i did the sketch of this at the end of my history class last friday

College Level Art Student wanders into the back areas of the Museum at one point, looking for a defunct exhibit because it was just there last Friday and they were drawing that particular corner for their mid-term examine and now it’s just gone, how dare they. CLAS finds more than what they bargained for, ends up not eaten and instead drafted into the evil plan because A) If too many people go missing at the museum, it attracts attention and B) You ate my last security guard Bular, I need a new one, complains Nomura and C) there are benefits to not having to hide things from museum security. 

So CLAS finds themselves in a job as the new nightshift security guard, gets stuck alone in a museum with nothing but Bular and some goblins for company a couple of nights. CLAS ends up befriending the goblins by feeding them the stubs of old charcoal pencils, gives them all nicknames like Frogger and Chicken Legs. CLAS brings in their art projects to work on because there’s lots of spare time and come on, they’re stuck in an art museum with nothing to do for a large amount of time why not get some assignments done? Bular finds this annoying at first - he didn’t get to eat them and he’s mad at their very presence to begin with and what are they doing? Why is it drawing that column? Why is it sitting at this odd angle sketching the underside of that statue? Is that a doodle of him? It’s inaccurate, his teeth are much more menacing than that.

And CLAS draws fucking everything, which worries Strickler because what if someone finds the sketchbook - to which CLAS just laughs and says it’s all for the character concept design class - GRA3002, three credit pre-requisite for for 3D character animation. CLAS also gives nicknames to everyone else because they are an Art Student - existence is pain, fear of death has no meaning to them, and the stench of charcoal mixed with chalk will forever stain their soul. Strickler’s nicknames are invariably different disgusting shades of green. Nomura is just Magenta, with occasional references to Blue’s Clues that both changelings wish they didn’t understand. Bular is publicly referred to as his name, but privately referred to as ‘Him Big’ or ‘Boss Rock Man’.

CLAS is fairly certain that they are going to die at some point in the near future and when threats are being thrown about will occasionally declare that, hey, waiting to die is stressful so just get on with it already or else leave them alone to finish this fucking painting because it’s due in six hours and worth half their grade, for fuck’s sake. CLAS at one point enlists the goblins to steal things for them such as a skeleton from the medical lab on campus (ostensibly for drawing purposes, but they end up naming it Fredrickson and dressing it up in a top hat and taped on bowtie plus monocle combo). Strickler’s visits end up being an endless guessing game of ‘what has the human done now?’

Nomura is somewhat afraid of how quickly the human managed to befriend the goblins. How did they do that? How? When asked, CLAS simply and somewhat terrifyingly declares themselves to be ‘the goblin whisperer’. Puts on sunglasses in perfect sync with Frogger. Both of them walk out the room backwards with starbucks coffee cups, doing the ‘i’m watching you gesture’.

CLAS makes a shit ton of art history references, puns, and jokes that both make the changelings snicker, though secretly Strickler’s just disgusted by it. How dare you make a renaissance sculpture pun in my general direction, how dare you. Bular’s just amused that CLAS has provided a source of endless frustration for the changelings, settling into ‘if you’re making them annoyed, you’re fine by me’ mode of operation.

Daisuga Art Students AU Part 2

*drops this here quietly* I still don’t have a name for this halp? Inspired by @priintaniere‘s CUTE ADORABLE ART 

Part 1 Here and Part 3 Here

Note: This is from Sugawara’s POV, more notes at end, and this is pretty much unedited whoops, all mistakes are mine

Sugawara Koushi does not have crushes.

He’s had a few flings, to be sure, but nothing ever serious. Nothing that ever made his skin burn with excitement or had him dancing on his toes. He maintains this stance when his friend visits him at his part-time job working at the campus library.

He’s sitting at the front counter, doodling on a scrap of paper while he waits for someone to check out books, when Yaku Morisuke barrels inside. He leans against the tall desk, just barely able to rest his arms on the counter.

“Suga, you would NOT believe what Kuroo said, I can’t even - Hey, you’re drawing that guy again!” Yaku stops mid-sentence to point at Suga’s latest doodle, not much more than the back of a head and a well-defined back.

Suga absentmindedly erases a bit, then thickens a few lines. “What?”

“You know, muscles guy. You’re always drawing this same dude. Anyway, will you listen to this? Kuroo said he’d wait for me after practice, but ditched me for Kenma again, the bastard -” Yaku kept talking but Sugawara wasn’t listening.

Muscles guy? Who was he even talking about? He supposed the dark-haired man he was currently drawing looked a bit familiar, but that wasn’t too surprising. He flipped over the scrap of paper to some doodles he had done at breakfast and sure enough it was the same guy, dark, closely cropped hair, wide shoulders, and muscles.

