i did the first half yesterday

Finding you

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Words: 5992

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut

It has pretty much everything but there is a point where there will be smut so if you don’t fancy something like that you can just skip the part.

Description: Your cousin gave you a gift. It’s a pen, a pen that whatever you write upon your skin with it will also appear on your soulmate’s. Silly stuff, how can what you write with a stupid pen appear on your soulmate’s skin?

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This is a BIG Deal

Okay so Pentatonix covered Bohemian Rhapsody. They just did that. And WOW! I first heard it yesterday and honestly I still can’t process that insanity. I know that for the longest time, everyone has wanted them to do the song since they did bits of the song in Evolution of Music back in 2013.

Now to be clear, Bohemian Rhapsody is a LONG as hell song. Where most songs are from 2 and half minutes to four minutes…..this is about SIX. That is a lot of music and lyrics in two extra minutes than the norm. So it is HARD to do all the way through. Besides that it is basically three different songs in one. So that is three different kinds of music styles that have to flow seamlessly together. Yeah it is complicated and technical as HELL.

In fact it is SO technical that Queen themselves, the creators of this classic song, could not do it live. Not completely anyway. The way in which Freddie had composed it, there was NO way for them to do all the parts live. They had to have certain parts played out through a recording and other parts were able to be done live. Like the intro was impossible to achieve live and so they had a recording. Another part was the opera I believe that was layered in such a way there was no way to reproduce the sound. The band in fact had to separate the song because of all the difficulty that went into performing it. 

Due to its length and technical difficulty NO artist has really done a TRUE cover of it. Not the way it should be. There have been many that have tried to emulate the original work, but here’s the kicker. It’s impossible to do without some editing or machine. And that’s due to how Freddie created the piece. So where does Pentatonix fit into this?

Well they made Bohemian Rhapsody, a song which relies heavily on multi layering and effects, into a near perfect acapella version. It is safe to say that PTX, like all the singers/bands before them, had to do SOMETHING to achieve the iconic parts of the song. Be it light layering or a choir, there’s almost NO way they could achieve it with their voices alone. They aren’t super human (well scratch that, they ARE but they don’t want us mere mortals to know that). Remember when I said that Queen couldn’t even perform Bohemian Rhapsody live? Yeah, if this song is a part of the 2017 tour set list…..and they can pull it off….then Pentatonix are truly geniuses, no lie. And they made Gold, a song all about auto tune and effects possible…..Cause Mitchy is out of this world. 

Anyway, I know that Pentatonix will have no problem with the length and the transitions in the song. Their Evolution of….songs have trained them for something like this. Each of the three Evolution of…. songs has taught them how to quickly move from one song, style, and tempo to the next. Each one is also long and very complex. They’ve also mentioned it took months to put together EofM. Scott and Mitch revealed EofB was put together in one night (cause they are just stans like that, I’m looking at you Scotty Boy). I’m not sure about how long it took to put together EofMJ. Regardless they were able to handle it all. 

One last thing to bring up is that Pentatonix said years ago (on The Sing Off in fact) that they were not meant to do rock music. There was just too much involved for them to pull off a rock song convincingly. Even so they were able to make it through Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf without tripping up live. This will their return to trying to pull off the genre. Being one of the most famous songs in the classic rock genre….yeah they definitely went for it. This has been requested by fans for years. So be proud and grateful of what they’ve done to sing this song.

This will be their greatest challenge to perform yet. Forget the digital sounds of Daft Punk or the emotional intensity of Hallelujah. THIS, Bohemian Rhapsody, is forever immortalized in the minds of music lovers worldwide. Pulling it off on stage in front of thousands of people…..there is no way that it won’t catch the attention of the media and people at large. Here’s to those crazy choir nerds who started off with a dream.

An Image To Protect pt.3

Matthew Tkachuk x Reader

Team: Calgary Flames

Warnings: Cheese

POV: First

part three for an image to protect!!

maybe in the next part you could have them become official?

About the part 3 to tkachuk, maybe something where you officially meet the wags as his gf or his fam?

Here are part one and part two!

I decided to go for a first “I love you” thing because I really dislike writing about meeting families and in the first part, it was a possibility the reader had already met the WAGS just not as a love interest. 

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How did I end up here? Sat on the couch, late one Saturday night, some random episode of Catfish playing on the t.v. while my fingers were playing with Matthew’s curls. The both of us were basically half asleep, Matthew even dozing off every now and then but jumping back awake. 

