i did say it was fun

We're going through an adventure called Vorax the Devourer or something like that

Paladin (me): I wanna kill vorax. If he can’t leave the room, he’s no use to us.

DM: you sure? The adventure is named after him.

Me: yes. (Rolls 13)

DM: yeah that hits. He’s dead.

Ranger (OOC) why did you do that?! He just wanted to leave!

Me: And he left… in a way…

Turns out killing him gave everybody else 200 extra XP. So…


I say to myself, “Self,” I say, “did you really spend five days translating a long comic that just makes fun of Sasuke’s terrible hair in Boruto?“ and I answer myself, "Self, listen, somewhere in China is an artist who spent even longer than that DRAWING a long comic just to make fun of Sasuke’s terrible hair and the world needs to see it,” and then I told myself “shit u right.”

Art by gazelleoryx, translated by me with permission.

DAY 2: I told you. The prize is impossible to… get    O.O

“The night of the second day. There’s a festival just outside the city and they’re having fun. Then Donnie notices there’s something particular in one of the stands offering prizes . She says that from years everyone tried to get the prize of this one, but it was impossible. Nevertheless Donatello found out quickly that it is just a matter of following the pattern. And yeah, the owner of the stand made the same face as April did.”

Ages: April, 19 | Donnie, 18

P.S.: All this was a excuse for just draw Donnie with his tongue out XD

Please give me your opinions on the comments.

If you’re going to share this fanart, I kindly ask to not modify or add new content to it, and please, always credit back to Redworld96′s blog. Please respect my decision, thank you.


[2017.09.24] JUMP STORYming ~ The watchword is 「Thanks」round-table discussion ~

Hello there ~
Long time no see ><

I couldn’t stay silent on such a day and I’m almost late but I’m here !
I’ve been working on this for days and finally made it through ! I present you :


I think it’s the perfect moment to post this (ノ^∇^)
It was really fun and nostalgic to listen to this radio show, and finish it with members’ messages is the best !

The talk is divided in 3 parts :

  1. discussion about the 10 songs chosen by the fans
  2. dicussion about a few keywords
  3. messages from each member

It was a huge mess since they were all gathered but so lovely ♥

I did my really best and hope you’ll enjoy it !

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Morning (Husband!Jimin)

Plot: Mornings with husband!Jimin

Word Count: 668

A/N: so before I start this, I wanna say a h u g e thank you for 5,200 followers !!!! It’s so weird to think about but I’m so so s o grateful for all of you and I can’t say thank you enough without sounding really cheesy but then again, this is a pretty cheesy cutesy drabble bc I am a cheesy cutesy loving bitch but thank you again!!! As I mentioned yesterday, I am currently in the process of moving so I had to just write a bunch of easy ideas that sounded fun to me bc shit is chaotic rn, this is kinda a build off of the honeymoon!Jimin post I did the other day (click here for that post) but it’s also a lil sneak peek of this series I wanna do that’s basically just mornings with ~!BTS, so if you guys like it, let me know !! The link for this is husband!Jimin (here

Originally posted by herthealbum

There wasn’t much that was more beautiful to you than your husband of a year. You would think after five years of being together, two of those spent living together, you would be used to waking up next to him but it still took your breath away every morning. The mornings you woke up before him were rare, due to his early schedules as well as his love for mornings, but they were your favorites. He was never slow to wake up once he felt the bed shifting but there were a few minutes where you could admire him before you would hear his voice, deepened from a lack of use during his sleep, make a joke about you staring at him.

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The foreshadowing in Tyrell and Elliots first scene together

Tyrell tells Elliot it will be fun working with him, and also admits he misses being a tech.

Tyrell and Elliot end up working together on the hack, and it involves lots of computer work, that Tyrell has missed.

Tyrell using the expression “my heart is still there” (there being the job Elliot is doing) could also be foreshadowing for him falling for Elliot, his heart ends up with him.

When Tyrell walks away Elliot says to himself, “I often dream of saving the world”. Much later, at the arcade, Tyrell asks him “why did you do it?”. Elliot replies “I wanted to save the world”.

Tyrell refers to the night of the hack as the moment he and Elliot “became gods together”.

And before they have even meet, at the very beginning of episode 1. Elliot talks about those “who play god without permission”, and one of the silhouettes in the background is Tyrell.

Wife’s Cousin (anonymous confession)

So my wife and I had her cousin and a couple of my buddies over one night and we were all drinking and having a good time. We played “cards against humanity” and started asking dirty questions to each other. My wife was having fun with it, so I did too. I asked her cousin what craziest sex fantasy was and she answered with “falling asleep and then being woken up by a tall white guy with blue eyes eating me out then fucking me super hard”. She laughed and my wife kinda put an end to it. We all ended up cleaning up- my buddies left and my wife’s cousin went to our guest bedroom after saying good night to my wife. I went to the guest room and said good night to her too. She grabbed my cock and winked at me the said “Night…” I was scared but so turned on, I went to my room with my wife and had passionate sex. I woke up at 3 in the the morning to go get a drink down stairs, and I also had morning wood. I got a drink of water and headed back up stairs and there she was naked and rubbing herself… I thought I was dreaming, but I didn’t hesitate- I went into the guest bedroom and fucked her so hard I had to keep her from screaming. I went to back to bed after finishing in her ass time after time and on her face…

My wife still doesn’t know; her cousin told me she won’t ever forget it. She’s told me and my wife we need to have another night exactly like that one…

-Card games can lead to some crazy things! Thank you for sharing and please let us know if you have another wild night with the cousin! 💋

So, I finally did it! I recorded me playing the piano!! This is kind of a crazy piece, or should I say… ‘eccentric’ :) bleh that was bad, but it’s a fun piece to play! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it!

