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We all have that one person we’d stay up late for. Only them. Why? Because they’re the only person who can make you smile through a text. The only person who gives you genuine butterflies. The only person you’d lose sleep for.
—  And now you’re gone
BTS reactions:Their child getting jealous over them kissing their wife.

A/N: I am so late with all these requests.I am positive all you guys are supper mad at me.😅 Sorry about that, I hope you still like me.Sorry for any mistakes made.

Requested by: Anonymous 

Request: “  I recently saw that you did that one cute reaction of boys w/ their kids . That was really cute so I came to request one more only where their kid get jealous of something ( idk like kissing mom or being with other bts member too much ) and then they bite them in arm/cheek/leg w/ their little tiny teeth *squeels*  


Jin will will kiss you again and look at his son. “Mommy was daddies from the beginning.”he will hug you, but when the little one is about to cry ,he will pick him up “But I guess I can learn to share.

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Min Yoongi/Suga:

  He is more chill about many things, but I think this will make him laugh.”But I was with her first.”he will playfully pout at his child and then hug him “Ok, ok here hug mommy, but I want her back.Ok?

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Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

 When Hobi notices that his baby is jealous, he will start teasing him.The little one will try to hit him with his small and fluffy hands and Hobi will scream out and run to hug you. “Jagya he hit me!Kiss the pain away.”In the end his son will win by starting to cry as loud as he can. ( you are Yoongi )

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Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:

 He will laugh out and pick his son up placing him in your arms and making you sit on his lap, wrapping his arms around you. “There, now we are all happy.I have mommy and you do too.

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Park Jimin:

 Jimin will pick you up and run around the house “No!She is mine!My jagya!”the little one will run after you two and end up falling and hitting himself.You will go to him immediately after he starts to tear up. “Well played my son.” Jimin will rush over as well to make sure he is ok and didn’t hurt himself badly.

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Kim Taehyung/V: 

 When his son says that you are all his, Tae will get all jealous as well. “Who said that?I am bigger than you, what are you going to do about it?”he will sit on the floor next to his son and will teasing him. “You two are the same.”you will say coming in the room “Jagya tell him that I am your man.”he will start jumping and pouting.”I love you the same.My little man and my big man.”, “See, I am the big man.”, “Tae stop it.”, “Ok, I admit you are pretty cute.”he will kiss his son’s fluffy cheeks.

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  Jungkook will kiss you again just to see his son’s reaction again. The little one will run up to you, but Jungkook will lift you off the ground.”My mommy.”he will tell him and his son will grab your clothes and pull on them, looking up at you with his cute puppy dog eyes. “You win.” Jungkook will let you down and hug him, because of the cuteness overload.

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About Shaladin

I realise I’m gonna get hate for this, but at this point I don’t care.

I’m a Shallura shipper, and I only really see Shiro and Keith’s relationship as brotherly, but I personally don’t mind Shaladin.

We all know Shiro’s twenty-five, Pidge is fourteen, and Keith, Lance and Hunk’s ages aren’t specified, but they’re in their “late teens”, which can go from seventeen to TWENTY-ONE, making them legal. Either way, they’re fictional characters, so you can just age them all up and it’s fine.

From what I’ve seen between Shiro and Keith’s canon interactions especially, they have a mutual respect for eachother, and Shiro’s a sensible guy, so if they did get into a relationship, it wouldn’t be an abusive one.

If you still have a problem with it, fine, but you don’t need to go out of your way to call Shaladin shippers disgusting, like how much do you have to hate your own life to spread so much negativity over fictional characters. Block the tags if it makes you that uncomfortable. I hate incest ships, but I don’t go bashing people who like them. Leave the shippers alone. Leave the VAs alone.

Have a nice day.

Childhood Memories

I often remember some things prior to my diagnosis that make me smile because they’re just… really autistic.

