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c'mon Aura, toughen up. really? crying about all this? seems really silly if you ask me. But then again, everyone has seen how p a t h e t i c you are. you don't deserve anything at all, not even the least bit of MERCY, because you will never be a good person.( @ mun, I'm sorry, but i had to. please forgive me )

[ * The sound of various footsteps is heard in the distance ]

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i once spat in someone's milkshake and gave it to them free cause they were being a bitch a raising a broo ha ha over a made up issue and i recently found out i did give them mano. apparently her fiance ended up leaving her and she lost her job due to her depression. i want to feel bad but she tried to get me fired, so she can suck it.

I mean. As someone who has worked in food myself I’m incredibly disappointed? When ever someones being a royal bitch to me I give them them the benefit of the doubt and say they had a bad day? Most of the time Im right. And turns out it was a shitty day and they were in a sour mood.

Tbhhhhh if I was your manager. I probs would fire you or atleast give you a writeup though.

“My father and his cousin created the first drug dealing territory in this favela back in the 60’s. It was a very violent place back then. Before my father came along—anyone with a weapon had absolute power. There was no law. There was no police to turn to. There were many homicides, burglaries, and rapes. My father played an important role. It was a cruel role, but it was important. He had to clean up the favela. The criminals weren’t just going to leave. They had to be erased. And my father did that job. He was a tiny man. He dressed well. He was educated, and polite, and humble. To many people he wasn’t a good person. But he was a righteous person. I didn’t follow in my father’s footsteps. I became a photographer and an activist. But I don’t see my father as a bad man. He brought rules to this place. And today’s drug traffickers enforce those same rules. This favela is one of the safest places in the city. Stealing is not allowed here. You can’t rape. You can’t hit a woman. Yes, there is violence. Because the police are always fighting the drug traffickers. But if the drug traffickers were gone tomorrow, the favela would be a far more dangerous place.”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

something that always struck me as odd about the prequels is how palpatine was able to forge a relationship with anakin in the first place.

this is definitely my biggest problem with the jedi, in relation to anakin: they let palpatine, a middle aged man, get anakin, a child, alone. the fact that palpatine’s even insistent on it at all should be ringing alarm bells. there should be Stranger Danger warnings going off, people! you’re dropping the ball, men!

and i understand that, according to the comics, palpatine threw his political weight around, saying that the senate has total control over the jedi. that you can’t deny the chancellor. but that’s incorrect - the republic is corrupt, but it’s not a dictatorship yet. as anakin’s legal guardians, the council has the full right to refuse palpatine access to anakin - it doesn’t matter who’s knocking at your door, you’re supposed to protect your charge. 

but the jedi handed him over. the second palpatine pressed, they folded; and no one tried to curb anakin’s interaction with palpatine, even though it should be clear that an old man wanting to talk with a minor day after day after day is suspicious. especially since the jedi were suspicious of palpatine anyway

I hope we get a scene after the Grand Prix finals (assuming Yuuri wins) where Yuuri tries to awkwardly talk to sulky Yurio and tell him he did a good job and that he’s definitely improving really fast.  But Yurio just stubbornly ignores him and glares at the wall until Yuuri starts to feel bad for bothering him at all.  He’s about to give up when suddenly Yurio just grits his teeth like-

“You’re inviting me to the wedding, right?”

And there’s a beat of silence before Yuuri basically bursts into tears because its been kind of an overwhelming day and Yurio does care. Then he starts nodding really rapidly because he’s too emotional to say anything beyond some increasingly incoherent babbling.

And Yurio basically stares at him in abject disgust for a few moments before finally rolling his eyes really dramatically and hugging Yuuri; still trying to make it incredibly clear how exasperated he is- no he doesn’t care about katsudon at all, and he’s certainly not happy for him, okay?

Except he does. 

Don’t tell anyone.

don’t let a group of bad armys ruin y’alls night, NCT WAS THE ENDING ACT! they did 8 songs, they performed a song in portuguese bc even though it wasn’t a song in spanish, KCON in Mexico was a HUGE step for Latin-America, so in a way we were ALL represented tonight. also, they have a stage presence that made the concert feel like it was theirs, they covered 2 songs, it was amazing, don’t let anyone take this pride from us okay? to my NCT Latin@ stans, a great job welcoming NCT, I couldn’t be more proud!


I can’t walk on the path of the right, because I’m wrong.

I did the thing!!! Ofc i couldn’t resist trying older Ellie bc she’s my angel, even if i did bad job ahaha.

I was going to try it with all the blood but I wasn’t sure how the blood would come out on camera and i don’t have any makeup wipes left :’)

*pls pretend Ellie has piercings bc I can’t get them out*

Hiccstrid in Race to the Edge


So, I’ve been seing SO MANY comments about how “Hiccstrid was such a mistake” or “Rtte writers really flunked the Hiccstrid” and “The writers ruined Hiccstrid in RTTE, they made a big mistake.” and even “The plot for RTTE Hiccstrid is so bad.” (and these are direct quotes)

People, I really don’t know what your talking about! I think Rtte did an amazing job with the Hiccstrid, and I know people say that it’s rushed, or forced, but I really don’t think it is. Just here me out, and you might change your mind.