Also, thank you @http-anti for the inspiration! :):)


Title of piece: ‘General Lavine’ - Eccentric

Composer: Claude Debussy


And @ everyone who I can’t think of right now XD

Say what you will, but there honestly aren’t enough words to describe how proud I am of Kim Jongin. His acting skills have improved TREMENDOUSLY from where he first began, and it’s really shown through the first episode of Andante. I remember so many people were saying he would flop, but now most of these same people are being blown away. This is what I call hard work, dedication and passion to not only show others that you can extend outside of the box they placed you in, but better yourself in areas that you were once weak in and still have fun and uplift others around you at the same time. Kim Jongin did THAT.


Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn Ya @phantomchou

It’s been forever and a day since I attempted a one-shot, (possibly a crack fic in this case.. crack drabble?) and lbr, most of the ones I wrote were WH smut 2 years ago. xD But when I am tagged in my forbidden ship… gloves be off xD.  This is just all in good fun and shitz and gigglez but hey if you giggled from this shit, VICTORY! I did a quick check on spellin and stuff but forgive me if I missed something xD.

Suitor: Giles x MC/Reader

Title: Revenge

Warning: bullshit and picking on Giles  x’D (for fun. you know me)

Don’t ask how certain…. 19th-century(or is it 20th) items made it into this. xD (1898-1921 for history buffs xD.. yes I googled. thanks. xD)

     Storming into my room in a silent huff, I plopped down on the plush sheets of my bed. Having just left the dining hall, once again chastised by Giles, I swore this time I’d get him back for sabotaging my quality time with my boyfriend. What was the point of having a “consort” if every time I spend time with him, there’s rules, rules… and more… RULES?

     Don’t kiss. Don’t hug. Don’t have a clandestine affair in the alcove next to the dining hall, with your clothes on when King Byron comes for a visit… what will the nobles think, or worse, Stein? Okay maybe that last one was a bit spur of the moment but… we weren’t going to get caught. Well, HE caught us… so maybe…

Shaking my head I scowled. 

     “Stupid, mullet man. Acts like he owns the place.” Pouting, I flailed in frustration.  Call me childish but quality time is hard to come by. Lessons on dancing, history, etiquette, languages, filled my days and I had less time just being ___.

“That’s the last straw! No more miss nice Princess!”

     Which brings me to where I am now. Outside Giles Christophe’s bedroom in the dead of night, clutching my weapon of choice. No not a real weapon. Leave that to the yandere, thank you.

     Silently, like a stealthy ninja, I crept into his room. Dropping to the floor I crawled as if on a military night mission. Cautiously I crept in lifting up by holding onto the edge of the bed. Looking down at him, he looked peaceful while he slept unawares.

“Revenge~” whispering softly, I poked his cheek testing how asleep he was. He shudders, and I drop down just in case. Well, at least he’s a sound sleeper….

“But that will be your demise for you and your demonic mullet.” Speaking ever so softly I turned on the electric clippers. Beaming with crazed joy, I brought the clippers across the top of his head. Snorting, I brought my free hand to my mouth, stifling a more than enthusiastic giggle. Carefully I continued my mission poking him to get him to move and roll over as needed. 

“You’re making this far too easy. But you have my gratitude, Monsieur Christophe.”

That’s more like his dad but.. meh. Moving with ease, silently I chuckled changing the clippers as needed. I’d secretly practiced for this for the last week. So with a trained hand, I began etching something specific into the remaining short strands of hair.

When I completed my solitary mission, I crawled back out on my stomach pleased with myself. Peaking out, I made sure the coast was clear before standing to my feet.  Pushing strands of hair from my eyes, I sauntered back to my room. Pulling the sheets back, just as the sun began to rise, I snuggled into the comforting threads of my bed.

Later that Morning

Giles woke slowly. Feeling rested but something nagged at him. He had that usual feeling. The Princess was up to something again. Meddling chamberlain or not, he dashed out of bed grabbing his clothes hurrying to the bathroom to ready for his inspection of what mischief she’d gotten into now. Flipping the light switch on he stared at the sight before him. Slowly, his hand raised, feeling the missing, comforting locks that once draped across his shoulders.


He ran his hand over the entirety of his head, met with smooth soft skin, everywhere he touched. He paled, grabbing the small mirror on his vanity, frantically positioning it center, left, right. No matter how he positioned it, every lock of purple perfection was nowhere in sight.


Touching his head once more he dragged his fingers over the shiny surface of his blad, shimmering head. The light played off it in a dance. Taunting him. Suddenly, he felt soft fuzzy follicles on the back of his head.