For example, the first time that I rearranged the furniture in my room on my own (I was probably ten around that time) I first of all took the measurements of the room and each piece of furniture.
Then I did a bit of math to downsize everything into a drawing of my room (with an accurate scale for the sizes). I made all the pieces of furniture separately as cut-outs so I could move around each one on its own and see how everything would fit if I rearranged the furniture in different ways. Only to instantly start the rearranging at 11pm after being satisfied with one of the options I had.

If anyone of you remembers stories like these (late dx/self dx/regular dx - I don’t care!) please feel free to add them to this post if you feel like it! (because stories like these make me smile)

At my store we put up ad stickers every Sunday morning with sale prices and items that are buy x get one free, $5 or $10 gift card when you buy x, etc. 99% of these end on a Saturday so every Saturday night 2-3 hours before close we all start going around our area and taking down the ones that end that Saturday.
It used to never happen but lately I get a lot of people who see me taking them down ask if they can still get the sale. It’s a pretty simple concept but apparently not for this guy:

Him: “did you already take down the signs for the Dyson vacuums?”

I don’t pay attention to what sale is ending, I’m only looking at the date of when the sale ends so I have no idea other than I took some down that were on the vacuum wall already so I tell him: “yes, all the sales that end tonight have been taken down, but you can still get the sale until close”

Him: so if I take it to the register I’ll still get the sale price

Me: yes, the sale is still on until close tonight

Him, getting angry: so then where’s the sign at

Me: it’s in the trash, I already took it down because it ends tonight
After that he just looks at me and I just look back at him because I don’t know what else to say and after a few seconds his wife says “come on let’s go get it we still get the sale” and guy hesitantly walks off with her, still looking confused.

Am I really making that little sense? The sale doesn’t magically go away in the system once the sticker comes off the price strip??

a redraw i did from voltron opening way too late at night / early in the morning (however you want to take it)

art twitter

(please come and talk to me abt voltron i just finished both seasons)

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Haar: 2, 7, 9, 16 Osborn: 3, 4, 21, 22, 25 Kaarina: 26, 27, 38


2. Do they have any titles? How did they get them? 

His title is Honey-Mug. It was given to him at the age of 8 by his surrogate father/bandit chief when he out-drank one of the other bandit lackeys one night.

7. Did they have lots of friends as a child? Did they keep any of their childhood friends into adulthood?

His only “friends” were other bandits, and most if not all of them are dead now.

9. Do animals like them? Do they get on well with animals?

Just pet dogs, sometimes.

16. Do they collect anything? What do they do with it? Where do they keep it? 

Like I mentioned during the last question-session, he hoards the last surviving bottles of the late Vilod’s famed Mead with Juniper. Very rarely, during moments of extreme weakness, he’ll drink one of them. Its location is classified.


3. Did they have a good childhood? What are fond memories they have of it? What’s a bad memory? 

Yeah, he had a run-of-the-mill Bosmer childhood, swinging around the trees of Valenwood like a crazy jungle man. No memories stand out besides his habitual admiration for the woodlands, but one bad experience is when, at the age of 14, he fell out of a particularly tall tree. Luckily, he landed in thick brush at the bottom, but the fall was long enough that his short life flashed before his eyes many, many times.

4. What is their relationship with their parents? What’s a good and bad memory with them? Did they know both parents? 

Ugh, he’s already a parent of one of my other characters, now I need to talk about HIS parents?

He had a completely normal relationship with his mom and dad and everything was fine and uninteresting within the family.

21. Do they have a temper? Are they patient? What are they like when they do lose their temper? 

He’s very patient. Nothing in his life really made him react angrily, at least not until he had to raise his hot-headed daughter. Even then, the extent of his anger was expressed by simply raising his voice. It doesn’t seem like much, but whenever Kaarina heard his voice in that tone, she knew she was in deep shit.

22. What are their favourite insults to use? What do they insult people for? Or do they prefer to bitch behind someone’s back? 

He never would insult anyone in a way meant to hurt them, and certainly not behind their back. Just mild teasing, if anything.

