i did say almost

“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 


Morgana, 5.13 - The Diamond of the Day Part 2

“I am a High Priestess. No mortal blade can kill me.”


so I have an AU where Dani is far more “incomplete” than she is in the show - that is to say, she’s around 3 or 4 instead of 12, and Danny has to take care of her instead of her dramatically flying off into the sunset.

And I have a lot of headcanons/how/why thought up but I don’t wanna type tonight, so maybe I’ll draw stuff later. Basically it’s just fun family fluff with Danny being a dad and yeah.


I… Have no excuse for the second image… I’M SORRY, OK?? The scene from the movie is so funny I just… Had to… 👉 👈

Anyways, hope you like it! ^^

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A Perfectly Ordinary Ladynoir Story

In hindsight, falling into Chat Noir’s arms was usually a mistake.

“Are you sure you couldn’t see yourself falling for a guy like me?”  

Ladybug let out a snort, eyes rolling behind the black and red mask as Chat lowered the pair of them to the ground.

“Really?” Ladybug laughed, somewhat incredulously, nodding over Chat Noir’s shoulder. “We got a jilted tailor that’s got the city in stitches-”

“Nice one,” Chat said, tearing through the side streets as red thread chased after him.

“Thank you,” Ladybug said, yo-yo lashing out and batting away a needle zeroing in on Chat’s back. “You really want to bat those eyelashes at me now?”  

“Might be our last chance,” Chat said, leaping up and over the roof-tops and landing in a low crouch, depositing his partner on the rooftop. “Sure there isn’t anything you want to tell me? Maybe one last kiss before the icy hand of death envelops us both.”

“Later,” Ladybug said, throwing an arm out to shield Chat Noir as The Fashionista grappled up onto the ledge, needles clutched in her hands as she zeroed in on the pair before her. “Unless you want to find out what a pincushion feels like.”

“I’ll hold you to that later, Buggi,” Chat Noir said, extending his baton with a flick of his wrist.

“Somehow I knew you would,” Ladybug sighed, latching onto a weather vane and swinging out of the way of a hail of needles as Chat Noir flanked the akuma around the side.

Perched on the edge of the rooftop, Ladybug watched Chat drop the now de-evilized victim on the doorstep of her parent’s house, shooting a salute and a wink at her mother. He was, at his core, a corny little tomcat, who couldn’t miss an opportunity to act like he was auditioning for the remake of The Princess Bride.

Of course, that made it harder for Ladybug to take him seriously.

He was a tease, and part of Ladybug resented Chat for flirting like his words had no effect. Chat had winked, hand-kissed, and flirted his way through every girl they ran into. Even as he left the former Fashionista, he couldn’t part without offering her a kiss on the hand before springing up to the roof where Ladybug was waiting.

“She okay?” Ladybug asked.

“Fine, fine,” Chat said, rolling his shoulders with a small sigh. “Little rattled, of course, but I figured that much; not every day some weirdo brainwashes you and makes you his flunky.”

“That what the hand kiss was for?” Ladybug asked, brow arching in Chat’s direction.

“Was I really supposed to ignore a lady in distress?” Chat snorted, turning to his partner with a slowly spreading smile. “Jealous?”

“You wish, man,” Ladybug snorted.

“…maybe I do,” Chat Noir said, hands leaning on the top of his staff, glancing across at his partner with a small smile that made Ladybug’s heart skip a beat. “I wouldn’t mind if said you didn’t like me kissing other people.”

“You know…you do this thing where you almost look sincere when you say stuff like that,” Ladybug said, head cocking to one side. “I almost forget you’re joking.”

“…when did I ever say I was joking?” Chat replied, soft enough that Ladybug almost didn’t catch it. And it was easy for Ladybug to pretend that Chat’s confession fell on deaf ears; easier than confronting the truth that he might actually be sincere in his endless teasing. Easier than wondering how their relationship might change were Ladybug to call him on his bluff, pull him in by his bell collar, and kiss him so hard he never even dreamed about flirting with anyone ever again.

Instead, Ladybug opted for certainty, offering a fist for Chat to clumsily brush his knuckles against as though they didn’t each want a little more. 

The moment the transformation wore off, Tikki tore into the box of cookies on the desk in a hail of crumbs that scattered over the half-finished calculus homework.

“Hey, hey, watch it!” Nino said, picking the kwami up by her back and pulling her away from his desk. “I don’t think my teachers are going to buy the fact that my pocket-ladybug got food all over my homework!”

“Shorry,” Tikki said, swallowing a mouthful of chocolate chips. “Long day.”

“You’re telling me,” Nino said, flopping belly first onto his bed, the afternoon replaying in his head as Tikki floated over.

“…you know, you wouldn’t be the first Ladybug to fall in love with Chat Noir,” Tikki said, patting the back of Nino’s head as he buried his burning face in his pillows.

“Just…eat your cookies,” Nino groaned.

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Dreams - Dylan O’Brien

Author- @maddie110201

Pairing- Dylan x Reader

Words- 4,944 (not sure how this happened ;) )

Warnings- alot of fluff and smut

AN: Ok so this is my first fic and i’m super nervous to post this. I just wanna thank @ninja-stiles for helping keep me motivated and helping edit.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Best friends are supposed to be with you no matter what, they’re supposed to be there for you through everything, always be happy for you and support you.

Dylan was exactly that. We have been friends since we were little, neither of us can actually remember a time when we didn’t know each other, but our moms tell us we’ve been friends since the womb. Dylan has been there for me through everything crappy that life has decided to throw my way, and I have done the same for him. But not once did I ever think that being happy for him would kill me inside.

