i did these before christmas


A Very 90′s Halloween

A collection of the best 90’s films perfect for your Halloween movie marathon
▴ The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
▴ Scream (1996)
▴ The Craft (1997)
▴ I Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)
▴ Hocus Pocus (1993)
▴ Interview With A Vampire (1994)


This started out as a sketch I did before Christmas but ran out of time to finish and then holy crap, just look. Finished out, fully colored, shaded, animated- complete with wee little eye blink? I nearly feel out of my chair upon seeing it.

Vierbryn you are so awesome, this made me so many kinds of happy

(ノ ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Come Watson, the game is afoot! Did you miss me? I’m back from my Christmas vacation, and can finally post this sketch I did before Christmas! Benedict Cumberbatch’s take on Sherlock Holmes is fantastic, and I can’t wait for the next season! Maybe I’ll end up taking this sketch further–we’ll see! He is everyones favorite high-functioning sociopath, after all!

If you’re interested, you can view the finished illustration here! And if you’d like to see my illustration process, click here!

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What thE FUCK
How did I NOT see it?!
Then again I haven’t watched tnbc in a while
But now that you say it
They should become best friends and wear shirts that say “my boyfriend should listen to me”

Fake Chats #62
  • Taehyung: Kookie. Kookie. Kookie.
  • Jungkook: Stop kicking me, what time it is?
  • Taehyung: Christmas time!
  • Jungkook: It's four in the morning.
  • Taehyung: I wanted to wish you Happy Christmas before Mini did.
  • Jungkook: Happy Christmas. Now go back to sleep.
  • Taehyung: Can I bunk in with you guys?
  • Jungkook: Whatever, just don't hog the blankets.
  • Jimin: Tae? What are you doing here?
  • Taehyung and Jungkook: Happy Christmas.
  • Jimin: Oh. I love you too.

Happy Halloween everyone!
I wish you a ton of candy and a great time with your friends and/or your family!
Just be careful to don’t knock at the Joker’s door, he will give you more than candy (gun or bombs! Haha!).

I said I was going to draw a nightmare before christmas… And I (in a certain way) did! Arn’t the Joker and Harley great in their Jack and Sally’s costume? (He colored his hair in white just for the occasion)

Anyway Happy Halloween :D

Possible Art Improvement!

Again, sorry for a slight lack of dailies! I’m working on them though, I swear! <3 Anyways, earlier I looked at an older sketchbook of mine’s first page! I looked back at one of my more recent drawings, and I thought it’d be interesting to show!

This is an older drawing I did on Christmas!(This was before I improved on things like proportions, size, anatomy, detail, etc.
Dem legs)

This is something more recent! Its a bit messy of a sketch, and I made this during class without ref, but I still love it! And I think it’s really nice seeing I’ve been getting better at drawing!

Long post, but meh. I plan on doing more things such as making another blog or two soon in the future, and I’ll try and get a Daily out today. For now though, I hope you have a great day~!


I mean, it’s not Dia, but I’m still very happy (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Movies everyone should watch in October

1- Halloweentown
2- Halloweentown II
3- Halloweentown High
4- Return to Halloweentown
5- The Addams Family
6- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
7- Edward Scissorhands
8- I Know What You Did Last Summer
9- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
10- Hocus Pocus
11- Nightmare Before Christmas
12- Practical Magic
13- Rocky Horror Picture Show
14- Young Frankenstein
15- The Corpse Bride
16- Coraline
17- Beetlejuice
18- Casper
19- Casper Meets Wendy
20- Fright Night
21- Monster House
22- Ghost Busters
23- Twitches
24- The Lost Boys
25- Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
26- Kiki’s Delivery Service
27- Frankenweenie
28- Haunted Mansion
29- Scooby Doo and Zombie Island
30- Scooby Doo and The Witch’s Ghost
31- Nightmare on Elm Street

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What a fun meme! Tell me a story about siblings!

So, when I was a kid, my sisters and I used to have Christmas Drills.

I am unsure why we did this.

But for a few weeks before Christmas, we would practice for Christmas morning. My older sister, the earliest riser and the only one with her own room, would be the first to sneak down the stairs (because she had a dog to let out), and then she would wake me and my younger sister up and we would “sneak” down the stairs, craning our necks around the stairwell for our first glimpse of the tree and then splitting off to the one unwrapped present “Santa” always left to keep us occupied until it was a reasonable hour of the morning.

I am about 95% certain that our whispering and secret agent shenanigans woke our parents up at 4:30 in the morning every Christmas we were running these drills, but it’s still a super fond memory with my sisters.

(This is even leaving out the one Christmas night when we woke up and decided to start packing to leave for my grandmother’s house the next day and my mother had to come in and tell us gently that it was three in the morning and maybe we could pack later.)

Jumin's Feelings for Rika - Korean vs. English Comparison


ㅎㅎ안녕하세용^^ 저도 생각했을때는 너무 다행인것같아요~^^

Before I start, I want to also thank all the encouraging messages I had received for my decision to continue this blog! I really want to be able to continue posting, and to be able to create interesting, fun, and informative posts in regards to Mystic Messenger~ Thank you all for such kind words! ^^

Okay, so back to the subject at hand. Imma be honest. This made me on edge for a fictional character since Jumin is my favorite. I just ugh, I can’t. Love me instead.

But all that aside, I will go ahead and state that if you have not played Jumin’s route yet and do not want even the tiniest spoiler (for Jumin’s deep route and Christmas DLC) to ruin your gameplay, just completely ignore this post! It shouldn’t be too bad since I am just going to analyze the comparison of the Korean version to the English version in terms of how clarified it is that Jumin may or may not have feelings for Rika. Not the actual plot itself.

Please join me under the cut for a full on analysis for this issue!

Please note that although this is an analysis, there may be opinions that may differ or be consistent with mine! While I can give some sort of Korean background, for debatable topics, I do not represent all of the Korean minds for respective topics. Also, please excuse any errors or let me know if clarifications are needed, for English is not my first language! Thank you and enjoy!

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One other time [directing television] that hasn’t been aired yet, which was an episode for the new Marvel series The Punisher, which I did just before Christmas, but it’s not airing until November. 
—  Dearbhla Walsh, guest director for “Marvel’s The Punisher” (http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/fien-print/fargo-dearbhla-walsh-lord-no-mercy-interview-1007504)