25. What do they find funny? Do they have a good sense of humour? Are they funny themselves? 

He’ll laugh at just about anything that most people would find funny, especially when youngins make fools of themselves. He’s not spontaneously funny, but he has a good recollection of old Bosmer jokes, many of which are too long and strung out for most people to find funny.


26. How do they act when they’re happy? Do they sing? Dance? Hum? Or do they hide their emotions? 

She starts skipping instead of walking.

27. What makes them sad? Do they cry regularly? Do they cry openly or hide it? What are they like they are sad? 

Thinking of her mother makes her sad. It’s not exactly traumatic or anything, because she never knew her, but the feeling that something’s missing is still there. She might cry about it if she’s really drunk.

38. What do they admire in others? What talents do they wish they had? 

She admires excessive physical strength, especially since she almost exclusively hangs around werewolves. Sometimes she thinks it might not be so bad to live life as a child of Hircine, but she’s still much too hesitant to commit to it.

the magic of coconut oil

As you all may know bleaching your hair damages your hair, some have more damaged hair than others and some have less damaged hair but still, your hair will be in a death state if you don’t use the right things. My hair got very damaged lately and I wanted to do anything I could to bring it to a decent state. I tried many products, I really did and I ended up to one conclusion: coconut oil is the only answer to bleached damaged hair. It’s seriously pointless to waste money on all those hair products you see in drugstores because believe me when I say that most of them are just sh*t, PLUS coconut oil is very cheap so it’s a win win situation!

Of course coconut oil won’t be enough to keep your hair healthy and back to normal but it sure helps the process. Here’s what I did:

I went to a chinese food shop downtown and bought a 500mL coconut oil jar (yes, the one used for cooking), when i got home i brushed my hair and applied the oil on dry hair from my roots to my ends, wrapped the whole thing with foil and a towel and then left it on my head for more than two hours (since the moment it has to stay in your hair for at least two hours). After that I shamphooed my hair twice with a normal shamphoo to remove the oil untill I didn’t feel my hair greasy anymore then used conditioner as usual. When I blow-dried my hair I immediately realized that my hair was SO much softer, I almost had tears of joy. The only cons of this is that the oil will fall on your neck and face this is why you’ll have to always have a towel around your neck to remove the dripping oil. The perfect way to do this is to leave the coconut oil on your head a whole night and I sure will try this when the weather will be warmer and when I’ll be ready to cover my bed with towels, untill then I’ll keep leaving it on my head for 2 to 3 hours.

Oh! This remedy is not only for bleached hair! If your hair feels dry and dead you must have to try this aswell! Coconut oil gives the hair all the proteins it has lost due to various reasons (heat tools, weather, bad diet ecc). Try it! You will not regret it!


I don’t know if anyone remembers this, but for a long time a bunch of Beatles fans (especially Starrison fans) have been looking for the interview Ringo did on Late Night With Conan O’Brien in 2003. Supposedly Ringo talked about spooning with George, and overall it sounded like a really cute interview. Anyway, someone has just uploaded this 2003 interview from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and the cuddling question was brought up. :)

(Starting at about 6:12)

LENO: So as one of the few men who’s slept with all of the Beatles…

RINGO: I’ve slept with all of them! The only one who didn’t sleep was me.

LENO: Who was the best cuddler?

RINGO: Ohhh. Georgie loved a hug.

LENO: Lot of spooning? Lot of spooning?

RINGO: Ooooh. Lotta chatting.

At about 7:53 he talks about Never Without You, and also tells the story of the last time he saw George.

A&E: the new Whedons

You know Joss Whedon: self-proclaimed ~feminist and lover of ~female empowerment, when actually he’s all about torturing them, physically and mentally and otherwise, in the name of Strong Female Characters TM.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately when it comes to OUAT. Mainly about how OUAT only seems to have Strong Female Characters TM now, the one who can Fight TM, be it with a sword or magic. Remember in season 1 and 2, when Belle was strong thanks to her books? Or Aurora growing into a loyal, brave woman in the face of Cora? Or how badass Princess Abigail was to put her kingdom first and her own needs second?

