i did suspect something like this happened

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with all the foreshadowing they do, i'm worried about pacifica and the llamacide. like alex said there was "at least one death" and while everyone seems to take the mayor's death as that's that, he said that it would make you emotional and i didn't feel any emotion for the mayor ever. llamacide seems like a random animal to murder unless you are perhaps implying that something will happen to the person who stands for bill's llama

Hahaha don’t remind me. I am consistently worried about Pacifica and every comment about llamas now that she seems like the top suspect for the llama.

I don’t remember Alex saying that the death would make us sad necessarily, just that somebody wouldn’t make it through the season. So there’s that as a possible consolation. Unless he did say something about being sad. In which case: Alex is a troll maybe he was fucking around?

I really want some Pacifica alive is ultimately what I’m saying

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Every time you make posts like "I said it before I’ll say it again sometimes it is better to know some things than to know everything" it makes me think I missed something suspect between Val and z. So did something happen? Lol

nothing happened I just think more should have this mind set especially when it has to do with others lives, people get caught up in wanting to be in the know that when they finally do know they may not get the response they wanted, it wouldn’t hurt for people to mind their own business sometimes

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what really gets me is the fact that L leaves his prime suspect alone with a key piece of evidence that he's probably already guessed is the murder weapon - like, he saw rem when he touched it, he knows something's up with the notebook, but he was just like, k light you hang onto that for me i'm gonna go talk to higuchi.))

{{LIKE LEGIT, i also noticed that. He just walked off when something very clearly happened to Light too. He doubled over and didn’t actually even look in Rem’s direction when he did that

Why why why why. Just argh why L aren’t you a genuis

the clingy bitch no one likes

I’ve recently been told that my life is pretty interesting, so why not share, right? Here’s what happened:

This summer I did a journalism summer program, and, oh, what fun it was. Here’s a tip, if you do ever do a summer course, take tons of pictures. They’re all you’ll have once it’s over. Yeah, you’ll make friends ‘for life’, but how long does that last? 

Anyhow, I met this guy. Yeah, I know, such a cliché right? Wrong. He was my best friend at camp. And he made sure everyone knew so no one would suspect that anything happened between us behind closed doors. But nothing did, and I was fine with being his best friend. He was sweet, funny, and caring. What’s not to like right? 

Well, it’s been two weeks since we’ve been back, and I’ve done something pretty humiliating for me. Something that could potentially ruin my reputation (not that I have one). Anyways, since then, he sent me 5 texts tops. Three of them telling me he was sick, and the other two was a kissy face and a heart. I kept sending him texts asking him how he was doing, and guess what? Nothing. No answer, no return, not even a read receipt. 

He made me do the one thing he knew I hated: being clingy. I felt like a desperate ex-girlfriend, and it sickened me to the core. And I know I’m not done with him, because I miss him. Seems like my feelings are not returned right?

What annoys me the most is that during the camp he had this big secret he refused to tell me at all costs. I always, always, let it slide. But now I’m thinking maybe this big secret is the reason he is ignoring. I didn’t know much about it, but all I knew was that it bothered him. Oh well, what to do right?

Also, I have decided that if I’m going to keep this up, I might as well have a new identity right? What about… 

Princess of the Broken Scene 

send me feedback on what you thought of this post, and I’ll keep you guys updated! 


Is every episode in the first season in Washington?

Roland is a mentally challanged man. This is not starting well. And the scientist is clearly a dick whistle. I suspect something is about to happen to him.

Oh, I see. This is Good Will Hunting.

I don’t need to address issues with representation of disability in this episode because it’s all fairly obvious.

Mulder, what did you DO!?!

I just learned that in Mulder body language, Mulder putting his
hands on his hips means he’s sorry but he is right.

Also, I feel like this is the same plot as the last episode but wearing a diffirent outfit. Maybe they were not originally meant to be seen in this order.

Chunks of frozen dude!

AH HA HA HA. The “chalk outline” of the guy is hilarious. Bits of guy.

Scully is trying to hard to poke holes in Mulder’s theories. So hard. It’s as if she wasn’t even around for the last case.

The dialogue. “I wish I could fly.” “I can fly when I dream.” I want to punch the TV.

The guy who played Roland later one a prime time Emmy. He’s a good actor. Poor guy.

The computers in these shows are completely magical. Why is no one investigating this?

Mulder’s dream he tells to Roland is strangely prophetic.

Scully just called Roland a frozen fudgesicle. Whoever is writing for Scully this episode should not be allowed to write for the X-Files again. I fire this writer and I fired the costumer the last episode. According to IMDB, he also wrote 3…which is a giant strinking turd.

Scientist are often evil in the X-Files. SCIENTISTS are the real monster.
Except Scully. She still has religion to keep her morals and ethics straight.