It seemed like just yesterday when I attended the family skate for the Flames and Johnny had dragged me along to meet his friends. 

Yet here we were.

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Rebound Girl, Pt. 4

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: language, Anti Danneel

A/N: part 4 to my entry for @casbabydontgoineedyou‘s 1k follower challenge.

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Reader’s POV

You sighed and wanted to slam the door in her face but she stopped it last minute with one of her feet.

“What do you want, Danneel?” You asked, opening the door again.

“I need to talk to Jensen not his… bed bunny.”

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April 2

I hate that on the weekend I seem to lose motivation to eat healthy, despite having the time to grocery shop. I shopped for and bought so many good items yesterday and today I ate like watermelon, pasta, pretzels, half a chocolate bar, and peanut butter toast. I didn’t even track my food intake at all this weekend. Ugh. At least I did 45 min of yoga and did a large walk around campus. Fortunately, my heart is full from all the love of the welcome back ceremony, so I feel good about that. Mental health first sometimes. I have a lot of plans to ramp up this week, with lots of good cooking in the works, so Monday we get back on the 90% healthy train.

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I bought a cactus once. The only thing I did was repot it and water it, and it was so dead it had turned black the next morning.

This was the first cactus I ever tried taking care of. It was literally fine yesterday and then I go to check on it today and it’s all squishy. Tried repotting it to try and maybe bring it back, and the entire top half above the soil ripped off. So that was a fun way to start my morning xD


Did an upper body workout today. Trained leg Saturday and rest day yesterday so I thought that was the best idea on a tired Monday.

My arms were dying at the end. Still have 30 more push ups today but I couldn’t keep myself up at the end so I just decided to do them later during the day. I also did a run because I was feeling it today 😂

Having some food now and then I have to study! Gonna finish the first half of the essay today. IM GONNA DO IT

I never thought I'd type diarrhoea and mean it

But here we are.

I thought I was going into labour yesterday. Hubs and I did the unthinkable and had sex around 5 o'clock and by 6 o'clock I’d started having contractions. Just little mild ones at first and they were few and far between but they were happening and it was exciting!!

My mum took Aurora last night because she knew how much I needed a break, she came and got her at half past 6 and hubs and I decided to settle in for a cosy movie night to rest up since we thought it might be our last decent nights sleep for a while. I was having contractions every 40 minutes and they were lasting about a minute. I knew it could be nothing and even if it was something it could take days or weeks to actually get somewhere but I was excited!!! They were getting more and more painful each time so I thought something might happen.

So then around ten one came that really hurt. I was like oh shit this is happening they’re gonna start picking up this is amazing. Nope. Run to the bathroom it is. So I’m in there like, of the past five hours have been for nothing and I actually just have diarrhoea (there I go typing it again) I will legit kill someone. So it’s not so bad, I go back to bed and cuddle up with hubs. Then, like clockwork, 40 minutes later it happens again!!!!! So I’m like fuck this whatever, obviously I’m never going to give birth and everything is for nothing all the time. I give up on movie night in bed and we got to sleep.

So I get up another few times in the night, same thing, no real contractions. Nothing. And this morning, still nothing.

I’m never going to go into labour and everything is for nothing.

  1. There is definitely a dog in the room underneath mine
  2. I’m not super well-versed in the pet policy in the dorm, but I’m pretty sure dogs are not allowed. Someone on the hall had a cat last semester but it was a therapy cat and I know they had special permission for it
  3. The dog has been crying for the last hour and half, so I’m guessing it’s still a puppy
  4. Which makes sense because yesterday was the first time I’ve heard it
  5. But also means it definitely can’t be a properly trained therapy dog
  6. I’m not going to tell facilities or anything, but whoever owns the dog should figure out how to keep it quiet if they’re not supposed to have it
  7. I’m perfectly fine with having a dog living underneath me, my family’s owned dogs my entire life so it’s not really distracting or anything, but I have one very important question:
  8. Can I come visit it and pet it?
the signs as things people have said at robotics this week
  • Aries: "YOU'RE the first one here?"
  • Taurus: "I hate to break it to you, but we live in a socialist country"
  • Gemini: "No one ever said I was smart" "That's not true" "Yeah, you're right"
  • Cancer: "I'm just going to go stick my thumb in the snow now."
  • Leo: *plays Donald Trump Kids song*
  • Virgo: "You don't have to sit on the stool, but I'm saying you should sit on the stool"
  • Libra: "I don't take sucker bets"
  • Scorpio: "You're not my REAL mom"
  • Sagittarius: "I"m only going to eat another banana if it works" *it doesn't work* *eats another banana*
  • Capricorn: "I just want to do my calculus homework"
  • Aquarius: "That design is hella weird" "Did you just say hella weird?" "Well, it's hella weird!"
  • Pisces: "We can't math it"