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Swedish saesangs & BTS

Hi everyone, 

I don’t usually do these kind of posts where I speak about how I feel on an issue but I think this just has to be stated over and over. The incident with some Swedish girls stalking BTS for hours, peeking at Namjoon when he was in the changing room (he didn’t fully lock his door accidentally), the girl/s chasing the boys when they asked them kindly to not follow them or take pictures and lastly that horrible video of Jimin having to deal with some girls late at night were all, unfortunately true. No their shirts did not get ripped, Jin was only wearing one of Tae’s DIY shirts. 

These incidents could have been prevented if measures and rules were established before ANY popular artists come to a country. It is terribly sad that real Swedish ARMY had to make an apology video today to apologise on the behalf of some girls who don’t know the common sense of respecting another human being. Majority of these girls did not even know who BTS were but they even dragged more of their friends along to follow the boys just because of what? You guessed it. Because the boys were “famous”.

What’s even more frustrating is that none of these accounts have apologized themselves and made light of the situation. They’re in denial that they could have prevented themselves from overreacting. Some even found it “adorable” that Yoongi told them to not follow them, others building prejudice against Jin for motioning them to keep a distance and stay away from them so they can relax. It wasn’t just BTS on edge because of this but also their staff. Obviously they were filming something (for us) but it got so bad to the point where the boys were too afraid to leave a cafe because there were about 20 girls standing outside. 

Not to mention when Namjoon did approach them hoping they would go away after getting his autograph he was only bombarded with girls who had no respect for personal space whatsoever. One girl had the thought that it was appropriate to take a picture of her touching Namjoon’s hand. If that’s not creepy, I don’t know what is. What’s worse is that she’s not even an ARMY. Girls were just walking around Stockholm hoping to bump into the boys and then when they do, they claim they were just “hanging around ” the area coincidentally. That doesn’t explain why some girls followed them for hours on end until the boys reached their hotel to rest for the night. 

The video in which Jimin clearly says no in Korean several times to a girl pushing her phone in his face. That girl now claims the video is “fake”. The girl randomly left a message saying ARMYs were bitter and it was fake because it was just a dance friend of hers pretending to be Jimin. I, choose not to believe this because she suspiciously deleted her twitter right after to avoid repercussions and that voice in the video sounded almost identical to Jimin’s. But it doesn’t matter if it’s fake or not, we all need to make sure to tell others those actions are not okay. Even to that girl who claimed she zoomed in on the girls and Jimin and said she wasn’t standing close is also at fault. Those bystanders who did not stop the girl running after the members but instead took photos are, also at fault. 

I don’t want to sit here and lecture people on how to be a decent fan because I choose to believe real fans all know this and those who don’t clearly need to grow up or just leave the fandom because we don’t need that negativity and stupidity. It’s as simple as how would you treat someone else you’ve just met. 

You do not:

1. Stalk them. 

2. Scream in their faces or at them. 

3. Take photos and videos without permission. 

4. Chase them. 

5. Stand extremely close to them. 

6. Touch them or hold their hands unless they let you. 

7. Follow them around. 

8. Laugh at or mock their English. 

9. Post locations or spread location of where they are online. 

 10. Post any video or photos of them online if they are obviously on a private trip. 


To real ARMYs, 

Do not feel discouraged or criticise your own fandom because it is only a small amount of people. If you add negativity on top of negativity because you think it makes you seem superior when you belittle or make fun of the fake fans, it will only add to the pile of burning trash. Others fandoms will only be able to see the burning pile of trash, not the people behind it. Therefore our reputation will only worsen. 

Be careful of fake posts or tweets because many people only post things for attention so do not be gullible and fall for it. Only trust big fan accounts and fan sites which have had experienced or have admins that live in that area themselves. For future problems and issues, please keep it within the fandom and do not spread it around the entire kpop fandom as it will only cause unnecessary controversy about small issues which occur in every fandom. ARMYs have always been a family full of love and devotion to our beloved boys, and if you consider yourself a real fan you would acknowledge that not every fandom is perfect and that within time these toxic people will not associate themselves with us anymore and would have moved on to a different group. 

STAY STRONG AND MAKE SURE YOUR VOICE IS HEARD. Don’t be afraid to correct others (in a reasonable tone) and defend the goodness of this fandom. If you want change, this is the only way. 

Thank you for reading this super long post. I hope it has clarified a lot of important points for you. Here is some jikook and dorky bangtan for you ♡

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sorting my favesslytherin

anonymous asked:

"M-Maki.... help!!!" Nico about to get drowned in swimming pool.

“Just why are we here?” Maki asked, her eyes narrowed at the entrance of the waterpark as Rin and Honoka ran ahead of everyone else to the line at the front. Umi started yelling for them, only attracting attention from the passerbyers.

“I think it’d be good to let loose once in a while,” Eli replied with a smile as they reached the two girls, Umi scolding them for running too far.

“It’ll be fun,” Kotori commented. “We’ve been working hard lately.”

“This was a great idea,” Nico stated wit a smug smile.

“You’re the one who suggested it,” Maki deadpanned.


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  • Rossi: Only one victim?
  • Hotch: It's what he did to her that concerns me.
  • Garcia: [passes a folder to Reid] Morgan sent this late last night.
  • Hotch: He and Prentiss are waiting at the district.
  • Reid: [checks the folder] Body seems posed, left arm raised. Oh, it's a first. I see your concern.
  • Garcia: What?
  • Rossi: The photo wasn't all he took.
  • Garcia: Reid, what?
  • Reid: Her lips have been removed.
  • Garcia: Oh my god
  • Rossi: Maybe a trophy
  • Reid: [chewing on a muffin] Maybe he ate them?
  • Rossi:
  • Garcia: Okay, now I have that memory burned in my mind for the rest of my life.
  • Reid: You asked

see these fuckers? these tasty gems of artificial fruitiness? they were a highlight of your childhood, right? they were a highlight of mine too. but I didn’t discover them until I was at least eight, probably more like ten. one reason was that my mom didn’t buy them when was little. 

another was that I was afraid of fruit gushers

what? you ask? you were afraid of fruit gushers? 

yes, my question-repeating friend, as a tiny child I was afraid of fruit gushers, or more accurately of eating them. 

how, you may wonder, did that happen? did I have a nightmare about being chased by a fruit gusher, or perhaps by eating an enchanted fruit gusher and being turned into one, only to be eaten myself? 


you see, in the late 90s/early 2000s, there were commercials for fruit gushers on all the kid channels we got. (disney, nickelodeon, cartoon network) okay, that’s reasonable, there were commercials for a lot of candies. 

ah, yes. but these commercials were different. 

in these commercials, kids ate fruit gushers and were so overwhelmed by the artificial fruitiness that their heads actually BECAME fruits. 

as a tiny child tumblr user TheBreakfastGenie genuinely believed that eating fruit gushers could turn your head into a giant slice of watermelon. 

being pretty sentimental and attached to my own human head, I had no desire for it to be replaced with a giant, low-quality CGI fruit. but that’s not the good part of this story. 

the good part of this story is that I wasn’t afraid to eat gushers because I saw a kid’s head turn into a giant slice of watermelon in a commercial. I was afraid to eat gushers because I never saw his head turn back

I would have been completely fine if the commercial had offered me some reassurance that the head-to-fruit transformation was merely temporary. 

as a tiny child, tumblr user TheBreakfastGenie was afraid to eat fruit gushers because she believed eating fruit gushers would turn her head into a fruit, which she would have actually been completely okay with so long as she was assured that the effect was not permanent. 


It’s been a while since I drew this, but I can now share that I’ve had the privilege of contributing an illustration to the 2016 Spring issue of The Watsonian, the journal of the John H. Watson Society–many thanks to @letter-airy for inviting me.

For those unfamiliar with him, pictured above is the late Michael Williams, who played Watson opposite Clive Merrison’s Holmes in the BBC Radio adaptation written (mostly) by Bert Coules. This series is my absolute favourite rendition of canon of all the ones I’ve encountered, which is saying something seeing as it’s an audio only format. There are also very few photos of these guys, so I’ve taken the liberty of drawing them in character.

Here’s one of Clive Merrison as Holmes I did a while back too.


I’m sorry to rain on your parade Microsoft fans, but I refuse to allow Microsoft to get away with this U-turn like they did back in 2013

Did all of you forget how stubborn the Xbox team was in keeping the things we all HATED about the Xbox One? How they literally insulted the fanbase? How, as Don Mattrick said ‘If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards”? How they only changed mostly everything because Sony blew them out of the water and went “FINE ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!?”

Two years later they finally announce backwards compatibility and everyone is treating it like it’s the second coming of christ?

I cannot give Microsoft a free pass on this. All this is too little too late. By now I already sold off my 360 games and system to buy a PS4. If this had been there from the start I honestly would have bought an Xbone.

And the worst part is that you guys are just eating this up…

Something doesn’t add up

There’s a lot of inconsistencies in their story, I’m not the only one that sees it, right?

Why have three keys for deactivating the portal if only two people were working on the project?
Stanford’s glasses fell off in the flashback, but when he returns he still has them
How did Stanford know about the Blind Eye machine if he locked himself away in the shack all that time?
What about Carla? Why wasn’t she in the flashbacks?
Stan’s tattoo didn’t look like an old burn in the least when we saw it in that short

I’m sure there are other things but it’s late and I can’t think of them. Fact is, their stories don’t quite add up and no one can account for what actually happened because no one else was there.

End of Contract


I know someone did this only a few weeks ago, but I wanted to double check my impressions (that the post I saw supported) and make sure of them.

I debated on posting because things have been rough and I don’t want to get people’s hopes up if I turn out to be mistaken, but I really see nothing contradicting my position right now.

A lot of people seem to think the contracts will end late March and 1D will be free from April.  However, all the evidence supports that the contracts end late February and 1D will be free from March.


There seem to have been 2 independent sources in the press reporting this, one for The Sun and one for People.  There was also one for US Weekly, but I don’t tend to give them as much weight in relation to One Direction.  The Sun and People were the 2 quoted by all the other papers anyway.



Notice that The Sun specifically says that the hiatus will start in March, commitments to Syco need to be fulfilled through February, and the boys will be free agents come March.  None of that points to end of March/beginning of April.  It all points to end of February/beginning of March pretty clearly.

People doesn’t report based on The Sun, but claim to have their own source. The information reported is the same though.  The hiatus starts in March and the boys will continue promoting through February.

What I find interesting about the promotion through February part is that the boys clearly haven’t done any appearances since The X Factor in mid December.  The only big promotion has been the History release and even that was in late January, not February.  A lot of the fandom and press don’t even understand that the hiatus technically hasn’t started yet because it seems like it has since the boys haven’t been doing any promotion.

Why report about having to fulfill promotions through February if the boys themselves aren’t promoting?  The only reason I can think of to put that out there (and remember The Sun specifically mentioned Syco) is because that’s when the contract ends.

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Jadison related.

(If you don’t like Jadison or reading about them, then please keep scrolling. ☺️)

I get happy when I see Johnson and Madison hanging out together and joking around. Surely I’m not the only one. Like, no lie. I used to think they didn’t get along at all, which maybe they did or didn’t in the beginning of the relationship, but now I’m seeing the triangle together more than I did before.

Have you seen Madison, Johnson, and Gilinsky’s snapchat lately? Gilinsky hacking Madison, Madison getting caught off guard by Johnson, Gilinsky snapping one of Johnson and Madison together, Madison telling Johnson to go back in his cage (a parking garage)? 😂 Seeing the three of them having fun and hanging out just makes me super happy! And let’s not forget about Mike telling Johnson to go back home to where he belongs, a tree. HAHA. 💕