So, in the first season of RTTE, it appears that the two are just “friends” (as said multiple times by both Hiccup and Astrid) which leads me to believe this: The two are just shy and unsure as to where their relationship stands. Neither have actually come out and said that they “like” each other in that special way, or have said “I love you” (they still haven’t, but honestly that’s what makes RTTE Hiccstrid all the better, and I’ll explain that later on) so both are unsure. Hiccup knows he likes Astrid, because as he said in Blindsided, he’s thought about it a lot. And Astrid obviously likes Hiccup, after all that blushing and studdering and worried looks and those talks with Heather, I mean, it’s pretty obvious. But neither one wants to push it on the other, just in case the other doesn’t like them in return. It’s just that over the years since Riders/Defenders of Berk, they’ve come to terms with the fact that they’re “friends”, since neither have stood up and said anything against that fact. They’re both just shy, nervous, and unsure of their feelings. Typical teen feelings.

But they’re around 18 now, and the feelings haven’t really depleted at all for either of them, and RTTE shows this perfectly. 

Season 1:

I mean, just look at Hiccup! These two are normally shown- through out the entire show- as either standing by each other, or near each other. And it’s also shown that Hiccup laid out the Edge so that Astrid’s hut was closest to his. It’s just these small, subtle little moments scattered through out Season 1 and 2 that make Hiccstrid look like it’s just starting, or has still hung on. Like maybe the two do have feelings for each other, but are still able to hide them. (From each other anyways. Us, the audience, and Heather obviously pick up ont his type of stuff right away. XD)

And then “Reign of the Fireworms” the two were teasing each other playfully, suggesting that they enjoy having fun with each other and playfully annoying the other. Very cute, in my opinion. And it’s not too STRONG either, but gradually becomes more noticeable.

And here in Season 2: 

Here, it’s obvious Hiccup’s concerned for Astrid, especially when he volluntears to stay behind and sleep in the arena with her and Stormfly, and the others all joinn in to, when later Fishlegs explains that Hiccup wanted to “support” Astrid. 

Hiccup rescues Astrid from drowning, and acts extremely panicked when he notices she’s gone and not responding. I mean, yes, Hiccup would probably done this with the other riders, but he seemed extra concerned since it was Astrid.

THIS. And this is when we really start getting the “Hiccstrid” feels. I mean, before this, in the other episodes, we would not have really noticed the Hiccstrid if we hadn’t been looking for it. Otherwise, we would’ve thought “Oh, they’re teasing each other. How cute. I think they might like each other?” that kind of thing. But this, where Astrid half hugs Hiccup and says “But I still have you” it’s quite obvious she’s very slightly hinting at something.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Season 3: 

AND THIS. This is when we really get it! This is where all the other little moments have led to. I just love how gradual Hiccstrid processes throughout RTTE. It’s all gradual, but obvious, but not too obvious. And the Buffalord Soldier only helped with this. It wasn’t too much, and they didn’t kiss right away. It was just simple actions and words, but it was still so simple and clear. But not pushy either. And the words “I can’t imagine a world without you in it” coming from both of them to each other was just beautiful, and so perfect and fitting.

In “Stryke Out”, the only real Hiccstrid we get is when Hiccup and Astrid hug, but again, it’s just this simple little motion and the looks passed between them that is shining through. It clearly hints at Hiccstrid, but again, IT’S NOT FORCED. It just happens, and it flows very nicely. Fishleg’s also states that “Astrid would’ve killed you (Snotlout) if we hadn’t found Hiccup.” saying that Astrid was very worried and concerned for Hiccup’s well being.

This part just made me smile, because of how awkward and genuinely surprised they both are at this physical contact. Astrid’s face is priceless, and it clearly states that she wasn’t expecting their hands to touch. This little moment is just another example for how gradually Hiccstrid’s relationship is growing.

Here, in “Last Auction Heroes” is another small gesture between the two, a kind comforting gesture that Astrid offers Hiccup when they get captured and lose their dragons, Berk’s gold, and well… everything. It just shows that the two are very supportive to each other, and that they still don’t have to speak words to make this point clear. It’s another thing that the writers did amazingly, was just all the movements and hints that made Hiccstrid seem more real.


In Midnight Scrum, the two interact even more. Hiccup and Astrid have a private conversation int he Great Hall, and then later on, Astrid helps rescue Hiccup and helps him walk when he loses his medal leg. Again, support, but it’s not forced, or over load. It’s just right, just enough to get the point across that Astrid wants to be there for Hiccup and wants to help him. 

In “Dire Straights”, again we get to see Astrid worried about Hiccup, and Hiccup glad for her comfort. It’s just a few sweet gestures and words, but it is still a beautiful show that their relationship is gradually making it’s way up tot he point it’s at in HTTYD 2. 