He was still admiring the biceps he had drawn when Yaku’s voice suddenly dropped to a whisper. He tugged on Suga’s sweater and pointed over his shoulder. “Hey, is that the guy? The one you’ve been drawing for weeks?” he hissed. Two guys with oversized art portfolios and messenger bags had just walked in, claiming a large table by the small corner cafe. One was tall, wearing a long coat, and had long hair pulled back into a ponytail. The other was wearing a dark beanie and navy hoodie. They had their backs to the counter, but looked strangely familiar…

“What, the tall one with the longish hair? No, that’s not the same guy-” Long-haired dude sat down while the other guy dropped his bags, taking off the beanie and ruffling his hair. As he turned to stand in line for the cafe, Suga finally caught a glimpse of his face.

“It’s him,” Suga whispered.

Sawamura Daichi, the subject of his sketches, was standing in line for coffee, just twenty feet away.

“Yaku, stop staring!” Suga hissed.

“Oho, he’s pretty good looking. You should tell him to join the volleyball team, I’m sure Kuroo and Bokuto would enjoy that. That other guy is pretty tall too.” Yaku ignored Suga to contemplate the stranger’s ability. “We could use a few wing spikers-”

“Yaku, cut it out, go home or go study!” Suga scolded. He was saved by a girl with an armload of books. “Shoo, I’ve got work now, Yaku!” He smiled at the girl while delivering a chop to Yaku’s head. She looked slightly alarmed, but quietly handed over her mountain of books while Yaku sulked out the front doors. Sugawara was absorbed in scanning, so he didn’t notice a familiar figure in line until he stepped up.

“Hey, Sugawara. Didn’t know you worked here,” Daichi said quietly. A soft, gentle smile appeared on his face, and Suga was taken by surprise. He seemed much more…serious, the last time they were paired together for drawing class. Daichi handed over a few large books, then stuffed his hands into the large pocket of his hoodie while he waited.

“Oh, you remember me! It’s been a few weeks, huh? Yeah, this is my part-time job.” He took the books from Daichi to scan. “It’s a pretty easy job, and I can do some work if it’s really slow here. These are over-size, so make sure to bring them back in two weeks to return or renew, instead of the usual four, okay?” He stamped the card on the inside of each book.

“Yeah, sure. How often do you work here? My friend, Asahi, will probably drag me back to study for the art history exam later this week.” Daichi gathered his books as Sugawara finished scanning them.

“Uh, just a couple of days a week. My next shift is on Saturday though, same time. I have that exam too! You must be in the Tuesday-Thursday class, right? I’m on Wednesdays and Fridays,” Sugawara replied.

“Yikes, that’s a late shift,” Daichi chuckled. His eyes crinkled, and Suga got the sudden urge to sketch the little smile lines on Daichi’s face. Suga shook his head, partly to rid himself of the feeling, and partly to answer Daichi. “Well, if you’re free, Asahi and I will be studying here all week, you’re welcome to join us. He complains that when we study at work we always get flour over our stuff.”

Flour? “Ah, I’ll take you up on that!” Another person began walking up with an armload of books, but Suga didn’t want the conversation to end. He scribbled his contact information on a corner of the scrap paper he had hastily stuffed under a textbook and handed it to Daichi. “Just shoot me a message whenever you’re planning on studying. Sorry, I should help…” his voice trailed off.

Daichi looked over his shoulder, eyebrows rising when he noticed a line forming. “Ah, sorry, for keeping you. I’ll let you get back to work, Sugawara.” He turned to leave, but Suga called out to him one more time.
“Just Suga is fine!”

He was hushed by three impatient people in line, his coworker at the desk beside him, and his conscience. 

He spent the rest of the evening putting books away, checking books out for people, and sneaking glances at Daichi, and wondering why in the world they had flour at work. 

Scratch that last part, he couldn’t even believe his staring was subtle at all, he was just incredibly lucky that Daichi was intent on passing his art history exam. He had given up on scribbling on his small scrap of paper, so he dumped out a few sketchbooks from his bag, putting back the ones used exclusively for class. Computer graphics was a spiral bound, black cover that he slid back into his bag. His art history notebook had normal notes so he stuffed that one back into his bag as well. He finally selected a plain brown flip book, the size of a paper back and opened it to the first few pages. 

Shit, Yaku was right. Sure enough, the pages and doodles all starred one Sawamura Daichi. How did he even manage to draw him this much when they barely saw each other even with one shared class? Why had he drawn his hands so much? As he flipped through page after page, Suga’s heart sunk. I’ve got it bad, he thought. Real bad. 


Suga had spent his precious few nights off attempting to study at the library with Daichi and Asahi. Attempting because as much as he tried to study, he just ended up doodling Daichi’s smile, Daichi’s hands, Daichi’s neck, and Daichi eating a granola bar. He adjusted his scarf and his notebook, angling it slightly in his lap as he settled into a large plush chair. They had chosen a quiet corner of the library after Asahi had said the cafe smelled too much like work - apparently the two worked at a bakery down the street. 

They hadn’t realized he spent the whole time sketching, so Suga figured it was fine to continue…discretely. 

But he hadn’t anticipated Daichi asking to see his work himself. Asahi had just gotten up to get another coffee when Daichi had slid his chair over to Suga’s. Suga quickly flipped the page, covering a doodle of Daichi’s ankle, only to find another of the back of his head. Shit, really me? His face colored slightly as he shut the notebook completely. 