“S-surely not…”

Positioning himself to the larger vanity mirror he stood with his back to it. Holding his smaller hand-held mirror in front of himself he angled it until he saw what he was looking for. His blood ran cold. Then boiled.  There on the center part of the back of his head, were two small patches of hair intricately carved into the letters “G” and “C”. Just below that, was a small, irritated looking kaomoji. Under different circomstances, He’d appreciate the complexities and artistic nature of the work before him. On paper. 


Setting the mirror down, he walked calmly out of his room, gently shutting the door. Taking a deep breath and exhaling slightly, he gazed at the sun shining, feeling it warm the glimmering curve of his cranium.




I just wanted to say that despite the show ending with unanswered questions, i think it wrapped up well I have my personal criticisms but i can either tell you in a message or ill make a different post, but god it was a wild ride and THEO ACTUALLY CARES SUCK ON THAT MASON but ya know i have some questions for jeff davis and i have some theorys that i need to write up so hope y’all had as much of a fun time watching this series as i did and hope to see y’all with new theorys and questions! BYE!

anonymous asked:

I was/am? a Mercy main when it came to comp before the update and everyone told me I always did good. But now I don't know Mercy anymore, time to go dps everytime when it comes to comp ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ thanks Blizzard

idk i was real shook at first too, but played a little bit of her and even though i have some troubles with reviving people, i think it’s actually not that bad and can be fun. her healing is still the same, right. i saved a few pushes with my ult and it’s still satisfying, in a different way compared to instant huge rezzes. but i don’t play comp, so i can’t say how much these changes affect her gameplay and whole comp matches

tailtwitcher  asked:

4 and 12, winter in your bones?

4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue?

Ffff that’s a hard one too omg XD
Probably a tie between these two:

Papyrus turns to look at his brother, one brow lifted as he remarks, “WHICH IS WHY YOU’RE NOT INVITED, SANS.”  (from ch 12)


You blink. “Oh,” you say, then fight back a laugh. “Thought you were having stroke or something.”

He rolls his eyes but grins as he wraps his arms around you once more and says, “yes, well, you know just how to stroke me, don’t you sweetheart?” (from ch 11. technically two lines, so sue me :P )

12: What do you like least about this fic? 

Um…hmm. I mean, objectively…nothing, I guess? I’m pretty pleased with it XD I did what I wanted to with it, it was fun to write, people seem to be enjoying it…*shrugs?*


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

i was at a party talking to this girl and she kind of shoved me up against the wall to kiss me but she did so by pushing my very fresh post top surgery chest which hurt so i make this pained sound and she’s like ‘you like that?’ and i say yes with a few silent tears running down my face so we kiss and she pauses to wipe some of my lil tears away and says ‘i know i’m good but u don’t have to cry’

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Hi! I'm the trash anon that begged you to consider the voltron au and let me just say that I love the character interpretation??? Like it's so spot on and I'm just in love! Thank you so much for drawing something for it, it like really actually made my day

!!!!!!! I’m happy you liked it, then!!!! ‘cause actually I have more

a Role Reversal™

matt and shiro at the garrison
  • shiro introduces matt to new students with the wrong name just to see how long they can get away with it
    • shiro: “hey this is my friend boiled chicken” matt: “what’s up”
    • shiro: “this is my friend undercooked spaghetti. he looks 17 but he’s actually 36 and was held back 19 years” 
    • new student: “your name is…broccoli? are you sure about that?” matt: “are you calling me a liar?” 
  • shiro throws juice boxes into the trash can and yells “KOBE!” but they never get in 
  • matt: “why are you crying?” shiro: “i got an A- in this test. i studied so hard as well!!”
    • matt looking at his C+ that he was happy with: “haha yeah…sucks…”
  • shiro: “sir would you like a breath mint?” iverson: “why?”
    • shiro: “cos the only thing out of your mouth is shit”
  • on a dare matt goes into the gym for a school assembly, wearing nothing but boxers with bejewelled letters on the back spelling “M A T T H O L T”
  • iverson: “i drink to forget but i always remember”
  • early on in their friendship, shiro goes into matt’s room to get a textbook and sees the walls plastered with ‘Campbells® Green Pea Soup’ posters. he’s so terrified that he never mentions it again
  • the first time shiro and matt meet each other:
    • matt: my name is matthew with a ‘b’ and i’ve been afraid of insects my entire l-
    • shiro: stop stop stop, where?
    • matt: hmm?
    • shiro: where’s the ‘b’?
    • matt: tHeRe’S a bEE?
  • shiro always walks into the wrong classroom and doesn’t know how to deal with it, so he just says ‘haha, forgot my…calculator…’, picks up a random’s kid’s lunch box, and walks out 
  • shiro: i’m feeling a little rebellious today!! (: so i’m not going to tie my laces, i’m only going to do 46/50 of the maths equations assigned to us, and i’ll mess up my entire presentation!! by typing it in comic sans haha
  • matt scrunching up the worksheet he was given and putting it in his mouth, chewing slowly: this is how i feel about homework sir