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Today is one of my best friend’s bday, Vixaoi! I love her to pieces, so I drew one of her OCs (and well one of my favorite OCs of all time) Salt. His real name is a secret lskjfsal But yeah I love her, she’s one of the first artist friend’s I made back in 2013 when I started to draw and post my art online again. 

well I’m a first time dad what did you expect

pairing:  klance
genre:  fluff ???? smth like that. domestic shit.
word count:  1765

right so I saw this post by @lancemccute and I decided to have some fun

Keith remembers the circumstances that led to them adopting Daniella.

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New Girl - One

Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

“Okay, fourth floor.” I folded the small slip of paper and put it into my back pocket, pressing the four when I stepped into the elevator. I wonder what these girls were like – the place seemed clean, they seemed like they were my age. Of course, their age was listed, but it also didn’t sound like they were lying or that there was a possibility that they were predators. I hadn’t even thought of that – I subconsciously rubbed my hands against my jeans, not noticing them become sweaty.

I almost missed my stop, the elevator doors almost closing after being left open in my daze. I saw the red printed four on top of the door, I took a deep breath before stepping out. I looked to my left and saw 4C, then looked to my right – 4D. The doors behind me closed while I prepped myself, breathing in and out slowly as I made my way to apartment 4D.

I raised my fist and knocked once, cursing under my breath as I realized how lightly it sounded, sounding more like a toddler’s tap. I straightened my posture and cleared my throat, raising my fist more confidently as I knocked loudly three times. You’re fine. You’re fine. They’re just girls. They’re just three other girls your age-.

“Hello?” My thoughts were cut off by a deep, foreign accent. I looked up to see a blonde boy standing in front of me, his blue eyes showing confusion as he scanned my appearance. “Can I help you?”

“Uh,” I glanced at the number on the door again: 4D. “Is this the apartment that posted about a new roommate?” Before blue-eyes could answer, another head appeared next to him.

“New roommate? New woman roommate? Yes, hello. This is the apartment with the ad. I’m Jacob. This handsome young fellow is Harrison. Come in, come in.” I smiled slightly, relieved that seemed to be close to my age – and they seemed normal… enough.

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the best thing that ever happened

anyone wanna talk abt how nina and kuwei absolutely remain close friends to this day and visit each other in ravka regularly because i know in my heart this is true

  • nina gets what it’s like to be on your own in a foreign country trying to accomplish a seemingly-impossible task, and having her check in every so often is a huge help for kuwei settling into his new life there
  • they’re the most multilingual of all their friends and bond over this.  nina doesn’t get many opportunities to practice shu even though she speaks it fluently, and although kuwei speaks passable ravkan, he improves a lot faster from speaking to nina without the added pressure of having to do anything other than talk.
  • both of them religiously pick up bits of gossip and remember all of it and have at least an hour sharing all of it every time they meet (mostly nina.  kuwei likes keeping things to himself so he can use it if he ever has to.  but sometimes he’ll tell her something and nina’s eyes go wide because there’s no way kuwei should know that.)  between the two of them, they know what’s going on with everyone at any given time and have also been known to discuss this in earshot of whoever they’re talking about by switching languages so nobody can prove it
  • when inej comes to visit nina, the three of them go for waffles.  afterwards, inej and nina take turns teaching each other the rowdiest sea shanties they know and kuwei looks on with a mixture of confusion, amusement, and horror, because neither of them can carry a tune and there are some lyrics he wishes he didn’t understand.  (he’s totally memorising them for later, though.)  they’re so happy and enthusiastic about it that after a while it’s hard not to give up and laugh
  • both of them also know what it’s like to lose someone you care about and to have to move on and make a life for yourself regardless.  it’s not something either of them talks about a lot but sometimes, a good number of years in the future, they will.  nina tells him about matthias, about the future they were going to make together and how they were going to change the world.  the work she’s still trying to do on her own.  the promise she made to try and help the younger drüskelle who could become something more, like matthias did.  kuwei doesn’t need to say a lot to that, mostly just listens, but he’s seen how much nina’s accomplished in the years since the ice court job and matthias’ death and all of the good she’s done.  
  • he especially doesn’t have a lot to say about his life before fjerda and ketterdam, not a lot of it is things he wants to remember, but he was close with his father even if their relationship wasn’t perfect and sometimes there’s something to say about that.  about how it might have been better for the world if it was his father who survived shu han, how kuwei could have done something to help them escape if it wouldn’t have exposed him as a grisha to the fjerdans.  i could have brought matthias back, nina says quietly.  i almost did.  sometimes letting go is better.  
  • the potential with these two is honestly so underrated and i feel like we as people need to talk about it more


  • nina: wake up, i have a huuuuge dilemma i need your opinion on!  
  • kuwei: what?  
  • nina: am i more beautiful today than i was yesterday?  i mean at first i looked in the mirror and i thought well, yes, definitely, huge improvement–  
  • kuwei: can i have my pillow back?  
  • nina: –but then i thought maybe it’s not that i’m more beautiful today, maybe i was just as beautiful yesterday but i lacked the self-esteem to recognise it!  
  • kuwei: don’t take this personally but get out
The Friendly Wager (Part 5)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,562

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, drinking, bad jokes, angst

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

Tags are closed. Only two parts left after this! I’m really sorry for pushing out two updates but I’m running out of time and work is going to be tough, so…

Originally posted by darlingpanslove

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