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“I got you”


“Sirius I’m gonna push you back,” said James as he gathered his force. His hand were as strong as Sirius remembered them to be. James always had a strong grip, especially over Sirius. All the times he had to hold him back, he had gotten stronger without even intending to, controlling Sirius was a hard job to do.

“No, don’t.”


Sirius knew that voice all too well and she was angry, he had made Lily angry, it had been too long since he had done that. 

“Sirius Orion Black! You did not break out of Azkaban and stayed in that goddamned house the past year just to die at the hands of Bellatrix. You are going back.”

“You heard the woman,” added James, he was still holding onto Sirius like he was his lifeline and tried to push him back but Sirius let himself go so that James would feel all his weight.

“I don’t want to,” he began. “I have been hearing you ever since I got into the room Prongs, you were calling me. Now you want me to leave?”

“That wasn’t me Pads,” objected James. “They were trying to lure you here, that wasn’t me. I’m sending you back to my son and Moony.”

“But I want to stay here,” shouted Sirius. “I want to stay here with you two. Don’t you understand? I had died the day you did.”

“What about Remus you asshole? What about Harry for Merlin’s sake?” yelled Lily, she was so angry Sirius could feel her anger radiating off of her. “You will go back Sirius, you will and you will look after my son.”

“I got out of Azkaban and fell in the prison of my own mind,” he said. “I just want to stay with y–”

“No,” replied James firmly, his hands were digging through Sirius’ skin. “Your name will be cleared after this, can’t you see that? Merlin Pads, sometimes you are such an idiot. My son, your godson might I remind you, need you, you prat.”

“Don’t leave Remus alone on full moons Sirius,” added Lily softly, Sirius knew she was crying but he tried to fight back, he didn’t want to go back to the hell he was living when he could stay here and be with James and Lily. “Don’t leave Harry alone.”

“I’m pushing you back whether you like it or not Pads, please tell Harry we love him,” he said and with that Sirius found himself right back where he left off, Harry was staring at the veil like he had seen the worst thing, his eyes shining like Lily’s did whenever she was about to cry and Remus holding him as if Harry was everything that kept him alive.

A smile broke across Sirius’ face as he saw what he came back for. James and Lily were right as they were all the time, Sirius just didn’t learn. 

James who had saved his life hundreds of times had saved his life yet again and Sirius only had one thing on his mind he had to do before he forgot.

“James and Lily made me swear I would tell you how much they loved you Harry.”

Sirius felt the same set of hands hug him as strongly as James had held him a few moments ago and realised what they meant when Harry pulled back and he saw the relief in Remus’ eyes. He wasn’t done here just yet.

I’m Just Glad You’re Speaking

This is the fic I wrote for that headcanon I wrote yesterday! It’s not exactly the same but I made it a thing! I did as much research about mutism and traumatic mutism so I hope I wrote about it accurately…

it’s also on AO3…


Lance knew he was pushing it. He could tell by the twitch of Keith’s hand and the way his shoulders tensed every time Lance so much as opened his mouth to breathe. He was being too loud again but he couldn’t help it. As fucked up as it was, he would prefer annoying others by being too loud than never speaking at all.

Lance would know – he’d done both.