In “Out of the Frying Pan” we see Astrid is about to give up to the heat, but Throk reminds her to stay awake for Hiccup, and she does, for HICCUP. 

*takes deep breath* So, “Blindsided” is the episode where the dams break, where they can’t contain their feelings anymore. Hiccup is very concerned about Astrid, and Astrid is starting to despair. Hiccup again offers his support. and since Astrid is blind, there is some more… well… touching and stuff. *winks* and it just brings stuff to mind for both of them, making them realize that they did like each other. I thought that, yeah, DreamWorks probably could’ve figured out a better way to actually get them together, other then making Astrid blind, but it still worked out very well, and I think that the Hiccstrid development is still very good in this, and not over-board, forced, or fakey. 

In “Shell Shocked Part 1″ We get to see them again, rather awkward bout everything still, and trying to hide it from the others. We also get to see Astrid’s concern for Hiccup, and it’s obvious she’s worried about him.

In “Shell Shocked Part 2″ we get to see that, again, Astrid is worried about Hiccup, and she doesn’t want him to get hurt and even suggests he go back and stay safe. Hiccup firmly states that they have to go on, keeping their feelings aside during battle, just like they’d done for years. By this time, Heather has pretty much figured out what’s going on, and the others are beginning to notice something going on between Hiccup and Astrid, although none of them (but Heather and Fishlegs) really notice anything is going on romantically. Viggo captures Astrid, forcing Hiccup to make a choise, Astrid killed or handing Viggo the Dragon Eye. Hiccup tosses the Dragon Eye into the volcano, freeing Astrid when Viggo jumped to catch it. After Viggo’s death, Astrid apologizes to Hiccup for not listening to him, but Hiccup just says that she had to let him know what she was thinking. The two therefore share a kiss, right in front of the other riders. Hiccstrid is now official.

The reason I wanted to explain all this, is because I really don’t believe Hiccstrid was rushed, forced, or poorly done at all. I think it worked it’s way up gradually to the point it’s at, and I think it was all done very wonderfully. It’s difficult to get this type of relationship just perfect, because it is a branch off of an original film, and to make it harder, it’s placed between two films, making getting the characters right all the harder. But I think DreamWorks did it VERY WELL. They worked it up gradually, with many little gestures, and moments in between the big noticeable moments, which makes it so much better.

Reblog if you agree with what I said above. 

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You know what doesn't get enough meta? Marinette being overworked. In Dark Blade she complained about how hard it was to get everything done before becoming class president and in Jackady she got in trouble for missing things. The webisode where she talks about being Ladybug mentions this too. Imagine if she got Akumatized because she failed a history test and her parents took away her sewing stuff until her grades improved. Nothing to do with Adrien at all.

That is a really interesting idea.

I don’t think Tom and Sabine would take away her sewing supplies just because of bad grades, though. They are nurturing, and fashion is not like video games to Marinette: it’s a passion she has already turned into a paying job. 

If Marinette had poor grades, they would work on fixing that specific problem: they would tutor her or get a tutor for her, check her homework, reduce the time she spends helping at the bakery… 

Now, if she was irresponsible and did something fashion-related that directly impacted her school work (like skipping class to finish an entry to a contest). That would get her sewing permissions taken away, but Marinette would know why and understand that she messed up. She might have a tiny ‘BUT DAD’ but she has a pattern of doing something bad / accepting she was wrong / apologizing. So she would not be angry enough to be Akumatized.

But she is overworked.

Actually, out all of her activities, she has one she has to put above everything else: being Ladybug.

Now, imagine there is another upcoming contest by Gabriel. Not a ‘make a hat in one afternoon’ thing, but something serious, with actual stakes, something Marinette worked on non-stop for a month. Maybe it’s even a team effort, in collaboration with, say, Juleka.

And there’s an Akuma attack that day.

Marinette is kept running after an akuma all afternoon. When she finally gets to the fashion show, people are leaving. Her team lost (forfeited) because of her absence. Juleka is miserable, people blame her for being late and making Juleka suffer for her tardiness, and Chloé and Sabrina won. And of course Chloé rubs it in Marinette’s face, and Marinette can’t defend herself because she can’t tell them she is Ladybug, and she gets so angry at Hawk Moth and Chloé and everything…

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Is beauty and the beast that good? I'm conflicted about seeing it cuz of lefou, i dont want to see it if hes a bad representation i see enough of that on tv

I had the same fear as you when I went in anon but I can confirm that after seeing the film that Lefou is now my gay son who I will defend to death. He’s not a idiot despite his name, he’s a very charismatic and intelligent character that Disney did a wonderful job redeeming and actually gave him a character arc. I hope that he and his boyfriend are very happy  ;-).

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My dear lgbt+ kids, 

If you had a bad dysphoria day today and you made it through it without breaking down, i’m so proud of you. You’re brave and strong and i love you. 

If you had a bad dysphoria day today and you did break down, i’m so proud of you. Surviving is hard enough but you do that and you do a great job at it, i love you. 

If you had a bad dysphoria day today, i’m so proud of you and i love you. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom