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They say that her mind was beautiful, that her eyes were deeper than the ocean. They say that sometimes they felt they were drowning in her presence. They say that her breasts were perfectly round, and that her legs were made to be wrapped around the waist of a man made perfectly for her. They say that her cold touch could cure the worst of diseases, and with that came the assumption that they could cure the one who needed it the most.

Roman Godfrey.

She was believed to be ethereal, to be the one person who could tame the beast within him. He was a monster, and she was compassionate, she was his savior.

Ayrine Marie Delecroix’s mind was beautiful, and her body was perfect, but how could she save Roman Godfrey’s soul, when she had none of her own?

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Okay so. I won second place in the Illustration category for RCC’s Art Show and as a reward I got a 35 dollar gift card for Blick. After that the judge went over to me and told me that I have a really gentle hand and that I have a gift, etc. Sooner or later, after I stuffed myself full of snacks, I went over to say goodbye to my teacher/mentor Ted Helard (cool dude, literally the best– he’s helped me out so much) but he was talking to two other guys. One of whom was Phil Young (animator that worked on Aladdin, The Lion King, etc) and another guy I didn’t catch the name of. 

Phil Young gestures to the guy at his side and he says “this is the girl I told you about”, talking about me at this point. He said that he looked over my sketchbook and said if I was in his character design for animation class, I would have been the strongest student. He also invited me to sit in on the last few sessions of this term. Through out all this, Ted is raving about me. Literally, just… the BEST day.

Okay guys, I decided to open a StarKid sideblog (bc I don’t think all of you are fond of constantly having that stuff on your dash :D). But I’m not yet used to sideblogs so I might accidentally post some of that stuff here… Be patient with me, okay?

Misguided - [Vaike/Robin]

This is part 2 of a previous fic I did a few months back. Here it is if you want to read it!

Summary: But neither Vaike nor Robin knew much of the Morgan they had left behind.

AO3 link: (X)

When Vaike woke up, his arms were empty.

He frowned as his fingers dug circles into the feathered mattress. The cool sheets indicated his wife had left some time ago, and the fledgling dawn peeking out from the horizon meant she had departed in the dark.

Vaike grunted, curling his hands around the thin sheets until they were tight fists. He really didn’t want to get up, not with the night he’d had. His head ached, his legs were stiff, and his heart drooped heavily against his ribs, twisting and squirming with every breath he took. It would be easy to pretend Robin had grown restless and decided to roam the camp or help out with the night watch.

But Robin was hardly that predictable, and after last night, he doubted she’d fall so effortlessly back into the camp’s daily routines.

Another grunt escaped Vaike before he pulled himself from out of the blankets. Goosebumps pricked at his exposed back and shoulders, the night air cooler than he anticipated. He usually wasn’t one for shirts (and with a body like his, why would he be), but the thought of running into Maribelle or Frederick and listening to their inevitable lectures on proper morning attire didn’t sound all too appealing. Any other night, he would play along and swipe a few jabs at their own gaudy clothes.

Tonight however, as the scent of burnt wax clung to his skin and the image of Morgan’s sobbing, dirty face continued to flash across his eyes, Vaike wasn’t in the mood for such banter. Probably couldn’t fake it if he tried.

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