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❛ atlantis: the lost empire ❜ sentence starters
  • “It’s just a myth, isn’t it? Pure fantasy?”
  • “Well, this is it. I’m finally getting out of the dungeon.”
  • “They can’t do this to me!”
  • “Besides, we need you here. We depend on you.”
  • “You have a lot of potential, [ NAME ]. Don’t throw it all away chasing fairytales.”
  • “Maybe the cold water will clear your head!”
  • “Who – who are you? How did you get in here?”
  • “I came down the chimney. Ho, ho, ho.”
  • “Relax. He doesn’t bite… often.”
  • “They said if anything were to happen to them, I should give it to you when you were ready. Whatever that means.”
  • “I’ll show them, I will make them believe!”
  • “You hear that, [ NAME ]? I’m going to the afterlife with a clear conscience by thunder!”
  • “If I could bring back just one shred of proof, that’d be enough for me.”
  • “Our lives are remembered by the gifts we leave our children.”
  • “You will not regret this! Boy, I am so excited, I – I can’t even hold it in!”
  • “Carrots… Why is it always carrots, I didn’t even eat carrots…”
  • “Blondie, I got a bone to pick with you!”
  • “Hey, junior, if you’re looking for the pony rides, they’re back there.”
  • “Gunpowder, nitroglycerine, notepads, fuses, wicks, glue… and paper clips, big ones. You know, just office supplies.”
  • “Yes, this should be enriching for all of us.”
  • “Back, foul creature! Back to the pit from whence you came!”
  • “So I said to him, what’s wrong with my meatloaf, and he says to me – ”
  • “Geez, I used to take lunch money from guys like this.”
  • “Hard to believe he’s still single.”
  • “You wanna do my job? Be my guest.”
  • “Melt the butter and bring out the bibs, I want this monster served up on a silver platter!”
  • “We’re all gonna die.”
  • “Don’t move, don’t breathe, don’t do anything… except pray, maybe.”
  • “Yeah, yeah, thank you very much, shut up.”
  • “Two for flinching.”
  • “You’re so skinny if you turned sideways and stuck out your tongue, you’d look like a zipper.”
  • “I sleep in the nude.”
  • “Somebody’s gonna have to suck out the poison… Don’t everybody jump up at once.”
  • “They can smell fear just by looking at you, so keep quiet.”
  • “About time someone hit him, I’m just sorry it wasn’t me.”
  • “There were not supposed to be people down here. This changes everything.”
  • “You presume much to think you are welcome here.”
  • “Our weapons allow us to remove obstacles we may encounter.”
  • “Some obstacles may not be removed by a mere show of force.”
  • “A thousand years ago you would have slain them on sight.”
  • “We were once a great people, now we live in ruins!”
  • “What they have to teach us, we have already learned.”
  • “I have some questions for you, and I’m not leaving the city until they’re answered!”
  • “You are a scholar, are you not? Judging by your diminished physique and large forehead, you are suited for nothing else!”
  • “All I can remember is the sky going dark and people shouting and running…”
  • “Don’t forget to eat the head! That’s where all the nutrients are.”
  • “We are like a stone the ocean beats against. With each passing year, a little more of us is worn away.”
  • “Oh yeah, I swim pretty girl – Pretty good, pretty good! I swim pretty good…”
  • “Why don’t you lead the way, because… I have no idea where we’re going.”
  • “Hey guys, what’s going on…? What’s with all the guns…?”
  • “I mean, I would’ve told you sooner, but it was on a strictly need-to-know basis and, well… Now you know.”
  • “What’s to know? It’s big, it’s shiny, it’s gonna make us all rich.”
  • “For once, do the smart thing.”
  • “You will destroy yourselves!”
  • “I’d suggest you put a bandage on that bleeding heart of yours, it doesn’t suit a mercenary.”
  • “Well I know, why don’t you translate, and I’ll wave the gun around!”
  • “All will be well, [ NAME ]. Be not afraid.”
  • “Hold your horses, loverboy.”
  • “But that’s what it’s all about, right? Money.”
  • “It’s called natural selection! We’re just helping it along.”
  • “That was an order, not a suggestion!”
  • “This is wrong and you know it!”
  • “You pick now of all times to grow a conscience?”
  • “Nobody got hurt! Well… maybe somebody got hurt, but… Nobody we knew!”
  • “Internal bleeding. There’s nothing more I can do.”
  • “What a nightmare. And I brought it here.”
  • “My burden would have become theirs when the time was right. But now it falls to you.”
  • “I followed you in, and I’ll follow you out. It’s your decision.”
  • “Oh, my decision? Well I think we’ve seen how effective my decisions have been.”
  • “Of course, in my experience, if you hit bottom… the only place left to go is up.”
  • “I didn’t say it was the smart thing… But it is the right thing.”
  • “C’mon, we better make sure he doesn’t hurt himself.”
  • “We’re gonna come in low and fast and take them by surprise.”
  • “I’ve got news for you, [ NAME ] is never surprised and they’ve got a lot of guns!”
  • “Great, well do you have any suggestions?”
  • “Yeah! Don’t get shot!”
  • “Holy smokes! You told me he only had guns!”
  • “What I said was they’re never surprised!”
  • “Okay, now things are getting good.”
  • “Alright, this is it. Any last words? … Yeah, I really wish I had a better idea than this!”
  • “That’s it, unless someone wants to jump.”
  • “Well I have to hand it to you, you’re a bigger pain in the neck than I would’ve ever thought possible.”
  • “Nothing personal.”
  • “Tired? That’s a darned shame! I’m just getting warmed up!”
  • “Ah, I don’t think the world needs another hero.”
  • “Nervous breakdown. You could say he went all to pieces.”
  • “I’m gonna miss that kid. At least they’re in a better place now…”
  • “I hope this piece of proof is enough for you. It sure convinced me.”

Been a while since I did something based on a vine. And since I got better from a sudden headache (and maybe fever), might as well draw something from that vine I saw recently. 

But there’s school tomorrow, plus I’m lazy, so I apologize if it’s rather short right now. XDDD