke:


He was quiet again. Then,

“Did you want me to regret it?”

She sighed. “Yes,” she said softly.

“Oh yes, I did…”

—  Sunflower girl . V.L.   Do you regret asking

I don’t think I ever shared these before! 

Here’s a series of illustrations I did months ago for The Eighty-Eight Journal, a magazine curated by singer Jamie Cullum.

They all accompany a story written by Jamie about his own evolving fascination with Japanese culture. Above you will see a few spots which eventually didn’t make it to the final print.

The last photograph is by Art Director Kate Monument, which slightly shows the fluo orange layer against the light.


IMAGINE #120  LFP Awards ceremony

I woke up; still not ready to get out of the bed. It was Monday, the most stressful day of them all. I looked at my phone and checked the two new messages. One was from my best friend and one from my boyfriend Neymar.

“Did you see? We don’t have lessons today and tomorrow! :D”, the second you read it, this Monday already seemed to be much better than you expected it to be.

“Morning, when are you free? We need to talk?” aaaaand here it is, the reason you should never get excited about a Monday already in the morning. I was confused about this kind of message from Neymar; I did nothing wrong so the reason for this cold text was unknown to me.

We started dating about eight months ago; actually that is how long we know each other, but we got together after three months, but no one still knows about us. These five months together, Neymar decided to keep for friends and family, because he doesn’t want to scare me with paparazzi’s already in the beginning and also I think he might not want to.

“I don’t have lessons today so I’m free. What’s wrong?”

“Okay, can you come to my place?”

“I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

I rushed to take a shower and put just a little bit of make up on, then took my kays and drove to Neymar’s house. When I walked inside, since the door was not locked, he was in the kitchen, making himself a sandwich. He did not seem angry or upset, so I was confused about that dramatic text he sent me.

“Oh, hey” he smiled as I walked closer and hugged him, “How are you?” he asked and placed a kiss on my lips.

“Mm okay I guess. What was that text all about?” I asked confused still wrapped in his arms.

“Oh right… Did I scare you?” he laughed, but I did not find it funny, since I had a little panic attack because of it.


“Sorry, it’s nothing bad. I just missed you, and wanted to ask you something.”


“Well you remember I told you that today I have to attend the gala LFP Awards ceremony”

“Oh right, it’s today… Shouldn’t you be getting ready?”

“Amour… it’s in 7 hours.” He laughed, but then continued, “Would you come with me?”

“What?” I asked surprised, since I was still his secret girlfriend, no one knew about dating any girl.

“What, you have other plans?”

“No, I just… Are you sure you want to make us official?”

He smiled, I swear his smile was like heaven to me; he could make my day better with just that smile. Then he placed both his hands on my cheek and leaned closer, “I am 100% sure about it, but if you are not ready yet, I’m okay with it.”

“I’m ready if you are.” I smiled, feeling happier than ever, finally I will be able to walk around with him, to kiss him anytime I will feel like it, to take pictures with him and post them, I will be able to show my love for him to the entire world.

“Let me call pai, so he can make sure you get a sit next to me.”

As he grabbed his phone and called his father, I immediately called my best friend. I had a problem and she was the only one who could help me out.

“Me, you, shopping in one hour!”

“What? What’s going on?” She asked confused about my excitement.

“I’ll tell you everything later, love you bye!”

Just when I finished my call, Neymar walked back in the kitchen. I was so happy that I ran towards him and jumped on him, making him grab my legs and place them around his hips.

“I love you so much” I said and kissed his cheek.

“I love you too amour”

“I need to go buy myself a nice dress for tonight”

“Ohhh, for the after party when we get back home?” he winked, making me roll my eyes at his dirty jokes.

“No you idiot” I joked, “but maybe if you will behave there will be a surprise for you”

“I’ll do my best.”

After a while, I had to go to the shopping centre with my best friend. I needed to find a nice dress, I wanted Neymar to be proud of the girl he brought with him, I wanted to make a good impression, make him happy.

So after going around every single shop for about two hours, we finally found the one we were searching all afternoon. It was expensive, but it was worth it.

The next thing you had to do was to go make my hair look somehow perfect so I went to my hair stylist who also made my makeup. After being there for another two hours I was ready to go back at Neymar’s place and get dressed.

When I walked inside he was not home, I remembered he said he would go take his suit and meet Messi before getting to the gala. Therefore, I was able to walk around the house and have the bathroom just for myself.

Finally, I was done with everything and satisfied with the finished look. Not long after that Neymar walked inside, but he was not alone. Messi and Antonella were behind him. I walked down the stairs and everyone was staring surprised. Messi and Antonella most probably, because they knew we were hiding our relationship and did not expect me going with them.

“Holy sh… you look perfect” Neymar whisper as he kissed my cheek.

“You look amazing (y/n)!” Antonella smiled and walked to give me a hug, she was so nice with me and we got along really well.

“Oh thanks, but look at you! You look stunning!” I said and didn’t lie, because she was beautiful as always.

“I think I can say that we are two luck man” Neymar joked and looked at Messi who agreed with a proud smile.

Then we took Messi’s car and drove to the gala. I was freaking out, I didn’t know how this is going to look like, I was never on a red carpet and I didn’t know how people will react at me standing next to Neymar.

“Hey… It’s going to be okay. I’ll be with you all the time, don’t worry.” Antonella whispered as she took my hand noticing I was shaking and pale.

“I hope so.” I forced a smile and then noticed we were finally there. Messi and Neymar both walked out of the car in front of the carpet and next to millions of paparazzi, while Anto and I wait for them to walk us out and through the carpet.

As he took my hand and I walked out of the car I heard people screaming, then flashes of camera were literally making me blind.

“Oh God…” I said to myself, but Neymar heard.

“I’m here” he smiled and then walked me to the entrance.

While walking he was holding my hand and he never let me go, even while people stopped him for an interview and I wanted to step back, he did not let me. He noticed I was not totally okay with everything.

“So you are nominated tonight, what are you expecting?”

“Well yes, I am happy about the nomination, but there is a big concurrence, everyone had a great season, so we will see…”

“Who is your date?” the interviewer suddenly looked at me smiling.

“She is my girl, (y/n)” Neymar looked at me and winked.

“Neymar Junior has a girlfriend that is a big news! How long is this going on?”

“A few months now.” Neymar laughed and looked at me, so I smiled back happy to hear him confirm us.

“Well good luck for tonight and to you two.”

After getting a few other interviews we finally entered and got our sits, we were next to Messi, Anto and bravo, who came with his wife.

It was an amazing night all of our man won an award, we were so proud of them. I was so proud of Neymar, the boy who dedicated his award to me, saying I support him all the time and never give up on him.

“Thank you” I said as we finally got back home and went to sit on the sofa.

“For?” He asked surprised.

“Making me come with you, making me feel special.”

“You are special (y/n) that is why I love you more than anything in this world.”

“Since I wouldn’t be able to travel if I had a kid, before I had any I wanted to travel even just for a little bit. However, when I got pregnant my morning sickness was so bad that I kept eating cucumbers and ice, and it wasn’t until I was eight months pregnant that I could eat a bit of rice. Only then did I travel to Hong Kong. Since this was my last trip without any kids, I wanted to sightsee, laugh, eat, and have a wonderful time as much as I could. So clenching onto my stomach to take care of my pregnant body, I desperately toured around. Once I came back to Korea I was rushed to the hospital.”
“So you haven’t been able to travel even once in five years?”
“I gave up on traveling a long time ago. Of course I wish that I could travel around once my kid is older. My kid likes Ddeokbokki, so even though it’s not a big plan, I’m going to start to explore some Ddeokbokki restaurants with him.”

“애가 있으면 여행 못 가니까 아이 낳기 전에 어떻게든 잠깐이라도 여행을 가고 싶었어요. 하지만 임신했을 때 입덧이 너무 심해서 계속 오이 먹고 얼음 먹고 하다가, 임신 8개월 때 겨우 밥을 먹기 시작했어요. 그래서 그때서야 홍콩으로 여행을 갔어요. 애 없이 가는 마지막 여행이니까 마음껏 보고 웃고 먹고 즐기고 오자 했어요. 배가 뭉치는 걸 감당하면서 배를 부여잡고 이를 악물며 열심히 돌아다녔죠. 그리고는 한국에 돌아와서 병원에 실려갔어요.”
“그럼 지난 5년 동안 여행 한번 못 해보신 거예요?”
“뭐, 여행은 포기한지 오래 됐어요. 애가 좀 더 크면 돌아다닐까하는 바람이 있죠. 애가 떡볶이를 좋아해가지고 소소하게 떡볶이 맛집 탐험부터 시작하려구요.”