Seashore Classic Half ~ 2:10.39

This was a rough rough half, but a PR!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday I spent the day moving my brothers girlfriend in and cleaning my house like a mad lady lol, followed by a sick kiddo up all night. Needless to say I was tired from the beginning!!!!! But so happy I did not walk, it might have looked rough but it’s the first half I did by myself without walking!!!!!!!!! And I got 3rd in my age group!!!!!!!! So happy it’s over!!!!!! Tonight I’m hoping the kids want to cuddle and watch a movie lol!!!!!

Happy Sunday 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Hurt (Bucky x Reader) (4/6)

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Summary: Reader and Bucky were best friend, even more, but their relationship changes after something horrible happens to the Reader.

Warning:  mentions of rape, cursing, blood, violence, suicide….

˝I can’t live like this Tony. I can’t stay here˝.

Tony was working on one of his inventions when you barged in.

˝Y/N/N, what happened? ˝

˝I can’t even be with him˝

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Public Access Training Nightmare and Victory

“Nightmare” may be too strong a word, but it sure felt like it at the time. 

Yesterday, I took Dipper for his first outing since being neutered a week and a half ago, and now I’m kicking myself going “WHY YOU DID THAT?!?!?!” I hadn’t thought it entirely through, apparently. We went to the mall for ice cream. Sounds simple enough, certainly easier than Target, which he’d crushed about two weeks ago. BUT there were things I didn’t consider: one, by the time we left it was Friday evening at four pm, which is typically when people swarm to the mall. Two, he’d been pretty exclusively in our back yard while he was healing, and so a blah outing was WAY more exciting than it normally would have been. Three, it was his second no-dogs-here!!! outing ever. FOUR, my sisters kept petting him and talking to him, which I didn’t actually notice (and I think they didn’t notice either) because it’s such a normal thing.

So we got to the mall, and I could tell he was excited. It took us a little longer than normal to get his head in the game, especially with youths blaring music out of their cars, which for some reason really intrigued him yesterday. But, we got there – did some sit and down stays, some ‘focus’es and his attention was on me. It wandered a little when kids tottered by, but for the most part he did well. We took the lift down and went to Dairy queen (which was a grand total of five minutes from our parking spot). We did some focuses and down stays when we got out on the main floor, because he was very interested in kids bopping about. He did well, heeled nicely, waited patiently sandwiched between myself and the counter as I ordered, and then tucked away under the little table SO WELL that nobody noticed him (except these two little girls sitting at the table in front of ours who kept staring back at him). As we were smack in the MIDDLE of the hallway with people constantly passing, this was a source of endless pleasure. He shuffled around a bit, but the only thing poking out from under the table was is floofy-poof of a tail (we’re working on him tucking that in xD). Not a single person noticed my massive, powder-puff puppy! I was over the moon! 

And a little too confident. So we finished our ice cream and I was like “GODDAMIT LET’S CONQUER STARBUCKS AND TRY THIS UNICORN NONSENSE!” 

So we went to Starbucks (literally six metres away from DQ). He heeled nicely, looked interested when a two-year-old blazed right passed his nose, but otherwise ignored the little boy and his dinosaur shirt (profuse apologies from the baby’s mummy), and didn’t break his heel. HUZZAH! Victory number two! 

When we got into Starbucks, there was a line, and the space was quite tight. To get him out of the way as much as possible, I had him ‘enter’ between my legs, and we progressed to the counter, with him moving forward when I did. Another great victory, because that was something we’d just started learning. When our turn came, the lady asked what we wanted, we ordered, she said they just ran out. Drat. And then she saw the puppy. SHE SAW THE PUPPY! And all of a sudden it was “OH-MY-GOD-HE’S-SO-CUTE-HE’S-A-POODLE-RIGHT-LET-ME-PET-HIM-RIGHT-NOW!!” -reaches all the way across the bar to pet the puppy-

That was when I started to loose me. I started to panic (one point to team anxiety!!). He leaned forward to sniff her and I made a correction, told him ‘no’, told her ‘he’s working’, and was starting to dissociate as she talked about her golden doodle. We left pretty quickly, did some basic focus exercises as we headed to the parking lot, but I was having a hard time retaining his attention because (1) I was freaking out and not all there and (2) people were making baby noises at him, despite the fact we were pulled off in an isolated corner. I got his attention more or less back on me, and we were leaving (I was SUPER out of it at this point) when he saw a little dog running after this kid, and he barked. One bark, that was it, but it sent me off the deep end. He heeled, tucked nicely in the lift, stayed out of everyone’s way, nice controlled entry back into the car, but HE BARKED, and that had destroyed me for the day. I’m starting to disconnect even as I write about it. 