“Hey, Suga.” Daichi whispered. Suga looked up, cocking his head to the side with a tentative smile.

“You might as well call me Daichi, Asahi does anyway.” Suga let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “And, this might be a bit forward of me, but well-” Daichi rubbed the back of his head, why was he so damn cute all the time? “I’d like to ask you something, if it’s okay.” Suga nodded, but he had a bad feeling creep up his spine. 

Suga knew what Daichi was going to ask.

He knew and was still sweating. He ran a hand through his messy hair, prepared to come up with an excuse, any excuse, but he was still drawing a blank. Daichi was going to see and realize he had the biggest crush on him, and there wasn’t anything he could do about it. He already felt the heat creeping up his neck, and Suga clutched at his scarf, clenching his teeth so hard he swore he could hear them rattling.

“Suga, could I see your sketchbook?”

Bean says: omfgsurghlsighvbneawrig it took so long? So I realized the stuff I had originally written for a part 2 were boring and hard to write because THERE WAS NO CLIMAX OR ANYTHING you know like problem -> solution type of resolution and while this doesn’t exactly have resolution I feel like it’s better than whatever I had before haha. So basically I scrapped the old part and rewrote the whole part (which was not too bad since it’s not so long). ALSO my tenses are probably all over the place welp @_@

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Work of Art

pt. 1 | pt. 2

summary: Teaching art at JYP High School, you find yourself in a troubling predicament. You need to teach your students how to draw the male anatomy, but the model you hired didn’t show up! Luckily for you, Mr. Tuan is right across the hall and is willing to help out a fellow teacher.

a/n: This is a collaboration with my fellow hoe, @kawaii-hedgehog She is legit an awesome writer and artist. She slays like the Jackson hoe she is. We decided we’re going to be writing this scenario together for the first time, combining our two dirty, trashy minds together to create this masterpiece. And there’s going to be a part two! So, anticipate that. As for warnings, none really. A very slight smut warning, but that’s pretty much it. Enjoy, ya nasties!!

word count: 2,736

Both of our asks are open, so feel free to request anything!

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(Y/n) loved kids, which is probably why she loved her job. She taught art, one of her favorite classes growing up. Art was soothing and relaxing, and her students seemed to think so too. She never really gave out homework unless the seniors acted up in class, which was a rare occurrence. She was a fun teacher, one that took everyone’s opinion and ideas into consideration and didn’t suppress their creativity.

And yet as much as she loved her job, there were several downsides to her occupation. One was the fact that sleep deprivation welcomed her with open arms; grading papers, entering her students in contests, and helping with other school activities kept her busy. Another drawback of teaching was having to deal with stuck-up teenagers who always thought they were at the top of the food chain. Granted, not all of her students were like that, but there was always a small handful who gave her crap. Arrogance and disrespect were by no means tolerated by her, so she often gave them a hard time.

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Stay Up 'Til the Lights Go Out

otpprompts Imagine person A and Person B talking on the phone all night by accident, then sending each other tired selfies in the morning. Bonus: Person A messages B how they fell asleep in class/work that day.


“Clarke you should go to sleep, I’m going to be out til daybreak. And you have class in the morning babe.” Bellamy spoke into the phone that was sitting between his shoulder and head as he grabbed his things for his night shift. He hated doing night patrols but, thus, was the case of being a rookie cop.  Nodding to Miller who was getting into the driver side of the patrol car, Bellamy walked around to the other side and slid in as he heard Clarke’s reply.

 “But I wanted to stay up and talk to you, Bell. Between your night rounds and my practically unlimited residency hours, we never see each other. We keep missing each other, I miss ya.” Clarke’s reply came through slowly, her exhaustion evident through her voice.

 “I miss you too, but your class–”

 “Will still be there three times a week for the next two months. Wouldn’t be the first time I’d be tired in that class either. Stop worrying Bellamy and just talk to me. I’m assuming you’re out with Miller?”

 “Yeah, he’s driving and probably none too happy that I’m on the phone.”

 “Liar, Miller doesn’t care. Right Miller?” Clarke asks the last bit loudly knowing that the other dark male in the police car will be able to hear her.

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Sports Reporter Riley Matthews whole world is turned upside down with Shortstop Lucas Friar signs with the Yankees, can she keep the secrets she’s held onto for the last thirteen years, can he keep the secrets he’s held onto?

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Author Note: Again thank you for the reviews, reblogs, likes, etc. You all rock.
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“So how did that feel, your first game as a Yankee?” Reese dug through his bag looking for the clothes he wanted to change into after his shower.

“Amazing” Lucas confessed, “I used to come to games in high school with—my girlfriend. Cheap seats always, those summer afternoons were the best. The only thing better would be going to a Knicks game with her.”

“You still have feelings for that girl after all these years, don’t you?” Reese leaned against his locker studying his old friend, “Is this the one that had your kid and wouldn’t let you be a part of their life?”

Lucas nodded, “Yeah, I guess um, I’m gonna hit the shower and then go hide out in the training room.”

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