At the end of the day, I know it’s my fault. I should have seen the signs that this was too challenging an outing for RIGHT then. I also have to remind myself to focus on the victories of this outing: his great tucking under the table, the ‘enter’ that we’d never done before in public, his maintaining a good heel despite the kid running by, and (one I forgot to mention) paying no attention when a strange lady reached right over him to grab a free sample at DQ, and then shrieked a bit when she noticed there was a dog there (out of startled-ness, not because he’s a terrifying monster. In this current mullet-haircut, you’re more likely to die laughing than to die of fright!) 

I have to focus on the victories, which may be small but are significant nonetheless, rather than letting that one mistake ruin myself for public access practice. It is still practice, after all. 

Holy crap that was long.


Did my first half marathon ever yesterday!!! Super excited and definitely gives me confidence for a week from now when I do it for real in a race with other people 😳
The second pic was taken right after finishing when I felt like absolute dog shit. I was going to delete it because I think I look fat and gross. But this is what a runner looks like. I am a runner and I did something I never thought I could do even 6 months ago. Trying to love my body and what it can do.
P.S. finished 3 zombies run missions back to back to back haha

🥑 Just made the most bomb-ass salad with cucumber, avocado, spring onions and tomatoes. It was 🤤🤤
🏃‍♀️ I properly ran for the first time in a week and a half today! I jogged about 2kms yesterday but I don’t feel like that really counted as it was just a way to ease myself back into exercise. I also strength trained when I came home even though I felt like I’d been hit by truck 💪
😃 Work was actually okay today! Only 5 hours (which was perfect) and we had two visits from head office people but they both went super smoothly. I mostly just chatted a lot with my manager and did some cleaning and by then it was home time.
😓 It occurred to me last night why I’ve been feeling so exhausted the last two weeks and I can’t believe I didn’t realize it as soon as it happened. I’ve had my period and of course when that happens, you’re going to lose some iron and I think on top of already having low iron it just made my body go ‘lol you’re going to feel tired all the time now, and not just the regular kind of tired, it’s going to be like you’ve done a 2 weeks worth of personal training sessions on top of being hungover and having the flu, except none of that has happened’. So I’m straight onto the iron supplements until my period is over and hopefully that’ll help and I can get right back to my regular self!

Bitten (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

Request: Heyy babe !! I was wondering if you could write a Liam imagine where the reader is new to Beacon Hills and one night she gets bitten by a werewolf and the next day at school, Scott, Stiles, and Liam noticed something off about her and they help her. In the process of helping her, her and Liam get closer.

 A/n: I hope you don’t mind but i let the reader meet liam before she gets bitten. And holy shit this is so long. And also my English isn’t 100% good.

Remember to request something here. x

 Your family decided to move to the other side of the country. To a small town called Beacon Hills. Your mom is a nurse, so they got her a job at the hospital and that is why you’re here in Beacon Hills. 

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niidles  asked:

18 (and not just in a romantic way), 24, 40, and 46? :>

  • 18. Have you ever liked someone you didn’t expect to?

Really funny story on both ends of that spectrum. I did NOT think I’d be able to connect at all with @allpurposepanda, but look at us now wow 

Also, freaking @lights-standing-bi. Dude scared me half to death when I first saw him and I almost died (almost fell backwards off the stage) when he addressed me for the first time. Did NOT expect him to become one of my best friends. 

  • 24. What are you sitting on right now?

What an awesome question!! I’m sitting on my mom’s boyfriend’s couch in her house. It’s nice and small, just a little too small to stretch out fully on but still good for naps. My cat is on the other cushion <33

  • 40. Did you have a good day yesterday?

Yeah! I played video games then went to robotics and got things done, then fell asleep talking with app. 

  • 46. Do you ever pass notes to your friends in school?

We snap when we sit next to each other >.> 

I wrote notes back and forth on a piece of paper with the local saltlord on Friday, but it was about essay theses, so I don’t know if that even counts.